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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 5, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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and the other? far more. [theme music] brittney griner learns her sentence in a russian court. i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc for the basketball star, years behind bars. >> i made an honest mistake. >> president biden responds and calls for the russians to release her. >> this is an incredible farce on behalf of the russians. >> the next moves to free brittney griner. alex jones learns his punishment for defaming sandy hook parents >> question 2a, $1.5 million question 2b, $500,000. >> the reaction and what happens next
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new criminal charges surrounding the death of breonna taylor >> breonna taylor should be alive today. >> the four officers the feds are targeting after the nighttime raid on her home >> this is a day that black women saw equal justice. your flight is delayed of delayed. the new proposal to make the airlines pay you cash. the details and how will the airlines respond gabby petito's mom speaks. inflation fallout. people returning their pets for financial reasons. and dating in the metaverse. >> announcer: live from cnbc the facts. the truth. the news with shepard smith. good evening $4.1 million that's how much alex jones owes the parents of a 6-year-old murdered in the sandy hook massacre so far
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>> question 2a, $1.5 million question 2b, $500,000. >> the judge ticking off the amounts on which the jury settled. alex jones didn't show up in court to hear the decision, but it's not over for him at all this is just the first of two so he could owe a lot more tomorrow a lawyer for the parents said today's jury award was for the mental anguish that the parents suffered because of alex jones tomorrow, the jury is back to decide punitive damages. how much he should pay as part of his punishment. the lawyer for the parents said he could face a much more severe reckoning. >> tomorrow becomes the real name of the game is it -- is it going to be a little more. is it going to be a lot more is it going to be astonishingly more you don't know what that jury's thinking you don't know what compromises they made. you don't know exactly what happened in that room, but one thing's for sure, mr. jones is not going to sleep easy tonight after that verdict >> a judge already found jones libel for defamation for spreading the conspiracy theory
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that the sandy hook massacre was a hoax and the victims crisis actors 6-year-old jesse lewis' parents said they faced harassment and death threats because of those lies they asked for $150 million in damages. much higher than the 4.1 million they got today but they're lawyers said this verdict is the light at the end of the tunnel for his clients. nbc news legal analyst danny cevallos now danny, the parents lawyer says he plans to call a witness to talk about alex jones' net worth. what is your assessment of the questioning they might get out of that witness? >> pretty simple they're just looking to establish how much alex jones is worth so that the jury can fashion their punitive damages punitive damages are different from compensatory damages. compensatory damages are what they sound like. they're intended to compensate people for their loss. in a case like this, it's really impossible to do the way in a normal injury case with medical
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records and medical bills you can add up and put on a board. so in a sense, both the punitive damages here and the compensatory damages are in essence being plucked out of the air. the jury is going back if that room and deciding now angry they are. even though punitive damages are intended to punish someone and also, by nature, imagined by the jury when they go into that jury room, tomorrow, they will get an idea of alex jones' net worth so they can decide what amount will punish him >> you know the lawyers said he thinks that's going to be a larger amount or could be. what do you think? anywhere near that 150 >> probably not near that 150. in a sense, in a strange way, the lawyer may not want that 150 because the real number that lawyer wants and plaintiffs want is a number that won't be overturned on appeal and appellate courts with the run away jury, you get a huge verdict with $150 million, that's a verdict that appellate
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court might overturn so in all likelihood, the plaintiffs' attorney will not say this, but they might be looking for something in the realm of $50 million something less than that that very large number they originally asked for if for no other reason than to secure it on appeal. to insulate it from appellate court taking a second look and second guessing what the jury awarded in punitive damages. >> maybe tomorrow we get an idea of what's worth. thanks so much i appreciate it. president biden is demanding the immediate release of brittney griner after the russian court sentenced the basketball star to nine years in prison nearly a decade of hard time in a russian penal colony for having less than a gram of cannabis oil inside her luggage. the white house calling the trial a sham and a harsh sentence reprehensible the olympic gold medalist pleaded for leniency as she stood inside that cage in the russian courtroom. >> i made an honest mistake and i hope that in your ruling that it doesn't end my life here.
