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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 24, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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his dream. bring it in. bring it in. it's midnight on the east coast, 9:00 p.m. in the west. i am sheppard smith. this is the news on cnbc. choosing a democrat to face governor ron desantis, and in new york, moderates versus progressives in the race for the house that could start a course for the general election in november. a whistleblower says, twitter's security problems are so bad, they are a risk to privacy and national security.
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the famous man behind the claim and what it could mean for elon musk's fight not to buy the company. reaching a decision on whether to cancel some student loan debt for millions of americans. >> i have $20,000, at least, and that is the bare minimum. what sources say about where the president is leaning and when we will get official word. and mysterious virus infecting and killing dogs. 30 dead in one county alone. the symptoms, the treatment, and some serious advice for dog owners. by the justice department was so etermined to recover documents from mar-a-lago. a verdict two and tried for plotting to kidnap governor rick gretchen whitmer. celebrities on extreme water waste. live from cnbc. the facts, the truth , the news with shepard smith. it is another crucial
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primary night in america. right now, voters in new york are deciding high profile races that could give us a preview of what is to come. will abortion-rights and immigrant energized democratic voters? the democratic candidate widely seen as a bellwether for november. pat ryan it has made abortion and safeguarding our democracy the centerpiece of his campaign. while his republican rival, marcus molinaro , has focused on crime and inflation. also in new york, redistricting is pitting these two longtime and powerful democrats against each other in a pretentious battle. the house judiciary chairman, jerry nadler, and oversight committee chair carolyn maloney, only one can stay in office. in florida, we will find out which democrat will face off against the gop's rising star and potential presidential candidate, governor ron desantis. we begin with congressional correspondent elon in new york
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city. >> new york's special election is a test case of wish issues will break through to a divided electric. 19 really is a swing district. it went for obama, then tromp, then swung back for biden. the latest polls show that democrat pat ryan and republican mark molinaro are running neck and neck within the margin of error . there is still a lot of last-minute money that has been trying to tip the scale. the gop let congressional leadership fund devoted $650,000 to supporting molinaro , but the house democrat campaign also spent six figures to boosting ryan with ads focused on abortion. shep, despite all of this attention, no matter who wins tonight, the they will only have a job for a couple of months because the districts have been redrawn. it could change hands again in november. >> either jerry nadler or karen maloney could be out of a job.
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one of them will be. >> that primary battle in new york's 12 congressional district is pitting two titans of democratic party against each other. jerry nadler has been campaigning across town all day long. he is filing himself as the principal progresses in this race and he does have a commanding lead in the poll. >> i was out campaigning this morning. i will be out campaigning this afternoon. you do everything you can. you don't want to lose an election and think to yourself, if only i had done that. you do everything you can. >> nadler says, it is unfortunate he has been forced to run because of redistricting against his former friend and fellow health committee chair, carolyn maloney. she did not have any public events today, but she did post a couple of pictures of herself on twitter, outside, on the street this morning, even with her grandson. she has made to gender a big part of her campaign. >> it is a horrible time for women.
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i never thought i would ever see a long roll back and my daughters would have less protection than i have. i would say that there is no democracy if women cannot determine their healthcare for their own bodies. >> both candidates are also trying to fend off a young political newcomer who says he is seeking generational change. shepard smith, the bigger issue here could be turnout. lots of folks in new york on vacation right now. they might be thinking more about actual parties and not political ones. in florida, two democrat are competing for the chance to take on the republican governor, ron desantis. congressman charlie crist , was once the republican governor of florida before he switched to independent, then democrat. he is facing off against the state's agricultural commissioner and former medical marijuana lobbyist, nikki
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fried . she's 'the onl statewide elected democrat in florida and has focused largely on women's rights since the overturning of roe v wade. desantis barely won , but since then, yet come one of the most popular figures of all of the republican party. he is seen as a leading gop contender for the white house in 2024, if he decides to run. former president trump brought more than 700 pages of classified documents to his mansion in florida when he left the white house. some of them pertaining to the nation's most secret intelligence operations, according to a newly released letter from the national archives. the nation's acting archivist said to mr. trump's lawyer way back in may. is revealed that the justice department was alarmed and seeking immediate access to the trove of documents, some at the highest level of classification possible. according to the letter, the fbi and intelligence committee needed urgent access to the documents to do damage assessment based on the way
