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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 15, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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" i was able to get a deal with daymond, of all people -- just so lucky. i couldn't have dreamt it any better. it's just absolutely wonderful. see you tomorrow the can the federal reserve fix that this is the news on cnbc >> call back to congress, they're doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down and cause ordinary families. steve liesman on the big interest rate decision ahead as the dow and s&p drop again. historic rain in yellowstone national park. roads turned to rivers entrance gates locked shut we're live on the damage and the
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cleanup ahead. primary election night in five states. trump-backed candidates challenged sitting republicans. >> his endorsement is here for me >> the early numbers as polls close. ukrainians told surrender or die. the fight for an eastern city after the russians destroy the last bridge standing. a hero highway patrol trooper returns to work after risking her life to save others. extreme heat emergency for tens of millions of americans. and the deadly drugs just a click away. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. good evening the cost of borrowing money is about to go up credit card interest mortgage rates personal loans will all go higher once the federal reserve acts tomorrow. the question is, how much higher the fed chair jay powell is set
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to announce another aggressive interest rate hike to beat back inflation. he signaled that the central bank would increase rates by another half a percent but cnbc's steve liesman reports fed officials are considering a three-quarter point hike, 75 basis points that would be the biggest increase since 1994. today the billionaire leon cooperman gave a grim warning. in an interview on cnbc's "squawk box" he said america's headed towards recession. >> i think the price of oil or the fed will push us into recession sometime next year it's too much to experience the recession this year but i think we'll have recession sometime in 2023. >> cooperman's comments come as a key inflation report out today shows another big inflation surge. according to the labor department, wholesale prices jump by 10.8% in may year over year that's an all-time high. the data is out days after the
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labor department reporting that the consumer price index in may had its biggest jump in 41 years. cnbc's kayla tausche on how the white house is responding but first cnbc's senior economics correspondent steve liesman. steve, you asked a question of chairman powell. >> you talked about using 50 basis point rate hikes or the possibility in coming meetings might there be something larger than 50, 75 percentage point possible >> he said no so explain why they're back on the table now, steve. >> a few reasons, shep pardon me. after powell said a larger rate hike wasn't being actively considered, he did go on to say, well, that was the case if the fed's forecast for the economy panned out including inflation flattening out that didn't happen and there's no sign of it easing there's a sign of higher inflation from the price surge in inflation, war in ukraine china has been under extended
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lockdown the factories are coming back online finally wage gauge caused by continuing shortage of labor and one more thing, the fed has a series of measures that it follows about how much inflation americans expect to happen and those are mostly trending up that raises the fear of more inflation down the road as people spend more now to avoid higher prices in the future. >> how's a 3/4 point rate hike going to affect american's spare a half point >> one quarter doesn't matter that much. it's more that the market thinks the extra bit the fed will do means a lot more rate hikes in the months ahead here's one more example. the market thought the fed was going to stop raising rates last summer at around 3 persz percent. now the market expects to reach 4% a whole extra percentage point that means consumer credit rates will be higher here's the context
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the fed fund rate has not been 4% in 14 years so the story here is this. whether the fed's aggressive plan to raise rates will plunge the economy into recession and that, of course, shep is going to matter a whole lot to americans. >> i bet it will steve liesman. thanks very much. inflation is sapping the strength of our families that from president biden and union supporters in philadelphia he reassured them that tackling inflation remains a top priority for the administration the president again blamed rising gas prices on the russian invasion of ukraine. >> i'm doing everything in my power to blunt putin's gas price hike just since he invaded ukraine it's gone up $1.74 a gallon because of nothing else but that so i have a plan to bring down the cost of gas and food. >> the president continues to
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insist that the economy is headed in the right direction, but he says republican senators are disrupting his economic agenda for more on that, cnbc's senior white house correspondent kayla tausche. kayla? >> reporter: president biden's w speech to workers is inflation is the fly in the ointment prices are still too high. as democrats try to secure party line support for a slimmed down social and climate package, mr. biden again pointed the finger across the aisle. >> the problem is, republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families that's why my plan is not finished and why the results aren't finished either. >> reporter: today biden made no mention of the fed keeping distance from the central bank trying to rest control of inflation through interest rates. experts say that hands-off
