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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i actually added some this week. also xop and haliburton a name i sold and i got back into this week as well. >> that does it for us here on "options action. wee seal you next friday at 5:30 >> hey, i am kramer. welcome to mad money. i am just trying to make some money. my job is not just to entertain, but to educate. call me.
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one 800 737 a and bestie. tweet me at jim cramer. it predicted it again. i am talking about that smp. it shows how overboard and how oversold the markets have gotten. coming in this week, we had some of the most extreme oversold reading i have seen in ages. that meant the market acts like a coil spring on any good news. and we got it in spades. a stunning decline in prices. no one is talking about how it could possibly happen! that is how we got to today. a perfect run. the doubt skyrocketed 23 points. amazing. the nasdaq, the nasdaq -- 3.31%. could the timing be predicted? wait a second. of course it could. not only could it be predicted, this move was called by louis williams off the chart for the best market story out there. it gave us the whole rally on a silver platter. this guy is really good.
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larry, take a bow. every single group rallied -- crowd stocks turning into winners. meta-platforms and business was robust in the street was not looking for that. it has gotten much more robust than wall street believed. i hope you saw me in the meta- verse. i was jacked as all get out. you know? well, it was my avatar, really. today's strengths continue. we have an incredibly important day coming next week, along with an important earnings. that might answer the question, we start monday with the most anticipated court we have seen in ages. that is for nike. yes, which is a barometer for everything going. from supply-chain issues to potential worries in china and europe. almost everything a brokerage firm has cut its profits from
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nike. you know what the good news is here? everyone knows about weakness. when you get weakness, it is already baked into the stock, and it goes higher, unless the numbers are truly catastrophic. john donahue at the home, he has been a lot of places. but he was -- i think investors will work through nike's attorneys weakness and buy through. here is something that has not flagged enough at all. that is my bad. we have gone mission critical. that is the case short index. we will actually move this over here, this is cooler. it is logic of the chief culprits of inflation, which has been with the exceptionally high price of housing. even if the housing prices are coming down, they are not going up as rapidly as they were, thanks to the fed's aggressive rate hikes. maybe more important, the feds nonstop negative downbeat view, which makes it feel, like, holy cow. i am more inclined to buy a
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house. home prices come down with them. that is the impression i got from the homeowners as we, they are taking the windfall. why should they? also, tuesday, we heard from nero environment. this is a company have been able to use. i want to know if the u.s. government has ordered more of these drugs to fight the questions but i know our government has not ordered nearly enough antitank missiles. maybe long-range strobes are more effective? i hope so. maybe there are pieces we do not know of, and that is why the orders are slow? along some of the other central bank counterparts, i am sure the topic will be how to combat inflation without having it reflect recession. unfortunately, the outcome seems a lot more likely after these commodity classes. not to mention the lips of shortage has talked about except for me, because i found out it about it today.
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if you're feeling defensive, wednesday is your day, my friends. look at what we have got here. we have gotten at one, but two high-quality slowdown stocks to choose from. general mills or mccormick. general mills has been putting up some good numbers. kellogg, which is not as good as the general mills company, but i'm being such a different tonight, to break up on the strength of its underlying businesses. who knows what general mills could do if they wanted to. as for mccormick, i like the spice business. you know that. i have always kept their spice right in one hand. i keep two things in hand. i keep this on hand, and the stuff for my contact lenses. you do not want to confuse these two. if we are going into a recession because -- does not go out too much, this is what you will be using, right? not this. here is one that maybe -- the most mysterious of all markets. but that and beyond.
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they are buying back their stocks at high prices with nothing to show for it. the company was had plenty of cash on hand to support it. now, the ceo is desperately trying to turn around the chain. but he must have had a little more confidence and he said, because i bath and beyond continues to buy back stock aggressively. let's see if he can pull something off here. although it is harder and harder to imagine that happening. i sure wish these guys would -- it was a meme stock. you know what? i really wish all the mean people well. the bell tolls for them. paychex on wednesday, we had a series of really strong numbers for this payroll processing. this has continued to grow and get extra services from these guys. will that continue? what i cannot tell you is for certain, is it paychex it made
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a lot of extra money, because they collect interest while they wait for people to deposit their checks. also known as wealth load. thursday morning, we get the most important date of the week. it is what everybody buzzes about. it is the core pcu deflator. expenditures indexed we must seat progress in these inflation numbers, or we can expect another 50 or 75 blows to our head. i think it is too early to expect good views from this number, but i would not be surprised if we see some improvement. otherwise, the bears will though be down there giving us the business. constellation grants come on thursday morning, this is the key, the key position for my charitable trust. as the fastest-growing franchise, it got modelo, yes, the young people's favorite, pacifico, because it had a long neck and it has a yellow label. that is the only reason i can tell you though. i think constellations is underestimating. it does not help that they worked in cambridge beverage.
