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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  August 9, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i think one issue with the theme parks is there was so much pent-up demand and families that didn't go to disneyland or disney world and to lay the trips and now we are vaccinated and are going and the question is whether there is a crush of attendance now and maybe next year things are lighter. >> a huge question especially in different parts of the world. we will talk you tomorrow. testimony begins right now. right now one of the men behind the shortage issuing a harsh morning and the economy and whistling through the graveyard plus is walmart about to go head-to-head with amazon prime, details of the new streaming platform for the largest retailer and what it means for an already crowded field of streamers and later at the extreme option significant to the slump and another berkshire bump for oxley.
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this is fast money on the desk tonight. we start off with the countdown for the big cti report as economists are expecting relief as they pulled back in july and with housing costs, will it be enough to tamp down inflation fears as markets take a bit of a breather with the nasdaq dropping 4% with the fourth straight day of losses and how should investors prep? >> first of all, welcome back. i will say joe does a great job and courtney does an outstanding job and brian is great. so welcome back. cti tomorrow, inflation is still going to be hot and is still a problem and i think so much of this rally from june 15 until recently has been predicated on the fact that people think the federal
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reserve will pause or pivot. even if you have a six handle is still three times what they are looking for and they have to be steadfast in earnest in their belief that inflation is a problem and have to tamp it down. >> all the excitement with the s&p up 15% with the nasdaq 100 at more than 20% and it feels like investors sentiment shifted from worst-case scenarios in may 2 maybe a soft landing and so some of the data, the jobs number last week you look at it a couple different ways and if there reading start to come in and we hear a lot of things about moderating prices and there is a narrative to be scripted in a way that maybe we are on the precipice of a soft landing and maybe hitting this thing really hard as far as rate hikes. i'm not saying i'm in that camp at the stock market is saying but yields in a way so you look at the 10 year yield at 2.7% and i
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think right now as of last week before we have the selloff, it really was soft landing and that was kind of the message with the bond market and stock market. >> because of the low 10 year yield the risk assets have gone higher in terms of the spectrum and we have seen them be well with the june lows and we have seen all of those. mean stocks go higher. >> there's been enough in terms of the base for the modest moves to reflect a large percentage. you want to normalize it where we have been versus where we currently are and in terms of what to expect tomorrow, it matters but i think we've seen enough strength in the labor market and they have told you it's inflation and the labor market and will continue to march forward and the people in the pivot need to pave it and look for something else. they've come out and have been
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straightforward and they told you exactly what the plan is going to be and peak inflation to me i think is an overblown notion. how far are we from where the target is, 2 to 2.5% and i still think we have quite a ways to go. >> we have seen all the notions play out. revenue growth is modest, margins eroding and that is a story of how inflation is eating into companies pocketbooks. >> you have seen a lot of reasonable levels of earnings and guidance being week or at a minimum, pretty conservative and i think businesses are nervous about how much investment they really want to be undertaking giving they expect a softening economy and longer-term the real question is, what is purchasing power look like for consumers because
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we can sit here and say it's a % or 9% or 6% but the consumer wants to know what the absolute dollar is on their gas bill or grocery bill and the percentages are useless. >> price stability which is what jerome powell was able to achieve . >> have you watched the bond market, i know you been away for a long time. the bond market has been crazy and you look at what happened to two year yield the last couple of weeks. they are failing at a lot of things and are clearly failing the possibility. >> you have a lot of things that are reverting, the dollar with a massive shoot up with crude oil and the same thing and we saw that with a lot of commodities and a lot of that stuff there is a chance and to your point, even getting these readings and cpi a 0.7%, they are still elevated year over
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year that are committed and so the point is that we all thought prior to the pandemic that rates would be going higher and i guess we had that period where the stock market did not really like grace quinn high gear and the tenure topped out at 3 1/4 and we got just above that after this extraordinary period of easy monetary and fiscal stimulus and we agree we should be out of normalized rate at the point is if we do see in place and come back in and we have it stay where they are in the 3% level on the 10 year we feel pretty good about that. >> what does inflation coming back in mean? >> they are targeting 4% and prior to the pandemic they were trying to get it about 2% and they were tell you that they were never measuring it correctly and we were waiting for wage growth to finally come in and had not seen that in a long time. you know my stance, think about where we have the
