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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 23, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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♪♪ to find it right here for you. the news with shepard smith starts now might a summer tax freeze take the heat off inflation? i'm shepard smith. this is the news might a summer tax freeze take heat off of inflation? i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc. over the next 90 days. >> will that ease the pain at the pump? in 2008, candidate obama called a gas tax holiday -- >> a gimmick! >> will it accomplish that for american families? reactions from the police response to the uvalde, texas
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school massacre. >> i have no idea who to believe right now. >> is the big-city mayor's push for change. a powerful earthquake strike , homes flattened in afghanistan. what we have learned as the taliban is playing with the world to help. gabby petito's family in court, the first case since brian laundrie murdered their daughter. what they are seeking and why they claim laundrie's parents new what he had done. the nfl commissioner on capitol hill, after new allegations against the capital -- against the owner. a new push to remove juul cigarettes from stores. and "back to the future" the musical. the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith."
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>>a > gallon bufor the presthree months, givg americans what he called, a little breathing room, as the average price at the pump remains stubbornly high of five dollars or so a gallon. the president acknowledged that a gas tax holiday is not a permanent solution. >> it does not reduce all the pain. but it will be a big help. i am doing my part. i want congress, states, and industry to do their part as well. >> right now there is and $.18 tax on regular gas and $.24 on the gallon of diesel. the president's plan would suspend that for three months. it faces an uphill battle in congress. many lawmakers say they are hesitant to support the move. some of those in his own party. here is the problem, economist say that lowering gas prices temporarily would only boost demand. meaning that greater supply shortages and in turn higher prices. a gas tax holiday they tell us,
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could make inflation worse and not better. the white house estimates that it would cost the federal government roughly $10 billion. earlier this week in economic advisor to president obama and the former treasury secretary in the clinton administration called the plan a gimmick. it says it does not fix the root cause of the soaring gas prices. we have analysis from co-host david faber, and the plan with the feds to fight inflation, and from nbc news, kristen welker on the president's push to bring down gas prices. ahead of the july 4th holiday president biden today calling for a suspension in the gas tax. >> i fully understand that a gas tax holiday alone is not going to fix the problem. but it will provide families some immediate relief. >> reporter: he is asking congress to hit pause on the federal gas tax for three months.
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the government taxes gas at $.18 a gallon, much of that money going to the highway trust fund that pays for road construction. white house officials say that the proposal would cost $10 billion. they insist that they can find the funds elsewhere. the president also said prices could come down as much as one dollar a gallon, if states will suspend their gas tax and oil companies increase refining capacities. drivers are expressing mixed reaction. >> every little bit helps. i would like to see more but i will take a little bit if we can get it. >> we cannot buy anything for $.18. >> reporter: at prices are down from six cents last week, thanks to a drop in global oil prices. but some top economists warn that this could add to inflation with many republicans blasting the move. >> this ineffective stunt will draw president biden's other ineffective stunt on gas prices. >> reporter: even some democrats are lukewarm. >> i support it but we need to
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be honest. it will not show dramatic change unless the states follow suit. >> reporter: it is not clear that there are enough votes to pass it, speaker pelosi saying that we will see where the consensus lies. >> kristin walker reporting tonight. a recession is certainly a possibility, so reassuring from the fed chair jay powell, he testified on capitol hill today before the senate banking committee. powell tried to reassure lawmakers that the fed still have the ability to fight inflation. >> we both have the tools we need and resolve that it will take to -- on behalf of families and businesses. >> with inflation on a 40 year high, powell says more rate hikes are likely on the way but democratic senator elizabeth warren cautioned that could end up raising unemployment without lowering inflation. >> you know what is worse than high inflation and low on
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implant? it is high inflation and recession with millions of people out of work. and i hope that you will reconsider that. as you, before you drive the economy off a cliff. >> powell admits it will be challenging for a soft landing, meaning the feds cool of the economy and brings down inflation without causing a major downturn. is a tall order. cnbc correspondent, elon -- now. >> arguably the most powerful person in the global economy but while powell says that he has the dual to flight fight inflation, he spent most of his time today saying there are limits to what the feds can do. >> we know our tools cannot affect certain aspects of inflation. there really is not anything we can do about oil prices. we do not have tools that will address the practices that you are discussing. >> will the fed interest rates