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-- legalized marijuana. hereafter the worst, prices keep leaking for microprocessors. this one has success of -- down. i think they will be hurt severely by the chinese lockdown. it's growth may be transmitted to the whole complex. lifeline has incredible pain action. i fear it will gutter it. maybe get a 43, a 43 does not -- if you bowl, that is not so good. finally, we get fresh pmi data. that is the first thing we imagine any new. we need to see weakness here. remember, we are looking for bad. we do not want good, because that emboldens people to do what we do not want them to do. we saw some stalling with this number, then the entire softening thesis, which i believe in, and will be reasserting next week.
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it is crucial one way or the other. it has been ages since we have seen an announcement watch, where companies admit that things are not going well due to higher labor cost, supply chain wills, the russia/ukraine war. it wreak such havoc that some companies may cast their forecast nets before they are due to report. with a will look at the order books and say they do not have the mojo. they will not use the technical term mojo, they have other things they call it. many companies now know how they have done in the second quarter. they know their order books, and he might feel compelled to own up to weakness. head of time, because the numbers are so low below wall street's productions. they seem to get away with anything now. bottom line, if we get through next week unscathed by the negative preannouncement, it makes me feel a lot more confident that july will not be as bad as what we have just went through. where do we go to mass in
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florida. nass? >> hello, mr. kramer. how are you doing? >> i am doing fine, it is friday. i will pull up in a moscow in about an hour and a half, and i am not drinking cheap scotch of a dirty linoleum floor. not after today's action. >> i agree. after today, i am drinking a little scotch right now, you are on it. >> really? i hope it is a single malt. or you can go through some of my dental brands like kentucky jim. >> actually, it is a little jim beam going on here. >> centauri, it is good. different brands under the name, they have done great. do not forget, last night, i had to get a little bit away from course. i had come on believable, i had the jack and coke diet. >> oh, that is good. >> jack and diet coke. >> i have to finish this, i am sorry. my wife had the jack and coke zero. that was even better. how can i help? >> well, i am wondering about
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hewlett-packard. if it is a good time to buy? >> no. look, -- the pc business is weak. that is the problem. i am sorry i went on so long about the coke and jack. actually, i call it jack and coke. but i have to go tell you, he brought up the jim beam. so it was not my fault. all right. we rallied this week. if we get through next week unscathed by negativity, i have got to tell you, i will feel a little bit more positive about what is in occurrence. but do not get too cocky. that also fails. tonight, i came, i saw, i conquered properties. the refried from the biggest casinos has added to the s&p 500 has a 5% yield. the latest ipos until next week. i am taking a closer look at the middle and metal mining technology company. you may not like it. oshkosh produces some of the best -- in the world. i am learning more about the
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companies invade a pipeline with the ceo. state with jim cramer. >> do not miss a second of mad money. tomorrow, add jim cramer on twitter. have a question, tweet jim cramer. or give us a call at one 807 43 cnbc. miss something, had to mad
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>> you know, we go through the screens. marcus is looking a lot uglier than it does not. we did the screen on the s&p 500. just cheap stocks with growth
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and large do the yields. exactly what you need to do to stay safe in a more choppy environment than we had today. only 23 names made the cut. one of them was beachy properties. you know, i came, i saw, i conquered. real estate investment trust in a number of casinos and golf properties. i see this as a good way to play the return of leisure travel post-pandemic. i like it as an inflation hedge. and this is one from the casino owners themselves. -- ruinously terrible. more terrible than sports betting businesses. plus, this is a cheap stock with a 5.1% yield, much better than tragedies. jessica had a late last week, stocks are always up 8%. do not take it for me, let's check in with ed potomac. he is the ceo of the properties. you get a better sense of where his company is headed. welcome to mad money! >> it is great to be back. the last time i was with you, we had never heard of covid, and we were about 30% of the size we are now.
