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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 9, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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we're so happy for you. majmundar: lori believe in me and believed in my product, and lori and i are gonna make this the best product it will be. the world says goodbye to queen elizabeth ii and hello to king charles iii. tonight, with the days ahead bring. it is midnight on the east coast , 9:00 p.m. in the west. i am shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the death of her majesty, the queen, a huge shock to the nation and to the world. >> the quiet woman who dedicated her life served in
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duty the only leader in place since the end of world war ii. the most photographed woman on the planet today at her summer home in balmoral, scotland. she was 96 years old. >> she impacted so many lives. she is an amazing woman. >> she did it with grace and dignity. >> she was thoughtful, wise, curious, helpful. she was funny. >> britain is a great country today because of her also tonight, the justice department strikes back against the order for a mar-a-lago master. >> the killing of a journalist is particularly troublesome. four people murdered in a livestream rampage in memphis. the suspect just recently out of prison.
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live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening. her rain spent seven decades, longer than any monarch before her. she took the throne in 1952. winston churchill was prime minister. harry truman was our president. now, at age 96, queen elizabeth ii has died and her oldest son takes the throne of king charles iii. a live look at a buckingham palace as midnight falls. crowds gathering all day and even into the night after the official declaration from the palace, mourners broke into song , "god save the queen."
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>> during her reign, queen elizabeth presided over 15 prime minister's and two days ago, she swore in the current head of state. today, prime minister liz truss says the nation is devastated. >> the death of the queen is a huge shock to the nation and to the world. queen elizabeth ii was the rock on which modern britain was built. >> officials placing the announcement on the gates outside of the palace indicating the queen died peacefully. said queen elizabeth to her final breath at her beloved summer home in balmoral, scotland. queen elizabeth family including all four of her children and her grandsons prince william and prince harry rushed to be by her side in her final moment. reports suggest harry and several royals could not make it in time. the duchess of cambridge and sussex did not travel with them. king charles iii released a
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statement indicating the death of my beloved mother, her majesty the queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family. when one per family the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much loved mother. >> five buckingham palace and at the white house, for that matter, lowered to half staff. complete news in team coverage ahead. wilfred frost is live at a buckingham palace with reaction and what is next. first, keir simmons on the queen's life. >> queen elizabeth ii, great britain's longest-serving monarch died after living a life dedicated to duty. born in 1926, that their grandchild looking store the -- king george the fifth, she led the monarch either historic challenges. the royal family stayed in london, despite nightly bombing
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raids from germany. to the people of britain, there was this message from their future queen. >> everyone of us in the and all will be well. god will give us victory and peace. >> that speech field a special relationship with her future subjects. westminster abby 1953, the first time tv cameras were allowed inside, to record a coronation. the celebration was seen worldwide. elizabeth's rain would be felt worldwide. she was the most widely traveled monarch in history. she helped transform britain's empire, easing former colonies and states and all of that while balancing motherhood and monarchy. three sons and a daughter --
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the pump was there but circumstances changed. for the first time the queen opened the royal family to the public i. she encouraged her children to live life beyond the palace walls. the royal family appeared just like the rest of us, vulnerabl . there was divorce and reconciliation. her son, prince andrew, mired in accusations of sexual misconduct. the tragedy of princess diana was an especially dark moment for the royal family. the fairytale romance and marriage ended in scandal with a messy divorce, then death. diana killed in a traffic accident in paris. the royal family grieved privately, but there was growing anger in britain. the monarchy was out of touch, detached. the queen quickly returned to london from her vacation home, to pay tribute to diana and face a challenge to modernize the monarchy. >> i believe there are lessons to be drawn from her life and
