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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 29, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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go up for no reason whatsoever, ask yourself if it's the dumb money doing it and chasing a rally or let's just say one based on nothing you must never do that i like to say there's always a bull market somewhe.e. i promise to trymarket summer, just regular mad money. i am jim cramer, see you tomorrow. widespread destruction , coastal areas obliterated roads washed away, communities underwater, even now. and tonight, ian is gaining strength as a hurricane yet again targeting georgia and the carolinas. i am shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc. >> hurricane ian, going to be a storm that we talk about for decades. >> or the guest check into
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this high-rise here. >> six or seven feet of water within five minutes. >> we know many families are hurting, many are hurting today. >> kind of scared for my children. >> everything you work for is destroyed. it so difficult. >> my chimney came down. i was afraid it was going to come through the roof and crush me. >> this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. >> powerlines that are down, trees that are down. you have a lot of hazards right now. >> lots and lots of damage. it will take years to recover. >> we are committed to retorting that infrastructure if needed. that is not going to be an overnight path . also tonight, reporting inside russia. hear from those resisting draft orders. plus, what jenny thomas told the january 6th committee. and yesterday's market rally wiped out. what sparked today's selloff. life from cnbc, the fax ,
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the truth about the news with shepard smith. good evening, hurricane ian could be the deadliest storm in florida's history. the number of deaths potentially substantial. that is the grave assessment from president biden today. the level of devastation is becoming clearer to one and all, and it is staggering. we are seeing apocalyptic scenes across multiple counties in southwest florida. this is what it looks like when a category four hurricane with un-survivable storm surge rips ashore. at least 10 people now confirmed dead. but that number is expected to rise, as rescue teams search for survivors and pull victims out of the wreckage. there have been hundreds of rescues of people who decided to write up a storm and found themselves hopelessly stranded by record-breaking floodwaters. and now more than 2 million floridians are still without power as night begins to fall. this is what it looks like on the ground in the popular
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tourist town of fort myers beach. near their times square, one of the hardest hit areas. homes and condos, restaurants and bars, souvenir shops, businesses both obscure and iconic. known to one and all locally, shredded by ferocious winds and ripped apart by storm surge. and this is what is left of the fort myers beach pier. the concrete deck wiped out, along with surrounding buildings. only the concrete pilings stand tonight. and this is the city of fort myers. large boats a washed ashore strewn all over the place after coming out of the colusa hassey river. before the hurricane made landfall, there were people that told the local newspaper, the fort myers news press, that they were planning to write up a storm in their boat. the outlook appears to be grim for people that stayed on the island who took the brunt of
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the storm. you see that? this was the santa causeway. these are the remnants of the causeway, and the bridge to sanibel island and beyond that, captiva, it is the only way on and off the island. it is now decimated. five sections of the bridge collapsed. the road washed out, buckled, and torn apart. and here is a satellite image of the causeway when it was still standing. before hurricane ian removed it. ian's deadly rampage is far from over. the storm has now strengthened. it is now a hurricane, yet again, gaining energy over the atlantic and expected to make a second landfall in south carolina, maybe georgia, tomorrow. forecasters at the national hurricane center say the storm is taking aim at the carolina and georgia, with life threatening flooding, storm surge, and strong winds. we have news team coverage tonight. meteorologist brian shane with the development on hurricane ian's track. valerie valerie castro just got
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back from witnessing the devastation in the small community. and matt leche, we'll hear from her. but first cbcs para-rest in hard-hit fort myers for us tonight. perry? >> reporter: these people are tired. you can see it on their faces, many of them haven't slept since this hurricane hit yesterday. some of them were up to their necks in water, now their journey is just getting started. we meet many callers sitting on the ground. her legs are sore after surviving hurricane ian. >> i'm ready to move. i'm ready to get rid of the boat. i don't even want to see water again. he is a boat captain. [ laughter ] i am so done with it. >> reporter: wearing a life jacket, she said she stood on the flipped over pool table with her husband. >> how did the water get on your body? >> oh, here. >> reporter: a strangers pontoon boat crushes her car. her neighbors house is burning to the ground. >> we had almost 10 foot here. >> reporter: saved 16 people with his boat, including here
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were his ex-girlfriend's family was packed in a canoe. >> it scary. [ crying ] what we said a lot of people that they. people would have never made it. all people, we had to leave a lot of people, too. >> reporter: streets are underwater, both are in front yard. children wide through waves with the coast guard. we have floodwater that is feet high, entire neighborhoods are separated by water. the only way people can get to those who are stranded is the tire suspension. >> i didn't think this was going to be that bad. the storm. how wrong i can be. >> reporter: eight-year-old linda ogden is writing in a boat being towed. trapped in her house, she started tapping on a window with her phone. >> we thought we had heard tapped in and we look around to see her face standing on the truck. >> poked over the fence and sure enough she is right there.
