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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 2, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> sit back, relax and hope your flight takes office. i'm eamon jafers in tonight for shepard smith and this is "the news" on cnbc. america's airlines put to the test >> sunday will be very biz. >> passengers bracing for delays and cancellations. >> never come to an airport before and wondering if my flight will take off or not, so it was a little nerve-racking. >> drivers face near-record gas prices, we're tracking it all. inflation relief and states lifting taxes on goods and some offering check, but will it actually help? new reporting on how former
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white house trump counsel pat cipollone might answer the subpoena and who tried to intimidate the committee's star witness. wnba's britney griner in a russian court. day one of her trial and whyec perts say there may be one way to get her home. the colossal shake-up in college sports steve jobs, denzel and the others earning the nation's highest civilian award and cnbc's jane wells. >> why are we doing this about cornhole will grow live from cnbc, the facts, the truth. "the news with shepard smith". good evening travel is back, but are the airlines ready this holiday weekend set to be a major test they've been struggling with mass cancellations any delays all week long. ape live look at newark airport
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in new jersey. today alone airlines have canceled 500 flights across the country according to flight aware and they've delayed 5,000 other flights. the crowds this year larger than before the pandemic. tsa reports yesterday alone agents screened nearly 2.5 million travelers. that's up 17% from the same day just three years ago, but this morning the tsa administrator promised a relatively quick journey at least through security. >> every airport in the country they can have faith that we'll keep our wait time standards to where they need to be 30 minutes or less for a standard passenger and ten minuters on less for a pre-check pass employer. 42 million americans will be hitting the roads this weekend and drivers are facing near record prices at the pump. today's average $4.84 a gallon we have complete coverage tonight. s shomari stone, and bill ckarins
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with the forecast, and perry russom. >> long lines at o'hare and 29 cancellations so far today as this weekend just gets started >> a monumental weekend fourth of july travel. >> our flight got canceled yesterday. >> i waited all summer for this. >> anticipation at the airport is met with hundreds of cancellations and delays nationwide. >> every flight we were on was overbooked. >> what's the alternative? sitting around for another two and a half years >> we've never come to an airport wondering if my flight would take off or not. >> airlines facing a shortage of flight attendants, pilots and air traffic controllers. >> they say we don't have enough pilots to do it. you're not utilizing us and you built a schedule that's not
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tenable. >> some airlines offering fewer flights giving them delays when they happen. delta is offering free flights to move trips outside of the weekend citing a potentially challenging next few days. american airlines regional airline envoy is offering pilots triple pay to take more flights. >> in a letter to pete buttigieg, vermont senator bernie sanders is calling on him to require airlines to give a full refund when flights have been delayed one hour and fine airlines $15,000 per passenger when flights are delayed for two hours not weather related and fine airlines $55,000 per pass edger for scheduling flights they know cannot be properly staffed. >> right now not only are we fighting clear sky failures and we're getting tools that don't get the job done. >> some of the planes are overbooked so airlines are paying passengers just to get off the plane. there was a flight from grand rapids, michigan, to
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minneapolis. it was a delta flight where passengers say they were being offered $10,000 to get off that plane. eamon? >> $10,000 that's amazing i've got a flight tonight, perry. we'll see how it goes. i'll take the deal they offer it. >> another wrench in your holiday weekend travel plans severe weather storms set to hit the northeast on saturday morning. 50 million people are at risk. you'll be looking at possible wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour and potential halo top of that but for fourth of july fireworks, clear skies and mild temps expected almost across the board on monday night. nbc's bill karins is tracking the weather for us this weekend. bill, where are the trouble spots? >> eamon, it's been a very difficult travel day already with thunderstorms plaguing us at the airport some of the worst spots, too we had d we had dulles that caused a ground stop, and jfk you get the idea storms on the horizon and that will cause a lot of problems and