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from the extraordinary and moving reaction to her death. >> queen elizabeth set out to change the face of monarchy. it would be more open, compassionate, in touch with a changing british public. >> institutions, which in turn, must continue to evolve. that is for them to provide effective beacons of trust and unity. >> she embraced many changes, including the marriage of her grandson, prince william to commoner kate middleton. and, prince harry to the american actress meghan markle. she celebrated the birth of great-grandchildren, including prince george, third in line to the throne. in 2021, her beloved husband of seven decades, prince philip's -- philip died. with queen elizabeth continuing
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to inspire around the world, doing the covid pandemic, her words helped everyone to keep calm and carry on. and at this time, we doing with all the nations across the globe and a common endeavor, using the great advances and our instinctive compassion to heal. we will succeed, and that success will belong to everyone of us. >> she was the longest reigning british monarch in history, on the throne for more than 70 years. her platinum jubilee celebrated with a military parade. beacons let across the world. >> i keep my here. >> a surprise appearance from paddington bear. there were 10 million people across britain gathering to honor their one and only queen. the jubilee concluded with a
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final wave from queen elizabeth from the balcony of buckingham palace. she was joined by three future kings, prince charles, prince william, and prince george. the crowd cheering for queen elizabeth, the second, a monarch for the ages. >> our friend wilfred frost is with us from buckingham palace. now, a sky news anchor and cbc contributor. describe what the emotions are like for people there. >> reporter: well, one of deep sadness of course. the same time, immense gratitude. a little bit less surprised then maybe we may have expecte . it is a day we all hoped and wished would never arrive, but probably we knew it may have been approaching in recent weeks and months. i think it is impossible though, to overstate that the sense of a constant unifying
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and reassuring support that her majesty, queen elizabeth ii, has provided to the nation over the last 70 years of immense change from popular cultures and politics and has risen above it all and remained the neutral head of state we can look up to as we do here in the united kingdom. the fact that the person now look up to has changed, provides deep sadness, of course. >> if you can walk us through what happened next, operation london bridge. >> reporter: and operation that has been decades in planning to try and provide 10 days worth of sendoff, sitting for queen elizabeth. sufficient opportunity for the nation to mourn. it will involve tomorrow things like a speech by king charles iii, and a meeting between king charles on the prime minister. we will also see her coffin
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began its journey. that will begin going from balmoral to edinburg tomorrow. then in the days to come it will come to buckingham palace. there will be a procession from here to westminster abbey where her body will they and state for five days. those five days providing the best opportunity for people to come and pay their respects. millions -- multiple millions are expected to do so. then, her funeral 10 days from tomorrow in westminster abby where she is laid to rest ultimately in the chapel beneath and windsor castle. >> early on a monday morning. we will have that live here on cnbc. >> what kind of royal family and monarchy is king charles assuming? >> reporter: well, it is of course one in transition and flux. many point to the challenges in recent years and wonder whether it is under threat. you could equally say it has got through some profound challenges, challenges that are unlikely to be repeated to the same scale in the immediate
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years ahead. also, a very clear, and at the moment, friendly line of succession. charles iii is close to his immediate successor, prince william. now, of course the prince of wales. young prince george, there doesn't seem to be any issues there. while there might concerns of members of the family further out, they will only go further to the periphery now that their matriarch has left us. i think the key point for charles iii at this stage is to continue to reform and modernize the institution ahead of the curve, before it gets too late and deliver on his duty domestically with grace, not seeking glory. if he does that, i think he will have great support, particularly here domestically. >> wilfred frost live this midnight hour at buckingham palace. wilford, thank you. >> the queen believed and said
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repeatedly that she knew this girl was from the heavens. as a result, she would fill it all of her days. >> i declare before you all with my whole life whether it be long or short, it shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong next, reaction from u.s. presidents who served during elizabeth's time. and, her trips across the pond for politics across the pond for politics and a little fun with next-generation bandwidth. enable ai cameras that spot factory issues in real time, using next-generation speed. and deliver ultra-capacity 5g coverage that's years ahead of the competition. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now.
