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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 22, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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for the moment i wouldn't be a buyer here the p/e is still too high. but at the same time i think we're getting to the point where it is indeed too late to sell. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news" with shepard smith starts now trump telepathy. if he thinks it, is it so? i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc former president trump tee fends himself over documents he says he declassified >> you can declassify just by saying it's declassified, even by thinking about it. >> why his lawyers haven't filed with the court that process. >> it doesn't have to be a process. there can be a process but there doesn't have to be. >> we'll sort out what's legal. russians protest putin and flee the country after his demand they fight in ukraine
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the new pressure on moscow and the face-off today at the u.n. trouble brewing in the tropics. concern for oil refineries in the gulf tracking the new threat days after fiona slammed puerto rico. alex jones defiant in his defamation trial. >> i've already said i'm sorry a hundred times and i'm not going to say it again. i believe it. >> the tylenol killer. new questions in the 40-year-old case investigating body parts found in a suitcase in a new york apartment. and the boomerang generation how long mom and dad support is lasting. >> announcer: live from cnbc the facts. the truth. "the news with shepard smith." good evening again can an american president or ex-president declassify top secret documents by just thinking about it?
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without alerting the cia or the fbi or the pentagon or going through any of the normal process at all former president trump is making exactly that extraordinary claim, but some republicans are already breaking ranks and rebutting his line of defense for having a stash of highly sensitive documents at mar-a-lago >> i think there's a process for declassifying documents, and i think it ought to be adhered to and followed and i think that should apply to anybody who has access to ordeals with classified information. >> i believe there's a formal process that needs to be gone through and documented there is a process one must go through one that is on -- >> process mr. trump made the declassification claim during an interview with shawn hannity on fox news last night. >> what was your prosnes. >> there doesn't have to be a process as i understand it there's different people say different things but as i
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understand it. if you're the president of the united states, you can declassify just by saying it's declassified, even by thinking about it >> like the microwave. it's one thing to make that argument in public, another for lawyers to say as much in court and mr. trump's have not and they refuse to say which, if any, of those documents that the former president may have declassified the appeals court is now allowing the justice department to resume using the seized classified documents in its investigation. the panel blasted a trump-appointed judge's decision to temporarily block investigators from using them. in their ruling the appeals court wrote, for our part, we cannot discern why mr. trump would have an individual interest in or need for any of the 100 documents with classification markings. there is no evidence that any of these records were declassified. and mr. trump has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information
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contained in the classified documents. government documents the appeals court is a panel of three judges, two of them trump appointed. they were all in agreement for legal analysis, danny savalos is here. nbc legal news danny, even the trump-appointed judges rejected this declassification telepathy kind of claim s. this finally to bed? >> it was a red herring always to begin with because even if trump somehow did declassify the telepathy or tweet or any other way, it doesn't change the fundamental argument, the other argument that these documents are not his. that he doesn't have what the court calls an individual interest in these documents, which is what he needed to have to have a case and so the appellate court analyzed that and they said, well, because at least as to these 100 documents there is no
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individual interest a former president has in classified documents, then this all is unimportant at this point and by the way, this is not an argument that trump's lawyers are actually making in court this is an argument that trump is making outside of court and then even this whole declassified by thinking is yet another red herring. when you saw some of those members of congress saying there's a process, well, you might have that argument if trump had tried to declassify via twet or something he said off-handedly, he didn't declassify anything. >> it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because they're not his. they're the government's. >> right. >> it doesn't matter if they're declassified, ripped to shreds, it doesn't matter. they don't belong to him, they belong to the government here's another thing he told hannity. he goes, doesn't matter if you're going to send them to mar-a-lago he had earlier said that must have been some sort of accident. he didn't say anything about accident talking to shaun last