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i will tell you what else, we never heard of beachy. it is the sweeper deal. wait a second, i do not like seizures, but this company, around 15 bucks, he the high flyers that open yield. yours was the opposite. you came on, he told a great story, it has only gotten better! how are you able to keep the growth? you are probably the fastest growing -- to ever be in an index. i am thrilled with what you are doing. >> yes, jim. to that point, when we got included in the s&p 500 two weeks ago, we became the fastest rate ever to get behind the s&p 500, and a little under five years. we have been able to take advantage of is the fact that we are pioneering a new -- that being gaining real estate. it requires phenomenal assets required right phenomenal officers. it was so key to
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value preservation. you cannot get value creation without a value presentation. even as an english major, i know that if you go down 20%, you have got to go up 25 just to get even again. in the characteristic of her business, it has allowed us to not only create value and preserve it through what has been a really weird period of time, jim pierce mike i have to tell you, his most recent field, the mgm deal, that was a work of brilliance. look, the seizures were distressed. you offer such a good proposition. can you police tell our viewers why anyone would want to do these kinds of deals with you if they only properties? >> well, we have actually become a very virtuous source of capital, jim. when we do a cell back with an operator, we are doing that with capital, so they should compare to the blended cost capital. the cost of debt and the cost of equity. when we make a deal like we did
6:19 pm
with mgm last year and we gave them money that was priced about 5.9%, that was very, very attractive capital to mgm. they can deploy continuing development with leisure, entertainment and hospitality companies on the world. >> you pretty much on the stri . but then i saw penn national in there. they are all over the country. this could be just the beginning. let's cover vegas, and let's go to all the other casinos around the countries a gigantic industry away from vegas. >> it is. e west all the way through atlantic city and massachusetts. we still have room to grow in the u.s. we are excited about those opportunities and companies like canada, australia, and elsewhere. we are also very excited about growth, which was evident when we answer very exciting transition on abbott, when it the leading pacemakers. >> am i wrong? but anyplace, let's say where
6:20 pm
they do the coca-cola 600, the low 600 and charlotte. anyplace could be a potential client for you, right? >> yes. they could. in that way, jim, it is a most a microcosm of the opportunities we feel we have, both in gaining and outside of gaining. if you look at the way vegas has evolved in the last few years, the survival of the raiders, the arrival of f 1, all of these experiential categories do have real estate elements that are very attractive to us. i will tell you, we are probably more intrigued with training facilities. you know, you are a football fan. you know that your nfl teams are investing tens, and up to hundreds of million dollars into training facilities. that doesn't necessarily need time and capital.
6:21 pm
>> you are so right. i mean, the nfl is not a college for they are spending obscene amounts, and they are not getting anything out of it. you could be the answer to them. have you been able to do any nfl ones yet? >> no. we have not cracked the nfl yet. but i will tell you that global soccer, global football is a category in which we are having some initial discussions. you know? and your audience are well aware that it is probably global football that is leading the way right now in terms of infusions of new equity, new ideas, and creating an ecosystem that we think we can participate in to create a lot of value for potential partners. >> i am so glad you came on. i was worried when he first started, i said he can only do so many casinos. you are obviously thinking much bigger than that. and that is why your company has been on the move, and been
6:22 pm
such a great growth performer with a fantastic yield. very hard to find this market. ed potomac, ceo of beachy properties. thank you so much for coming back on the show. >> thank you, jim. >> eyes, you have to look away from the car. everybody moans about all the stocks that go down, you see them all day. how about a company like beachy? a 5% yield. look at this, and he is doing it all himself. mad money is back after the break. minions, i have been captured. you have 48 hours to rescue me. mini-boss! my minions will save me.