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deepest condolences to the royal family following the death of the queen. he wrote, "her majesty queen elizabeth ii was more than a monarch. she defined an era she was a steady presence and a source of comfort and pride for generations in britain including many who have never known their country without her. former presidents also expressing their n fore may god bless the queen. may she reign forever in our hearts and may god hold her and prince philip in abiding care. we were struck by her warmth, the way she put people at ease and how she brought charm and humor to great momentsa woman of great intellect, charm, and with. of ving teapomp w and circumstance. former president bush said she was a woman of great intellect, charm, and with. spending time at buckingham palace and having a seat with
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her majesty and her corgis and -- is among our finest moments kayla tausche on how the white house and congress >> reporter: tonight, praise for the arequeen remembering her today. kayla, good evening. >> reporter: from every corner of the nation's capital tonight, praise for the queen and admiration for the strength and grace for which he reigned. tonight, president biden joining morris at the nearby embassy in washington, signed the a condolence book and telling the uk ambassador and her stafabeth f three attimes the queenover wa great lady, and he had been delighted to know her. mr. biden, a longtime fixture of the washington establishment, met queen elizabeth three times over 41 years. at a private meeting last summer in england, the president broke protocol saying the queen asked for his opinion on the chinese president and russia's
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president vladimir putin. in his statement today, he said at the last meeting, she charmed us with her wit, moved us with her kindness, and generously share with us her wisdom. her legacy will loom large in the pages of british history and in the story of the world. the queens -- in washington is a long ally. congress is spending a -- for her address in 1991. on capitol hill today, a bipartisan remembrance. >> she didn't just witness the great turns of history. she helped shape them over the seven decades. seven decades of her ring. every step of the way she was precisely the kind of leader the moment demanded. the senate and american people are joined with our dear friends across the ocean. would join in prayer. we join in grief and gratitude. such a remarkable leader and a
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successful reign. >> reporter: nancy pelosi has ordered flags fly at half staff in the queen's honor. here at the white house, five will remain lowered until her funeral and until she is very. officials not commenting on possible travel by president biden for the queens memorial events in the coming days. they have previously sworn off foreign travel to focus on mid terms between august and november, but of course, with this event, that could change.> >> kayla, live at the white house. from truman, to biden, queen elizabeth met with 13 of the last 14 u.s. presidents during her reign. kristen welker now on the queens long history with american leaders. >> she has dance with presidents, ridden with them, celebrated with commander in chief's. mourned, and of course shared plenty of meals.
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queen elizabeth, in fact, meeting every single serving american president, except lyndon johnson, since 1951. harry truman was first presidential beating as a 25 year-old princess representing her father, the king, during a u.s. visit. she came back in 1957, now, as queen. >> also want to say how much i appreciate the warmth and friendliness of your perception. >> receiving an all-american welcome. a steak dinner hosted by president eisenhower, and a parade in new york. queen elizabeth always appearing eager to take part in american tradition, and charming the public along the way. watching a baseball game was with the first president bush. >> she came all the way from england and is great. >> meet the great lady of the well. >> attending the kentucky derby during the second bush
12:20 am
presidency. glimpsed other memorable moments. >> we have glimpsed other memorable moments. that famous dance with president ford at the white house. a standing ovation when she became the first british monarch to address congress.pre president reagan laughing as the queen quiet -- cracked jokes at a steak dinner in san francisco. >> i knew who had afforded every -- many of our traditions to the united states but i had not realized before that weather was one of them. >> she got along well with president reagan. they went riding together. these photos becoming iconic. while the queen last visited the u.s. in 2007, like millions of american tourists's
12:21 am
the palace in the uk, >> presidents are always ready to stop by the palace when in the uk. >> i am confident our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us. >> it may seem like an unlikely connection, given this country's decision to sever ties with the crown, but as queen elizabeth that herself, during america's 200th birthday -- >> your declaration of independence did not break our friendship. >> a special relationship which only grew stronger during her 70 year reign.n's death will continue. >> our coverage of the queens death will continue ahead, with reporting on what type of king charles may become, and how the queen cemented her place in pop culture. coming up next, details of imported news here at home. a las vegas reporter is dead tonight. the man accused of stabbing him, and elected official. he is covered extensively in
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visit the justice department is fighting back in the legal battle over top-secret documents seized at mar-a-lago. doj lawyers plan to appeal a trump appointed judges ruling that blocks investigators from retrieving the stash of files, unless the judge makes big changes. the judge ordered a pause in effect, until a neutral special master can sift through all of the documents and pick out anything covered by executive privilege, therefore, off- limits. in a court filing today, doj lawyers argued summing down a criminal investigation involving risk to national security would cause irreparable harm to the public and the government.
