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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 8, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. [music playing] balance. i want to make sure when i show up every s a foreign country nuclear secrets stashed in mar-a-lago. fallout from the new report. plus what former attorney general bill barr just said about possible indictment. wildfires in california turned deadly fueled by historic heat >> the heat wave is extended >> the records shattered as the power grid faces another test. will they debate the new drama unfolding in two battleground states between senate candidates locked in
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tight races. a challenge to steal a car gone viral >> we had an 11-year-old who was one of our most prolific stealers >> why and how kids are riding off with a certain kind of car using a screwdriver and usb cable. a bankruptcy filing rocks the movie theater business. apple announces what's coming the new devices in technology. and jay leno live with us on his new season >> announcer: live from cnbc the facts. the truth. "the news with shepard smith." good evening fbi agents found highly sensitive documents detailing top secret operations and foreign nations nuclear capability when they searched mar-a-lago that's new in fact, a bombshell new report from the washington post the post reports some of the
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documents revealed top secret operations that many senior officials are kept in the dark about them dock uments are typically kept under lock and key according to the post almost always in a secure comportment facility with a designated control officer to keep tabs on the location. these documents were stored at mar-a-l mar-a-lago, a country club, since more than 18 months since former president trump left the white house. mr. trump's former attorney general said indictment could b coming he said there is no scenario under which mr. trump could legally possess classified documents and government records. he says he opposes the idea of charging a former president. >> will the government be able to make out a technical case will they have evidence that
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they could indict somebody on including him? that's the first question. i think they are getting close to that point. >> mr. trump's allies are drawing comparisons of the email server as secretary of state for hillary clinton. secretary clinton is rejecting the comparison she called the washington post report are terrifying. she called the strict protocol when she was secretary of state. >> a military courier would come into the office and it would be an emergency not time to get to the white house and have a meeting in what's called a skif he would have a briefcase locked to his wrist and he would come into my office and he would say you have to look at this immediately, secretary i would read it and sign i read it it would go backing into the locked box attached to his wrist
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and off he would go. >> hillary clinton said every american should be concerned that fbi agents found dozens of empty classified folders at mar-a-lago let's turn to frank now. he was the assistant director at the fbi. now an nbc news analyst. frank, a foreign country's nuclear secrets stashed in the former president's residence how serious is this? >> shep, these are the most sensitive documents our government has the thought they were in as unsecure a location as mar-a-lago is really astonishing to those of us in the intelligence community or spent careers in the intelligence community. understand the value of this information. understand the value to two customers. the nation that the reporting is about, they would love to find out and pay dearly to find out
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what we know about their nuclear program and capabilities because by virtue of what we know, we are showing them what we don't know about their program what is working for them because we don't have sources in that area we haven't found that part of the program yet. they would pay dearly for that second customer would be the country's adversaries to pay dearly to learn what their opponent can do and what they can't do the fact that former president trump didn't turn that particular document over with the troves he under over to the national archives that went because of the subpoena and were turned over and on a physical site visit to mar-a-lago, none of those included the nuclear document it had to include a search warrant to get that out. >> frank, i mentioned bill barr. he has been on a tear lately criticizing the former president for these documents.