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i never meant to hurt anybody. i never meant to put in jeopardy the russian population i know everybody keeps talking about political pawn and politics, but i hope that that is far from this courtroom >> well, the russian judge threw the book at brittney griner anyway for drug smuggling. that was the charge. griner's defense lawyer says the wnba star was very stressed and. the star upset and could hardly talk after the sentence came down but brittney griner did have a brief message that you have to listen closely as authorities led her away in handcuffs. >> i love my family. >> i love my family. today, the white house again urged russia to accept the prisoner swap offer that the u.s. put on the table weeks ago. nbc news learned the white house is offering the merchant of death viktor bout. he's the notorious arms is offe
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trafficker who conspired to kill americans in exchange for griner and the detained retired marine paul whelan. at today's white house press briefing, the white house national security council spokesperson john kirby would not say whether the u.s. might change its offer or whether there's any progress in talks with russia. kirby would say only that conversations are ongoing at various levels >> i don't think it would be helpful to brittney or paul for us to talk more publicly about -- about where we were in the talks and what the president might or might not do. >> the big question now is which prison will brittney griner serve her time in and what sort of brutal conditions might she be forced to endure. tom firestone's with us. former legal adviser at the u.s. embassy in moscow. tom, with the trial over, does this improve the chances of some sort of prisoner swap or no? >> it removes an obstacle. a procedural obstacle. the russians said we're not going to do an exchange until the case runs its course and
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we've got a sentence we've got that out of the way, but the bigger problem is the russians decided not to accept the viktor bout offer. so where does that leave us?. they decided not to accept the victor booth offer. where does tha who else can the u.s. put in there to sweeten the pot unless the russians ask for mr. kroskivok who is serving a life sentence in germany. is that really a serious counteroffer from the russians the u.s. government says no. i think it's going to be difficult. >> you know, the russians are facing all these sanctions and so much pressure from nations all over the world and they don't have much, but they are ua have brittney griner so you wonder if they might hang on to her for a while, sadly >> i think they are and i think they are managing to play this for domestic consumption also. they will say we judge people by our laws of the russian federation, not by the laws of san francisco or new york or colorado i think they're trying to spin this for a domestic audience that this is the west trying to, you know, shove their laws down our throats again and this is why you can't open a bank account and you can't travel
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i think as you say, they don't have much. they have her. they are exploiting it for political purposes >> tom firestone thanks very much tensions are rising in asia. china's flexing its military might a day after the house speaker nancy pelosi visited taiwan today, china launched unprecedented military drills off the coast of the disputed island territory beijing reports this video shows its forces firing precision guided missiles. according to the white house, the chinese army fired 11 ballistic missiles into the waters north, east and south of the island that hasn't happened since 1996. according to the chinese newspaper "south china morning post" the chinese military sent war plane ships and drones and deployed a nuclear aircraft carrier and nuclear submarine. drones also spotted over taiwan's smaller islands
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just yesterday, taiwan's defense official said china's military drills would be a direct challenge to taiwan sovereignty. of course, china claims control over the self-governing island china not only fired missiles near taiwan, japan's defense minister says five missiles landing in its exclusive economic zone south of japan's main islands cnbc's eunice yoon is live for us in beijing. eunice, what's been the reaction in china and for that matter in taiwan >> well, shep, taiwan officials say that the drills are encroaching on their territorial waters and acting as an effective blockade they have said they have shot warning drones near a taiwan controlled island nearly six miles off the coast of china in addition to the military action, taiwan authorities say the island is fending off what they describe as an unprecedented number of cyber attacks. not only on government web sites such as the president's office, but infrastructure like railway stations and even 7/elevens.