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games since the pandemic and i think the games will be moderated away and we will get back to automation and all those things that were prevalent prior to the pandemic so i would not be too optimistic about the wage growth. >> i will tell you where we have possibility and it's in rent prices. and that is where people still feel the pain. if you have no place to stay and cannot afford food, there is no elasticity. those are two things you have to have and we are not seeing the rollover in terms of people having to spend to keep a roof over their head and until that baits the fed will continue doing what they said they're going to do. >> and they will roll back the price of items and snack foods. there is price stickiness and companies have checked the prices on a number of things rents stay high, wages stay high in those things to come back
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easily even if the price of gasoline has come down at the pump . >> customers are used to seeing things like gas prices move a lot that went to get price superior ration and increases, they don't come back and that decreasing your can of pringles is forever and we will just have fewer so consumers are getting used to that and you could talk about base facts but at the end of the day the paycheck hasn't grown that much and the % they are spending on the mortgage or on their rent has continued to increase to completely unaffordable levels and something has to give and that is the discretionary side of the consumer. >> and dan tonight is playing the role of the relative bowl and why do you think, rated 2.78% and is that a good thing or bad thing? >> with the 10 year is telling us is that growth will not be a
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lot of bowls. and i think with the two-year is telling you is the feds will stay the course because the data although it might start to come out of peak levels whether it be unemployment at 40 year lows or cti of 40 year highs, they will continue to stay somewhat hawkish because if they get to that then we are in a situation where we have asset bubble that bubbles up and we have balance sheet of the fed that's $9 trillion and what do we do? >> 2.78% is subpar growth but not necessarily inflation. >> of course it is stagflation because we are coming out this extraordinary period. >> wall street is still to bullish ahead of the cti report. good to see you in person at the nasdaq market site. >> are units short in your
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portfolio? >> i would sam not that long. always opportunities but the stuff i'm seeing right now is presenting itself for short . >> what do you see happening tomorrow? >> the obsession with every print that goes by with the economic data whether a .7 or 8.4, ppi on wednesday, it's about what's going on behind the scenes. earnings are coming down and layoffs are starting to happen, fed rates take a while to build into the economy. we see peak earnings and we've seen the lowest rate in the cycle and what you were talking about earlier, it resonates with me is you want to see 10 year yields moving higher. two-year and tenure inverted by 50 basis points is telling me something and two gdp growth and purchasing power is diminishing because the consumer is not keeping up with wages. >> witches brew.
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he snuck in here. i will tell you last summer that the only person talking about stagflation was danny moses and its right before us. going to 50 basis points inverted, there is no errors to fight this and they say will they will pivot and pause but if they do that commodity goes back up. how do they get out of this mess? >> they are certainly going to deposit certain point but why would they pause? i think it's probably a combination. we see peak inflation but i don't know what they can do, they are and winding. this is a little bit of a 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000 mixed in but there's no precedent for what we see and look what has already happened with the fed having done very little and builders have gotten hit and you see what's going on in that sector so the consumer is
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starting to feel it and there's not a lot of margin for error. >> used spoke to employment and what we see so far is unemployment or the peaking of unemployment is more so in the tech sector her versus the spinning power, the spinning power is being challenged in the lower third of the consumer base. what is it that the fed needs to see from an employment standpoint in the middle third to upper third to get the people that are clamoring for the pivot to have something to hang their hat on? >> i don't care so much about the middle and upper third. walmart told you the day before the fed went and part of it was to announce to the fed, look what's going on. the consumer struggling spending all their money on gas and food and the fed is certainly watching that but there are layoffs occurring for the first time and those are high-paying jobs and will have an impact on the market. the lag effect is going to come
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around. >> investors are whistling, what is that? >> we just saw the s&p rally 15% and that's one heckuva rally in a short period of time so the nasdaq, today the market felt sloppy and the nasdaq went down 1.5% but microsoft and apple were unchanged and keeping s&p together. it really feels like again, what are investors missing? >> you can own the quality and are going to see the stocks traded to historical valuations and the mood stocks are extensions and on investments. i've been watching to indicate the health of the retail investor but they are not healthy moves in bed bath beyond, emc game stop and we know where they were and. you want to own companies with strong fundamentals and companies with solid cash and
