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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 20, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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inflation remains stub bborn and that would be ugly but sellers have a pretty good track record, certainly better than the buyers i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim starts now hurricane fiona now a major category 3 storm and strengthening. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc flooding reseeds in puerto rico leaving catastrophic damage and most residents in the dark. >> around. >> the victims' plight and where the storm's headed the migrant flights to martha's vineyard, now the subject of a criminal investigation. >> somebody came from out of state and preyed upon these people, lured them with promises of a better life >> what could this mean for the
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florida governor, ron desantis he used taxpayer money to pay for the charter jets team trump meets with the special master over documents seized at mar-a-lago the judge's question, then trump lawyers say they don't want to answer. russia now planning to declare parts of ukraine russia referendums for occupied territories. what the white house is saying as more bodies are uncovered in war zone mass graves. dozens arrested after feds report a quarter billion dollar pandemic scam. alex jones makes his first appearance outside his latest sandy hook defamation trial. do we have to tip for everything now live from cnbc the facts the truth. "the news with shepard smith." good evening it's getting worse hurricane fiona now a major category 3 storm after devastating puerto rico and the
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dominican republic today the storm damaged the eastern islands of turks and caicos according to the national hurricane center fiona is likely to strengthen, they say, to a category 4 status tomorrow before threatening bermuda late thursday. it's expected to head towards northern knew found land but will not hit the u.s. main land. will you look at this, two days after fiona made landfall puerto rico is still in chaos right now 55% of the island doesn't have clean running water and more than a million customers don't have electricity. puerto rico's governor warned it could take days before everybody has electricity, but nothing is guaranteed hurricane fiona dropped an inch -- or i should say an average of 10 to 16 inches of rain across puerto rico. more than 30 inches in some isolated areas the surge of water so powerful it washed this ferry ashore. new today, the fema administrator announced she'll
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travel to puerto rico to assess the damage and that she'll deploy hundreds of additional personnel. when hurricane maria hit five years ago, fema admitted or committed $28 billion in federal recovery money for puerto rico but the local officials used only a fraction of it. in fact, last month the island's government had spent about 1/5 of the funds that's according to a director in the government accountability office it's all leading to more calls for more congressional oversight on disaster relief money >> it needs congress to exercise its oversight and its effort to ensure that it doesn't matter that you appropriate disaster money if it doesn't end up going to the people of puerto rico if it doesn't create an energy grid that is resilient so that whenever the next hurricane or natural disaster comes, the lights stay on. >> of course they heard it in puerto rico for years and years
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and now the power's out again. for now much of puerto rico is in the dark. nbc's gabe gutierrez on our top story live near the capitol of san juan. >> reporter: shep, this is what a devastating cleanup effort looks like widespread flood damage as far as the eye can see this area was devastated by the flood waters that started on sunday the river -- nearby river rushed in and flooded many of these homes. some of these homeowners were able to get here for the first time today this afternoon i took an ariel tour of this area and a few others thankfully the flood waters in many parts of puerto rico are receding because the rain has finally stopped in some parts of the island however, the cleanup effort is just beginning in the southern part of the island there is still widespread flood damage and most of puerto
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rico remains without power as for running water, about 55% don't have running water it is a significant -- there is significant devastation here exactly five years after hurricane maria. now fema says that its warehouses are stocked at this point and the governor has told me that he expects the power to come back first and then the water service. but, shep, there is widespread frustration here among many residents who feel that the power grid should have been more effectively rebuilt after hurricane maria. again, they hope that this power returns as quickly as possible the governor is still hopeful that could happen in the next few days shep. >> gabe gutierrez in toa baja. >> a federal lawsuit over migrant flights to martha's
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vineyard a group is now suing him they filed in massachusetts federal court just today accusing governor desantis and other florida officials of carrying out a premeditated, fraudulent and illegal scheme centered on exploiting this vulnerability for the sole purpose of advancing their own personal, financial and political interests. nbc news has reached out to governor desantis' office but has not yet heard back news of the lawsuit came just hours after reports that another flight of migrants may be heading to delaware today. that sent officials and volunteers scrambling. they got a tip that the plane was set to land just miles from president biden's home in rewho he beth beach. the white house said it was aware of those reports and when reporters asked the president about it, he had a message for governor desantis. >> he should come visit. we have a beautiful shoreline. >> governor tdesantis said he
