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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 30, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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worst first half since the 1970s, you may find yourself in a situation much like the 70s, huddled at home doing nothing because of a lack of confidence in everything, and a belief that we are only going to be worse off in the future. i like to say there is always mo money" i'm jim cramer see you next time. "the news with shepard smith" starts now. the new final supreme court decisions of the tefrm could hav enormous consequences. i am shepard smith this is the thinnews on cnbc two monumental rulings what they mean for migrants see seeking asylum in america and the federal pour to transition the u.s. to enclaen energy. >> this is a big setback for the biden administration to restrict global warming. >> taking a new position on the filibuster rule in congress. >> i believe we have to codify roe v. wade in the law. >> but is it possible? stunning arrests for allegedly abducting and pbeat ad
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beating women, forcing them into sex acts and putting those on only fans. the couple in custody and the multistate investigation escalating fallout from the pomshell january-6th committee testimony. >> an absolutely confident um in her credibility. and had the hearings are complete, the new plan the president just announced a mother with her baby in a stroller shot point plank on a manhattan street the crypto queen lands on the fb fbi's most-wanted list and another mishap with lord's stanley cup. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news shepard smith. >> good evening. the supreme court handed down two more consequential rulings today. unon climate and air pollution restrictions the other, on a controversial immigration policy
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in a 5-4 decision, justices gave president biden the power to end the trump-era remain in mexico policy it's forced many migrants to wait in that country milewhie t seek asylum in the united states chief justice roberts and cavanaugh sided with the three justices president biden's opinion trying to reverse this policy since he took office last year. many republicans are slamming the decision the texas governor, dpreg ab pot says it will only embolden what he calls the administration's open-border policy in the supreme court's second ruling today, justices limited the epa's ability to restrict carbon emissions from power plants the vote here, 6-3. bef we have's governor says it gave gives power back to the people critic es argue it is a major step in the wrong direction, and could have horrendous implications for the environment ask well beyond.
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nbc justice correspondent pete williams leads us off tonight. pete, walk us through the ruling on the epa case if you would what kind of imimpact could that >> roe was a constitutional decision this is another part of the supreme court day job is sprpting federal law and the question here is whether existing fraul law that sets up the environmental protection agency gives it the authority the epa wanted to have the rn here is air pollution there is no doubt the environmental protection agency has the authority to limit that. but the question was can it do it only -- a power plant by power plant within the call walls and the fence line of that power plant. or did it have broader authority to encourage utilities to shift more of the nation's generating capacity away from coal-burning plants toward wind and solar ask today, the supreme court said the answer to that question is no. chief justice john roberts righting the majority opinion said a decision of such
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magnitude and consequence recollects congress itself or an agency acting pursuant to a clear delegation from that representative body. and he said congress simply never gave the epa that explicit authority on such a major policy initiative however, the dissenters said yes it did the lead dissent here written by elena kagan. she said the court appoints itself instead of congress or the expert agency, the decision maker on climate policy, i cannot think of many things more frightening, shep. >> pete, the court also decided to take up a really controversial elections law case. >> yeah, this is a case that comes from north carolina. the issue was redistricting. a state court rejected the republican legislature map for con depressionle districts and so north carolina is saying to the supreme court that can't be the way it is supposed to work they want the court to rule state legislatures, not state courts have the last word on how elections are conducted for federal candidates
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that ismans of congress and of course the president republicans say that is how it's supposed to work that the constitution says the legislatures decide the time, place, and manner of choosing candidates but opponents of this idea, which is known as the independent legislature doctrine, say it would take from state courts, the ability to referee disputes and protect voter rights when their votes are threatened, shep. >> pete williams live in our washington newsroom. >> i am pleased to welcome justice jackson to the court and to our common calling. [ applause ] >> justice ketanji brown jackson, the first black woman to serve on the u.s. supreme court. in a statement, justice jackson wrote she is eager to approx be a part of the promise of our great nation her husband, holding two pibibls and two daughters looking on, justice jackson took to oaths. retiring justice stephen breyer administered one, chief justice
