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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 15, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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sooner than i knew just a few weeks ago or maybe sorrily we can follow in the footsteps, the awful footsteps of china and europe i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you the fight over america's southern borderlands in martha's vineyard. this is the news on cnbc republican governor shipping migrants to new england and the residence of the vice president. what they're doing is creating chaos. >> railroad companies can retain and recruit work. >> the last minute deal to avoid a potentially devastating rail strike. putin meets xi face-to-face
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clean water restored in jackson, mississippi. >> the water advisory can be lifted. kanye west cuts ties with gap and goes live on cnbc. a new update on the search for life on mars good evening, everyone. they arrived at suddenly and reportedly without much warning. migrants dropped off in martha's vineyard and outside
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the residence of the vice president. the move is courtesy of the governors of florida and texas, a political message to blue state. texas governor greg abbott has been busting people from the border for month, but now florida governor ron desantis is joining him. he sent two planes full of about 50 migrants to martha's vineyard, the massachusetts island known for its wealth and liberal views. today governor desantis explained the move this way. >> all those people in d.c. and new york were beating their chests when trump was president saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions, saying how bad it was to have a secure border. the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with everyday is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk. they are so upset this is happening. >> this morning, hours after this migrants arrived on martha's vineyard, migrants from texas arrived in front of the d.c. home of vice president
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harris. governor abbott took credit for that. he previously sent migrants to new york city, d.c., and chicago. the white house and democrats call this an him humane political,. >> there is a legal way of doing this, and for managing migrants. republican governors are interfering in that process and using migrants as political pawns. it is shameful. it is reckless. >> the actions of the governor , and escalation to pass moves to draw attention to what they say are president biden failed policies at the border. we have complete coverage tonight. you have been on martha's vineyard most of the day. how did this all unfold? >> reporter: for a while, it
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seems like everyone on the island was stopping by with food and donation and meals. you name it. this right here is the area where the migrants are eating dinner right now. i spoke to a town manager this evening who says he is not surprised by the community reaction. be on an island like this, those who call this home are used to watching out for each other. starting early this morning, helps started arriving. officials on martha's vineyard saying they only had about a 20 minutes heads up yesterday that these planes would arrive. that is not slowed the support. not only donations, but a church here has been converted to help these migrants. lawyers, interpreters also coming by. and get this, members of an ap spanish class from a local high school also came by this afternoon to talk with some of the younger migrants. this reaction from this community does not surprised this resident. >> listening to the rhetoric, the hate talk radio, we will
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see how they react in martha's vineyard, i knew how we would react. we reacted in a humane manner. we open our arms. >> reporter: state officials acknowledge this is just a temporary solution. the governor of massachusetts says that joint base cape cod, not too far from here, could be a possible solution. a state senator calling on the attorney general to examine if any crimes may have been committed by the governor of florida. back to you. >> now to washington d.c. were buses from texas dropped off migrants this morning. their journey ended on mass avenue near the home of the vice president. >> reporter: the secret service and immigration volunteers say they were caught off guard when the buses dropped off the migrants behind me. many of these asylum-seekers
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are from when is wheeler and cuba. they were processed by federal immigration officials in texas, and now many are at local churches here in d.c. the migrants arrived carrying blankets, pillows, and plastic bags. eva mireles, a migrant from venezuela. he says that he endured a very long trip. we didn't expect to be left adrift here without knowing where to head to. texas governor greg abbott defending the move, tweeting, our supposed borders are has yet to see firsthand the impact of the open border policies.