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could not confirm that the possible flight was happening and at our last check the flight had not shown up a sheriff in texas is investigating whether anybody committed a crime by sending the migrants to massachusetts. here's cnbc's perry russom. >> reporter: ron desantis defending the flights. >> volunteer offered transport to sanctuary jurisdictions. >> they're under investigation by the sheriff in bexar county, texas. >> we believe there's a high probability the laws were broken >> a venezuelan migrant was paid to recruit 50 migrants. >> we want to know what was promised to them what if anything did they sign did they understand the document they signed? desantis said they got a packet and a map. >> they were provided an ability to be in the most posh sanctuary
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jurisdiction in the world. it's sad that martha's vineyard people deported them. >> they were ferried to joint base cape cod two days after arriving massachusetts governor charlie baker says it was voluntary. the moving of migrants is being praised. >> i personally thought it was a good idea. >> critics are now raising questions over whether florida state funds were properly used in the state budget highlights it reads $12 million was allocated to facilitate the transport of unauthorized aliens out of florida these migrants were flown from texas. they say they are legally here. >> everyone will say between 1/3 to 40% coming across are seeking to come into florida if you can do it at the source and divert them, the chance they end up in florida is much less. >> reporter: the majority of migrants being bussed or flown is from venezuela. according to customers and border patrol, last month there
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were 25,000 stops involving venezuelans at the border, up 43% of the time. >> what's on my watch are v venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. the ability to send them back is not rational. >> today he accused nicolas maduro of releasing people and sending them to the border a spokesperson says it is not only absurd but designed to justify his actions regarding veteransn migrants. >> perry russom live. did former president trump declassify any of the top secret documents found at mar-a-lago? and if he did, which ones? a special master is now on the case and he's pressing the legal team for donald trump for those answers. today was federal judge raymond dearie's first court hearing as special master his job is to review all of the documents that the fbi seized duj their search and to weed out
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anything that might be off limits to investigators because of executive privilege or attorney-client privilege. judge dearie making it clear that he wants to move forward quickly so the investigation can move forward at the heart of the legal battle are roughly 100 highly sensitive documents that fbi agents found in the former president's office and storage room mr. trump's lawyers are suggesting that he may have declassified some of them but they're refusing to disclose which documents. they claim it could hurt their defense in the future. in court today judge dearie pushed back saying my view is you can't have your cake and eat it too essentially if you're going to claim the documents are declassified, then do it they did not the former president's lawyers are also fighting for quick access to the classified material they say it's necessary to defend their client but at today's hearing the doj lawyers argued that today's documents are so sensitive that some of
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the investigators aren't even allowed to look at them and that top secret clearance is simply not enough some are america's most closely guarded secrets and they're on a need-to-know basis when mr. trump's lawyers insisted they need to know the special master shot back the government has a very strong obligation that the information doesn't get in the wrong hands it is a matter of need to know and if you need to know, you will know. let's bring in chuck rosenberg, nbc news contributor and former u.s. attorney and senior fbi official chuck, why was it significant that the special master, judge dearie, questioned the issue whether these are classified or not? >> well, the judge simply wanted the trump lawyers to tell him, to tell the court, whether or not they're going to claim that mr. trump had declassified them. they were saying that to the press. they've been saying that outside of court that claim is floating around. but the only place it matters,
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shepherd, is in court. so judge dearie wanted to hear from them whether they were going to say that in court to your point, they still refused to do it the classified documents are important for a number of reasons, including the intelligence community of the united states needs to do a full damage assessment to see if anything was compromised and if stuff was compromised, to try and fix that compromise. and they need the fbi to help them do it so the judge knows, and he's exactly right, that he needs to resolve this question and resolve it quickly so the investigation can continue and so the intelligence community can do a full damage assessment. that's why it matters. >> you know, the doj has that appeal pending before the 11th circuit asking to retain the right to review classified documents. the lawyer for the doj said today if they lose, they still have other options is he talking the supremes there? >> he might be right? i mean, if you lose in the
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appellate court, you can always try to take it up one level higher i would imagine that's what they're referring to the government wants this to be resolved as quickly as possible. again, so they can continue their investigation and so they can do a full damage assessment. appellate litigation, you know this, shepherd, slows stuff down it's not helpful to the government to slow stuff down. judge dearie said something interesting today. he told the trump team that if you're not going to make a claim in court, if you're not going to assert that this stuff has been declassified by the former president, then i'm inclined to rule against you then the government said something interesting. there's a 1988 supreme court case called egan which says it's really not even for the court to decide whether or not something's classified that's an executive branch decision and an executive branch function and i imagine that the executive branch, the department of justice, is going to prevail on this. >> chuck rosenberg, great to have you thank you.