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bring food choices down for families? >> i would not say so, no. >> the economy adjusted instrument rate is a plot it's too, that choke up demand in the process. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are trying to push pilon what else could be done. by the white house or by congress. >> i'm not trying to get you to endorse legislation. look, mr. chairman, we have a mess here. okay? inflation is hitting my people so hard they are coughing up owns. >> the fed is an independent institution and powell try to stay out of the politics. he said that the chairperson and the recession are not elevated right now and no one is good at forecasting. >> certainly a possibility but not our intended outcome at all. certainly a possibility and frankly the events of the last few months around the world have made it more difficult for us
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to achieve what we want. >> powell stated unequivocally that interest rates will continue to rise, but it is not clear how far or fast the feds need to go to get prices back under control. >> elon, thanks very much. for analysis david faber is with us in the late night. good to see you. the fed says they might be able to bring inflation down without hurting economy but a tricky proposition. >> every day we seem to have a different decision that the market makes, called a soft landing. the question is, can you really raise rates to the extent that powell is talking about? pushoff inflation and bring it way down but not slow the economy so you have a recession. or if you have a recession, a mild one. that is the question that we are talking about everyday. >> on the gas tax holiday
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proposal urged from the president, is that a political gimmick in your mind? or is that something that can have a real effect for families? >> it is not clear if it will have a real effect and not even clear if it will get past congress. which i think you know when we have heard about as well. the biden administration is focused on gas prices of and have taken to task the oil industry, a real back-and-forth on what the problem may be. like many things i do not think it is black and white and there is a lot of gray, very unclear on whether it will have a substantial impact on terms of whether they were able to get the gas tax to go away, $.18, $.24 for diesel, only for a period of a number of months but during the driving season. >> yes. and the markets, the last couple of days it looked pretty good. did we find the bottom? how do you see it? >> do i look like jim cramer to you? i ask him that and i do not have an answer for you. what i will say is that what i
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continue to hear is a lot of uncertainty as the fed continues, back to what we were talking about, to raise rates. if you don't know when they will stop and what they will stop at, what the ultimate rate is and when that will be, it could be difficult for the markets. we can see a bear market rally and there are many market participants that are afraid to fully commit. >> we will see what tomorrow brings. david, thank you. the day after the shooting, the last time that the mayor of uvalde, texas said that he got a briefing on the school masker there. and he is not happy about yesterday's public hearing on the investigation. >> we had the bozo the clown show it in the senate today. >> why he is accusing the state's top cop of lying and we are learning of a new move against the police chief, pete arredondo. what looks like an agreement on new gun legislation in the u.s. senate, is now threatened in the u.s. house.
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the two top republicans reportedly now making a big turn. and inflation is coming. a good time for a tax refund to hit your bank account. what the irs, with a big pandemic backlog. tonight, the progress report on getting your money returned from the government. the truth, the news, "the news with shepard smith" back in 60 seconds. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover.
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(burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ the uvalde school district police chief is out. just moments ago, th the uvalde school district police chief is out. just moments ago the superintendent there released a statement saying he is placing the chief on administrative leave, nearly a month after a gunman killed 21 people at robb elementary. the superintendent said he had not planned to make personal changes until the investigation was over but said that law enforcement is not providing him with details. he wrote in part, because of the lack of clarity that remains an unknown timing of when i
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will receive the results of the investigation, i made the decision to place chief pete arredondo on administrative leave, effective this date. last night we learned that the mayor of uvalde is very angry and has fighting words for texas is top cop. the mayor says that the gloves are off now. he accuses the head of the state department public safety of lying, misleading the public, to distance his own troopers from the response to the robb elementary shooting. >> i do not know if it is political or not but it ought not be with 19 kids and two teachers involved. and if it is that he needs to be tarred and feathered and ran out of the state. >> after the police response to the shooting was called an abject failure. the mayor all but confirmed that the city plans to demolish the school. saying no child or teacher should ever have to go back in that building, where an 18-year- old gunman killed 19 students in two teachers, with an ar 15 style weapon.
