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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  June 10, 2022 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc. here is your top five at 5:00. selling shifting into high gear as the markets losing week intensifies late in the game yesterday. futures in a holding pattern this morning investors gearing up for the anticipated report on inflation. expected it to show prices remain red hot what you need to watch for in that big cpi report. ahead of the number, treasury secretary janet yellen talking about the u.s. economy saying the recession is
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unlikely and a not so rosy outlook for docusign cratering on the miss as investors are worried about profitability. and your exclusive weekly look at the top insider buys including one multimillion dollar stock purchase. it is friday, june 10th. you are watching "worldwide exchange" here on cnbc good morning happy friday welcome to the show. i'm dominic chu in for brian sullivan let's kickoff the hour with the check on the markets and your money. futures are sitting at stable levels dow is only implied lower by 33 points s&p down 2 points. nasdaq up by 23. we should point out that this is near the lowest levels of the pre-market session for the futures and that trade stocks fell sharply yesterday
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with the s&p and nasdaq each falling more than 2% dow closing down 600 points. much of the losses, many coming during a rough hour of final trading. all three indexes down right now. you see that big trade in the last hour of the session yesterday was what took things down the number wall street is watching today is the latest read on inflation. economists are expecting the may cpi report to come in at 8.3% year over year no change from april if you strip out the effects of food and energy, that figure is expected to fall to 5.9% from april's 6.2% that core reading is something to watch ahead of the report, let's get a check on the bond market yields. ticking lower on the longer end of the yield curve
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the 10-year u.s. treasury yield 3.025% the 2-year note yield 2.835% 30-year long bond at 3.15% turning to the oil market. prices around three-month highs amid fears of covid lockdowns in shanghai that may take down prices. you are seeing wti crude prices 1$ $121.68. up .20%. world benchmark ice brent is $123.29. gas prices above $9 for natural gas. the price of bitcoin is around the $30,000 mark. we are hovering around the 30,000 mark for a couple weeks
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ethereum prices are 1$1,785. let's go worldwide we have the overnight action in asia and julianna tatelbaum in the london newsroom with the early trade in europe. jp, we begin with you. >> thanks, dom it was a fairly challenging end to the week for stocks in the asia pacific most indexes seeing red. we are between two events. the overnight word from the ecb that they are preparing for the rate hike and then the key cpi report from u.s. there are signs the consumer and factory data in china is showing signs of moderating. and maybe the pboc or chinese central bank will have monetary support for the economy. you saw what it did for shanghai
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and shenzhen with positive gains. hang seng closed in the red. also boosted by the index and tech shares closing up and a similar fight back from alibaba. alibaba opened with a stark loss they battled back from that and also closed the day higher and that also lit the sentiment for the chinese tech shares. nio with the decline they fell after the electric carmaker reported a bigger first quarter loss and revenue may slow down in the current quarter. look at south korea. kospi falling today. the trucker strike is in the fourth day and impeding deliveries and shipments from the big egest companies you see how shares are moving
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there. we saw hyundai did battle back, but they settled lower there we have to talk about the japanese yen still capped off a pretty stark loss for the japanese currency we see the nikkei 225 did not take strength on that. the nikkei ended in the red today. that is the wrap up for markets in asia closed out dom, back to you >> jp ong in singapore thank you. have a nice weekend. a challenging week for the markets in london. now take a look at what is happening in europe. happening right now, julianna tatelbaum is in london with the latest there on the european trade. on the heels of the ecb rate non change, but indication of higher rates in the future. julianna, take us through the losses in europe today >> dom, cinonsidering the ecb dd
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not move on rates, it was an exciting meeting as far as central banks go the ecb cemented expectations n for a rate hike in july and left the door open for a steeper rate hike in september. european investors pricing in what that means for asset classes. the reaction in equity markets has been bleak selling continuing yesterday and exaccel accelerating stoxx 600 ended 4% lower the losses continue today. the dax is down 1.5. cac 40 is down 1.3%. the bulk of selling in italy ftse mib down 2.5% outside of the eurozone, the ftse 100 with more resilience. the market is still down 1%. from the sector, the pull back is broad based we are seeing every secretor lower. health care is the most
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defensive or one of the most defensive stock. that is down 0.8%. real estate is suffering down 2.2% mirroring the losses we have seen in the u.s. this week autos performing poorly and banks, interestingly, performing poorly that down 2.2% dom, back to you >> julianna tatelbaum live in london with the latest thank you very much. now to the morning top stories. state street is denying a report that it is looking to buy credit suisse a blog reporting that the company is looking to buy the ailing giant in switzerland. the ceo calling the potential takeover quote really stupid this is likely to post a loss for the second quarter meanwhile, adobe ceo says several categories are seeing prices fall. supporting that belief that
