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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 11, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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see you monday, the starts now >> new data shows prices are still soaring. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc consumer sentiment plummets, and the markets tank on runaway inflation data >> 8.6%, continues to be the highest since '81. >> the consumer price index numbers drop for may what they mean, and a look ahead. the uvalde school police chief gives his first in depth interview, why he had no radio, no tactical gear, and no keys. and why he's proud of their response after 21 people died. fallout from the explosive
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hearing on the capitol insurrection >> january 6th was the culmination of an attempted coup >> i documented the crowd turn from protesters to rioters to insurrectionists >> what president trump is now saying and what's coming next. a new kind of housing plan inside a community of 200 just built homes. >> everyone is new here. >> why only renters need apply >> heat wave, the warning for millions of americans. >> travelers rejoice the rule change for flying to america. >> and - >> my name is jason alexander. >> britney spears' excrashes her wedding and gets arrested. >> live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. the white house is on the defensive tonight, as inflation rises yet again. it's another increase that's rattling wall street and draining bank accounts of
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everyday americans according to the labor department, consumer prices jumped 8.6% year over year in may. it's the biggest increase since 1981 prices are rising everywhere, airline tickets up about 38% from a year ago. energy about 35% and food, about 10%. look at breakfast as an example. the average price for a dozen eggs up $1.20 in the past year bacon, about $1. a gallon of milk, up 70 cents. meantime, wall street didn't like the new inflation data at all. the dow dropped nearly 900 points today it's been down for 10 of the past 11 weeks. that hasn't happened since the great depression today, president biden spoke at the port of los angeles and again he blamed the rising prices on russia's invasion of ukraine. >> i understand inflation is a real challenge to american families today's flation report
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confirmed what americans already known. putin's price hike is hitting america hard >> the president vowing to lower prices for americans in a moment, kayla tausche on how the white house is responding first, cnbc's closing bell anchor sara eisen. one of the economists or some of them expect inflation to cool in the second half of the year. is that realistic now. >> well, shep, one takeaway from today, nobody can forecast peak inflation. optimism had been building in recent weeks on wall street that prices had seen their high points but this shockingly strong and broad read today proved them to be wrong despite the troubling rise, economists do say it should start to come down in the coming months why? well, we have seen signs that demand for goods, electronics, apparel, used cars is slowing. we heard that from target for instance that should pressure prices in those areas. there's also some early evidence
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in retail and semi-conductor industries that supply chains have started to improve. chinese factories and ports are open for the moment after being shut down for covid. and while the american consumer has held up relatively well, the federal reserve is slamming the brakes on the economy, and we're likely to see the impact of that in the coming months so yes, we should start to see prices fall, but we're still dealing with the shock of the war in ukraine, and that's having an acute impact on the oil and food supply of the world, and as we have learned from history, shep, once the inflation genie is out of the bottle, it can be hard and painful to put it back in. >> yeah, no doubt. the fed chair, jay powell, has ruled out 75 point rate hikes this year. will today's economic data put that back on the table maybe >> well, the odds are rising for that and that's actually one of the reasons stocks sold off so hard, that the fed is likely to now be more aggressive. in fact, a few wall street firms like barclays today changed
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their forecast for a 75 basis point increase in rates at the next meeting, and that happens next week. that's a triple increase in interest rates something as you said, fed chair powell previously ruled out. he could also change his tune in the news conference next week and now say they are open to it. bottom line, the fed has to get it under control, and it has to preserve its credibility remember, the mandate for the fed from congress is stable prices and maximum employment. well, we certainly do not have stable prices at the moment. we do have a very strong jobs market, and that together, shep, is a green light for the fed to potentially go even bigger, but it also unfortunately increases the risk of a bigger slowdown or even recession >> for sure. sara eisen, have a great weekend. senior white house correspondent kayla tausche live from the port of los angeles where the president addressed high inflation today. hi, kayla. >> hi, shep. the president today had a new backdrop and worst data, but the message was the same