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as the news develops tonight, we are live in uvalde, texas. does the victim's family, just so many questions of what happened. >> reporter: the questions are how come the stories keep changing when the police talk? and why are the police telling the lawmakers in austin and not the parents here in uvalde. >> reporter: on his arm a tattoo of his daughter's handwriting. >> that is her signature. >> i don't know who to believe right now. >> reporter: have parents been briefed, you been briefed about what happened? >> no. thank you know your daughter was in the room when she died? >> no, no, i have not. >> reporter: what you want to know? >> i just want to know, you know, you know, was it, for her, was it quick and easy?
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>> reporter: aligning the massa car to state lawmakers in austin, family and city leaders in uvalde say they have been left in the dark. last night the mayor said he has not been briefed since the day after the shooting. >> may be the headline will be that we sue them for information because we have not gotten it any other way. >> reporter: thousands of visitors, signs left behind, fading in the texas sun. flowers weather, and in townsquare michael brown holds a sign. he paid $75 to have it made. >> we need to get rid of him. he failed our children. in the last day we had info coming in. >> the only thing stopping from a hallway of dedicated officers from entering room 111 and 112, was the commander. >> we had the info coming from
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the mayor after that. >> i wonder who is in charge of the investigation, we cannot get a straight answer. >> reporter: who do you believe in the situation? >> to be honest, i have, i don't, i don't know who to trust. you know? right now i am going off of that, off of that photo. it says a lot. >> reporter: in the picture he was talking about is the photo that is gone viral of police standing in the hallway with the gunmen still inside the classroom, as they waited for one hour, 14 minutes, and 8 seconds. ship ci. es and towns i >> there seems to be similar frustration from mayors in a lot of texas cities. they want information from governor abbott. >> reporter: they are asking for special legislative sessions where they can enact some gun reform, including universal background checks to buy any gun and raising the age to buy an assault rifle in texas from 18, to 21.
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>> lyft tonight in uvalde. a bipartisan deal incomes in guns has reach the senate but facing republican headwinds in this house. the gop leaders mccarthy and gleason reported out in a closed-door meeting that they will oppose the gun package, and whip up votes against it. notably, a shooting survivor himself, the senate played an attempt to do anything about mass shootings come in the wake of the racist rampage at a grocery store in buffalo new york. and of course the slaughter of the elementary school students and their teachers in uvalde. if congress passes the bill it will be the largest in nearly three decades. the time and again we have seen gun reform proposals rise and form after shootings in america. the question is, will this time be different? cnbc the bill and the road ahead. >> reporter: gun safety legislation is making its way
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through the senate. >> this time it is different. >> reporter: receiving enough republican support to get over the hurdle. >> the democrats came our way this time and agreed to address common sense solutions. >> reporter: votes are signaling better odds, full measure passage in the senate. >> it will save lives. and it is my intention to make sure the senate passes this bill. >> reporter: the bipartisan deal incentivizes states to pass red flag laws and increases penalties for traffickers, increasing background checks for those under 21, and the boyfriend loophole, those convicted of domestic violence stopped from buying guns. >> in response to that, an agreement to limit the bar to firearms to five years. i think that was a significant step in the right direction, and that is what we agreed to do. >> reporter: 14 senate
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republicans and alongside all 50 democrats voted to advanced the senate bill, on a final vote. >> i am more than optimistic and all but certain that we will have strong bipartisan support. >> reporter: if passed, the measure will head to the house, where will likely pass without republican support. despite opposition from gop leadership, some republicans are on board. on twitter, republican congressman tony gonzales, representing the district of the uvalde mass shootings as quote, as a congressman it is my duty to pass laws that never infringe on the constitution while protecting the lives of the innocent. in the coming days i look forward to voting yes on the bipartisan saver community act. senate majority leader chuck schumer's goal is to hold a final vote by friday before they leave for a two week july 4th recess. shep.
