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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 1, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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natalie morales (voiceover): that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. [theme - dateline nbc] tomorrow seventeen mass shooting in america since uvalde the crisis in america. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the first funerals for the children one week after the massacre in texas. >> i can only imagine the parents, grandparents out there, wanting to go in and the police won let them. >> honoring the victims from robb elementary and searching for hope. plus exploring the legal options for families and congress calls an emergency meeting to once again debate gun
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control. what they're saying on capitol hill president biden meets with fed chair you powell, laying out his top priority addressing inflation. tonight what we know about his plans to level off rising pricis. the russians take big wins in ukraine, seizing half of a key eastern city. >> this is the what the russian have a lot of what the ukrainians want more of. >> and why for now they're not getting them and the european union takes a major step to ban russian oil. the long covid lockdown easing in china in search of health care lichgt in a medical desert. back to the 80s with tom cruise and a new delorean. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening, the heart broken and shattered town of uvalde has begun burying the children massacred in last
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week's elementary school shooting today funerals for two girls who were only ten years old, fourth graders. lives cut short by a killer with an assault style rifle who stormed the classroom days before summer break. these are the first of 21 funerals in the days to come uvalde wilbury classmates and two teachers hundreds of miles away an artist donated his time and worked around the clock to create custom cask et cetera for children after learning of their likes. meantime the justice department launched a review of the police response, outraged and questions continue to grow over why police waited more than an hour to burst into a classroom and kill the gunman even though children were trapped inside with him and calling 911 begging for help nbc news has learned border patrol agents eventually defied the local police chief instructions to wait and led a stack of officers into
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the classroom to kill that gunman investigators are also now making another big correction. remember initially they told us the gunman was able to get into the school because as the police put it, a teacher had propped open the back door with a rock state police now say the teacher actually closed the door it didn't lock and they're investigating why. new tonight, state police tell us the school district police chief who was in charge of the response, the one who said don't go in, has not responded to a request for a follow-up interview with the texas rangers. they say they made the request a couple of days ago we begin our coverage on scene with cnbc valerie castro live in uvalde valerie. >> reporter: shep, people continue to come here to robb elementary school bringing flowers and paying respects. the mayor of uvalde says he wants to see this building
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demolished before the school year starts. there are calls for a grant to do that. but what happened here will never be trgten. one week after a gunman stole the lives of 19 children and two teachers, the first funeral mass was held for amery jo garza. loved ones wearing purple her honor, her favorite color. outside the elementary school the memorial has drawn people from across texas to pay respects and pray over the community drowning in sadness. >> very sad we live in a world that this can happen continuously happen over and over again but evil knows no boundaries, no age, and no limit. >> reporter: at another memorial in the cent of tount, this man mourned the loss of his grand dourt. >> that's the kind of heart she had. and she loved all her family.