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digital shopping will stay strong speaking with jim cramer on "mad money" last night, there were new figures from the company showing the consumer spending saw a substantial increase over the course of the last month >> if you look at the data, you have to parse it and see what is happening in the macroeconomics situation and what happens to the individual we spent $1 billion in digital than the previous month. >> that was the adobe chairman and ceo. and the federal judge saying starbucks does not have to reinstate three former employees who lost their jobs for helping to form a labor union. the judge saying the nlrb request on the behalf of the phoenix store employees had inconsistencies and lacked overall validity meanwhile, baristas passed a
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union vote yesterday making their coffee shop the first union location in the constitution state back to the markets. inn investors gearing up for high inflation reports. janet yellen saying the recession is not in the works. she said despite inflation, other sectors of the economy are strong >> inflation is clearly a major problem. it is president biden's top pri priority it is what i'm focused on. it is what american households are concerned about. when you look at opinion polls and see what households have to say, it is amazing how pessimistic they are with the strongest labor market we have had in the post-war period people can easily find jobs.
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they are confident about the job market. >> inflation is fresh in my mind because i filled up the tank on the way to work this morning let's bring in dan veru at palisades. dan, inflation is a problem. its effect on the markets is still being felt do you feel this is a bottoming process for markets or is this still down side left to go >> you are right to categorize it as a bottoming process, dom in the near term, stocks are inexpensive. price earnings multiples are down as we do intgo into the second quarter earnings, we will see this continue. you see companies having difficulty with retail or yesterday with docusign.
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earnings will hold together pretty well. there is decent valuation support. i categorize my view as short-term bullish medium-term as we get into the fall period bearish. i think we will retest the lows established earlier in the year. mainly because we're going to now focus on the mid-term elections and the uncertainty of perhaps what a change in congress might look like and what the policies might come out of that. that will be a further uncertainty. >> dan, if you are so focused on the negative potential catalysts in the second half of the year, why shouldn't investors sit on cash and wait and do nothing for the next few months? >> i think if you get a bear market rally, it can be powerful and perhaps if you are overweight to stocks, that might be an opportunity to raise cash. i agree with that.
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i do think the fall is a great buying opportunity the way i see things layout right now with the potential for substantial recovery rally in the fourth quarter into the new year. >> that's seasonal factor at play during the holidays, you see seasonal strength in the markets overall. maybe that is still in play. if that is the case, what is on your shopping list what opportunities present is it energy and value or shop for the mega cap >> you raise a great point, dom. you want to focus on companies where the absolute price earnings multiple isattractive tech stocks as we know are long duration bond assets we are in a rising rate environment with elevated
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inflation. i suspect supply chains to rat rat rationalize over the course of the year the supply chain will abate and come off a bit still, this is regime change this is leadership change. i believe it is materials. it is cyclicals and energy and financials that could be the new leaders as we go forward >> value leadership says dan veru thank you very much, dan good to get your thoughts. have a nice weekend. >> thanks, dom. when we come back on the show, your morning's big money movers including shares of one retailer in the mystery chart that are getting hit hard on the one-two punch of weak guidance and layoffs. and china looking to reopen after the covid outbreak and covid lockdowns. eunice yoon is looking at how constant testing is playing a key role and hurdle. and the panel investigating
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join over 3 million members and start enjoying rewards like these, and so much more in the xfinity app! and don't miss jurassic world:dominion in theaters june 10th. welcome back to "worldwide exchange." time for the three stock stories of the morning you have vail resorts. revenues surged as the impact of
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the covid pandemic and restrictions eased from the same time a year ago. ski passes for the north american ski season rising 9%. vail is raising the miniuimum wg to $20 an hour stock number two is stitchfix. the service reporting a wider third quarter loss as revenue fell 8%. the company is cutting 330 jobs. 15% of the salary work force stitchfix is reviewing other costs, including the real estate holding and footprint. shares off 16% stock number three is docusign tumbling shares as the revenue first quarter did beat forecast. docusign guidance fell below estimates. shares are down 24%. by the way, docusign ceo will be
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on "tech check" at 11:00 a.m. eastern time dan springer a first on cnbc interview. still on deck, china tech sector finding some relief on optimism over easing regulatory crackdowns from the government a look at whether now is the time to dive into some of those names. >> announcer: today's big number 14%. that's the average savings rate u.s. workers are contributing to the 401(k)s per paycheck according to data omfr fidelity. that's the highest savings rate on record. t's get you e antibiotics right away.” we could bring it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up, and get your questions answered?