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the exercises are scheduled to end on sunday, but chinese media suggests that these more intensive drills could become normalized saying they are quote new beginning for the taiwan strait the news agency quoted the chinese military as saying the drills as a strong deterrent to collusion between the united states and taiwan. the chinese foreign ministry says taiwan is justified in measures it has taken in response to pelosi's visit a spokes persons said thursday the malicious provocation of the united states came first, and the legitimate defense of china came second. at a meeting in cambodia, the chinese foreign minister called pelosi's trip manic, irresponsible and highly irrational china's military action doesn't come without a cost. the g7 issued a statement criticizing china's behavior and that prompted china to pull its foreign minister out of scheduled talks with his japanese counterpart at that event in cambodia showing that the situation in the taiwan strait is already having
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international implications shep >> eunice yoon live this friday morning in beijing. the national guard rushing to distribute bottled water in eastern kentucky as it becomes a week after the devastating flooding first hit killing so far at least 37 people and destroying entire neighborhoods. the kentucky governor andy beshear says national guard troops have given out more than 11,000 cases of water. he says while crews restored water service to many in the region the flood wiped out some water systems and there, he says, water service in those areas could take weeks or multiple months to repair crews working tirelessly to clear debris from ravaged areas, but the roads in eastern kentucky are so bad in many cases, that some volunteers are getting supplies to people on horse back cnbc's perry russom is live for us again tonight this time in buckhorn, kentucky, two hours southeast of lexington perry.
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>> shep, this is a remote part of eastern kentucky that is difficult to get to. there are single lane roads and switchbacks everywhere that's making the clean up here even more difficult. this barn behind us has not been touched in a week. right around the corner at this point, people are just lighting debris on fire in buckhorn, kentucky, sometimes the fastest way to clean is to burn >> i would say there is no other way to do it where are you going to put it? >> this isolated post in the mountains is home to about 100 people with hundreds more living in the hollars valleys along the creek or roads washed away. part of the bridge to marvin baker's home is gone he rides an atv to cross the water. >> people come from everywhere to bring stuff in at the store they come by here all day long and drop water and food. >> rocks are being unloaded to rebuild. in the devastation, there are stories of hope. ♪
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>> during the flood, this guitar was swept a quarter of a mile down the creek it floated into the high school and came to rest in the classroom without any damage >> before you do >> you can't do that >> by the church, volunteers work as a human chain. >> they're angels. >> unloading waterchurch voluntk as a human chain. inside a gym, towering of rolls of paper sweat stained shirts pick new clothes. >> we're hoping that people wouldn't forget about this place. in a couple of weeks, everybody is back working and they will forget about this little area. they can't do that >> how would you describe the feeling of walking into that room and seeing all those donated supplies >> hopeful >> robin gabbard is one of the organizers here. she says the power is back on for most of buckhorn portable showers are on the ground, but there is still no running water. she says it could be gone for three to six months. >> it's you.
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>> one thing we noticed on the volunteers is the smiling faces and the laughter >> yes >> what does that say about the people who live here >> we are resilient mountain people we are resilient we are persistent. we don't give up no matter what. we smile when there's nothing to smile about. >> and gabbard says they need just basic things. ropes, tarps and gloves. basic things to survive here shep >> perry russom live again tonight in eastern kentucky. two years after police shot and killed breonna taylor inside her own apartment. federal charges filed against current and former cops. the crimes they're accused of committing to get inside her home multiple crime scenes with fires and multiple people dead the ongoing investigation of today's activities in nebraska that began with a 3:00 a.m. phone call. and is beyond meet beyond saving
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the report out today that's forcing one company to take action
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four current and former louisville police officers facing federal charges tonight related to breonna taylor's killing. the attorney general merrick garland says two of the officers lied on the affidavit they used to get a search warrant for her apartment. then he says they tried to cover it up. >> among other things, the affidavit falsely claimed that officers had verified that the target of the alleged drug trafficking operation had received packages at ms. taylor's address in fact, the defendants jaynes and goodlett knew that was not true >> attorney general garland says officers jaynes and goodlett met up in jaynes garage months after the shooting happened and there, he says, they agreed to lie about the falsified affidavit.