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the arrival coming just days after the vice president set on meet the press sunday. >> reporter is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in. and needs to be fixed. >> reporter: in new york city, mayor eric adams today touring a new welcome center for migrants. he admits that city shelters are being overwhelmed. >> we need help. >> reporter: but he vowed to keep housing asylum-seekers. >> this is a crisis. and during crises there are two types of new yorkers, those who play i gotcha and stay on the outside and complain, and those who roll up their sleeves and just get stuff done. that is who we are. >> reporter: republican seizing on the immigration issue ahead of the midterm elections. >> they are beginning to experience us a little bit of what the state of texas and other border communities have experienced for years. >> reporter: democrats blasting it as a stunt. >> there is no question the governors of arizona, florida, in texas are using migrants as pawns in their political campaigns. >> reporter: texas governor abbott says he will continue sending migrants to sanctuary cities like bc until, and his words, biden and harris do their jobs to secure the border. a major development
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in the federal investigation into january 6. a source confirming to nbc news that former president trump the white house chief of staff, mark meadows, has now turned over records to the justice department. he is the highest ranking official yet, that we know of, to comply with a subpoena in the probe. is the latest sign the justice department investigation is accelerating rapidly. this comes after the doj issued around 40 subpoenas in a single week and seized at least two cell phones of trump associates. meantime, we are awaiting a development in the legal battle over top secret document sees that mar-a-lago. the justice department asking a trump appointed judge to stop blocking investigators from reviewing classified material found at the estate. if she doesn't make that concession by the end of the day, the doj threatens to appeal her ruling regarding a special master.
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today on the radio show, mr. trump warned that would be "big problems" if he is indicted in the documents case. >> if it happened, i think you would have problems in this country, the likes of which we have never seen before but i don't think the people of the united states would stand for it. >> what kind of problems? >> you would have big problems. big problems. >> you know the legacy media will say you are attempting to incite violence with that statement. how do you respond back >> i just say what my opinion is. i don't think the people of this country would stand for it. >> former president trump also insisted that an indictment would not stop him from running for the white house again. united states narrowly avoiding amber wilt strike that had the potential to cripple an already weakened supply chain. after 20 hours of negotiations, rail unions reached a tentative deal this morning with verbal companies. union members have agreed not to strike while they vote on the deal. meanwhile, the companies
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getting back to normal. amtrak reporting it is working to restore canceled trains. president biden praising the deal, calling a win for america. any speech today, he applauded the labor secretary. >> together we reached an agreement that we keep our critical rail system working and avoid disruptions of our economy. this agreement is validation what i have always believed, unions and companies can work together for the benefit of everyone. >> it is not a done deal. union members still need to ratify the agreement by a vote. what to both sides agree to, and is ratification a slam dunk? >> reporter: the deal includes most of what the independent emergency board recommended last month, a 24% bump and pay over five years, annual bonuses, and stable healthcare costs. the most critical piece
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of the deal that pushed negotiations to the brink, more time off and flexibility. workers will now get an extra paid vacation day, and unpaid time, but no penalties for medical care. the labor secretary told me today that it is now up to union leadership to sell their members. >> there is a process. the members will read it and ask questions, and then they go to vote. the leadership did a really good job of understanding the challenges. there have been hard feelings out there. but this is a good result. >> reporter: at least one of the 12 units is not sold. a public facebook page shows rank-and-file workers reacting to the deal, commenting, one additional paid day off, we only get sick once a year? it sounds like we got nothing again. we wanted paid six days. officials say president biden, who met with all the parties
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and person in the oval office after the announcement, was frustrated with their unwillingness to offer even that. but secretary walsh credited him with stay neutral. >> the president was trying to encourage both sides. he wasn't picking a side. throughout the course of the last couple weeks, he encouraged both sides to stay at the table. >> reporter: we're still just in the cooling off period. it is not a done deal yet. union members will vote on this over the next six weeks. the senate eyes a vote to protect same-sex marriage nationwide, but not before november. next, why senators made the move to hold off on the boat as people continued to light up for hours to pay respect for the queen, the palace releases new details about the funeral. >> (cecily) while flinging angry birds. (adam) not you, you're lovely. are you napping? (cecily) no, i'm watching my favorite show-starring me.
