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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> tim tim. >> netflix is underappreciated about the market.. >> happy birthday sky. >> look at that enjury making the move. higher again. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i am cramer, welcome to "mad money". my job is not just to entertain. give me a call at 800-743-cnbc. you can also tweet me. maybe it all comes down to
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grills. that is right, the outdoor grills like weber. this is the grill season. sales are plummeting. i think it is a perfect metaphor for the market. the dow closed up 19 points. the nasdaq edged up 1.2%. i want you to hear me out about this thing. roughly one year ago these two grill companies came public. trager was first and nearly doubled. afterward, we got weber. that the had to cut those in price and size get the deal done. weber went up as well. when you're later, trager is down 80% from the ipo price.
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it was a disastrous one, the stock came down nearly 30% after spiked 27% today. it looks like another short squeeze that we are seeing so often these days. stranger things have happened. why are we doing this metaphorical exercise? has cramer lost his mind? that happened years ago. they tell us about the market. back during the darkest days of the pandemic, americans embrace the outdoors, including grilling, as a way to save people in person. as long as you were outside, you are less likely to get or give it covid-19. the grill sales surged. no one could believe how strong these cells were. both of these companies, they came out of the same time. they would not have been able to come public without the grill boom.
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the big-box retailers sold these and went nuts. that is how these two unremarkable companies raised so much money when they came public. the grilling was short-lived. people got fascinated. we are covid-19 under control. almost all these big chains had way too many grills at the top. they were a major cause of the excess inventory storage that you keep hearing about at retail. especially at target. and to get rid of the grills to make room for merchandise that people actually wanted to purchase. the price the materials you need to make a traeger went through the roof . think of steel. they make their grills in china. the container ship next dances and port delays crushed them. third, grills last a long time. if you purchase a good one, which is a traeger, you don't need to know when the next year . by the way, traeger and weber work today. it's time to sell.
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of course, the grills are one category amongst many, many, where we saw the same emblematic story. [ indiscernible ] caught fire. we ended up with a glut in each one. think about how to work from home craze drove this sales for extra computers and tvs, and furniture. the retailers changed every one of these and double ordered this. the ramifications are extraordinary throughout the economy. companies that were pumping out televisions and game devices saw the cells plummet retailers got stuck with way too many entertainment devices. they needed the space for new merchandise for things like back-to-school clothing. they are bearing the brunt leslie took the charge like target and moved on. the personal computers geared up to meet the greatest demand
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wave they had ever seen, thanks to the rise of remote work. like the grills, they placed many orders and made many machines. that cause the semi conductor areas to go boom and bust. these companies are trying to cope with the collapse of the sales. this is down double digits. that hasn't happened either. just like the grills, you don't need a new computer every year. with furniture, was a big boom. then it hit a wall people finished remodeling. the furniture makers had placed huge orders, opened for stuff that came in months late due to supply-chain mishaps. the stocks away fair were crushed. some pandemic stocks we knew would be in for a world of hurt as life went back to normal. we knew that peloton would have that issue.
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nobody believed that habits would change so much this year. the unwanted backup orders were trapped at sea or waited to be unloaded in the terminal congestion words. the merchandise was often written off before it even got to the stores. the work got out of the boats, we have a rapid change of fortune. we have semiconductors, for ages, we designed chips here and outsourced manufacturing. suddenly, china's more belligerent. this is now a huge national security issue. the federal government scribbled to me past major subsidies to make them here in ohio. this bill would have been more useful a year ago. until recently, we has a very severe chip shortages. almost every semiconductor manufacturer decided that the big money was in high- performance chip, the ones that go into the big data centers we hear about. not that cheap ones. those ones are called full featured chips. they are used for machinery,
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trucks and cars, and all the stuff that is digitized that did not used to be. there not been enough chips available, especially in the oil industry. there is too many chips and amazon, but not enough for ford and gm. the chip shortage is to the point where the company can meet its orders on time. we told club members that you can still keep buying the stock. i do believe that even now. i would continue to purchase cisco. why? the ceo says they have excellent visibility. i think it is the best they have ever had. that means you can trust the numbers. yet understand my job. a lot of my job is to gauge things. i gauged the level of confidence of the ceo as the highest i have ever seen. while the semi conductor shortage is easing up, it is
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not easing up evenly. automakers are struggling to get enough chips. i'm worried that by the time they get them, we will have a car glut, especially if the fed makes it more expensive to get financing. these changes are happening everywhere, with miserable consequences. we have great demand for electric vehicles. we lack the info structure that is needed. the material side is a nightmare. we did not have enough components, now we have too many. i worried that whirlpool will be hurting and slowing down. we could not fly so they had layoffs. then we could fly, now there are not enough planes or
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pilots. no one knows what to do. that is the real issue. we have never seen so many booms and busts occurring simultaneously. in this environment, you cannot really plan. you just have to guess. 2022 will be known as a year when many businesses and portfolio managers guess dead wrong. let's go to john in new jersey. john? >> hello, i'm from hoboken, new jersey. >> i was in hoboken on monday. it is just smoking. to get a place there. make you can hang out with me. give me a buzz. mimic the 2010 commencement speech, ray bucknell, you did an outstanding job. my daughter is also element 2018. >> i'm so glad she heard that.
