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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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alibaba just inch add bove that. interesting. start nibbling. >> and dan nathan. >> if i was long twitter, would you be selling calls against it. >> thanks for watching "fast money. do not go anywhere "mad money" with jim cramer from the west coast starts right now. there is always a bull market somewhere, but some are harder to find than others "mad money" takes toutyou to the heart of silicon valley to hammer out a strategy. and we start right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it.
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"mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer! welcome to a special west coast edition of "mad money. my job is to give you advice, so call me or tweet me @jimcramer when you take a hard look at this market and probe through its guts, there is something coursing through the body and that's disappointment. it has an inevitability of disappointment the dow went down 4%, perhaps because it was much earlier in the day. that's that sickening pattern. every year we like to come to san francisco to figure out what makes this economy work. but this time there is a vicious sense of disappointment looming almost everywhere. the first disappointment is the
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stock themselves when they start out strong, there's a pretty good chance they'll be down midday the leaders today were the semiconductors they are bought all over the place, especially at 5:00 a.m. after friday's pace, there was a pretty good entry point for the group. the stock opens up at a couple bucks and becomes the leader just like solving a crime, you have motive, money on the sidelines, opportunity next thing you know, the prince becomes the pauper and it plummets it's like playing baseball and you're up comfortably, and all of a sudden they're up four runs and you wondered who did it to you. every one of these declines feels like a personal affront. it's impossible not to take this stuff personally the stock apple, do you know
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they're holding a worldwide conference full of ideas such as buy now pay later, which is universal. they have apple pay and i bet they'll have the buynow pay later. then they redid the sports, and i -- the sports apps and they're incredible but the raging bears no, no, just a yawn. a disappointment how is this possible anyone who really follows apple knows this pay later thing is gigantic, but the bears tell us it's incremental, not revolutionary. the company gets zero benefit of the doubt and the buyers are swamped by the sellers it's as if the highway patrol is saying, nothing to see here, keep moving, cutting the buyers at the carotid artery. i'm thinking they just don't want to spoil the worldwide
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developer party. once this concert is over, i have to believe it's let the damage begin it's designed to fake out anyone who is possible, including anyone who bought apple when it was high they bring out sellers before a late day move, brings the stock up slightly but not to where it was before the beginning of the session. it tease ys you. third point of disappointment, elon musk. he had to lay off 10% of the tesla work force because he had a super bad feeling about the economy. jamie's comments about the economic weather this week you have a pair of negative bookends that made wall street incredibly nervous if the man behind the biggest automobile innovation says it's time to do something with tesla,
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what does it do to anybody else? then he comes on to say he was wrong and he might have to do some hiring. i think musk is one of the best businesspeople of our time, but i wish he would run his public statements by a lawyer, better yet, a ceo if they turn around and see the opposite a few years later, they have a real disclosure problem but wait, that's not all there's more if you're buying twitter, elon musk said there was a problem with bogus accounts. even as he agreed to do so after he had actually checked off on the problem earlier, i can't blame him for wanting to back out. i wouldn't want to do the twitter price he wanted to do, either but it is a gut punch. he tells us he's not buying twitter for something he previously told twitter he was fine with, at least implicitly
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no wonder twitter is looking for performance. i lovie love elon musk but he'sm too material even for my brain you know we need oil prices galore, so it seems like it's time for the oil stocks to go down how many days can it go up already? how many weeks can it go up? the sellers, they come in hard, but then buyers come right back later in the day as if nothing happened my chattel trust is incredibly overweighed in oil prices are going higher at the pump and nobody but the president can do anything about it, and even he can't do all that much. biden would rather speak to the saudis about boosting production than go to texas we're the biggest oil producer just get some oil stocks
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finally there is a future disappointment to come that i want to give you a heads up about. the people of the republic of china decided to put the chinese uber in the flow as if it was one more buying opportunity. how is it possible this can happen again and again who are these money managers that thinks didi is now in the clear and you can go back to your favorite chinese names? their government has proven it at the drop of a hat i was okay with it last week, but if you come in now, it's an investment and a dangerous one bottom line, i want to be kind to this market and tell you it's the same old buy the dips game plan, but in reality, the only dip that can be bought right now, at least, is the dip in oil. everything else is, as they all say, a transaction and nothing more let's take some calls.