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even here. that's because nobody... and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better. welcome back to "worldwide exchange." covid worries in china again as beijing and shanghai tighten measures again shanghai came out of a two-month lockdown days ago saying they would conduct mass covid testing this weekend eunice yoon is live in beijing with how critical mass testing will be as china looks to get the economy back up and moving eunice >> reporter: thank you, dom. testing is a fact of life in beijing and well as other parts of china it looks as though testing, according to the authorities, would be used to balance the or
5:23 am
attempt to maintain zero covid or get as close as possible and keeping the economy open it is unclear if the authorities can stay the course. this has become a morning ritual in china big cities. standing in line for a covid test i'm out here every day, he says. the government hasn't mandated the covid tests, but you need one that is less than 48 hours old to dine in a restaurant or stroll in the park or get to the office without a covid test, i couldn't work waiting for one could take a while. she says it will take an hour which is plenty of time for exercise or quality time with your dog not everyone thinks it is a good use of time or money if i want to go to the
5:24 am
supermarket or hospital to buy medicine, i need to show this test, events the government pre-ttends we ha a choice we don't you're still in line so far, he says, 20 minutes. he said it could be worse. you could be waiting in the wrong line a woman waited two hours for a covid test only to find out she was waiting for roasted chicken. she bought two she posted the video warning people to make sure they are in the right place. the lines can get confusing. that line is for a covid test. this for breakfast pancakes. what was the final time on the clock? 30 minutes not bad. now off to work, he says and there are already signs that the authorities here in beijing and shanghai are getting nervous. the vast majority of shanghai, 23 million out of 26 million,
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are going to go back into lockdown or partial lockdown over the weekend as they conduct mass covid testing over there. here in beijing, entertainment venues in the city have been shut over a handful of cases here, dom. >> eunice, we have done similar things in the u.s. with regard to covid testing as a clearance for doing certain things after a while, there was covid testing fatigue. is there push back from the public in china with these latest moves by the government to mandate this type of testing? this is still early, relatively speaking for china, in the testing protocol we have been going through it a year and a half in the u.s. now. >> reporter: that's right. there definitely is covid testing fatigue. not necessarily people will talk about openly in the public because of concerns of retribution. definitely you see a lot of
5:26 am
people confused or skeptical about what the government is trying to do especially on the business side. a lot of businesses really saying that they are worried if they will survive because it is not necessarily about the policy, but the erratic nature of it. they can't make decisions about what they should do next president xi jinping addressed the worries among the folks within the government saying social stability is key, but reiterated that the authorities needed to have unwavering commitment to zero covid >> all right eunice yoon live in beijing with the latest on covid testing in china. thank you very much. let's check the other top headlines and hearings with the capitol insurrection we have phillip mena in new york >> good morning, dom 17 months in the making. the january 6 committee laying out the case for the capitol
5:27 am
riot the committee saying former president trump was at the center of it all in the never before seen testimony played from his inner circle, including bill barr. >> i had three discussions with the president that i can recall. one on november 23rd, one was on december 1st and one was on december 14th. i've been through sort of the give and take of those discussions and in that context, i made it clear i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff which i told the president was [ bleep ]. you know -- >> the former president's daughter ivanka accepted what barr said and did not agree the election was stolen. the committee released 11 minutes of never before seen footage of clashes with police we heard from the docfilmmaker s
5:28 am
well the wall street journal reports the pac is spending $500,000 on the national ad saying it is a witch hunt thank you, phillip the names that are bucking the overall down trend and finding success in the otherwise down y year if you haven't already done so, follow our podcast check us out on apple or spotify or other podcast apps. and during the volatile and uncertain times for markets, cnbc is offering suggestions on how to invest your money
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here is sharon epperson on how to hold on to cash >> here is a tip for your money. holding on to cash is critical in the market down turn. a poll finds 37% of boomers say they made progress in creating an energy fund keeping sufficient cash reserves in a savings account spritepara from investments you don't have to tap into other investments if you need for cnbc, i'm sharon epperson. when their work and home lives are busier than ever. well that's why we gave cyborg assistants to everyone in the company. they handle the "home" parts, so we can keep working. mmmm, delicious. shhhh, shhhh. you know at cdw, we can design a productivity solution with lenovo devices that offer fast, reliable connectivity to help your people manage their workloads, with or without cyborgs. perfect, 'cause this guy needs a little work. for technology that moves you forward, trust lenovo and it orchestration by cdw. (♪ ♪)
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futures in a holding pattern as investors gear up for the anticipated latest read on consumer inflation cpi report expected to show prices remain red hot. we look at inflation and if it may be peaking. tesla putting the brakes on the hiring events. the ev maker releases mixed signals. it is friday, june 10th, 202. y 2022 you are watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. i'm dominic chu in for brian sullivan let's get a check on the markets as investors gear up for the cpi report later this morning.