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john roberts, the other. the kofrt court's 6-3 conservative majority unchanged. justices sonia sotomayor, elena kagan, and amy coney barrett now, for the first time in history, four women will serve together justice jackson has worked as a federal judge since 2013 the 51-year-old is taking the place of the supreme court justice for whom she unsonce clerked. stephen breyer officially retired today. he announced his plan to step down back in january the 83-year-old has served on the rye tort for nearly lee decade. arrests today outside the supreme court during a pig protest of the roe v. wade overturn crowds shut down traffic, sitting in -- sitting and blocking an intersection police say they arrested more than 180 of them president biden spoke on roe during his final news conference at the nato summit today
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he said he will do everything in his power fight the supreme court ruling including changing the filibuster rules in the senate so that they can create legislation. >> i believe we have to codify roe v. wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure that congress votes to do that and if the filibuster gets in the way, it is like voting rights, it should be we provide an exception for this -- require an exception of the filibuster for this action. >> the senate's filibuster requires 60 votes to pass most pieces of legislation. it could approximate changed with a simple-majority vote but the democrats don't have enough support to do it cnbc senior white house correspondent, kayla tausche, traveling with the president live in madrid kayla? >> reporter: shep, president biden had long supported the filibuster but his views began shifting as president his as he faced congressional gridlock and persistent pressure from party progressives that recently referred a fever pitch last year, mr. biden suggested a
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return to the talking filibuster that is where lawmakers have to talk to block a bill in july that year, though, he backed away from that during a debate on voting rights saying at a "cnn town hall," it would overshadow the merits of that policy and cause chaos. >> there is no reason to protect it other than you are going to throw the entire congress into chaos and nothing will get done. nothing at all will get done and there is a lot at stake. most important one is the right to vote. that is the single-most important one. >> reporter: but since the scotus' opinion leaked, the left has turned up the heat from congresswoman cori bush tweeting that day to kill the filibuster saying this is an emergency. to firebrand aoc on the late show last night. >> when we are strengthened by the fill burnt or even a change to the talking or standing filibuster, in doing so, we can codify roe. >> then, there is senator
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elizabeth warren who told "politico" early-this morning, there's already been a vote to codify roe and we don't have the votes. if we pick up two more senators, he can ditch the filibuster. the two senators in question democrats joe manchin and kyrsten sinema manchin voted against that bill on abortion rights in may. sinema opposes any change to the filibuster aides today said their positions are unchanged. now, even if the senate did have the ability to make that change, if republicans flip the house november, then it doesn't even make a difference. democrats have said that they want the party to do more, they want the white house to be able to make more progress than just to have a push to get out the vote but, shep, this filibuster issue is going to become a midterm issue of its own. >> dkayla tausche live for us in many madrid. the chair of the january 6th committee is defending the panel investigation into the insurrection speaking at reagan national library, congresswoman liz cheney said the shake staiks are
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high, and she warned the republican party cannot ignore ha she sees as the threat former-president donald trump poses to the gop. >> the reality that we face today as republicans as we think about the choice in front of us, we have to choose because republicans cannot, both, be loyal to donald trump and loyal to the constitution. at this moment -- [ applause ] >> congresswoman cheney ease speech came just after the commit cree subpoenaed former trump white house counsel pat cipollone. the committee requested he sit for a deposition this-coming wednesday. a lawyer familiar with cipollone's deliberations says he will consider testimony, but that he will have to weigh matters of privilege ylan mui now what are committee members saying about the prospects of getting cipollone under oath >> well, shep, the committee believes duty to country should outweigh everything else
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vice chair liz cheney said she really hopes cipollone will testify even if it is via a transcribed interview rather than as a live witness now, the commit cretee said he credible evidence about key moments including president trump's push to submit fake electoral ballots and install jeffrey clark as head of the doj. cipollone allegedly called that plan a murder-suicide pact the committee is also interested in what cipollone knows about attempts to stop the count on january 6th. >> i think this is an instance where the presidency, the american people, we have been through something we have never been through before and very real ask significant chance that there, you know, there that was paver underway, about which mr. cipollone expressed significant concerns and i think he has an only dpagz obligation to testify. >> on his social media platform, trump accused them of going after dirt he said cooperation by the