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approach can be a double-edged sword. >> this works when the fed enjoys strong growth and low inflation and this can come back to be a political problem if inflation exists and the fed is unable to fix the problem. >> voters are already war weary. polls show americans wanting the white house to limit economic fallout here at home rather than punish vladimir putin even more. that's a reversal of opinion from earlier in the year today the oil and gas industry wrote the president with ten policies that could bring energy to the market like allowing drilling on federal lands and removing regulations for certain refiners nearly all of the items the white house has previously opposed. shep >> the president is set to travel to saudi arabia for the first time since taking office >> reporter: it's the final stop on a middle east tour the white house just announced it's not only about oil though it's hard to overstate the importance the oil rich kingdom
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states in setting global crisis. they have begun shifting its rhetoric calling it a strategic partner after calling it a pariah state. >> and after mbs killed jamal ka showing gi. the january 6th committee has postponed the public hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning that hearing was set to focus on former president trump's failed plan to replace his acting attorney general jeffrey rosen with a justice department lawyer who was more supportive of his election lies. the committee blaming the postponement on technical issues and the overwhelming demand on its staff to edit videos for the hearings that's what they told us thursday's hearing is still a go the committee's vice chair, liz cheney, says it will focus on former president trump's pressure campaign on vice president pence as he pushed him to block the certification of biden's victory on january 6th evacuation efforts still
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underway after historic flooding ripped apart roads and destroyed bridges in the yellowstone region the park stretches across parts of wyoming, montana and idaho. here you can see a home collapsing into a raging river flood waters eating away at the river bank and sparking catastrophic mudslides no word on the number of homes ruined emergency crews rescuing people with helicopters and boats part of the yellowstone river reached levels never before seen 2 1/2 feet higher than the previous record. that's from the national weather service. a combination of heavy rain and melting snow added as much as 9 extra inches of water to rivers and streams already flooding in the area local officials say the extreme flooding knocked out power across parts of the region the lights are mostly back on now but some communities still don't have access to safe drinking water
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yellowstone park is attracting people all over the world. it's massive now it's closed indefinitely, cnbc's valerie castro is live in livingston, montana. >> reporter: shep, no rain but you can tell we're dealing with strong winds behind me is one of the homes that flooded in livingston you can see the front yard is still completely full of water as i walk this way, there is even more water and it's saturated. here in living ton we evacuate the local hospital and it's still under several feet of water. there are some areas where the water has started to recede and that is where the cleanup has begun. earlier today we spoke to a man jeff who lives in town his 4-year-old goes to a montessori school and last night they knew that was going to be in the flood zone. when he went there, he saw several inches of water.
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he spent today cleaning out the building the teacher who runs the plea school will likely need a lot of resources and help most of the school supplies like books couldn't be saved. describe what it looks like at its worse. >> last night and through the night when it peaked it was as high as those windowsills probably, a little bit below. this was all flooded out toys and stuff floating around and mud and flowing water bubbling out of the ground just because of the water pressure. it's like springs popping up almo bunch of overflow. >> reporter: and inside was it just floating kids book? >> no, luckily we have a good community and people were stacking furniture up early because we knew it was coming. way up river, gardner, yellowstone gate and all of that stuff, we knew it was coming only a matter of time before it reached here get stacking, sand bags. i was loading and loading and loading 1 to 11 p.m. with sangd
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bags, came here with 5 to six truckloads and stacking 50 pound bags one after another >> have you ever experienced anything like this before? >> not here in montana you know, like the mountains, they can be extreme, but this is a different kind of extreme. it's like a climate kind of out of whack kind of extreme, you know >> reporter: as for yellowstone park, they've evacuated 10,000 visitors there's still a small group of backpackers. this might not be over yet there could be more rain in the coming days. >> valerie castro live in livingston, montana. ukraine's president zelenskyy says his troops are fighting for what he calls literally every meter. the battle for eastern ukraine raging as trapped civilians search for a way out. in my heart i knew i was going to fight to get back. >> back on duty.