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the feds are calling this one the biggest covid relief scam yet nearly 50 people accused of swindling a quarter billion dollars, money that was meant to help feed hungry children. how the feds say the suspects pulled it off. first president biden said the pandemic's over. now the original epicenter, new york city, announcing one of its strictest covid rules is over, too. and a nasty nibble of the nose, that's the accusation, plus terroristic threats and a threat to kill the new developments for the coo of beyond meat, which a nose obviouy slisking? looking good! the most cautious driver we got am i there? no keep going how's that? i'll say when now? is that good? lots of cars have backup cameras now you know
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those are for amateurs there we go like a glove, girl (phone chimes) safe driving and drivewise can save you 40% with allstate click or call for a quote today $250 in federal money meant to feed needy, hungry children instead went towards buying
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luxury cars, jewelry and luxury homes. that's the stunning charge from the justice department federal prosecutors unveiling what they called the largest pandemic-related fraud case yet. >> plan began when it started in march and spread rapidly it quickly became the ultimate get rich quickscheme as the defense capitalized and grew this operation within months. >> 47 of them in minnesota indicted charged with conspiracy,wire fraud, money laundering and bribery the doj alleging these people bu billed the government for meals they did not serve to children that did not exist the fbi special agent in charge called the actions the epitome of greed bertha comes is with us. man, how did the feds say this scheme was pulled off? >> it's amazing. they are calling this brazen
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scheme of staggering proportions. doj accusing the defendants of creating fake companies that claimed to offer food to thousands of needy food in minnesota requesting a quarter billion dollars of covid relief funds from the department of agriculture. instead of filling hungry stomachs, prosecutors say they lined their pockets charging the federal government for millions of fake meals. >> more than 125 million fake meals are at issue in this case. they did all of this in a little over 20 months these defendants were executing their scheme fast. >> now according to an affidavit from the fbi, one restaurant collected more than $1 million in a single month claiming to have fed 185,000 children, children who the doj say don't exist. the defendants alleged to have made up fake names of kids using an online name generator at the heart of the operation, a
7:18 pm
so-called nonprofit called feeding our future prosecutors say the organization opened up more than 250 sites in minnesota that were supposed to offer free food to children. feeding our future is run by a woman named amy bach who officials say oversaw the entire scheme when the minnesota department of education reached out to bach trying to verify her nonprofit's activities, federal prosecutors said she gave false assurances saying it was monitoring the sites under the sponsorship and that the sites were serving the meals as claimed but the department of ed gandee nieg feeding our futures applications for new feeding sites. at that point bach actually filed a lawsuit against the department accusing their employees of discrimination. bach denies any wrongdoing and she pleaded not guilty this afternoon. >> if the government's right,
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and we don't yet know, that's a lot of gall. >> i -- yeah >> more to come. >> that's an understatement. >> bertha coombs, thank you very much no more vaccine mandate in new york city. that starts next month the mayor, eric adams, faced questions today. he's faced a ton of backlash earlier he rolled back the rules for professional athletes and performers but he kept them in place for tens of thousands of public and private employees now his honor is starting to level the playing field, starting to. the mayor adams told reporters today he is not dropping the mandate for city workers, at least not yet. >> our vaccinated workforce kept the city open and operating. 300,000 employees, it was crucial to put it in place and we are keeping that in place we think it's imperfative to sen the right message and lead by example. >> new york city is going to
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keep the same requirements now health officials are calling for changes to prevent and treat efforts. this after a 26% rise in new syphilis cases last year that's the highest rate in more than two decades gonorrhea and hiv also on the rise the director of the cdc prevention is calling for reducing stigma, broadening screening, treatment services. he wants testing to become as easy and as affordable as at-home pregnancy tests. the house could vote on a bipartisan bill aimed at preventing another attempt to overturn a presidential election who's behind it, what it calls for and whether it could pass.
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for $69.99 a month for 12 months. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. how to stop the next capital insurrection from happening. liz cheney has a plan. in one of her final acts she's set to introduce a bill called the presidential election reform act. her fellow committee member is a co-sponsor here on legislation set for a vote as soon as tomorrow the vote would clearly reaffirm that the department has no point. they went to great lengths to try to get vice president pence to reject the electoral results.