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they were stored and transported . the doj also needed them for an ongoing criminal investigation. here is justice and intelligence correspondent, ken delaney. >> the letter says, the documents turned over in january included special access program materials, some of the most classified great in the u.s. government. that revelation sheds new light on how methodically the justice department acted before it took the dramatic step of executing a search warrant on the former president's house a few weeks ago. special access programs are a category of top-secret information, so sensitive that only a small number of people inside the u.s. government can see it. it is the kind of information that is disclosed could compromise america's national security and even get people killed. mar-a-lago is not exactly a security facility. it is a private beachfront club. the "new york times" is reporting altogether the fbi counted 300 classified
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documents taken from mar-a lago, suggesting this was not simply a few mistakes in packing. the archived letter also tells us, trumps lawyer is seeking to block the fbi from taking the documents turned over in january. claimant, some of them might be protected by executive privilege. the national archives rejected the claim. the question in this case is not a close one, the executive branch is seeking access to records logging in and the custody of the federal government itself. bottom line, whether highly classified or not, these documents were the property of the u.s. government. after months of back-and-forth, the government finally sent law enforcement agent to take them back. storm watch and more than3 million americans under flood alert tonight. a deadly storm moving east after the devastating flash flood in arizona and north texas. today, the texas governor, greg abbott, signed a state of disaster declaration, freeing up state resources to help hard- hit counties. >> it is our understanding that what happened yesterday is the second worst rainstorm and
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flooding in dallas since 1932. >> in fact, the weather service reports, dallas got a summer's worth of rain in just 24 hours between sunday and yesterday. governor abbott said, texas is repaired to handle extreme weather, but did not mention climate change during his news conference. meantime, texas fire officials say, one woman is that after water swept her car off a bridge. officials identifying her as 90- year-old julian gerald of dallas. they say, she was on the phone with her husband when the floodwaters swept her away. a high profile whistleblower calls twitter's security problems a threat to your privacy and our nation's security. what that may mean for elon musk's lawsuit as he tries to walk away from the deal to buy twitter. getting high on the legal supply. the new study that shows how many drugs young people are using and what they are cutting back on. plus, the hits just keep coming.
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learn how abbvie could help you save. >>s security issues that not only threaten users' privacy, but also put our> twitter has serioe security issues that not only threaten users' privacy, but also put our entire democracy and national security endanger. that is just one of the many accusations from security chief alleges an explosive es misle new whistleblower complaint against twitter. in it, the company's former security chief alleges executives misled federal regulators, as well as the company's onboard about, as he put it, extreme and egregious deficiencies, related to privacy and security. he also claims, the tech giant flat out lied about how it handles spam accounts. the whistleblower's name is peiter r ort that
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aired zatko. he is a prominent hacker known online as mudge. he told cnn, in a report that aired today, twitter needs to take these risks seriously and address them now. >> your whole perception of the world is made from what you are seeing, reading, and consuming online and if you don't have an understanding of what is real, what is not, yeah, i think this is pretty scary. >> are you nervous? >> yeah. this wasn't my first choice. yeah, i just want to make the world a better place, a safer place. the levers i have to do it through security information and privacy. >> the whistleblower to cnn. now, twitter's ceo is responding. in a letter to staff obtained by cnbc, he describes that letter as, a formeier this year ineffective leadership and poor performance. the ceo added,r we are reviexe that was terminated earlier this year for ineffective leadership and poor performance. the ceo added, we are reviewing the redacted claim that had
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been published, but what we have seen so far is a false narrative that is riddled with inconsistency and inaccuracies and presented without important context. so, this is just beginning. what does it all mean for elon musk? right now, he is locked in a legal battle with twitter after trying to back out of his $44 billion deal to buy the social media company. musk claims, twitter did not give him all the data you requested about fake and pam spam accounts. now, the whistleblower complaint just raise more questions. an attorney representing zatko insists, the former employee had no contact with elon musk at all. some really stunning accusations peers >> absolutely, shepard smith. this whistleblower document itself is 84 pages long and contains sections with titles like, legal violations and deceit, lying about botched elon musk, and new ceo enables fraud. you can see, twitter does not
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like it.. musk says, twitter did not conduct basis of cyber security to protect the users of the service .it says, there were vulnerabilities, employees' computers were exposed. there was no mobile device management, and inside, threats were virtually unmonitored. he alleges his use of that data sets, mishandling personal identifiable information, and making representations , misrepresentations to the federal trade commission . even worse for twitter, mudge alleges specific instances of fraud, including, being told de not to sebd his writings to the board of directors. mudge portrays former ceo, jack dorsey, as being so disengaged from the company, he would attend entire meetings without saying a single word, prompting some employees to worry he may be sick . the document is very good news for elon musk, who has been making similar arguments about the presence of bots on the system in his fight to cancel the acquisition of the company. he has, on almost 10 occasions and he backs musk almost every single time saying things like,