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let's get to the maps and the additional impacts and the storms disappearing around the d.c. area and especially the coastal areas of south carolina and we do have a flash flood watch and things are beginning to improve a little bit where we got drenched at five inches of rain in port arthur and looking at the rain plaguing us from fort meyers and that's not a fun drive either and we'll continue to watch some of those storms in the southeast. here is the big head's up for tomorrow we will see a humid air mass it's already hot in this region and the cold front will try to move in and it's a recipe for severe thunderstorms and if you're traveling on the roads or flying on the i-95 corridor from d.c. to boston and that is the area of concern for travel tomorrow afternoon and in the evening and you don't like to see red in any of the airports and you expect delays and the cancellations through the busy northeast hubs that's ugly. as we head through the hub impacts and we mentioned the northeast and we'll see
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scattered storms causing delays in the southeast and not many problems on sunday or on saturday and good for traveling especially earlier in the day as we try to get to your picnic destination and fireworks destination. here's your all-important fireworks forecast for monday evening. those are the areas with the best chance of rain and the great lakes with a couple of delays possible, safe for our friends in montana and north dakota it looks perfect for much of the southern half of the country and the nbc will be showing the macy's fireworks and you couldn't ask for a better evening about 80 degrees and we'll have to get through tonight and the storms tomorrow and hopefully everyone can enjoy getting to their locations on the fourth i hope so, bill, thanks. americans hosting a cookout this weekend and will be spending more than they did last year according to the latest data from the labor department and the price of ground beef is up
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about 14% from a year ago. hot dogs were up about 10% and buns up 8% and beer. even the price of fireworks blowing up the company phantom fireworks has stores from nevada to maine and it increased its retail prices from 30% from a year ago. some americans set to get some relief this weekend after several states suspended certain taxes, but don't expect big savings now. cnbc's shomari stone on that tonight. shomari? >> eamon, here in maryland the gas tax has gone up and many drivers tell us they did not expect to see this it's the last thing drivers want to deal with as states prepare and provide relief >> illinois suspending the 1% tax on groceries for a year, just a buck off of a $100 grocery bill 1% is not a great deal
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it's a nice gesture, but i don't think it's going to make that much of a difference. >> people are also feeling the pinch from high gas prices illinois suspending the 2.2 cent a gallon gas tax little consolation for consumers. >> it is sticker shock i did have to make adjustments so instead of filling up when it gets to e, i try to fill up at half tank so i don't get sticker shock. >> to provide actual relief to hardworking georgians -- >> earlier today, governor brian kemp extending the suspension of georgia's state gas tax yet again. maryland is ending its sales taxes today on a number of essential items including diapers, baby bottles, toothbrushes, diabetic supplies and other medical devices. florida, another state to hit pause on baby and toddler clothes and louisiana, suspending local sales tax on prescription drugs >> some of the tax relief we're seeing at the state level even
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though it has to go through congress is of minor help to consumers, but no one has the power to roll back some of the inflation price spikes we've seen over the last many months >> in california millions of families will get stimulus checks of up to $1,050 in the fall using stimulus checks during a period of inflation has in the past shown to be inflationary. so on the one hand, yes, it helps customers recoup some money they might be losing because of price increases on the other hand it throws a little gasoline on the fire. >> now despite record inflation, more than half of americans are traveling for the holiday weekend. according to a report by the vacationer website, that's an 8% increase compared to last year eamon? >> shomari, thank you for that. >> the january 6th committee could pursue criminal charges for anyone who tries to intimidate or tamper with its