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a third officer, officer kyle meany signed off on all of it. the justice department official says he knew it included false information. they are all accused of violating breonna taylor's civil rights and lying to federal investigators. the charges come more than two years after cops shot and killed breonna taylor in her own home they burst into her apartment in the middle of the night. taylor's boyfriend says he shot at them because he thought they were intruders officers fired back more than 30 shots. hitting and killing breonna taylor attorney general garland says had those officers simply told the truth on the affidavit, breonna taylor would still be alive. in a separate indictment today, former officer brent hankison is facing charges of using excessive force while executing that warrant garland says hankison fired ten shots blindly through a door and a window that was blocked by blinds and blackout curtains a jury acquitted him on similar
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state charges earlier this year. today, breonna taylor's mother said the charges are long overdue. >> we have been saying on day one that you are learning what we have been saying is the truth that they shouldn't have been there and that breonna did not deserve that >> sergeant meany and officer goodlett still work for the police department. the chief is taking immediate steps to fire them both. the newspaper reports that there are indications that goodle goot may have agreed tie a plea no word on how the other over officers plan to plea. we havehave david with us now david, does that put pressure on the others >> 100%, shep. that is how it works the person who makes the deal first or the person who talks first gets the best deal
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the deal would be or requirement be they cooperate of the remaining people facing charges. >> the grand jury indicted a former officer hankison for blindly firing into taylor's apartment. he was acquitted in state trial. why is this different? >> you know, shep, hankison's case never made sense. the summary is the letter his chief wrote firing him it was a scathing letter saying we don't train you to do that. anybody with half a brain would know you never fire a gun in public he fired it at taylor's apartment and wasn't charged with taylor or putting her boyfriend in harm's way. now this case makes sense to the jury it was contusing because breonna taylor wasn't part of the case when it went to trial. >> david henderson, thank you so
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much. today, a shakeup in the streaming world. the merger coming to a tv or tablet next summer. and monkeypox now officially a national public health emergency. the white house calling for people to get vaccinated why city leaders say there is a huge problem
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monkeypox now a national public health emergency. the white house declared it today as cases top more than 6,000 across the country in a briefing today, the hhs secretary beccera says cases are accelerating the u.s. reported 2,000 infections in the last week. this comes as the government scrambles to find more vague seens. the white house held off ordering more doses in may they say taking them intfrom
4:24 am
storage would take years off the shelf life they would start dose sparing. that means giving 1/5 of the full dose under the skin rather than the full dose in the vein that is less protective, but the commissioner said the method is not unusual. he is confident in how the fda plans to administer the vaccine. the long lines for the vaccines continues. cnbc's shomari stone spoke with people in dc where there are more cases per capita than any state. >> i'm concerned people are complacent because they think it doesn't impact them. >> reporter: chase ford waited in line to get the vaccine he is relieved to get the shot >> i feel so fortunate and blessed. really lucky i know that vaccine distribution has varied. >> reporter: d.c. has a limited supply of the monkeypox vaccine.
4:25 am
they have given over 10,000 doses. that meets 10% of the city's projected cases. officials say d.c. needs another 100,000 right now to be well stocked. according to the cdc, there are currently 257 cases of monkeypox in d.c the highest number per capita in the united states. at least 6,000 cases nationwide with no deaths >> we know monkeypox is located throughout the united states simply put, there is not enough vaccine to go around to curb the spread >> reporter: the biden administration purchased 2.5 million doses, but state and local officials don't know when the doses will arrive. >> we don't have a timeline of additional doses we know this disease is continuing to spread we are doing our best to limit that spread. >> reporter: former food and drug administration commissioner dr. scott gottlieb warns in the op-ed if monkeypox gains a
4:26 am
permanent foot hold in the u.s., it would be the worst public health failure in modern times not only because of the pain and peril of the disease, but it was avoi avoidable. >> regardless where you live in d.c. or california, you should get vaccinated >> reporter: gay and bisexual men are among the highest risk they represent 98% of the cases, but officials say anyone can get the disease after close contact with someone who has a rash from the disease or contact with contaminated materials like towels and bed sheets. shep >> shomari stone live in d.c. a bizarre series of events in nebraska today. one town, two homes on fire, four people dead tonight, the clues that have investigators suspecting foul play. and americans spent billions to bailout the airlines during
4:27 am
covid. remember and for what delays, cancellations and lost luggage. now a plan is in place to hold their feet to the fire and make the airlines pay you the details as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc.