12:25 am
the justice department is asking the judge to allow investigators to keep reviewing more than 100 classified documents. a special master could still look through other evidence, but not the classified material. if the judge does not agree with the request, the doj is threatening to go to the appeals court. for legal analysis, former prosecutor bernardo mariotti is here. this doesn't look like a clear appeal. what exactly is the department doing here? >> they are trying to give her a path out of a ruling that is very questionable. what they are telling her that we are going to give you a part of what you ordered. if you decide you aren't going to let us proceed with review of these classified documents or if you are going to have the
12:26 am
special master review them, we will appeal this. that says the documents are so highly classified, that the government doesn't even want special master taking a look at these documents, and they think the continued evaluation of these documents is important. >> if the judge doesn't back off on the order, take you out, as he put it, does this mean we would see a long drawn out side? isn't that what doj is trying to avoid? >> i think what doj is doing and, i think it is fairly smart on their part, they are going to agree to the appointment of a special master at a certain aspects. aztec temple, attorney-client document privileges. they will return a lot of the property to basically narrow the issues and get it down to something that is very hard for the court of appeals to rule against them on. that is, their use of their own
12:27 am
classified documents, which are government property and not covered by any privilege and are not owned by the former president. i think they are basically trying to keep the process moving and give themselves the strongest possible grounds for appeal. >> renato mariotti, thank you. a public official in las vegas arrested and accused of murdering an investigative reporter for a newspaper who wrote a series of exposis about him. investigators say rob telles with the disguised killer who stabbed the reporter to death at his home. this is the reporter . the las vegas journal jeff gurman. he cover crime, corruption, and the mob in vegas for tickets. the suspected killer, telles, recently lost reelection after he wrote articles the detailed allegations of a hostile work environment in his office. included an alleged inappropriate relationship with a staffer. telles printed about the reviews and mark mocked him.
12:28 am
he said the reporter was an obsessed bully, and called his stories lying smear pieces. investigators say the reporter had another article about telles that was in the works before his murder. >> this is a terrible and jarring homicide. it is one that has deeply impacted las vegas. every murder is tragic, but the killing of a journalist is particularly troublesome. >> las vegas police found the public administrators dna at the murder scene. more evidence was at his house. here is valerie castro. >> reporter: despite the las vegas desert heat, this figure was dressed head to toe in a disguise. they say he is local county official robert telles, the man accused of murdering jeff gilman. >> he was upset about articles being written by jeff as an investigative journalist, that exposed potential wrongdoing.
12:29 am
telles publicly expressed his issues with the reporting. >> reporter: investigators say telles stabbed him outside of his home saturday before noon following a confrontation. early in the investigation, police were tipped off to a maroon suv seen in the area that same day. stanley it was suspiciously driving around the neighborhood on the morning of the murder. prior to the murder and they were also there at the time when the murder happened. >> reporter: police traced the vehicle to telles and take him into questioning. he was later seen returning home in what appeared to be a white evidence suit. police searched his home recover bring a pair of partially cut up she's and pieces of a straw hat that they say linked him to the crime. >> there is apparent blood on the shoes and the shoes were cut, likely in a matter to try to destroy evidence. in addition to the shoes, we recovered a straw hat that was
12:30 am
also cut in a manner that was likely to destroy the evidence. >> during the course of the arrest, telles was brought out of the home by a stretcher receiving medical attention in a ambulance. >> he had self-inflicted wounds and we were trying to provide medical attention to help him. >> reporter: is called the crime -- >> i think it is very important we put all eyes on an address the case appropriately. >> he joined the las vegas review journal in 2010. statement his family issued a statement saying jeff was a loving and loyal brother, and friend devoted his life to his work exposing wrongdoing in las vegas and beyond
12:31 am
the biden administration is sending a new $675 million military packaged crane. that, today, from we often. it includes four howitzers, and national ammunition for the missile system. the announcement came as antony blinken also pledged an additional $2 billion in military support ukraine and other countries in that region. he made that a pledge from ukraine. here he is today with president vladimir zielinski at the presidential palace. he says he is grateful for the enormous support the u.s. census country. this was a surprise trip by the secretary. there is no guarantee what the monarchy will look like in the world after queen elizabeth.
12:32 am
how will it evolve? whether the british empire will remain as is. the next 2 weeks will bring change at a level not seen in britain for generations. king charles iii is ascending to the throne, after decades as the longest-serving air in british history. now, prince william is next in line for the throne. prince george iii, then his daughter princess charlotte, and son prince louis. then, prince harry, followed by his two children. tim -- is with us now. tim, thank you so much. queen elizabeth took the throne rather suddenly back in the day, after her uncle advocated and her father died. how do you think that shaped her perspective on her reign in on the line of succession? >> i think the thing to remember, sheppard, unlike her son, now king charles, the queen was really not prepared at all.