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witnesses. that's according to the vice chair representative liz cheney. it comes after tuesday's bombshell testimony from cassidy hutchinson hutchinson, remember, was an aide for trump white house chief of staff mark meadows. at the end of the hearing congresswoman cheney revealed potential witness tampering. she said a witness received this message. a person let me know you have your deposition tomorrow, he wants me to let you know that he's thinking about you. he knows you're loyal and you're going to do the right thing when you go in for your deposition. liz cheney did not reveal who sent the message or who receivereceived it or who the message was referring to hutchinson was the r the message and the unnamed individual in the message who was thinking about her was hutchinson's old boss, mark meadows, but meadows is denying any witness tampering. a spokesperson for mark meadows insists that no one from meadows' camp, himself or otherwise has ever attempted to
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intimidate or shape miss hutchinson's testimony to the committee. former white house counsel pat cipollone will probably agree to a transcribed interview with the january 6th committee, but the interview would be limited to specific topics. there's no final agreement the committee says cipollone tried to stop a number of president trump's plans on january 6th and tried to do what was right. >> president biden warning if republicans win congress they'll try to ban abortion across america. the president met virtually with democratic governors from nine states today he said democrats need to pick up more congressional seats in the midterms to protect abortion rights >> the choice is clear we either elect federal senators and representatives who will codify roe, republicans who will elect the house and senate will try to ban abortions nationwide. nationwide this is going to go one way or the other after november >> just hours after that meeting, state senators in new
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york voted to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution, and in new jersey, the governor signed a bill this afternoon to protect women who travel from other states for abortions. it also adds protections for the doctors providing them the new protections come as polling shows one in five americans says abortion or women's rights should be one of the government's top priorities. that's up 14% over just the last six months >> now from mustard to semiconductor chips, there seems to be a shortage of just about everything these days. so where do things stand now coming up, checking in on whether your must-have items are finding their way back to store shelves. and does it feel like everything is so divided? right or left, republican or democrat what local lawmakers are aiming for real change. we talk to a journalist and author who found some. >> an update on a shooting in new york city. just about an hour ago police say they have someone in custody
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after a young mother was killed on a public street before nightfall.
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person of interest in the shooting of a young new york mother who was pushing her child in a stroller. 20-year-old aziza johnson was pushing her-month-old on the upper east side of manhattan wednesday night when police say a man approached her in all black and shot her in the head at point-blank range the child was not hurt according to police. tonight they say the baby's father is in custody police did not identify him or announce any charges johnson's mother told our local station nbc 4 new york her daughter was a victim of domestic violence. >> labor shortages, extreme weather, shipping delays and supply chain disruptions weighing on people across the country. take baby formula as a recent example. mishaps in the chain can take baby formula is a
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recent example, leading to nationwide shortages on some of the most basic items we all need so to be next? reporting on america's supply chain pain. >> the shelves are currently bare. >> dana marlowe founded a nonprofit that donates products to women in need, tampon donations have been dwindling since january. >> it desperate to be steadily continued. >> done 50% versus last year and it's not just the warehous the country. >> there is a global supply chain issue affecting women it's really the last straw. >> what's behind it? supply chain expert says it is a combination of labor issues and raw material shortages. >> cotton is an essential raw
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material for producing, supplying cotton have been challenged because of weather. >> procter & gamble calls the situation temporary. saying it is producing tampons 24/7 to meet the increased demand. from tampons to saurashtra also in short supply we told you about it last month. a warning of chili peppers a main ingredient in the hot sauce. >> have had a major drought in mexico and new mexico and california. >> the company says they are working to resolve the issues. but as theaters fill up one thing could be missing. >> demand for popcorn. >> the company produces popcorn seeds. >> we are in a hot dry spell.