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a shift in streaming strategy
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that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money. warner bros. discovery opening a front in the war of scrtreaming subs subscribers. the chief announced hbo max and discovery plus will merge. we are waiting for the new name. it is set to launch next summer. hbo max and discovery plus. beyond meat struggling the company out with unappetizing second quarter earnings the results are wider than expected loss and weak sales the company reports it will cut 4% of the work force this comes a week after mcdonald's uprooted the mcplant from the restaurants the research firm added the company to zombie stocks that stock of beyond meat down 8% today and more than 50% this
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year. and one person's trash is another treasure luxury fashion house balenciaga is giving them a garbage bag they call it the trash pouch the company reports a garbage bag inspired the calfskin drawstring sack. the price is cheap $1,800. today at the pump. the average cost nationwide for a gallon of gas is down to $4.13. we have not seen that price since late april still costing 95 cents more than last year. on wall street the dow down 86. s&p down 3 nasdaq up 52 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news florida's governor suspends a state attorney for his stance on the abortion law.
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>> we will make sure our laws are enforced >> the reasons for the punishment and the attorney's response gabby petito's mom taking action how she is trying to help girls who may be in trouble and what she says about the confession that brian laundrie left behind. first, the revenge of the air travelers. the proposals that could have the airlines paying you cash >> the department of transportation planning more specific rules about when airlines have to give you a re refund the guidelines now are vague when the flight is canceled or as they put it significantly changed. now the department of transportation is defining significantly. it wants airlines to pay you if your departure or arrival time has been pushed back at least three hours for domestic flights or six hours for international flights. in addition, an airline would have to give you a refund if it adds a connection to the flight
4:32 am
or change in aircraft causes a downgrade in amenities there's one more proposal. ifyou can't fly because you're sick or if travel restrictions suddenly put you in a place you are not comfortable, you are entitled to a voucher that never expires. pete buttigieg says travelers should get to the destination affordably and reliably. the rules are open for public comment. phil lebeau is covering airlines for us what do the airlines think of the proposal >> they are studying it, shep. understandably, no industry or business wants to see more regulation clearly the d.o.t. is using its muscle to say we want better for the passenger who is out there this year, only through may, only through may, there have been 22,000 complaints from people traveling on airplanes and over a third are about
4:33 am
refunds. the d.o.t. realizes this is a topic where the public is saying yes, the airlines can do better. >> so, if they do have to pay this money out, then prices go up on tickets, right they will not eat it >> not necessarily remember, you only get a refund if you choose not to take a flight in other words, if your flight is delayed four hours. you take the flight. you may not be happy, but you don't get a refund because it's four hours late. if they say you are six hours late and you can apply for a refund most people,ecause while they t you will not happy about the deheldelays, shep, the not happy, but will take the flights. it is unclear how that impacts the bottom line. >> passengers in europe get paid for flights that are delayed that hasn't impacted the mess at heathrow or other airports will this improve anything >> i think they would, shep. here is a good example
4:34 am
remember in 2008 and 2009 with the nasty habit of loading us up on the flight and parking us on the tarmac for two or three hours because traffic wasn't right. that ended quickly once the d.o.t. said you know what? you do that, we'll fine you $27,000 per passenger. they started levying a couple of multimillion dollar fines. that cleaned up and the airlines changed their act. we may see that. >> phil lebeau, thanks very much. police in nebraska are investigating multiple crime scenes with multiple people dead they say they believe the suspect or suspects still on the loose. nebraska state patrol giving an update late this afternoon they now tell us the first call came in reporting an explosion early this morning at the home in the town of laurel up near the borders of south dakota and iowa firefighters found one person dead inside that home. while at that scene, another call came in
4:35 am
a second house on fire inside that home three people dead. so according to police, four dead victims, two crime scenes and three blocks apart police say there are reports of a silver sedan leaving town. they say the driver may have picked up a passenger. fire investigators say they believe an accelerant was used at both homes. they say they think the suspect or suspects were burned. police planned to give another update tomorrow. gabby petito's mother speaking out about the man who murdered her daughter. she called brian laundrie's confession ridiculous. the fbi reports he was the one who killed her and confessed he killed petito because she was in what he called extreme pain. the couple was traveling the coun country in a camper van.