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>> reporter: days before she died she had written her name on the side of her grandfather's truck. >> yes in the dust on my truck and i will not wash it until after the funeral. >> s sachlt lazar says he and other family members will pahl bearers. >> we got designated pahl bearers to help in case any can't handle the tragedy ha hits us when we do visit her body. >> reporter: in the midst of grief, the grandfather says he calls for change. >> nobody. nobody should have a weapon that's under 21. and if these parents that lost loved ones get together with me, we are going to make change. this isn't going to be sandy hook this is not going to be sutherland spring. you can go as far backing a the colorado shooting. no, this stops now >> reporter: and amery jo garza,
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the little girl laid to rest was honored by arizona bronze cross, one of the highest honors in girl scouting and awarded for saving or attempting to save a life at the risk of her own life she was shot when she tried to call 911 the bronze cross presented to her family earlier today there are more funerals throughout the week. tomorrow of the one of the teachers and her husband joe will be laid to rest joe died two days after the shooting of a heart attack but his family believes he died of a broken heart shep. >> valerie castro, live. uvalde, texas. as families burr were loved ones the legal experts discuss who could face legal action. they say families could potentially take action against police or the government even the gun maker cnbc's perry russom lays out possibilities and why cases could be difficult to prove. >> does what investigators call a wrong decision by the police
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with no excuse equate to legal liability? >> that requires answering this speculative question what would have happened, which kids would have been saved like what would have gone down differently had the police done -- done something different. >> reporter: previous mass shootings have seen families sue gun makers, gun dealers and the u.s. government. >> what has lost remains lost forever. >> reporter: in february sandy hook family settled with remington, the maker of the gun used in the massacre for $73 claiming remington was irresponsible in marketing the ar 15 weapon to at-risk young men. remington denied the allegations. >> today is an example of our system working. >> in march the department of justice settled 40 civil cases tied to the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school totalling more than $127 million, the lawsuit claiming the fbi did not do enough to stop the shooting, even though
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it it had information on intended attack. there was no admission of fault by the u.s. government. >> the entities that tend to be involved, the culpable actors, sump as police departments, school administration, social media platforms, gun manufacturers, they all benefit from protections in the law that are not afforded to ordinary citizens >> senator roland gutierrez represents uvalde. >> we always think how can we make someone whole there is not an amount of money that's going to makethese families whole again. >> reporter: the other thing to keep in mind is how long it takes families to see any settlement for the families from sandy hook, more than nine years after the shooting, shep. >> perry, thank you. a woman in new york is suing the gun maker glock after the mass shooting on the subway in new york last month. the new york daily news reports
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the gunman shot the woman in the rear she is now waiting to get a second surgery to fix her colin. she told the outlet it's difficult to walk or sit or stand for long periods of time police say the shooter use add glock 9 millimeter handgun and fired offer 33 rounds. they say she shot ten people and 13 others were hurt in the attack the lawsuit accuses glock of recklessly marketing and selling guns in a way that creates public nuisance under the new york law also alleging the company endangers public health and safety the victim told the daily news they are the ones who put it out there for almost anyone to get we reached out to glock but have not received a response. the leader of canada is now proposing a handgun freeze across the country the law would make it illegal to buy, sell, transfer or import
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hongs. prime minister justin trudeau announced yesterday, saying it's based on recommendations from doctors, experts and police. >> other than using firearms for sport shooting and hunting there is no reason anyone in canada should need guns in their everyday lives and canadians certainly don't need assault style weapons designed to kill the largest number of people in the shortest a time. >>ed trudeau also said the plan would ramp up punishments for gun smuggling and trafficking, including from the united states canada has already expanded background checks and banned 1,500 different models of assault weapons, including ar 15s. as canada moves forward with its gun restrictions, u.s. lawmakers are yet again struggling to get anything done in congress. cnbc senior congressional
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corresp president ylanm ultimate. >> today key negotiators expressed cautious optimism in connecticut, home of sandy hook, the two democratic senators were on the phone with republican counterparts and discussions will continue tomorrow. >> i have had the football pulled out from under me enough times before in these negotiations to be realistic about prospects for success. but we are going to work every single minute of every single day over the course of this week and next week to try to get enough of our republican colleagues to yes. >> the early contouring of a compromise are emerging, focusing on red flag laws, tightening background checks, safe storage of guns, mental health and school security john cornyn is leading talks for republicans and today he got a greenlight from mitch mcconnell to work toward a solution. though maybe limited that
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actually leaves guns out of it. >> we had a group led by senator cornyn and senator murphy on the democrat side discussing how we might come together to target the problem, mental illness and school safety. we will get back at it next week and hope to have results. >> but over in the house democrats are forging ahead with a separate package of bills that goes beyond anything the senate would likely agree on. they're planning to debate eight bills in committee this week, among the proposals, raise the age to purchase a semiautomatic from 18 to 21. ban sales of large capacity magazines, set rules for storing guns at home and make it a crime if you break them. one thing not on the list, an assault weapons ban. shep even democrats acknowledge that wouldn't go anywhere in a divided congress. >> ylan, thank you. president biden sits down with the fed chair jerome powell