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if it continues to be hot and dry that will hurt production and we could run into a shortage. >> before if ever run out of when they would buy it from argentina but there's a shortage of shipping containers plus argentina is in the middle of a drought. back to you. starting a project called our town they set out to look at small towns across the country making a difference places were local politicians and businesses are cutting through the partisan divide finding new ways to solve real problems. a documentary for hbo based on the reporting from last year highlighting the town where unity wins out. contributing writer at the atlantic and author i found your book inspiring, you found
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the red versus blue distinctly dissolve at the local level where people have to get stuff done but i wonder if that was years ago. is the holding true in the post- january 6th era? >> thank you for having me on. we have stayed in touch with people we have seen not in the pandemic but the last few months arkansas to kentucky to tennessee to indiana. the same basic point prevails, genuine national level division but the local level people find practical ways to deal with educational issues, on attracting young people back to their town, having raised to make them more lovable and sustainability projects so there is a tussle underway for the future of the country. the national level division in the local and regional the place where practical solutions are being worked out. >> that is a glimmer of hope in a intensely divided country. you discovered rules of thumb
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for successful communities and my favorite was a group of metric. what did beer have to do with building communities? >> we had 10 rules of civil success one half was having a brew culture because i love craft beer and it is a genuine marker of the last two decades has been an american renaissance it shows their entrepreneur, certain kind of customer and the renewal of downtown space there's no better way to places that were deserted come back to life than having a craft brewpub open and people come, we have seen in duluth in minnesota and other parts of the country. we have seen kids groups apart from the tabs so there is a renewal that has come from this manufacturer. >> one of the lessons i took his communities don't just exist , it takes people putting in effort every day so how can we
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put more people in a position to do that and reflecting on this country and the divide we have no it seems we need that more than ever. >> i agree with you. on national independence day observation the place where most people can have the most leverage is in their local community. they can volunteer, work in schools, they can do things to revive downtown so the old model of think globally act locally that is still the case in the place where most people can act as the local level. >> thank you, inspiring project. going hollywood the shakeup in college sports defying geography and how do you feel about a 9:00 a.m. kickoff? dirty nasty water in the sewer it seems gross but one company can see opportunity, that story coming up next.
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when it come when it comes to the things we waste, waters near the top of the list the average family can waste 180 gallons a week from household leaks. the majority water recycling happens as centralized treatment plants using thousands of miles of pipelines not efficient or cheap but what of buildings recycled their own water on site? senior climate correspondent with her continuing series unclean startups. >> flush and forget where we never think about what happens after we flush the toilet. >> not at the new 1550 mission where used water is made clean again over and over. the seven-year-old started epic breezy clean system removes solids and turns them into soil. >> all the pathogens and orders are destroyed.
4:25 am
>> it then treats the water using technology sending it back up into the building for things like toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling towers or laundry. epic claims to reduce water usage by up to 95%. >> we are saving folks on water and sewer rates. we him to get buildings return on investment of under seven years. >> based in san francisco where local law requires every new building over 100,000 square feet to have a water recycling system. there are similar requirements in los angeles and new programs in denver, boston and new york city precisely why a major national real estate developer is using epic. >> water conservation being such a critical issue it is a great value add to the design proposition and something residents look for. >> epic cleantech is backed bysa
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total funding today to just over $13 million. residential water and sewer rates have outpaced inflation by nearly 300% over the last two decades while growing populations are straining the water infrastructure. this as much of the west is in a drought emergency. back to you. uber with his latest safety report showing a drop in reported sexual assaults but not caused by a crackdown on crime and people are now looking for jobs and it is more than just salary and vacation times someone will become the new deal breaker? another stockpile of weapons sent to ukraine. was the latest message as russia takes aim at civilian targets?
4:27 am
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today's job seekers, well, they're looking for more than just paychecks a today's job seekers are looking for more than just paychecks and benefits, new hires want to work for companies that share their value. according to one survey 40% of workers said they would likely quit their job if the company took a stand on a political issue they don't agree with. now how new hires are prioritizing workplace value. >> the new college grant focused on salary and benefits but only at companies that share his values. >> innovation impact and equity.
4:29 am
>> thomas was an intern at a tech company in summer 2021. in the midst of black lives matter protests and a raging pandemic. >> i saw how important it was for employers to show that they have allegiances with affinity to organizations and individuals working for them. so it is important to find an organization. >> workers are split on if they want also work with leaders to speak out including constitutional and reproductive rights. recent finds addressing issues can influence the company's ability to attract and retain talent, paul wolf advises on hr strategy and workforce development. >> the best companies will listen to many opinions. they will not always agree but people want to feel seen and heard even though the company may not completely agree.