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did more come from him does it help blunt the attacks on the doj >> i think the former attorney general has gravitas and weight. whether he is trying to redeem himself, he understands the gravity of the situation i think he has an impact for those among trump's base who look to him for guidance and leadership >> frank, thanks. steve bannon is reported to turn himself in tomorrow the indictment is likely related to alleged fund raising scheme raked in $25 million for the build the wall campaign. this comes weeks after a jury convicted bannon of contempt of
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congress in a statement to nbc, bannon claims the investigation issing nothing more than a partisan political weaponization of the criminal justice system. emergency text message may have saved the power grid in california it happened last night when californians at risk of the blackout got this text it tells residents to turn off or reduce electricity use and it warns if they don't, they might lose power all together. at 5:30 local time yesterday afternoon, california's grid operator ordered its highest emergency warning. then about 20 minutes later, the state sent out the text messages according to data from the california independent system operator which runs the power grid, after the text went out, the emergency was essentially over in about five minutes while the text system may have
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saved the state from blackouts last night, there is still a way to go before the record setting heat wave is finished. nbc's steve patterson is live this afternoon steve, another round of triple digit heat >> reporter: it is 102 degrees here in los angeles. i can tell you from experience, it has been about this way for the last few hours and right now, right as we come on air, we are entering our eighth straight flex alert exactly as you described between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. when the grid is vulnerable messages telling people to conserve as much energy as they can. last night, as said, california heeded that call we saved 2,600 megawatts we broke 52,000 megawatts last night. that is the most california has ever used in state history as you said, it is not over. we are expected to reach 51,000
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meg megawatts in the next few hours. that could happen again on thursday and friday. this crisis may now stretch into the weekend. it is fuelling so many problems. including the wildfires. there are 4,000 firefighters on the frontlines of more than a dozen major fights that's just the major fires. there are dozens more if you count every brush fire that cropped up since sunday. when we started day, it was 2,500 acres. it is now 7,000 acres. >> steve patterson, live in a sweltering los angeles this afternoon. police in canada say they arrested the second suspect accused of going on the deadly stabbing spree over the weekend. that caps off the four-day manhunt for myles sander son
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he is here on the right. the royal mounted police found him late this afternoon in saskatchewan that is a half hour east of edmonton they found his brother, damien, dead earlier this week the two accused of killing ten people and hurting 18 others in the indigenous community it is one of the deadliest ever on can in aadian soil in a statement, mounties said there is no further risk and a new testing facility in saudi arabia. they are calling it the red sands integrated center. they tell nbc news the facility will test new technologies to combat the growing threat of unmanned drones and it will develop and test integrated air
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missile defense abilities. officials say saudi arabia is the best location for the facility because it has large open spaces owned by the government and the ability to test various methods of electronic warfare like signal jamming. all this comes as security cooperation grows between arab states and israel against iran it has been building up a fleet of drones and ballistic missile arsenal. campaigns counting down to the midterms in georgia, they are ready to debate and american tourist killed on vacation by a shark what officials say happened and their desperate attempt to save her. and a high school football player reported missing has now been found and has now been charged with murder. details of the new twist coming up issing h been found. has now been charged
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less than ten weeks to go until the november elections the midterms voters in two battleground states are still waiting to find out whether senate candidates can agree to faceoff for official debate. in pennsylvania, oz faces jon fetterman. os accused fetterman unfit for debate citing the stroke in may, fetterman said he will debate oz before the election. he is still discussing accommodations for hearing issues that his stroke caused. in the state of georgia, warnock and walker have been going back and forth for months today, a potential break in that
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standoff nbc's ellison barber is in georgia. >> reporter: in georgia politics, we are debating debates. walker previously said he was willing to debate the incumbent democrat warnock at the time and place of the senator's choosing. warnock agreed to three debates. one in atlanta, one in macon, one in savannah. walker agreed to a different debate in savannah, georgia. they have gone back and forth criticizing each other for not agreeing to the other's debate this morning, a glimmer of hope that maybe an agreement is on the horizon. the warnock campaign is willing to participate in the savannah debate walkeragreed to participate in if topics are not provided before hand they agree to participate at one of the other debates that warnock agreed to. one in macon or atlanta.