7:24 pm
sawhill, what else does this call for and does it have any chance to pass >> it has a very real chance of passing. the bill is expected to get a vote in the house of representatives likely tomorrow and it's expected to pass with liz cheney in terms of what's in the bill, let's put this graphic up on the television it makes abundantly clear for anyone that doubts that that the vice president's job is to count the votes, nothing more, nothing else to 1/3 of both chambers. it would force states and governors to certify only lawful winners of the election on the basis of state law and it would prevent states from changing rules after the election to certify a different winner now after it passes the house it goes to the senate which is working on a very similar version which is optimism among senators i've spoken about about
7:25 pm
getting this over the finish line there are differences with the senate having 1/5 versus 1/3 there is a federal cause of action for aggrieved presidential candidates in the house bill that senate republicans are not particularly fond of. as for cheney, this is a mission which she has staked her political career on. it's the reason she lost her primary. she stood up to donald trump and she's willing to go down politically for the cause of standing up to donald trump and preventing another january 6th from happening let's have a listen to what she said about what this bill is about and what it's not. >> i want to be very clear that this is to prevent future attacks during election processes so no one should take our effort to reform the electoral count as any indication that donald trump did not violate the existing law or did not violate the constitution. >> now looking at the calendar, shep, this is all headed for a big vote in the house and senate in terms of final passage in the
7:26 pm
lame duck session. this is one piece of the january 6th legislative committee's recommendations and there will be others. >> sahil, thanks very much. the justice department is under counting the number of deaths in prisons and jails across the country just last year the federal government failed to count nearly a thousand deaths that's according to a newly released bipartisan senate report the senate subcommittee on investigations found that the doj did not count at least 990 deaths in custody in 2021. under federal law the justice department is required to collect data about inmate deaths inside allstate and local correctional facilities that accept federal funding the subcommittee says the doj is failing at that responsibility >> today after a 10-month bipartisan investigation we can reveal that despite a clear charge from congress to determine who is dying in prisons and jails across the country, where they are dying and why they are dying, the
7:27 pm
department of justice is failing to do so >> the senate subcommittee said congress is still waiting for a mandatory report from the doj about preventing deaths in local prisons and jails. the doj expected to submit that report in 2024 and if it does, it'll be eight years overdue first responders in chicago rushing eight people to hospitals after an explosion destroys part of an apartment building what we're learning about the investigation. ford stock tanked. the worst day in more than a decade the news behind the plunge and russia now plotting to annex parts of occupied ukraine. reporting from the ground and analysis from a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. g
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allow monitoring of productivity at remote job sites, with next-generation bandwidth. enable ai cameras that spot factory issues in real time, using next-generation speed. and deliver ultra-capacity 5g coverage that's years ahead of the competition. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now. a big american automaker with an even bigger warning. that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. >> ford stock took a huge hit today. the drop comes a day after the automaker pre-released parts of the third quarter earnings in the report ford warned investors of a billion dollars in unexpected supply chain costs. the result, ford shares plummeted 12%. worst day in more than 11 years. $7 billion in market value wiped
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out. thursday night football already paying off for amazon prime. during its first exclusive nfl stream amazon prime attracted a record number of prime signups during the three-hour period amazon has 14 more thursday night games this season. the tech giant paying about a billion a year for the rights. and peloton adding a rowing machine to its product lineup. they're calling it peloton row and the starting price, 3200 bucks. to access classes you have to buy a prescription on top like other peloton machines deliveries for peloton row expected in december today at the pump the average price nationwide for a gallon of gas, $3.67 the cost of gas down a few tenths of a cent overnight it's now down 98 straight days still, a gallon costs 48 cents
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more than it did this time last year. on wall street, markets slide ahead of the fed's expected rate hike tomorrow. the dow down 313 the s&p down 44. nasdaq down 110. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news alex jones lashing out at the judge in his sandy hook defamation trial. >> this was a travesty of justice and this judge is a tyrant. >> why the conspiracy theorist said he isn't getting a fair trial after he called the school massacre a hoax. >> the mid-term election seven weeks away we break down the new polls from a key battleground state that could decide the balance of power in d.c but, first, russia set to hold what the u.s. calls sham referendums in occupied ukrainian territories. voting scheduled to begin on
7:32 pm
friday in four regions in the eastern and southern parts of ukraine. europe's largest power plant is located in zaporizhzhia. the referendum on russia annexing those regions all but certain to go moscow's way the kremlin will manipulate the results. today national security adviser jake sullivan slammed the idea. >> the united states will never recognize ussia's claims to an pu port tedly annexed parts of ukraine. these are not the actions of a confident country, these are not acts of strength quite the opposite. >> denouncing the referendums. russia's been and remains an aggressor illegally occupying parts of ukrainian land. ukraine has every right to liberate its territories and will keep liberating them whatever russia has to say in a moment former ambassador to
