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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> it may come as a surprise, as good as teslas quarter was in q1, this one looks uninspiring to me. you should be buying this one. >> stocks up a little bit. that does it for us, thanks for my mission is simple, to make you money. i am here to level the playing field for all investors. i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. hey, i'm cramer . welcome to mad money. i am not trying to make friends. i am just trying to make some money. my job is to educate and teach you, so call me at 1-800-743 cnbc or tweet me at @jimcramer. today we saw a headline .
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google might pause hiring for a couple of weeks and immediately bruise the average. it didn't do as much damage as a similar story to apple on monday, stocks recovered. the dow gained 48 points. the s&p jumped and nasdaq, pull vaulting 1.58%. i am so glad about one thing. i am glad this reaction was much less hysterical this time. but you know what? it is ridiculous that anyone is freaking out over these stories. these stories about a hiring slowdown as unfortunate as they are. think about it. if you are a ceo and you watch an hour of programming on this network, you will hear some commentators say the federal reserve is trying to cause a recession. i mean, that is what they keep saying! that is what they keep saying. every night i tell you the fed has a mandated slowdown because
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that is the only way to get inflation under control. notice i said slowdown. executives would say half a brain. how would you react to that narrative? are you really going to double down hiring? are you going to say hey, do you know what? this is the time we should really bulk up on good employees because that is prudent? no way, you wouldn't do that! it is not prudent. it is just plain stupid. anyone who runs a company will look at the current environment and try to do more with less because when the fed tightens, your clients, not the stakeholders but the clients will likely spend less than they would otherwise, no matter who. i know some people make arguments that i made, like my
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manager. i said hey, listen, if we get a good return on google maps, we should cut all of the other advertising out and throw the money to google. there will be people who make the same choice. that is not a way to mitigate the damage. in the end, the business is hostage to the economy. always has been, always will be. even if google is better than the rest. this is what i call a sub optimal environment for them. how about apple? apple's products are expensive which means they have sensitivity. should apple presume more people will buy phones when they get laid off? they are wise to hire less aggressively. what about facebook? i would pay major bucks to get into the meta-verse because i liked what i saw in there with mark, but let's be honest. if you are working for a mall- based retailer and just today decided to lay off 8000 people
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in the internal combustion unit, you're probably not reaching into her wallet to buy a $300 virtual-reality system. you are going to wait. and by the way, mark zuckerberg is not an idiot. he will not keep hiring people aggressively if there is nothing for him to do. i that he did so much hiring in the last six months, he's waiting to see who's good and who isn't. maybe your thinking these are more mature companies in this environment and if you want mature companies, what about coca-cola? make it more expensive. facebook is 16 times. coca-cola stock trades is the same as apple. you are not exactly paying up if you buy these big tech names here. that is why they are so intriguing. it went up 10 points. lower prices get intriguing to
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me, so let's talk about what is really going on here. for the most part corporate america is always trying to do more with less. one of the reasons i do, i am not heartless. it is closing branches and getting a better return on investments in the technology you buy. if that makes us want to buy bank of america, why the heck would this make you want to sell google? that is absurd. do you want to please wall street? believe me, wall street won't be pleased when it sees the numbers. they are judicious about what they spend their money on. it is a different time for apple and meta-. these days they are indeed more cynical meaning they need a better economy to survive. it makes sense for them to hire
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more people. this would be a real problem if their stocks were expensive versus historic evaluations. right now they are quite cheap. maybe you want to run the risk of owning a stock with an obvious headline about hiring. you've got my blessing to park your money. that is setting the stocks aren't bargains here. packaged good stocks aren't cheap. they've got all sorts of risks from supply chains to government interventions. that can cause quick declines, so what is the solution? first, you can sell and go into your treasuries and make more than 3%, much less than inflation but risk-free. second, you can build a dividend and portfolio that is defensive but it won't be that safe if the feds keep raising higher. you can be a banshee in the hope of dodging the occasional
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bad headline and probably losing money while you do it. or four, take long-term positions and what you like or simply by a very good in docs fund and hold it. that has been the best form of investing. it is one that historically beats inflation, beats the average is. i know when this show started, people thought it was a daytrading proposition. we did suggest trades earlier on because that is what viewers demanded but these days i think it's more useful to focus on long-term investment, especially in this type of market among different asset classes that you may want to vote on, something we will hear about later when we talk about the world's largest asset manager. here is what you need to ask yourself. do you want ceos to be clueless on what we all know is happening? mortgage applications are down. cancellations for homebuilders are spiking. do we want retailers
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superfluous inventory doubling down? do we want software and service companies to steal and pay top dollar for each one that they pilfer? personally i want to bet on executives who can acknowledge reality and right now the reality is companies with economic sensitivity need to be judicious in their hiring because the fed is lowering so stop freaking out. so what? i don't want a giant advertising company who sells millions of dollars and billions of dollars in different goods and services. bottom line, if you want to invest with profitable companies, be my guest. i will invest in well-run companies, like google, like apple, like meta-with very smart ceos. that means buying the stocks of companies that think twice about continuing to hire in this environment because they don't want to bet the house. as much as i like the guy, david?