4:30 am
>> a survey finds more than half of employees would be willing to take a pay cut to work at a company with values they agree with. 56% would not consider a job at a company that has values they disagree with. >> there is more of a social lens put on companies today. >> thomas just started his full- time job as an associate project manager at a e-commerce company. he is hoping that his generation can change the way business gets done. >> find and pressure organizations to live up to expectations we can have results . >> hr experts say that firms that want to succeed set clear goals that align with the values of the company and its employees. back to you. on cnbc it is half past
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the hour here is what's making the news. wnba star brittney griner appears in a russian court, amid tensions between moscow and washington. president biden preparing to board the country's highest civilian honor so who made the cut? but first another $820 million in weapons being sent to ukraine. the latest package includes more ammunition fo most adva weap states has sent to ukraine so far and for the first time the u.s. is also sending advanced surface-to-air missile systems that can reportedly strike targets more than 100 miles away meantime russia continues its brutal and indiscriminate onslaught against civilian targets. russian air strikes on a residential area near the coastal city of odesa killed at least 21 people including two children
4:32 am
the ukrainians believe it was payback after they forced russian troops to retreat and withdraw from snake island and a strategi sweden and finland now formally invited to join nato leaders showed a united front against rauussia and vowe to stand by ukraine as the brutal and bloody attack continues on kayla t kayla tausche, with a renewed purpose. >> from a crisis of confidence, nato members forcefully aligned against a common foe >> russia poses the most significant and direct threat to our security. >> new weapons areflooding int europe hundreds of thousands more boots
4:33 am
on the ground, all to fortify nato's eastern flank the front lines against russia which long feared both putin's aims and the west's resolve. >> they thought it could happen again to say oh, never mind, we're going to leave, but our allies are now in very solid commitment that we're not going to say oh e , oh, never mind we will see this through. >> president trump discussed withdrawing from nato and calling it obsolete forcing emanuel macron to say nato was suffering brain death without the u.s. the u.s. is the cornerstone of nate nato. >> thank you for the leadership. >> the urgency came from ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy speaking from his decimated country that vladimir
4:34 am
putin has bigger trophies to seek testing the court tenet of nato to come to any member's defense. >> after what putin has done we are girding for the need for an article 5 commitment i think that's what this summit has continue. >> for the news, i'm kayla tausche, madrid, spain >> to raise awareness for the war in ukraine nbc is airing the special ukraine answering the call it will feature ukrainian president zelenskyy, celebrities, broadway stars and stories from people around the world who have been impacted by the war. it airs first on nbc sunday 7:00 p.m. eastern and then again monday here on cnbc and also at 7:00 p.m. eastern and the news will be back on tuesday. the trial of wnba star britney griner is now under way in russia. this is griner arriving at court earlier today. the two-time olympic gold medalist is in prison for drug
4:35 am
charges and they arrested her one week before vladimir putin invaded ukraine. they claim she had vape cartridges containing hashish inside her luggage they accused russia of wrongfully detaining griner and they insist the arrest was not politically motivated. they questioned two of the prosecution's witnesses today including an airport customs employee that searched griner. media access is tightly restricted and a u.s. embassy official was able to speak to griner in the courtroom today. >> she is doing as well as can be expected in these difficult circumstances and she asked me to convey that she is in good spirits and is keeping up the faith. >> i can assure you that the united states government at the very highest levels is working very harld to bring ms. griner as well as all wrongfully
4:36 am
detained u.s. citizens safely home. >> griner has not entered a plea yet. her n hearing is scheduled for thursday let's bring in william pomerantz, the acting director of the wilson center's institute. they say she is wrongfully detained here. does she have any fair shot at all at a fair trial in russia? >> no, she does not. russia has a severe bias against criminal defendants and they are co convicted at a 99% rate and griner does not have a chance in a russian court. how do you see this thing unfolding from here. >> i think it will be a long trial, and i think in light of the -- the clip that you showed just before this episode, i think it is going to be a political trial in the sense
4:37 am