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musk is correct, his suspicions are on target. time saying thin musk is correct, his suspicions are on target. musk told cnbc this morning, his team has already subpoenaed mudge, telling musk's attorney told cnbc this morning, his team has already subpoenaed mudge, telling us, he found his exit and led other employees to be curious in light of what we have been fighting. last year, young adults used more marijuana and psychedelic drugs than ever before. this is according to a study from the national institute of health. in 2021, 43% of young adults reported to use marijuana in the past year. that is the highest level recorded since the nih started monitoring these trends more than 30 years ago. young adults also reported they are using more hallucinogenic drugs. a person reported using psychedelics like lsd or shrooms. 10 years ago, that number was just 23%. nicotine vaping nearly tripled 16% last year, up from 6% five years ago. the study reported young adults
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are doing less binge drinking. that is defined as having five drinks or more in one sitting, but high intensity drinking, 10 drinks or more, that is the highest level since it was first mentione> most americansde than r gun laws. 15 years ago. most americans want to see todd or gun laws. that is from a new associated press poll. it found 71% of american adults say, gun laws should be stricter. the poll also found that eight in 10 americans believe gun violencel between july 28th and august 1st. that was shortly after a strings of increased all across the country. the ap conducted the poll between july 28th and august 1st. that was shortly after a string of mass shootings, including at a grocery store in buffalo, new york, at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas as for the type of gun laws people. ould like asto for see,e type of gun laws people would like to see, a bipartisan group of americans is in favor of a nationwide background check policy, a law preventing mentally ill people from buying
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guns, and making 21 the minimum age to buy a gun in every stat . 59% surveyed favor a ban on ar 15 style rifles or similar types of semi automatic weapons. what is killing dozens of dogs in one particular county? the signs that pet owners needo. to watch out for, and what to do to keep dogs safer. plus, college students moving back to campus finding out, can't afford the rent anymore. they are looking for roommates, but not the ones you might expect. first tonight, gary gaines has died. he is the former football coach in texas who inspired the best selling book, movie, and tv show, "friday night lights " his family announced, gaines died yesterday of alzheimer's. his football legend lives in west texas. coach games that several successful programs over his knn
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for his time at odessa 30 permn year career, but he is best known for his time at odessa permian high school. "friday night lights" followed his team's dramatic run for the texas state championship way back in 1988. the book and movie portrayed games games as a passionate and fearless leader who valued winning above all else. coach gary gaines was 73. kids, one year they want all dinosaurs stuff the next, camels. - llamas. - llamas. so save money shopping back to school on amazon. you sure that's not a camel? yeah. whatever you say.
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from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities. now, t now, the mystery illness that has killed dozens of dogs in northern michiganthan. 30
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officials say, more than 30 dogs have died in the last month. according to a local animal shelter, most of them were puppies or under 2 years old, and most died within three to five days. veterinarians in the area say, these appear similar to parvovirus. dogs come to them often lethargic, vomiting, with a bloody stool, all symptoms of parvovirus, but all the dogs came back negative for parvovirus. according to the shelter, some of the dogs were even vaccinated for parvovirus. they say, this could be a variant of sorts. their advice, clean up after your pets, clean keep dogs from other dogs if they are sick me and don't let them sniff around too much. maybe this variance can live on soil and pavement. in a statement on facebookan an. the best guess is, this is a, strength of parvovirus
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local representative for the shelter wrote in part, no one has an answer. the best guess is, this is a strength of parvovirus. the only thing is to make sure your pets are vaccinated and at the first signs of illness, get to the veterinarian. teachers in columbus, ohio on strike for a second day now . school scheduled to start tomorrow, columbus has the largest school district in the state with more than 700,000 students. students will have to see attend remote schools until the strike is over. you know they will love that this was the scene today. can really hear them, but they are making noises. the teacher is hooked to the picket line , according to the school board, 600 substitute teachers are on hand to to kick off the school year tomorrow morning at nine different community centers will be available if students would rather be with other kids in that of the breakfast table. as for negotiations, the union says, several sticking points remain, including all class sizes, better heat and air, and a cap on the number of class. periodsnext each day. both sides met for about four hours last night, but no deal. a federal mediator will call them back to the bargaining table tomorrow. back to school season for millions across the country.