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night. >> again, he doesn't keep track of his own stories and he's going to get himself into trouble because he also said i believe to mar-a-lago or whatever now that's a common trump end of a sentence where he added some sort of catch al. >> to my understanding. >> sending them to mar-a-lago or wherever where is wherever? that's important, too, if these were in fact, classified, documents which the special master is going to get to anyway let's take a step back trump's entire case here only delays the inevitable. >> that's all he ever tries to do though, isn't it? the evidence suggests time after time after time, it's factual, not opinion, the evidence suggests what he does is delay, and for him it almost always works. >> it does work, that's the amazing thing. it's a litigation strategy that often works. you could make the argument that it's worked 100% of the time up until now because he's never been indicted. he's never -- he rarely ends up taking a lot of these cases to court. he fights them all the way up to
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the supreme court and will keep fighting at any chance. >> i want to get this in now the special master today ordered the trump team to back up claims that the fbi planted evidence at mar-a-lago i mean, can anybody argue that this judge, judge dearie isn't being fair sneer isn't he giving them every opportunity to back up what the former president suggests in public >> this has been the theme of judge dearie in his short tenure as special master. you say they declassified them, showed me. that might have to do with the defense if he's ever indicted. no, you can't have your cake and eat it too if you're saying the fbi planted documents, listen, this is something fell ral government. every client wants to raise the whole fbi planted the evidence lawyers know you need some real evidence that the fbi did that before you actually say it in open court or to a judge in his
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or her presence. >> danny cevallos, thank you. an alleged nazi sympathizer who stormed the capitol on january 6th just got sentenced to four years in lockup. tim mow think hale cusanelli he often dressed up as adolph hitler and had an enthusiasm with racist and anti-semetic motives. the man waiving the mob into the capitol and tried to intervene when a capitol police officer was trying to arrest the officer. he had no idea that congress met at the capitol the trump-appointed judge blasted the testimony. the judge convicted him on all counts meanwhile, the capitol rioter sentenced to two years probation
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and 100 hours of community service. steven ayers pleaded guilty. at the hearing he apologized to the court and to the american people a rare and eye-opening sight across russia. people fleeing that country a day after vladimir putin called up 300,000 reserve troops to fight in ukraine it's the first such callup in rich shah since world war ii it showed the number of flights leaving russia many going to turkey, armenia, kazakhstan where russians can travel without a visa. look at this, the video shows long lines of cars waiting to travel from russia into finland. all of this as tearful look. boarding buses after hugging their families in eastern
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siberia. meantime, our secretary of state, toeby blinken today, addressed the united nations security council to try to rally support for his campaign against put ten. >> one man chose this war. one man can end it because if shah stops fighting the war ends if ukraine stops fighting. ukraine ends >> sergei love love spoke, too m he said it was a war state and a hets the alleged invading rush schaabs. after the speech lavrov stormed out of the security council. visibly angry. they said this after bards. >> fleeing the battlefield
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fleeing the floor of the u.n michael mcfall thanks so much is there a way the west can capitalize on what appears to be, i don't know, a lot of unrest in russia >> mr. putin is having a bad several weeks. he lost the beginning of the war in the battle of kyiv. he's lost this incredible setback around the second largest city so he's decided to take this very dramatic step that he promised the russian people he wouldn't do which is the mobilization lots of people don't like it thousands demonstrating. first time we've seen that since the beginning of the war, and youcan rest assured if thousands are demonstrating, tens of hundreds of thousands of russians share that view and people fleeing in any way they can causing, i think, mr. putin some real troubles at home in terms of the legitimacy of this war. >> those russian troops,
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michael, have suffered losses. is there any reason to think these reservists are going to be more competent without training? >> not at all. i don't think military experts i trust say exactly what you just said it will take a long time for them to get there and if you don't know why you're fighting, you don't fight very hard. i think that's a piece of this war that we have to understand the ukrainians have the will to fight because they're fighting for their homeland when you listen to the people being drafted, i listen to a lot of interviews on the street in the last 24 hours. many say i'm not going to go fight. those that do say they're going to go fight, they can't even explain why. and that will, that uncertainty about what is this senseless war about i think is a huge problem for vladimir putin. >> we can see dots, to connect them is a fool's errand, i get
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it, but from what we see and what we've heard firsthand sources on the ground, do you see any possibility that this russian military is in real trouble? or is that something we're just sort of dreaming up in a propaganda way that people will take a side? >> well, they have proven that they can't hold the territory that they cover. what we saw around kharkiv in particular, extraordinary reversals on the battlefield we haven't seen that very often in history that said, they also are, as you're pointing out, they have a big military they have a big place in crimea that they've occupied since 2014 in parts of the donbas where they de facto have controlled it since 2014 so i think this war is far from just a few months of being over tragically, and what putin has signaled right now is he's not trying to cut a deal, he's doubling down. that suggests it's going to go on for a while. >> sounds like it. we'll watch. thanks very much appreciate it.
