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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and disney. they report next week. this trait has been one of the themes of the week are very strong and i think your pricing the worst into the media. >> happy birthday, wendy, my sister. i am bearish and am also a long my mission is simple. to make you money. there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. mad money starts right now. hey. i am kramer. welcome to mad money. i'm trying to save you some money. i don't want to just entertain, educate and teach as well. call us. again, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the course of people claiming there is been
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no end to inflation. the majority of inflation rage is like a fire. have never seen such a powerful negative consensus among commentators that think the feds done nothing to slow the economy. we need more training to slay the dragon. it makes you want to accept the idea that we are headed for bitter recession. this is the only way they can get the situation under control. the main reason the averages are rolling over and the dow is plunging is because the nasdaq is declining's .61%. mary daly spoke out about how we still have a lot to do to stop inflation. it makes you feel like we're going backwards and inflation is heating up. you would think we are living
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in argentina. this consensus is awful and most importantly it is dead wrong. i say this as someone who is worried about raging inflation. months and months back in november i thought things were so out-of-control i warned you away from stocks that go down when the fed tightens. i talked about tightens that were needed at that moment. i can't be too worried about inflation here and now and one of the main reasons is because the commodities are almost going down. they are well off their highs and we have to own that. we can't just say, of course, that is not where the inflation is. it is in the service sector. that is nonsense. service sector inflation is less important. you don't need to travel or go out to dinner or fly. i spoke to eric cassio and he is the ceo of adco, large farm
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equipment operator. he said the actual prices are almost all grains are not rallying, they are actually going down in price is substantially. that something you confirm by looking at stock prices. i asked him why it hasn't been reflected in the supermarket he said it is the jar or the box or they can that they put the food in that keeps the price high. that is where the inflation is. the transportation issues are still with us. i think most people are oblivious when they say the fed can't control the price of food. if it is the packaging plastic and boxes are going down in price right now. supply is increasing and demand will lesson and this is an important building block.
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you don't hear the critics talking about that. if we get enough truck drivers, i think we will, we could be close to a racing collapse at the supermarket. you may think that is crazy. just the perceived common is this. package goods companies raise prices and then don't cut prices and pass on savings when things get better for you and not for them. they may not have a choice. this industry you think is stuck with the high prices is competitive. if you are in the snack business and your gross margins needs are going up big and now your role cost is going down. a chance like us will cut prices on its snacks. it will just cut and cut and cut to take market share away from you and then the supermarkets
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will feature odds and the next thing you know you take it away. i'm watching the stock. once that box or bag it price comes down post cereal will see it's chance to grab market share. that will undercut competitors. raisin bran, grape dumps, grand flakes, all those brand names will do fine and you will buy them. sure, there are some expenses. let's take cattle. people say beef is up. the plastic is the cost. they are wrapped in plastic and the price of cattle peaked ages ago. so have the grains to feed cows. i used to own cast. they can each at a house and home. what do you do? you slaughter them and you bring them to market. don't
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forget to tell the kids that they went to cow heaven. don't name the steer. that is a heartbreaker. chicken. okay. lower the price of chicken, go to cosco, they have the great prices. cars have been to expenses but that is because the semi conductor shorted. there is a line on the texas instrument conference wall and they are generating chips. chips will soon be headed here to alleviate our shortage. that will tip the scales. in the meantime, double digits down. lumber peaked at a couple of days go. appliances are on supply. whirlpool dropped almost 8 points today. the unloading of ships were a
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bottleneck. that is not a factor anymore. container ship prices have been cut in half. these rates will keep heading lower because that is what they do at this point in the cycle. walmart has cut earnings twice. first for hard goods then soft goods. you will find that in holly's or ross stores. the system is clogged with good. and tightness in the money supply has died. it looks like the whole move will still be a race. we know job openings fell sharply in june. employment vacancies fell and we were looking for 11.4 million. why are the number of uber driver's in a spike. when you see that sore you don't need to worry about wage inflation. okay. oil is high.