12:33 am
her father died very prematurely. she was only 26 years old, in fact, when this happened. the preparation she had was really very little. she was a very young queen. it is quite different now. king charles iii has been in waiting for 70 years. the longest air in british history. he became the air at the age of three. he has a lifetime of experience about the royal family behind him. he will not be uncontroversial in many ways. he faces a lot of challenges. is prepared for the job. he knows what to expect. i think probably britain will give him a chance. he is not universally popular here. i think now, we will wait and
12:34 am
see how the monarchy goes under his control. >> rumors have circulated. we have all heard them for years, that charles may advocate the throne to william at some point. do you see that as a possibility? >> no, i don't. this is a question that has been asked a lot. opinion polls in various places here and certainly in australia have suggested that would be a popular move. people would like the crown to skip a generation. it isn't going to happen. this is a job that charles wants . it is a job i think he will relish. he has no a queen in camilla at his side. she has changed from being a hated woman in britain to being quite popular. he will want to get on with the job. >> tim, thank you so much.
12:35 am
coming up, remembering the queens lighter side, and her place among pop-culture. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich? i always the one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in here. it is for later. up next, some more of the other important news headlines of the day. you may have heard about the hours long shooting rampage through the streets of memphis. a part of it was streamed on facebook live. how social media helped police track down the accused killer. steve bannon turned himself into new york state prosecutors. what now for president trumps one time senior adviser?
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your retirement dreams. whichever road you take. who's your rock? in 202 in 2020, a man in tennessee was charged with attempted first-degree murder. judge sentenced him to three years for aggravated assault. court records show authorities let him out early this past march. yesterday, police say he went on a deadly rampage, live streaming himself committing murders across memphis. police arrested him late last night, 19-year-old ezekiel kelly . is a his murder spree spanned across 20 hours. they say from early morning, past sunset, he shot and killedj
12:38 am
4 people and hurt 3 others. he is also accused of at least 2 carjackings. authorities say they didn't connect ezekiel kelly to the shooting until they received a tip he was live streaming his crimes on facebook. some of it so brutal and unimaginable, we certainly would never show it. the urged residents across the city to stay in their homes while police worked to take him into custody. perry reston reports on the latest shocking violence to rock the bluff city. >> reporter: police in memphis to the hours of tara came at the hands of ezekiel kelly, the 19-year-old with a handgun , car, and cell phone. >> ezekiel kelly was on facebook live when he opened fire inside the storein. plac >> reporter: for hours, police asking people to stay inside. one college sheltering in place. a minor-league baseball game suspended. >> many families were shattered tonight. >> reporter: was memphis police identify allison parker among the four killed. she was a medical assistant at a family practice center that
12:39 am
-- the had dr. called it census. kelly's day of terror started early in the morning. that is when ezekiel kelly put a man aside, pointed his handgun and fired several shots at the man said. investigators say nearly 20 hours later, after ezekiel kelly's second carjacking, a high-speed chase ending in ezekiel kelly the rest with two guns found in the car. >> this is no way for us to live. >> reporter: the memphis mayor says kelly was charged with attempted murder in 2021, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of aggregated assault aggravated assault. he was sentenced to three years, serving 11 months, before his release in march. >> these evil actions show why truegoing requir -- truth inea in sentencg sentencing is a must. >> reporter: is a new state law going in effect this summer requiring people to serve full sentences for a number of felonies, and save at least 85% of sentences for crimes including aggravated assault. >> if mr. kelly served his full
12:40 am
3 year sentence, he would still be in prison todaycrime to hit >> reporter: this is the second major crime to hit memphis in the last few weeks. today, the man accused of kidnapping and killing eliza fletcher in court. the memphis da is prosecuting the case and says he is against truth in sentencing. >> i stood with governor bill lee, who said when we try something similar a few decades ago, crime didn't go down, but prison budgets ballooned. >> reporter: governor bill lee never signed that law pickett passed without his signature.'s argument said it would cost too much and not reduced crime. kelly has not been in front of a judge it, so no plea has been given.e longtime trump ally >> perry reston, thank you very much. the longtime trump ally, steve bannon, charged with money laundering, conspiracy, and defrauding trump supportersy
12:41 am
steve bannon turned himself into new york state prosecutors in manhattan today. the indictment is related to the same alleged fundraising scheme for which he received a federal pardon from the former president in his final days in office. state prosecutors say he deceived donors into thinking all their money would go to construct the wall. he allegedly funneled a chunk of donations to the organizations founder. steve bannon pleaded not guilty, and claims the indictment is politically motivated. nasa have made a big decision. the space agency now targeting september 23rd, and the 27th, at possible dates to launch the next shuttle or, not shuttle, but rocket. a lot has to go right to meet the window. since late august, nasa has tried twice but failed to ignite the rocket. it scrubbed the last launch because of a liquid nitrogen leak. they need a waiver from u.s. space was to keep the artemis rocket on the launchpad.