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warnock has an ad out crit criticizing walker for topics given to the candidate before hand walker wrote in part, i don't need topics. i accepted the savannah debate without conditions both candidates have launched bus tours to win voters across the peach state. walker started his today and warnock started his three weeks ago. this could decide the united states senate. the polls show it is close in the recent poll from emerson college, walker is ahead of warnock by two points. none has over 50%. that is important. if we get to election day and neither candidate wins with 50% of the vote, there is a runoff with top two contenders face each other in the case that gets
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decided in december. shep >> ellison, thank you. a 16-year-old boy in washington state went from being a missing person to a murder suspect in a matter of days. the police say the teenager's family reported him missing while making way to the football practice our nbc affiliate king 5 in seattle says his truck was found abandoned two hours south of seattle with small amounts of blood p in it. days later, the police found the teenager and returned him to the family the same day, the cops did a welfare check after a 51-year-old man did not show up for work the man was found dead in his home with a gunshot wound and no firearm nearby they searched the evidence and police arrested two 16-year-olds in connection with the murder. one the teenage boy that had gone missing according to prosecutors, the
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teens were trying to steal something from the victim's home both charged an adults they face five counts, including first and second-degree murder they are both held on $1 million bond. an american tourist is dead after a shark attack while she was snorkeling in the bahamas. her employer in erie, pennsylvania, identified her as caroline she was on vacation with her family when she died she arrived in the area yesterday on a royal caribbean cruise ship and a private yacht took her snorkeling. that's that's when a bull shark attacked her a bystander took the video of the incident you can see emergency workers trying to save her life. a warning. this footage may be hard to
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watch. the royal bahamas police force reported the woman had serious injuries to the left side of her body they said right now the beach where the attack happened is closed and they aring investigating the incident. under water basketweaving. the three words you never want to hear from the college student announcing majors. the majors people grabbed and regretted because they don't pay. and zero down payment. no closing costs sound too good to be true? the bank offering certain first-time home buyers the way to snag their american dream
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community affordable loan solution it offers no closing costs to first time home buyers in black and latino communities no credit score and no mortgage insurance required the bank will look only at the income and home location cnbc's real estate correspondent diana olick is with us >> it will help buyers who might not otherwise be buyers. the program is in five cities. charlotte, dallas, detroit and miami and borrowers don't need a down payment, but have to prove the ability to make the monthly payments given high interest rates, that is hard if you get the down payment granted to you this is not new. there are several other banks doing similar programs wells fargo for one has a 3%
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down payment loan for low income consumers that can be combined with other assistance programs the v.a. has no programs for veteran family members and no down payment usda loans for people in rural areas. that's an important one as more and more people who can work remotely are moving to rural areas. the programs have been in place for a while and we have not seen that dent in homeownership >> i hadn't heard of most of those. the 30-year fixed is above 6%. you know, these higher rates, it has to be affecting sellers. >> imagine a seller who says i want to sell and move up to a bigger home. they've got 2.765% on the rate they refi'd. that stops the chain of bau b
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buying so the move up buyer doesn't move out for those whotw need the more an ffordable home. >> is that starting in. >> yes that's why supply is low on the bottom end of the market investors there and people stuck in the homes saying i can't fathom if i want the bigger house. not only paying more, but having the interest rate twice now. >> it changed so fast. i've never seen anything like it diana, thank you locks on classroom doors a major issue since uvalde the school janitor who says he can barely read or write has developed a simple solution that could make classrooms safer all over the country. then there country. and then there's whipped cream..