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most can expect some big changes in the lunchroom. for the past two years, breakfast and lunch have been free for every student. that is ending. the free meal is a part of the government-funded program during the pandemic. congress voted to make a change for the new school year. now, with recalls on the rise, some families and schools alike are left scrambling to get food for lunch on the table.>> single mom, jamie, has relied on free or reduced price lunches for his her 4th grade son since he was in kindergarten. what does that extra money mean to you >> savings. i can put it toward groceries, in my gas tank. >> she says, paying for his lunch would cost her more than $1000 per year. >> i added it up, it was like $118 per month, time nine, over $1000 a year. to me, it was i, oh my gosh. i also have to buy groceries. it is a lot of money for families already tight on cash.
12:24 am
families already tight on cash. especially those impacted by the lunch for all program that at the end of the pandemic is expiring >> when you had that program was ending, what was your reaction? >> stressed, very stretched. >> now, families must apply for new coverage and only those meeting certain income requirements will receive free lunches. nationwide, around one in six students don't always know where their next meal is coming from. here, food insecurity is even more severe. 65% of students qualify for free or reduced price lunches. in this suburb, they are doing something different . the school board has decided to allocate $2 million so every one of the 23,000 students in the district can still eat for free. danielle bock is head of nutrition. >> a lot of our families are just over the threshold of what qualifies them for the free and reduced meal program. we know those families don't
12:25 am
necessarily have the money to pay for those meals. >> while some believe universal free lunch should be made permanent, critics say, it was only intended to be a pandemic error program. >> returning these programs back to normal, we can uphold our responsibility to taxpayers and the principal that aid should be targeted and temporary. >> but bock argues, this year is far from normal. staffing shortages, supply change , further complicate lunch time nationwide. >> our goal is to teach kids how to learn and think, but they can't do that hungry. >> back to school bringing back challenges in feeding children in america. for the news, i am emilie ikeda. a guilty plea in the raid that led to the shooting and killing of breonna taylor. what a former louisville police detective fessed up to. student loan forgiveness . the decision expected from the white house.
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ask your doctor about once-daily zeposia. >> two men found guilty today of plotting to kidnap the michigan governor, gretchen whitmer. the jury deliberated the jury deliberated for a for
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ei abouthours over eight hours over two days. these are the men, 39-year-old adam fox and 36-year-old barry cross junior. this was their second time on trial for the 2020 heist their first ended in a hung jury. this jury convicted fox and croft on two counts of conspiracy and attempted to use a weapon of mass destruction prosecutors say, they were planning to blow up a bridge as a distraction while they carried out their abduction plan here at both men could face life in prison. no sentencing date set yet. their attorneys vowed to appeal. in a statement, quote, today's verdict proves that violence and threat have no place in our politics and those who seek to divide us will be held accountable. one of the then louisville detectives involved in the raid that killed breonna taylor pleaded guilty today kelly goodlett admitted to conspire with another officer to falsify a drug search warrant. investigators say, she added a phony line to it after the rate raidwas over. that warrant is what led
12:29 am
officers to breonna taylor's apartment. taylor's boyfriend fired a shot as officers broke through the door . they returned fire and hit and killed breonna taylor as she slept in her bed . investigators also accused goodlett of conspiring with another officer to create a cover up story once taylor's story ended up getting national attention. she faces up to five years in prison, sentencing scheduled for late november. unionbusting or something else? that is what is topping cnbc on the money. the money. starbucks closed one of its doors in kansas city, missouri. the reason, not because of union activity at the location. starbucks says , it is for safety reasons. the union for starbucks workers disagreed strongly and alleges the company isretaliating for union organizing efforts. the results to unionize the store are still pending. amazon prime video gearing up for the debut of thursday
12:30 am
night football with another deal last week, amazon seemed up with nielsen to help measure for the audience. today, they reached a deal with directv to get games into more than 300,000 bars and restaurants across the country. prime video and direct tv will both air amazon's first preseason game this thursday. the fastest man in the world is threatening to get trademark protection. usain bolt filed an application with the u.s. patent trademark logo of a signature of hist the logo of a silhouette of his signature victory pose. like alt, that pose became an international sensation back in 2008, when he dominated the olympics in beijing. today at the pump, the average price nationwide for a gallon of gas, $3.89, down for 70 straight days , and hitting the lowest mark since early march. still, a gallon cost $.73 more than it did this time last year. on wall street, the dow down
12:31 am
154, the s&p down nine, and the nasdaq, flat i am shepard smith on cnbc. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a new black eye for the u.s. housing market. the data out today that could chill home construction for the war seeable future. that could chill home construction for the war seeable future. asked me since putin's six months of putin's were in ukraine, now a warning for the state department about what russia has in store. but first, millions of americans with student loan debt, set to learn whether they will have to pay it all back. president biden will announce his long-awaited decision tomorrow. sources tell nbc news, he is expected to slash up to $2000 for student loan debt for borrowers who make less than $125,000 per year. likely extend the pause on loan payments.