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former white house counsel will set a terrible precedent these hearings are far from over but the country is already starting to form an opinion about what should happen next. a new pollpy "the ap" and university of chicago found nearly half of americans -- 48% -- believe that trump should approximate charge with a crime for what happen that day 31% disagree 21% say they still don't know enough to judge but, shep, public opinion is heavily split along party lines. >> elon, mpresident biden has plans to address the nation after this investigation is complete >> yeah, shep, sources are telling nbc that it is likely that biden will address the nation potentially even before the midterms now, the president would be looking to highlight haas at stake if trump or his allies return to power. so far, biden has refrained from weighing in on these hearings. but a speech could help reengage voters who have been focused on inflation and gas prices and position biden as the clear alternative to trump remember, back in 2020, biden
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said he was in a battle for the soul of the nation a speech could test whether that message still resonates for 2024 shep >> ylan mui, live tonight. thank you. a manhunt in manhattan after a young mother was shot in the head on a public street in broad daylight, and her baby left alone in the stroller the person for whom police are now searching. human trafficking. forced drug use. ident th ide identity theft and fraud just some of the long list of crimes a couple from ohio is accused of committing. their multistate operation and how the with ewebsite only fans comes into play. and a new addition to the fbi's most-wanted list the alleged crypto-scam artist earning a spot among cartel leaders, murderers, and terrorists [whistling]
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there is a manhunt underway in america's largest city and beyond for a killer who ex-kexecuted a young mother on a new york city street, shooting her at point-blank range while she pushed her baby in a stroller. according to the nypd, it happened last night around 8:po 30 on manhattan's upper east side 21 year old aziza johnson was pushing her 3 month old near a playground then, a man dressed in all black am pushed and shot her in the head authorities say they think it uds with -- says mayor eric adams. according to police, they say they are trying to get in touch with the child's father. the victim's mother tells nbc 4 new york, the ex-boyfriend had been stalking and harassing the victim and that she feared something like this was going to happen. federal prosecutors launching an investigation into the new york city police department's special victims
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division the department mostly handles crimes involving rape, saexual abuse in children. it inspired law and order special victims unit u.s. attorneys say the department is accused of je gender-biased policing it didn't follow basic steps in investigations, and instead shamed and abused and retraumatized victims. a commissioner with the nypd says the department welcomes the investigation, writing in a statement, "i believe any constructive review of our practices in the special victims' division will show the nypd has opinion evolving and improving in this area, but we will be transparent and open to criticism, as well as ideas in the process. revealed today accusations of a drug-fueled sex-trafficking ring carried out across six states with vulnerable women as prey cops in ohio busting a couple said to be responsible prosecutors accuse them of
7:17 pm
violently forcing women into sex acts the couple now behind bars, according to documents the man also forced one woman to take a sex video and nude photos ask he then posted those to an only fans account. that he made without her consent. the district attorney in manhattan calling the details of the case horrific. here is cnbc's perry russom. >> reporter: prosecutors in new york are call it an abhorrent sex trafficking scheme playing out in part on only fans, one of the most popular adult platforms in the world prosecutors say they are the ring leaders the married couple was arrested in ohio where they were living both pleading not guilty ruiz is accused of posting post tugds ads online for i am ask driving women to hotels in multiple states in the northeast. santiago is accuse the of waiting outside to get paid. according to prosecutors, ruiz, who was also known as saint,
7:18 pm
would punch the women if they didn't make enough money, if they tried to run, or if they just fell asleep and to keep them from falling asleep, ruiz is accused of forcing them to do cocaine according to the indictment, on at least one occasion, he displayed a firearm. h according to prosecutors, the pair took the women's i.d.s, birth certificates ask ask social security cards to keep them from running and with the cards they fraudulently got thousands of dollars in government benefits and took out loans. according to the indictment, ruiz told one of the woman to create freefs and videos on only foons ask threatened to hit her if she didn't. in the indictment it says he talked with clients on foenl fans to set up the prostitution dates. a spokesperson for only fans says in part we did do not tolerate abusive or nonson khan sen issue content or any other violations of our teams of
7:19 pm
service and take appropriate actions. >> santia deyoe's lawyer denying the allegations. it is not clear how the twoer caught but prosecutors say they were trying to hide by creating an llc in connecticut, giving out fake pay stubs shep. >> perry russom live for us tonight. thank you. it has been a vicious six months for the markets. inflation's crushing consumers and investors so is the carnage close to over? or just getting started? cnbc's mike breaks down the new data out just today. plus, talk about bad timing. the warning for mustard lovers justhe of e lyth aadthju-4 weekend. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system,