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♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ ask your doctor if latuda you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. surrender or die that's the chilling ultimatum that we're told pro russian rebels are giving ukrainian city the last standing bridge destroyed. the local ukrainian governor says russia now controls 70% of the city
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this is video of the intense street battles capturing the city would be a major strategic victory for vladimir putin as he tries to control the donbas region and turn the tide of the war molly hunter reports from ukraine. >> reporter: evacuations here only happen at one speed quickly, this ukrainian soldier says three people, no, four hurry up, he says, moving any slower and it's fatal. russia is now gaining more and more ground in the east. today the last bridge out of se severdonetsk blown up. before the war russian backed separatists controlled crimea in the donbas region. today russia controls a vast area of eastern and ukraine. taking complete control of the donbas has become russian
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presid president's goal president zelenskyy recently said russia has seized 20% of the country but not sievierdonetsk he was screaming, she says his leg was bleeding badly over the next 24 hours under intense shelling she saved his life getting him out in a wh wheel wheelbarrow, then in the trunk of a car and making it to ukrainian territory and today his leg was amputated. right now she says we live day by day we hope. i don't know how i'm going to keep on living tonight president zelenskyy making an urgent key ukraine can't turn the tide without western weapons and help. a florida state trooper crashed head on with a drunk driver tony shucks said she's had a
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bumpy road to recovery but she's ready to get back in the field three months after her crash florida highway patrol residential released the video after it happened. officers muted the audio until the collision. troopers had blocked the highway south of tampa thousands of runners were using it for a 10-k road race. the driver blew through the barricades they're crediting trooper shuck by putting her own life on the line today she said she'd do it all again. >> i'm glad it was me. i'm glad that nobody else got hurt and, you know, it's my job and i felt i did what i had to do. >> here's what her suv looked like after the crash the arrest report showed the driver had a blood alcohol level. two weeks ago the judge found that driver incompetent to stand
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trial. most americans say transgender women should not be allowed to compete in women's sports that's according to a new poll from the washington post and the university of maryland the poll found 55% of americans say they allow trans athletes to compete against women at the high school level. a slightly higher level oppose it for college and professional sports about three in ten americans say trans women should be allowed to compete at each of those levels. according to the national conference of state legislatures and the human rights campaign, 19 states, the ones here in purple, have laws or statewide rules that ban or restrict transgender women and girls from playing women's sports. the senate's bipartisan gun support legislation getting high powered support but it comes with a catch plus, mosh from am.mber plus, mosh from am.mber heard's intervw.
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amber heard said she stands by every word of her testimony, from her defamation trial with ex-husband johnny depp that from her interview with "today" show's savannah guthrie. she told savannah she believes depp's lawyers did a better job at distracting the jury from the real issues, but amber heard said she understands why people would have no sympathy for either depp or her. >> i would not blame the average person from looking at this and how it's been covered and not think that it is hollywood brobrat at their worse, but what people don't understand is it's sexually so much bigger than that this is -- this is not only about our first amendment right to speak. >> but here's the thing about the first amendment. the first amendment protects free speech. it doesn't protect lies that amount to defamation and that was the issue in the case.