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kathleen has come down. it's hard to complain even as people always complain. the price at the pump has fallen for seven straight weeks and every oil stock is rolling over. one more thing, i told you this earlier, it shows you what is going to happen. i talked about how the summit new jersey oaks leadership had decided on its own to raise the price of domestic. to three dollars. a 50% boost. the trustees voted to keep prices unchanged. there was a charge for credit card use and they bumped imported beer. that's much easier to swallow. right before most of these rolled over i said i thought inflation peaked. i was mocked on the board. every single commodity is lower since i made that call. everyone. it's kind of insane to be trashed for being wrong.
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bottom line, that officials and hedge fund managers are crying about how the federal reserve doubled the rate to stop runaway in inflation. i don't know how far prices have to fall before people notice. maybe they just don't want to know. ignorance in the stock business is not good. let's go to josh in georgia. >> good morning. what's up? thank him good. have a question about norwegian cruise line. it was one of the few that slowed recently. do you think that will go back? fine, more about that group. carnival had to do a stock offering and then royal
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caribbean did. norwegian is hanging in at 12. they are doing okay. i would not get in with all that stock sloshing around. it would take a mistake to make a buy. let's go to melvin in arizona. >> hello. i'm in scottsdale, arizona. i wanted to ask you, i purchased bed bath and beyond at $20. it was right preferred earnings call several months ago. it went up about 30%. i did not ring the register and at this point i wonder if i should cut or hang on. i love trading. now i might be in long term. what do you think? >> we don't care where stocks come from, it stops at five. it has an okay balance sheet. sales are terrible. it is to up one down. it's not that bad, not that good. nothing big here. okay. jeffrey.
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hello. jimmy i have been following you since you are young analyst at goldman. i love you. thanks for all your hard work. >> thank you. anyway, could you give me your latest and greatest on roku? >> yes. i think they can bounce. i think kathy will come in she's a legendary fund manager and she can move stocks. in the end, i think roku had a bad quarter and the rest of the quarter going forward or forward will not be that good. i am inclined to sell, not by. >> we hear many crying about how the federal reserve wants to double the rate, which are they talking about? >> i don't know how far people have to have these numbers fall before they notice.
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what is the risk the network has done to outpace competition. i am learning from a ceo. air b&b reported at the bell. i'm digging into the numbers with the company ceo and celebrating the first year as a public company. they rang the bell this morning. what good another year hold? i am talking to the top brass. stay with kramer. >>
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nygard has been at tough year for tech stocks but some companies are doing well. look at arista networks. they had a magnificent quarter. a $.16 earnings with higher than expected sales. it was a strong forecast. this stock was hit because the analyst don't believe this kind of strength can continue. i think it is a very impressive quarter. it's amazing this company is striving. while we take a closer look. this is the president and ceo of arista networks and we will find out where her company is
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headed. welcome. >> think it's great to be back. thank you for always having me. >> first, tremendous congratulations. i never thought you could do it. i thought it was going to be such a cutthroat business. you must have a better mouse trap and a better supply chain. is that the combination we should be thinking about? >> i'm trying to think back 30 quarters ago when i was at your show and we started at less than 100 million per quarter and here we are celebrating our first billion-dollar quarter. i think you always have an amazing way of summarizing risks better than i can.ies and technology that is becoming more and more strategic to us and to our customers as well as navigating this extremely
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challenging supply chain that my team has done a fantastic job with. it's a quarter to remember for a long time to come and we are looking forward to growth. >> how do you gain 20% to 1.05 from the first quarter of 2022. this is not year-over-year. it is quarter to quarter. what is going on? >> fantastic customers. we expect these to be 10% concentration customers. they are contributing through investments and the multiple use cases for microsoft from edge to daddy the center into connect. they are coming together and it was not so long ago, before covid, these companies were spending less and had some digestion of inventory. the success of our customers is translating to our success as
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well. it's great to watch. >> people have been trouble getting supplies to services. how is your supply chain works so well? we know others have not been able to deliver. >> it is a combination of things. we're constantly navigating. the first thing we did was the team was proactive in committing to the supply chain that i believe has been the worst ever to plan ahead and these are components that were 50 to 70 weeks long in our ability to get them. we have committed 4.5 billion in purchase commitments across multiple years even though we require much less of that. it's a multi-year commitment and we're throwing cash at the commitment. we are navigating through components we are not getting. there are metals shortages and component shortages. even though we are planning to put these components together
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they are not available at the same time. we go to broker parts and pay extra often a magnitude more for them and we are sparing no cost and turning every stone to get these parts and at the same time it is a real challenge to get as much as we went. suppliers are not committing. trying to prioritize and make everything run together is a workout planning and art and i could not be more proud of my team. there is much more to do. demand is greater than supply. >> given that, $483 million in stock buyback you are swimming in cash. i'm trying to figure out, and you just feel your stock is undervalued? the world is your oyster. you could expand anywhere.