12:32 am
they were supposed to resume next month. mr. bide the president would likely extend the pause on loan payments. they were supposed to resume next month. mr. biden of course campaigned on canceling student debt. critics say, his expected announcement tomorrow falls short of what he promised then. >> i will make sure everybody in this generation gets god$10n knocked off of their student debt as we try and get out of this god-awful pandemic. >> well, not everybody, he said, just those making less than $125,000. timing is everything. midterm elections are less than a week away and the president is facing a ton of pressure to deliver something on this issue. many critics mourn, canceling student loan debt could make inflation even worse. in a tweet, former president obama's top economic adviser, larry summers, wrote, student loan debt relief irelief is end raises demand and increases inflation. it comes's resources that could be better used hoping those that dids not, for spending that raises demand and increases inflation. it consumes resources that could be better used helping those that did not for whatever reason have the chance to attend college. here is keri russell.
12:33 am
>> at depaul university me a week to go until the first installment of tuition is due, a part of the $40,000 students are expected to pay the school year. outside the gates, we met terry pruitt, an art school graduate turned massage therapist to build $30,000 in loans. >> when you hear $10,000 in loans, what do you think? segment that is way too low, that is chump change. >> according to federal student aid, more than 45 million people collected $1.7 trillion. those between the ages of 35 and 40 90 the most. new cnbcs polling finds 32% of people say, all student loans should be forgiven. 34% say, it should be for those in need and 30% say, no forgiveness. the polling finds, there is dividing concern on the possible effects of inflation. 81% of republicans and 41% of democrats say, loan forgiveness will make inflation worse. >> if you look at the
12:34 am
statistics of freshmen who don't finish college, but they take out student debt in order to experiment with college, if you start forgiving that first $10,000 for people, that just enhances these reckless decisions. >> there has been a push to cancel student debt both outside the white house. >> extend the student loan pause payments forever. >> and by progressives who try to get in. >> we can cancel student loan debt for 95% of borrowers! >> back in chicago, 10 years after graduating, pruitt says, she still has $20,000 in loans. >> i know one of the arguments from the older generation, we had college debt, we paid it off, but you say to that? segment it is garbage. if you are not making the place better for your children-- nobody should have to suffer because you suffered. >> the lack of reaction on capitol hill both chambers in recession. the naacp is looking for
12:35 am
$50,000 to be forgiven. today's president, derek johnson, was talking about that number. he says, if the rumors are true, we have got a problem. shep. another body blow to the housing marketto july,. down according to government data, newly built home sales dropped 13% from june to july, down almost 30% year-over-year. to make matters worse, builders have stopped constructing many houses because of rising mortgage rates. when they jumped even higher this week, builders pull back even more. cnbc senior real estate correspondent diana look is with us tonight. you would think the building would be sitting pretty, but they are actually oversupplied. >> that is right, they are oversupplied by a lot. there was a big red flag in that sales report today. builders are sitting on a nearly 11 month supply of unsold homes. a healthy market between buyer and seller is considered about a four to six
12:36 am
month supply. not only are builders seeing demand drop, they are also seeing cancellations sore. even luxury homebuilders like toll brothers just reported a jump in calculations from 3% last year to 13% in the last quarter. as new contracts dropped 60%, all of this largely due to rising mortgage rates. >> and on those rates, they each down a little at the beginning of the month, now it looks like they are back up, right? >> that was really short-lived. rates have shot back up since last friday, as we see weakness in the stock market and renewed concern over recession, the average on a 30 year fixed had dropped into the low 5% range, but now it is just back under 6% . for context, it was just under 3% a year ago. lenders are now saying, potential buyers who see their monthly payment go up even by a little bit are pulling out of the deal. >> given that we are a few months into this housing correction, if that is what you
12:37 am
call it, it is getting worse, what can we expect on prices? >> prices are still high, but there was a big sign that report this morning. the median price was up 8% from a year ago, and that might sound like a lot, and it is, but the gains are actually shrinking. prices for new homes were up 15% year-over-year in january, before mortgage rate started to rise. we are also seeing builders in more incentives to attract buyers if you think buying a place is tough right now, renting is no picnic either. according to new data from real page. for college rooted liv rent soared 12% on average from july of last year to this july, according to new data from real here is morgan radford. >> as college students return to campus for me they are finding housing costs through the for college students living off campus, it is a real problem . some now trying to get around the high cost by seeking out more mature roommate.