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let's go to jeff in colorado jeff >> hey, jim, boo-yah, happy monday >> same. >> i'm calling about shopify you know you've had great things to say about them. you even had their president on the show a few times heck, you even mentioned your wife use theirs platform i know you like them but we're down, what, 80% from pandemic-level highs we're trading back essentially to late 2019 levels, and with the current forward ratio of close to 300, i'm thinking it's really expensive do you see some up side to this? >> you read it right in another market -- look, i think these guys are fantastic yes, we use their pod but here's the problem. we are not buying on this show, we are not buying expensive stocks, we're buying the stocks of companies that make things and do stuff, that return some capital and are valued at a reasonable level and 424 times
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earnings is not reasonable let's go to jimmy in kentucky. jimmy? >> hey, jim, thanks for all you do fort little man >> my pleasure >> jim, i'm at 16, do you see some better days >> i am anxious to buy that ford stock back why? they've got the product line that everyone wants. that still matters these are not just commodities ford has the great climb the maverick going three days in stock, the mock e. they've got the same things in internal combustion but the e line is killing it i say ford is right here with a 3% yield and it sells at seven times earnings that's what i'm talking about. i like that. let's go to mad wisconsin.
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mad. >> boo-yah, jim. greetings from wisconsin >> thank you >> i have some quick questions i hope you could give me some advice with an investment i bought last year i bought ticker coin i bought it 3at $300 and now its at $77 should i sell it >> i happen to think coinbase is a company i don't want to affiliate myself with. it's not expensive, but as far as i'm concerned, that market has turned very, very nasty. i haven't liked these guys for some time and i'm not going to change my tune now the only dip i think that can actually be bought during the day is the dip in oil. they service one market in san francisco. tech stocks money comeback i'm sitting down with the ceo to
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this is the most depressing trip to san francisco since the show went on the air some of these beaten-down cloud stocks are a lot more legitimate than others. the ones with real earnings actually get cheaper as they get older. there is all sorts of information processes. it's come down to below 500 today yet their business is terrific in april they reported a solid core and they also raised their long-term subscription revenue the quarter didn't matter. it's up almost $90 in a couple weeks. could this be the start of a larger comeback or do we need to remain cautious given the state of the market? let's go with the president and
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ce ceo of servicenow. welcome back bill, your business is on fire that's the only term i can use for it why? >> we're focused on customers, and what the customer needs is information technology to transform their businesses you have to keep your people happy. we're in the great resignation, they say you have to recruit them, hire them, train them, make them super happy and productive you have to treat your customers. give them great service. there will be 67 new services being built on the service platform we're ready to go, jim >> people say you have no idea what jay powell could do they could wreck the economy it could be as bad as the '70s skip me over to 2008 tell me, are we at 2008 levels in a few months.
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>> this is not even close to 2008 in 2008 i was with a company where we lost a billion euros in a pipeline in a day. this is not a crisis if anything, this is a crisis of opportunity. the digital transformation is a few trillion, okay you're going to connect to your customers direct to consumer or any channel they want. you're going to have to deal with digital technology. one ceo said it best, jim, they'll fall back in the mid sdperm i woent be. you have to do more with less. you have to augment these supply chains you have to keep your people and customers happy, and digital is
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the only way out >> for your analysts' meeting, you talked about companies that went under >> if you look at the s&p companies, let's go back to 1989 it's not that long ago there is not a single company on the toft of the 1930 list that's also ontop today as measured b margaret cap, and you don't extend your businesses, you might not be on any list in 30 years. >> we talked about 7-figure deals. lots of 7-figure deals coming. that turned out to be important with what you're doing, yeah >> yeah. jim, it's incredible what's happening to this company called servicenow i think companies have really
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opened up to the idea that they'll be the hyper scaling clouds, those four measures of -- because we auto mmate all the services of power in the industry >> so you're not ripping things out that people feel vetted to >> that's the point. we get you there quickly it has to also come with speed when you look at a servicenow project, in less than a few months, you have a positive o.r.i. and the exponential increase or impact the public has right now. they have no interest in long, drawn-out projects because they
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have to hit the ground running with value today >> okay, so people know i believe in bill mcdermott. it's a good thing to do if d you're a stock guy on the chart here, our aspirations are to find the software company of the 21st century? >>. >> when i came in here, i had a dream to make servicenow the defining entity in the 2121. so a company in the world perfor performing but do you know what it comes down to? it comes with company integration and great culture.