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that he understands prices are too high, that the overall economy in his words is strong, and that the blame belongs with vladimir putin, greedy companies, and republicans >> one concrete plan that i laid out was going to raise taxes on working families an average of $1,500 a month while we have 54 corporations out there who didn't pay any tax the last two years and made $40 billion. they don't want to tax them at all. >> with gas prices up nearly 50% in the last year, mr. biden singled out one scapegoat in particular, exxonmobil, saying the company makes, in his words, more money than god by not pumping oil. sources say the chief executives of exxon and chevron arranged meetings with top officials at the white house this week to discuss new production, prices, and sanctions, but no new policies were agreed here in los angeles, rising inflation worldwide looming over talks of western hemisphere
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leaders, some who are seeing higher spikes. colombia, 9%, brazil, 12%. the u.s. is in relatively good company as officials closed out the summits of the americas pledging to better police migrants in the region in hopes of relieving pressure along the u.s.'s southern border a senior administration official said the fine print of all that was negotiated here is still to be worked out in the coming months shep >> sara eisen live in san pedro, california >> weather alert, more than 50 million people across the southwest bracing for a dangerous and potentially deadly heat wave. it's expected to last through the weekend. extreme high heat alert now in effect from california to texas. the national weather service reports temperatures are expected to be well into the triple digits. look at these, many places could see record highs the first major heat wave of the season forecasters say temps during the day could soar as much as 20
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degrees above average. but it's the unusually high heat at night that's causing the big concerns experts say that's when people face the greatest risk of stroke and heat exhaustion. bill karins tracking it for us >> most people don't realize heat waves in our country kill more people than hurricanes and tornadoes combined easily. so obviously, the dangers are pets in cars, children left in cars, and of course, the elderly, especially if the ac fails because they can't cool off at night with these overnight temperatures we just broke the record high, phoenix, sky harbor airport up to 112 the old record is 111. we didn't get to the record today in dallas but you will this weekend on saturday and sunday be very close to that, and in death valley right now, it's 118 degrees, one of the hottest temperatures on the entire planet is taking place in areas of california. that happens occasionally and they should be near 120 over the upcoming weekend how many americans are included in this? 58 million are under heat advisories or heat warnings.
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1 in every 5 americans is in this heat wave that stretches from shreveport to nevada. how hot will to be on saturday phoenix the hottest day is tomorrow, 114 should tie your record high. by the way, june is the hottest month of the jeer in the desert southwest. it's not that unusual, even though we're not officially in summer, and the hottest temperature ever in phoenix was in june, 122 degrees yes, this is the first one takes our bodies a while to get used to this, but it's not all that shocking to the people in these areas and sunday is equally as hot and it slowly returns to what we call normal heat by monday and tuesday of next week. but if you're looking for relief, you get some in the southwest, but not in the middle of the country it's going to be hot, and it is going to be dry right through the middle to end of next week into next weekend. and i also want to update you, unfortunately in brevard county in florida, we got confirmation of a 12 and 14-year-old girl that were underneath a tree,
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were hit by lightning and have been rushed to the hospital. lightning is a huge danger, especially in the south with our daily thunderstorms, and we're going to continue to watch this storms we had bad flooding today in new orleans itself over your weekend, the record heat will be one of the big stories. watch out for the other danger factor we deal with, lightning >> bill karins, have a good weekend. thank you. pete arredondo speaks. the man in charge of keeping uvalde schools safe. the man whose decisions and actions are being called into question why did it take so long to respond? why couldn't police get in the room in his first extensive interview since the day 19 children and 2 teachers died, he gives some answers. plus, as far as some lawmakers are concerned, an outright ban on assault weapons is off the table so now one congressman from virginia is offering an alternate idea
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and tesla makes a big move that will dramatically change its stock price. ♪♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪♪ to be...unstoppable.