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today the bipartisan group of senators negotiating the bill said they need more time. the big push for the spell came after the supreme court overturned abortion rights under roe v. wade, and justice clarence thomas suggested that same-sex marriage rights could be next. is the delay really a matter of needing more time, or dissenters don't want to ebate the bill in the run-up to the midterms? >> the simple reason is that democrats do not have the votes to pass the bill right now. they need at least 60 votes in the senate to break a filibuster. that means a minimum of 10 republicans. right now, you can barely even count to five. this is a turnaround for chuck schumer, who had planned on
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initiating the process of voting today. now he says it will be held until november or december, after the election. this is after consultation with democratic senators who are leading this effort for his party. they are working with republicans like rob portman, who argue it would take the political staying off republicans if they were to vote after the election. specifically, a lot of conservatives don't want to see congress codify same-sex marriage. the argument from some republicans is that you will get more votes if you wait. this is a gamble because there's no guarantee those republicans will actually vote for this after the election. there has been some dissent within the democratic party about the strategy. senator elizabeth warren has argued the senate needs to vote now and that republicans should either support the bill have to explain to voters why they didn't. this is an issue that plays in favor of democrats because of growing majority support in this country for legal same-sex marriage. with the vote happens is a little bit unclear, but what we learned today is that it will be after the november midterm elections.>>
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palace officials have released new details about the funeral for queen elizabeth set for monday. the queen life estate in westminster hall until then. this is a live look there right now. on monday, a procession will take her coffin to westminster abbey for the state funeral. near the end of the service, there will be two full minutes of silence observed across the entire united kingdom. the procession will then go to st. george's chapel at windsor castle, where she is set to be buried. at windsor castle, her son, king charles, will place a small flag on her coffin. the final act he will make in the moments before she is lowered. is a live there to pay respects to the queen still miles long?
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>> reporter: it definitely is. i checked the official website giving a real-time look at what the line is like. is almost 5 miles long right now. the estimated wait time is nine hours long. earlier this evening, we shot some video of what the line looks like. you can see people waiting in the dark along the river. a lot of them say that since her rain was some 70 years, they really don't mind waiting a few more hours to get inside to see her. earlier today, we did get a chance to go inside ourselves. we saw the queen lying in state first-hand. though the weight seems endless, eventually the destination comes into view. right now, where outside the palace of westminster. inside the palace is the westminster hall where the queen is currently lying in state. people have been waiting for hours.
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we have gotten special credentials that allow us to get in and skip the line. we will take a look and report back what we have seen. we couldn't take our cameras inside, but this livestream is a constant look inside the oldest building in the complex. it was built in 1097 and is held coronations and moments in history like this one. the coffin sits on an elevated platform, draped in the royal standard, and adorned with flowers from her gardens. the diamond encrusted imperial crown placed on top. the same that she wore for her coronation in 1953, when she was 27 years old. each person pauses for a moment in front of the coffin. most bow their heads, some curtsy, and others make the sign of the cross. some saluted. young and old alike filed through the grand room, mostly silent, except for the sound of the changing of the guards every 20 minutes.
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some clearly emotional, wiping away tears as they say goodbye. >> to see our queen lying there, it wasn't real. but at the same time, it is a very beautiful ceremony. >> i felt sad. it felt right to go see her. >> reporter: what did she mean to you? >> a lovely figurehead. she commanded respect. i just thought she should rest in peace. >> reporter: the queen will lie in state until monday morning. tomorrow members of the royal family will hold vigil inside westminster hall, including king charles ukrainian forces have
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liberated dozens of towns and villages in the south and northeast regions. next, we show you what russian troops left behind. and nasa updating its mars and nasa updating its mars rover mission.u have severe ast. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, plus, breaking news just in on the decision whether to allow the justice department investigation into the documents found at mar-a-lago to continue. we will have that when we return. >> proactively reduces inflammation... ...which means you could have fewer attacks, breathe better, and relieve your asthma symptoms. so, you can be you, whoever you are. tezspire™ is not a rescue medication. don't take tezspire™ if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or an eye allergy can happen. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection
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they provide the potential for regular income... are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217. a federal judge has rejected the request by the justice department to allow it to keep reviewing classified documents taken from mar-a-lago. the doj had vowed to appeal if their request was denied. the justice department had argued it was a matter of national security. but the judge in the filing rejected the argument, writing that the court does not find it appropriate to accept the