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>> thanks very much. appreciated. a powerful earthquake, the deadliest in the region in decades. at least 1000 people killed, and many more hurt in afghanistan and in response the taliban make an unexpected decision. plus, the department of justice in the spotlight in the next congressional hearing on the capitol insurrection. on the committee plans to show that former president trump try to overturn the election, in which former officials are set to testify. migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy u level up u won't take a time-out one dose of ubrelvy works fast
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afghanistan already suffering a dire humanitarian crisis and a brutal rule of the taliban now a devastating earthquake has afghanistan already suffering a dire humanitarian crisis, now a devastating earthquake has rocked the country, killing more than 1000 people. it struck in the middle of the night, and flattened homes, while many afghans were asleep. in a rear move the taliban supreme leader is pleading for help from the international community. reporting now from sky news and there corresponded is --. >> reporter: girl area in afghanistan, this morning met with sheer destruction. a powerful earthquake rocking the mountainous region, crumbling homes and killing hundreds. they say it is the deadliest natural disaster for more than 20 years, with a back drop of
12:24 am
drought, hunger crisis, and abandonment from the international community, it is catastrophic. with many international aid agencies, leaving the country after the taliban takeover last year, the response was slow. >> and malnutrition crisis, instead of preventable diseases, such as acute diarrhea, easels, this is coming at the wrong time. >> reporter: the de facto government hat those two hard- to-reach areas, without major international presence, proving difficult, sky news, --. and attack an american base in syria wounded u.s. troops. that was in april. now a suspect arrested. and american airmen. officials say he may have carried out the attack and how
12:25 am
on his fellow troops. the washington commanders owner, dan snyder. a no-show on capitol hill today. for a hearing about his work base culture. the nfl commissioner was there and what roger goodell had to say about the allegations of misconduct. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease
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the works insider awe-inspiring and have a new exhibit now from people that most art lovers have never heard of. but they are the heart and soul of the met itself. here is harry smith. as an exhibition design manager at the met, dan has displayed works by picasso and seen by van gogh. however this is different. >> this is different yet also not offputting, where other art may intimidate people. >> no, this was created by the people that work here. from curators, to security guards. jerry payne, he works in the education department. his own photograph, awol away from the world's great masterpieces. >> people are able to see the vast amounts of talent and ability that live and breathe within the building.
12:28 am
>> reporter: a perfect example by alina, who works in textiles, that is her in the photograph. weaving. is this the painting that you are paying amounts to? >> yes it is. the lace maker. we tried to capture the colors and the overall aesthetic in an updated way. >> this is so cool. >> millions of people visit each year, the arts, beyond value. >> i oversee the security center. >> reporter: he has a piece too. >> we all share a common interest, preserve and protect the art for eternity. >> to have your own work on display? >> big-time stuff. >> art museum types are sometime labeled as stuffy. on the contrary, check out this piece that we learned from a neighbors garbage. i.s.i.s. for the news, harry smith. the struggle to tackle tax returns.