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trieding to plod a way out of inflation. but can anything be done to level prices in his own words, a ukrainian pop singer describes going from a stadium tour to the front lines. plus the surprise star power added to his cause. and thieves clear the shelves at a soppora store now we learn this isn't the first time this group has targeted the store or even the second
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president biden declaring once again inflation is his top priority he said the same thing just a few weeks ago. but it doesn't feel to most americans like much has change fuel and food prices have climbed. but this time the president is promising americans relief is on the way. in an op-ed for "the wall street journal," the president wrote the federal reserve has a
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primary responsibility to control inflation. i appointed highly qualified people from both parties to lead the institution. i agree with their assessment that fighting inflation is our top economic challenge right now. today mr. biden met with jerome powell to discuss inflation. >> chair powell and other leaders of the fed noted at this momentive they have a laser focus on addressing inflation just like im. >> it's not clear what steps the president plans to take to get prices back down cnbc senior white house correspondent kayla tausche life in our newsroom. kayla. >> reporter: president biden and his top officials said the strategy is to let the federal reserve raise interest rates as much as needed making it more expense every to get loans but when since they met inflation already high continuing to climb, as jerome powell waited the confirmation
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for a second term at the fed, the latter of which only happened recently. today's meeting comes as mr. biden weighs a handful of policies with mixed impact on prices like a slimmed down version of his build back better social and climate package funded by tax increases. a rollback of tariffs on chinese goods and $10,000 student loan forgiveness for bot borrowers. some policies may abdouble edged sword. largely popular among voters but voters also say their top worry is high inflation. while some economists say more government spending like that will make it worse, white house economic adviser brian dienst argued it would help overall. >> the more progress we can make in lowering costs and making things affordable for families right now, the more progress we can make in building the historic deficit reduction we have seen this year, then the better off we'll be, the better position we will be to actually
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see that moderation happen more quickly. >> south carolina congressman jim clyburn whose endorsement rescued mr. biden flagging campaign in 2020 said the conflugs of pricing remains problematic for the approval rating saying i don't know what's required but i do know the poll numbers have been stuck where they are far too long. the administration argued the u.s. can tackle inflation from a position of economic strength but the message isn't landing. >> kayla wab thank you. watch squawk box tomorrow. becky quick set to interview janet yellen about what's being done to address inflation. skbauk box, market days 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. cnbc. >> the former trump adviser peter noovr said a federal grand jury summoned him to testify about the january 6th insurrection asking him to turn over any communications with former president trump related to
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january 6th. the former white house adviser openly admitted he did indeed work on a strategic in named green bay sweep to overturn the election results on that day navarro says he coordinated with republican launches to try to block the certification of joe biden's victory. navarro is suing to block subpoenas from the federal grand jury and the house select committee investigating the capital riot in a lawsuit he claims federal prosecutors are ignoring all claims of executive privilege and testimonial immunity. a sign of the times. hundreds of flights cancelled over the holiday weekend thousands delayed. according to the plans by one airline, the summer months could bring more bad news. plus gator trappers searching a lake i
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police in central florida say an alligator killed a man searching for a frisbee in a lake at a city park. cops aa witness saw the man's body at a lake in florida right outside tampa. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission confirms that man died from an alligator attack police have not yet identified the victim as for the gator, authorities say they're still trying to trap it two years ago police say another man looking for a frisbee in the same lake also got bitten in the face but officials say until now there hadn't been a deadly gator attack in florida in three years. this is the middle of alligator mating season, by the way. a time when experts say gators can be especially aggressive cleanup underwayway in southern mexico after a record-breaking storm slammed several beach towns there. hurricane agatha battered the state yesterday as a category le
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electricity. hurricane agatha is the first named storm of the season on either coast made history as the strongest storm on record to hit mexico's pacific coast in the month of may the national hurricane center reports the storm weakened but that the the heavy rains could cause dangerous flooding in mexico. severe weather also impacting thousands of flights over the memorial weekend. according to flight aware, airlines cancelled more than 1,500 domestic flights and delayed thousands more airline officials blaming disruptions in part on bad weather in florida, new york and the mitt tlantdic but also because of staffing issues and covid cases among employees. the cancellations come as some airlines plan to reduce the flight schedule for the summer delta announced it would cut around 100 daily flights this summer, primarily in the u.s. and latin america.