12:38 am
here is morgan radford. >> as college students return to campus for me they are finding housing costs through the roof. nationwide , read now soaring at the fastest pace in more than three decades. with several major cities surging double digits, including right here near boston, where graduate student, jillian, struggled to find an affordable place to live. >> what is the housing market like here? the cost of living is a lot higher . when i was looking at prices for apartments, it seemed very much so out of my price range. >> which is why she turned to a unique solution, finding a different kind of roommates in bonnie carol >> roughly what is the age gap between the two of you? >> about 49 years . >> almost half a century! >> it is called a multigenerational housing arrangement. senior citizens with extras spacebecoming roommates with younger people who need cheaper housing, some even offering help chores in exchange for a discount. they bring a certain amount of energy, excitement, and young -ness if you will.
12:39 am
i love that. for example, when jillian is going out to meet her friends for a celebration dinner or something, i am like, yes, you look good! where are you going? for other people who might be considering a similar living situation, what would you say to that? >> you learn so much because you learn different habits, different ways of living, and it opens your eyes to a whole other way of life. >> it is a crossgenerational bond that is quickly becoming a trend. renters with homeowners said, it has seen an online home sharing agency that matches older renters with homeowners said, it has seen bookings surge by more than 200% just this year alone. >> the majority of our tenants are students. they don't want to increase the student debt they already have and they love the idea of living in someone's real home. it is a win-win for both sides. >> a movement that some higher education programs are embracing. here at the jetson manor retirement home, students from the cleveland institute of music can live totally rent free. all they are asked for in
12:40 am
exchange, the occasional concert for resident. brad student an offer grad student chandler lee was happy to accept. >> it was totally rewarding. i learned so much from their enthusiasm for what i was doing. >> also rewarding for roommates like bonnie and jillian. >> i have gotten so much more out of it than just the price. >> for the news, morgan radford. as ukraine prepares to celebrate its independence day, reports that russia is i.e. i some specific target . now, the state department weighing in, when an urgent warning for americans in that country. the video of a super yacht, longer than a football field , that was no match for the rolling waves. is intro ng small business savings. call now to get powerful internet for . with no contract. and a money back guarantee. all on the largest, fastest reliable network.
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an urgent warning to americans in ukraine , gets out of the country before it is too late.
12:43 am
the u.s. embassy in kyiv sent that today. the state department has information russia stepping up efforts to launch strikes against ukraine's civilian infrastructure and government facilities in the coming days tomorrow is ukraine's independence day, 31 years of independence from the soviet union . tomorrow also marks six months since russia invaded ukraine . today, the ukrainian president spoke at a news conference in kyiv. reporters ask, what ukraine would do if russia attacked the capitol for the holiday . his response, if they attack us, they will see received a response, a strong response. nato supreme allied commander, now an nbc news chief international analyst. admiral, six months of fresh warnings of russian attacks , but zelinski seems ready to attack. is this a bit of a stalemate? >> it is a stalemate . that is a good way to put it.