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con con confusing in new york city the man who wrote the law tries to clear things up. and the new online challenge that urges kids to steal cars. it is working thanks to video shows how easy it is to break in and drive off with two particular brands. solutions? we'll get to those as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. f w two why do nearly one million businesses
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ever wish you picked a different major in college turns out nearly 2 of 5 american college grads regrets the choice they made. that's according to new data from the washington post a federal reserve study found that liberal arts majors are the most likely to harbor that deep regret nearly half of them say they wished they picked another field of study engineers are least likely the data has mostly been p consistent since collecting information six years ago. the paper sees a spike of regret of education majors last year in the heart of the pandemic. there is whipped cream confusion in new york. is it started after the state law banning people younger than 21 from buying cans of whipped
4:27 am
cream. young people were using gas in the cans to get high which is neither new or shocking. that said, once the internet got wind of the law, it went viral on the lawmaker trying to clear the air over what is banned and why, here is valerie castro. >> reporter: signs popped up university empire state last month warning buying a can of whipped cream requires identification the state law went into effect november of 2021 in the months since, the language of the law was lost in translation. whipping store owners into a frenzy faced with a threat of a fine >> yes, we got calls from stores the stores took it upon themselves to miss interpret the law. trying to play catch up with social media >> reporter: the law prohibited the sale of chargers to persons
4:28 am
under 21 the state senator from queens who resp who sponsored thechargers. they are used with professional whipped cream in restaurants for desserts these called wip-its were bought by kids to get high. >> it causes brain damage. >> reporter: they can be bought proper online retailers. the elelegislation and confusin raised awareness >> the silver lining of the misinterpretation is i get to talk about the dangers and rampant use we had >> reporter: that senator says since the law went into effect, his office has received less
4:29 am
complaints by parents. in new york state, you can walk into the grocery store and you do not need an identification or be 21 years old to buy a can of whipped cream. >> valerie, thanks oil prices keep going down that's topping cnbc on the money. wti crude is the u.s. benchmark and it dropped 5% just today. it settled at less than $82. the lowest in eight months weeks before vladimir putin invaded ukraine. prices dropped after opec announced it would cut production global production is weighing heavily on prices. movie theaters with a rebound but not enough for cine world. it filed for bankruptcy today.
4:30 am
the london based company is the second largest theater chain it owns regal and operating more than 5,000 theaters across the u.s. cine world saddled with $5 billion in debt. under chapter 11 it is allowed to stay in business while restructuring the company expects to emerge from chapter 11 next year. and kim kardashian has a new side hustle. private equity maker she announced she is starting a private equity firm. set to targets investments including media, consumer and hospitality. no word yet on how much the fund is expected to raise. today at the pump. the average price nationwide for a gallon of gas is $3.76 gas is now down 85 straight days to the lowest mark in six months still a gallon cost 58 cents
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more than this time last year. on wall street, stocks rally as the fed says it will do what it takes to tackle inflation the dow up 436 s&p up 72. look at the nasdaq up 247. that snaps a seven-day losing streak i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news students in uvalde return to class, but officials with nothing definitive over what went wrong why five safety department workers are under investigation. and apple launching iphone 14 how scalperis are setting up to profit from the latest model. first, a dangerous tiktok trend has car owners and police
4:32 am
departments on high alert. >> what it does is challenge young teens to steal certain kinds of kia and hyundai models. it comes at a time when city officials say the number of those car thefts are surging in st. petersburg, florida, police reported one-third of all car theft there since the middle of july are linked to the tiktok challenge. in los angeles, the viral trend led to an 85% increase in car theft of hyundai and kias compared to last year. in chicago, law enforcement officials say thefts of certain models are up 800% since july. here is andrea day >> reporter: these are just some of the videos posted on tiktok the cars stolen in just seconds. taken on joy rides and left on the side of the
4:33 am
road >> they practically flipped my [ bleep ] in a trap. they had a really, really great time in here >> reporter: and behind the wheel? investigators say young teens. >> we had an 11-year-old who was one of the most prolific stealers the notion they can drive a car is a fantasy >> reporter: in chicago, cook counts sheriff tom dart. >> the number of 12 and 13-year-olds we don't count them because there are so many. >> reporter: it is all part of the social media challenge with more than 33 million views on tiktok alone using the #kiaboys >> the viral nature of how this is taken off on social media has exaccelerated this in our jurisdiction alone, it has gone up 800% in the last month. we see no end. >> reporter: the challenge is to snatch a parked car off the street by popping up the steering