4:36 am
her remains were found near the grand teton national park. now her mother says she hopes her daughter's story can help others in a abusive relationship she sat down with kate snow. >> how are you >> it's hard >> it's still hard every single day? >> crying. trying to do good for gabby. >> reporter: gabby petito's mother is determined to help others announcing the foundation named in her daughter's honor is donating $100,000 to the domestic violence hotline. >> our story begins because of domestic violencetragedy and w don't want to see that happen. >> reporter: the hotline ceo by her side. >> do you think someone who came forward because they saw the story? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the laughing and loving video of the road trip with brian laundrie painted a picture of bliss just days before her death.
4:37 am
>> we drove by and gentleman was slapping the girl. >> reporter: bystanders called police in moab, utah >> to be honest, i hit him first. >> i want to jump through the screen and rescue my daughter. she is hurting >> do you suspect that was the only time this ever happened their relationship >> in hindsight looking at that? no >> reporter: gabby petito's body was found in wyoming the coroner said she was strangled. brian laundrie disappeared and took his life. in june, the lawyer released pages of the notebook. gabby was in pain. i ended her life i thought it was merciful. >> you tweeted fed up with the image that narcissists rewrite history. what did you mean by that? >> that was his character. even in his last moments, he wanted to make sure he looked like the good guy, right
4:38 am
that's ridiculous. we know how she died >> you think it is untrue? >> 100%. >> the. >> reporter: the attorney had no comment. after the murder, the uptick in calls and chats from the domestic violence hotline. strangers reached out. >> we got messages and emails who said your daughter saved my life i left because of her. >> reporter: this summer, the hotline is overwhelmed with nearly twice as many calls s as last year and wait times up to 15 minutes >> it is someone's life. that's what we have to about this lives are precious >> reporter: the hotline says the gabby petito donation will help hire more staff nicole said she is proud of her daughter. >> she touched the world the tragedy that happened is for a higher purpose that's what keeps me going >> reporter: for "the news," i'm kate snow. >> kate snow 800-799-76233.
4:39 am
how could they not the group issues a response as we learn new information about the strike that killed out ayman al zawahiri on the balcony. and suspending a state attorney for what he calls necesglect of duty. the blistering response from the now suspended prosecutor
4:40 am
4:41 am
florida's governor ron desantis punishing a state attorney who vowed not to enforce the florida abortion law. the state attorney is andrew warren the state attorney for hills borough county that's where tampa is. governor desantis is suspending the man. >> when you violate your oath of
4:42 am
office and make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty you have necesglected your dutyn display a lack of confidence to form those duties. >> warren was one of several declaring they would not press charges against people who seek or provide abortions this was right after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade it wasn't about judgst an abortion warren has angered the governor several times. in april of 2020, he supported the arrest of the mega church pastor who broke covid rules by holding in-person gatherings months later, he declined to prosecute dozens of people that police arrested during the george floyd protest last year, he vowed not to go after doctors who provide generagender affirming care warren called the suspension a
4:43 am