5:33 am
ahead of that, futures indicating a relatively flat open dow implied lower 2 points the cnbc data team is taking a page from jim cramer putting together the list of 15 most profitable companies within the major indexes this year. when it it comes to the s&p 500, the winners rights now include exxonmobil topping the list. up 67% this year chevron, oil and gas, up 50% no surprise there. a big gap from there with at&t following up in third. up 12% rounding out the top five. johnson & johnson and berkshire hathaway turning to the dow chevron and johnson & johnson
5:34 am
and merck with a 15% climb so far in 2022. as far as the nasdaq 100 goes, of the 15 most profitable companies out there, all had a negative stock performance so far this year. keep an eye on the dynamic with price appreciation and stocks. there's not many in the down market some of the profitability. to the top stories meta is rethinking the deal to pay for news content on the platform according to the wall street journal, meta has not provided publishers it plans to increase the partnership in the current format or at all facebook has paid a fee of $10 million or more to each to the likes of the washington post and new york times and wall street journal. the report adds the organization is preparing for a revenue shortfall of tens of millions of
5:35 am
dollars. sticking with meta, it is apparently planning to stop making the portal video calling hardware that shift first reported by the information comes as meta reassesses the hardware plans. the company will focus on a business use for the portal product which was unveiled in 2018 meta shares up in the pre-market. tesla canceled three re recruitment events in china. the online events were set to take place for jobs in sales and research and development and supply chain this comes on the heels of elon musk's back and forth on the job cuts in tesla saying it overstaffed in certain areas of the company. back to the top story and the number wall street has been waiting for all week we are just about three hours away from the release of the
5:36 am
macon m may consumer price index 8.3% expected on a yearly basis. core prices stripping out food and energy, it will fall from april's 6.2% out at 5.9% it remains the highest level in 40 years and ahead of the target level. joining me now is wells fargo's economist sarah house. sarah, this is the report that many investors have been waiting for all week more important than the ecb guidance yesterday what are your expectations for that number? >> we are looking for above consensus gain on the headline looking for the overall index to increase 0.8% this month that would drive the year over year rate up to 8.4% now the core is looking for consensus. 0.5% that would mark a slight
5:37 am
moderation from the gain in april. if you step back and look at the big picture, the increase in core is still running at a blazing pace that's consistent with over 6% annualized we are still not seeing much relief at all with inflation >> if that's the case, what exactly is the scenario that plays out in your mind in the economy going forward? is this going to be a situation where prices remain high enough and continue to creep high enough where there will be some kind of demand destruction or slowdown in the economy? >> i think we are seeing inflation at levels where it is affecting consumer purchasing behavior we heard reports of consumers trading down or some things in terms of the retail gasoline stations sales when you adjust for price changes. those have slipped since february with gas prices begin
5:38 am
to shoot higher. i think we are starting to see behavioral changes you have to put that in context of what is a strong job market a lot of people continuing to get paychecks now. that is helping support aggregate income this will lead to a slowdown in consumer spending, but we think households can weather the storm for a while yet. >> sarah, janet yellen was speaking at a deal book event and she basically said she doesn't think a recession is likely that it will not happen any time soon here. what is your view? recession will happen eventually we know this it is bound to happen. is it any time soon? is it this year? is it the first half of 2023 is it the second half? when does that model out in your mind >> recession through our forecast horizon through 2023 is
5:39 am
our base case. we think the risks are elevated given how high inflation is and how aggressively we expect the fed to move to combat it we are looking for the fed to move into restrictive territory through early next year. we think that will have a noticeable impact on growth particularly by the second half of next year or growth move decidedly below trend. that said, in order to keep the soft landing scenario in play with the below trend growth, but not outright recession, you need a number of pieces to fall in place. increased labor force participation to help job growth continue without putting pressure on further wages. we need the shift of the spending in consumers. shifting away from goods where you see high inflation over past two years relative to the past two decades and shifting to services where inflation has been softer. we think that we can see