that griner was arrested just before the invasion of ukraine just before the imposition of sanctions, and just before the assembling of weapons to ukraine. so i think russia wants to get some sort of effort and this is the way they can do it >> so is the russian goal here a trade, one of ours for one of theirs and the old-fashioned cold war style here? is that what they're trying to do it? >> and they have also hinted that they want someone like victor boot, an arms dealer to be exchanged for griner. >> is that what we can agree to? an arm arms deal, although the spokesman from the embassy said i want to get all of the unlawfully detained persons in russia back home if we want to do that it requires us to make a deal >> yeah. that's tough for her family,
4:38 am
too, watching all this dealing and wheeling going on at the international level and they just want their family member back what's the big warning for any americans still traveling in russia after all of this are they at risk right now >> i think anyone traveling to russia is at risk because of the tensions between the united states and russia. maybe they won't plant evidence on them or so forth, but any american visiting russia who is engaged in various types of activities, there is a risk that they could be caught up in a similar situation and face also significant things as well. >> what's the best solution for the griner family. should they push for more publicity for this or should they keep it on the down low and keep it very quiet and out of the headlines so it's not embarrassing for him to trade
4:39 am
her for something else. >> i don't think the feelings of v lad mevladimir putin is a vial opt i havable option that is the only way britney griner will come home. >> attention, attention, attention. thank you for your insights. we appreciate that tonight lawmakers concerned about censorship and hate speech on social media and in one state lawyers could soon be able to take legal action against some of the biggest companies in the game >> the deadline for national gu
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when i was younger, i may have did some stupid things even committed some crimes even got shot. but i'm not a criminal. i work for youth advocate programs - yap. i was tumani's advocate helping him stay out of jail, stay in the neighborhood and get a job. as a little kid, i made some mistakes. but i'm not a mistake. as jaylyn's yap advocate, i'm always here for her. [female narrator] yap is a community-based alternative
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to youth incarceration, congregate placement and neighborhood violence. others talk social change. we make it happen. ♪ [jingle] uber received nearly 1,000 reports of sexual assault in 2020 141 of those incidents were rapes. that's according to the company's latest safety report
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yesterday. uber reports the number of rapes is down from 247 in 2019 and that the majority of the rape victims were riders. the decrease came when americans faced pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions. according to uber's data, u.s. rides fell from more than 1 billion in 2019 to 650 million in 2020. the company highlighted its safety measures in its report. more than 500,000 potential drivers failed the company's background checks in 2019 and in 2020 uber has also continued to add enhanced features to the emergency help button on its app using gps technology tens of thousands of national guard members set to face possible penalties now for not getting the covid vaccine. the deadline for guard soldiers expired yesterday at midnight. military officials say more than 43,000 national guard members haven't provided proof of vaccination. that's about 10% of the total force. some have refused vaccination
4:43 am
and others have requested religious or medical exemptions. lloyd austin ordered all service members to get vaccinated. he said those who do not comply will not participate in drills to receive pay, and he warned unvaccinated service members could face expulsion military officials may not enforce that orderamid the ongoing recruiting crisis. every branch of the military is struggling to meet its recruiting goals this fiscal year the director of the army national guard wrote in part, we're going to give every soldier every opportunity to get vaccinated and continue their military career. we're not giving up on anybody until the separation paperwork is signed and completed. now we now know who will receive the country's highest civilian honor next week. the whoite house announcing the
4:44 am
recipients of the presidential medal of freedom 17 recipients include former representative gabby giffords, actor denzel washington, u.s. women's soccer player megan rapinoe and simone biles and the president will give posthumous medals to apple co-founder steve jobs and former senator john mccain sandra sandra lindsay, the new york nurse who was the first to receive the covid vaccine outside of a clinical trial is also on the list of recipients and president biden set to give out the award on thursday. lawmakers across the country pushing back against big tech. more than two dozen states reportedly introducing laws that could impact the most powerful tech companies interact with users on social media. some of the laws to completely prevent users no matter what they're saying online and others
4:45 am