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>> congrats on your new studio. >> what's going on? >> i am looking at castle and i'm wondering if it is a good time to buy into the stocks. >> white castle? >> proud castle. sorry. >> sandcastle? >> crown castle. >> oh, i was going to say i had white castle the other day and it is not as bad as you think. when rates go higher, people sell crown castle and not only that, there is churn castle. those are two out of three castles. >> boo yah, mr. cramer . how are you? >> i'm doing all right. thank you. jim, i would like to congratulate you on your new studio and i would like to thank you for fueling my
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interest in finances in college. >> yes! i want people to do sensible things. i had this guy who was my research director and we go back and forth. he says sometimes we should put everything into game stop or everything into amc and then i throw a bottle at him. okay, what's up? >> i totally agree with you. i like sticking to the safe route. after increasing the dividend, i'm wondering what your long term opinion is on fedex. >> i am so glad you asked me. by the way, i was just joking. fedex i think has a unique opportunity with a new ceo. i thought they did a terrific job. i am such a believer in fedex, i believe you need to buy it right now, like tomorrow morning. you know, let's talk with rick in illinois. rick? >> hey, jim. second time, long time.
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i'm a club member. >> club member? yes! >> not too long ago, you did a segment on meta-verse. it was meta, microsoft, and unity software. i have a position at unity and they bought another company. >> rick, here is the problem. the one you mentioned last is the one that doesn't make any money and we are deeply focused on companies that make money, especially companies like meta, companies like microsoft, but unity is too regulative for m . i don't want to do that kind of speculation. i apologize. i am making fun of my research director. i feel better, even though he favors the washington commanders
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. something like that. all right, i want to invest in well-run companies with very smart ceos who think twice about hiring crazily and stupidly. we are going straight to the company ceo in a two hard exclusive to discuss everything from the company's growth to macro trends and from mexico to europe. one of the best-performing utilities in this world. how is the company planning for the future? i will get the latest and is a time to retire the obsession with netflix? i will give you my opinion. stay with cramer . don't miss a second of mad money . follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? send jim an email to , or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc . miss
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you want to circle the defensive stocks. some of these utility stores are more complicated than others. take california and texas with the natural gas line business and in louisiana. what is complicated here? some of the pipelines start in mexico. the president of mexico is going to nationalize the entire industry. i don't know if that will really happen, but we will examine it. meanwhile california has climate goals that can be interesting to meet. that is why sempra has gone to 152 today. i am inclined to stay positive and get 3% yield and you have a
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growth company and that is what i want out of all equities. i am so glad to have jeff martin from sempra here to give us a better sense of where they are headed. jeff, i am so excited to have you on. you have what everyone wants. you've got growth. you have common sense. you are right in the middle of everything happening in the world with energy. you've got a good yield and vision. you are not just trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the posse. you've got real vision of where the country is and where you are. tell people what your vision is. >> i will tell you we certainly think the energy grid in the united states will be a big part of how we support america's future and economy. one of the things we talk a lot about sempra is new technology and everything we get for the leveled langfield is a positive future for the country.
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we have long said the 21st century will be an american century and it will be based upon the death of our capital markets, our commitment to new technology and innovation and creating a level playing field for the american worker. >> jeff, i know you believe in all of those things passionately but you must recognize that europe doesn't share our values in many cases because of what russia is doing. europe is in big trouble. what can sempra do about that? >> step number one is the d7 number states in the european union have set energy conservation goals on august 1st. secondly, one of the things we're watching for right now is the return of north stream one. roughly one-third is set to come back online later this week, which is important. >> will they do it? >> we believe so, but it remains to be seen.