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but that was an epic fail. with xfi we can stream, share, swipe, like... impress your mom with super-sonic wifi. it's unbeatable internet for a more unbeatable gru. i mean, you. wall street closing a brutal first half the year today. the s&p's drop the ed 21% since january. that is its worst first half in more than five decades
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the dow's plunged 13% over the pa past three months. that is its worst quarterly performance since the start of 2020 when covid weaked havoc on wall street. the biggest loser? the nasdaq now, more than 20% over the pablt three months as tech stocks got crushed it is nasdaq's worst stretch since 2008 the selloff came down to one major factor inflation today, he got new economic data, it shows americans are starting to spend less as higher prices weigh on the economy according to the commerce department, consumer spending rose only two-tenths of a percent last month that is the smallest increase this year. meantime, one of the fed's main inflation measures is showing some signs of easing according to the commerce department, the core personal consumption expenditures index jumped 4.7% in may, year over year that is slightly lower than economists expected but still near the highest level since
7:23 pm
january of 1982. so, inflation is still rising, just not as fast as it was cnbc senior markets commentator mike santolli, do we know? >> there are hints in that direction, shep. the market seizing on them example, wholesale gasoline prices down 15% off recent highs. you see things like airline tickets that's been a big driver of inflation in services recently they have cooled off a little bit. the issue is it is still at a el vaeted level so it is still probably a little too high for the federal reserve's comfort for now. >> fewer jobless claims last month -- or i should say, last week, mike, how does the fed react to that? >> well, the jobs market has opinion basically the strongest part of the economy. the fed takes some comfort in that and unfortunately, maybe for markets, it believes that the strong labor market allows the economy to absorb the rate increases that the fed still believes are necessary so, in some sense, it's great
7:24 pm
news that basically most people m who want a job have it because you have to watch closely pause it can be a lagging indicator. it can be the kind of thing that will worsen over time as the economy slows. >> any signs of hope for a rally in the second half of the year, mike >> well, history says perhaps, yes. there have only been five years before this one when the market was down more than 15% in the first half in each of those five years, the index was up in the second half of the year. now, it wasn't in a straight line didn't mean you bottomed on june 30th sometimes, it was rough for a while after that but there are some indications that eventually, you get some relief once the market, prices, and maybe sees toward the end in what the fed needs do in raising interest rates. >> mike santoli, live at the night seat thank you. a huge-travel weekend ahead for fourth of july in the air, delays, cancellations, and today, we learned -- today, we learned of yet another problem. the supreme court's division --
7:25 pm
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flight cancellations ask delays taking -- making travel a real mess this summer according to flight aware airlines have cancelled more than 21,000 nights, just this month. that is almost 3% of all scheduled flights. as for delays, nearly 180,000 of them -- roughly one in four flights -- has landed at least 15 minutes late. airlines report they just don't have enough pilots now, many of those who are still on the job are demanding new contracts. today, about is 1,500 off-duty delta pilots picketed at airports across the country. they are not on strike but they are unhappy contract talks phil lebeau covers the industry for us phil, what is the main complaint for these delta pilots >> fairly typical complaints, shep, and we have seen these over the years with these contract negotiations. it's pay, job security, and a big complaint is better control of their schedules when you listen to pilots and i have talked with a number of them, they say they are fatigued
7:28 pm
that the schedules that have opinion set by the airlines, particularly delta, are far too aggressive and they want to have better control of what happens scheduling in the future and again, thir not on strike, shep, but when the public sees somebody in a uniform like that walking with a sign saying they might go on strike at some point in the future, that gets the attention of flyers and that is not what management wants to see. >> but it is exactly what the pilots want to see are other airlines going through contact talks? and is this causing any of them delays or cancellations? what are wite seeing >> well, there is no proof pilots are causing these delays or cancellations but there is no proof that they are causing these delays and almost every airline right now, shep, is going through a contract negotiation just in the last couple of hours, i have heard that american has made a contract offer to its pilots, offering essentially a 17% increase in
7:29 pm
compensation going through 2024. we will see this over the next couple of months, where there is going to be informational picketing, complaining from various unions, and then offers of contracts exchanged back and forth. >> very valuable folks, those pilots phil lebeau, thanks very much. a crypto finder makes an infamous top ten and that is what is topping cnbc's "on the money. the woman behind an alleged $4 billion kcrypto fraud scream now among the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives founded bulgarian-based cryptocurrency called one coin that was in 2014 the doj reports she went on to defraud billions of dollars in investors, then disappeared. the crypto, a scam no blockchains of the transactions.
