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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 17, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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and then that's real satisfaction-- real satisfaction.
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>> the dow dives again. >> you wipe away all the 2021 gains. >> markets plummet as recession fears deepened. >> elon musk meets with twitter employees. what he said about the company and about aliens. kevin spacey in court after for sexual assault charges against him. and his truck in, the solo drifter shares her plans to reinvent her narrative. the facts, the truth. vice president mike pence
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made it perfectly clear to president trump that he would not and could not legally overturn the election to keep him in power. when pence refused to obey him on january 6, president trump unleashed a violent mob on them at the capitol . that was the case that the january 6th committee laid out at its public hearing today. for the first time weird testimony about a heated phone call that president trump had with his bp on the morning of the deadly right. it was one last attempt to pressure mike pence to do what trump wanted. >> the conversation was pretty heated. >> did you hear any part of the phone call? >> i did, yes. >> what did you hear? >> i had a note. i remember hearing the word wimp. i don't remember if he said you are a wimp. wimp is a word i remember.
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>> is this recorded? you don't have the courtesy to make a hard decision? >> i think it was something like that. >> like you're not tough enough to make the call. >> is a different tone i heard him take. >> he said i made the wrong decision four or five years ago. >> the word that the president called the vice president, i apologize for being impolite. do you remember what she said? >> the p-word. >> president trump headed to his stop the still rally and urge that massive crowd of supporters to march on the capitol were mike pence was preparing to certify joe biden's victory. >> mike pence, i hope you stand
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up for the good of our constitution and for the good of our country. if you're not, i will be very disappointed in you, i'll tell you right now. >> i'm hearing reports pence caped. if pence caved, we will [bleep] through the streets. >> the hope is there such a show force that pence will decide to do the right thing. >> bring out pence! bring out pence! >> mike pence has betrayed the united states of america! >> mike pence has betrayed the president and he has betrayed the people of the united states. and, will never, ever forget! >> it is real simple. pence betrayed us. apparently,
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everybody knew he was going to. and the president mentioned it like five times when he talked. you can go back and watch the president's video. when the writers preach the capitol and secret service rushed mike pence into an office, president trump sent out this tweet telling his followers mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and constitution. here's what president trump's own white as deputy press secretary testified to the committee about that tweet. >> when that mike pence tweed was sent out, i remember a saying that was the last thing the president needed tweet at that moment. the situation was already bad. it felt like he was pouring gasoline on the fire. >> the january 6th committee revealed the writers came to
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within just 40 feet of the vice president. secret service agents rushed into a secure underground location. >> writers breached their crypt. >> the secret service can control the situation. >> at 2,:26 p.m., secret service rushed vice president pence down the stairs. >> he went to the secure location? >> upon arriving, there was further discussion if we are going to leave the capitol complex or stay where we were. >> vice president pence and his team are led to a secure location where they stayed for the next 4 1/2 hours. barely missing writers a few feet away. >> an informant told the fbi that the far right group their proud always quoting now would've killed mike pence had they got their hands on them during that right. the generous six committee
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released never before seen photos of mr. pence. these photos hiding in that underground location. the vice president general counsel greg jacob was with them. he testified that mike pence refused to leave that spot and instead stayed bunkered to finish his duty once the riders left. >> the vice president did not want to take any chance that the world would see the vice president of the united states fling the united states capitol. he was determined that we will complete the work that we had set out to do that day. it was in his constitutional duty to see it through and that the writers who had breached the capitol would not have the satisfaction of disrupting the proceedings be on the day on which they were supposed to be completed. >> the vice president did not testify but much of today's testimony surrounded john
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eastman. he's a conservative lawyer who is the architect of trump's dubious legal theory that the vice president of the united states had the power to block the count of electoral votes and decide who won the election. president trump's own white house attorney eric herschmann testify he confronted easement and told him his legal theory was crazy. >> you are saying that you believe the vice president, acting as president of the senate, can be the sole decision-maker who becomes the next president of the united states? and, you said yes. >> i said are you out of your -ing mind? that was pretty blunt. you are completely crazy. you will turn around and tell 78+ million people in this country that your theory, this is how you will invalidate your votes because you think the election was stolen?