5:40 am
potentially a soft landing, but it will not be easy. >> sarah house of wells fargo. thank you very much. coming up on the show, exclusive look at the week's biggest buys by company insiders including one executive making a multimillion dollar purchase those names comi ungp on "worldwide exchange. that's next. to freeze your pain and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with 2 max-strength pain relievers.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." that shot of new york city and skyline there. it is still early morning. sun rising on the city that never sleeps ahead of the big gorgeous weekend in the tri-state area. time for the weekly exclusive insider buy segment where we highlight the top five stocks bought the most by the executives with their own money. the information comes with our thanks to verity data. number five is sentinel 1. the director buying more than $239,000 of shares last week that purchase after the company disclosed he was leaving the board of directors number four, netapp. executive buying $360,000 of the stock. this is the second buy since joining back in march of 2020. number three, costco board of directors buying
5:44 am
$400,000 of shares this is the latest purchase by her since december number two is dick's sporting goods. the vice chairman buying $404,000 of stock. and the number one insider buy for this week is chewy yes. pet food a long time-director buying $5 million in shares. his third with the retailer. there you do sentinel one, net app, costco, dick's sporting goods and chewy. $5 million of the insider buy. it is the segment you will see only on "worldwide exchange" or go over to to get access to the lists every week. asian markets are watching wall street as worries over inflation today grow
5:45 am
stocks in china rising today on strong buying by foreign investors and cautious optimism that the government is easing crackdown on technology and media firms. csi 300 index climbing 1.3% on the session. tech stocks in hong kong reserving losses led by alibaba and meituan. reports saying beijing has given jack ma's ant group to revive the ipo despite the denials from the company and regulator. let's bring in brendan ahern which runs the popular $6 billion internet etf or the kw as it is known brendan, this is interesting to me because we have been following the saga for months now about the decline in the chinese listed stocks. how is it in your mind that
5:46 am
investors can feel comfortable dipping their toes back in when there is still so much uncertainty specifically from the government >> i think the two main concerns around the companies within kweb is the china internet regulation and u.s. regulation with the u.s. listed china adrs the china regulation has lots of signs this regulatory cycle is likely over or is in the very late innings just simply based on the user data and user protection laws which went into place at the end of last year certainly speeches like the vice premier back on march 16th the former issue looks like we are very confident the worst is over you saw news with didi and ant ipo and that further signals that the one issue we are much
5:47 am
less concerned today >> brendan, they are green lighting video games again as you look at that, we are familiar with the handful of names in the u.s. because they are part of the nasdaq 100 and within that trading range that people see as being in the lexicon when it comes to u.s. listed chinese stocks. jd and baidu and others. do they have buying opportunities in your mind or do you have to be cautious with the down side over the last year >> certainly from the valuation perspective, alibaba and baidu and others like tencent and meituan are one or two standard deviations below the five-year valuation level. there is still good opportunity and i think something you pointed out, dom, we had
5:48 am
significant out performance. it has been a terrible week for u.s. equities and europe equities and asian you have kweb looking to end the week up 10% this week. you are talking about a 15% performance this week alone versus the s&p 500 the investors need to be aware and take advantage of the performance we're seeing within the space. >> the out performance we know there is a segment of traders who chase that bre brendan, what do you see with fund flows are investors putting money to work in funds like you'rs >> dom, kweb is now over $76 billion. we see investors allocate to kwk kweb
5:49 am
inflows have been strong i will knock on wood. >> brendan ahern cio at craneshares thank you. on deck, we are gearing up for the cpi report the moves investors might want to make coming up next. throughout the month of june, we are head to break, herh cnbc producer joey caruso. >> for pride this year, i'm celebrating a long history of understanding and love and equality i consider myself a late bloomer. it wasn't until five years ago i accept ed myself breaking generational habits that say it is not okay to be gay. u is okay yoare okay put yourself first and everything else will fall into place.