12:44 am
by the way, i am wearing my ukrainian colors tie in honor of their independence tomorrow. they have inspired us all. they have this russian war machine to a standstill sort of effect we will announce over the next couple of days, shep, another significant crunch of very capable weapons going their way. the reason, putin wants to launch these strikes is, he is simply frustrated. this war is not going well for him. he is trying to regain at least part of his strategic narrative . i don't think he will succeed. ukrainians are on the march. >> the pentagon says, the latest round of weapons it is sending are going to help ukraine with counter attack . is it enough? is it adequate? >> i think it is, shep. it is very carefully tailored based on the recommendations of the ukrainians and our own counterintelligence. what it will do is allow ukrainians to reach behind the russian logistic front line,
12:45 am
deplete their capabilities, go after their long-range systems . this is the so-called high mars . it's cruise missiles, more artillery rounds. it is what is keeping the battle in the direction of the ukrainians . i think it will be a very powerful package announced over the next 48 hours. >> this kremlin accusation that ukraine assassinated the daughter, commentator of her own, top vladimir putin ally , and they solved it miraculously in 48 hours . whatever the truth is, it looks like they are setting up to do something? >> it does. clearly, putin has, in my view, orchestrated all of this to create a pretext for launching another massive series over raids. this was directly directed at alexander doogie, right wing nationalist. he is bad news from the word, go.
12:46 am
this is, in my view, probably something that has come out of internal russian politics. putin is never want to let an assassination go to waste. he will use this as a pretext for launch to these attacks tomorrow. six months in, the damage estimate now, more than $1 billion. i should say, $100 billion. that is according to the kyiv school of economics here now, a different kind of army is reporting for duty, one drafted by social media with a mission to rebuild . in eastern ukraine, here is josh letterman. >> it is early on a sunday morning. a group of young ukrainians is already awake, ready to work. in a village devastated by russian artillery, 69-year-old ola is waiting for them. she is waiting in what is left of the home she and her husband built 45 years ago. she says, i cried all day yesterday because everything is
12:47 am
lost. there is nothing left. now, a new kind of army is fighting ukraine. not to tear down, but to build up what has been lost . it is called, repair together. a band of teenagers and twentysomethings preparing their own way to fight for their country's future. more than 1500 ukrainians have stepped up in cities across ukraine, mostly connecting through instagram. in some events, the cleanup turning into a raise with djs spinning. >> i really needed to help. donating money is nice. i do that , but it does not feel like enough. i wanted to do something with my bare hands.
12:48 am
12:49 am
>> we don't want to wait until the end of the war and start rebuilding. even though if god for bid this house is attacked another time, i will come here and rebuild it twice. >> it is not just homes destroyed here in ukraine, one in five schools have also been damaged, many of them totally destroyed, according to unicef, as ukrainian children prepare to return to the classroom september 1st. german chancellor predicting the recovery efforts here in ukraine will be larger than the marshall plan after world war two. josh letterman, nbc news ukraine. have you ever seen $39 million disappear right before your very eyes ? you are about to. italy's coast guard releasing this video of a moment a super yacht sank off the italian coast. it happened over the weekend. italian media reports, 130 foot yacht that they call, my saga , started taking on water and the
12:50 am
crew called for help. a tugboat came to tow it, but the waves did it in. my saga sank first titanic style. the coast guard rescued all people on board, we are told, and nobody was reported hurt. water restrictions in the west and experts say, that pain is not to be felt by the rest of the country. why keeping up with the kardashians is drying california . the list of top celebrity water offenders accused of failing to cut back. i mean seriously, we named ourselves which is kind of lit if we are talking... literal... ha ha. it's why we're planet earth's number one site for booking accommodation. we love booking stuff! and we're just here to help you make the best of your vacation. ow... hi... booking.yeah (dad) we have to tell everyone that we just switched to verizon's new welcome unlimited plan, for just $30.
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12:53 am
officials to take pretty drastic action. the government ordered arizona and nevada to use even less water from the river . the restrictions could force some farmers in the region to make tough decisions. cnbc's valerie castro reports live in arizona. >> shep, if you eat a salad between the months of march and november, there is a good chance those leafy greens were grown right here in yuma, arizona. if you're eating cauliflower, it might have been grown in the field right behind me. farmers might have to make some decisions about what crops to sacrifice if drastic changes aren't made to how water is allocated from the colorado river to states out west. flowing through canals, water arizona. the resour is crucial here in yuma. arizona. the resource model for growing the crops that help feed the majority of the country. >> the vegetables we make grow here make up 90% to what people in the u.s. and canada are consuming. >> but water levels are so low, states are being forced to cut back how much they use, arizona bearing the brunt. >> the water that comes to this field comes from the colorado
12:54 am
river, 60 miles from here. is is diverted out of the river. >> john and his partners farmed this land and agricultural region unlike any other. >>we have great valley yuma is a pretty special place. we have some great valley soil that are reallyirreplaceable lands in our country. we can grow and do things here using colorado river water that can be done anywhere else in the country. >> leafy greens, durum wheat, and cauliflower all come from the fields. >> the wheat we produce here is durum wheat, it is for pasta. there is only a handful of places that produce that well and we are one of them. >> central arizona is alread dealing with federal mandated water cut. yuma has been spared for now, but the future could be drier and dire. >> what needs to change? >> we need folks to think long- term. 100 years ago, folks were laying plans and laying concrete to build storage structures. >> these structures were built in about 1910.