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in a statement of delta spoke person wrote in part that this bill will build additional resilience in our system and improve operational reliability for customers and employees. kevin spacey, he is agreeing to voluntarily in the uk carto court after facing multiple sexual assault charges in a statement the actor gave to nbc news he says he will defend himself against these charges, and that he is confident he will prove his innocence. kevin spacey is facing five counts related to alleged sexual assault in the united kingdom. but authorities couldn't can't formal charge him until unless he happens in england or wales last week he was accused of four counts of sexual assault against three men. along with one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent. the alleged incidents occurred in 2005, 2008, and 2013. during that time spacey was the
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artistic director of the old vicki theater in london. actor anthony rap accused spacey of sexual assault in 2017. shortly after netflix fired kevin space from the show house of cards spacey denied all allegations against him. rolling back restrictions could mean big help for global supply chain problems. china's biggest cities easing strictest lockdown measures. for some people there the change can't come soon enough. the battle rages for a key city in ukraine. and the russians have the upper hand meanwhile, european leaders make a big move against russia. we're on the ground alongside ukrainian soldiers while the white house says there is one weapon the ukrainians want but will not get from the united states as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc cndo you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate
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the covid pandemic hit asian-owned businesses in america especially hard. as of december, the number of active asian-owned businesses is down 4% nationwide since february of 2020 in comparison, white-owned business remained flat in that period according to research by the chair of economics at the university of california santa cruz stores in san francisco's chinatown were no exception. the oldest chinatown in north america.
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some shop owners there said they had to get creative to keep doors open and family traditions alive. here is cnbc's kate roj zbleers at tiffany and renny's tom kim and ono you find more than just beautiful silk kimonos hand painted imported from china. there is a rich family history in the chinatown san francisco store going back three generations. >> my grandfather was one of the first merchants in san francisco chinatown. my parents worked under him and branched off in their own business they took what they learned from my grandfather and passed it down to us we took the knowledge that they passed on and at our inspiration to it. >> the sisters began selling online in 2005 and opened up their retail store front in 2018 with a modern twist and nod to their heritage drawing on travels with parents to china as children when they sourced for their own shop. >> what i recall the most is being at the kimono factory where we saw the hand crafted
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process in person. and this has always been really inspiring to us as young girls. >> two years into owning their retail store covid hit forcing closures of businesses large and small nationwide san francisco's chamber of commerce said the housing of chinatown saw 757% of stores close in 2020. kim and ono leaned into the online platform and lounge wear marketing making up for sales taking a 75% hit. >> we're in the lounge wear business people staying at home but want to look beautiful. >> they bounced back with the return to tourism in the city and the stores reopening seven day as week. >> it's definitely not been easy throughout the whole way there's been challenges. but i feel like- i feel very grateful to be able to come out of the pandemic, you know, a successful business and just to still be here. i just feel very grateful i'm still here >> another thing that got them through the pandemic, the support and encouragement from