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that's why millions rely on the strength and financial guidance of prudential to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪♪ for more than two weeks, the school district police chief in uvalde, texas, refused to explain himself. but now he's breaking his silence about the robb elementary school massacre, and he's defending the hour-long delay in confronting the gunman as children were dying and trapped inside a clasroom with the killer, desperately calling 911 for help in an interview with the texas tribune newspaper, chief pete arredondo says the classroom door was impossible to kick down because it was sturdily built with a steel jam arredondo insists officers needed a key to get in arredondo told the texas tribune, he was not aware of 911 calls from the children inside the classroom because he didn't have his police radio with him
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and no one in the hallway relaid that information to him. arredondo told the newspaper he intentionally didn't bring his police and campus radios to robb elementary school and as a result, he could not communicate with responding officers by radio. the chief says he used his cell phone to call police dispatch to request a s.w.a.t. team, snipers, and tools to open that door state investigators say arredondo was the incident commander who was in charge of the police response and instructed officers to hold back but arredondo says he never considered himself to be the incident commander at all, and that he did not give orders to stand down in the tribune interview, he said he assumed that some other officer or official had taken control of the larger response so he took on the role of frontline responder. so to recap, the alleged incident commander said he didn't even know he was the incident commander during a rampage that slaughtered 19 children and 2 teachers. here's cnbc's perry russom
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>> the texas tribune reports uvalde school district police chief pete arredondo said he's proud of his response on may 24th according to the tribune, he says he believes the police saved lives, pointing to the sum 500 students who were safely evacuated. not a single responding officer ever hesitated even for a moment to put themselves at risk to save the children, arredondo said the chief answered the newspaper's questions in a phone interview and in statements through his lawyer the tribune reports arredondo spend more than an hour inside robb elementary. the gunman fires a burst of shots from inside the classroom. injuring police officers bullets went through the classroom door and wall, lodging in the adjacent wall in the hallway. the tribune reports arredondo told officers to start breaking windows outside other classrooms to evacuate students and teachers >> as of now, we're still working on this active investigation. >> arredondo faces criticism for not carrying a police radio as
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children inside called 911 miah carrillo covered herself in a class mate's blood and called for help >> i got the teacher's phone and called 911 >> what did you tell 911 >> i told her that we need help. and to send the police >> according to the tribune, arredondo left both his campus and police radios behind arredondo believed carrying the radios would slow him down one had a whip-like antenna that would hit him as he ran. the other had a clip that arredondo knew would cause it to fall off his tactical belt in a long run according to the tribune, he wanted both hands free to hold his gun. ready to aim and fire quickly and accurately if he encountered the gunman the tribune reports arredondo's lawyer said even if they had radios, they would have turned them off in the hallway to avoid giving away their location instead, they passed information in whispers for fear of drawing another round of gunfire if the shooter heard them
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according to the tribune, arredondo said no one in my profession wants to ever be in anything like this, but being raised here in uvalde, i was proud to be here when this happened the tribune spoke to the police expert and former assistant chief in missouri and asked him specifically about the chief deciding on purpose to leave his radios behind. he said i have never heard anything like that in my life. shep >> perry russom, thanks very much a ban on assault weapons is off the table, as a bipartisan group of senators tries to hash out a deal on new gun laws but democratic congressman has an interesting idea and it could pass the house and senate with no republican support. his proposal, a 1,000% tax on ar-15 style rifles meaning a $900 rifle would cost $9,000 after federal taxes are applied. cnbc's senior congressional correspondent ylan mui spoke to
12:17 am
the congressman. how would this work, ylan? >> well, shep, this is basically a ban by another name. this bill comes from representative don bier on virginia he's planning to introduce it early next week and he told me the goal to make these guns so expensive that no one would want to buy them. >> there's nothing magical about a 1,000%, it would be 500%, it would be 2,000%. we were looking for something significant enough to really restrict the purchases of the weapons. >> now, there is precedent for this washington has been taxing guns for more than a century, in 1934, congress imposed a $200 tax on short barrel rifles and assault weapons. there's also a 10% tax on pistols and revolvers. four years ago after the shootings in parkland, lawmakers proposed rating the rate to 20% for guns and 50% for bullets, but that went nowhere. then in 2020, some members tried again. this time slapping a 30% tax on