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that is a huge amount of money to commit. i think it's going to be a great idea. i am surprised how much cash you are using. >> it is a little bit more. we authorized the billion stock buyback. we are taking advantage of the opportunity. we spent hundred $60 million in invested in supply chain. we are still hiring and investing in sales and marketing and engineering and stock buyback. it's a spending quarter. >> i guess when you call these the best in the world. i look at what you say and i think they are spending far more than people realize to maintain dominance. even matter. a lot of people feel mark zuckerberg might not know the right course. they are spending a fortune to be sure they have the power. absolutely. >> i have a lot of respect for mark and the ceos of these companies. look at their growth. they are investing.
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they are investing for the future. things like meta-verse is hard to understand ar and vr we did not grow up with these technologies. they are the future and they are computer intensive and demand networking and predictable performance and we are smack in the middle that to solve that problem. >> have you been in to quest 2 have you been in the meta-verse with mark? >> he has not invited me to that parade. i look forward to that though. >> i think i know what you mean. it was instantaneous. he was in california. we were having a conversation. it would not have worked without your business. >> the thing to think about is the latency at the data center but centering all the data in
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different locations so it can be in different branches and across the fiber optics. you have to think of not only the particular data center, the holistic centers of data all the way from the client to the cloud. >> it dazzled us. congratulations. yes, there are going to be many more good months for you. congratulations. it's great to see you again. >> thank you so much. it's a pleasure to be back. okay. we are going to break. can a travel boom help air b&b. stay with kramer.
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>> what do we make of these numbers from air b&b.
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this is one of those games that wall street bleeds from. it gets the benefit of the doubt. there was a pretty positive quarter yet the stock is getting crushed. some operational men say it is valued weaker than expected and the earnings were much better than expected. it's like the cash flow number. the forecast was pretty strong. investors chose to focus on the negatives. this is an overreaction and it misses a lot of what is going right at this amazing company. let's go in with brian chesney. he is the cofounder and chairman. more about the quarter and what comes next. welcome. >> thank you for having me. it's good to see you again. >> yes. let's start.
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i see the commentary. it sounds like you lost money but you made a lot of money. i think that is something we are cheering. am i a ridiculous optimist? >> i mean, we are very optimistic as well. there are a couple of numbers that need to be put in perspective revenue was up 64%. more importantly, the cash flow over the last 12 months has been nearly $3 billion. this is a company that was not cash flow positive two years ago. i think this is been a business transformation for us. we are feeling extremely company about third quarter. >> let me understand. we talked about this last quarter and we were excited. there was a step back. so obviously, some people are concerned that that was a one and done. why did this drop from the previous quarter?