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family while charting their path following in their parents foot steps, shep. >> kate, things. another day, another new record at the pump and that's topping cnbc's on the money. today's nationwide average price for a gallon of fast all-time high, $4.62. that's from aaa p price of gas now up more than 50% from this time last year and in seven states gas prices average more than $5 the cost getting hammered -- or the coasts i should say. every state in new jersey to maine above the national average. outiest worse. in california, prices nearing $6.20 a gallon rising mortgage rates are not cooling down the cost for homes nationwide home prices posted an annual gain of nearly 21% in march. that's new today from a leading home price index tampa, phoenix and miami all continued red hot. the metro areas with more than 30% annual gains and if home and gas prices
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aren't depressing enough taco bell runs out of mexican pizzas oh, my record. weeks ago it brought them back to restaurants the cult favorite removed from the menu in november of 2020 but fans lost -- launched a social media blitz and taco belle brought it back. now the chain reports they can't keep all the stuff for the pizzas in stock. according to the company, demand is seven times higher now than the last time the pizzas were on the menu one restaurant in california reports it sold more than 1,000 in one day taco bell reports, we're working to restock on wall street, the dow down 223. s&p down 26. nasdaq down 50 the tech index, down 2% in may nasdaq dropped 4 of the past five months. i'm shepard smith, on cnbc it's the bottom of the hour time
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the the top of the news presidents. open for business, the covid restrictions rolling back in some of china's cities nds in a north carolina medical desert where people need care but can't find doctors but first, new consequences for russia over its invasion of ukraine. european leaders agreed to ban about 90% of all russian oil imports by the end of the year that many embargo will cover russian oil arriving by sea. still european leaders temporarily will allow pipeline imports. that move was critical to bringing hungary onboard with the embargo. ukraine's foreign minister applauded the european union decision in a statement he wrote in part, the oil embargo will speed up the countdown to the clamps of the russian economy and the war machine. and new in the last few minutes, president biden announcing the united states will provide ukrainians with advanced rocket systems for use on the battlefield in ukraine
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he made the announcement in an op-ed for "the new york times" that just dropped. but the white house says they will not provide the rockets that are capable of hitting targets inside russia. that's a weapon the ukrainian officials say they desperately need to beat back the russian invasion russia warned the united states that supplying those systems would cross a red line all of this as putin as where war machine makes gains in eastern ukraine, especially in the donbas region where russian troops half of one of the biggest cities in the area international coverage now from our sister network sky news and their reporter alex crawford on the ground in the donbas >> we're being taken deep in the ukrainian foresten on the western borders of donbas. and the soldiers of the 93rd brigade wait for orders to strike enemy positions this is their most potent
4:33 am
weapon she is a 60-year-old veteran capable of firing multiple rockets at once but only up to 20 kilometers away not enough in this war the younger american version can fire a barrage reaching hundreds of kilometers. but these all the soldiers have right now. and they need her. their orders come in suddenly there is action they know they have to move fast a russian position has been spotted on the izium front they are trying to hold back the russian troops from advancing south. and attacking the donbas from yet another front. they take dusty forest roads to avoid detection from drones. if they are spotted, they will definitely be targeted the crew line up their barrage of rockets and adjust the
4:34 am
target these are not precision weapons. they can fire a full load of 40-122 millimeter rockets over a wide area in under 20 seconds. they rechekatck the coordinates this time they've decided to split the attack into two salvos so he instructs them to launch the second 20. this is what the russians have a lot of and which the ukrainians want to see more of. and they say will make all the difference in the war.