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they will not tolerate that. you will cause rights in the streets. and he said words to the effect there has been violence in the history of our country to protect the democracy or protect to the republic. >> mike pence's general counsel testified that the vice president realized that it would be wrong and unconstitutional to do what president trump wanted him to do. >> the vice president's first instinct when he heard this theory was there was no way that our framers, who aboard concentrated power, who broken away from the tyranny of george the third would ever have put one person competently not a person who had tricked interest in the outcome because they were on the ticket for the election, in a role to have decisive impact on the outcome of the election. >> the defense counsel
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testified that attorney easement admitted in a meeting for the president that is legal theory would violate federal law and would stand no chance in the supreme court and that no other vice president should ever do what he was asking mike pence to do. >> he said john, if the vice president diwhat you were asking him to do, we would lose 9-0 in the supreme court, wouldn't we? he started we would lose only 7- 2 and after further discussion, acknowledged well, yeah, you're right. we would lose nine. john, back in 2000, you aren't jumping out and saying he would have the authority to do that. you would not want kamala harris to exercise that authority in 2024 when help republicans win the election. i know you hope that, john. he said absolutely. al gore did out of a basis to do it in 2000. kamala harris shouldn't do it
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in 2024 but i think you should do it today. the generous six committee revealed evidence that suggest the lawyer, eastman, knew what he was doing might be illegal. our coverage begins with this. >> reporter: the hearing showed the people urging president trump to overturn the election nunnally knew it would violate the constitution but they were worried about getting caught. the committee revealed that today, john eastman, the architect of the strategy, sought a presidential pardon. it happened a few days after january 6th when he sent this email to rudy giuliani quote i decided i should be on the pardon listed that is in the works. easement did not get added to that list. when the committee tried to subpoena him, he said he would plead the fifth. he did this over 100 times. >> it is against my right to be
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compelled to be a witness against myself. fifth. fifth. >> eastman had been warned on january 7th and in colorful terms that he was in legal jeopardy and needed to back off. >> i said to him, are you out of your f-ing mind? i only want to hear two words coming out of your mouth from now on. orderly transition. i don't wanna hear any other f ing words coming out of your mouth no matter what other than orderly transition. repeat those words to me. and eventually he said orderly transition. i said good john. i will give you the best free legal advice you're getting in your life. get a great f-ing criminal defense lawyer. you are going to need it.
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>> we heard today about a worst- case scenario than january 6th. what might've happened if east men's strategy had worked. one witness called it a constitutional jump ball that would have to be decided in the streets. >> i would've laid my body across the lawn before i would let the vice president overturn that 2020 election. why he ended with a word of caution. he says attempts to subvert the election are not over and he said trump and his allies are getting up for 2024. >> what is attorney easement saying about this? four easement accuse a committee of selectively leaking information any blames the media for causing false innuendo.
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it is not clear what was in those emails that jenny thomas was pushing members of congress and the white house to overturn the 2020 election. easement has never discussed with jenny thomas or justice thomas any matters. the committee has sent a letter requesting that jenny thomas appear before it and she said she looks forward to the opportunity to clear her name. new today, we have linda just a stubborn has renewed its call for information from the january 6th committee specifically requesting transcripts of all the depositions the committee is conducted. a letter from the doj read it is now readily apparent that the interviews the select committee conducted a not just potentially relevant to our criminal investigation but are likely relevant to specific prosecutions, hear this, that have already commenced.
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three justice department officials signed that letter including the u.s. attorney for dc. chairman betty thompson responded today. >> we will work with the however apart to do. we are not going to stop what we are doing to share information that we have gotten so far with the department of justice. >> the doj describes the documents it is seeking as crucial. the deputy attorney general and the first bush administration is here. i will ask about the documents but the hearing. a lot of talk of historical president. doesn't it boil down to the president of the united states pressured the vice president of the united states to do something that multiple experts say was unconstitutional? >> i think that's right. there was some legal jargon. the most significant thing about this hearing and i think it was true of the initial hearing earlier is the
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indications of how many people, who worked for donald trump, were in a variety of ways, trying to stop what he was trying to do. if anybody thought this was a concerted effort of others and trump was along for the ride, boy, oh boy. the events that have been described in great detail in these hearings show all manner of people trying to set them straight and trying to prevent him from doing the things that he's doing and him persisting. i think it is tremendously indicative of a person who was the driving force, as best we can tell at this point. that is news. i don't think we knew these details are new it would be fair to sell that was going on until he heard the stuff. >> we certainly did not. the committee is still deciding on whether to issue a criminal referral for donald trump to the doj. you've worked there.