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>> sure. been ten months now since a gunman walked into oxford high school in michigan and just -- just committed atrocities that no one should ever witness the new accusations now from the lawyer for the victim's family and the warning signs that he says could have saved lives. more charges in a massive welfare scandal in mississippi why this top state official could face more than a decade behind bars. and what's causing tesla to recall more than a million of its vehicles
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he said the teacher told him she looked back at the note before the shooting they could tell somebody had erased a gun from the person's hand >> someone draws a picture, has a handgun in their hand with their glasses and to the left some people would say, that's a building but ms. kubinsky in her deposition admitted it might be a building or it might be a magazine full of bullets like
7:17 pm
the bullet at the top. not my words, her. >> that note he says just one of many concerning signs that would come to light. cnbc's valerie castro on the lawsuit filed against the school district and the parents' pain. >> it's unforgivable we have four angels that -- they're gone. >> reporter: parents and the attorney representing the victims claim today that alleged gunman ethan crumbly displayed behavior. >> were there warning sniens there were stop signs. >> attorney ven johnson said there were drawings and statements that teachers took note of referring him to a school counselor but says little effort was made to -- >> he said his favorite book was hitler he said he feels terrible and that his family is a mistake
7:18 pm
nothing's concerning about bullet holes in a guy with blood everywhere two different drawings of a firearm in school? looking at bullets on a phone? >> reporter: the morning of the shooting johnson said teachers, despite being concerned and pulling crumbly out of class to talk tohim, failed to check hi backpack >> picked it up and he said it looked like nothing. she handed it to me and i went, whoa, and made a comment out loud about how heavy the backpack was well, we know what's in that backpack gun, magazines, and his journal, the manifesto. >> buck myer, father to victim tate myer calling for accountability and transparency. >> they know that they dropped the ball that day at every level. meanwhile, here we are, buying memorial shirts for our murdered kid, right what's oxford community schools
7:19 pm
doing? nothing. nothing. >> reporter: oxford community schools issued a statement on behalf of superintendent ken weaver saying the district is cooperating with criminal and civil investigations but would not comment on specific claims made by attorneys in ongoing lawsuits meanwhile, a judge ruled today that 16-year-old crumbly will remain in an adult facility. his parents have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. just last week their appeal to remove evidence was denied but crumbly and his parents have pleaded not guilty shep. >> valerie castro, thanks very much there's new fallout today from that massive welfare scandal that's still unraveling in the state of mississippi. the former director of that state's human services department pleading guilty to federal and state fraud charges. according to the court documents, this man, john davis, agency, shelled out millions of dollars that were supposed to go to poor families in the state.
7:20 pm
instead, investigators say davis used sham contracts to improperly funnel the cash to a series of projects a state judge today sentenced davis to more than 30 years in prison and put him on house arrest until the federal sentencing in february he faces up to 15 years in prison on those charges. nbc news reports the guilty plea could mean davis is cooperating with investigators as we've reported here, the nfl legend, brett favre, received some of that welfare money he used it to build a volleyball stadium at his alma mater, university of southern mississippi. his daughter played volleyball on the team there. favre's denied any wrongdoing and authorities have not charged him with any crimes. hurricane fiona is still pushing towards bermuda, but it's a new disturbance forming in the caribbean that's causing concerns for the states all along the gulf coast and beyond. we've got the very latest models. plus, the tylenol murders.