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we've got to move quickly now. they have to get out of the area because they know the russians will be looking to fire on this position and obliterate the crew this is what they're up against. the ukrainian government says this shows the russian using thermo-barrick bombs on the donbas this is what the most horrific war of the 21st century looks like, the statement said the ukrainian troops on the front line are horrifyingly exposed, having to defend large stretches of open land and keep an enemy at bay who they are rarely close enough to see distant sounds of incoming fire. the shelling started again now,
4:36 am
he says. okay, there is lots of incoming now. hurry, she tells us. the ukrainians are finding it hard to stop the russian troops here as they use scorched earth tactics to snatch territory in the donbas they are busily moving tanks and other hardware to the shifting front lines in the east. but the numbers are not in their favor. for the news, i'm alex crawford. >> shifting reality from alex. in their own words series continues with a ukrainian pop singer who left the big stage to volunteer in the great war his name, tarez topalia serving as a medic on the front lines and collaborating with musicians to raise awareness on money for ukraine. >> i had a possibility to make another voice to cleave the country. i stayed here. stayed in kyiv from the first
4:37 am
day of the war some peeling telling us come on, guys you can go away it's allowed by the law of our country. but we decided to stay and fight. this decision was from my heart. my main task is to give first aid to wounded soldiers. when your country in danger, you must fight we are a popular band in ukraine. before the war started we had one big stadium tour, more than 60,000 people. ed sheeran personally sent a message to us and proposed to take a part in a new song in remix. his song two-step of course we said yes ♪ >> it was very difficult to create the lyrics. it was also not so easy to find way how to record the voice on this studio because our studio was under occupation in that time but we found a way the money that we make from ed
4:38 am
sheeran as video went to the music stage ui fund helping ukrainian people struggling from this war ed sheeran sent a message to me and he was asking me to give my telephone number to the bono, of course i think my god, everyone wants to got the bono's telephone number bono told me and invited to play in kyiv in underground with him. i took the microphone. i tried to do my best. of course i was very nervous it was incredible. i can't believe until thousand that it happened in my life. so, of course, it gives power us to fight because we know what they bono comes we are on the right side of this war. >> in his own words. the biden administration wants the u.s. national guard to cooperate with taiwan's military that's new today from taiwan's president. she met with the u.s. delegation
4:39 am
led by the democratic senator tammy dumb rowe duckworth. reaffirming america's support for taiwan security. of course, china claims control over that self-governing island. the three-tai visit comes as beijing has been flexing military might taiwan's defense ministry reports it once scrambled jets and alerted defense missile systems after china send 30 military planes into itsair space. that was yesterday it's beijing's most aggressive show of force we know about towards taiwan since january china military announced it's conducting exercising as a solemn warning against what china calls its collusion with the united states. china is starting to slowly reopen its two largest cities after months of strict covid rules and crippling lockdowns. yesterday workers in shanghai started taking down these metal fences they kept millions of people trapped in homes largely over the past two months. subway and bus service set to
4:40 am
reopen tomorrow. the city reported fewer than 30 new covid cases yesterday. but many restrictions are staying in effect. movie theaters appear gyms must remain closed pl schools can reopen openo only partially. most public places everyone is required to show proof of a negative covid test within the last three days. similar situation in beijing shopping centers and hotels there are allowed to reopen but restaurants limited to takeout and delivery only. there are also different rules for different neighborhoods in that chinese capitol cnbc's eunice yuan is in. >> in zr covid beijing the morning commute for wong has loongd this. with public transport restricted, wong pedals as much as 12 miles right now trip my back side used to lurt in the beginning but now i'm used to it, he says. his bike ride to work is one of millions of little disruptions% taking place across the country
4:41 am
and city that added alling is paralyzing business here what took him 20 minutes on the subway takes double the time >> for nearly a month there was no public transport or ride hailing services in the yar i live in beijing either if i had to go to the office i would walk about 30 minutes. the office compound still restricts who could get in and how many people could be there at any given time. so if there is an emergency and i have to go to the office, well, just takes a while the rules can same random. on the right side of this road, people are mandated to work from home on the left they can go to the office. >> many people are working from home but as a technician as a hearing clinic, wong has had no choice but to take miss morning bike ride. i have to give myself for time he says for unexpected situations like traffic. i get up at least 20 minutes earlier now. wong is looking forward to getting back on the subway