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firearms it was part of a broader gun control bill that also went nowhere, but byer believes he has a chance because this is a tax democrats could pass using a special process that only required 51 votes to get the bill across the finish line. translation, democrats could do it on their own. >> i think if we can get this done, it will be a sign of hope and progress that if we're discouraged that the other big bills we passed in the house don't move in the senate, at least we can point to some progress on assault weapons. >> history is not on his side, shep, but byer said his phone has been ringing off the hook because his colleagues are desperate to get something done. >> yeah, no doubt. thanks very much, ylan mui >> two crashes in two days the military aircraft going down, and in one case, with deadly results >> if the truth is out there, it's been hard to find
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now, nasa's getting involved the enhanced search for answers on ufos. plus, new video of some yet plus, new video of some yet to be explained sightings. ♪ ♪ ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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ufo news there have been unexplained sightings of flying objects in the sky for decades. the pentagon recently formed a new office to study ufo reports, and now, now it's nasa's turn. the space agency launching a new team to investigate who or what may be behind the unexplained sightings. here's gadi schwartz >> the effort to uncover the mystery behind the ufos is going to get serious help from space probes nasa announcing it will form a new and independent team to investigate unidentified aerial phenomenon, but instead of focusing on classified encounters with military jets, the agency plans to examine data they have already possibly captured and may even include
12:22 am
recordings taken by civilians. just last month, this video shot on an iphone in an air show in miami appears to show something shooting out of the water with people swimming nearby >> i saw it and was like, what in the -- no way >> nasa's investigation could include this video from utah in 2016 >> i don't think it's a bird, i don't think it's a bug i think it's exactly what a ufo stands for, unidentified flying object >> once the investigative team launches in the fall, they're hoping to cross reference things like video with other data like satellite images or observations made by the space agency >> this is what we do at nasa. this is not our first rodeo. we discover and explore many things in ways that frankly at the beginning look almost like a miracle and then as we go forward looks like something new we never would have guessed. >> it all comes just weeks after congress held its first public
12:23 am
ufo hearing in half a century. following hundreds of unexplainable sightings by the military in restricted air space. while most of those are expected to remain classified, including at least 11 near misses with military jets, more everyday americans baffled by what they have seen are now hoping nasa could soon provide more public answers. >> do you have enough data to say what these could be? >> at this moment in time, we do not have enough data to really conclude >> does that mean that it's not extraterrestrial life? >> i'm a scientist, and if somebody asked me is this extraterrestrial, at this moment in time, the simple answer is the right one, which is i don't know >> for the news, gadi schwartz >> a community of homes built just for renters the new business model in one state that could be a game changer for the whole market president trump lined up a whole new look for air force one. now, we know what's happening
12:24 am
instead. and he was a focal point of the first january 6th public hearing. today, president trump responds. his comments directed at some of his insiders, including his own daughter plus, what we're expecting the committee to deliver next, as we approach the bottom of the as we approach the bottom of the hourndheopf e wsn lemons, lemons, lemons. the world is so full of lemons. when you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those lemons, for less. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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logic, home prices in april were up more than 20% from a year ago. lots of people are priced out, so some are looking to rent a house instead, and developers are ready. there are now brand-new suburban communities designed just for renters. cnbc's diana olick has the story of how some big landlords are also becoming big builders >> it's moving day for stephanie and jake murphy. these millennials just sold their home in pricey california and moved here to mooresville just outside charlotte, north carolina >> we didn't have any family in california we have a 1-year-old daughter, and so we're getting closer to the grandparents >> and both jake and stephanie can now work remotely, as a dual income family, they can afford to buy here, but they chose to rent a four-bedroom home in a brand-new rental community the roughly $2400 a month for rent is much less than their last mortgage payment. >> we're just not sure if the housing prices will stay where
12:27 am
they are currently so we didn't want to buy at the peak. >> they also said they like the flexibility of renting as they learn about a new area and all that is what american homes for rent is banking on one of the largest single-family landlords in the country, it's now building its own communities. more than 100 in just the past five years, with 5,500 homes in 16 markets >> this generation of individuals has all their life events later in life they are getting married later, they're having their children later, and they're acquiring homes later. meaning there's a longer time period that they're renting. hence the need for more high quality rentals. >> with the housing market now both pricey and lean, big landlords as well as home builders like lenard and toll brothers are getting into the build for rent game. there were 13,000 new single family homes started as rentals in the first quarter of this year, a nearly 63% jump from the