political stunt. >> trying to overthrow the results of a fair and free election two of them actually people need to understand this isn't the governor trying to suspend the one elected official this is the governor trying to overflow overthrow democracy in the county. >> florida law allows him to appeal he says he hasn't looked at it yet. in the meantime, governor desantis appointed a county judge. judge susan lopez. a former county prosecutor whom desantis placed on the bench last year. ivanka trump and don jr. have given depositionsto the new york attorney's office ivanka testified yesterday and don last week. they were involved in the
4:44 am
business dealings with the trump organization neithe nei neither pleaded the fifth. letitia brown called the practice fraudulent and misleading fo fo former president trump is expected to testify later this month. a judge ordered mr. trump to answer questions under oath. the former president has denied any wrongdoing he has repeatedly called the investigation a politically motivated witch hunt. the taliban claimed they had no idea that the leader of al qaeda was hiding out in kabul living in the same neighborhood where senior taliban officials live in the first statement since a cia drone strike killed schwayman al zawahiri over the weekend and
4:45 am
violating the peace deal the taliban had vowed they would not harbor any territory in afghas terrorist. it is known as the ninja bomb which killed him or also a flying ginsu the officers discovered that al zawahiri liked to read alone on the balcony of his safe house. on sunday morning, the cia pulled the trigger ending the manhunt for the 9/11 mastermind after two decades. this is apparently the view from that same balcony. the last view ayman al zawahiri might have seen before the u.s. took him out these are photos that dan smoke took he is an an iraq war vet who lived in the same house years ago working as an aide worker in afghanistan. i read his story in "the daily
4:46 am
beast" this morning and he is here tonight dan, thanks so much. what is your reaction when you learned this is the same place you used to bunk >> a bit of shock. my personal history like so many when it comes to the military was tied so closely to al qaeda and this man who was the architect of violence that we were supposed to be countering from in the world. >> looking at it now, does that building make sense to you as a safe house what's it like inside? >> it does make sense. it is standard for the poppy palace configurations. >> poppy palace? >> yeah. poppy palace is where the gar itcgarish constructions that popped up after 9/11 a lot of people with a lot of money started building ridiculous structures. they all have the similar glitz
4:47 am
and strange designs and varies from house to house. not a lot of uniformity. it makes sense a newer building new for us in 2012 newer than the other ones in the neighborhood that particular neighborhood where it is located is easy to secure street access would be easy to secure and he'easy to keep him t of harm's way. >> it was like a frat house? you have memories of the balcony? how did you feel about the strike >> yeah. some of the memories are indeed fuzzy. actually a really nice place beautiful view at the top. you see the mountains in the morning. yeah, definitely you have a bunch of internationals crammed together in a security situation. we enjoyed our time there together >> good to see the strike?
4:48 am
>> yeah. yes and no, right? it is absolutely good to see the strike, but the fact we have come so full circle and we're still shooting fires to play this game of ongoing whack-a-mole i have mixed feelings about that right thing to do and right target to take out still it is an ongoing strategy to counterterrorism and al qaeda specifically it just feels like more of the same. >> i hear you. it's a mess. dan smock. thank you. pay your bills or your pets? according to animal shelters, pet surrenders are increasing in a big way this year. the reason why so many have to give them up and we're inside the metaverse again tonight.
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no beard touching this time. tonight? we're looking for a little love. dating in the virtual reality. it's a thing wheel show you how it works. flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through.