12:22 am
>> yes, exactly. you can't go into -- free speech does not protect you if you go into a crowded theater and you scream fire. you get the concept of free speech from the greeks my understanding of what that means is not just the freedom to speak, it's a freedom to speak truth to power. >> truth is the word. >> yes. >> that was the issue. >> and that's all i spoke and i spoke it to power and i paid the price. >> the greeks made it in there amber heard told savannah guthrie said her relationship with depp was toxic and that she still has a lot of regrets. >> we were awful to each other you know, i made a lot of -- a lot of mistakes, a lot of mistakes, but i've always told the truth. >> nearly two weeks ago a jury found amber defamed johnny depp when she wrote an opinion piece. in it she described herself as a
12:23 am
victim of violence she told todd they plan to appeal the verdict the rest of the exclusive interview tomorrow morning on "today" on nbc the death of a missouri teenager who fell out of an orlando amusement park ride was an accident, that according to the autopsy report from the orange county medical examiner's office 14-year-old tyrei sampson died nearly 3 months ago when he fell out of a 430 foot ride called the free fall at icon amusement park the autopsy described he died from blunt force trauma. he was nearly 100 pounds higher than the ride limit. he was 6 feet tall and weight 383 and the maximum weight 285 they are suing the ride's owner, manufacturer and landlord. they claimed no employees warned
12:24 am
tyrei about the weight and height restrictions. in a statement the lawyers for the ride's owner wrote the loss of tyre sampson was a tragic accident we are devoted to working with our lawmakers in making lasting safety changes across the a muksment park industry. temperatures heating to the extreme across much of the country. concerns about whether the power grid will hold up as people search for a little relief american airlines wants to end the pilot shortage by throwing lots of money at it. plus, voters at the polls in five states. the test of a former president's influence and the inflakt inflation could have on the balance of power as we approach the bottom of the hour and the the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy u level up u won't take a time-out one dose of ubrelvy works fast it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours without worrying if it's too late or where you are
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what do you want to be remembered for? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. at pnc private bank, we'll help you take care of the how. so tell us - what's your why? ♪♪ oh, nelly, it's going to get hot. massive heat wave. dangerously high temperatures today for more than 100 million of us across a dozen states. high 90s and triple digits in cincinnati and charlotte it felt like 109. here's what the forecast looks like tomorrow, high 90s all around with heat indices up to 106 in some places in chicago, 98 degrees today just 1 degree shy of the record set 35 years ago local officials opening cooling
12:27 am
centers across the city and urging people, stay inside in chicago, here's cnbc's perry russom >> reporter: in the chicago suburbs. >> hot, man. >> reporter: the sound of desperation. severe storms knocking out power to thousands ahead of a day where temperatures creeped towards triple digits. >> the forecasted heat index values are expected to be 106 to 110 degrees. >> reporter: gina has no power at her house. >> we're trying to leave to go to the pool but after that i don't know where we're going to go >> reporter: her neighbor is hiding in the shade of a tree. >> hot, irritated, frustrated. >> reporter: across the country, dangerous heat in pittsburgh, public schools have half days for the next two days as some classrooms have no air conditioning in odessa, texas, 165,000 people are in danger of having no water for days a water main line failure is being blamed
12:28 am
temperatures are touching the upper 90s. in mashville, people are being asked to cut down on energy usage during the afternoon to avoid overloading the pow er grid the wave of heat comes as energy prices spike by 34% in the last year they report the average american household will pay $540 in electric bills between june and august up $90 from last year. >> i think one of the concerns is that fluctuation here isn't over a few months. the fluctuations are going up and up right now they show no sign of coming down. >> reporter: mark wolf says the price of energy is going to continue to rise into winter we have a two-day excessive heat warning here in chicago. 95 degrees tomorrow then a brisk 89 on thursday, shep >> perry russom. nose and teeth over his shoulder perry, thanks. the barbarian enters the gate and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money.