12:29 am
irs making, progress, agency reports it has about 200,000 individual returns left a process from last year. it also has to deal with 19 million total returns from this year. that is more than twice as many in a typical year. the irs is feeling the heat as many wait for refunds and inflation sores. cost to build an electric vehicle has skyrocketed since the pandemic. average materials cost over $8300 in may, up 144% then two years ago. materials used for batteries powering the search, lithium up 331%, since may of 2020, the cost of nickel and cobalt have more than doubled. and marty mcfly's future is on broadway. a "back to the future" musical
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after a successful run in london's west end. they are set to hit broadway next year. the national average price for gas, $4.95 a gallon, down for eight straight days, more than six cents over that time. but still over $.36 and a dollar 89 year after year. on wall street, down down down 47, as a be down five, nasdaq down 16. i am shepard smith on cnbc. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. gabby petito's murder reaches a courtroom. her family outlines her case. the next january 6th hearing tomorrow afternoon. with the committee plans to focus on this time. but first, the nfl commissioner, roger goodell on
12:31 am
capitol hill. >> and house lawmakers grilled him during a contentious two hour hearing. how deeply candled accusations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct within the washington commanders organization. >> it is clear to me the workplace in washington was unprofessional and unacceptable in numerous aspects. bullying, widespread disrespect towards colleagues, using demeaning language, public embarrassment and embarrassment. daniel snyder has not attended meetings and not been involved in day-to-day operations of the commanders. >> this is daniel snyder, owner of the team. lawmakers invited him to testify that he did not show up. they alleged that dan snyder conducted a shadow investigation of his own, trying to discredit former employees and accused other workers of sexual assault. it also argues he used private investigators. the committee
12:32 am
chair now plans to issue a subpoena, to pressure dan snyder. in a statement, a spokesperson wrote, it is clear the house oversight committee investigation, the outcome of it is set with the washington commanders, predetermined from the beginning. hopefully the committee will utilize resources going forward for more pressing national matters instead of an issue of football team addressed years ago. lawmakers today calling on roger goodell to ask dan snyder to step down as the owner. roger goodell told them that he does not have the authority to do that. kevin blackstone now, professor at university of maryland, college of journalism. kevin, good to see you again. you covered the team for years. what you make of the allegations in the first place? and the fact they are only coming to light in such detail now. >> well, "the washington post" it looks like we will have beth reinhardt, actually got their
12:33 am
hands on the report, the report of the $1.6 million settlement to a woman who claimed that she was sexually harassed by dan snyder back in 2009. they actually got the report back in december of 2020. but did not have the details of it until just now. those allegations coming out and making the situation even uglier than it was before. and so i think today you saw the outlaying of this entire case for the public. what struck me about it is just the fact that if not for the opaqueness of the investigation by the nfl into the washington football team's workplace culture, in the first place, there may not have been a hearing. and if not for the arrogance and obstinance of the owner of the team, dan snyder, who is somewhere docked on his yacht
12:34 am
in france right now, rather than appear at this hearing, may just have died down today. but now we have the threat of a subpoena, which we do know that someone will be deposed. and he will get swell or two when oh to testify what has happened. so in a lot of ways the nfl and dan snyder, really of cooked themselves in this situation. >> the scandals have really surrounded dan snyder, and for that matter, other nfl owners for years. and what point of your estimation did league and team owner say, look, enough is enough, you've got ago. >> the thing is that dan snyder is roger goodell's boss. he works at the behest of the owners, which is why they pay him $60 million a year, i think that was his last take from the league. so he did his due diligence today, which was to stand up
12:35 am
there and take all the arrows from folks on capitol hill, while dan snyder was in europe doing whatever he was doing and thumbing his nose basically lawmakers on capitol hill. so, you know, at what point do they decide to call dan snyder on the carpet, and to push him out? i think only when it affects their pocketbook. and, you know, the cynic in me has looked at this kind of like the wade donald sterling existed in the nba for so many years, despite that he was such an onerous owner. dan snyder is not a threat right now to other owners in the league. his team is not competitive and so far he does not cost them money. and as bad as any other owner may be in this league, they can always point back to washington and say, this guy is worse than i am. >> kevin blackstone, said
12:36 am
state. thanks so much. the january 6 committee with a new focus in the next hearing is set for tomorrow afternoon. they plan they tell us, lay out the case of then president trump trying to corrupt the justice department. and use the doj to help overturn the election, so he could stay in power. in the afternoon public hearings, we are expecting to hear testimony from mr. trump's active attorney general, jeffrey rosen and his attorney at the time, richard donahue. they both pushed back on the election lies and donahue threatened to resign when the president planned to replace rosen with jeffrey clark. now clark was a little-known doj official who allegedly pushed his colleagues to investigate bogus voter fraud theories. and even asked the justice department to instruct some states to be certified, to recertify joe biden's victory. after this hearing will not be another until next month, we learned that they, a major scheduling change that the committee chair just announced.