7:33 pm
ukraine, william taylor. sky news and their correspondent deborah hayes where authorities are investigating alleged war crimes by russian soldiers and sympathizers. >> reporter: in the towns and villages closest to russia, an eri quiet in between the sporadic shelling. there are suspicions they are sorry russia's occupation has ended. a soldier who's accompanying us is keen for the man to answer our questions. >> the house sits next door to this place
7:34 pm
it used to be the main police station until the russians came. i'm outside what was until just a few days ago a russian base here behind me that was a russian military checkpoint and on the floor are old russian newspapers this one here dated the 9th of august with a headline that rather fittingly reads, ukraine promises counter offensive the occupiers appear to have controlled by fear punishing those sympathetic to ukraine in a nearby village, the soldier introduces us to his family. they couldn't see each other during the occupation making moments like these all the more precious the father shows us marks from where he says he was detained and tortured with electric shocks but not by the russians instead, he says it was local
7:35 pm
policemen who chose to collaborate with the occupiers and wanted answers about the theft. with the village back under ukrainian control, those police officers apparently fled to russia but the sense of betrayal lingers. deborah haines, sky news near the ukraine/russia border. now to william taylor, form j former -- is this simply for russian domestic propaganda or a sign of desperation from vladimir putin >> maybe both. it may be a sign of desperation. putin is having a very hard time he needs to show something to his right wings given the very difficult time for not doing better on the battlefield, but there's also this issue in the provinces of russia where they are looking to see what
7:36 pm
president putin can do but as you say, no one is going to take this seriously no one outside of russia is going to take this seriously sign of desperation. he is facing all kinds of problems this is a playbook, shep you remember that in 2014 the russians annexed crimea and then did a sham referendum just like they're talking about now. they got 97% of the vote, shep that's what they say they got, 97% of the vote. it was a sham then it was done at the barrel of a gun. this is not going to be convincing to anyone so this is a sign of desperation on putin's part >> authorities have dug up bodies from a liberated city investigators say most of them are civilians. ambassador, is that a last straw? can the west no longer give putin a sort of off ramp to this war? >> ukrainians are not willing to give him an off ramp for this
7:37 pm
war. ukrainians see those kinds of atrocities they recognize genocide. they know what putin is trying to do to all ukrainians. he's trying to wipe ukraine off the map so the ukrainians are not eager to show an off ramp. they're not eager to show any kind of interest in negotiations with this butcher. these war crimes just further isolate him. >> ambassador william taylor, thank you. we're getting new details of a routine military training flight that went completely wrong. a navy fighter jet hit a bird, then crashed into a texas neighborhood that was back in september, but today military officials released this cockpit video of the thing. the two pilots see that preparing to land. boom alarms start blaring moments later as they try to make it to the airport.
7:38 pm
>> we are trying to make it to the runway. >> trying to make it but they couldn't moments later they start to nose dive video cuts out before they crash into a residential area. both pilots did survive because they ejected seconds before impact police found one of the pilots badly burned his parachute caught in some power lines. this video shows the crash aftermath. three homes damaged but nobody on the ground seriously hurt according to a report, the accident caused nearly $50 million in damage. we're now exactly seven weeks away from the mid-term elections with control of congress and so much more at stake. today designated as national voter registration day vice president kamala harris was in south carolina urging young people to register on a visit to historically black colleges. across the state line in georgia a new poll is giving republicans the edge in some crucial races
7:39 pm
the latest poll from the atlanta journal constitution newspaper shows democratic senator raphael warnock neck in neck with her shell walker the poll also shows republican governor brian kemp widening his lead in a rematch with the democrat stacey abrams that's now 50 to 42. let's bring in greg bluestein. he covers democratic politics. kemp seems to be doing better against abrams this second go around. >> yeah, shep, up 50/42. this is only the latest poll that shows him with a sizeable lead over stacey abrams. he's using the powers of incouple bans si for his re-election bid. many george began voters are siding with him. overall this poll also has some other bad news for georgia democrats. republican candidates for down
7:40 pm
ticket offices all face double digit deficits and joe biden's approval rating is at just 37%. >> wow hard to win with that. herschell walker has agreed to debate next month. he said this about his opponent. >> i'm a country boy, i'm not that smart he got to show up and embarrass me on october 14th i'm going to wait and show up and do my best. >> setting a mighty low bar. >> this is the classic game of lowering expectations. he wants to enter that october 14th debate with folks questioning whether he would you thor a sentence. if he holds his own voters and others will say he won the debate behind the scenes herschell walker is working. he spent hours working on it to him he's a football star, this gets his kpet testify juices flowing.