12:29 am
elon musk set to address twitter employees at a virtual town hall on thursday. a twitter spokesperson confirming the meeting musk set to take questions from twitter's staff for the first time since he reached the deal to buy the social media platform this comes a week after twitter offered musk access. two regional carriers that american airlines owns will raise pilot pay by 50% that from officials at piedmont and envoy. it will last two years forcing airlines to up the ante. apple kicking its way to professional soccer. the deal, a ten-year broadcast right on the streaming service for all major league soccer matches. reportedly worth 250 mil a year. apple tv+ started airing major league baseball games on friday night this season. finally, netflix hit su
12:30 am
survival drama "squid game" set to become a reality series 456 players are set to compete in a series of games based on the dystopian korean show. a record-setting $4.5 million cash prize today at the pump the national average for regular gas $5.01 and change prices have set a record every day this month gas up 10 cents over the past week up $1.93 over the last year. on wall street, the dow down 152. fifth straight negative session. s&p down 14, five straight declines and nasdaq up 19. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news the bipartisan deal on new gun laws clears another hurdle
12:31 am
what minority leader mitch mcconnell is now saying about the agreement. crypto meltdown. the currency plummeting. now companies laying off workers. cnbc's kate rooney on the fallout. but first, voters in five states head to the polls. >> four of them holding primaries that will eventually determine which party controls congress plus, a tight special election in texas for congressional seat. the polls have already closed in south carolina we're watching two major races there. two republican incumbents who ripped into former president trump after the january 6th insurrection both fighting to hold on to their seats first there's congresswoman nancy mace facing off against trump backed katie arrington after january 6th mace said it wiped out all gains but she later voted against forming the january 6th committee and for kicking republican congresswoman liz cheney out of her leadership
12:32 am
position also in south carolina congressman tom rice challenged by trump backed russell fry. a recent poll showed rice trailing fry by double digits. in nevada, more tests for the former governor's challenge. trump and his allies supporting state's former attorney general adam laxalt. he's a fierce trump supporter. laxalt faces retired army captain sam brown. whoever wins the primary will likely take on the sitting democratic senator, katheryn cortez masto it's going to be the most competitive in november. dave wasserman is with us. dave, thanks so much polls just closed in south carolina what are you watching there? >> yeah. these south carolina primaries
12:33 am
are real mud fights. we have nancy mace in the first district who is being challenged by a trump endorsed candidate katie aring ton who lost in 2018 nancy mace has tried to disqualify her opponent for a security breach while she was working at the defense department and she might be able to survive trump's attacks on her. tom rice, he voted for impeachment could go down in his primary to trump's endorsed candidate russell fry. rice has tried to change the subject and make it more about fry's statement and his record on taxes in the legislature, but i'm not sure that republican voters will forgive rice forecasting his vote to impeach trump. >> david, the former president heavily involved in nevada's races. what's at stake there for him? >> well, catherine cortez masto
12:34 am
might be the single most vulnerable adam laxalt looks like the favorite trump and mitch mcconnell agree. they've both gotten behind laxalt they hope their gains with hispanic voters will turn nevada red. polls show democrats are losing on inflation, losing on the state of the economy what's your latest projection on how many house seats republicans may pick up? >> we think they could gain between 25 and 35 house seats. that doesn't sound like a lot when you think republicans gained 63 in 2010 last time they took back control of the house, but keep in mind they're starting from a higher floor they're already at 213 seats at 435 after picking up a dozen in 2020 and they have a lower ceiling because redistricting quite frankly has reduced the number of competitive districts and so
12:35 am
it's harder to hit those extraordinary gains that parties have done in the past. >> david wasserman from the cook political report thank you. primary season is in full swing obviously. some election officials say they're facing a problem they don't have enough paper supply chain issues are making it difficult to get the materials they need in time. without them, they say, they'll have trouble issuing printing ballots -- issuing or printing ballots. easier to say to print but not today. here's ylan mui. >> reporter: american democracy is rooted in life, liberty and the pursuit of paper >> paper has been a key part of an election. >> reporter: there are the ballots but that's the beginning. >> reporter: a lot of it is precinct guide where can you drop your ballot off. then voter reblg administration information. people who have moved to a new state want to get a voter
12:36 am