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based on what you've seen kaiser a case? >> i think there is great indication what will likely be a very substantial case. a couple of things are important. one is, you have to recognize that the judgment about criminal prosecution is a complicated one. it will be made by the justice department. there is a lot of considerations that go into it. as citizens, our job is to be patient and wait and see what happens. i think the evidence you are seeing develop in these hearings, much of it was known before. the details, as they have been willing together weren't clear before. it is a very powerful record. it is still unfolding. we have multiple hearings on different topics to hear about. yes, i think there's another marmoset amount of evidence indicative of a strong possibility of prosecution but will have to wait. i do think this development, with regard to the copies of
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the transcripts is quite significant. and i can talk more about that if you want me to. >> i wish we had the time. i appreciate your insights. january 6th hearings continue on tuesday. then they will focus on the pressure campaign at the state level to change the election results. full coverage on the news that night. when the interest rate hike was announced, the markets rallied. today, not so. next, on the wall street 180. they volunteered to go from the u.s. to the ukraine to fight. now, two american veterans are missing. their families are afraid they been captured by russia. think of making a right kind of connection on linkedin? take another look. in a cnbc exclusive, the
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the bears are back and taking over wall street. all major markets closing in the red. today the doubt dipped below 30,000 for the first time since january of last year. a close down more than 700 after a bear rally yesterday. all those gains are raised at the opening bell. the s&p dropped more than 120 points slipping deeper in the bear market territory. when an index drops 20% from a recent high, it is on pace for its 10th negative week over the past 11. the biggest loser, the nasdaq who lunch more than 400 points, as tech stocks got crushed. it closed at his lowest level
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since september 2020. this sentiment seemed to change overnight. what happened? >> reporter: in the 12 hours or so after the federal reserve raised interest rates, you did have central banks in europe and england and switzerland similarly raising rates and reinforce this idea that the authorities have to chase inflation intensely with higher interest rates which could threaten a further growth slowdown. that was reinforced this morning. you have more news on a big decline in housing starts in the u.s. much more than expected. they were down as well the manufacturing gauge that was weaker than expected. we bring about inflation running too hot as the overall economy cools down. this is a squeeze the market has been in for a while. it reinforces the downside momentum. >> should we expect more volatility is what's coming?
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>> yes. it is perfectly sensible to expect this market to continue to be jumpy. it doesn't mean it all goes in one direction. there are some measures of how much selling intensity there is been in the last week. it is a rare extreme. that is the makings for some kind of a sharp bounce but it is tough to pick up the message of what the market is saying until we get some clarity, some stabilization either on the inflation front or the federal reserve may be closer to getting done raising rates. we will hear about corporate earnings in several weeks. all these things will keep us busy in the summer. another setback from getting baby formula on shelves. why when the biggest plants that just restarted production is closed again. vaccines for kids under age 5.