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the balance sheet and not lots of debt because that's another area. a different episode is what will happen when corporations need to come back to find the balance sheet and it will be a lot more expensive. those are things that are yet to come. >> is there a big short in your portfolio now? >> i will just say that tesla, to me is everything about the market that has been wrong. in his bad enforced by the government, and to me when that thing finally breaks and if it ever does, if and when it does, i think we will know that the market has corrected itself with the little bit of everything. >> a short position. >> at what level? >> i made many initially years ago after the acquisition. >> this is a decade-long --
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>> i have not traded as well as i should have but now i'm geared up to a level where i'm comfortable. >> good to see you. >> julie beale, what do you think? >> the lag effect of the feds rate hike? >> i think this is the time to be in quality from a valuation standpoint and the rally that we've seen has left quality behind so you can actually find good value there right now. i don't want anything that has a lot of leverage and i think it's very underappreciated by the market, how many companies have variable-rate maturity are maturities coming relatively sane and it will be a very different world for them coming back to the capital market. most of the tech businesses run by young ceos, they have never been a manager in a recession
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and will come across a different world when they cannot get their way out of trouble and it's a new world for them. >> i think the quality thing is a good point. those names will continue to be crowded in and will trade at multiple so if you want to get worried at apple at 27 times for low single digit revenue growth, we made that case again and again but that stockton selloff 30% of the problem is that rally back and is down single digit % on the year and you might see a lot of the smaller stuff that julie mentioned and some stuff is already down 60% to 80% and i do think that we are going to have an opportunity where we see some of the big nasdaq names that make up a huge percentage of the large-cap indices and will show relative strength and are 30 or 40% off the lows. they will retest those lows soon
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and that will be the moment of truth for the stock market. >> coming up, a tech trade chip, a warn of weakening demand at first going base and roadblocks dropping and next, much more fast money. another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022.
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welcome back to fast money. shares of going base down 4.5%. reporting a loss of more than $1 billion for the second quarter with trading volumes dropping. the conference call is set to kick off in a few minutes. >> $1 billion loss for going base and that sliding crypto price net loss of 1.1 billion or 498 a share. a couple dollars lower than expected and a year ago they saw profit of $1.5 billion during the bull market. revenue also missed expectations down 64% from a year ago and going base saw dipping users with updated numbers for july, dropped 8 million and also off the phone
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from the cfo and said it was a tough quarter and are lowering operating expenses and trying to pull back and trying to spend prudently and i asked about profitability and she said they are not focused on quarter to quarter profits but are taking the long-term perspective and going base is trying to break even and she thinks they are in the early days of crypto so still trying to spend and build out the platform and the declining crypto assets significantly impact that the results and some of the stocks in the crypto market conditions are expected to continue and that is reflected in the updated outlet and they say they were not exposed to the widespread credit and liquidity issues on the brightside and on outlook they are low in the range for transaction users for the full year and expecting a drop in revenue per users, revenue and trade for the third quarter compared to q2. >> any sense from your
5:22 pm
discussion with the cfo about promotional activity to keep consumers? >> marketing is a push and pull because they have a slowdown in users and a lot of times you have to spend big to advertise and we've seen super bowl ads by the company and a lot of others and she did say they are trying to be prudent that they cannot fully take their foot off the gas because they have to compete. so it doesn't seem like they are completely scrapping the marketing budget but it is sort of a balancing act and we will get more on that likely on the call coming up. >> julie beale, had you feel, not only facing competitive pressures but a decline in the crypto market and an sec investigation. >> all i have to do when i want to check in on crypto is find the websites and it's a daily digest of the scans, hate
5:23 pm
hacking, bankruptcy and interspace that doesn't have a lot of quality to it lots of opportunity abroad and it's hard to make money when you have assets like this and it's hard to argue that should only be on corporate balance sheets and i'm concerned about what it means for the future of the retail investor. i think the reason we talk about it is half of the u.s. of traded crypto. >> i'm not one but danny was here talking about the absurdities, $41 stock a month ago and it was 109 a week ago and that is a pretty ridiculous move. for dollar and 98 sent loss is much more than them pessimistic analyst said. when blackrock came in the stock was trading between 75 and 80 and 50% retrace a bowl is 75 and i think it gets there and when it
5:24 pm