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i was a lot of control, i know. i shut the 57 rejection letters when i got out of college. let's make some money together. >> today, my question, caterpillar, i did increase my position over the last 10 years. my portfolio, what is the look 5 to 10 years out will be the best in the sector? >> i tell you what, john, just like you said about bucknell and your fantastic daughter, i think caterpillar is major. they are doing fantastic things. i think that stock is like 180, 190, and then boom, 250. let's go to brad in california. >> hello, these are the dodger fans rooting for wild card for your bellies. >> they have a lot of good teams in the national league. he met there is. the playoffs will be exciting.
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>> they are, they are. i love that you bring them up. i do watch the phillies every day. what's going on. >> my question is pertaining to macy's, and the choppy economic conditions, and all of the headwinds that the retail reports are all of the board. you talked about macy's and the quarterly report.>> i am a big believer in jeff. i know the box stores are out of favor. he's doing a good job. this is only a four times earnings. i would buy that stock. they will fix the balance sheet. now they have great merchandise. i think bloomingdale's is worth the price. it is insulting to jeff. it is insulting. jeff, come on monday, okay? the mecca my getting wrapped? i'm getting wrapped. i was having so much fun. i used to be in the long jump. i did not get that far. i was in 10 relays. you did not know that. we have the random batting
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average. 2022 will be known when many businesses guess wrong, but not on this show. we don't guess. with a host of industries. in this barrier portfolio? i'm checking in with the ceo. this looks different than it did a few months ago. it sure portfolio ready to handle what ever is thrown at it? we are asking if you are diversified. [ indiscernible ], we've never heard of it. we will change that tonight. we sit down with the top brass. stay with cramer. do not miss a second of "mad money". follow jim cramer on twitter. you can tweet him at #madtweets. you can also email him at mad money at you can also give us a call at
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this week, president biden signed the most impactful climate legislation in our history. it was billed as the inflation reduction act, it will have a huge impact on alternative energy. this is a company known for making backup power generators. in recent years, they made acquisitions in the residential batteries base. the systems store energy from solar panels. it lets people sell their energy back to the grid. you know i am a fan of this. it has been a long-term winner. it has been in our bullpen for ages. the stock has been crushed since the fed declared war on
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inflation. the whole energy space went out of style. now it is back to 269, things to the climate legislation and a less hostile stock market. you to ask yourself, does it have more upside wax let's look at the chairman and ceo for more about where the company is headed. welcome back to "mad money". >> how are you? they may got to tell you, i was thinking of you the whole time and i watched the president signed the bill. i know there are so many things in here that will make it so if i wanted to have a total solar system in my house, i would be involved with generac. you must have been very pleased with what we got out of washington. >> finally, something that i think is meaningful in terms of the impact we can have on the climate and future generations. this bill has a lot of funding
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for the adoption of battery storage. it will favor those types of investments. they will be critical for the grid going forward. for stability and resiliency and to help us control costs. people know you as somebody that has standby machines. it is a great business. i have one. i think what you are doing, we had a company over that is deeply integrated with you. the new systems, tell people how they can get them and what they mean for people that have electric vehicles, or don't. to make the new systems acquired a number of companies in the technology space. we are calling this a smart energy home system. effectively, we want to put the control to produce your own power, consume your own power, guard against outages, we want but then the hand of
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homeowners. we have built this some. it is a combination of solar panels and micro-inverters. it has battery systems like the power cell storage systems. it has smart thermostats. we acquired a company that does smart thermostats from toronto, canada. we have the smart water heater disconnect switches. we have the monitoring systems. you put this together, and it will really change the way people think about power, about where they get their power and how they consume their power. how they can be better stewards of the senate by being better consumers of their power. >> at the same time, i know we are going into hurricane season. the problem with grid stability and the problem with storms, that still the biggest thing that brings people in to generac? >> that is a big part of our business. the backup generation is a big part of our business. we have a huge share of that market. it is a market we created 25