12:37 am
number say they need more time to review some brand-new evidence. they just got their hands on hours of video from a documentary film maker who spent nearly a year following mr. trump and his inner circle, leading up to the insurrection. the january 6th committee hearings continue, public ones, tomorrow, 3:00 eastern, with a focus on the former president influence to the justice department and overturning the election results. full coverage here tonight on the news. can exxonmobil really go green? david faber spent months on end to find out. you went by land, sea, and air, he survived the mission enjoins next. new guidelines for sleeping babies just released by the american academy of pediatrics. the first time in years that they changed. what the academy says now what parents should
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three inmates dead in less than a week. all in custody in new york city.
12:40 am
two of the three inmates are dead in less than a week, all in custody in new york city, two one of the states most notorious lockups, rikers island. the department of corrections announcing today that nine people have died in new york state custody so far this year. activists have been calling for improvement at rikers island after reports of deplorable and inhumane conditions there. the city mayor eric adams, toward today, promising to crackdown on crime behind bars. the mayor also said that many prisoners come into the system with pre-existing conditions like heart disease or diabetes, and he suggested that that has led to some deaths in jail. military police arrested an american airman, in connection to a bombing that killed four u.s. troops. a spokeswoman says that military officials arrested the
12:41 am
airman last week at an undisclosed location here in the u.s., just returning home from syria, and currently in pretrial confinement. the military initially blamed the attack on indirect fire and later said that someone deliberately placed explosives on the base at an ammunition holding area and shower facility. officials say that the accused airman is an explosives expert. doctors treated the members for traumatic brain injuries. are all back on the job. for more than a century exxonmobil has pumped oil and now a new challenge in the company, increase production and lower carbon emissions. what is the plan? for a new documentary, exxonmobil at the crossroads, david faber got unique access to the company to find out. and all my news of reporting i never thought i would find myself here. or here.
12:42 am
or here. but it is what i have to do, to get here. before i could step foot on this vessel, 120 miles off the coast of guyana, i had to go through helicopter safety training with a company called survival systems usa. first i spent a few hours in the classroom with my instruct there, took a written exam and then suited up. the pool. >> everyone start coming >> once i had my gear sorted out my classmates and i headed to the pool. after we practiced for emergencies, we were ready to really get our feet wet. there is a lot about surviving at sea, but none of it matters if you don't survive the initial crash. buckled into a seat, and flipped a number of times, i
12:43 am
had to make my way to the surface, pushing out windows, pulling myself across the road to an open exit. in the dark and with sirens blaring, i am more confident that i could handle an emergency situation. but here is to hoping i never have to. >> david back with us now. pretty intense training. >> you are not kidding. not something that i would soon forget, shep, in terms of what we had to do to get on the helicopter. >> after months and months of reporting do you think that exxonmobil's efforts to go green are sincere and might actually work out? >> that is the key question and one that we try to answer with the documentary. i leave it to the viewers to decide. we definitely put it to the ceo of the company many times and a board number as well. we have plenty of critics. the answer is, well, most
12:44 am
likely they are certainly committed to the idea of it. whether or not they will fully engage with it i think is something viewers have to judge for themselves based on what they heard. >> right now at feels like in this climate, the one today but not the one they planned for, today they must be making money hand over fist. >> last year they made $23 billion in the president says that is more money than god. then i will point out how much apple and google made more money than god because they made multiples more than exxon. at this year given gas prices, exxon will have a great year. one question we ask in the financial market is what they will do with all that cash, put it back in the ground to produce more oil and gas? devote even more money to reduce carbon through capture or hydrogen or biofuels? all things still on the common what we examined closely in the documentary tonight. >> thank you. cannot thank you enough.