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." let's see how markets are
5:52 am
moving over the last year, record highs in the nasdaq. at these levels, we are down roughly 27% from the high levels in the nasdaq composite. here we were up 7% from the recentg process taking place the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq are on pace for a negative one we are seeing 2% declines in each of the major indices over the course of the last week. remember, a lot of selling pressure was in the last hour of trading yesterday on thursday. setting up for a bad week so far. and energy and communication services are the standouts over the last week. energy, by the way, the only one in positive territory for the week real estate is taking it on the chin down 4% nearly with regard to the sector interest rates are a big part of the discussion for more on your money, let's bring in lizzie evans.
5:53 am
if you look at this overall, ll lizzie, investors were nervous about putting money to work when they have seen damage already done is this a constructive environment to put cash to work? >> good morning, dom excited to be here i think there is still a lot of uncertainty in the market. there's a lot of uncertainty with the fed and what it will do we are watching the cpi report this morning i think there are certain parts of the market that still offer long-term opportunity. you have to be selective and quality matters in the environment. >> if it is quality that matters, what exactly does quality mean in your mind? there are many factors, lizzie, many characteristics that people look for in your mind, what does that mean >> i think quality means so many
5:54 am
investors are focused on style is it time to sell value and go to growth? you want to be focused on key fundamentals look for companies with strong free cash flow look for companies with strong balance sheets cash is king right now low debt loads i think to your point, energy is strong i think energy will continue to be strong. really given the structural imbalance with commodities and energy priceprices you have on to look from the bottom up standpoint as to invest >> let's talk about bottom up. when it comes to energy, are we talking about oil majors like chevron and exxon or the pipeline companies or smaller to midcap oil production? what are you putting clients into right now >> we like the major integrated oil and gas companies. as you mentioned, chevron.
5:55 am
chevron has excellent margins in the refinery business. their balance sheets are stronger than ever coming out of covid. they're lean and maean. they announced $10 billion of buyback. they are growing dividend at 6% a year they are growing down debt that is the company we like in the environment for today. >> the energy trade has been consensus for a long time. no surprise. the momentum trade for sure right now. what about the contrary play do you put more money to work there? >> i think there are opportunities. some of the big mega cap tech stocks have been beaten up so far. look at microsoft. microsoft has been crushed with a lot of the other software companies. not all software is created the same
5:56 am
microsoft's trading at a 20% discount from the five-year pe it is an absolute cash cow $130 billion of cash compare to the total operating profit at the end of the year was $72 billion. you will see margins improve as they migrate to the cloud. there are opportunities in tech. you have to be selective >> lizzie, you are one of the nation's top financial advisers. what are your clients saying >> people are scared they want to hear that we're out of the woods and i don't think we're out of the woods yet i think from the adviser standpoint, the key is staying the course having an asset allocation where clients can sleep at night that's how you win over time >> lizzie evans. thank you very much. >> thank you futures right now are stable we are moving toward the session lows you can see the dow implied
5:57 am
lower 68 s&p down 4 and nasdaq up 32 after big losses yesterday that does it for us on "worldwide ehae.xcng "squawk box" has the coverage coming up next have a nice weekend. nope. how do we show that we'll stand tall through the storms? nah. (thunder) how do we make our clients feel secure and- ugh... not lions. (lion rumbles) we do it with our people. people who've been looking after people for over 170 years. when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company.
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good morning inflation in america data expected to show high prices for food, energy, rent, health care. we get you ready for the cpi data due at 8:30 a.m we have a panel. one where we have boxes for a jobs number. that is what inflation means to us the numbers won't be a surprise to vehicle ownerowners the average price of the gallon of gas overnight is within a penny of $5 a gallon
6:00 am
$4.99. >> $4.99 9/10. red ink for two stocks that were pandemic darlings stitchfix and docusign losing a quarter of value it is friday, january 10th, 2022 andrew found a barber in d.c "squawk box" begins right now. good morning welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc we are live from the nasdaq market sit


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