6:20 pm
years ago. outages move the needle for us. when people are worried about outages, or when next outages, we are so dependent on a continuous source of power with everything we do. think of all of the people working from home. even if it is not five days a week, it is a certain amount of time that we are working from home. the kids go to school virtually. we are shopping from home and entertaining from home. the home is the sanctuary. it becomes so critical that you have a continuous source of power. people are really concerned about this. all the warnings that came out this summer from grid operators and utilities that they will not have enough power. we are making this transition, which we need to make with the grid to a supply of renewables. that is creating some imbalances between supply and demand. that creates this issue where the grid operators may not be able to supply power all the time. it makes our products in high demand. >> people say, natural gas is the highest in 14 years.
6:21 pm
propane is very expensive. it does not make economic sense. can you justify it at these prices? see my first of all, the fuel that goes in the air is pretty minimal, in terms of the overall cost of ownership. it is about the safety and security you get with your product. you cannot get it. if the grid cannot be supplied to your home, life gets really primitive really quickly. this is something that people are not willing to live with. whether it is caused by hurricane or wildfire, or an ice dorm. we had that event in february, 2021 in texas. there were millions of people without power because it got too cold. that is the kind of situation that is starting to manifest itself more frequently. people just decided they will take things into their own hands by having a backup power source. >> i keep being drawn to the
6:22 pm
home standby, and that is another story. i thought one of the most important things in your conference call, you talked about the off grid energy, the more able mobile energy storage system. that could be as big as many states homes? >> yes, the off grid energy, we did an acquisition in the uk. they make a portable battery system on wheels that you would find at job sites. you see the job sites are concerned about emissions. they are concerned about noise and tailpipe emissions. they are moving to battery. they are using these systems to reduce the carbon footprint from construction, whether it is road construction or commercial construction. these situations are perfect for off grid energy. >> i tell people the things that i've been trying to focus on. i'm trying to figure out there's something to be said about buying generac.
6:23 pm
your customers are watching. should you purchase a generac through a solar system or a dealer? with the tax credit that the government gives you, is it better? do you get better advantage by going through someone that does the solar system for your house? >> we would recommend, if you're going to buy a generator or one of the storage system connected to a solar system, it uses a dealer. these are complex systems. there are a lot of things involved with the electricity in your home. you definitely want to have a licensed electrician involved in any kind of installation. that is the best way to guarantee that you have a great experience with that. again, our dealers, we have 8200 dealers across the nation. they are well trained in these ducks they know how they operate. they can help you pick the one you need. people come into this and they don't know what kind of product they need. if you think you just want something to protect your
6:24 pm
legible system and have a backup, maybe a generator is perfect. if you really want to go further with that, you want to go all in on solar, storage, and smart thermostats with a full system, a smart home energy system, that is something that a dealer can help you lay that out and walk you through the process to make sure you are getting the right. >> i have one, i do look at the possibilities. this is such a great opportunity. that is the president and chairman of generac. this is one of the biggest beneficiaries. otherwise, the company is terrific. you don't even need the act to make money. coming up, survive the unknown, thrive in any market. cramer invites you to the game of games . play the game, am i diversified? next.
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as i told you, this market has the ability to pullback and rally since mid june. yet protect yourself at all times. you two felt speculative names and purchase some stocks that have fared well get to stay diversified. we are bringing back an old favorite, am i diversified? we are on the floor of the new york stock exchange. maybe up to mix it up a little bit. let's kick it off with bob in arkansas. bob? >> this is bob from little rock. boo-yah captain cramer. i have been watching you for 10 years and i'm a first time caller. here are my stocks. i have apple, procter & gamble, at&t, budweiser and mcdonald's. am i diversified?