4:34 am
column and hot wiring it with the usb cable. >> we see it pulling out with the phone and now that is the key. >> reporter: kias and hyundais that use a mechanical key. not a key fob with a push button like karen's 2019 kia sorento. >> i realized my car was gone. >> reporter: she was in a rental at a red light when her missing kia drove past her >> i saw a teenage boy in the front. i drove around the block five kids jumped in my car that's when i started to panic i'm going to lose my car >> reporter: she went on a hunt to track it down later finding it deserted on the side of the road look at the damage >> they crashed the front of my car. they damaged the bumper. they wrote on the ceiling. hot car. >> reporter: i tracked down one of the kia boys and spoke with him by phone
4:35 am
he says he is a 14-year-old in texas. so far, he swiped 15 cars and does it for fun. a representative for tiktok tells cnbc tiktok does not condone this behavior which violates our policies and will be removed if found on our platform >> it is everywhere. it is everywhere we have never seen anything like this >> the manufacturer should pay for this >> reporter: the attorney in missouri ken mcclain and blames it on automakers he calls it a defect and his firm filed class action lawsuits in 12 states. >> we receive dozens of calls a day. >> reporter: he estimates 1 million vehicles are effected from over the last decade. a security fix would cost $200 per car. >> this could be a 2$200 million
4:36 am
problem. >> reporter: the spoke person for kia says kia america has provided steering wheel lock devices to deter vandalism and theft. hyundai? we will continue to support police departments to make steering wheel locks available additionally, beginning october 1, 2022, a security kit will be available for purchase shep, we asked the carmakers in they could put a dollar value on this issue they both declined to comment. mea meantime, if you own one of the cars, use one of these old school wheel locks to slow down thieves. >> andrea day, thanks very much. students return to school this week in uvalde, texas there are new questions about law enforcement delayed response to the massacre at robb elementary 19 children and 2 teachers shot
4:37 am
dead the department of public safety announced its inspector general's office is investigating five officers who responded to that mass shooting. three of them are still on the job. two others suspended with pay until the investigation wraps up the agency reports it is looking into whether the officers violated any policies so they could face punishment. in uvalde, here is perry russom. >> reporter: the email sent to the safety director to all employees reads, officers responding to an active shooting at a school will be overcome to neutralizing the attacker. the email updates the department policy including when someone shoots at a school and remain an active shooter until neutralize and not treated as a barricaded subject. the department is in the process of buying go bags and containing breaching equipment for all
4:38 am
officers the change comes as the new school year starts in uvalde updates to campus security continue we went to all eight schools in district where metal fencing and security cameras and fortified entrances are promised progress has been made at three of the eight with the fencing. three schools had work done to secure especntrances >> at the request of the mayor in uvalde, i directed the texas department of public safety to deploy troopers to all schools in uvalde. >> reporter: the memorial is not as busy as it used to be murals are freshly painted jeanette is waiting to pick up her daughter she transferred her daughter here. >> they are doing the best they can. they have on keep doing it not just because they are going
4:39 am
back to school then next week where is everything? >> reporter: one of the main reasons they delayed the start of school is to build the fences they are not done. there are gaps on this side of campus with the concerns we heard from parents about security, there is still an 89% attendance rate that is up from last year. shep >> perry live in uvalde. investigators say there were locks on school doors with issues and uvalde is not alone according to the education center, a quarter of all public schools in the united states do not have classroom doors that lock from the inside doors on college campuses don't have them either a janitor in a small school in south dakota says he designed a new lock says that could save lives. here is shomari stone.
4:40 am
>> reporter: jeff harris vacuums the halls of the university. he calls himself >> janitor jeff. >> reporter: cleaning by day at night >> i lay in bed at night and think of how to keep people safe we had this active shooter training and one of the professors in the university said this is all great training, but our classroom, we cannot lock it. i told her that i would make her a lock >> reporter: his latest? threat stop. a device, he says, keeps active shooters from breaking in classrooms >> a first grader or anyone can use it you are done it's bless than a second >> reporter: an active shooter would have trouble p onning the door look right here. you can see i'm pulling it and it's not opening the device has the two latches both needed to take the lock off. something harris says would be difficult through a broken window.