12:28 am
same time last year. >> this country is undersupplied in rentals >> single family rentals grew dramatically after the great recession where millions of homes went into foreclosure and investors bought them. the supply is starting to come down but demand is still high american homes reports about 98% occupancy, as the pandemic reshuffling continues. >> i'm also excited because you look around the neighborhood and there's texas license plates and new york and then i saw vermont. we have california everybody is going to be new here >> while the rents here may be cheaper than some mortgage payments, rents nationwide for single family homes are up 13% from a year ago and still gaining. i asked jake and stephanie if home ownership is still their american dream she said yes he said no shep >> diana, thank you. tesla files for a 3 for 1 stock split. and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money
12:29 am
the company revealing its plans in an s.e.c. filing today. the stock split could be good news for smaller investors who have been priced out of tesla stock, but it also means some bigger institutions may try to get a piece of tesla as well the filing also revealed that board member larry ellison is not planning to go up for re-election. >> tiger woods officially a billionaire. forbes reports less than 10% of his earnings and net worth comes from golf winnings the bulk of it from endorsement deals with brands including rolex, nike, and gatorade. the only other athletes to reach billionaire status, michael jordan and lebron james. >> and amazon letting you try on shoes with just your phone they're calling it virtual try-on for shoes the app uses augmented reality to show you what the shoes would look like if you actually tried them on. you can even try on some of the same shoes in different colors with just a tap. and the app's not just for shoes
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either users can also try on t-shirts and glasses. >> today at the pump, gas prices hovering just below $5 a gallon. the average across the country today, $4.98 up more than 20 cents from a week ago almost $2 from a year ago. on wall street, the dow down 880. s&p down 117 the nasdaq down 414. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news >> bowing to pressure from the travel industry, the white house changes a key covid rule for entering the u.s why geico is shelling out millions to a woman who says she caught a little something extra from her ex-boyfriend inside his car. but first, new revelations and fallout from the january 6th committee's investigation. former president trump lashing out today after last night's
12:31 am
primetime hearing. it placed him at the center of a plot to overturn the 2020 election the former president doubling down on the big lie that the election was stolen. he called his former attorney general stupid and a coward. his own daughter ivanka distanced herself from the lie trump now says she was checked out, and he denied ever saying hang mike pence. tonight, we have new information about what the committee plans to do in the next set of hearings and who will be called upon to testify. the committee plans to build off the information we got last night. some of it new and in much richer detail than we had before on the claim that there was election fraud, multiple people told the president that it just wasn't true. including one of the president's own campaign lawyers he told white house chief of staff mark meadows that he wasn't finding anything sufficient to change the rules >> what was mr. meadows' reaction to that information
12:32 am
>> i believe the words he used were, so there's no there there? >> and in the deposition revealed last night, the president's own attorney general bill barr also made it clear this stuff was crazy stuff his assessment convinced ivanka. >> i made it clear i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff, which i told the president was [ bleep ]. i did that affect your perspective when attorney general barr made that statement? >> it affected my perspective. i respect attorney general barr so i accepted what he was saying >> republican congresswoman liz cheney also teased a critical aspect of the investigation. she indicated that they have evidence, evidence that shows the white house was well aware of the threat against the capitol. >> as you will see in our hearings, the white house was receiving specific reports in the days leading up to january
12:33 am
6th, including during president trump's ellipse rally, indicating that elements in the crowd were preparing for violence at the capitol. >> while the attack unfolded, the president did nothing to try to stop it, according to congresswoman cheney even as vice president pence, loyal to him for years, was in harm's way you e him here being moved away as the violent mob was nearing and chanting "hang mike pence. >> you will hear testimony that, quote, the president did not really want to put anything out calling off the riot or asking his supporters to leave. you will hear that president trump was yelling and, quote, really angry at advisers who told him he needed to be doing something more and aware of the rioters' chants to hang mike pence, the president responded with this sentiment, quote, maybe our supporters have the right idea
12:34 am
mike pence, quote, deserves it >> and it was the vice president himself who called for military help, not the president. that revelation made last night from a deposition the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley gave >> two or three calls with vice president pence. he was very animated, and he issued very explicit, very direct, unambiguous orders no question about that and i can get you the exact quotes, i guess, from some of our records somewhere, but he was very animated, very direct, very firm to secretary milley. get the secretary on it, get the guard on it, push down this situation, et cetera >> the president, the committee says, did not perpetuate the big lie alone. he had help. including from members of congress who after the 6th took