6:29 pm
>> tell me some great stuff. let's go over to help bob. apple, own it, don't trade it. so far it has looked good for 15 years. mcdonald's is terrific. it is the up stock. at&t has to go yesterday. you want t-mobile. i'm worried about the management. i want to worry five t-mobile. you have tech, food, consumer product, you have lumber, and you will have, a growth utility if use t-mobile. we are not done. we're going to tom in connecticut. >> hello, i am tom from connecticut. i'm a member of the investment club. i want to thank you, jeff, and your crew for all you do. my five stocks are, google,
6:30 pm
apple, lockheed martin, co. tara, and pioneer natural resources. i know i have two energy companies in their, in view of today's economy, that might work. i hope you will say i am diversified. thank you for all you do. >> think you for joining the investing club. i will bless us. this is a yield play. this is the natural gas play. this is what i've been teaching. if you're member of the club, you know how much i like these. alphabet is the premier technology company. apple technology, pure technology, and lockheed martin is defense. i wish we owned this for the trust. i am blessing this for tom, because this is the yield. this is natural gas, which we need for national security. i will go with it.
6:31 pm
let's go to jeff. >> this is jeff from georgia. thank you for having me on today. my five stocks are chevron, general motors, barrick gold corporation, coca-cola and altering a group. am i diversified? to make this is a very interesting group. coca-cola, they are doing a great job. barrick, you cannot eat them. we don't recommend tobacco companies on this show. it is just way i am. chevron? a premier energy company. general motors, i think they're doing a terrific job. you have a food company, you have a gold company, you have an auto manufacturer and an oil company. what we need here? we should have healthcare, the
6:32 pm
opposite of this. get some humana and we have a terrific portfolio. next is betsy in california. >> hello, jim, this is betsy from california. my five stocks are hershey, because when the market is crazy, everyone needs chocolate. when the market isn't crazy, everyone needs chocolate. next stop is snow. the next one is unh. the next one is oxley. the last one is alta. >> i like that, it was like chutes and ladders. we have nord stream, i like that. ulta is good. this is a fantastic one. with hershey's, when you like it or not, or whatever, the
6:33 pm
reasoning is priceless. i food, oil, tech, i have a consumer, and healthcare. this is the most perfect portfolio we have today. i am impressed with every one of our callers and video owners. all i can say is hallelujah! you did better than i expected. smart phones and smart investors? cramer is a key player in the internet of things, next. the investing club is a dream for me. the most exciting part is the morning meeting. it is unrestrained, and it is unplugged. 10 minutes will give you everything we know about the everything we know about the macom.. e dot
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on 1029, we are looking out
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for stealth winners. these are stocks flying under the radar. i have an exciting one that has been around for three decades. it is called synopsis. it is a $57 billion software company that tests semi conductors. even though the stock has been a big winner, it is not a household name. most recently, it jumped up to $373 today. tech has gotten its groove back. people are excited about semi conductors. we have many other good things happening. last night group had a clean top and bottom line with ulta. the management raise the forecast. the stock did not rally today. that is due because it came in hot. it is not cheap, i don't think it has ever been cheap. it should not be. we need to learn more about
6:38 pm
this. let's check in with archer. he is the chairman and ceo of trinity. let's get a better read on the situation. welcome to "mad money". it is great to have you. >> it is a pleasure to be here. >> you have the first time, explain the types of products that ulta makes. what services you offer? this is more than just a hardware company. >> absolutely. to position us, we are in the middle of the semiconductor industry. right now, it is getting a lot of attention. what we do, we provide that are used by the semiconductor companies to design chips. to design a chip, it is very complex. a lot of transistors, the on off switch is on a thing this is a postage stamp. when we started this 35 years ago, there were a few thousand. now there are multiple billions
6:39 pm
of those. designing these chips requires very advanced tools to ensure they work correctly and overtime. to make sure they are small, fast, and low power. that is what we do. the industry is the role model for human exponential behavior. we have seen, over 50 years, the number of these transistors growing like crazy. it has literally impacted everything that is done in the world today. the little bit of shortage, this is put full attention on the industry. that may be a reason why we are talking on your show. we are the player behind the player, be on the player. we are at the center of this industry. >> it is so industry, you are the company's head. if you want a special chip, let's say for an electronic vehicle, you would have to go to ulta. you are the only guys that know how to do this stuff.