4:41 am
>> it is hard for him to find those locks because it is on the other side you can't visually see without crawling >> reporter: harris says he can hardly read or write >> but the imanufacturing side o my brain works >> reporter: wonderful enough t give him a patent. both for doors with different handles. >> he saw a need and fulfilled that i think he is a great example of a person who is selfless and dedicated to improve the lives of others. >> reporter: harris hopes it prevents shootings like the one in uvalde. >> it's difficult to see children killed. >> reporter: a painful reminder of his days as a first responder. >> i've dealt with death a lot because i was on the ambulance
4:42 am
it's tough it takes me back there now i'm sorry. i have to stop for a minute. >> reporter: harris hopes to sell the patent to a company with the right intention >> what do you say to the people who say it makes you a rich man? >> it is not it is the thrill of saving lives. i'm sorry. i want to save people from harm. >> reporter: harris is in negotiations to sell the patent. shep >> shomari, thanks. a new twist with the war with twitter the richest man is getting a assist from the whistleblower comp complaint. what the fresh developments mean for both sides. and once again your iphone is out of date what we've learned about the new
4:43 am
one. what it will cost you and what new things it does besides make a phone call and run your life
4:44 am
4:45 am
elon musk will be able to use claims from the whistleblower in his counter suit against twitter that's according to the judge overseeing the case. the whistleblower accused twitter of misleading regulators about its security practices and under counting the spam and bots on twitter musk says if this is true, the merger agreement with elon musk should be terminated twitter ceo maintained the complaint is false and lacks important context. twitter sued elon musk in july after he walked away from the $44 billion deal to buy twitter. musk counter sued saying the company misrepresented how many users were on thethe platform.
4:46 am
the platform it is expected to start next month. it's apple day and today we got our first look at the newest iphone lineup. maybe the bigger surprise? prices are not going up. here it is the iphone 14. looks like the one you're holding, right the ceo tim cook says these new ones have better displays and better cameras and a slightly new design on some of the models cnbc's technology correspondent steve kovack is live from apple headquarters in cupertino. steve, what stood out at the announcement >> reporter: shep, you said it just like you and me and everyone at home, apple feels inflation, too people are walking in thinking the prices were going to increase on the iphones. in fact, they kept them stable that is a good sign that apple is really seeing demand strong
4:47 am
for iphones and tells a did story of the consumer as we faced a looming recession, shep. >> they revealed safety features some of those were surprising. >> reporter: right now, the new iphone 14 line is able to talk to satellites. it can help you find a satellite signal if you are stuck in a remote area, you will contact emergency services and send them your location. this is something that has been talked about or holy grail for smart phone companies and apple is the first to do it. >> it is the gee whiz that gets you. that's new is there any of that >> reporter: a little bit. so, shep, the way iphones work these days is if you bought an iphone 13 last year, you will be unimpressed. let's say you are using an iphone 11 or 12, it may feel like going from a bike to a
4:48 am
lamborghini if you are upgrading. year to year, it is not a huge improvement. over time, these phones get better and better. >> cameras king. how much better is the camera? >> reporter: oh, really good apple the is one of the best at making cameras so this can shoot higher quality video and stills can you notice a huge difference over 13? not necessarily. it is best in its class camera >> better in lower light and camera steve kovach, thank you. as the product rollout begins, in china, scalpers are already at it. official pre-orders for the iphone 14 start this friday. in china, unofficial sellers have already been taking orders.