12:45 am
congrats on the special. a premieres in just about 15 minutes. right after the news. for the first time, gabby petito's murder case reaches a courtroom. her family is suing the parents of brian laundrie, saying they knew brian murdered gabby and said nothing. inside today's hearing, as a judge decides whether the case should go before the jury. bacon if you've got them because they might not last. juul could you be banned in the u.s. while they could be pulling the cigarettes from store shelves. s1p receptor modulator approved for uc. don't take zeposia if you've had a heart attack, chest pain, stroke or mini-stroke, heart failure in the last 6 months, irregular or abnormal heartbeat not corrected by a pacemaker, if you have untreated severe breathing problems during your sleep, or if you take medicines called maois. zeposia may cause serious side effects including infections
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gabby petito's family took her killers parents to court today. they filed a civil lawsuit, claiming brian laundrie's family lied about his whereabouts. there asking about $30,000 for mental anguish that they suffered. there lawyer saying in court today that the case is not about the family of brian's silence, after gabby went missing. >> it is not simply about their callous -- to speak up about whether gabby was alive and if she was not than where her body was located. it is course of conduct that they committed from the moment they learned on august 28th of 2021, that their son had brutally murdered gabby, up until the time her body was found. >> her family reported her
12:49 am
missing about nine months ago and she was on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend, brian laundrie. investigator say that he admitted to killing her in his journal. his parents fighting to get the lawsuit thrown out but skipped the hearing today. here is valerie castro. >> reporter: today gabby petito's mom sat in a florida courtroom occasionally wiping a way tears, her attorney says the necklace she was fidgeting with contained gabby's ashes. a year ago the 22-year-old was still alive and embarking on a cross-country adventure with her boyfriend, brian laundrie. they documented this on social media. the image of a young couple in love exporting the outdoors and national parks. just a few months and she would go missing while brian returned home to florida without her. a search was launched for gabby near grand teton national park in wyoming, and the laundrie family attorney issued a statement, saying in part, on
12:50 am
behalf of the laundrie family, it is the hope that the search for this petito is successful and she is reunited with her family. those words, the petito's attorney says in hindsight was revealing, given that gabby's body was later found in the wilderness, strangled by brian, according to the fbi. >> that says a lot. the fact they knew that she was deceased and were her body was located. they had the audacity to express a hope that she would be reunited with her family. >> reporter: but the laundrie's attorney says the suit makes no allegations about what they would have known in regards to the facts they would know with the case. >> it is just expressing that he hopes that she returns. and again they have not alleged what info he had when he made the statement. >> brian family has never publicly spoken about the case. brian disappeared during a search for gabby, his parents claiming he never returned after going for a hike near his home.'s skeletal remains
12:51 am
discovered months later in a nearby park, his belongings on by his parents in the same area investigators searched for months. florida police say that brian had shot and killed himself. the judge in the case is that he will review the matter over the next two weeks. for the news, valerie castro. there is a report today that juul will be pulled from the market in the usa. "the wall street journal" reporting that the order could come as soon as today. the fda has reviewed the company's application for authorization to sell its products and ones that don't include fruit flavors. the company pulled those two years ago, under pressure from antitobacco groups that claim that they attract children and led to a surge in kids vaping. the fda reviewed other applications for e-cigarettes and allowed them to continue to sell tobacco flavored products. juul was supposed to get the same clearance but now being reported that it will not. and no comment was reported to cnbc. baby should never sleep at
12:52 am
an incline of more than 10 degrees. that is new from the american academy of pediatrics. the group releasing an update to its safe sleep guidelines for babies, for the first time in five years. according to the new report, researchers say that baby should sleep on a flat surface on their back, they recommend that they sleep in the same room as their parents or caretakers for the first six months. and the guidelines advise against bed sharing under any circumstance. the researchers also warned that all soft objects do pose a risk, thick pillows, comforters, linkage. according to the report they could cause sudden infant death syndrome, suffocation, entrapment, or strangulation are all possible. the new guidelines coming a year after the u.s. safety commission announced a bandon in a range of baby sleeping products. just last week federal investigators warned parents against eating against using
12:53 am