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>> well, free cash flow was $795 million. we had adjusted ebit of $700 million. excluding affects that $764 million. we are seeing improvements in our cash flow year-over-year. i expect the next quarter will be strong for us. we are seeing strong topline growth going into the third quarter. we are feeling confident. the other thing is that we have not had to change any of our plans. we are not pulling on the brakes. we are going to continue to step on the gas. >> you have a lot of cash. >> exactly. one thing i'm trying to figure out is there was a story in the times about people going back
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to the office and the center of the country. people or remote we working in using air b&b to find a place to work remotely. have you lost those travelers? >> no. some people are going back to the office. the days of hundreds of millions of people going to an office five days a week, i think are over. we have flexibility and you can go in the office if you want. some companies have stringent policies. not everyone has to live remotely. all you have to believe is people have laptops and jobs and will have some flexibility. as long as they have that flexibility, including over the summer, we are still seeing a huge amount of growth. we still have 1/5 of the night booked longer than 30 days. these have benefits of flexibility and they are going strong. >> so should we measure by
6:31 pm
earnings per share? >> you know your business. i am searching for the correct method to hold you accountable. i think you are just a junker now. >> thank you. i think we look at a little bit of everything and we should continue to look at the top line, especially revenue. cash flow and adjusted the ebd a as well. you want to take a full picture. i will say this, 40 years old. i know i'm going to be doing these calls for a long time and i think it is important to look at the overall trajectory of the company. if you look at this company, two years ago some people thought we were not going to make it. we lost 80% of our business in eight weeks and we were hemorrhaging cash. now we are $10 billion in the bank. we are going to continue to be very aggressive in new growth opportunities. >> you announced the new app. the reception is exceeding
6:32 pm
expectations. yes. it was incredible. we launched different categories. it allows you to now search not just by location but by interest. if you like golfing you can find something near a golf course. so since we launched that, only three months ago, it has had been viewed 180 million times. it exceeded my expectations. we know the bigger an app gets the more people get used to using it a certain way. i am really excited. now this allows us to be an inspiration in the game and point demand to where we have supply. this is the beginning of an inflection point and paradigm shift in how people use this to travel. that is good for us. >> okay.
6:33 pm
you never compare yourself to marriott. what was interesting is rather than a pick the city i picked a thought. it is a way to figure out what you want to do rather than book and then figured out and i think that you bring in a lot of new, young people who say i don't want to just go to a city, i want to do something different. you know what the demographic is of people taking advantage of that. >> it is across the board. obviously, the bread and border had been meals. i started the company in my 20s and it has been very popular among older travelers, retirees and now among jens he. it turns out that while we used to be known as an app for younger people to save money. it is now going to all ages and demographics and geographies around the world and that is
6:34 pm
what we are seeing. the other thing you mentioned is that most travel apps people come and they already know what they want. so you become a looking at. it's not just for looking. you are in the inspiration business and people come to you for ideas. that is what people are now using and this is because not everyone has to go back to an office five days a week and leisure travel is much more important. it used to be business travel. people are more flexible and we are giving them more taxable tools to allow them to discover more places. >> it's working. >> you mentioned you are getting more urban. i want more urban. i know you had sub urban and that is great. urban is the best. you are getting more and more people who want to put the places up to rent? >> yes.