4:42 am
so how is it i'm kind of sweaty, he says. shanghai is now open but the question is, will it stay open? what everyone here is wondering is what will the chinese government do if there is a surge of infections in beijing, shanghai or any of the big cities shep. >> eunice yuan, live this wednesday morning in beijing. over the holiday weekend in america, there were 14 mass shootings. the rise in crime across our nation and what one city city has done to try to stop it and. and how far would you go to find a doctor? i mean if you had to the next city, the next county, the next state for some people in north carolina, at t
4:43 am
4:44 am
gun violence killed dozens of people across the country over the holiday weekend
4:45 am
at least 14 mass shootings in the states you see here in red, meaning a gunman shot four or more people in 14 different incidents. those shooings killed at least 9 people and hurt more than 60 others according to the gun violence archive in philadelphia, gunman shot more than 40 people this weekend. including a father and his 10-year-old son. police say a driver-by shooter killed them. in monroe, north carolina, a gunman killed this 25-year-old man a and his 4-month-old son. witnesses say the two were at a family barbecue when a gunman showed up and opened fire. a bloody weekend in chicago too. 51 people shot, nine killed. activists begging for the violence to end during what they called a rally for peace on saturday. >> gun violence is like a fire that is spreading across our city, across our nation. and we need everybody involved to help compute out this fire of gun violence. >> the violent weekend came even as chicago police had stepped up
4:46 am
patrols and established a sfewide curfew for young people. a sephora store in california is the latest target of brazen robbers caught on cell phone video. look here. happened saturday night in a mall in serto outside anaheim. you can see here as three people wearing hoodies and holding large garbage bags stuffed products in them clearing the shelves. los angeles police say the trio was in the store for just three minutes. all it took to grab more than $27,000 worth of merchandise we're told police say a fourth person served as a lookout. employees at the store say this is actually the third time that they believe these thieves have wiped the shelves clean. but they didn't even bother to report the other robberies. across the country health experts say millions live in what are known as medical deserts. mostly rural areas where access to health care is virtually non-existent in some cases people have --
4:47 am
have to drive nearly an hour just to see a doctor the situation particularly dire in parts of rural north carolina cnbc's shamry stone spoke with health officials about what they are doing to try to fix the problem. >> it would be nice to have a urgent care for facility close by to be able to not have to go to another state. >> when mary had a serious infection. >> i new i needed to be seen. >> she had no choice about you to drive from gates county in northeastern north carolina more than 45 minutes to see a doctor. >> i went to suffolk, virginia, to urgent care over there. >> there are 11,000 people to one mental health provider in gates county there are also no obgyn, psychologists or primary care providers. >> you might need to get somewhere fast. >> but now help is here. monarch and trillium health resources teamed up to launch a
4:48 am
mobile health clinic. >> instead of you coming to us we're coming to you. >> the mobile clinic travels throughout eastern north carolina, servicing areas most in need. the vans have nurses that treat basic medical needs and behavioral health experts that help with mental illness >> you think about that. how many people need help and the resources simply aren't there. >> reporter: a major issue in these rural counties, accessibility. >> i understand when we are talking rural that people are used to driving some distance. but if you don't have a car, how do you get to any services at all. >> this is a mobile unit in the back here we have a place where somebody sick is needing to lay down. >> peer support special ivrts onboard help patients dealing with substance abuse and some monarch specialists like joseph campbell are looking to give back. >> i've been there before. and because i've been there i can talk to people about how to recover and make a difference in their life that's why i'm here.
4:49 am
>> erica glass riffs in terrelle county, another medical desert she has a tissue disorder and says traveling to a specialist isn't feasible. >> the mobile health clinic would help me access health care right now i need to travel two and a half hours it's not happening it's expensive it's wear and tear on my body. this puts health care in my backyard literally. >> the big message is there is hope there is hope to get help and that's what we here for. >> >> reporter: monarch has one mobile health clinic in operation right now. but they got approved for another one. the ceo hopes to see more mobile clinics in north carolina and in rural areas around the united states. coming up we dial back to the 80s for a reboot not of a movie but a movie prop because as doc brown said, if you're going to build a time of into a car, why not do it with style?
4:50 am
phil lebeau introduces us to a company looking to roll out a new improved delorean. and the highway to the danger zone flush with cash. the record breaking weekend for "top gun maverick" and the upcoming premiers on which those studios are now banking. >> gees.