12:35 am
a step that only someone who thinks they may be charged with a crime would take >> representative perry contacted the white house in the weeks after january 6th to seek a presidential pardon. multiple other republican congressmen also sought presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election. >> congressman perry denies ever asking for a pardon. all of this part of what the committee calls mr. trump's seven-part plan to stay in power and resist the will of the people urmy ratings from nielsen indicate more than 19 million americans watched last night's hearing, about the same audience as a big sunday night football game, but far short of a presidential debate. nbc's scott wong covers capitol hill for us. scott, where does the committee take the hearings next >> well, chairman bennie thompson has said that the next six hearings or so will each have its own theme
12:36 am
so this was sort of this first hearing was sort of their opening statement. the next -- i'm sorry. >> i apologize for the interruption please continue. >> okay. the next hearing comes monday morning, which will focus on examining the lies that president trump and some of his allies perpetrated that the committee says led people to storm the capitol. one person who will be testifying is chris stier walt, a former fox news political editor who had come under fire from president trump when the fox team made the bold and correct decision to call arizona in the 2020 election for joe biden. he also has clashed with some of his former colleagues at fox news accusing them of parroting some of the lies and baseless claims that the election was stolen there's another hearing coming
12:37 am
down the pipe that is focused on the justice department the committee says they are going to offer evidence about trump's unsuccessful plan to oust the acting attorney general, jeffrey rosen, and replace him with a more sympathetic figure named jeffrey clark. nbc news has confirmed that rosen as well as two other former justice department officials will testify at that upcoming hearing later next week some other hearings i just want to briefly touch on will focus on president trump's pressure on mike pence, his own vice president, to overturn the election in the counting of the electoral ballots process. and finally, down the road, there is another hearing that will be focused on trump's pressure at the state level, specifically they're going to be
12:38 am
looking at trump's effort to apply pressure on people like brad raffensperger, the secretary of state in georgia. if you remember, he wanted raffensperger on a phone call to find 11,000 votes. and so each of these hearings will have their own theme with live testimony from many of these figures, shep, that we have heard and read about over the last 17 months >> scott wong, thanks very much. analysis now from renato mariotti what piece of information for you stood out most last night? >> i was very interested in liz cheney's statements about the letter that mr. clark drafted at the justice department to georgia officials that liz cheney said was false, and she also said that donald trump was behind and i think if that's actually the case, if they can actually prove that up, that in many ways
12:39 am
is a much more straightforward case to make and could carry some significant liability for the former president >> on witnesses, we're supposed to hear from some top officials in the justice department. in your estimation, how important will their testimony be >> i think it will be crucial because we heard a lot of stuff, for example, about what happened at the capitol, you know, and the actions of the proud boys and the oath keepers and so forth, but there's no -- i don't think there's at least evidence that we have been told about thus far that directly connects trump to, for example, coordinating their activities or working with others to do so, you know, in terms of being hands-on in that effort. but some of the actions that he was taking, whether it was with mr. raffensperger we heard a moment ago or this effort to direct the justice department to take actions to cloud the election, for example, they mentioned yesterday that he said, you know, just declare that there's these
12:40 am
irregularities and we'll take care of the rest that, i think, if they can prove that trump knew he was telling them to do something that was false, is much more straightforward and could carry significant liability. >> you know, it's one thing for the committee to call this a criminal conspiracy. but any charges would have to come from the department of justice. what would a.g. garland need to see and to consider before making that decision >> that's a great question because as i mentioned before, clearly what happened in the capitol, the storming of the capitol by these individuals who were seeking to interfere with and overturn the processes and overturn the election, clearly, that's something the justice department regards as criminal because they have charged seditious conspiracy but in order to tie donald trump to that criminally, you would need to prove he knew about the criminal activity and he helped to make it succeed in some way and that really is what we would
12:41 am
need to see that proof so in other words, was he on the phone with an intermediary who is coordinating the oath keepers and the proud boys is he giving them aid, doing something actively to help along their efforts trying to help them get into the capitol, helping to, you know, do something that would move their conspiracy forward i think that's what you would need >> renato, thanks very much. the next hearing, by the way, is monday morning, 10:00 eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. live coverage across the platforms of nbc news, and we'll have a full recap and analysis monday night here on the news. two u.s. military aircraft crashes in two days. both in the southern california desert just yesterday, the navy reports a seahawk helicopter crash in a routine training flight but everybody survived on wednesday, an osprey went