4:49 am
some are seeing higher demand than for the iphone 13 cnbc's eunice yoon, bureau chief for us there, reports on the china gray market for iphone products >> reporter: this market is in beijing's silicon valley people come here first he has been selling iphones for 12 years the gray market seller says his orders for the iphone 14 are double when the 13 launched. most in demanded the 14 pro max with 256 storage in purple. he is in touch with scalpers who will wait in line from early morning. he is offering up to $150 for every phone they bring back. he plans to charge $450 over the retail price a profit for him of $300 per phone. in the past, buying an iphone was about bragging rights. now it is more performance
4:50 am
he says for the 14, the faster a 16 chip say selling point along with 5g. although huawei rolled out meant to get around u.s. 5g. the market favors apple. he is counting his blessings and his cash wang and others are working out how to deliver the phones to customers the moment they are available next friday. the plan is for scalpers to show up to start lining up one week from now, shep, next thursday morning in china >> eunice yoon live in china thanks. jay leno is back in the garage and also here on cnbc the new season starts tonight. who will be climbing into the cars this time we'll hear from jay when he
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the season of jay leno's garage premieres tonight on cnbc oscar winning actor brie larson takes a ride in a new bmz. >> the cars i've had are what i could afford and utility got me from one place to another. that's part of what's been fun about doing these nissan commercials. i get to test drive and sit in the cars i started to understand the personality of cars and what it
4:54 am
can bring out in you >> put your foot on it see what she does. put it right to the floor. >> what is that? the long island expressway another season and star studded lineup kelly clarkson and jamie lee curtis and even pit bull a guy who rode around with president biden. how did that go? >> really good i enjoyed the tech segment i was looking for a washer and dryer. the guy at best buy says let's show you the smart dryer i said i don't need it i bought the washer and dryer wifi i have been walking around with damp underwear because i forgot my password. >> how is the ride with the president, jay i know it is your world and we
4:55 am
just live in it. >> i know. i know you know, it was fun most people don't know this. when you become president of the united states, you lose your license to drive your car the rest of your life. you can never drive on a public road again joe biden still has the '67 corvette that he got as a wedding present from his dad we went down to the high speed training center. joe biden had the time of his life taking the corvette up to 100. secret service slow him down. they were also nervous we had a good time >> i'm short on time i want to know how elon musk was in texas >> you know, that was fascinating because in hollywood, i meet geniuses every day. hello. to actually meet one is na fascinating.
4:56 am
he built this area in to years i'm talking to him and they say elon the trajectory here. what should it be? he does an equation. he goes back to talking to me again. this is what really smart people do you know, i was stunned. it is interesting to me dreamers who have practical knowledge elon told me he is building 1,000 rockets to go to mars. he said come here. i'll show you. he shows me hundreds and hundreds of enormous jet engines. the biggest to power any rocket. he is building hundreds of them. it is fascinating. it is really amazing to walk through and realize he is doing it for 10% of what the government does. >> it has been impressive. can't wait to see the season premiere tonight 10:00 eastern/7:00 pacific see you tonight. first the obamas at the
4:57 am
white house for you unveiling of their official portraits here they are after the reveal today was the first time the former president and first lady were together at the white house since they moved out in 2017 today's event marked the return of the tradition of sitting presidents of inviting the predecessors to the white house for the portrait this is not lost on former first lady michelle obama. >> what we are looking at today. a portrait of a biracial kid with an unusual name and daughter of a water pump operator and stay at home mom. we are seeing a reminder of a place in this country for everyone. >> it has funded the official portraits of the presidents and first ladies since 1965. the portraits will hang permanently in the white house. 60 seconds left on the race to the finish.
4:58 am
washington post reports fbi agents found top secret operations regarding a nuclear capability of a foreign nation when they searched mar-a-lago. record-breaking heat wave scorching an california. officials say the power grid reached a breaking point before p text messages last night. and chicago police say thefts of kias and hyundais jumped 800% because of the car theft challenge on tiktok. now you know the news of this wednesday, september 7th, 2022 the news here today was the leaving of our ceo mark hoffman after a quarter century with the company will have fun with kiki and mike and rob and sam god bless you, sir and enjoy
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it's 5:00 a.m. at cnbc here is the top "five@5. markets looking to keep the momentum going. key interest rate decision on deck with the european central bank looking to hike to combat inflation p we will preview what to expected from the ecb. and apple officially pulling back the curtain on a slew of products, including the latest iphone launch. will the stock get a pop >>


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