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the avid baby formula plant shutdown again less than two weeks after resume production. abbott reports for stop production after severe storms with heavy rain flooded parts of the facility. the abbott plant restarted production last month. it up and close for months after an fda inspection found a potentially deadly bacteria there. data and supply chain challenges led to the formula shortage. in a city, the agencies working with abbott to get the plant up and running. parents in florida will have to wait longer than everyone else to get the longest children vaccinated for covid florida is the only state in the country that hasn't preordered any doses. the republican governor ron desantis spoke at an annual python catching contest in the everglades. he said the status go health
4:26 am
department doesn't recommend vaccinating your control and especially kids under two heading there is practically zero risk in that age group calling the clinical trial data abysmal >> the risks outweigh the benefits and we recommend against. that is not the same as banning a. people can access it if they want to. >> other states began preparing vaccines but since florida hasn't placed an order, it's unclear when parents will be able to get the young kids vaccinated. the decision comes after the fda voted yesterday to recommend doses of pfizer and moderna vaccine. all eyes are on the fda and cdc. if both agency sign off, health experts say about 18 million children could get a shot at as soon as next week. a major disaster declare per month, new images of the stork distraction as small towns pick up the pieces. montana's governor returns home park elon musk talks twitter to
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twitter. musk's first meeting with staff since ffering billions to buy the company. his blunt
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the white man who police say killed 10 black people in a supermarket made his first appearance in federal court on
4:29 am
a crime charges back the families of shooting victims speaking out after the hearing. the gunmen shot her son but he survived. >> is hard being in a courtroom with the terrorist. seeing the man who tried to kill my son. >> then there is tanika harper. she can except in any apology from the shooter's family. >> yes not a lick of remorse. he has no remorse. i heard someone ask where his parents were asked his parents rent there. for his parents not even to reach out to anyone. their apology will mean nothing at all for us. >> the self-proclaimed white supremacist is accused of shooting and killing 10 people and hurting three other study supermarket and a mostly black neighborhood in buffalo, new york. prosecutors filed federal hate crime charges. if convicted, he could face the
4:30 am
death penalty. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. actor kevin spacey swarmed outside a british courtroom as he faces sexual assault charges. the climate risk that researchers say could make a major american city unlivable. but first, elon musk talks to twitter employees. it is his first q&a since he offered $44 billion to buy the company. musk answer their questions at a virtual all hands meeting. he didn't give an update on closing the deal he did share his vision for the platform. according to sources join the meeting, he don't employees he wants at least 1 million daily active users on twitter. that is more than four times the users they have now. employees asked elon musk about potential laos. he says that will depend on the company's financial situation. sources say must hold employees the costs exceed the revenue.
4:31 am
buddy added anyone who is a significant contributor has nothing to worry about. let me clarify his position on the back to work move >> this is a top concern for employees. whether or not they will work for home forever or go online with what elon musk is told his other employees at tesla or spacex. you work in the office for four hours or get out or quit. there's a lot of confusion. he says he prefers people and he thinks there more productive when they are in the office. he would definitively say we have to work from the office. >> after the meeting, some telling them oh gee's. >> literally, dumpster fire. they are a little upset right now that they're not getting clear answers for who's going to be their future owner and future ceo. there's a lot of angst.
4:32 am
willoughby layoffs? he wouldn't say. he said people who are valuable will be able to stay. that is such a subjective thing. anything is possible. >> he said he didn't have answers to being the ceo >> that was a little surprising. he's likely going to be ceo temporarily when he first buys the company and hands it off. >> if he. >> if he. what we do know you must be involved in the product. he sees twitter, the ability for twitter to hit 1 billion users. largely typing what a lot of chinese social media apps have done perky things twitter can be a 1 billion user platform. >> then about 200 million. >> he talked about, he's elon musk perky talk about aliens. what was that? >> what is with this guy? why i was little surprise he
4:33 am