registration card. all of those things require paper today. >> reporter: run back elections in phoenix prints materials for elections across 23 states and the district of columbia it can use up to 60 rolls of paper a day each one weighing 1,000 pounds getting that paper has become a huge problem with mills stuck in supply chain bottlenecks prices up nearly 40% compared to last year. deliveries are often delayed congress is warning the paper jam could undermine american's most basic right >> i think what we can do best to avoid any worst case scenario is to make sure that no one waits too long to order their ballots because the worst case scenario would be you have a polling place that doesn't allow individuals to vote on election day. >> reporter: already texas had to limit the number of voter registration forms it hands out because of the paper shortage. in louisiana officials have to start the hunt months in advantages. >> they called every paper mill in north america, not just the
12:37 am
united states but north america. so my concern was if louisiana is having a difficult time to meet the needs of our state, which doesn't have a lot of usage of paper ballots, then what may other states be experiencing as well. >> reporter: now louisiana's secretary of state is calling on the biden administration to invoke the defense production act to ensure u.s. paper mills can meet demand. >> do we really want to create a supply chain issue or a ballot issue if we can't get the supplies we need we're digging a hole for ourselves and questioning the election even before we get there. >> reporter: the big deadline is around labor day, shep that's when they need to have the paper so they can start printing for the november elec elections. right now they have just enough for what's planned, very little wiggle room if something goes wrong. >> ylan, thanks very much. another crypto exchange is
12:38 am
feeling the pain from the collapse of digital currencies coinbase announcing it's laying off more than 1,000 employees, almost 1/5 of its workforce. in a memo the ceo wrote in part, we appear to be entering a recession after a ten-year plus economic boom. a recession could lead to another crypto winter and could last for an extended period. he added that the company's employee costs are too high to effectively manage this uncertain market cnbc's kate rooney covers crypto for us. more layoffs amid this crash, kate >> reporter: shep, that's right. the backdrop is bitcoin. the largest and original cryptocurrency has seen a dramatic drop. its price has been cut in half and that is spilling over to coinbase a recession is not great gemini, blockfi all companies
12:39 am
trimming their workfor tightening their belts and preserving the storm to weather the storm that's coming. fears of recession and things like higher interest rates industry specific news including a crypto company called celsius freezing customer's ability to withdraw money that has been shaking investor confidence there are some diehards that believe in the long-term potential. >> bitcoin will lead the markets back out of this fed hike. the moment the fed flinches, the moment powell pauses because the economy is really starting to roll over, they're going to see bitcoin explode more >> reporter: and, shep, some investors are now just searching for a bottom and they see this as an opportunity to buy at discounted prices. >> crypto has been volatile. now there are celebrity endorsements how are they doing now >> reporter: shep, it depends
12:40 am
when they got in for the most part, not good. el salvador is the first country that started buying bitcoin. it started in september when bitcoin was worth $20,000 more per coin it was the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender meaning they have to adopt the digital currency as president they have doubled down on the bitcoin. as the market crashes he announces an additional bitcoin purchase bringing the total to more than 2,300 bitcoin according to data from bloomberg. it's not just countries. kim kardashian, employed may weather are being involved in alleged crypto scams you have matt damon. the brave commercial that came out in late october. it was ahead of bitcoin's all-time high. if you saw that commercial you went out and bought bitcoin. say you bought $1,000.
12:41 am
during that week you now have about 380 bucks in your wallet, a 62% drop. >> ouch. kate rooney, thank you. meta's making some changes new features being rolled out on insta and the headset designed to give parents more control. when the u.s. military packed up and left afghanistan, people so desperate to leave clung to the wings of a plane as it took off. it took off. now the u. in the future we'll travel to incredible places with the help of magical technology. but what about today? ♪♪ i can't wait for what tomorrow will bring, but in the meantime, let's enjoy the ride... ♪♪ ♪♪ making friends again, billy? i like to keep my enemies close. guys, excuse me. i didn't quite get that. i'm hard of hearing. ♪♪ oh hey, don't forget about the tense music too.
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new optimism for the bipartisan gun bill. mcconnell voicing what appears to be support for the agreement, support with a caveat. >> i'm comfortable and if the legislation ends up reflecting what the framework indicates, i'll be supportive.
12:44 am
>> see, the framework is this. the bill would provide money to help states create and implement red flag laws. enhance the process for buyers from 18 to 21 and provide mental health investment. it's far from a done deal. there's no legislation drafted at all and the details, which can make or break anything, still need to be worked out. at last, senate majority leader chuck schumer said he hopes to hold a vote before the senate leaves for recess next friday, just ten days from today. in the middle of a devastating war, high school students in ukraine and chicago have struck up a friendship. but the american teenagers have become really more than just friends. a sort of life line of hope and support during months of despair. here's nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: it's a song of joy, the promise of a new day in a placewhere there's very little right now.