tried to press social media to reporting hate speech. let's bring in tiffany lee now, assistant professor of law at the university of new hampshire school of law. tiffany, thanks. it seems like a big effort to police speech on social media and people have struck down laws on both sides. do you see these laws as being able to get through the courts at this point? >> i really don't think so what we see here are really well-intentioned efforts, bipartisan efforts, i might say, but i don't think any of them are going to pass muster for the same issue that comes up again and again. a lot of these laws trying to restrict social meaddia compani are going to run straight into the first amendment and that's a huge problem, right? we definitely want to protect speech and these laws run counter to it. >> wait a success, decond, do ye
4:46 am
the right to free speech >> it's what the first amendment protects right. so what we're seeing state governments trying to police what private companies can say or can host on their own platforms so that's the first amendment issue that we're seeing. >> one of the things we see here is social media companies pushed back reporting better ways of reporting hate speech. there's so much speech on their sites to accurately police does that argument and the sheer volume of this thing hold any weight with the courts >> it can. if we think about a big tech platform like facebook, twitter or google, the sheer scale and the amount of content on their platforms is incredibly hard to police so if you ask any company to realize if there's never hate speech on the platform that's nearly impossible. >> what could it mean for me, if you'rest onning on my media
4:47 am
account and middle something untoward what happens to me? >> these laws probably won't affect you directly. they're not going to curtail the power of the use tore speak. the problem is that any tech company that has to face uphill battle to comply with 50 different state laws on what speech is allowed or isn't allowed, those companies will start censoring content and that's when it will impact the user program sometimes you try to post something there might be a little bit politically on the line and make it gets taken down before it even gets poefrted that might be the consequence of one of these laws. >> what about internationally? you've got international rules, federal rules and state rules all in conflict with each other and the companies have to sort through all of that. it's next to impossible. it's incredibly hard for any company. we're not thinking just about facebook or google and they often have small start-ups and the non-profits. so facebook and geeoogle can sot out 50 different state laws, but what about wikipedia >> tiffany, thanks so much for
4:48 am
being here have a great weekend. water levels in nevada's lake mead shrinking to historic lows and revealing some long-forgotten relics. take a look at this. experts say this is a higgins landing craft dating back to world war ii you remember those pictures. it recently appeared as the water receded. allied forces repeatedly used 1500 of these boats to land in normandy on d-day in 1944. there it is in the lake. it is unclear when the boat sank and it was 145 feet below the lake's surface data shows lake mead has been receding for decades and here's what it looks like in 1983 compared to last year and as it shrinks more and more objects are coming to the surface. in may visitors found two sets of human remains in the span of a week. beach goers divided in nantucket and the issue pitting neighbor against neighbor.
4:49 am
it's not being on the sand glass containers or over what to wear or how much to wear. cornhole, thebackyard game is now going pro with dreams of going bigger right now a major tournament is under way and cnbc's jane wells is there testing her skills. hey there, jane. >> eamon, that's assuming that i have any skills. that's the best shot i've done all day. i do better after a couple of beers, but this is now a r
4:50 am
4:51 am
supply chain pain hitting ports, that's topping cnbc's on the money. shipping containers are piling up german and dutch ports are causing the congestion, ikea furniture and european automobiles and autoparts bound for the u.s. now stuck waiting
4:52 am
for transit. the backlog expected to take months to clear. ucla and usc joining michigan and iowa state in the conference the two west coast athletic power conference break a pac 12. and they'll begin playing in 2024 speaking of college sports shake-up today is the one-year mark of the nil era, that's when the ncaa cleared the way for athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness since then athletes have secured deals with sponsors from supermarkets to car dealerships and have cashed in on their social media accounts. you and your pooch can lap up some luxury with gucci the brand offering dog owners high-end products that are anything but rough collect scruffy's poop in skiel. here's a pooch holder for $150 and try the ceramic hexagon bowl