waited until the very end to get weird and start talking about aliens. his thing was he hasn't seen any evidence that aliens exist. he doesn't know if he believes in aliens. what that has to do with buying twitter i don't know. twitter employees know his thoughts about it now. >> of the goal was to settle employees. anytime there is big change, employees need to be settled. that didn't happen. >> we had sources sharing internal messages reacting in real time to what elon musk was telling them. just a lot of anger and confusion and lack of clarity going around. they are asking for another one of these meetings with details. >> from what we know of him, we know quite a bit. we care about that? why no. of course not. you have to keep in mind it's a free marketing platform for his other companies of sicily tesla. it is all through word-of-mouth and elon musk's on persona. by
4:34 am
owning the platform, he has more control about how he promotes his other businesses. it is his role. with 830 million members, linkedin is one of the largest platforms in the world. make a business connection or hereby career opportunities. sophisticated criminals are using fake profiles on the platform to target business professionals with investment schemes. with her cnbc exclusive link to fraud, here is jasmine coral. four how big of a threat is this on linkedin? >> it is a significant threat. why sean reagan, special agent in charge of the fbi field offices says criminal rings are exploiting linkedin to learn users into crypto investment schemes by people offering financial advice but end up stealing the victim's savings. the fbi is working closely with
4:35 am
linkedin to combat fraud the fbi has opened investigations would not disclose specifics about pending cases per >> just like any other good thing, there are unscrupulous people, organizations, entities out there that want to take advantage of that platform. there's an opportunity to commit fraud and other criminal activities. why do the criminals know there's someone out there who will take the bait? >> date don't necessarily care who the individual is. they will cast a wide net and see who falls into the network >> like this florida benefits manager. she said she lost 280 thousand dollars to a fraudster on linkedin in a few months. is started with a routine request to connect with another linkedin professional. >> i never thought that would happen on linkedin. >> reporter: until she says the connection, which she believed
4:36 am
to be a friend offering solid financial advice convinced her to buy bitcoin using a real investment platform and eventually moving all her funds to a site control by the fraudster. >> i'm sorry. the money i saved, everything, every single daughter, it hurts. >> reporter: the company acknowledges there's been a increase in fraud saying we enforce our policies which are clear. fraudulent activity including financial scams are not allowed on linkedin. work every day to keep our members safe against fake accounts, false information and suspected fraud. that is small comfort to other victims. >> i lost 100 k. >> i will lost 1.6 million. two i lost 189,000. >> i lost 300,000. >> we were allowed to join a group of victims defrauded on linkedin that meets regularly. why why do you want to remain anonymous? >> the business image i have in
4:37 am
the community. i don't want the shared. >> people judge you. i come you're so stupid? >> reporter: what is your message to these victims? >> i would say to the victims it is not their fault. they were victimized. it is the criminal's fault. they spend their nights and days thinking about ways to victimize and defraud people. why the linkedin security executive told me the company took down $32 million fake accounts. as for, she landed her dream job and she found it on linkedin. where are all of these fraudsters operating? >> the global anti-scam organization tells me it has traced many these fraudsters to boiler rooms in southeast asia.
4:38 am
the fbi confirms that these criminals really operate all around the rolled. i spoke with several victims who have turned actually into scam baiters working with law enforcement to expose the people behind this crime. to u.s. veterans who volunteered to join the fight against russia in the ukraine are missing in action tonight. their names, alexander drueke and andy huynh. their family say they haven't heard from them since last week for the platoon came under fire. the families fear russian forces may have captured them. a state department spokesman says they don't have credible evidence to control that still, the agency is monitoring the situation and officials are in contact with ukrainian authorities. the state department reported that a third american may also be missing in ukraine. agency spokesman said they don't have full details of that
4:39 am
case and can't confirm it. the leaders of france, germany, italy and romania visited kyiv. they met with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. the leaders give their full support for ukraine's state to join the european union. a top russian official slammed the meeting. dmitri mejia of, the former russian president, mocked the leaders of france, germany and italy as connoisseurs of frogs, liverwurst, and posta. his bizarre rant as russian forces continue their onslaught in east ukraine. atop ukrainian officials says russian troops are killing up to 1000 ukrainian soldiers a day. one of the top ices leaders in syria off the battlefield. according to the u.s. officials, military forces captured a top bomb maker and early-morning rate.