12:42 am
down during training near the mexico border. all five marines onboard killed. this as video of the osprey crash video about 150 miles east of san diego both crashes happened in imperial county and are both under investigation. pentagon officials have not said what may have caused the aircraft to go down. >> imagine needing a covid test to do just about everything, including leaving your home. it's a way of life in beijing, and it's getting a bit chaotic we go there live it's back to the track for belmont stakes, and while belmont stakes, and while is yr,s no triple crown at stake ♪ ♪ ♪
12:43 am
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international travel is about to be easier and less stressful. the white house dropping that covid testing requirement for everybody flying to the united
12:45 am
states a senior biden administration official tells nbc news it's set to expire on sunday. the requirement is one of the nation's last remaining travel restrictions been in taeffect sincian january of last year it requires all international travelers to show proof of a negative test taken a day before their flight the u.s. travel association, the president says today the announcement is, as he put it, another huge step forward for recovery of air travel but the administration official stresses they could bring the testing requirement back if a concerning new variant emerges the cdc is also requiring all non-u.s. citizens to be fully vaccinated before they fly to the united states. >> fewer covid restrictions here at home, but it's a different story in china officials in shanghai issuing new lockdown measures. they ordered more than half of the city's 25 million people to stay at home until tomorrow, as
12:46 am
the government conducts mass testing. it comes barely a week after shanghai started lifting restrictions but then yesterday, the city reported 11 new covid restrictions, 11 of them new york's averaging almost 3800 a day, but 11 is far too many for china and its zero covid policy beijing is also on high alert. officials there just ordered more businesses to close after they detected one small cluster of cases across china, covid testing is now a regular part of life, but it's causing challenges for a lot of people. in beijing, here eunice yoon >> this has become a morning ritual in china's big cities, standing in line for a covid test i'm out here every day, he says. the government hasn't mandated covid tests, but the authorities require a negative covid test less than 72 hours old to dine in a restaurant, stroll in a park, take the subway, or even get into your office
12:47 am
without a covid test, i couldn't work, she says but waiting for one can take a while. how long do you think it will take probably an hour, he replies plenty of time for morning calisthenics, a sneaky breakfast, a smoke, checking emails, or quality time with your dog not everyone thinks it's a good use of time or money if i want to go to the supermarket or hospital to buy medicine, i need to show this test, he vents the government pretends we have a choice in the matter, but we don't. so you're still in line? so far, 20 minutes, he says. it could be worse. you could be waiting in the wrong line a lady waited two hours in line for a covid test only to find out she was waiting for roasted chicken. she bought two but posted this video warning people to make sure they're in the right place. and the lines can get confusing.
12:48 am
that line is for a covid test. this one for breakfast pancakes. what was the final time on the clock? 30 minutes, not bad. now off to work, he says a constant testing appears to be the leadership's officeram to k the city's economy open, but it's unclear if authorities can stay the course. >> eunice yoon live in beijing >> iran has hijacked tens of millions of dollars worth of oil heading to the united states that news from current and former white house officials iranian forces seized this greek flagged oil tanker in the persian gulf last month. officials say it was traveling from iraq to texas this video shows iranian forces storming the oil tanker from a helicopter experts say the ship held tens of thousands of gallons of oil worth more than $100 million iran's leader says the country
12:49 am
confiscated the ship in retaliation for greece helping the united states. two months ago, greek officials seized this iranian flagged tanker with 19 russian crew members onboard. the u.s. then confiscated the oil cargo, but two days ago, a greek court reportedly ordered the u.s. to return it. >> air force one is not getting a facelift after all the white house scrapped former president trump's plan to give the presidential jet a new paint job. remember this? this is what former president trump wanted it to look like red, white, and navy blue. administration official tells the associated press that design would raise costs and delay the rollout of a new fleet boeing is updating two 747 800s to replace the older versions. for now, air force one will keep its iconic baby blue and white color scheme dating back to the kennedy era. >> with geico in 15 minutes you
12:50 am
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so a woman in missouri says she had unprotected sex five years ago with her then-boyfriend they did it in his car she says along the way, she got an std now, a court of appeals has ruled she should also get $5 million from geico the now ex-boyfriend's car insurer. according to a court document, she said her ex-boyfriend negligently caused or contributed to cause her to be infected with hpv, human papilloma virus. she argued her man's car insurance policy covers her injuries and losses.