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it is a fluid situation. it is important to track underground storage. they are currently 60% full in europe and that they need to be at 90 or 95% by the time they get to november and lastly swing volumes. australia is a big producer. any access volumes we have today need to be allocated to europe. the longer-term situation, this is a market asking for new infrastructure. here in the united states, we are the market leader today both to asia and europe and we will basically more than double that capacity by the end of the year. >> people don't understand it is you. it is your company and what you are building in mexico. these are premier facilities that we are building and they are owned by sempra. >> yes. >> mexico would like to get politically involved and yet sempra is one of the best allies. no, you are the number one corporate ally to mexico. >> i had the opportunity to go to breakfast with the president of mexico in washington.
6:20 pm
our view of the long-term economic opportunity in mexico is a little bit more around 12 to 18 months. you may have read today the united states is filing for consultation and they were joined by canada, concerned the government is unfairly involved in energy markets. i would look and say this, there is an intersection of opportunity right now where there will be a restoring of opportunities from asia back to north america, so this type of dialogue for canada, the united states, and mexico can align their interests. there is big economic opportunity and now is the right time for them. >> it sounds like the president in mexico will be a rational actor, which means to continue to let sempra help the country. >> that is our view. what i can tell you is we have tried to go there and partner with enterprises. they have more government revenues toward their social programs. they understand of
6:21 pm
the public and private partnerships. specifically, jim, for direct investments. we are trying to find a way for all of our investments to raise the standard of living in mexico and around the priorities of the existing government and so far we have had a good working relationship with the government. >> you have to worry about the tremendous heat wave in texas. you have to worry about frankly more liberal politics in california. how do you monitor and stay in touch? there is a lot of controversy. >> california is the fifth largest economy in the world. texas is number nine. i've got a leadership franchise in california. i've got another leadership franchise in texas and we look at it, we got $33 billion that we will employ in both markets and we want to keep making sure that energy is abundant, jim, and cleaner. and just as importantly, it's affordable. >> well, i've got to tell you,
6:22 pm
your stock is the best in the group because the leadership skills you are showing. and by the way, he is right here. jeff martin, chairman and ceo. jeff, it was great to finally get together with you. mad money will be back after the break. coming up cramer sits down with a titan who has seen his share of remarkable markets. larry fink takes a walk down wall street straight to mad money next. (ted) after talking and texting for years, we got married...
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earlier today we got a chance to speak with one of the most single most important figures in the industry. larry fink, founder, chairman, and a ceo of the largest asset manager in the world running $8.5 trillion worth of assets as of last quarter including an ocean of ets.
6:26 pm
fink has an unrivaled view of the markets, so take a look. larry, i am thrilled that you are here. you have created an institution like no other. many people have heard of blackrock and they know it is the biggest, but very few people know how it happened and what you do that is so different from everyone else. first time on mad money and you've got the floor. >> jim, it's great to be here the first week at the new york stock exchange. as a former board member, this exchange, you know, is a really important part of economic history for this country and this world. it is a real pleasure to be here. there is really no secret sauce. it is building a firm with incredible culture and building a team of people on the concept of long-term is him that over time i have learned from my parents that investing over a
6:27 pm
long period of time is the best way to invest. even from the first day we started the company in 1988 and went public in 1999, the whole concept was about building long- term wealth and it is not something that is freakish or instantaneous. it is about working with clients, being a fiduciary, making sure we are never in conflict with our clients and over time, we continue to build the organization and we built it on behalf of our clients. this is before we were a public firm and when we were a public firm building it on behalf of our client and the beneficiaries were the shareholders. i really do believe it is the people of the firm. it is the commitment to our clients worldwide and our recognition. today we manage $8.5 trillion. >> people don't realize that countries don't have that. >> none of it is our money. not a penny is our money. we are the largest manager
6:28 pm