6:35 pm
where we see the fastest demand is where we see the fastest supply. that's where it makes sense. guests become hose. they say this is a great place i earned a month's rent by renting an air b&b. so we are seeing as urban demand recovers, urban supply is rebounding. people are using this for short- term stays and long-term stays as well. a lot of people are working remotely and visiting headquarters and moving to a new city for the first time and hopping from place to place. there different use cases. it is very exciting. our bread and butter was a challenge during the early parts of the pandemic. >> i like making money. i like you coming on mad money as well. it's always great to see you. good job. >> thank you, jim. >> okay. we will be back after the break. >> kramer gets logistical with
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g xo. that's coming next. >> only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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gs oh was run off by x po. this stock has been one thing to be cut in half. that is bad. it seems wrong. people have gotten worried about logistics especially when amazon said they got too much capacity. i think we have taken it too far. g xo reported a strong quarter and it is selling only 18 times
6:40 pm
earnings despite having a much faster growth rate than the rest of the sop. take a look at our recent interview. malcolm, first, it is so great to meet you in person. congratulations on your first year. >> thank you for having me on the show. >> it means a lot to me that you come on. it does because the numbers are telling me that business is still okay in this country and around the world. is that a correct read? >> absolutely. we just finished our quarter. over half $1 billion of new personal contracts were signed and business is growing at 20% with organic revenue. that is a real statement of the economy. i think we are doing well. >> year-over-year the numbers
6:41 pm
are spectacular. yet all the different verticals we work into, high tech comic hydro chemicals and a leader in the fulfillment. all of those are positive across her business.complicated supply chain there is. what you do to make it so that boeing can make prices high? >> we work with them in terms of getting products at a place where they need to be and hot off the press. we were just awarded supplier of the year and partner of the year. that is an incredible achievement. >> you mentioned e-commerce. we have had shop if i say things and will get weaker and amazon said things have -- let's say they overbuild. this made a lot of people feel the whole commerce system is slowing down. when i read your release, i don't get that.
6:42 pm
>> no. what we are seeing is blue-chip international organizations that want to continue to invest for the future. they are doing that with g xo and we are putting new things down. 90 new houses have been installed and they have new technology, tech enablement. that gives me a sense that they are optimistic for the future and we are optimistic with them. >> what about automation? there was a review that was not great. there are people that are thinking there has to be a slowdown. you have automation. it seems to me you will be taking care and some people are saying businesses down and have lost business to you. >> absolutely. weird definitely taking market share. the reason we are taking the market share is because it gives our customers an edge and
6:43 pm
telling them to be more efficient, more services to their customers and the consumer. >> can you tell us about the clipper logistics acquisition? your numbers were organic. it was not because you bought clipper that your numbers were better. tells about this. >> it is a super acquisition. we closed a couple of months ago and we are looking forward to starting the integration process:clipper. it's a regulatory process that is taking place in we will be through in the next month or two. it is bringing so many new verticals of activity. new geographies. we are excited about it. >> so amazon is a great company. shop if i is great. they overbuilt. do you see that happening anywhere else in the system? i don't see it happening right now. we work so closely with our customers. across our warehouses last year
6:44 pm
there were shortages of inventory. it was shipping disruptions. this year, inventory is coming in a little bit sooner. i think so many companies heated what happened last year and ordered a little bit in advance. naturally, right now there is a little bit of extra inventory in the warehouses. >> okay. so the last 24 hours i had the ceo of farm equipment and i interviewed the ceo of care pillar. they said they have not been cured. should they be using gs oh. we welcome discussions. >> there is a point when people say supply chain, maybe it is more on them than the supply chain? >> listen, i can comment about g xo. we are changing companies and companies will make an incredible difference. >> by going to the g xo
6:45 pm
facility, whose stuff do i find? >> you will see many of the biggest bluest of blue-chip company names in the world. international lines. they come here because we have a great reputation for delivering on time when we say and when we implement the new warehouse it's critical for companies that the capacity comes online when it is supposed to. that is why they trust us and we are growing our business at a 20% organic growth. >> there were many people who question brad jacobs for splitting up a good company x po logistics. it is true that a more laser focused g xo is doing better than it would have inside the logistics. >> absolutely. a vision of making up your play contract. we just had a phenomenal year. we outpaced ourselves.
6:46 pm
it's the benchmark. they are a visionary. >> okay. i have to tell you you were on one year ago. i was concerned because i loved what brad was doing. he told me not to worry about you. he undersold you. congratulations on a great quarter in the first year. >> thank you. >> coming up, what is on your mind? give us a call. the lightning round is starting next. >> for your consideration, the world's most innovative eyewear, turboflex. turboxflex frames are engineered with a 360 degree hinge disguised in the design. for maximum comfort, flexibility, and performance that stands the test of time.
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time.