12:53 am
geico turned down the original claim so she went to an arbitrator and a court both sided with her. geico lawyers appealed arguing they didn't have a chance to contest the claim, but the judge said they had ant opportunity and didn't take it in past documents, geico lawyers argued the vehicle's covered use did not cause the woman's alleged injuries instead, her injuries arose from an intervening cause, namely her failure to prevent transmission of stds by having unprotected sex. in a statement just yesterday, geico said a federal court will ultimately decide the case nbc news legal analyst danny cevallos is with us now. danny, how is this possible? >> well, it's more a story about an insurance company that sat on its hands and let a claim go forward, which insurance companies do quite a bit so initially, as you described, the plaintiff here submitted her
12:54 am
claim to geico geico disclaimed because they said not surprisingly this is not something that arises out of the use or operation of a motor vehicle as in our policy so we're out then, the plaintiff and the defendant, the insured, entered into an arbitration agreement and geico sat it out, and once the arbitrator awarded multi-million dollars they're trying to finalize the judgment and bring in geico geico is arguing, wait, we didn't have a chance to intervene. the court is saying yeah, you did. the plaintiff told you about the lawsuit and you said it's not our problem. you, geico, are on the hook. >> geico reps say they're fighting this in federal court what's their defense going to be >> they have asked a federal court to issue what's called declaratory judgment not surprisingly saying federal court, step in here and make some sense of this this isn't fair. and it's not within our policy this is not a covered event. so we shouldn't be liable for this activity or this infection
12:55 am
or these damages so that case is still pending, and then, of course, geico has to contend with this multi-million dollar judgment against it in the meantime, and hope the federal court gives it some relief. >> what are the consequences for insurers if geico loses and has to pay all this money? >> the message isn't so much that insurers nationwide need to worry about stds transmitted during car sex rather, the message to insurers is don't ignore a claim against you, and just insist it's not our problem, because the missouri statute in question allowed the parties to do this, to enter into arbitration and arguably bind geico, so the message to insurers is, don't ignore claims. even claims that you think are completely out there >> all right thanks so much, have a good weekend. >> britney spears clearly going to have a great weekend because she and her brand-new husband just got a restraining order
12:56 am
against her ex-husband cops arrested jason alexander on an outstanding felony warrant after he allegedly trespassed on the pop star's property on her wedding day. spears and sam asghari tied the knot just yesterday. alexander married spears back in 2004 in las vegas. that marriage lasted just 55 hours. and just hours before her wedding yesterday, it appears he livestreamed himself trespassin on her property. >> britney spears invited me she's my first wife, my only wife i'm her first husband. i'm here to crash the wedding. >> and that's when the live stream froze police say the video is now part of their investigation earlier it appeared to show alexander going into britney spears' house. the protective order documents state alexander was carrying a
12:57 am
knife. he's facing misdemeanor battery, vandalism, and trespassing charges. >> the 154th running of the belmont stakes set for tomorrow on nbc and streaming on peacock. the belmont is the third and final leg of the triple crown, of course. the triple crown isn't up for grabs this year, but the race still boasts a competitive eight-horse field. it includes two of the top six finishers from the preakness and three of the top six horses from the kentucky derby among them, the derby winner, rich strike. it's not the horse to beat this weekend, though. the favorite is this one, we the people it drew the rail position. right now, 2 to 1 odds to reach the winner's circle. coverage of the belmont stakes begins tomorrow, 3:00 eastern time, noon pacific, right here on cnbc. first in horse racing worldwide. and then it moves over to nbc at 5:00 eastern all of it streaming on peacock post time 6:49 p.m. eastern time
12:58 am
50 seconds left on a race to the finish the new inflation report out today and uglier than expected consumer prices jumped by 8.6% year over year in may. the biggest increase since 1981. more than 50 million people across the southwest are bracing for a dangerous and potentially deadly heat wave through the weekend. >> and a committee investigating the january 6th attack is set to hold its second public hearing on monday. they'll start or are planning to at 10:00 a.m. eastern time we'll have complete coverage that night on the news now you know the news of this friday, june 10th, 2022. i'm shepard smith. have a great weekend follow us on the gram and twitter at the news on cnbc. twitter at the news on cnbc. an
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