retirement asset in the united states. we are the largest in japan, the largest in mexico in retirement assets. we are number two in great britain. nothing is more long- term than building day after day, week after week a pool of money to retire in dignity. >> there have been millions of new people in the markets, larry. i love it, okay? they may not be doing it right. this is something they need to discover and be nurtured. how do we help them understand that as exciting as the markets can be, it may not be the most lucrative way to do it? >> first of all, i am thrilled we are seeing more people in the market. i may disagree with their methods and the daytrading and all that, but let's be clear, there is room for all of that
6:29 pm
too. i am thrilled with what we witnessed with crypto. okay? these are things that blackrock doesn't do, but it is an entry level. that entry-level should lead to understanding and studying what are the companies that will grow and grow, you know, with america? with the world? with the globalization of the world? you will be able to enjoy that growth and have enough wealth to live in dignity during retirement. >> you've done something else no one else has done. you have always emphasized choice and you have taken it to another level. if you have certain leadings, you can tell your people how you lean and they vote your way. >> correct. our desire is to provide choice to every client. it is their choice where to put the money and we have built an
6:30 pm
organization that at one time was just a bond manager now we have the ability to move across regions from cash to private equity. you know, we are the largest etf manager for those people. there are shares of blackrock and all of that is providing choice and i do believe that is -- one other point, we have the cost. we have lowered our fees by 50% over the last 10 years in all of our etf's. we're doing this with the idea that we are trying to make the entry- level easier, more successful and they will enjoy more of the upswing. >> they have to start this way. this is where they should put their money. you're absolutely right. you have retirement saving and you have done something that a lot of people may not be aware of. you have the financial tech
6:31 pm
division that would be worth in this crazy market far more. >> yes. >> you are number two and three in the industry. >> aladdin is something that we started when we started blackrock. we wanted our own proprietary risk system. 25% of employees when we started the startup company with no clients and no revenue. in 1980, that was unusual. we didn't call this big tech in the 1980s. we are the leading financial technology firm in helping companies, financial service companies, asset managers, wealth managers -- >> government? twice! >> many governments have hired us and continue to hire us. but to use the systems to help them out. the reason so many wealth managers are using it today and
6:32 pm
why so many big investment terms , they use it because it streamlines their process. it is a financial engine that allows from the idea generation to the trade entry to the ticket to the confirmation to the custodial bank and it all rolls up into your overall general account. do you know what it does the most and why my people love it? you spend less time operationally and more time investing because it streamlines the process. we have revenue of $1.3 billion in our technology division. it is the leading system in financial services. >> it is quite a competent complement that yours is the best one competitors use. >> they are our clients. >> i have to be careful. your clients are in the same business. >> if they want to have a
6:33 pm
proprietary model just for the , they have that. no one else will see that. it is an open system. they can create their own models and system. it is not like everyone turns left and it turns right. it allows individuality of that company to do what they think is right. now let me tell you, i would tell you aladdin is blackrock's secret sauce. >> yes, it is. >> it is a secret sauce because when you look at the other companies, they have a spaghetti of systems. we have one system across all regions. >> we are not here to talk about why. you can tell people about blackrock. 3% yield is fantastic. we will be right back with more with larry fink, ceo of blackrock.
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on monday, i told you from the new york stock exchange would be able to get better access to the most important players in the industry. as you saw, we got a chance to talk with larry fink today. check out the rest of the interview. >> larry, we have talked about blackrock. now let's talk about the greatness of our country and whether it is threatened by inflation, whether it is threatened by global and political tension, or whether this happens to be in the long term business as usual for investors. >> it is definitely business as usual. you know, when i started my career, when you started your career, we had much higher inflation and much more
6:38 pm
problems. we will get through this. let's be clear, we do have really elevated inflation. a lot of it is policy generated. immigration policies and i can go on. >> this could lead to a recession and people need to know that. >> so much of the inflation is related to supply, not demand. demand is unchanged from 2019. okay? that is what people don't understand. demand has not changed that much but the reality is we have supply chains and all that. obviously we have the russia and ukraine war which has aggravated it a bit more and we have monetary policy and physical stimulus over the last few years leading to this really elevated inflation. this is all fixable. >> i totally agree with you, but let's say you are a person worried about retirement and say has 10 years until they want to retire. do you tell them look, you can buy a three year?