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to search for it. (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) now everyone can get a new iphone 13 on us on america's most reliable 5g network. for every customer. current, new, everyone. to show the love. >> this is an important cautionary piece. the company
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may not like it, the bankers will not like it, but you will need it, and you will like it. after a flood of low-quality deals, the ipo window slammed shut. we had very few of these garbage offerings in 2022. in fact, in the second quarter, we had just 21 deals, raising a mere 2 billion bucks. the slowest quarter for ipo since the great recession. some companies keep trying to pry the ipo window back open. take this crowbar called ivanhoe electric. it is a copper and gold miner that was planned public today with an offering, the deal got delayed. this came as a surprise, because it looks like these guys were dead set on a friday ipo. it makes sense that we consider the commodity markets are falling apart this week. i think the abbott for copper will only get worse as the bed keeps tightening. still, i do not know what is supposed to come early next week, so wanted to give you a closer look on his one. i think it is important not to
6:27 pm
be tempted. let me be very clear. we had over 300 deals last year, with hundreds more startups becoming public by doing these reverse motors with special acquisition companies that i think should never have been allowed by the fcc. there is a cadence to the ipo cycling. i displayed it, from the inside. remember, from the goldman sachs side, i'm not just from the tv side. the investment bankers tend to frontload the best merchandise at the beginning of the cycle. at the end of the cycle, you are being inundated with garbage. companies that should have never gone public. at this point, the cycle is kaput, over. we all know that the ipo market is horrific right now. i cannot think of a good reason why any sensible executive would want to bring their company public right now, unless they need the money very badly with this health care that mike trust got gassed by. all of the respectful businesses are cheering successfully in the future. great characteristics. ivanhoe electric made the potential to be a real business. but their lines are not up and running it. they have a copper pot in arizona, a gold project in uta
6:28 pm
, copper is a byproduct of gold, by the way. they are also working on a silver, gold, and proper project in montana. how beautiful. as well as mining in the ivory coast. i have not been there. mainly, they generate revenue from their technology business with hardware and software that makes it much easier to export minerals. the technology doesn't sound exciting, and their mining projects could potentially be very lucrative. although they would take many years to play out. also, there is patter about how the usa federal projects could be essential to the clean energy transition. you need supply-chain security to really go about the battery business in this company. batteries are the key to making wind and solar viable. ivanhoe electric even have a small business making some of those my lady m flow batteries. man, oh man. it is like this was tailor-made for 2021. incredulous investors
6:29 pm
put their money behind exciting and unproven technologies. especially if they had a renewable technology kicker. well, we are actually in 2022. we are a bear market now for this stuff. they are slamming the brakes on the economy to slow down inflation. the feds have been quite successful. one, the crush the ipo market, so much so that the -- bad news for ivanhoe electric i want to go public. they also put real pressure on metal prices. copper was trading at $4.55, and now it is that $7.56. more portly, wall street is no longer willing to pay out for companies with no earnings, thank heavens. this is a market that values profits and dividends. real companies that make real things that return capital and sell at
6:30 pm
a reasonable price. how right has that mantra been? as for ivanhoe electric, forget earnings, they barely have any revenue. the mining projects are still in the exploration page, and we do not see that happening anytime soon. for the last two years, sales have come from processing services and fuel clients. unless you are 74% of that revenue, it is not tied to a single customer. unfortunately, they may do with that company. a one-time fee of the $70, which they already received in the first quarter. now there is a quarter million of service result in the contract. other than that, it looks like their main source of business has dried up. no wonder ivanhoe wants to go public as soon as possible. who can blame them? beyond the mining technology business, there is also the palladium flow battery business. although that is still in the growing stage. it had no sales in the first quarter, no sales, by the way, means zero sales. when you look at ivanhoe electric's perspectives, frankly, i describe it as one red flag after another. red flags, by the way, you know what they are? red flags. incurring that loss is a
6:31 pm
negative operating cash flow. something that will continue for the future. expand like they are trying to do something as ill-advised as going public in 2022. they have been showing sayers since last summer. even in the perspective they say the ipo proceeds, we will give them enough cash to carry out their business plans for, get this, at least the 12 next 12 months. wow! that is like if you are a mayfly, that is a long period. it just a year of funding, that does not inspire confidence. at least to me, it might to others. it goes on. we currently have limited reflow sources of operating cash flow. we will likely need to raise capital or take other measures to fund future expiration i can develop other activities. you are almost guaranteed to get hit with a secondary offering. here is the biggest red flag. i regarded this as a sub optimal. there is material uncertainty to cast substantial doubt about
6:32 pm
our ability and growing concern. a year or two ago, investors were willing to take that risk. in this market, do you want to take a chance on a company that might not even exist in a year or two? again, i do not want to be too harsh. i have been sweet so far. ivanhoe mining technology is a game changer. and some pathetic to their argument that we do need more domestic blinds. at the end, this is a problem. ivanhoe electric feels like more of a business plan in a business. people have been routinely crushed by this kind of stuff. the company is burning money and is desperate to raise capital. i think this idea could have worked so well in late 2020, most f 2021. that was a very different market though. in today's market, save for kathy wood, who likes of kind of thing. they spent a lot of need for u.s. compromise.