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with the silvertone brass cover and strawberry accent and that will dog your wallet for $2600 and of course, let sleeping dogs lie on a $7500 french-inspired chaise on wall street the dow up 322. the s&p up 40. nasdaq up 99 both the s&p and nasdaq snapping four-day skids a battle is brewing on the beaches of nantucket people when live there deeply divided now on whether to allow women to go topless on the island's beaches nbc's emily ikeda reports. >> this summer off the coast of cape cod where idyllic beaches are known to draw crowds, a new debate stirring on the seaside island of nantucket that could make some bathing there. >> what is taboo >> people walk topless around the world why not here dorothy stover made a big splash
4:54 am
at a town meeting, advocating for gender equality and so-called top freedom on all of the island's public and private beaches. >> this bylaw would not make beaches nude beaches this would allow tops to be optional for anyone who chooses to be topless. it is baring a deeply divided town >> i may not choose to go topless god forbid, everybody would run away, but i think other people should have that choice >> if i have to go topless to prove that i am equal to a male there is something wrong with that concept >> the measure setting up a wave of concerns over disrupting the family environment, the safety of younger girls and attracting the wrong crowd. >> we talk about preservation. we talk about making sure the shingles are gray. yeah, we'll pass something that would call undo attention to the island for the wrong reasons. >> to the gentleman who just
4:55 am
spoke i don't like to be compared to a shingle. my breasts are not shingles. after a long, free-wheeling debate, the proposal for topless beaches passed >> 327, yes. 242, no, that is adopted under current law in nantucket, women face a penalty of up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $300 for going topless in the beach and a growing list of celebrities and activists say breeds inequality. >> other states have passed top freedom and this hopefully is the step in the direction of des desexualizing the female body and not objectifying the new measure has to be approved by the state's attorney general and it is causing trouble in paradise, for many residents on this traditional island the message is clear. >> well, i think nantucket is very special unto itself if you want to go topless, go to
4:56 am
mykonos. for the news i'm emily ikeda. it's a game synonymous with tailgating and cornhole players are trying to change the reputation and the game you play in the backyard has gone pro and cnbc's jane wells tried it out for herself. all of the way >> so you think you can play professional cornhole? it's harder than it looks. >> why are we doing this >> especially when you're sober. >> almost. [ laughter ] sorry, guys. >> on the heels of pro-pickle ball taking off, and even professional pillow fighting, the next pro sport is throwing a bag into a hole 27 feet away this week in chicago is a major cornhole tournament which will air on espn. celebrities and pro athletes have become fans and it's one sport where men and women compete against each other. >> renners is just on that left side and she put them all in >> who came up with this >> cornhole found me
4:57 am
i found cornhole and i really got hooked with it >> stacy moore is an entrepreneur and former banker who created the american cornhole league eight years ago, maxing out his credit cards and investing $8,000 of his own money. he managed to convince a couple of investors to join him last year and he signed up sponsorship, some now worth serve figures. he landed deals with espn and cbs and the pandemic helped because other sports were forced to shut down >> we were going to be on espn serve days in a row for four hours. and with sponsorship, some athletes can make six figures. blows include a retired p-e teacher and the owner of a small house cleaning business and a project manager at a logistics firm each has their own strategy. >> i'm a slide block air player. >> i like to put them all in the hole and i like to put a blocker up and make her do something
4:58 am
differently. >> i like it when people say cornhole has changed my life they found a community and it brings people together. >> you're emotional. >> i get emotional about it. yeah >> emotional and ambitious stacy moore plans to make cornhole an olympic sport. >> so the league now has 200,000 members in its database and stacy moore says he's profitable, but the olympics that requires other countries to play and so international expansion is the next plan think of it as the summer games version of curling eamon? >> jane, that's awesome. and now you know the news of this friday, july 1, 2022. i'm eamon javers in for shepard
4:59 am
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>> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... this man says he can make you rich. his pitch -- irresistible. >> if they want their cash to go to work at a higher interest rate, call me. if you want to make some money signing some papers, loan your credit, call me. if you have some unused collateral sitting around, you're not making any money with it, call me. >> narrator: he claims to be a real-estate investor extraordinaire... until the money stops. >> "well, you've got to start putting that money to work." that's what we need it to do. we did. >> narrator: and no one is safe from this golden boy's allure. >> he has the charm, the charisma, the personality, the good looks. i've seen some real pros in my life, but he was the best of the


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