12:42 am
they need to retest to allow it to be destroyed if it veers off course. without the waiver they will have to roll the rocket back to storage and the launch could be pushed back to next month. next, coverage of the death of queen elizabeth continues. how the monarch took over movies, and to be. plus, what happens to her beloved corgis? she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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queen elizabeth queen elizabeth was arguably the first modern-day monarch to become a pop-culture sensation. and longtime writer of the simpsons even sent this tweet today. a bit pics it depicts a classic style from one of the many times the featured her on their show. her majesty depicted in countless movies and television shows.
12:45 am
dame helen mirren want an oscar for her role in the 2006 movie, "the queen." she went on to play her on broadway. in a statement she said i am proud to be an elizabethan. we mourn a woman, who with or without the crown, was the epitome of nobility. she leaves >> reporter: the queens image was recognizable around the world. the pop cultural icon. >> the queen has been depicted in popular culture more than any other person, really. she is a global icon. she is immediately recognizable anywhere and everywhere in the world. she has been around for such a long time. >> reporter:ndbags, her eye-catching colors. some say at a glance, queen elizabeth was known for her handbag, her pearls, eye catching bright colors, some say her office reflected her belief that she had to be seen, to be believed. artists took inspiration from her likeness. while shows and movies about the world took off, millions of
12:46 am
fans were hooked on the drama and the scanda>> much of what t for the institution has been diminished. >> reporter: they manare hoping to learn a little bit more about the queen, whether real, or fictional the queen may have bee. the queen may have been a beloved onscreen character but wasn't necessarily a royal fan of the dramatizations herself. >> we know some members watched, "the crown" and other dramatizations of the monarchy. there had not been a suggestion that the queen herself watched it. you know if your boyfriend -- you are born into the royal family, hundreds of thousands of pages of script and drama will be written about you, whether you like it or not.
12:47 am
>> reporter: she did embrace her pop-culture notoriety, on occasion. she appeared during the 2012 olympics and she acted with paddington bear during her platinum jubilee always keep onr emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in here >> perhaps he would like a marmalade sandwich. i always keep one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in your. end to those who knew her best, she had a different side, less formal than the reserve leader we also. >> i wonder whether anyone properly captured her sense of humor. >> reporter: england longest serving monarch, her dedication to service defines the royal family and admired around the world. >> queen elizabeth death bringing on major and minor housekeeping for britain.
12:48 am
according to the bank of. england, the queens face and initials on everything from british money to mailboxes. according to the bank of england, queen elizabeth was the first british monarch featured on its banknotes. in a statement, the bank reported the queens iconic portraits will remain on bills, for now. officials will provide an update after a purely out of morning. changes to the lyrics of the british and them, god save the queen, are expected to reflect the new king, as well. >> who gets the queens beloved corgis? what about her ponies? we have no idea just yet, but the queen owned 30 different corgis throughout her brain, and loved to ride horses at balmoral. while the queen did leave behind a will, it could take a while before we know just who gets what. when her husband, prince philip, died for instance, a judge declared before she was a queen she was a wife.
12:49 am
the love story that survived the war, will will death be sealed for 90 years. before she was a queen, she was a wife. the love story that survived the war, death, controversy, as they say, and great tragedy. plus, how history will remember the world longest reigning monarch. >> while we may have still to and were, better days will return. we will be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again. es and i can invite them to apply. we have hired across all departments, engineering, marketing, hardware, field techs. you can basically tell ziprecruiter who you need, when you need it, and they deliver. - [narrator] ziprecruiter. rated the number one hiring site. try it for free at try it for free at (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered.