7:30 pm
fbi offers 100,000 reward leading to her arrest. the condiment shortage heetding up. first,sy ra cha hot sauce, thou, yellow mustard may be hard to find just as he load up on grilling supplies for the weekend. seems drought and heat waves ro they grow mustard seeds across western canada and northern united states are causing all kinds of principals. and rocker and fashion icon david bowie gets his second barbie doll tribute. mattel now honoring the 50-year release of his "hunky dory" album. that was a top hit of the pum. the limited edition of the barbie goes on sale for 50 bucks. today at the pump, gas prices edging down as we head to the holiday weekend. nationed, the average, $4.85 gallon down nine cents from last week but still up 24 cents from last
7:31 pm
month and a buck 74 from year over year. on wall street the dow down 254 s&p down 33. the nasdaq, down 149 i am shaepard smith on cnbc. it is the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news gabby petito's family wants her killer's parents to pay. they contend the laundries knew what blooirian had done but stad upon silent. now, the petitos learn when they can sue. the manhunt for a murder suspect in a pro-cyclist death how it ended in central america. but first, judges in two states block abortion bans in florida, a judge called the state's ban on abortions after 15 weeks unconstitutional and temporarily halted that ban. and in kentucky, a court approved a temporary restraining order on two laws that prohibit
7:32 pm
abortion there gop officials in both states say they plan to fight the new orders similar court rulings are coming up daily so, the number of states with bans keeps changing. reports more than half of all states have or are planning to impose new anti-abortion laws. some of them have just one exception, and that one exception is causing confusion in the medical community here is cnbc's senior health and science correspondent, meg tirrell. >> the pest word to use right now for the state of healthcare in this country, particularly around pregnancy, is chaotic >> reporter: while state abortion bans contain exceptions for when a pregnant person's life is in danger, doctors treating these patients say the laws are anything but clearcut. >> what about a patient who has breast cancer? they are not actively dying. so, should they continue a pregnancy and defer all treatment until they are actively dying
7:33 pm
>> dr. leyla is a maternal fetal medicine physician in tennessee, which this summer expects to implement a ban on all abortions. it contains an exception, quote, to prevent the death or serious risk of substantial and inreversible impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman violation of the law would approximate a class c felony potential prison time of 3 to 15 years and fines of up to $10,000. >> my biggest concern is how many patients are going to be harmed because providers are scared to give care that they know is correct but that they are worried will come back on them as a legal problem. >> reporter: in texas where are an abortion ban at about six ekes went into effect last september, doctors report care has changed for the worse. a survey of 25 clinicians and 20 patients published in the new england journal of medicine found disrupgs in care for ectopic pregnancies, which aren't viable pause they implant outside the uterus and can cause
7:34 pm
life-threatening blood loss and patients sent home ruptured membranes, only to return sepsis, a life threatening response for infection immediate care could approximate delayed by having to consult a lawyer or wait until a parent's health deteriorates. >> unfortunately, we are going to see people approximate hurt we are going to see potentially people die from these laws not only the direct impact of the laws but certainly the chaos and confusion that are resulting from the laws. >> now, proponents of the laws say there are standard ways to treat these kind of medical emergencies but the doctors we spoke with said there are a lot of gray areas and they expect over the coming months for both the federal government and medical groups to try to provide some guidance. shep >> meg tirrell, thanks very much women across the country say they are deleting apps that track their menstrual cycles since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, some activists have been warning users that tech companies can share their personal
7:35 pm
information, the telling women, especially in states where abortion is now illegal, to get rid of those apps. one of the states is kentucky. local coverage now from our affiliate lex 18 news and their reporter, evelyn schultz. >> it's just a scary time to approximate a woman. >> reporter: kelly bishop deleted a period-tracking app off her phone this week, over fears her person-health data could be used in ways she doesn't want. >> every tool that you use to be responsible for your reproductive health can now be used as surveillance against you. >> reporter: she is not the only one with concerns information about her period could be subpoenaed or sold to a third party. post-roev. wade, a barrage of social media users advised women to delete apps that track their psych lts, especially if they live in states where abortion is now outlawed we took those concerns to a constitutional law professor here at the university of kentucky you are right to be mindful of your privacy but i would say the
7:36 pm
threats to your privacy are i would say more from the private sector. >> he is referring to companies who buy data from apps and use it for marketing purposes. the professor told us the fourth amendment protects users of period-tracking apps from the government he cites carpenter versus united states, when the supreme court ruled the government couldn't obtain cell-phone location records without a warrant. >> the fourth amendment protects you against the government attaining that data. it doesn't mean the government couldn't possible low obtain it. but they have to have probable cause and the process of getting a warrant. >> according to him, it is not likely the government would access data about someone's menstrual cycle to prosecute them still, companies are addressing concerns flo just added anonymous mode, which removes personal identy from an account. it is not any comfort to bishop who says she won't be downloading these type of apps anymore. state of ohio wants to help
7:37 pm
rebuild america's semiconductor industry intel announced a plan, earlier-this year to invest more than $20 billion in ohio to build what would become the world's largest semiconductor chip-making complex. supply shortages are impacting everything from smartphones to cars and the experts say these new factories audio help ease some of those issues. but now, intel's ceo says the plans are all on pause cnbc's scott cohen live in new albany, ohio, where the company was spouz to break ground next month. >> shep, the holdup is congress and something called the chips act, which was a piece of legislation that is supposed to address some of those shortages. it is stalled there and -- and so that is are why things are on hold here. the vision here in new albany, east of columbus, was for a giant manufacturing complex, all kind of suppliers springing up around it. well, we are going to have to keep imagining that for at least a while. and maybe, a lot longer.