6:33 pm
you see that the mine ivanhoe spent the most money developing over the last few years is actually located in columbia. and that product is a total mess. they do not even mention the perspective of the investment case. i find it discouraging. bottom line, this is really, probably the most important thing. even if ivanhoe electric it out the door next week, i think we should just avoid it. this is not the time to bet on an extremely early-stage copper mining technology play. i do have advice though, because i am coming, i am coming for them for bearing here. you want ivanhoe? i have a suggestion. go read the book or watch the movie. there is some fabulous work by elizabeth taylor. it is some of her early work. i am telling you, i am all in. but, forget about the stocks. dustin in new york, dustin? >> boo yah, jim! upstate new york, longtime listener, first-time caller.
6:34 pm
>> thank you, man. my wife's family are in from j, yo! like blue jay. awesome. what is up? >> open-door technologies for long-term. >> can you -- when you put the term long-term income that means we are are allowed to be wrong short-term. i am night like open. they fooled a lot of people. you know what? it is like a pt barnum thing, they will love that, won't they? they will say, oh, jim, you are so wrong. okay. it is down 61%! empirically, i am right! let's go to sena in california. sena? >> what is up, jim? >> oh, man, the two men will be in the garden tomorrow, maybe sipping a little phosphoryl after i do my work. what is up with you? >> my brother, i have been a fan since 2005.
6:35 pm
i have learned so much from your wisdom. thank you so much. >> think you, thank you. a lot of guys come up today and asked for a picture but i want to tell you, people that do that, actually like it. stop apologizing. i am thrilled! you want to take a picture with me? wow! anyway, there is that. what have we got? well, jimmy, the question i have for you, my man, divvy on. buy, sell? i'm a huge fan, i got on the ipo. i am in there right now. what is the next move? >> here is what the next move is. for test to sell as much of the can. maybe even amazon. i am not a buyer. those guys, amazon, i do not think i want to be on the other side of anything they do. if this. casting some doubt about our ability, if this is about ivanhoe, what a cast. you have got to watch it. the book is good. but elizabeth taylor as rebecca, whoa! better than her stuff in national melvin. the way ivanhoe electric is out the door next week, you need
6:36 pm
to's stay away from it. more mad money, including my work with oshkosh, and getting the latest on a host of specialty vehicles on this. i am bring out three positives to light that i think i was posting that you are not talking about. rapidfire tonight, the lightning round! lightning round! stay with cramer! ♪ ♪ ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪
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>> you know how interactive we are. last thursday, during the lightning round, jacob and connecticut asked about oshkosh. that is diversified industrial that make specialized vehicles, truck bodies. over the last
6:40 pm
couple months, the stock hasn't stunk from 137 to the mid-80s. is that the typical bear market trajectory? it had a move up today, along with the rest of the market. i decided to take a stand thing that you should buy oshkosh. it is a real company with real earnings and a reasonable valuation. this is the stock that does get cheaper as a go down. you have to buy it. it doesn't hurt that they had a very bullish investor day last month that i want to hear about. that is why i want to take a closer look at john pfeiffer, he is the ceo of oshkosh, and a man that watches the show. welcome to mad money! >> hello, jim. i am delighted to be on the show. i enjoy watching it, for sure. >> think you, john. you have an eclectic mix about the incredibly interesting powerful, technologically driven vehicles. i want to give you the floor to
6:41 pm
tell people about all of the exciting things you do at oshkosh. >> yes. i will start with the foundational purpose. that is what unites us and gives us a really strong culture . we serve the people in our communities that are doing the most difficult, most dangerous work there is. soldiers, firefighters, people that work at great heights. we take that mission very seriously. as you said, we do it for mobility. we talk about specialty vehicles as he did the intro, and are access equipment, which allows people to move and have mobility at heights. use technology, we are a technology company, as much as we are in industrial company. we have got incredible technology across electrification, autonomy, mobility systems, intelligent products. we use that to solve problems and drive value for our customers, more now than we have ever been able to do before. we are really excited about the future of what we can do. >> john, the other day, i was
6:42 pm
saying that i hope technology will solve our labor problems. sure enough, i'm going to all the different videos you have on your site. you have a classic, let's say trash pickup machine. i will call it that. describe that. this is remarkable. it really makes it so that if you are short, people that want to be in sanitation, this is the answer. >> sure, yeah. that is what we do. we drive productivity right at the level that we deliver the products. we allow the fleet operators and the operator of the equipment to continuously be more and more productive. we do that through autonomy. we build more autonomy into our refuge and recycling collection vehicle with every year that goes by. every time we drive autonomy into the product, it allows people to be more productive. that is really good for the labor situation that we are in right now. >> boy, take a look at the videos for the videos on your website are quite striking.