certain rockers. the american academy of pediatrics reports more than 3000 infants die each year from sleep-related issues. as the song goes, all you need is love. but some bullying to go with it is always nice too. -- now jewelers have more options than ever's, gender fluid, contact flea. this eight year grandmas engagement ring. thin mints indeed. girl scout cookies paid for but never received. one neighborhood tree foiled by a man with a young scout. why the police are now involved. you will want to tag along for this story. in its tracks within 2 hours without worrying if it's too late or where you are unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u
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our best deals on every iphone. ♪ ♪ . diamonds and marriages, they usually go hand in hand. bu diamonds and marriages, they usually go hand-in-hand. but like relationships these days, things are changing, from who pops the question, to the type of rings couples are buying. here is cnbc >> reporter: the overall commitment rings tradition, proposals and jewelry are changing. >> one new trend we are seeing our couples increasingly shopping together. >> reporter: meeting her fiance through instagram and later separately found in research a ring jeweler there too. >> we found a jeweler in seattle who has a big focus on sustainability. they have recycled gold, they
12:56 am
have diamonds, as well as other gemstones. they are black and latina owned, supporting a small business was also something really important to us. >> reporter: figure jewelers are also building businesses around these trends. >> we offer a lot of transparency so you understand the journey of the diamond. >> reporter: designed specifically to cater to a couple shopping together. elongated diamonds, gemstones, and yellow gold. who pops the question and what they propose with also changing. >> she said do you also want a ring? like something i always thought about before but never actually thought like it was something that would be feasible. >> reporter: like emily and josh, dan and alan planned to propose to each other and each
12:57 am
chose their own nontraditional non-engagement ring. they both met at a party but found the rings online. >> many things have changed online but men proposing to women is still the same. so i wanted to change that. >> reporter: same gendered couples are also increasingly proposing to each other. brillion earth has many engagement rings and gender fluid rings that can also be resized. love is love. >> courtney, thanks. a girl scout cookie scam. that is what authorities are calling it. it happened on long island over the course of several months. this little girl knocked on doors and said she was selling girl scout cookies. witnesses said a man posing as her father stood nearby on the sidewalk, there in the red according to police. the girl allegedly showed off a catalog and told customers it was cash only. they shelled out the money but no cookies ever came. so far nearly one dozen people
12:58 am
have come forward as victims. in a statement the county girl scout chapter reported they are working with law enforcement and encourage anyone who believes they are a victim of the scam to file a report with the cops. they also say that they will send all the victims the cookies that they ordered. well, some young adults threw a party for hundreds in a beachfront mansion in the florida panhandle recently. according to police, from the looks of the video everyone had a whale of a time. look at them dancing. is high-energy no doubt. the problem is that the party host do not live here, according to police that release the videos. they broke in and invited all their best ease. even hosted a living room boxing match. [ bleep ] >> it seems that the owners of the million dollar home were away for the weekend and did not know that there was a 200 party person throwdown happening at their place. eventually the cops came and the vibe changed.
12:59 am
a lot of people got away, we are told. police are still searching for dozens more but as you can see they pull all the evidence on the social media. sump on my personal things from the house according to police and this photo shows someone wearing gold championship rings. the mansion was trashed top to bottom they tell us. somebody printed flyer saying, come to our party. the cops are looking for whoever sent the invite. 60 seconds on the race to the finish, president biden urging congress to suspend for three months the federal gas tax. the average price for a gallon continues tavernier five dollars, the cac tax freeze would knock off $.18 for every gallon added to gas and $.24 for diesel. a devastating earthquake in afghanistan killing at least 1000. the war-torn country already dealing with a massive humanitarian crisis before the disaster. tomorrow's january 6th
1:00 am
hearing set to focus on then president trump's alleged scheme to corrupt the justice department and use the doj to help overturn the election. and now you know the news of this wednesday, june the 22nd, 2022. i am shepard smith, follow us on instagram and twitter. and stayed with cnbc, exxonmobil at the crossroads, with david faber, premiering now. after 5,000, accelerate. and we continue around >> more than a thousand feet long and anchored off the coast of south america, this is is the latest entrance in the global race to secure oil >> hope you enjoyed the flight >> it is a monstrous beast of equipment.


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