7:38 pm
>> reporter: high governor mike dewine speaking us with exclusively has big plans for intel. >> i truly believe this is the midwest time i believe it's ohio's time >> reporter: so does the president of the ohio state university just 20 miles from intel's site. >> it's something we recognize we are creating a network, a midwest research semiconductor network. >> reporter: intel calls it silicon heartland, transforming what used to be the rustbelt but now it is all on hold. the groundbreaking scheduled for next month delayed indefinitely. intel's ceo on cnbc this week. >> the credit of delaying a ceremonial announcement. you know, this sucks >> reporter: at issue? the delay in congress passing the chips act, including $52 billion in aid to the u.s. semiconductor industry intel also standing to pick up $2 billion in incentives from ohio. >> is is it right for a company that made $20 billion in profits last year to be holding everyone
7:39 pm
hostage over incentives? >> i don't think they are holding anybody hostage. when we won, they told us we're coming but all the way through, they told us if the chip acts pass, we will accelerate extremely fast >> reporter: indeed, intel says it is still committed to this site in ohio but the chips act is the difference between a $20 billion investment over several years and a hundred billion dollars much faster. >> they i don't think wanted to be in a position where they would say to congress we're breaking ground and congress still hadn't passed the chip act. >> reporter: another wrinkle ohio has with unof the nation's strictest abortion bans. a dewine priority now in effect after the fall of roe versus wade intel has said hiring a diverse workforce is a priority in ohio, particularly women. >> what i have emphasized in ohio is our need to focus on what we can agree on what we can agree on is we need to help kids
7:40 pm
>> reporter: intel declined to comment, specifically on the ohio abortion law, except to reiterate its commitment to pay for out-of-state travel for employees who need reproductive care dewine says the topic of abortion never came up in the -- in the talks intel but the topic of subsidies, shep, absolutely did. >> scott cohn, live on site tonight. thank you. a major victory for ukraine. russia's defense ministry reports its troops are retreating from a key strategic position in the black sea. it is called snake island. you may remember it. it is a small piece of land, 20 miles off the coast of odesa in southern ukraine ukrainian forces used new western weapons to -- to drive russian troops out of there. it is amajor setback for the kremlin, no doubt, because niek sn snake island is near key shipping lanes this comes as 144 ukrainian soldiers are set free in a
7:41 pm
prisoner swap russians it happened yesterday according to ukraine's defense ministry. ukrainian officials say the majority have severe injuries, including broken bones, amputated limbs or legs i should say. this is the largest prisoner swap between the two countries since russia invaded ukraine. an old arrest warrant discovered in the case of emmett till's murder in mississippi the target, the woman, and evidence suggest was at the center of the entire incident. so, where is she now and will she be served police say brian laundrie kille killed gabby petito and in a notebook they found with his remains, we finally get a reason why. but will her family be allow today sue the laundries? now, we know i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance. bundle home and auto and save. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate
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7:43 pm
nearly 70 years ago, to white men lynched emmett till in mississippi. now, his family wants the woman
7:44 pm