6:43 pm
we have a situation with ukraine. i know it has caused some cost issues. but what i find interesting is that you have this stryker medium caliber weapons system. i prayed when i saw it that nato is ordering as many as they can. because if ukraine goes, why not russia go after nato? are these being employed against, or at least a line of defense against the questions? >> well, everything that we do provides a defense for ourselves and our allies, nato countries being number one in that. i do not think there is anything more sustainable than being able to defend against aggression. that is essentially the core of what we do. that stryker vehicle you talked about, that is a new program for us. it is a fantastic win. it expands our capability beyond just the tactical wheel vehicle, that is our base product. and it allows defense
6:44 pm
operations to be more productive, and to defend countries. we will seek nato continuing to invest more, nato countries, continuing to invest more in their defenses as a result of the terrible situation that we see happening in the ukraine today. >> all right, that is good. because these devices, they can make a difference for our allies. you are not stopping. you are making vehicles that have historically been turned into ev. how is that going? >> fantastic. we have been in electrification company for many years. if you do not hear about it previously, it was usually a discrete program for the department of defense, or maybe a discrete product for j og. but the economics were not there to expand it over a wide number of use cases. now we can take that technology
6:45 pm
that we have been developing for years, and we can expand it to a wide number of use cases. you have seen us, with the new coastal vehicle. we are in the last mile delivery today. we have a battery electric poster vehicle. we have done with her access equipment segment. with electric municipal fire trucks, airport rescue and firefighting vehicles. we have even got an electric jlt in our defense portfolio today. you are seeing is really quickly and aggressively deploy this technology we have got across our portfolio of businesses. >> all of your vehicles are chock full of semiconductors. problems in getting the ones you need? >> sure. everybody have problems with semiconductors. one of the things we do to alleviate some of the constraints is that we have had our engineers redesign some of the chips that we use so that the more high value added chips for our suppliers. they tell us, hey, if you design around the highest value chip, you will get better supplies, so that is what we do. but that does not solve all of
6:46 pm
our problems. we still have some supply constraints. it is not just semiconductors either. there are other areas of the supply chain that are still constrained and make it tough for us to operate in the current environment. >> i will say this. i wish more people knew about you. i knew about you for such a long time from some the pieces you did with the military, but because of your culture. it is a long, established, great culture. i really want to thank you for coming on the show. i hope you will be back. >> john pfeiffer, ceo of a very interesting company, oshkosh corporation. good to see you. >> thanks, jim. >> excellent. there are so much good stuff about these. i spent hours looking at these videos. this is a gem of an american company. we will be right back after this break.
6:47 pm
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visit >> before we get to the lightning round, i want to clue you into a huge lineup happening next week on cnbc. live from the madea's festival, we bring you live news conversations from this amazing gathering. we hear from jessica alba, can shuttle, eric schmidt, ibm, pepsico, wells fargo, bumble, and more. i'm not going to be there, and it is breaking my heart. but i support my team.