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pay the rent or take care of the cat? weekly groceries or the dog goes to the vet the choices some pet owners are facing according to rover web site, 91% are paying more on their pets than six months ago an andrea day reports people have no other option. >> she has been a big part of my life her entire life >> reporter: lisa cannot manage life without her dog rosebud the household expenses were tough to handle. >> rent, groceries, dog food all going up really high >> reporter: and after her rents sky rocketed 40%, lisa was forced to move her option a place that would not take
4:52 am
dogs >> losing my baby who loves me so much hurt very much >> in the last year, we have seen surrenders due to housing triple from 6% to 18%. >> reporter: monica dangler is the director at the animal care center in pima, arizona. >> it is staggering that number of people have to surrender outside of their control due to inflation and rising market costs for housing. >> reporter: it is not just here in arizona 1,200 miles away in kansas city, missouri. >> in 2022, 40% of the dogs coming into the shelter that are relinquished by owners are coming in due to housing or financial reasons. >> reporter: tori fugate is with the kc pet project in missouri >> they don't want to give up their pets they have no other options
4:53 am
>> reporter: like veronica >> it came to where i had to choose my kids over our pets >> reporter: her two dogs, oreo and cookie >> having a mortgage to pay. all of that stuff. it adds up it seems like everything is going up besides the pay >> reporter: and 1,200 miles away in new york city. >> we're basically packed with animals right now. >> reporter: katy hansen works for animal care center of new york city. more than 4,500 pets surrendered this year. that's up 22% from the same time last year. >> due to the economy, a lot of people are needing to move to different places they lost their job or they can no longer afford the 30% rent increase that is one of the biggest reasons people are having to surrender. >> reporter: there is hope lisa and veronica were both able to get their dogs back their local shelters have foster care programs that take in dogs
4:54 am
while owners get back on their feet >> i'm really very grateful for that >> reporter: and, shep, tory from the shelter in kansas city say they are desperate for help. they need lots of volunteers to keep their programs going. we're hearing the same thing from shelters across the country. if you can help foster a dog or cat or adopt one, reach out to the shelter. shep >> andrea day. thanks so much. one of the men accused of stealing lady gaga's dogs has been sentenced authorities released this 19-year-old james howard jackson from jail. his time on the run came to an end yesterday when police arrested him in palmdale, north of l.a he is charged with attempted murder and robbery police say last february, jackson and two other people ambushed lady gaga's dog walker and took off with the dogs
4:55 am
the dog walker was shot in the chest and survived two days later, a woman returned the dogs and charged her one of the other men involved pleaded no contest the judge sentenced him to four years in prison. dating these days often begins with a swipe. cont cont tinder, hinge, bumble. we have savannah sellers who tried it out >> you can feed the ducks. >> have you been on a date >> i have. it was chill >> reporter: feeding ducks or nature stroll or round of mini golf. dating in the metaverse. that's me. you can come as yourself or floating robot from the comfort of your couch. >> this is the matching world. it is a vr dating app to go on dates with people all over the
4:56 am
world. >> reporter: anthony and kyle are the gen zd dating company. instead of drinks at a bar in the neighborhood, singles meet up virtually. >> this is where i met my girlfriend two years ago >> in this bar >> yeah. >> you tell people, you say we met at a bar >> i guess so. >> reporter: luke is a 19-year-old teen in the uk looking for love on real life dating apps and flirtual >> it is a new thing for the young generation they started using it and i feel like the metaverse is using it >> the first dedicated space for virtual reality. >> the company's chief marketing officer calls it a safer way to meet up. >> it is normalized that when we
4:57 am
as women go to a bar or a restaurant to go meet someone we met through a dating app, to text multiple friends our exact gps location to make sure if anything is sketchy, this is where i am we want to change that >> reporter: plus, the convenience. >> if you have a busy workweek >> you can be in sweat pants with a glass of wine chatting. >> reporter: you mostly see people as avatars first, fans of vr dating say it leads to better connections. >> i would say you are swiping and seeing the faces you are not looking at their personalities. >> reporter: metaverse daters may wait before revealing their faces. >> here, you get exact personality. >> tell me, what is it like dating someone in vr >> it feels real i feel this feels real here. i can give kyle a hug. >> oh.
4:58 am
okay you can give me a hug? >> sure. come here. >> whoa. >> a lot of people experience vr with phantom touch you can feel it. >> now somebody you like you are talking to in the metaverse. >> absolutely. >> will you take that into real life >> i'm hoping to >> reporter: for the news, i'm savannah sellers >> who needs real life don't we all stay home now what about the next part after the hugging? how do you do that then you just die in the metaverse? like i don't know -- the train has left the station i may jump on to the third rail.
4:59 am
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it is 5:00 a.m. in boston. here is the "five@5. as the red hot jobs market about to slow down the payroll number hits the tape. the path secured big win for energy and private equity billionaires as democrats look to pass a new version of the build back better bill little report from washington ahead. elon musk teasing very ambitious plans for thaesla in h months and years ahead he is also splitting the stock taking a page from disney. warner bros. hti


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