4:40 am
the joint task force running the operation reports no civilians got hurt or killed. while the islamic state has been weakened in syria, coalition forces are continuing to target fighters in senior leaders. the us-led raid in february killed the isis leader at his hideout in northern syria. the actor kevin spacey in court in london today facing sexual assault charges per a judge really spacey on unconditional bail. >> we know! >> are you fighting the charges? >> reporter: camera crews run at the actor at the courthouse. during the hearing, his lawyer said kevin spacey strenuously denies doing anything criminal. he said his client lit voluntarily return to the uk and will continue to do so to establish his innocence. prosecutors formally charge spacey with four counts of sexual assault and a fifth charge of causing a person to
4:41 am
engage a penetrating sexual activity without consent. they say spacey assaulted three men in the uk between the years 2005 and 2013. the alleged victims in their 30s and 40s per the charges come as actor faces a separate civil sexual assault cage in the u.s. kevin spacey must stand trial in a new york federal court after actor anthony rapp accused him of making sexual advances toward him when he was just 14 years old. he was the first in a string of people five years ago to publicly accuse kevin spacey of assault. he denies the allegations. spacey has not entered a plea in the uk case but he released a statement saying he is confident he will prove his innocence. the actor is set to appear in court in london next month. the great salt lake quickly shrinking. the impact of climate change and population growth and why one expert compared what's
4:42 am
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another bloodbath on wall street. a possible recession looming and stock losses piling up. the market is on track for another weekly decline. we met up one week since the beginning of april. the dow is down 741 today and the smb downs 123. the future flying coach? look at this. double techers styled seating. a 22-year-old designer introduced this vision at the aircraft interiors expo. the concept imagines two levels
4:45 am
with passengers seated on top of each other. it is good news for flyers to elected you with the overhead bin. bad news or claustrophobic spur a six-year way for beyonci■s next album coming to an end. she posted a date for her next drop july 29th. the project titled renaissance. it includes a secondary title, act one, suggesting there is more to come. it will be beyonci's seven solo album. today at the pump, the national average for gas is five dollars per gallon. down slightly for the second, straight day. the prices stabilizing up only three cents for our the past week. president biden declaring a major disaster in montana as historic floodwaters recede. the move releases federal dollars to help with the
4:46 am
recovery efforts around yellowstone national park. state officials expect millions in damage. we got this drone video from tuesday in columbus, montana. the floodwaters were still very high. an entire farm underwater. the state's national guard reporting guardsmen had to air left dozens of people to safety. this is the tourist town of red lodge. it is now it a dead end. the flooding wiped out homes, roads and bridges. water plant in billings about 60 miles away started operating again last night. officials said the water got so high, they had to shut it down on tuesday. the status go republican governor, is set to return home today according to a spokeswoman. this comes six days after the flooding started in a state. the spokeswoman said he took "longest, schedule personal
4:47 am
trip with his wife and was returning as early, and as quickly as possible". the great salt lake is shrinking. the state could face an environmental nuclear bomb. that is how one republican state lawmaker and rancher describe the situation. the lake is just outside salt lake city. it's water level hit a record low this past dock toe better. they say they expect it to break that record this summer. the scientist sending a dire warning at the lake keeps drying up. that is where the water used to be. why dr. robert gillis is a climatologist for the state of utah. >> perhaps a decade ago, this area was covered in water. the shore has receded quite some distance. >> reporter: the reason is due to climate change which causes less water to be absorbed in the atmosphere. known as like effect, which would melt and replenish the
4:48 am
lake. also a population boom in the salt lake area. this lead cities to defy. >> there is a potential for an ecological disaster. why two thirds of the water in the lake are now gone. take a look at the satellite images. the first shows lake in 1987. this is from may of last year. the lake is shrinking. the very economy is salt lake city in the state of utah to rely on the lake. brine shrimp are sent around the world. also --. >> there are mineral is russian companies that make magnesium for steel that make potash for fertilizer. that make sodium chlorate. why dr. bonnie baxter points back to the lake effect snow as key to utah industry. >> so much of that snow is made from storms flowing over this wet area and producing from
4:49 am
lake effect. a good portion of our snow. even the ski industry is threatened and that is tourism. that is a lot of daughters coming into utah. >> reporter: is a more sinister danger line below the lake bed. >> let's look at this. and, let's see just how dry it is. when this gets whipped up, not only do you have the us, you have minerals like arsenic. >> the mercury concentration is high. we have slowing them from mining and there's a natural level of arsenic. >> arsenic is a poison. if you have respiratory issues here, that will compromise you. >> reporter: we will be breathing that dust if that happens? salt lake city will become unlivable if we can keep water in this lake. >> reporter: for the news khimki rogers.
4:50 am
a a woman hits the wrong pedal and dries into the water. a crowd of people gather to watch. one teenager jumps in to help. > > this drifter.