at the center of that case arrested the year was 1955. carolyn bryant donham accused emmett till of making improper againsts toward her. said he whistled at her. black men couldn't do that to white women in mississippi back then according to "the associated press," evidence in the case indicates a woman -- possibly d done donham -- told til's murderers who he was they kidnapped him from his relative's home, brutally beat and disfigured him and dumped his remains in a river the trial against his accused killers began just two weeks after his death and all white mississippi jury found both men not guilty after less than an hour of deliberation at the time, there was as alice an arrest for donham but the county sheriff told reporters he didn't want to, quote, bother her since she had two young children a team of researchers found an
7:45 pm
unserved warrant buried in a box of paperwork in le fleur county, mississippi, white house just last week. so now, the family wants action. here is cnbc's shomari stone. >> i am feeling very hopeful, overwhelmed at the moment. >> reporter: deborah and terry watts believing they are unstep closer to getting justice in the nearly 70-year-old torture and murder of their cousin, emmett till. >> we believe we found one piece of evidence that had never been looked for and that can be used to prove the culpability. >> last week, they were part of a team searching a mississippi' courthouse basement for evidence finding the unserved warrant inside a file folder in a box charging carolyn bryant dunham cnbc has not been able to independently verify it. it states she was charged in his abduction, but wasn't arrested. >> she was married to one of the
7:46 pm
two white went tried and acqui acquitted by an all-white jury years later, the two men admitted to the murder but never served time in prison. both died. d dunham is alive and in her 80s. >> i think new evidence will make a difference because it shows that she is culpable in the kidnapping and murder charges of emmett till. >> last december, the u.s. justice department investigated and closed the case. legal experts say new charges are unlikely by itself, i mean, kroegt so i think they need more than -- than what is there to actually lead the charges >> reporter: emmett till's family is not giving up home. >> the weight of all this is on all of our shoulders not just our family. and i think the world is watching and mississippi has an opportunity to turn this around and do the right thing, charge carolyn bryant dunham now. >> we are waiting pour response from the district attorney in
7:47 pm
mississippi. meanwhile, we have opinion unable to reach carolyn bryant dunham shep. >> se shomari stone, thank you. >> gabby petito's family can sue brian laundrie's family for emotional distress that ruling came today from a judge in florida the petitos claim the laundries knew of key information about gabby's death but didn't share it the laundrie family filed a motion to dismiss the suit but lost in a statement, the family attorney says brian's parents are disappointed with the judge's decision gabby petito and brian laundrie were, of course, on a cross-country road trip in a van last summer. authorities later found gabby petito's body in a remote area of northern wyoming. a coroner confirmed she died of strangulation. police found brian laundrie's skeletal remains weeks later officials said he shot and killed himself the laundrie's family's lawyer released pages from his notebook just last week in them, he wrote that he had
7:48 pm
killed gabby petito -- quoting now -- out of mercy. he wrote that something happened to her ask then i don't know the extent of gabby's injuries, only that she was in extreme pain i ended her life i thought it was merciful, whate wanted but i see now all the mistakes i made. the petito's lawyer said he was shocked the laundrie's lawyer released brian's notebook pages. in a statement he approximate in part said the laundrie lawyer cherry picked portions to gain sympathy and they expect in the near future that at least one other confession with a different scenario will be released a texas woman accused of murdering pro-cyclist anna mariah wilson last month is now under arrest after a global manhunt. u.s. marshals found her in costa rica after 43 days on the run. detectives detained and questioned kaitlan armstrong in mid-may. a day after wilson was found dead from a gunshot wound.