does you buy it >> let's get to roadblocks as shares are down. reporting a 4% drop in bookings versus one year ago and they say daily active users came in at 52 million about 1 million less than expected and bookings fell 21% from last year with the make of this? >> there is nothing to like it there and nothing to suggest that it gets better anytime soon before it gets worse and here is the company that very different than going base but a big pull forward during the pandemic and now massive deceleration and a cost structure that's too high and a company that basically has losses and are getting bigger and that narrative when you're headed into 2022, at the hard one and a good theme and there are things that are going on but when you have that drop of
5:25 pm
21% and user growth, where is the trough and the question for a lot of names, to the point, we've had volatility the and these are great trading vehicles but if you're going to start to think about what it does it look like when you get past the market, you will have to dial across the averages to try to catch a bottom. >> do you? >> try to catch a bottom, not ever, never have i ever. it's made the move from 30 to 50 so there is some technical set up and if i'm going to try to catch it, it's always going to be an option display. i don't catch falling knives. >> we like to come up with new games and almost 16 years. and i will say this, never have
5:26 pm
i ever would be a fantastic fast minigame. >> never have i ever. >> i've never bought anything on amazon and i've never bought anything online. >> i can't wait. a lot more fast money to come. is the chip trade collapsing? the latest name to warn of big tech in big trouble and what it means for semis and the rest of the market next. grab your popcorn, one trader says it's time to roll credits on the movie theater stock. stick aunrod, we will bring you that and a lot more. you're watching best money live from the nasdaq market side in times square.
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welcome back to fast money. the chipmaker this morning warning that revenue could fall short of reduced guidance in the challenging market environment. just 40 days ago micron had expectations for the quarter sane demand would be meaningful lower than forecast and shares closed down almost 4%. the news justifies rattling the entire sector for second day. others also fell. how many times will we trade lower basically the same sort of thing? >> it's a frequency in which we are getting these things. a month and half ago all of the announcements that we got and we just see the results and the guidance and here we see a shift from on the line stuff to
5:30 pm
more infrastructure and to me i think a lot of things you can extrapolate 40 days after they gave the guys. that video revenue, that was eye-popping and i'm surprised that it's knocked down a lot more in the semi conductor index , maybe they are going back but maybe that's a sector you have to watch. and that is probably why you will continue to see crowding. >> for a name that is so loved, for them to see gaming revenue disastrous . >> so they said the data center should hold dan which is fine and let's see what happens in life not a great sox chart upper left and lower right but we talk about it and from 8.1 billion down to 6.7 billion and that is not insignificant and if they missed again in a couple weeks, this is a stock
5:31 pm
that went north of 190 and it could challenge the 145 area and micron is the same thing, we thought we got past the monetization and went stocks like this are this cheap on valuation it's typically a warning sign. >> if you have said this is going to happen today and had you think the stock market will trade, it's almost another game but they had a disastrous quarter last night and micron would take down guidance for the second time, and one might've set i think the markets will trade lower because semi conductors are highly cyclical and maybe they are telling us something about the u.s. economy with company difficulties and forecasting business a month out and it was really confined in the chip sector. >> i think that's right and everyone is realizing that they have more cyclicality and we had hoped that it would be better but i don't think it's
5:32 pm
that much better and they still have a very hard time forecasting their own demand. that's what makes this job interesting. but i think if i look forward and across it depends on what you are exposed to and if you have any kind of chip exposure to the consumer, you will be in a weaker position than if you have chip exposure to industrial or automation and i think that is a better place to be. just think of the end user and that's how you position yourself. >> when we saw the weakness and yields and we saw it back into technology and anb told you the same thing and they have been a darling the whole time. it will continue to be challenging and what investors will have to continue to hear is the same message on repeat particularly with yields and between tomorrow, september and
5:33 pm
continued space in this semi space, those are going to be the things that contribute enrolling over and if you mention take and we saw commodities come off and all of that is subject to rollover and for whatever reason this move is a little bit longer than we might have anticipated that you are starting to see the cracks. >> julie makes a great point with the semi conductors and texas instrument a couple weeks ago and i think we were all surprised not only on the report but the guidance but when you think about it and we know there are supply constraints and there will be at demand for a while and that is the place to be in texas instrument is down 6% and the recent all-time highs in their places you can hide out right now the ones that are warning i
5:34 pm
don't think you want to try buying them . >> is walmart the next media company? they may be making their move into the world of streaming and the reddit revolution is picking back up and what direction do we see amc heading from here.