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in seven days -- decades as the monarch, she will the cold war, the assassination of jfk, the landing on the moon, the fall of the berlin wall, the death of princess diana, and most recently, the devastating pandemic. her reign lasted so long, that 9 of 10 people alive on the planet today were born after she became queen. the historical perspective from our friend presidential
12:52 am
historian --. i have been looking forward to talk to you today. how in the world does history wrap itself around her? >> well, i think the real question is, is her stature and the degree to which she is beloved around the world, would that have happened to anyone who would have been monarch of england during the last 70 years? or, was that because she was such a spectacular leader. i would suggest option number two. this is someone, as you well know, who was born in the 1920s to a father who is not expected to be king. only this so because his brother advocated. suddenly she becomes queen at the age of 2619 22, not a spectacular education she had. she was the first to say yes and gave extremely wise advice to winston churchill and prime
12:53 am
minister's. loved around the world as she presides of the dissolution of the british empire. she didn't do it perfectly, but what we should be grateful for, we americans and everyone around the world is this is the person who happens to be a monarch, and especially at a time that was tough for women, she did it flawlessly as if there were other people to clear the way for her, which there weren't.. which of those stands out for you? >> i think the most interesting >> 13 president she met. which of them stand out for you? >> probably her meeting with john kennedy in 1961. largely, because, there is a version of it in the series, "the crown." it has almost no connection to reality. but, it sure has personality. look at the four of them. they didn't have to
12:54 am
fictionalize because just combining those four people would have been enough. it also shows something else that wasn't in the crown, if i remember correctly. jackie kennedy had a sister named lee. lee lived near buckingham palacewas . asked the kennedys asked for lee to be invited for their dinner with the queen. at first, the queen said no, because in those days, queens did not entertain divorced people at a buckingham palace. the prime minister harold mcmillan intervened. look at how things have changed in 60 years. >> wow! have they ever. she helped along. i wish we had more time. maybe i will give you a ring. >> would love it. i would love to talk. this afternoon, as crowds in london gather, they heard the news of the queens health. a double rainbow appearing over buckingham palace. about one hour later, the palace announced she had died. for a monarchy steeped in symbolism, some of the crowd like this say this is a sign. queen elizabeth and her husban r
12:55 am
again. they were married 73 years. d are together again. he died in last april, of course. they were married a short 73 years. longer than anyone else in the history of the monarchy. >> reporter: a queen and her prince, side-by-side for seven decades through a lifetime of royal celebrations and scandals, weddings and funerals >> the early story was a real- life fairytale. elizabeth still a princess and first saw philip, a handsome naval officer when she was 13. >> princess elizabeth saw this 18-year-old six foot tall incredibly handsome -- he was nicknamed the viking. she was desperately head over hills and love with him at first sight. >> the crash blossomed into an old-fashioned romance. world war ii kept them apart but they managed to stay in
12:56 am
touch by mail. >> he was fighting on pretty much all of the naval france. it was a correspondence love affair, really. they wrote letters to one another. >> in july 1947, philip asked for the future queens handed marriage. four months later, a historic wedding at westminster abbey. a celebration for a country still recovering from the trauma of war. princess elizabeth became a naval officer's wife, living quietly in -- and starting a family. that changed when her father, king george, died. and the young princess elizabeth became queen. at the coronation, prince philip's war his allegiance, saying he would be her man of life and limb giving up his brilliant naval career to serve his queen. >> it wasn't a division of labor that was traditional to somebody of philip's upbringing. he was always quite the alpha
12:57 am
male. having to take a step back and follow his wife, as she became head of state was a big adjustment for him. >> while the queen looked after her nation, her people, and the commonwealth, philip was the patriarch looking after the family. he was a devoted father, and has been picked admitting in a rare public moment that it wasn't always easy. >> tolerance is the one essential ingredient of any happy marriage. it may not be quite so important when things are going well, but it is absolutely vital when things get. you can take it from me, the queen has a quality of tolerance in abundance. >> they were united until philip's death until -- in april 2021. the queen quiet in her grief leaving a handwritten note on his casket. as she had throughout her life, devoted herself to duty, keeping calm and carrying on. months after philip's death,
12:58 am
honoring his life's work. >> the impact of the environment on human progress with a subject close to the heart of my dear late husband. if we failed to cope with this challenge, other problems will pale into insignificance. >> she will be buried with they will be him side-by-side a. now, you know the news of this thursday september the eighth, 2022. a live look at the empire state building to honor the queen. tomorrow, king charles iii makes his first tv address as the monarch. complete coverage as we prepare for days of ceremony and tributes following the death today of queen elizabeth ii. i am shepard smith. for all of us here, good night.
12:59 am
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