6:40 pm
estimate we should give credit where credit is due. the industry is unbelievably complex. all of the players are extraordinary people that build these things. we have the good fortune to be in the middle of it. people use our tools. you are right, we have many i.t. blocks. these are the building blocks. instead of designing a chip from scratch, you plunk them down like if you designed the house. you would think, do i need to design the kitchen, or can i take one out of the catalog and it is already done? it goes fast. we are a player in that as well. when you mention automotive, it is relatively recently that automotive is really investing up toward the software in the car. autonomous driving requires ai and data. we now touch from the deepest and the physics of the transistor, all the way to the
6:41 pm
automotive people, where we work on the link between the software and hardware to ensure that they work well together. >> what i like, you have clients everywhere in every different industry. aerospace is there as well. almost every nonsense cyclical industry needs chips. do the people that run an airline, builder, or run a consultant? do they contact you? what part of the chain culture company and says, we need your help? >> it starts with all of the people designing the chips. the main semiconductor companies, they often sell to the systems companies. they sell to he and markets. airline people would not really focus on the chips themselves. automotive has changed. automotive has figured out that the brain of the car may become just as important as whatever
6:42 pm
moves the car forward. they're changing from combustion to elijah vacation. that brings more control there as well. we touched on a lot of people that are simultaneously going through a whole new way. i would call this smart everything. we are seeing big data coming together with ai. you multiply those two, and before you know it, you have these everywhere, whether it's in the fridge or the dishwasher, agriculture, and medicine. it is in all of the verticals. this will have a massive impact over the next 20 years. >> you must've been a fan of the new bill. at the same time, you don't have boundaries and don't need them. >> yes, but the foundries are the closest partners. when you help people design chips, you want to make really sure that they can be manufactured in the foundry,
6:43 pm
right?>> right. in that chips act, the intent is dual. it is to increase the capacity and the united states for manufacturing, and accelerate the new trends that will be important. in our field, there is only one way to win, racing forward as fast as you possibly can. this act will hopefully help in that direction. we will benefit from the fact that quite a number of customers will accelerate. we will accelerate with them. we will enable them to do all of this work. >> the last thing i see, you have a big focus on security. embedded security. this is something that customers want. this is your specialty. >> yes, absolutely. security came to mind 10 or 15 years ago. it was all about software. the hackers went into soft wear and did some bad stuff. we have a business there. a piece of ulta focuses on
6:44 pm
designing the software so that it is less susceptible to security breaches. by the way, we are increasing from the bottom up through the hardware. there are more things that we put in the chips to increase security. i would add another word to that, security is increasing and coming together with safety. the time you chips, i liked him in a car, you want to make sure the thing is still secure and does not endanger the driver of the car by virtue of being corrupted by age or something else. all of these things play together, right? to make you are in the sweet spot. people need to know you. this part of the chips are, the better the end customer does. that is a virtual circle for you. i would like to thank you, the chairman and ceo of ulta. that is the first time for you on the show. it is great to have you on.
6:45 pm
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the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time for the lightning round. are you ready? we have alex in oregon. >> boo-yah , thank you for taking my call.
6:49 pm
i am a big believer of [ indiscernible ] right now. we have one company that has strong looks. the company is called at core. >> i have been fascinated by this. you are right, it is part of the digitization of everything. we are going to do a deep dive. he has been red-hot. was go to mike in nebraska. >> boo-yah ! >> what's up? >> paramount. >> honestly, there were no justice department, there is no ftc, these guys would have gotten it in. it is ridiculously cheap. i like this dock, it is worth the house of pain for all of the pleasure. i need to go to ron in michigan. >> hello, boo-yah to you from
6:50 pm
michigan. my question is, po ww. the reported earnings on monday and announced their splitting in two companies. since then, they have an taken to the woodshed. >> they can do that, take what i say with a grain of salt, don't like these stocks, they don't make people money. i don't want tobacco or guns on this show. go to cabela's, they have a great gun collection. >> let's go to dave. if you want to hunt, i like to hunt. let's go to dave in illinois. >> dr. cramer, what an honor and a pleasure it is to speak to you from your new studio at the new york stock exchange. >> thank you, dave.