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walmart may be taking another stab at streaming and go head-to-head with amazon prime. the retailer is exploring deals with a number of major companies. we reached out to walmart comment and have not heard back but the new york times reporting that walmart is exploring a streaming service into its membership program and walmart held talks with paramount, disney and comcast evaluate how it could use pt shows and move movies for a service that cost $13 a month and includes free shipping. i talked to some of the companies and paramount and disney told me no comment and have not gone through to comcast that i talk to sources that say the talks are indeed
5:38 pm
happening and here is why it could make sense. it could build on walmart plus offering a premium for six months for free to its subscribers and would follow the way amazon has used original and licensed content to keep subscribers hooked on amazon plus in a way that verizon and t-mobile have offered their subscribers free or discounted access to streamers for certain verizon fans include access to hulu, disney plus and espn+ and one other thing, if walmart can license content to stream the ads that ads would be incredibly valuable in a way that amazon and google have been able to use product search data to drive their own added growth. >> for more on the streaming landscape let's bring in error streaming ceo . >> it's great to be here in person. >> what you make of this repor
5:39 pm
? >> it's amazing and when you look at especially walmart, they are a media company and bundling with disney plus or disney, in general, would be amazing. the offering and value that the consumer would get is unmatched especially with the shipping and what they are trying to do to compete with amazon and it is a supersmart move. >> they have been very forward in terms of thinking of using online properties and why do you think walmart is a media company? >> back in my old days we built up a retail media inside of walmart and when you look at what they build up inside and how many consumers in and and people that actually watch the screens inside walmart, that is a media company. you viewership and people spending money. >> you would not want to see a company like walmart and we get why adding more services to a plus service and it may attract
5:40 pm
new customers but you don't want to see them going out and doing what amazon is doing, you won't don't want to see them create new content and they obviously have the balance sheet but i don't think investors would appreciate that. >> what they are trying to do is take from disney plus where they don't have to create anything but are adding extra value to the walmart plus package and that's a win-win for everyone involved. >> julie? >> i'm so curious as to what it would mean for walmart to continue to expand in terms of being able to license and what the endgame is for them because it's not clear to me how they got amazon on this and much of the business amazon has with aws and using that for the core amazon shopping. >> if i was to go look at that
5:41 pm
i would go the other way and focus on walmart's ability to do advertising and they are doing already in the retail stores and you take that with being able to run ads if they get the deal done with disney plus, they could catch up to amazon and that's -- no one talks about $35 billion advertising platform and that's where amazon snuck up on a lot of people including the big six. >> full disclosure, who's a good-looking guy that typically sits over there and honestly, that's another show >> we have a relationship with lin wood and if you been in the airport recently you will see him on every screen and it's madness. you saw what happened with axios content is still king, talk about the vision for reach tv . >> it's all about community and culture. when we first launched it was
5:42 pm
about truth and positivity and then we moved it to community and culture because when you produce and talk about stories around community and culture, it resonates with people and being in 90 airports around the u.s. and expanding, you're telling the story of what's going on in each community and every community is different. in boston, south boston is different than another side of boston so being able to connect to people when they travel and traveling in a lean back experience versus lean forward and reach tv is there to make that. >> when you're in a walmart they have screens and you can relate to that model. >> i can but i think walmart are different because we are talking about people sitting for 70 or 80 minutes but walmart, when i look at retail media, they are the last thing you see before you make a purchase and that is really
5:43 pm
powerful. that's where walmart is a media company. >> great to see you in person. what do you think of the potential partnership? >> it's interesting to think about walmart using it for advertising. >> he brings up a lot of good points. if you still with us him i had a question. >> that's bringing back the guest. >> is that an absolute no? >> it is but he had a very interesting op-ed and i want to speak to it and give him an opportunity to speak to it. would you mind touching on the di initiatives and the impact on the upward spin allocation? >> it's a touchy subject for a lot of people and for me it's more just looking at the letters and focused on equity because that's what we are talking about.