4:51 am
4:52 am
a teenager held a hero after he rescued a woman. here it is. a woman drove that car straight into an all line and bay. according to local please, 18- year-old driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the break. video caught it all. you can see the car plunge into the water. then 17-year-old anthony youngers said he heard the woman pounding on the door so he dove into saver. police say he got her out of the back door and swim to safety. both the hero teen and the two
4:53 am
year-old driver got out without any injuries. he told nbc 4 new york jumping in the water wasn't a question for him. >> suffocating is one of my worst fears. i can't imagine someone going through that. >> reporter: the teen says he plans to join the marines. a veteran who recruited him said he believes the dean already has the traits of a leader and a hero. the fake german heiress and convicted fella anna delvey, real name anna sorokin is making plans. her story depicted in the show net flex inventing anna. she's spending her time in a new york county jail. she is a nice custody and appealing to stay in the u.s. the drifters says she is ready for something new. why anna struck and known by her alias anna delvey captured headlines as a fake german
4:54 am
heiress who was accused of defrauding banks, hotels and even friends. her story brought to the mainstream by the hit netflix series inventing anna. >> anna delvey is a masterpiece. >> reporter: she was sentenced to 4-12 years in prison. a ruling she is appealing. why do you feel you owe anyone an apology? >> i mean for what? apologize? >> reporter: with pretending this trust fund existed and with these accountants who now know are not true googling how to create an untraceable email. >> who would i be apologizing to for that? >> reporter: the banks you tried to take the money from. >> i don't bank here. why do you think that was wrong? >> that was definitely a ethical. and i would not encourage anybody else to follow my footsteps. >> reporter: while awaiting potential deportation, she says
4:55 am
she is getting started using her own voice. >> i didn't have any malicious intent. i was not like this vicious, scamming person and trying to take advantage of anybody who is stupid enough to fall for it. >> reporter: how do you square the lifestyle aspect of what people see as a scam? this thing at nice hotels. the shopping, the high tipping. >> at the time, staying at a motel made sense to me. i was not staying in the biggest penthouse. i was staying in a regular room. >> reporter: rooms of bills amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. why were you constantly thinking of how you're going to get money to pay for those things? >> welcome it hardly went so far as i to think about the next day. i definitely had to. it was a topic. >> reporter: she said her time in places like rikers island
4:56 am
has given her an unexpected passion. politics and criminal justice reform. >> it is about finding the perfect balance and a solution for people who did make mistakes and how to reintroduce them into the community. >> reporter: in the meantime, she has project she is working on are dissipating in an art show and unveiling a new venture this week. >> we are re-inventing anna with this nft project works why it is called the anna access car that can be purchased at crypto currency. the nft will unlock exclusive live streams and the exclusive phone call with serotkin. >> reporter: why should someone buy something you're selling? >> that's a good question. i don't know. i guess i have changed so much. i was like 23-24. people should think of themselves when they were in
4:57 am
their 20s. >> reporter: what does the reinvented anna look like? >> hopefully, i will be given a chance to focus my energy into something legal. i want to be given an opportunity so people won't dismiss me as a "scammer". >> reporter: and the things people like she never gave up. she also said there's a line on which methods you should use. i asked her she crossed the line. i can answer that one. there we go. i don't know. 75 seconds on a race to anna delvey. this january 6th committee laid out a case that president trump pressured vice president pence to overturn the election even after he was told it was illegal. we hear testimony about a phone
4:58 am
call between the two on the morning of the right charlie before president trump told his supporters to march on the capitol . all major markets closing in the red today. wiping out yesterday's rally after a federal reserve announced the biggest rate hike in nearly 3 decades. the doubt dip below 30,000 for the first time since january of last year. >> reporter: to u.s. veterans who volunteered to join the fight against russia and ukraine are missing in action. now you know the news. i'm shepard smith. follow us on twitter at the news on cnbc. listen to the podcast on apple, spotifor
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it's 5:00 a.m. at cnbc here is the top five at 5:00 the dow did something for the first time since january of 2021 futures higher. president biden not giving up comments about recession and surging prices. the rise in mortgage rates not slowing down hitting the highest rate since the recession. and mark mahaner iy is


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