7:41 pm
>> good to see you, too. it's peak hurricane season but many in florida are still struggling to get property insurance. why some companies are abandoning the state and what it means for homeowners. plus, a first of a kind push to address mental alheth the v 2 tests they're now recommending and every adult should get d on that one. (cecily) so is the deal i got from verizon. iphone 14 pro, on them! you should get one. oh, selfie time! wow, you can hustle when you need to. (vo) get a new iphone 14 pro, on us. and get it with one unlimited for iphone. only on the network america relies on. verizon. welcome to allstate where the safer you drive, the more you save like rachel here how am i looking? looking good! the most cautious driver we got am i there? no keep going how's that?
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( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪ alex jones appearing for the first time today outside his second sandy hook defamation trial. jones slammed the trial and claimed he's innocent. >> this is a travesty of justice and this judge is retiring this judge is ordering me to say that i'm guilty and to say that i'm a liar i was not wrong about sandy hook >> he went on to plug his website, books about covid vaccine and children
7:44 pm
>> she already found him liable for damages. now the jury will decide how much money jones and his company must pay to the families of eight sandy hook victims and an fbi agent who responded to the shooting they received death threats and harassment after he called the d deadly hoax a crisis his lawyers said he does plan to take the stand but it's unclear when that will happen. >> a top executive at beyond meat is arrested after he by the a guy's nose doug ramsey charged with terroristic threat ramsey was leaving the game when another car swiped his front tire police say he then got out of his car, punched through the other vehicle's back windshield.
7:45 pm
witnesses told police they heard ramsey threaten to kill the people who hit him then police say he bit the owner of the other car's nose, quote, ripping the flesh right off the tip. ramsey has been the chief operating officer of beyond meat since december before that he spent more than 30 years at tyson foods. a few hours ago beyond meat announced it suspended ramsey. he didn't respond to cnbc's request for comment. a massive explosion in chicago sent eight people to the hospital part of the building collapsed according to the fire department it came from the fourth floor. chicago's deputy fire commissioner said eight people hospitalized have everything from severe burns to other traumatic injuries no word yet on the cause atf and the chicago pd bomb unit still investigating.
7:46 pm
climate disasters around the world are becoming more frequent, more severe and more expensive. last year and the year before u.s. insurers paid out $176 billion for natural disasters alone. that's according to the american property casualty insurance association. they say that's the highest ever total for a two-year period but nowhere is the property insurance sector more contaminated than in florida contessa brew er >> the insurance industry says florida's market is in full meltdown. >> how about a sandwich? >> they have lived here since 2004 this year their long-time insurer, united property and casualty, dropped them. >> in florida how can you have a
7:47 pm
house without homeowner's insurance? it's just not possible as nice as our house is, we can't even get homeowner's insurance. >> they scrambled for a new policy, the public one, create the by the same legislature. >> i thought it was for those who needed last resort i had no idea they were writing for just about everybody in florida. >> reporter: not everybody, but the number has more than doubled since 2017 >> getting insurance in florida right now is probably the hardest it's ever been. >> reporter: danielle lombardo works for an agency. >> many are leaving. the seligman's insurer, upc, was one of the biggest and is bailing on florida
7:48 pm
14 others have stopped writing new policies in the state. over the last two years seven others collapsed unable to pay their debts. >> insurers are having to pay out a lot more than they previously thought >> inflation is parsley to believe. the population boom has driven in the fact there are other issues other than natural catastrophes first, policies and why government regulators keeping them artificially low. second, fraud. for instance, contract oshs offering to submit insurance claims for new roofs even though others weren't damaged by storms third, lawsuits. florida accounts for 79% of the insurance litigation but only 9% of the homeowner's claims according to the state insurance regulator. in the meantime the seligman's
7:49 pm
are paying more for their policy with a higher deductible. >> it's a lose/lose for the homeowner. i don't see any way o you the of it unless we get some kind of governmental intervention that's going to stop this nonsense. >> reporter: like many floridians, the sullivans said the age of the roof was a problem. the premium went up because it is more expensive. the state passed a law saying they cannot refuse coverage. >> vicious cycle appreciate it, contessa. for the first time u.s. medical experts are recommending that all adults under 65 get regularly screened for anxiety that's according to a draft recommendation released today but the u.s. preventive services task force
7:50 pm
it also recommends adults get screened the timing is especially relevant when doctors saw a rise in mental health issues related to the stress and the isolce isolation. for women the likelihood is significantly higher, 40%. it will enter a comment through october 17th. >> everyone loves a good onlike vinyl. the fda is now involved and this is cert fly by, cnbc can confirm, absolutely stupid, ridiculous and horrible. we'll show you exactly what it is and why the fda september out a warning about it. and get good service, give a tip, right but is it getting completely out of hand? see that screen?