7:23 pm
conclusions on these important and disputed issues without further review by a neutral third party in an expedited and orderly fashion. also knew, the judge has appointed a special master to review the documents. he was a u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york before becoming a chief judge. he also served on the foreign intelligence surveillance court. he was someone the former presidents team suggested for the role, and the justice department agreed. nasa gave an update today on the mars perseverance rover. it left earth two years ago on a mission to explore the red planet. now scientist say the rover may have finally discovered something that could answer the question, is there, was there life on mars? >> we're looking into the very distant past. >> reporter: very distant. we are talking over 3 billion years ago. that is why the mars rover
7:24 pm
perseverance is now collecting samples from a place known as . it is 28 miles wide. today scientists said it was their prime target for uncovering evidence of life on mars. >> it allows us to explore an agent habitable environment. allows us to seek evidence of possible martian life in rocks the positive at that time. >> reporter: the crater is the site of a fan shaped delta were an agent river and lake met. >> this is a place that we think, if there are potential signs of ancient life, this is where we would find a. >> reporter: this is a postdoctoral fellow who works on the mars perseverance program. >> we think we found the potential here. potential life signatures are things that could be interesting potential signs of life. like if i had to say this looks
7:25 pm
amazingly excited, it is. >> reporter: nasa is hoping to bring the rock samples back to earth by 2030. kanye west is breaking up with the gap. you stop by cnbc earlier to tell us why. and putin and chinese president xi sat down face to face today. they once said the friendship between their countries had no limits. now the war in ukraine could spoil that. >> psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®.
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the ceiling and the devastation all around, they struck this place as part of their counteroffensive. in a hurry
7:37 pm
there are bits of clothing all over the floor. boxes of ammunition were also discarded. >> russian. >> reporter: ukraine wants the world to know it city is back under control. but it is hurting after months of war. a cluster bomb killed this man's wife. >> the homes need to be completely repaired. we need to fix the windows and get gas, electricity, and water. >> reporter: the suffering is everywhere. this man uses a wood stove to heat tea and soup for the few neighbors who stayed in his apartment block through the russian shelling. >> we fell down. i wasn't hurt, but she was wounded in the heart.
7:38 pm
the shrapnel went straight through her. >> reporter: how to fix a country while still fighting a war. ukraine has no choice but to try. president biden set to be at the white house tomorrow with the family of brittney griner and paul we look, both serving lengthy sentences in russia. the white house insists they are wrongfully detained. the meetings will take place -- white house is the goal is to reassure them that the administration is committed to getting both of them home safely. >> i would love to say that the purpose of this meeting is to inform the family that the russians have accepted our offer and we are bringing their loved ones home. that is not what we are seeing in these negotiations. as you said, the russians should accept our offer. they should accept our offer
7:39 pm
today. we will keep working diligently until the day we get to share the good news. >> for months now, the white house has been negotiating with russia to get the two americans released. two senior officials tell nbc news that russia is demanding a twofer to deal. brittney griner in exchange for victor boot, and if in this arms dealer, and paul whelan in exchange for an unnamed russian spy. sources say that spy is in u.s. custody. now another live look at westminster hall where queen elizabeth license day. thousand people waiting in line right now. the miles long line is now stretched almost 5 miles. the death of the queen bringing a new focus on the next- generation of the monarchy.
7:40 pm
there are many more royals caring on the legacy. >> reporter: to the world, queen elizabeth was the longest reigning monarch in britain, but she was the ultimate matriarch within her family. they're all united in grief for their queen. over the weekend, the process of oil saying her four-year-old son told her, don't worry, the queen is now with great grandpa. the new royal line of succession on full display as the next-generation steps into the spotlight. after prince william, his three children are next in line to the throne, including his youngest four-year-old, prince louis. following suit, following prince harry and his children, is princess beatrice and princess eugenie. they were seemed saturday
7:41 pm
outside the castle. the passing of the queen also likely means an expanded role for beatrice, who is expected to be a counselor of state. this allows her to carry out duties for king charles. we're also getting work lenses of the family of prince edward. the youngest is very to the countess, and they sure teenagers. their kids have largely stayed out of the public eye, but their daughter was seen outside with the rest of her family. the 18-year-old reportedly made her way to the estate from saint andrews university where she is currently in her first year studying english. but the royals are not complete without princess and a and her family. she is now 16th in line to the throne with her children and their little ones following suit
7:42 pm
they share a close bond with william and kate. the 41-year-old has been pictured by the side of the queen ever since she was a little girl. her grief on full display this weekend as the rest the world now joins the royal family as they get ready to say a final goodbye. the mississippi governor says the water in his capital city is safe to drink. at least for now. but some people are still skeptical and say this problem s o with a lot more than just water an update to a 9/11 memorial wall in new york city, the names added 21 years after the attack.