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then the lightning round. are you ready. let's start with michael. hey kramer, this is michael. thank you so much for taking my call. i'm in sunny california. i'm a longtime listener. i am a charter club member and have lots of gratitude to you and your team and a shout out to those people in the study cam who cover you. >> they are fabulous. that is where i need to see you, thursday club meeting. let's go to work. what we need? >> i am in a question. i'm at a house of pain when it comes to this stock, should i sell, hold rat where?
6:51 pm
>> it's an interesting cyber security company. i have to tell you, i think it is too cheap to get rid of. i would hold onto it. thank you for the great comments. the investment club will convenient thursday at 12:00. >> let's go to clinton. >> ast space mobile. >> they are losing a lot of money. were not going to buy companies that are not making money. not here and not now. let's go to vanessa north carolina. vanessa? >> hey. what is going on? listen, i need to understand lions gate. i bought them years ago. have a small position. they were at 33 and they have a since split and i can't seem to get across the $10 threshold.
6:52 pm
is this -- should i sit on it? >> it is a value trap. all the entertainment stocks are doing terribly including that one. don't sell it down here. it's too inexpensive. you have to understand that it will make money but not what the market wants. it doesn't want entertainment. they are called indoor stocks. >> brian? >> hello. how's it going? >> quite well. thank you for asking how about you? >> thank you. i can't complain. congratulations and thanks for the call. i had to ask you about this. okay. it's great. it looks great. i had a question. him up 51%, buy sell or hold? >> it's in the right spot. i think it is doing very well and i want you to hold onto it. i do think the new ceo is doing
6:53 pm
a terrific job and i think you are in great shape. continue to own that. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> coming up, kramer has a plan to stand up to amazon. it is a pipe dream? can the pieces fit? stick with kramer. >>
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>> there is so many struggling e-commerce places, why not consolidate. i would merv shop of i and at the and let them go and toe to toe with amazon. it makes too much sense right now to combine these into one company that can get some love as a first true challenger to amazon. that is accused of being a monopoly. there is room for some competition. the combined company would basically be a craft amazon. i think it would give amazon a
6:57 pm
run for its money. let's start with the foundation. pinterest, the consumer oriented social media network out there. their earnings call so users being able to buy things that they see. if you want to purchase something you need to go somewhere else. the good news is the new ceo used to be at google running up e-commerce and before that he was at paypal. this would be a natural merge. it never happened last year. they are leaving money on the table. they need to get there foot in the e-commerce door and paypal would give them that. and help powell could be the largest shareholder of pinterest. by the way paypal had a big number. well done.
6:58 pm
if they want this to happen, they can make it happen. these guys can shake down entire governments. they steamroll executives and they are smart. they have 433 million printers and paypal has 429 million active accounts. critical mass is there. you can purchase what you see. that would take pinterest to the next level. even if they merge is not enough to get into amazon. that's why they need to buy at the end shop of fire as well. it's crazy that they have not emerged yet. at the is the dominant platform. pinterest is where these people live. two great tastes that taste great together. >> then shipping and fulfillment it should go to shop at five. they have deep knowledge of how to work with businesses making this combination company and
6:59 pm
unparalleled competitor. think of the advantages that could accrue here. first at the can get rid of the shipping apparatus and you shop of fives. that's the fulfillment leader. there is financing for people who sign up for the product. paypal could offer amazon prime style like link to all customers. it would be a perfect match. that way pinterest doesn't have to build up e-commerce. it is done for them. i think the activists could make all this happen and do so in a short period of time. is a pipe dream? with this cause and i trust against them? would the justice department look at them? amazon is so disliked by the government, is especially now, the government could get behind this combination. they love to see competitors to amazon.
7:00 pm
no one has been able to do that because they are so efficient. this paypal by could give it a run for its money. with the issues, will they get you to the polls? i'm shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc. >> abortion on the ballot, first time since roe v wade is overturned. the course one states voters chart for the nation. plus election denies take center stage. flooding disaster, ongoing in kentucky. >> total devastation. in a matter of 45 minutes. >> searching for the missing


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