7:51 pm
why do we see that screen for literally everything now i mean, i never tipped for this. why do i tip for this now. i mean, i like to tip. i appreciate good service, but tib? i didn't even see the employee, ipke the kiosk wants a t what are you doing we'll turn to vicky nguyen on the tip triangle oq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 2 days. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal, cancers including
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7:54 pm
economy can get you everything you want for a price, you have to wonder if tipping has gone too far. vicky nguyen with who to tip >> the pressure to tip has reached a tipping point. >> i'm sorry to say this but tipping culture has gotten out of control. >> reporter: patrons often feel guilted into adding a few bucks to the tab as more placements turn to the tablets with pre-set tipping options. >> i will be order dering from a kiosk. why am i needing to tip? >> reporter: with takeout and delivery booming, many are questioning if tipping is always necessary. >> i'm not tipping for my food arriving cold so you can make more money. >> reporter: some service workers are striking back. videos show orders piling up for people who don't tip up front. >> no one in their right mind is going to want to go $5 for under
7:55 pm
$3 pay doordash says it ranges from $2 to $10 an order. 100% of tips are passed along to drivers. other apps have similar pay structures while at restaurants, bartenders and wait staff are often paid below minimum wage one study finding more than half of their earnings come from tips alone. for that reason etiquette experts recommend tipping 20%. if you are ordering takeout a tip is appreciated though the amount can be 10 to 15% of the bill. >> if somebody is providing a service for us, if they are serving us, if they are putting bags of food together i think it's very important to tip. >> reporter: still, there are situations where you can turn down the tip jar insiders say examples include picking up clothes from the dry cleaner, care for medical
7:56 pm
specialists or services from highly skilled workers can be completed without the guilt tip. for the news, i'm vicky nguyen. we're here now don't cook your chicken in nyquil that's a real message from the fda. seems there's another tiktok challenges cook chicken in cough syrup and then eat it. no the fda warms when you cook the syrup it condenses the medicine and it releases vape ors that yu can breathe in the challenge sounds silly and unappetizing, and it is. but it could also be very unsafe put simply, someone could take a dangerously high amount cough and cold medicine. is your dog a big barker if you live in atlanta your
7:57 pm
notesy noisy friend could cost you cash the city's nuisance animal ordinance used to apply to pet noises lasting longer than 20 minutes but one city councilman called that unreasonable now there are exceptions bad barking at a vet hospital, that gets a pass or at animal welfare organizations but anywhere else, look out. seems others can complain about your dog if they live or work within 1,000 feet of your pet. repeat offenses? the city says they could cite up to $1,000. it's not just dogs the ordinance also applies to any animal that meows, whines, crows. in atlanta pet noises are a high priority. thanks, atlanta. 60 seconds left on a race to the finish vladimir putin was supposed to
7:58 pm
give a primetime speech to the russian people but the krim lynn has deciding what to do >> migrants are now suing florida governor ron desantis. they claim they were mislead with false promises of housing, cash assistance and they're accusing governor desantis as using them as pawns in a federal stump. now you know the news for this tuesday. the tiktok challenges, can we just collectively like come together and go, no, i'm not cooking my cckhien in my kill. i'm just not doing it. of her portfolio and daniel g.
7:59 pm
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