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>> i can't have you on without talking about the hitch. to me this is artificial intelligence that makes sense to me as someone who has hired a lot of people. >> yes you need to give employees a great experience you need to be sure you're pro filing them in a way that gives them the skills and attributes but then, an executive in the projects it was incredibly important to o our. >> >> how about the gloomy feel around us? >> sometimes i feel like i could talk people into anything. in this case there is a trillion dollars up for grabs on a per
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annum basis due to the supply chain around the world we could augment a supply chain that used to be global to regional or even local in 30 days we have one great entertainment company who literally just consolidated 12 different portals of complexity into one service with servicenow. an employee there 31 years said ssaid this is the best experience i ever had >>ly t they had trouble getting them in china to work for them, so they had to orient and recast the die on their structure we'll do it in 30 days not 30 months, 30 days
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>> that's what i felt when the stock came down. a real opportunity, i reiterate that today i love what you have to say both about your company and about america. >> absolutely. absolutely >> so ervicenow, a stock i've liked ever since he came there your doctor gives you a prescription.
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(heartbeats) introducing icy hot pro. ice works fast... to freeze your pain and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with 2 max-strength pain relievers. some of these hit a lot harder than others and i'm not sure it makes any sense. take twilio that personally connects with its customers. twilio is a very compelling
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story which is why the stock could rally at 114 after the highs last year. but twilio is now going out of favor on the wall street fashion show it's not yet profitable, which i think is why it's come down to 100 as of today, and that's off its lows last month. twilio reported a month ago it came through better than expected but they also got it for a larger than anticipated loss in the third quarter. i'm not sure if that's just not a promise to deliver like i said at the top of the show, this is a vicious market ever since the bottom in mid-may, the market feels less hostile in this kind of story. is that enough let's take a closer look with jeff lawson, founder and chairman of twilio jeff, thanks for coming back >> thank you, jim. >> here in june we think, we
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can't wait, we can't wait. it doesn't matter how you're doing, but i want people to understand how you're doing and how this is really twilio's time >> in the last 14 years of the company, we've really focused on growth as a means of capturing this market opportunity ahead of us as every company is doing a big business we're going focus on growth as well as winning customers rather than bottom line profitability but we did announce that in 2023 we are going to focus on being a profitable company starting calendar year 2023 and beyond. we think that's the right thing to do because we are now a $3 billion revenue-run company. >> so you think you can make
6:29 pm
money. >> we think we can make money. we can focus on growth and be profitable >> i think you left out something we have to explore this notion of third party, that was a lot of free riding and you explain that very well in all of your conference calls and all the research, but there's still 80% of the people who rely on third parties. aren't those people going to all go to your company >> in the building of the internet the last ten years, people threw cookies on the w websites and through the magic of the internet, they could keep on acquiring new customers people were talking about all the shady things happening inside the internet. you can't just throw cookies over, you can't have data brokerage of all this information.
6:30 pm
companies need to actually know their customer and then serve them so getting rid of all this third-party data, buying and selling of data and outsourcing, actually knowing your customers, facebook and google, that's not a good business model and now the technology is saying, you can't do this anymore. every company out there needs to understand their customers what signals do you browse they'll use that as a signal to understand where you are in your germany and then, it's these companies that are great at managing data. twitter, which we acquired a few years ago, let the companies do it themselves, and that is the future of the internet
6:31 pm
>> when i first mitt, you were messaging. now you know they we want back and forth. which is really the last step since i've seen youly. instead, companies actually list chb to their customers think of how many times you get nut cases for a company. or you get a -- how much will companies pay to acquire you they will spend so much money. thl this is the equation that runs the internet the cost of acquisition.