6:51 pm
tune in. and now, it is time for the lightning round of cramer mad money . in the lightning round is over. are you ready? i am here with bob in new york. bob! >> boo yeah. i am a longtime listener, first time caller and a member of your investment club. i have a question. how is the pain on this stock right? maybe you can help me find natural resources? >> look, this yields 13%. the hedge funds are all getting run out of commodity stocks. it will make a ton of money. you might want to pull the trigger on it today. that is how much i like pioneer. i will throw in gavin, by the way, kevin is too cheap to get it. >> dr. cramer, the first thing i want to say is, thank you
6:52 pm
for the tip on the stock by the name of switch. they were required by a digital bridge group, dvrg. >> know. look, here is the way i think. you know what? i say, congratulations, and let's move on. mike in delaware. michael? >> boo yah, jim. happy friday. >> same to you. >> i know how you feel about this company. i am having a problem here. $84 is where i get it. >> steel prices are coming down. steel prices are coming down. you are not supposed to buy new at this point in the economic cycle. if the energy comes back, new growth comes back. i would rather buy energy then new court. i'm going to josh in minnesota. josh? >> jim, boo yah.
6:53 pm
how are you doing? >> i am doing fine. >> i want to talk to you about o'neill. >> really? >> i have been writing the neil train this week that i had a good time, the first time in a while that i can say that. >> and that is what i have to say about neil. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is a sponsored by td ameritrade. >> coming up, the fate of ukraine, a winter without oil, and the melting value of the dollar in your pockets. hang in there, america. cramer takes on what ails you next.
6:54 pm
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>> you know, i like to consider what could go right for the market. especially if you feel like today, right? i want to dig into the forces
6:57 pm
at work that prevent our economy from having the proverbial hard landing that everybody is worried about and maybe talk about what could happen if things go well. first, the war in ukraine. the war has not been going well. but we have seen a steady stream of diplomats and personalities visiting president zelenskyy and ukraine. but when you take in, zelenskyy has made himself a legitimate champion, which makes it very hard for russia to just assassinate him. that may sound like a strange thing to say. russia spent years stepping out separatists in chechnya. the first thing they did was to assassinate the most important leader with laserguided missiles. of course, chechnya is much smaller than ukraine, and they were part of russia. so they get their support from the west. i cannot think of another world leader that has more support from the west than this guy. and while, vladimir putin's international -- he can stay in power only because he is backed up by nuclear weapons. and there is no free press
6:58 pm
whatsoever, some russian citizens think he is doing really well. as long as russia cannot take out the ukrainian government, they have a very typical landing. is a first sales plan that putin -- western europe to heal. these countries are all dependent on russian natural gas for heating. i was worried that our government, or at least our european allies would sell ukraine out as we got close to the winner. i think they pressured zelinski to make a peace deal and give away decent chunk of his country , to enjoy their natural gas access for that is bad news for the freedom of democracy, but it is great news for the stock market, which wants peace at any price. a negotiated settlement, i will tell you why. the price of oil has collapsed from its recent highs. this makes no sense unless the west has something up its sleeve, so we cannot roil out. oil should not be going down like this. second, we have seen a remarkable collapse in food prices. again, i have been worried about food inflation, because it will sideline ukrainian agriculture, potentially taking out some of the worlds powering productions.
6:59 pm
we know many countries will suffer from famine without help from ukraine. that can get ugly fast. but just like oil, it is not just due to a lack of buyers but i think the traders worry about stuff with these goods. if the war ends, maybe i should say when the war ends. finally, metal prices have begun to collapse also appear that may mean auto prices will not have to raise prices anymore. soon, they can get the hands on their semi-connectors that they need. aluminum, nickel, copper, iron, all of which have prices in decline. what shocks me is that no one else is talking about these declines. it is just crazy. there are very real signs that we are making progress in the fight against inflation. i do not care if it is because a ukraine deal or not, we are making progress. i think people look at these deals, and they look at the declines. they say, so what? it will ensure that we do not go into a recession. they want to stay with just a
7:00 pm
few rate hikes from the fed, and the possibility of cruising you can, we may not have to take things higher than 3% change in inflation. no one seems to be considering that maybe it is what he was betting on. i think many people bet on it today. i would news with shepard smith starts now the ramifications immediate and long term of the supreme court's decision to strike down roe v. wade. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> i'm outraged. >> it's 5-4 on the question of overturning roe. 6-3 on upholding the mississippi law. the dissent, it's a sad day for the court and the millions of americans who now lose a constitutional right >> the court has done what it has never done before, expressly take away a constitutional right that is so


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