5:44 pm
it is something you can play around with but the equity is quantifiable and a friend it's really quantifiable for a media company because the upfront happens and you're able to make commitments upfront so now you can go and invest and what i tell everybody is when you invest, you're given me the dollars and i can go out and make my team diverse and include the people and the stories that we want to tell. that's why it is such an important thing and if you're going to make the commitment, follow-through and we have seen a lot of my name used on things but not the execution on the other end and that is a little bit frustrating but there's been great people that have stepped up and want to do right and i truly believe the brands and agencies want to do it and i think we have to keep working on the process. >> thank you. i will let that go. there won't be any penalty inflicted.
5:45 pm
i will put a note for next time. looking to make fast money, a brand-new segment for you. stick around for four fast movers the first some big games yesterday with more downside to come and what the options market is saying.
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welcome back. check out retail trader favorites like amc, game stop and bed bath and beyond all dropping and the move comes after stocks saw big surge in options trader abetting the current could be closing on one of these names. >> we are talking about amc which is the biggest single stop option and traded 1.5 today. the spread was one by to sprea , cimber 1311 and the buyer paid $0.63 for 2500 and sold 5000 on september 11. trade like this basically what you're looking for is the stock on that short strike, $11 and i'm sure the math is into hard for people to figure out, a
5:49 pm
decline of 50%. >> how do you interpret that trade? >> it's gotten completely out of control and someone has said enough and they will probably end up right and pitting to that level. this is a very technical set up and stock technicals as well as options. >> they are coming after boneau and i could see it now. i happen to agree with them. good for pointing that out and at some point fundamentals do matter. >> thank you. tune into the full show friday at 5:30 pm eastern. some fast movers and four names making big moves and more when fast money returns.
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kramer has a big lineup had, do not miss the interviews of planet fitness and the unit square hospitality at the top of the hour. and in the meantime digging into fast movers.
5:53 pm
occidental petroleum jumping after it raised its stake more than 20%, crossing the threshold means they cannot record some of the profits as its own. >> clearly warren buffett and berkshire halfway does not think the move is over. it's been painful. i think there is another higher and clearly i think warren buffett thinks that as well and occidental, 180 million shares north of 20% and invested interest in seeing the company do well and it will. flirting with the 52-week high but nowhere near levels we saw five or six years ago. you can stay with it despite the commodity seems to be under pressure. >> i think it's an interesting play on the resource if we've been under investing for such a long time and we could see a supercycle of investment that sets us up longer-term. >> next up, so five more than 7%
5:54 pm
on the back of softbank announcement it would sell part of its stake in the company. is this a self i story or softbank story? >> more to do with softbank. they have a large stake and lowered it much more levels than here and they may sell some or all and i guess if you're in the business of buying stocks you don't want to get in front of buying the stock where the largest shareholder has suggested and i like the company and management and i was buying it last year at much higher levels and now i don't really want to step in front of this. it's a hat size and will get better. >> turning to travel >> my hat was 7 3/8. >> norwegian cruise lines plunging after missing the top
5:55 pm
of the bottom line. it doesn't expect ships to return to pre-pandemic occupancy until next year. >> this one is of particular concern because you send the consumer move away from goods to service and travel and they are struggling with the tailwind. you layer on the fact that they have not doubled their debt balance for the whole pandemic situation and there's likely more pain ahead >> is into with the irving to report down 26% and shares were down in the regular session after announcing the acquisition of a medical systems company. julie, you're the one that's like this, why? >> it's an interesting opportunity to buy business that has solid long-term growth. the sample storage and once you store with them, they are not moving it. they help you to transport and vaccine delivery and if you're out here thinking we are not going to have another covid-19, vaccines are here to stay. i like the management team and
5:56 pm
i think the long-term fundamentals are quite gd.oo >> do you own it? >> we do own it. up next, the final trade. you'll always remember buying your first car. and buying your starter home. or whatever this is. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness,
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time for the final trade. let's go around the horn. >> exposure to the growth and flexible spending accounts and rising rates. >> disney reports more after the close. i would not be a buyer. >> i'm stating the whole meme stock. i was the same way that marveled at the technical expertise of some traders. the situation is drastically different. >> what are the traders? >> we can't even remember them anymore. >> what is the island we sent them to? >> that's what they named toast
6:00 pm
after, oh that was melba. >> did he miss us as much as we missed you? >> yes. >> people wonder they say melissa is nice and i'm like, no. you just saw it in real life. >>


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