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american consumer shaking off inflation. that is what is topping cnbc on
7:45 pm
the money tonight. retail sales rose 0.3% last month. that is new data today from the commerce department. spending at stores, restaurants, an online outpaced inflation. the gain also marks a sharp u- turn for july was sales declined. kanye west is doing what he does best, getting attention. he was live on cnbc on closing bell earlier today to talk about ending his partnership with gap. he got into that and a whole lot more in the only way he can. on gap, he says it felt like executives ignored what he wanted for his collection. >> it was like they were just dog and pony. sometimes i would talk to the leaders, and they would just act like i was on mute or something. >> he also talked about his influence, china, europe got
7:46 pm
manufactured, and america. here's how he wrapped up all those ideas together. >> we can actually bring industry back to america. i feel that in a lot of ways europe has been the head of press steege with the luxury brands and vehicles. china has been manufacturing. but america, we have been rock 'n roll. we are the youngest startup ever. america itself. we invented apple. we invented ford. >> one thing he didn't get into is gas prices. today at the pump, the average price nationwide is $3.69, down 93 straight days. still, a gallon costs $.51 more than it did this time last year. on wall street,
7:47 pm
markets back to their losing ways today. the dow down 173, closing at a two-month low. s&p down 45, the nasdaq off a big 167. some 150,000 people in jackson, mississippi now have access to safe drinking water. the governor announced today the capital city just lifted its boil water advisory that has been in place for nearly 7 weeks. >> we have restored clean water to the city of jackson. we will continue to monitor the system. additional testing will be administered to ensure continued water quality. >> now that faucets are running again, life in jackson slowly returning to normal, but local officials admit the water problem is far from over. we spoke with people impacted by the crisis about what needs to be done. >> reporter:
7:48 pm
>> it is very important we set expectations up front. while we have restored water quality, this system is still imperfect. >> reporter: this comes two weeks after deadly storms and flash flooding left jackson without running water. the water pressure eventually returned, but it was unsafe to drink. nearly 1/4 of residents live in poverty and over 80% of the population is black. even after today, this 55-year old is skeptical. even when officials said the advisory is done, will you drink it? >> nope. would you? >> reporter: she says that she hasn't drank the water in jackson for 15 years. >> it used to look brown. like my skin. this is not new. it has been filthy. >> reporter: the governor says
7:49 pm
problems found in an epa investigation, including interoperable equipment and in inadequate staffing, remains. this historian says that there is an infrastructure crisis fueled by desegregation. >> what you see happen immediately mississippi is massive and immediate white flight out of the city of jackson. as they leave the city, so too does the support for the infrastructure of the city and the water system. >> reporter: residents are now challenging leaders to do more. do you feel local officials or state officials have failed residents? >> i really all about looking for. >> reporter: this republican senator says the water crisis is a long-term problem that deserves more federal funding. >> solutions to long-term problems in jackson and other cities ought to be part of this supplemental request. >> reporter: though the water has now returned, deborah remain skeptical it will last. what part hurts for you? >> the people that might have died from it. the kids.
7:50 pm
it might affect their unborn children growing concerns in new york about the poliovirus. health officials have detected it in sewage samples in several counties across the state. they say it is assigned the virus is probably spreading quietly. now rockland county reports that health officials there have administered more than 5000 polio vaccines since early this summer. children ages 4 and younger received it most of the shots. new york started monitoring for polio after doctors diagnosed a man with the virus back in july. they say he did suffer from paralysis and was unvaccinated. as we have reported, the new york governor has declared a state of emergency in response. just days after serena williams final match, another tennis legend is out with an announcement of his own. why roger federer is stepping away. and how one woman used her
7:51 pm
grandmother skills in the kitchen to find an american dream for her family. >> safelit safelite replace. ♪ (vo) give your business an advantage right now, with nationwide 5g from t-mobile for business. unlock new insights and efficiency, with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now.