12:45 am
>> it is great war is awful >> reporter: life is air ride sirens and rushing to an underground bomb shelter a trip that reminds them of the realities of war. >> i don't want to lose my family, to lose my friends it's really, really sad. >> reporter: a sadness that for some can be overwhelming >> i know there's a kid out there. children are dying. >> half the world away feels of emotion and concern. the students met online two days before russian troops invaded ukraine. as things intensified, they continued to stay in touch as best they could. >> that was like something that
12:46 am
moved us forward, that gave us motivation to continue to work with them and to live. >> reporter: while their final chat of the year was delayed by more than an hour in that bunker -- >> it's really upsetting we can't do anything we literally have to wait here. >> reporter: even the threat of a missile attack couldn't keep them apart >> oh, my gosh hello. can you hear snus. >> yeah. >> reporter: teenagers sharing words of support and appreciation. >> they are a true friend. >> reporter: both classes learning lessons not found in any textbook >> it's been, you know, a life-changing experience i think for all of us. >> can you hear me >> reporter: shaped by the dedication and resilience of those whose lives are just beginning. >> they are our future. >> reporter: a future that despite the circumstances is filled with hope, which is why -- >> guys, you're the best we love you!
12:47 am
>> reporter: they continue to sing for the news, i'm jay gray. >> well, brittney griner's jail time extended. a russian court is keeping the wnba star locked up for 18 more days at least according to russian state media brittney griner is now expected to remain in custody until at least july 2nd. she's been locked up since mid february members of griner's team the phoenix mercury met with the state department diana tour ras si said in part we are here to do whatever we can to keep bg at the forefront, which is more important than any basketball game and anything else that's going on in our lives. we want brittney griner to come home as soon as possible last month the state department reclassified griner as wrongfully de25i7bd. russian cops arrested her. they said they found hash oil
12:48 am
vape cartridges in her luggage today marks 117 days of detainment in russia if convicted on drug smuggling charges, she could face up to 10 years in a russian prison. it was one of the most dramatic and gut wrenching scenes who can forget this? desperate afghans clinging to u.s. air force cargo plane last august as it took off from kabul. some plunged to their deaths now after reviews of that incident, the military has cleared the plane's crew of any wrongdoing an air force spokesman said the inquiry found crew members acted appropriately and exercised sound judgment in their decision to quickly get airborne as quickly as possible when thousands of afghans overran that airport we're told the crew found body parts of stowaways in the landing gear wheel wells the air force is calling it a tragic event but insisting the
12:49 am
crew was in compliance with applicable rules of engagement a new jersey jewelry store stormed by people with guns and hammers. the latest smash and grab robbery and the action all nearby owners say they're ready to demand. what do the emojis blow fish, plug and tree have in common they are all drugs social media taking the drug deal high tech deal high tech how kids are gti
12:50 am
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dramatic new video of the smash and grab robbery in a jewelry store in central new jersey look at this according to local reporting thieves made you have with more than a million dollars in
12:52 am
jewelry in just 60 seconds cops say the group ran in just before closing time, run of the robbers appears to pull a gun on an employee. you can see another thief push a worker to the ground there, then smash the glass containers with a hammer cops say they emptied all the cases. investigators still searching for the suspects. meta is giving parents more control over their kids instagram habits and virtual reality headsets the companies released a statement today, saying it rolled out knew futures today in the united states and will release them soon in other countries. meta's faced intense scrutiny after leaked studies showed instagram has toxic effects on younger users. according to the statement, parents can now set specific times during the day or the week to limit their teenagers scrolling on instagram the company reports it is always launching new nudges that will encourage teens to switch to a new topic if they're constantly looking at the same kind of posts. the new features on the quest
12:53 am
virtual reality headset, parents will be able to approve or deny age-restricted ed app purchases downloads. and they can opt for notifications and can track screen time and friends lists on the app. the fentanyl crisis across america is intensifying. dealerers targeting teenagers on social media in many cases, they don't even have to type a single word according to the d.e.a., dealers have their own language using emojis that can act as code words for drugs, potency and batch size in some cases, the illegal content is surrounded by regular ads for big companies. here's nbc's kate snow >> reporter: more americans died of an overdose last year than at any time in history. the biden administration calls it an epidemic 66% of those deaths involved fentanyl, and it's not hard to find where was your daughter getting drugs? >> so, often, she used social
12:54 am
media apps to find dealers so, she could pretty much find someone no matter where she was with her phone she had constant access. >> you realize just how easy it was for her to have drugs delivered, basically, to our door . >> reporter: how easy was it >> it happened like calling an yu uber >> becca tdied in 2020 becca loved her guitar and visiting presidential libraries with her dad she planned to attend the university of richmond >> you just keep wishing you could turn back the clock and i know you can't >> reporter: becca's parents say she used various social media channels to reach dealers and buy drugs. they shared some of her direct message conversations on snapchat i'm tweaking, becca wrote in july 2020, need some stronger mgs. referring to milligrams.