7:49 pm
but they let her go because the warrant they used wasn't valid marshals say shh she then sold her car for 12 grand and headed to austin's airport. according to police, she took a flight to new york city. marshals say armstrong turned up in new jersey just a few days later. from there, they say she used a fake passport to board a flight to costa rica. that was a week after wilson's death and a day after police in texas issued a warrant for her but then, her trail went cold until now. cops say armstrong killed wilson because she thought wilson was hooking up with her boyfriend. armstrong faces a first-degree murder charge once she is back in the united states walking through history in san francisco. a pride tour hoping to use lessons from the past to make a better future. the colorado avalanche celebrating their nfl
7:50 pm
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continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. pride month is today for member of the lgbtq community, the fight for equality goes on and a tour block in san francisco is doing it unblock at a time here is cnn kate rogers. >> kathy owns cruz in the castro walking tours, guiding visitors from around the country and world from san francisco's historic castro neighborhood the tour highlights the area's crucial park ask l dp btq
7:53 pm
history and harvey milk's role in the gay rights movement it has been running more than 30 years with her at the helm for more than 17 but the tour has evolved as the political landscape in america has shifted and as lgbtq' rights are under fire in states around the country. she says she isn't just a tour guide. her role has become one of both about visit and educator. >> in today's political climate, we are still fighting for the rights to love, to exist, and equality in our country which this is a huge part of my tour is educating and advocating people to make positive social changes in the world >> reporter: with san francisco's pride celebration back in full swing after a two-year hiatus due to covid, business has been strong from both corporate groups and international tourists but pride and its significance is year round and she says more pressing in the face of recent news like the supreme court's overturning of roe v. wade,
7:54 pm
which could jeopardize other civil rights. >> to me, and to actually talk about our culture ask rights ask what is happening in our coucountr ask again, inspiring people to vote it's -- it is he that. so, it all comes to me utilizing my tools as a platform to advocate for social changes. and um, it is changing one heart at a time. it is exhausting but it's even more exhausting to hear our rights are being taken away >> reporter: the purpose here is clearly educate, advocate, spark meaningful education ask change and there is certainly a lot to talk about shep. >> kate rogers live in san francisco. hey, if you are a baseball purist and you are walking around the house, sit down robot umpires will be calling p balls and strikes in the big leagues in to years. mr. rob manfred dropped the bomb
7:55 pm
on espn. but they look like this. they are already being tested in triple a ball. the reason for the change in to speed up the game. the commission told espn the robots are a lot faster than humans mlb data show it cuts nine minutes off the average game this season. oh, mercy. after a hockey team wins the stanley cup, each player gets to spend one day with the trophy. tradition goes back decades. some players show off the cup at their favorite restaurant. others take it to a casual fishing trip or carry it up a mountain. and almost every year, it's used as a giant chalice for champagne and beer members of the colorado avalanche are now getting their chance to celebrate with the cup. the team's captain got it earlier this week but local reporting now from nbc 9 in denver and their reporter, jennifer meckels.
7:56 pm
>> early evening, about to watch the news >> reporter: monday night, after the av's stanley cup victory. >> i saw -- saw the car parked in our driveway. >> they were at home in denver's hilltop neighborhood. >> you said, kit, there is somebody here for you. >> yes for you because i know it was not for me. >> their camera system caught the moments that followed. >> who's that? >> the person opened the trunk ask i sand i saw the case i recognize it because it was the -- the final games. >> everyone did. >> we saw them bring up to the ice. >> i like joking is that the stanley cup? and he says yes. [ laughter ] >> running out the door. i went out, i said can i see it? and he opened it and said of course here is the only picture i got. >> lord stanley's cup right there in their own driveway. >> so he opens it up and i did feel the rim right away, and because i saw it was dented.
7:57 pm
that was all fixed i picked it up by the neck and got a feeling for it yeah and i would say it was -- >> it is a little bigger than that. >> three feet. >> three feet, yes and it's bigger around than i thought. >> reporter: the cup keepers told them they were looking for another house in the neighborhood with a similar address number av's captain gabriel. >> they were only one digit off. because of that one digit, it was for us. >> oops. what's one more step >> we make sure safe. >> and we showed them where they were supposed to go. they were really nice people, and i imagine they had some sense of embarrassment because they got to the wrong address but they also wouldn't know what joy they brought to us it made our day and it is something we will be able to talk about and laugh about for a long time. >> reporter: for the news, i'm jennifer mekless. 55 seconds on a race to the finish two decisions in the supreme
7:58 pm
court. the other, the justices limited the ability to broadly restrict carbon emissions from power plants the high court with another milestone today. swearing in ketanji brown jackson as newest member of the court. she replaces retiring justice stephen breyer justice ketanji brown jackson is the first black om to serve on the supreme court. and president biden saying today, he will support suspending filibuster rules in the senate to pass a law codifying abortion rights. but democrats don't have the votes to make it happen. now, you know the news of this thursday, june the 30th, 202 2 i am shepard smith follow us on the gram and twitter @the news on cnbc. and we hope you will be back tomorrow night for another edition of the nus news a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,... i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq. check. when uc held me back... i got lasting, steroid-free remission with rinvoq.
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