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it is the start of hispanic heritage month. tonight we begin it with the story of how one woman navigated the immigration process with the help of her grandmothers recipes. >> reporter: when food stylist andrea started making her grandmother's recipes, she was feeding more than just her hunger. >> this really brought me back to what it means to be mexican. >> reporter: she decided to immortalize those beloved recipes into a cookbook, a keepsake for her family. >> like any good grandma, her notebook has no measurements whatsoever. i originally thought, if i can make them into a more cohesive cookbook, her recipes will live
7:54 pm
on forever. >> reporter: but in 2020, she got a letter from the government threatening deportation. she was a daca recipient, but her green card had expired. she says the paperwork she filed was held up in pandemic related bottlenecks. she had to reapply. the attorney, and her filing fees, totaling $10,000. then came a new letter, and this time it was good news. >> the savior i received another letter from the government say to come in and take my citizenship test. i walked away with my certificate of citizenship. it felt surreal. but that wasn't the end for me. >> reporter: her new status meant she could sponsor her parents on their own path toward citizenship for a country they have called their home for 16 years. but the family would need another $20,000. >> immediately i knew i had to publish this cookbook >> reporter: she finished her
7:55 pm
cookbook, was she self published last spring. she sold 500 companies, so far raising money towards the legal fees. her father could not be prouder and is hopeful for the future. >> we're trying to find the american dream. we are just moving forward. every day we are trying to take a step to move forward. >> reporter: the american dream may come true sooner than she had hoped. a publisher recently gave her a book deal, and the book will be hot off the presses next month. her wish for her readers? >> that these recipes inspire them to put their phones down and talk about their heritage. >> reporter: mom and dad got their green cards and mom was able to visit grandma in mexico for the first time in 17 years. meantime, the new
7:56 pm
york city fire department adding the names of 37 members who died of 9/11 related illnesses to a memorial wall pick it happened yesterday in brooklyn. these are some of the victims. officials say that more than 340 fdny members died on 9/11. since then, nearly 300 others who help with search and recovery efforts have died with illnesses related to the attacks. this wall was created in 2011. the fire department expanded it two years ago as were members died. during the ceremony, fire officials emphasized the significance of the names beyond their place on the wall. >> in the fire department, we have dedications and street renaming. it is important to note that while there is tradition in all of this, we have never lost sight of the ideas that these names are not just names on a wall or street sign, they are your loved ones. >> the inscription at the top of the wall reads, in part, dedicated to the memory of those who bravely serve this
7:57 pm
department, protecting the life and property in the city of new york. roger federer says he is retiring from tennis mother sport he has dominated for more than two decades. the 41-year-old made the announcement today. because many of you know, the past three years have presented me with challenges in the form of injuries and surgeries. have worked hard to return to full competitive for, but i also know my limits. the message is clear. i must recognize when it is time to and mike a competitive career. >> he is walking away from tennis as one of the greatest players of all time. is one of the most stylish, certainly. he won more than 100 atp singles titles, 20 grand slam championships, and two olympic medals. he also finished five seasons ranks number one in the world. he says he intends to
7:58 pm
keep playing tennis, but not a grasslands. he added the labor cup in london will be his final competitive tournament. a race to the finish. a trump appointed finish has rejected the request by the justice department to allow them to keep reviewing classified documents taken for mar-a-lago. she also named a special maste , a retired federal judge, who was suggested by the trump legal team. the senate delaying a vote on same-sex marriage rights until after the midterm elections. this comes after a bipartisan group of senators negotiated the bill and said they needed more time. vladimir putin openly acknowledging that china has concerns about the war in ukraine. he made the comments as he met with the president of china. with the president of china. now you know the news. see you tomorrow
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