4:51 am
4:52 am
dust off your shoevrld pads
4:53 am
and grab your boom backs are box. the 80s are np tom cruise getting need for speed with the top gun sequel years in the making and the delorean set to be back on the road with a new twist more on that in a bit. right now top gun maverick is setting records at the box office 36 years after the original film premiers, paramount reports top gun made estimated $156 million in the u.s. over the four-day opening weekend. that's the biggest memorial day weekend opening box office ever. also tom cruise's first $100 million opening weekend. top gun producer david elifson sat down with jewely boorstin said with the right movie theaters can fill seats. >> they want to be stories like this no better place to see this movie than imax screen. >> remember this was supposed to come back out back in 2020 during covid but the studio kept push something back. when a journalist to you weeks
4:54 am
ago asked if cruise asked him if there was ever any talk of releasing it straight to streaming, tom cruise answered that was never going to happen here is nbc's jacob sober ol. >> here we go in three, two, one. >> soaring above expectations top gun maverick blew away the competition offer the week becoming the top grossing memorial day picture in history. >> this is probably the most important memorial weekend in the history of the box office, given the past two years, and how the pandemic really sidelined movie theaters in a very profound way. >> fuelled by a full throttle marketing campaign and a production design for the ultimate big screen experience >> like you're in the cockpit in the mix everything moving around with the top sound, like we're there. >> maverick also getting strong word of mouth building momentum all weekend long
4:55 am
>> tom cruise is -- there ain't nobody like him that's why we're here. >> everyone here is the best there is who the hell are they going to get teach us >> captain pete maverick mitchell. >> tom cruise he knows his star power was built on the 50-foot screen in the multipleplex he is paying that back every single day when he hangs out the side of an airplane. >> will maverick be a singular phenomenon for start of black blockbuster summer. >> theater owners believe the line upof films should keep turnstiles earning. >> you have a new jurassic park. author minions films, a new pixar film, light year i don't think this is a one-off like spider-man was in the holiday season last year. >> forget the book trust your inko instincts. >> cruise forcing paramount to hold it for two years.
4:56 am
so fans could enjoy every say aspect of the movie experience a high stakes gamble paying off. >> top notch sound and a with big screen in front of you you can't beat that. >> for the news jacob sober off. >> hey doc back you have we don't have enough road to get up to 88. >> roads where we're going we don't need roads. backto the future for delorean, the iconic car with a flux capacitier transported marty mcfly back in time now a new one. the company rested first images of the delorean alpha 5. now who will fund it where they build is unclear that said, it's fully electric with a range of more than 300 miles top speed 155-mile-per-hour. no official word on the price tag. but some experts predict somewhere around 100 grand others expect some models could
4:57 am
top at 175 grand phil lebeau covers autos for this what does this share with the original if anything >> not a whole lot, shep, with one notable exception. the gull wing doors are with the delorean model, signature back then, they're a part of the new deloreans. remember this is an electric car. so there is no engine in the rear without that engine, you can have a back seat there are four people can sit in the delorean, not two. >> you know, the original was a big flop are any of those still around? >> about 6,000 you don't see them on the road often. you see them at collector shows. this was a vehicle that got a lot of attention in part because of the way the company ultimately went bankrupt and the fact that it was made with stainless steel panels we had never seen that in the early 80s. but it was not a vy effective vehicle, shep. you don't see many but look it an iconic look and worked perfect for back to the
4:58 am
future. >> thanks very much. 50 seconds left on race to the finish residents in uvalde texas have ge begun burying victims there were funls today for fourth graders. >> the house committee calling for gun controls one raising the age for buying semiautomatic richls from 18 to 21 president biden says the u.s. will provide ukrainian forces with more advanced rocket systems to strike targets in ukraine. he made the announcement in an op-ed that just dropped. now you know the news, this tuesday, last day of may, 2022 i'm shepard smith. thanks for joining us tonight. and we he u'
4:59 am
5:00 am
it is 5 a.m. here at cnbc and here is your top five at 5 stocks looking to kick off a new month of trading in the green after a wild may that saw stocks go basically nowhere fast. call it a white house m mia culpa as janet yellen looks to set things straight the biden powell face to face. amazon under pressure again today as government regulatory watchdogs look to step up their antitrust probe into the world's largest online rair.


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