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well, the early part of the hurricane season was fun, whisper quiet. now we're at peek and things have changed a lot there are five storms or developing systems out there right now. fiona, set the sites as bermuda as a category 4, 130-mile-an-hour winds then it's going to cross into canada meteorologists say on track to become the strongest storm on record in the eastern canadian coast. it's the same storm that flooded puerto rico seven days ago according to power a million people don't have any lights and now forecasters are very closely tracking this, see it there, a new tropical disturbance in the southeastern
7:24 pm
caribbean, calling it invest 98l. the chance this turns into a powerful storm what will likely become hermine could impact the united states it could head into the gulf of mexico by the middle of next week that's a problem because the warm water, it's hot water, like rocket fuel for the storms because the gulf is critical for america's oil supply, dozens of oil refineries dot the coast line it's the primary off shore coast of oil and gas if the storm follows the projected path it could impact far more than just those in the southeast. according to the bureau of ocean energy management, the gul generates 97% of all u.s. oil and gas production and the energy administration report it accounts for more than 47% of all u.s. petroleum refining capacity that means any disruption in the gulf south could push gas prices higher, which is the last thing this inflation ridden economy
7:25 pm
needs. adam. >> dell: del roso is the senior meteorologist. it's early, i get it is this one to watch >> it most certainly is. anyone with interests along the gulf coast of the u.s. you need to pay close attention to this storm. it doesn't look impressive right now on satellite estimated radar. that's because of strong winds higher up in the atmosphere are what we call sheering it apart, however, as we head through the weekend into early next week that wind sheer is going to relax. you also mentioned the very warm gulf waters. this is going to be working through basically bath water, temperatures are in the mid 80s right now and this is going to act like fuel. so this storm will develop and strengthen here, and by the time we head toward early next week this is going to be close to either cuba or the yucatan peninsula. there are question marks where exactly this goes as we head into the middle of next week general area is going to be near
7:26 pm
the yucatan and cuba if it happens to develop a little farther to the north, then it's going to get caught up by the jet stream here and that's going to pull it a little farther out to the east. so the eastern gulf would be getting the worst of the impacts. but if this storm happens to develop a little farther off to the south and then takes a little bit more of a westerly track, then the central gulf is going to have to pay close attention to this. as you mentioned, we're still pretty far out but anyone along the gulf, take those early precautions now so that way once we do get towards the tail end of next week you're ready to go. shep >> adam delroso, thanks very much. the mid term elections just a month nava way how corporate america is now getting involved and harnessing hydro power new plan to bring clean energy to millions of people. and alex jones loses it in court. >> i've already apologized to the parents over and over again. >> you know -- >> objection
7:27 pm
objection! >> this guy's rambling, defensive and downright bizarre remarks on the stand likely as scripted as the families of the sandy hook victims watch in tears. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc we quadrupled our team and the pace we're growing, i couldn't keep up without ziprecruiter. they do the legwork and they get my job posting in front of the right candidates. i love invite to apply. i instantly see great candidates and i can invite them to apply. we have hired across all departments, engineering, marketing, hardware, field techs. you can basically tell ziprecruiter who you need, when you need it, and they deliver. - [narrator] ziprecruiter. rated the number one hiring site. try it for free at try it for free at
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tesla recalling 1.1 million cars the company reports there's a flaw in the windows that could pinch your fingers while it closes according to the ev maker, the issue will be handled like a software bug with an over the air update so owners don't have to do anything but download. the recall covers each of the four tesla models for several years. excuse me. target announcing plans to add 100,000 workers for the holidays that matches the number it hired last year for the shopping season starting wages between 15 and 24 bucks an hour. and the numbers are finally in for amazon's first "thursday night football" stream viewership averaged 13 million people for chiefs/chargers match-up last week 12 million watched it on prime video. the rest on local broadcast stations in the la and kc markets. the prime video stream was the most watched program of the night. amazon's second game streams later tonight. today at the pump the
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average price nationwide for a gallon of gas, $3.68 it's gone up .2 of a cent overnight. gas up slightly two straight days after dropping for more than three months. a gallon costs 49 cents more than it did this year. on wall street, the dow down 107. s&p down 32. nasdaq down 153. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news new developments in a 40-year-old cold case. why investigators say they could be close to solving the tylenol murder mystery deadly protests spreading across iran. the outrage over the morality police and how authorities are cracking down. bus first, alex jones taking the stand for the first time in his latest sandy hook defamation
7:31 pm
trial. >> it was wild at times in connecticut today. on his first day in the courtroom, alex jones did what alex jones does. near the end of the day the whole thing devolved into chaos. >> right here, he's real, isn't he >> yes, sir. >> and for years you put a target on his back, didn't you >> objection to the form of that >> overruled. >> didn't you? >> it's true >> you put a target on his back just like you did every single parent and loved one sitting here. >> objects, your honor. >> no, i didn't. >> family members of the victims wiped tears as they watched this scene. alex jones went on to call their lawyer an ambulance chaser who switches his emotions on and off and then this. >> you have families in this courtroom here that lost children, sisters, wives, moms. >> is this the trouble section are we in china?