12:55 am
a dealer offers oxy 15s. we wanted to better understand what people like becca seeking drugs can find using social media. so, we met up with eric feinberg, vice president of content moderation at the nonprofit coalition for a safer web. this is your feed, right >> this is my instagram feed >> reporter: five years ago, he created an instagram account that follows drug dealers and other unsavory activity. >> my profile photo is a mannequin. >> reporter: he says dealers are very easy to find once you know what terms and emojis to look for. a plug emoji means a dealer can connect you with the drugs you're looking for your news feed as you're scrolling is drug after drug picture. he exchanges direct messages with people that are obviously looking to sell. >> hello, if you are interested purchasing drugs without prescription, add me on snapchat >> reporter: this is somebody else you're following. there's a picture of drugs
12:56 am
what's below it? >> peloton sponsored. >> reporter: in his feed, above or below posts about drugs, there are ads. >> more drugs, more drugs, more drugs. a watch. >> reporter: and these are major brands this is somebody who's trying to sell you weed, marijuana, what's right below that >> disney plus, "cheaper by the dozen. >> reporter: a tv show for kids. >> yeah. >> reporter: ads for pizza and fast food. even a trail er for a movie produced by our parent company nbc universal. advertisers know a lot about him. ad buyers purchase space on instagram in bulk and target particular audiences feinberg is seeing adds for products the advertisers think he might be interested in. separate and apart from the drug content he's following do you think most advertisers know that their ads might be running around content that's
12:57 am
advertising fentanyl pills >> there's always risk there's no perfect filter. >> reporter: andrew sussman is ceo of the institute for advertising ethics, a group pushing for more self-regulation from advertisers using social media to reach customers >> i believe that it will require more human active moderation >> reporter: that doesn't exist right now. >> not now they've outsourced the editorial function to machines >> reporter: to becca's family, any drug content seen with ads criminalizes the behavior and those illegal drug sales have consequences >> our daughter is the consequence. and how many more beccas, you know, are there before those in control take responsibility for this >> reporter: for the news, i'm kate snow. 55 seconds left on our race to the finish. the cost of borrowing going up the felt chair jay powell set to
12:58 am
announce another interest rate hike tomorrow. voters heading to the polls in five states today primaries in maine, south carolina, north dakota and nevada, plus a tight special election in texas for a congressional seat polls have already closed in south carolina they're about to close in maine. and the january 6th committee has postponed until next week its hearing scheduled for tomorrow but the hearing for thursday is still a go and now, you know the news of this tuesday, june 14th, 2022. follow us on instagram and twitter and listen to the news podcast on apple, spotify or your favorite podcast platform for all of us here, thanks for checking in. we hope to see you back tomorrow we hope to see you back tomorrow night for "the news" on cnbc people with uc achieve and maintain remission. and it's the first and only s1p receptor modulator approved for uc.
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