6:32 pm
and what twilio is doing on both sides of that equation is making those customers better, happier, more loyal customers that you don't have to regret, on split an edge over others because they use you ld that allows the company to really build a great service experience that integrates the entire -- >> it's very scary to buy a big house like that. >> you don't want to leave it to chance in an environment like this
6:33 pm
where every company is focused on profits, now is a good time vinnesting at your iri that's what. we sbroelt better campaigns, better marketing, that is all personalize twhald >> but i think a number of people in third party and they don't know what to do. they'll have to come to twilio the one thing i will say, if you all wait until 2023 when it's profitable the wait i'm going to wait till they're
6:34 pm
profitable as you wait for the company to have a breakout, you already missed the train i think you convinced a lot of people that you've got the formula noul, and i think implt like we told the street we're glg on dub nation. >> somebody is in control of them, but it may be heavenly, because that's how good they are. jeff on tulio. hey, jeff, thanks for coming on. comingup, as uncertainty reigns supreme, is it time to double down on security? protect your portfolio with the
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. one stock has kept going, and that's cybersecurity h
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however, in the middle of the pandemic they got obliterated like everyone else now they sport some big numbers with sales of 61%. this is not a small company year over year. they raised their full year forecast by a significant margin apparently that wasn't enough. the stock not only tumbled on friday, i thaought that was an insane response to an excellent quarter as the stock jumped 4% today. i saw you were getting a fa fabulous quarter for free. welcome back to "mad money." >> it's great to be here and more importantly great to be here in person >> george, you're playing offense. almost everyone else is playing
6:40 pm
defense. how are you able to do that in a place where the bad guys have so much power >> i think it comes back to building a platform in falcon. more importantly, the 7 thrill onevent we see take in on a weekly basis we correlate that so we can keep our floors space, and you talk about what the bad guys do when they're in, and it's not just ransomware, is it? >> it isn't. when we talk about ransomware, it's a bit passe people have gotten start so they started backing up their data wear thelt the either you pay the money and troyly it's a bit of a hobson p>> in
6:41 pm
their yum of rochl, they're help you in multi-lang whatever it is, it's a great advertisement for what you do. you have an emerging power group. >> we have our core end point technologies which protect end points and workloads because it was told to be. >> we had four where we are at
6:42 pm
70%. in general refocused on some zpd it shows you the breadth and durability of revenue streams that are clear when you look arlt we're 93 oy free cash flow basis over 06, $157 million last quarter. >> now, one of the things that strike me, your ticker is a lot of ceos i spoke to
6:43 pm
carbon is getting bought out by us why is the only person who comes on this show saying, we're going to beat covid black. but microsoft? why do you taunt them? >> we're here to win and we take all competitors seriously, but we are here to win, and when something happens in the environment, we're going to call it out you look at some of the big vulnerabilities that came out specific to microsoft, people have been exploiting the latest. the defender can remember, but it's a kpet the. you're talking about identity
6:44 pm
and we are we get the town of manically we focus on being able to trust a worker so when they get in rkt at the can't leave these guys it's totally compliment aerlt -- you mentioned the trillions of inputs because i think that's very exciting. >> we have three graphs now. we started with the threat graph which is actually her own graph technology we have the intel graph which we go dee
6:45 pm
md many i assume from a security perspective you need visibility into your assets how can you protect what you don't know about we give you the state of that asset, we give you plenty amounts of information that we gleaned from ourselves and we actually import to servicenow. this will be a game changer outside of security. they'll understand what they have the reaction was over to morgan stanley to buy today >> it makes no sense that stock was huge >> it's incredible and it's really a testament to what we built and the hard-working folks at crowdstrike and certainly our
6:46 pm
customers. >> reporter: coming up next, cramer is asking your burning cramer is asking your burning questions, ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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and then the lightning round is over. bob in massachusetts, bob! >> hey, jim, thanks for all you do wondering about a stock in the energy field paying about a 7% dividend large into buying and the company is transfers >> it's worth owning because that company is growing and growing big. i absolutely say you can buy e.g. michael in arizona, michael! michael is playing it close to the vest, michael. perhaps we should advance to craig in ennsylvania craig! another elusive buy. craig in pennsylvania, craig >> hey, how's it going, cramer, how you doing told, my man >> i'm doing well. how about you?