7:32 pm
i've already said i'm sorry a hundred times and i'm done saying i'm sorry i didn't generate this i wasn't the first person to say this american governors might be getting blamed for this as the left did we rejected it but i legitimately thought it and i stand fwha and i don't apologize for it. >> don't apologize, mr. jones. >> i've already apologized to the parents over and over again. >> objection >> jones talked over his own lawyer's objections all day long often promoting his website or advertising the products he sells. the judge told him time and time again to stop but she never stopped him and after testimony wrapped she said it cannot happen again when jones takes the stand again tomorrow joy. his lawyer then blamed the judge whom jones called, in his webcast, a tyrant. >> you want to stop your client from speaking? >> when there is an argument going on between he and counsel and argumentative answers, yes
7:33 pm
>> physically you want me to stop him from speaking i'm not -- i'm trying to be as polite as possible and i've told him the record will reflect how many times i've told him and he tells me he understands. >> she is in charge there. the judge already found alex jones liable for defamation. now the jury set to decide how much money he owes the families of the eight sandy hook victims involved here and an fbi agent who responded to the scene they say his claims the shooting was a hoax led strangers to threaten and harass them jesse webber is here, host of the law and crime network. jesse, has this judge lost control? last i checked if you don't do what the judge says have you to do over and over and over, she can hold you in contempt >> you said chaos. i think it was a circus today. i really think that's what it was between norm pattas, jones attorney screaming at the top of his lungs. jones not listening to his attorney the day started off relatively calm
7:34 pm
you heard alex jones relatively contained and then he became alex jones he was talking about conservatives, talking about liberals the judge is in a very unique position she doesn't want to hold alex jones in contempt of court there were a number of side bars which by the way she has allowed the microphone to be on so we're hearing that. >> that's been the best because we know what's happening behind the scenes, we don't usually. >> we don't. you're hearing norm pattas at points saying i don't know what my client is going to say next i think he might be getting tired. he may even -- >> oh, come on it's not as if this guy is trying to make the jury feel bad for him or reduce the amount of money he's to pay. k what is he -- is he just promoting his own thing that he does what is this >> if you ask me, that's exactly what he's doing because there was a point that even during the course of the trial he's
7:35 pm
delegitimizing on his show and he's selling products on the website. i think what's happening is he had a big monetary judgment lev have ied against him in texas, i imagine an even bigger judgment here he needs to retain his supporters, keep that profit coming in because he needs the money, shep. i think that's what's going on he's not trying to convince this jury he said i'm not going to apologize anymore. he's called it a kangaroo court before i think his goal is to remain the figure of alex jones in the eyes of his supporters and get as much financial support as possible. >> he gets another shot of that tomorrow so you think trying to get sympathy or trying to keep the money down is not the point. he mentioned his products, the ones he pimps, he mentioned those over and over. he kept giving out the url for his website. i felt like i was in the middle of an infomercial. >> he knows it's televised i don't think he expects the jurors to buy the products his defense is so limited at this point he's already lost the case
7:36 pm
he can't even argue he didn't profit off of sandy hook this, i think, is his best chance he might not be able to convince his attorneys. a judge in indiana suspended the state's near total abortion ban. a judge issued that temporary order today. abortion rights are restored while the court crisis plays out. the new law violates the state constitution the judge appeared to agree. she wrote there is reasonable likelihood that this significant restriction of personal autonomy offends the liberty guarantees of the indiana constitution. they passed the ban last month they were the first in the nation to add tighter restrictions after the supreme court overruled roe v. wade. the law bans abortions from conception only exceptions, some cases of rape, incest, the fetus if it has a deadly anomaly or if
7:37 pm
the mother's life is at risk they released a statement saying they plan to appeal the injunction he wrote, our office remains determined to fight for the lives of the unborn and this law provides a reasonable way to begin doing that the mid-term elections are a little more than six weeks out now. candidates across the country debated hot button social issues ranging from guns to abortion rights now some ceos are waiting into the political waters they're backing candidates who they say are best for their business interests in the long run. here's cnbc's new congressional correspondent ylan mui. >> reporter: corporate america is in the cross fires from election security to abortion to guns and some ceos are leaning into the fight take reed hoffman, the co-founder of linked-in, he's been recruiting business leaders and raising money to block republican candidates who believe the 2020 election was
7:38 pm
rigged he told me capitalism breaks down without the rule of law and companies are underestimating the threat of the maga movement. >> their central mission is antibusiness are they going to come for us? yes, of course of course they're going to go after disney of course they're going to go after major league baseball. do we fight? >> his group raises money up and down the ballot including for stacey abrams and josh shapiro it's gone after progressive democrats helping chauntel bryant. >> it's been very good for planning purposes to know that when the government that is currently in office starts making mistakes, they can be replaced by a different government through a peaceful transfer of power. that is what is at stake f. that doesn't happen, you start getting much more violence. >> reporter: now not all tech billionaires feel the same way