6:39 pm
>> i am asked that question by a famous person who called me up and says what do i do? i can't stand it. i said, "go on vacation." i said look, if you can't stand it, sell it. if you can't sleep at night, cell. in reality, we have seen inflation gets fixed over time. we've seen prices come crashin . >> supply chains have gotten better. >> supply chains are getting better and the federal reserve is tightening and the federal reserve's tool is to tighten and if you tighten it, they will limit demand. is there risk of a recession, sure. >> we are not in one yet. >> if we are, it is quite mild. the financial foundation of america is stronger today than ever. >> there is money coming in and
6:40 pm
a huge amount of money coming out. for people who don't have a lot of faith in real people are very concerned. most people do not realize that the price of chopped meat has gone up a lot in this country. >> unfortunately, they are right. i cited that in a commentary i gave last week. i'm more concerned about mood inflation. food inflation is so disruptive in the world and parts of our communities in the united states. we are under appreciating. one of the biggest reasons we have such lard food inflation, the cost of fertilizer is up 150%. fertilizer is generally created by ammonia with natural gas. ammonia is the fertilizer we use. blackrock just announced an investment in a company that can create ammonia through hydrogen cheaper than any other new technology. what i am so bullish on, and why i love capitalism in
6:41 pm
america, we have unbelievable entrepreneurs. i had dinner with five unbelievable entrepreneurs and all five companies are new what unicorns in environmental change , creating hydrogen. >> they are deemed to be economic. >> blue hydrogen. it will create ammonia. they are building a factory in nebraska right now. it is going to be right for all of the farm belt is. getting back to food, we don't have adequate fertilizer to buy. why? we have not built enough pipeline for all of the resources we have. >> we have 100 years of natural gas but we can't get it to where it needs to go. there are issues in the government about pipelines. everyone has a view, which rings me to something you have given your view on. climate change. you very specifically in your letters have said this is about business. climate change is about
6:42 pm
business and frankly about the idea of if you are not careful, it is a great investment risk. >> there is no question that climate risk -- we will have a lot of investment risk with climate change. we are already seeing that in emerging countries already where you have these incredible heat spells. you are seeing that right now. in fact, at blackrock, we have more employees in the office since covid. do you know why? we have air conditioning in our offices. they don't have air- conditioning at home. >> these are things. >> our behavior is changing and we have to be prepared for that. we have to be prepared to tackle this and aggressively invest in new technologies. at the same time we have to aggressively work with our energy companies to have adequate supply for security but more importantly our analyzers are asking us right now can you provide us with
6:43 pm
more gas? can you provide us with more? here we are, 100 years of natural gas and we don't have a pipeline to get it. i am working in projects in alaska right now. i'm working on projects everywhere to try to make america the exporter. >> there are a few offers. someone is interested in what you are saying. you can invest in funds that do just this. you can feel like you're part of the solution. >> exactly. >> you are part of the solution. not just feel, but you are part of the solution. >> we will have to tackle climate change and we will have to do it as a world but tackling a change means we need to invest in hydrocarbons at the same time that we are de carbon icing. if we are ever going to get the world to that point, we need to provide a cheaper alternative to coal. the world right now is using more coal than ever. this is why it is a very
6:44 pm
complex issue. it is not a one-year, two-year problem. the problem is beyond any one political cycle and that is the tension we are seeing right now, the politics. >> do we have enough people that are proficient enough to measure whether someone is doing something climate worthy? are there too many companies claiming that? i want you to be our arbiter, but you've got a lot to do! >> i don't want to be the arbiter. you know, i was there at the beginning of the mortgage security market, okay? there was a lot of bad behavior back then. you see that in all new markets. we have always said on data and analytics, we are committed in building the best data and analytics so you can show and understand how climate risk is investment risk. this is one of the biggest leaves of aladdin and aladdin climate. we could really understand and help clients understand why we
6:45 pm
think this. we have a volunteered and we have asked companies to provide more data so we can understand how a company is moving forward. almost every company we speak to now is moving forward. this is a theme change. >> these are all positive and good things. i want to have you back. many of us need help. you offer hope. substance. i mean, this isn't hope based on like, oh, i hope it gets better. >> no, this is data and analytics. >> larry fink, founder and ceo of blackrock , thank you so much. coming up, what is on your mind, america? give us a call. the lightning round is storming the nyse next.
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time for the lightning round. play the sound. the lightning round is over. are you ready? huzzah! >> thanks for taking my call. >> absolutely. >> this stock has been a rocketship but it is overvalued. the instrument group has had a very hard time.
6:50 pm
now we're going to quarry in south carolina. corey? >> hello. i just wanted to say thank you for teaching my brother and i how to invest. we enjoy it. i wanted to say thank you for reaching out to me twice for this call. >> okay. when it comes to insurance, there is only one way to ensure it's what i really like. this is the one i would bank with. that stock could go right back to where it was. let's go to smitty in north carolina. smitty? >> jimmy! how have you been, my friend? i have a two part question regarding growth. do you think in your opinion that constellation would basically drop these guys and walk away with it? >> no, they wouldn't do that.