6:51 pm
how can i help you? >> the stock that i bring to you for your blessing is cts. >> he likes it, and said why. i like the ceo. he is doing a great job. i say, it is goodbye. you are not in the lane. i like this, i like dave from illinois. now i like mike from connecticut. >> boo-yah . it's the first time in a long time. you are the grand master. my question is about moderna. >> i like moderna. it is undervalued. [ applause ] >> they do not get the recognition he deserves. i will get him on the show and shake his hand. when that stock was at 19 he
6:52 pm
begged to get on the camera. i said you can do this. he says i can. he did. we are not done. can we get in one more? all right, fine, let's go to christian in nevada. >> i am calling from nevada. [ indiscernible - low volume ] is warner bros. still on for a purchase. >> i like to see what brian cohen is doing. i do have a certain corner of my garden where i throw my rotten tomatoes. the pile up, ready for the month of the night, i put them in the garbage. you and i will call that corner? the warner bros. corner. all right, i think we are done. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, bed bath of
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this morning, we got talking about bed bath and beyond. whether or not the fcc is doing
6:56 pm
anything about it? i don't know if the fcc is involved. it would not surprise me. if i was earning a commission, i would ask. we would find out if ryan cohen had any inside information when he decided to sell his shares. he got terrific prices. the company agreed to put three of his confidants on board. the whole thing seems suboptimal. the guy that helped put three members on the board blows out a stock for the company might be able to sell the stocks to save itself, or restructure using kirkland and ellis, if it was a foot race between the company selling the stock and ryan cohen selling his stock, i can tell you who was the winner. i wish i had subpoena power, but i don't. i hope one day we find out a the truth about what happened. people have lost so much money. i hope everyone involved has good lawyers, not just restructuring lawyers.
6:57 pm
there are deeper issues here that have me miffed. the fcc has to delve into issues with the public short busting campaigns. let me say at the outset, there's nothing wrong with eating a cheerleader for stuff. it happens every day. it is against the law to [ indiscernible ]. you cannot buy the stock and then promote the sock and then still into it. you might be enough to disclose when you own something. you had to say, i intend to sell the someday. if you type a stock with a series of exaggerations that have no basis in fact, and then sell it, it is illegal. i think the sec has their hands full. there are so many boastful apes making bogus claims over the internet. there is no issue of the promoter does not sell. if it is a pump and dump, if they pump the interest with fall
6:58 pm
false claims and then pump the register, that's a no-no. i would be all over these market manipulation situations. right now, the commission is not spending enough time on this issue. if you can gain the stock, this is market manipulation. that is against the law. there are a ton of things in the business that are against the law that will never get prosecuted. why isn't the sec all over bed bath and beyond? he could have known anything from the board level. i have no idea. there are other more troubling issues that i would be pursuing as well if i were running the fcc. i want to know about the crypto pump and dump schemes. there are points being made up and bagged and liquidated. the government has pursued people in crypto firms that they were about to be listing firms. they should pursue these targets aggressively. i fear that congress will put
6:59 pm
crypto [ indiscernible ]. i think this is a mistake given how rampant the legal behavior goes on in the crypto world. i would love for them to deem this loophole closed. we have a ton of data on these. while the sec is not supposed be concerned about performance, just disclosure, the information is damning. i think they should take action. they want disclosure to allow people to know what they're getting into. if something will break down all the time, seems unfair to subject the public to seem like securities with massive defects. >> they are common. i saw the flood behind it. the stench of bed bath and beyond stinks large. a lot of people got hurt on this one. i did my best on this. it is the other issues that are more endemic. the apes normally do one stock
7:00 pm
at a time and they circle back to the same names. maybe they are boring. my advice to the fcc, ask enforcement to look into the nonsense at bed bath and beyond and real-time. don't forget that there are bigger fish to fry. i like to say that i like to find all of this for you here on for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you next time. the news with shepard smith starts now. going to court against the former president and the media. i'm in for shepard smith. and this is the news on cnbc. the fbi's secret argument to search mar-a-lago may be released. but how much of it will we get to see? the judge in the case gives a road map and what has to happen before a key document sees the light of day. the former cfo of the trump organization pleads


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