7:39 pm
peter thiel has invested millions of dollars in key swing states for trump he plans to hold a fund-raiser for blake masters, republican nominee in arizona even he recently warned republicans need a positive version. shep >> thanks very much. ylan mui an american airlines passenger punched a flight attendant on a flight from la. a passenger caught it. >> you can hear the flight attendant hear the passenger say if he's threatening him. you saw it there punched him right in the head. justice department identified the man as alexander tongue ku le. they charged him with one count of interference. they wrote in part, acts of violence against our team
7:40 pm
members are not tolerated. the individual involved in this incident will never be allowed to travel with us in the future. prosecutors say flight attendants had to restrain lee with seat belt extenders cops removed him when the plane landed the fbi is continuing to investigate that. at least two people are dead after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rattled southwestern mexico. struck early in the state of becho quan it's an aftershock this time tremors felt all the way to mexico city, three miles east this video there shows people evacuating their homes in the middle of the night. damage mostly localized. buildings damaged and in some cases it did trigger mudslides. bloody body parts inside suitcases. that's what the cops say they found inside a new york city apartment. what we're learning about the investigation and what else authorities found at the scene
7:41 pm
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the cops in new york city out on a wellness check, right they found body parts stuffed into suitcases happened yesterday afternoon you can see a handful of investigators inside the building where the cops found the remains. they were called to conduct a check on a 22-year-old woman we're told, and when they arrived at her sixth floor apartment they said they found a bloody scene, two suitcases there that they then realized were stuffed with human remains and a meat cleaver in the bathroom i don't know exactly where this was in the city. i wish i did they haven't confirmed really that the remains of those people -- that the person in the suitcase is the 22-year-old woman, but the cops do say they want to speak with her boyfriend. nypd reports that the investigation into this is
7:44 pm
ongoing. whenever you open a bottle of tylenol or any other kind of medicine you see this seal, right? protect the pills inside it's there because of it the tylenol murders seven people died in swallowing it. that led to a massive recall everyone was talking about it. there were massive investigation and police were never arrested or charged a single person and the case has been cold until now. reporters with the chicago tribune led a 9-month investigation into those poisonings it's a long-time suspect
7:45 pm
perry russom that shook chicago. >> the tylenol touched off one of the most. >> i really can't play god and tell you how long it's going to take. >> continues 40 years later. police are still searching for the person responsible for killing 7 in the chicago area. >> this is a clear-cut example of indiscriminate murder. >> the poisonings unleashing a time of terror. >> it's just a subconscious feeling. >> reporter: tylenol was wiped from shelves after pills were found laced with cyanide a fast-acting poison that can be deadly >> the fda is now saying do not take tylenol of any kind. >> reporter: in chicago more than 1,000 volunteers went door to door warning neighbors. concern became fear. this woman who was pregnant went
7:46 pm
to the hospital after taking pills. >> did you get sick afterwards >> no, i was just nervous. >> people around here have become more frightened of what police call a random killer. >> reporter: this month is the 40th anniversary of the murders. "the chicago tribune" is reporting they are working with prosecutors on a now or never chance. >> james lewis wanted in connection with the poisoning. >> in 1982 james lewis was arrested, charged and convicted in an extorsion plot against johnson & johnson. after the deaths lewis sent a letter to johnson & johnson to stop the killing he has long denied any responsibility the investigators lack physical evidence directly linking lewis to the crime they report investigators are describing their findings as a chargeable circumstantial case speaking with the tribune for their story, lewis again denied being the tylenol killer
7:47 pm
>> reporter: back in '82 when lewis was arrested, he detailed to police how the killer could have done this, from taking the pills, adding the cyanide and putting them back. he was helping them with different scenarios. shep, he has never been charged. >> perry russom, live in chicago. a notorious defense contractor known among all as fat leonard orchestrated one of the largest primary scenes he cut off his angle monitor and disappeared. now they have arrested him in venezuela after two weeks on a run. he was trying to board a flight and escape to russia fat leonard overcharged the u.s. by over $35 million and had navy ships routed to ports that he controlled in the pacific. he pleaded guilty nearly aft
7:48 pm
years and more than half a million dollars in bribes to u.s. navy officers getting fat leonard back to the united states could be tricky. venezuela is under crippling u.s. sanctions and the u.s. government does not even recognize the nicolas maduro regime. mass protests in the streets of iran and now the islamic republic just got slapped with new sanctions. the u.s. treasury department targeted tehran's security forces and the notorious rally police they hijabs. a 22-year-old woman died in police custody her name is masha amini. they said she wore her head
7:49 pm
scarf and she died days after the cops beat her. they say amini died of a heart at attack it's grown to one of the largest displays of defiance of islamic public rules in a year >> reporter: widespread protests and clashes in and around between islamic public security forces and demonstrators angry over the des of the sixth consecutive day engulfing almost 90 cities and towns. at least 17 people have been killed so far. the scale and scope and nature since the islamic revolution it's one of the most serious crises they've had to face in over four decades.