6:51 pm
the ceo of constellation said look, one day it is going to happen. one day we will have a nationalized canopy and it will be great once we nationalize cannabis. i don't know if that will happen in my lifetime. okay, now let's go to jeff in washington. jeff? >> jim, your encouragement has really put me back in the saddle. thank you. >> yes, yes, yes! >> i've got a question. is core energy to be lassoed or let go? >> we have specific energy stocks that we really like. i am a keying on debit. i think it's a better bet than yours. i'm sorry, but that is plain and simple. how about we go to lee in california? lee? >> ya, jimmy! >> what's up? >> i've got a question for you.
6:52 pm
since they paid the dividend -- >> look, a member when the stock fell and terry came on and said don't worry about it? i never forgot that. i am a believer that that man is a man of his word. let's go to deacon in my home state of pennsylvania. >> yes, jim. i have been a follower since day one. >> i am not a fan of any chemicals except the dow because they've got the yield. i will take a hard pass on that. how about stewart in new york? >> hello? >> go ahead, stuart. >> yeah, natural gas is on fire. what do you think? >> bye-bye! ladies and gentlemen, this is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.
6:53 pm
coming up, cramer is retiring a tired trading strategy. and the obsession and getting back to the facts next. mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪
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it is time to retire the
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obsession with netflix. unsubscribe, if you will. what can i even say? sure, they did better than feared by the number was horrific. they lost 1 million subscribers. we thought it would be 2 million. it doesn't matter. former new york giants coach bill parcells taught us there are no metals for trying. all netflix did was try. what drives me nuts is wall street acts like netflix is significant. disney saw its stock in action. this is beyond stupid. first, netflix brought down disney when it disappointed the last report. now netflix is better than feared? these two stocks should not be trading together. just because disney has some streaming service. they're done 100 points from its 2021 highs. it's balance sheet is uglier
6:57 pm
than it used to be after stupidly shelling out $71 billion for the bulk of the fox's assets. maybe the fox deal was a bad idea. i mean, it probably overpaid substantially but that is something the current ceo inherited from the previous regime. disney theme parks have become total juggernauts. they make fortunes for the company and no one seems to care. i want you to ask yourself how much does netflix make from its theme parks? exactly. more importantly, as we told investing club members today, disney has an amazing catalog of franchises that it has only begun to tackle. they got the iconic star wars series and its many spinoffs. they've got the marvel properties, which are guaranteed to make big money whether the movies are good or not. and friday netflix is launching a new spy movie. i know, i've got to see it. other people better watch too because it costs $200 million. that is really going out on a
6:58 pm
limb. disney just released thor: love and thunder. there were certainly high production costs, but the marvel sequels are basically annuities. thor: love and thunder? finally, disney does have disney+, their streaming service , which is doing just fine. maybe not worth as much as we thought when streaming was on fire a year ago, but they've got room for growth. at the same time, they raised the price of espn+ to make it more enticing for customers to get the entire bundle. hey, by the way, you need it when you start gambling on football. netflix on the other hand feels it could be built from scratch. we know that because apple just did so with apple plus but there is no way to build disney from scratch. it would take decades to try to attempt. in short, netflix simply as and
6:59 pm
as important as it used to be. obsessing is a waste of time. i bet the paycheck on a chapek. i feel the same way about tesla. i am more interested in buying a ford or general motors. they've got more than 3% yield and plethora of new models that are sold out including electrics. ford has the f 150 pickup truck. it is impossible to get a mustang maki. no, for the doesn't have the pizzazz of tesla, but maybe that is a good thing. pizzazz is where the ceo gets into a position where you have to sell massive stock. that is exactly what i'm seeing happen to twitter and elon musk. let's end the obsessions. rather than past growth, business is a market that cares
7:00 pm
about value and future success. that is what you need to be on the lookout for, not the biggest winners of the last decade. i like to say there is always a market summer and i promise to find it for you here on starts now >> american dream? try nightmare. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc massive shift in the housing market >> the lowest level of mortgage demand in 22 years >> mortgage rates nearly doubled in the past few months what it means for buyers, sellers, and renters as inflation soars. the first lady of ukraine begs congress for more weapons >> help us to stop this terror against ukrainians >> help is on the way. what the pentagon just agreed to send in the fight against putin's


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