6:51 pm
>> i'm doing magnificent i had a question about a particular company, pretty much how it goes with this rate environment. >> and the read is >> oh. >> the letter o. that's a terrific company. i would buy that one those guys really know how to do it right that will go well inially an inflationary environment i need to go to john in texas. john >> thanks, cramer, for taking my call stock ticker zin >> it's a very worrisome situation. it's a very cheap stock and something could go wrong. i'm going to have to say i missed it and i'm moving on. chris in new york. chris. >> this is josh in indiana
6:52 pm
>> even better, josh in indiana. >> boo-yah >> i'm doing great, how are you? >> i'm good, man the kids are out of school and it's time to take a trip in an rv what do you think of camping world? >> gas is going to go up but i bag the homonis versus the short. that's how i play andrew in michigan, andrew >> thank you for taking my call. you have a great staff >> i certainly do. >> i'm a retired professor in michigan, retired into world war iii. thank you for your advice recently i'm playing around a little bit on neophyte. >> that's more of a logistics company. it's more like logistics part of
6:53 pm
gxo. if you want trucking, i'm going to send you our best those were very, very compelling thank you so much for the kind words. let's go to zimmy in wisconsin zimmy! >> boo-yah, cramer >> boo-yah >> coming to you live from packer land. >> they could look good this year what's going on? >> i'm actually calling about a mean stock that's actually profitable, has a good fundamental mortgage business, close to a 10% dividend yield and close to 77% down from its highs. is this a goodb buy right now >> i'm going to have to say no even though it looks very cheap.
6:54 pm
that completes the lightning round! >> presented by ameritrade coming up, cramer search fsearches fsearches for answers in the city by the like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute cay, next. a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim® web. because platforms this innovative aren't just made for traders -they're made by them. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade (vo) hi. we're visible. a new kind of wireless company. started by this company. (hi, dad.) aren't just made for traders -they're made by them. other companies pay for stores. which means you pay for stores.
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i'm having a cocktail at a local watering hole here in staff san francisco and miguel asked me, what are you doing out here? like why in the heck is it worth it to come out here for those tech companies that are almost prosaic. almost like going to pittsburgh and seeing the steel mills going down the drain there is no excitement to it, just drudgery. the bad guys are relentless. when that is your best subsector, the one part of the energy that's still hiring, you have to think companies are protecting themselves from hackers and additional con
6:58 pm
artists. what happened out here ma how could a growth company like elon musk look at it with contempt it's something you could easily imagine happening to a declining steel maker 50 years ago we're sick of hearing everybody is going digital of course, they are! but every company involved in these businesses get price increases at the end of the day. they go from theeconomy to a center of layoffs as they become a dime a dozen, like the old bethlehem steel. the top executives make the money. they're paid in shares and they're often not worth more than water bankers have finally hit this area hard. what a change from the old days. is the magic gone? i am hitting every silo to find out what went wrong and what can be done about it are there really only a few
6:59 pm
growth stocks left in tech is the only technology that works in this market the kind that helps you get oil out of the ground at $$30 a barrel even if they get a bump from kathy wood from 2021 but definitely not 2022, that's why i'm here i want to find out about all the tools we need to make remote work a reality maybe building semiconductors in ohio, of all places, is the home of the future. i know you're circumspect for all the money.
7:00 pm
valuation has been with us since the fed declared war. i'm betting the profitable tech names were made incredibly tough to own and even the profitable ones might be on sale. i find another weekend of gun violence across america. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc 11 mass shootings, 15 people killed. >> this actually can happen in almost every city, every region of the country. >> now, congress working on solutions. a bipartisan group of senators saying, this time, they are serious. boris johnson survives to remain the british prime minister how weakened he is after the vote in the wake of covid party gate a judge in wisconsin tied up


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