7:50 pm
at the heart of the issue is social freedom in particular, women's rights. women in iran have to abide by a significant stress code touched a raw note culminating in these protests where women are burning their had a jabs. >> authorities have all but cut off the internet and blocked ads like whatsapp and tell will he gram people can't up load any information. the tactic the government also applies. ally aru st zi >> attention, space against, we've got some images. the webb telescope said, hold my beer they moved out of their neighborhood homes, childhood
7:51 pm
thoems to go do some adulting so they moved back in and haven't left yet the boomerang generation and how the hell you're going to get them out of the house. all-electric with room for up to seven. it's the suv electric has been waiting for. the all-new eqb from mercedes-benz. ♪ ♪
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young adults are relying on their parents more for everything from netflix to health insurance when's the right time to cut the
7:54 pm
cord here's nbc's vicky nguyen. >> reporter: with the pandemic and record inflation "adulting" has taken on a whole new meaning for today's 20 somethings putting parents on the front line in these tough economic times some are looking for ways to protect their adult children from longer with everything from family cell phone plans to keeping young adults on plans they're did it >> according to a recent survey, nearly 1/3 of young adults moved back home during the pandemic. 2/3 still remain with their parents and more than half say they moved back out of necessity. the cost of living still daunting apartment rent pricing and it makes it above $2,000 a month. between inflation and student
7:55 pm
loan debt and you did? part of me felt like i wasn't on a bright track, i wasn't where i was thinking i would be when i was younger. >> she's grateful for her parents who realize it's a different world now than when they were in their 20s, i'm not just solving, sitting here not doing anything i'm trying to move back out. it's a matter of time and what i exactly want to stay at home >> the none one reason is to save the down side is you could become very, very used to staying at home and never moving. >> what can parents do to help be their accountability partner and introduce ways to budget different spending if they're living at home find a
7:56 pm
way to help paying some rent. >> everyone should have discussion about what the para parameters are, what the rules of gain ijment is probably the more important. >> for the news, i'm vicky nguyen. >> they fixed the moon rocket. nasa reports it stopped the fuel leak on the artemis one rocked if it's preparing yes, it was. the rocket sprang another fuel leak during it using a slower time the first step in nasa's quest to return humans to our moon.
7:57 pm
look here, this is the brand-new image of the planet neptune courtesy of the james webb space telescope nasa released this as the clearest room with a look at the 30 years it was 1989. the web image shows neptune's moons? scientists say those are methane ice clouds the red's camera shows this wider looking thing. neptune is about four times wider than earth and sun than we are. 70 seconds left on a race to the finish the special master in the ed, lang er case. some russians trying to flee their country as vladimir putin
7:58 pm
mobilized hundreds of thousands of reserve troops we're told to fight in ukraine and a potential threat that's the disturbance they're giving this system a chance of being called storm kermine. once it entered the golf it's good to being. it's thursday, september 22nd, 202. i'm shepard smith. thanks for checking in we have no pundits, no panels and no opinion we have the facts, the truth and the news for you tell your friends please we hope to see you tomorrow. it's friday but we've got to work together.
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