12:55 am
>> tom davis with the yuma county water association is a part of a coalition of farmers and stakeholders with a plan to 20% of water used in exchange for federal payout. >> we use less, obviously we produce less. we use less, we put that money into trying and figure out how to use water more efficiently, make our water go further. >> david says, that plan though, still waiting on word from the federal government. >> we are about out of time here. two or three years , the last two, we will all be in deep jeopardy in the lower basin. >> just last week, $4 billion from the inflation reduction act were allocated to deal with climate change, specifically drought in the colorado river basin , but the feds are still hammering out exactly how to spend that money while farmers here wait for those answers. some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports are accused of violating the water restrictions in southern california. according to documents ""the
12:56 am
los angeles times"" got a hold of, the municipal water district issued notices of encinas to sylvester stallone, dwayne wade, kevin hart, and kim and kourtney kardashian. according to "the l.a. times" they were among the customers who used way too much water, surpassing 150% of their monthly budget by at least four times. the agency declared a drought emergency at the end of last year. the paper reports, officials could crackdown by installing what they call flow restriction devices. those can turn your showers and sprinklers into a trickle and nobody wants that. sylvester stallone is firing back. his lawyer argues, the numbers mischaracterized and misrepresent the situation. he was watering more than 500 trees on his property, the lawyer said, and without adequate water, dead or damaged trees could fall on his home or his neighbors'. the lawyer wrote to the l.a. times, stallone has been addressing the situation actively. as for dwayne wade,
12:57 am
he and his wife, gabrielle union to reduc , said, there is was a problem with the swimming pool. their statement indicates, they are taking drastic steps to reduce water usage in accordance with new city guidelines. kevin hart and neither of the kardashians has commented. it turns out, jupiter is stunning. nasa's james webb telescope with new images of the planet. you can see auroras, hazy we di be this good, to be honest. herespots is what in jupiter's ring like never before. an astronomer who led the mission to capture these images said, we did not expect them to be this good, to be honest . here is what you will know about this red spot on jupiter. it is a storm you are seeing , so be it could swallow earth. it looks wide, but look at the clouds reflecting sunshine. near infrared camera took these the web observatory 's near infrared camera took these pictures. nasa launched the telescope last year on a mission to solve mysteries in our solar system. 60 seconds left on a race to the finish , a crucial
12:58 am
primary day in florida and new york . in florida, voters are deciding which democrat will face off against rising gop star and potential presidential candidate, ron desantis. charlie crist has a commanding lead so far. a whistleblower claims twitter's security flaws are a risk to user privacy and national security. twitter is pushing back, calling the claims inaccurate . president biden set to go make an announcement on student loans tomorrow. sources tell nbc news, the president is planning to extend the pause on payments and forgive loans of up to $2000 -- $10,000 for people who make less than $125,000 a year. now, you know the news of this tuesday, august 23rd, 2022. i am shepard smith. thanks for checking in to the facts, the truth, the news on cnbc.
12:59 am
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try it for free at kids don't always take the best care of school supplies. so save money shopping back to school on amazon. while they... 0oh... uh... figure their stuff out. >> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... in the big-money world of fine and rare wine, there's one name that's spoken with awe -- rudy kurniawan. >> he had the deepest cellar of the most collectible wines in the world. he was able to produce them, and that made him a star. >> narrator: rich collectors want to fill their cellars with trophy wines, and kurniawan is their source. >> so, it kind of became a feeding frenzy for these mythical wines that really don't exist very often in the world. >> narrator: selling wine to billionaires makes kurniawan a fortune. >> rudy kurniawan loved the high life. he spent his money on every kind of luxury you can imagine. he was building a mansion in


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