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>> we all just dove in and got because it is kind of underwater. >> good to be able to get in there and help someone. >> reporter: mindy collier says she needs help. >> i just don't know what we are going to do. and so we are trying to get to fema, and it is on go on the internet. we don't have any internet. >> reporter: some of the questions these people have for fema, how much money will they get? when will they get it? is it enough to rebuild? and on top of this, will the county let them rebuild their considering what just happened over the last 24 hours? >> so much ahead. perry, i was watching our local station, wb bh and fort myers for hours on end today in my office. you want to keep an upbeat. but there was a lot of sadness, a lot of deep sadness today. >> reporter: one of the issues, too, is the cutoff of communication. there people in these
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neighborhoods that are surrounded by water, they have no self-service. they have no idea what is happening around them, just in the own confines of their house. the coming to us saying how bad it is everywhere else. there is such a miscommunication, there's no communication because the self service issue here. you have people wondering what is happening to these barrier islands as we saw the photos there from the helicopters. they have all these questions, all these needs right now they simply cannot be met with the rescue efforts will happening here. >> going to try to get some answers on that in the next few minutes. perry russell, to you and your crew in fort meyers, thank you. are valerie castro and her crew made their way to matt leche today. it is a really, a part of the cultural fabric of that area. small village town, helps connect the mainland to pine island by a drawbridge that is now washed away. the only way in and out is by boat. you are the only tv crew to make it in their. what can you tell us about it? >> reporter: well, the downed trees that you see behind me, this is just a fraction of the
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damage that we saw today. malice is not far from where we have today. they just didn't think it would be this bad. some decided to stay and ride out the storm. others say that they had a feeling that this time might be different because they did leave, but today they came home to find total deposition. just widespread, complete destruction. >> reporter: met with shay florida is even unrecognizable to the people who live here. the small community left obliterated by hurricane ian. >> somewhat worse than we expected. so much worse than we thought could have her happen. >> reporter: john lynch has lived here for 25 years. he and his family evacuated from this historic home. his uncle did live here, just next door. >> that was a beautiful, beautiful little cottage. it really was. i have been here since 1946. just been through many, many storms. so that was a shock. >> reporter:'s neighbor and friend decided to write out the storm. >> even scarier, came past,
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when the water came, the water came. by the time everybody around me wanted to go, it was too late, might as well just write it out. >> reporter: he knows others did not survive that same decision to stay. >> i saw a couple of dead bodies out today, early this morning, the coast guard had them. unfortunately someone else passed away last night over there. >> reporter: everywhere you look, the island community is shattered. splintered, and in some places, completely swallowed up by the storm. behind me this is a roof that used to belong to a motel here. as you walk around, there are just piles and piles of debris. it is not clear where everything exactly came from. the first place is beyond me, those pilings, that used to be a restaurant called birds. it has been there since the 1920s. as you can see, it is not there anymore. this is what birds used to look like. these guys rode out the storm in this boat. it turned out to be a safe enough place. the storm tossing it up on what
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is left of solid ground. but anyone who calls this place home now left with little to come home to. the man we spoke to who wrote up a storm last night, i asked him what he wants people to know about what he went through. he says go, run, do what they tell you, evacuate. he says he completely regretted his decision to stay. >> such great memories of matlacha. thank you so much, valerie castro. ian moved north and dumped inches and inches of rain in and around orlando today too. the pictures are incredible. rescue operations all day long. now into the night, crews evacuated about hundred residents from a flooded nursing home in orange county today. paramedics rolled them out of the aponte facility on cimmaron boulevard by wheelchairs and stretchers. officials say the crews took most of the residents to local shelters. other rushed to nearby hospitals. good samaritans also saving people from the rising water.
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this video shows a reporter from our nbc affiliate wbs eight rescuing a nurse who was stranded in her car, do you see that? the reporter is tony atkin, carried the woman out of the water there on his back. meteorologist say hurricane ian dumped more than a foot of rain in the orlando area. down in kissimmee, all the problems. that caused the nearby lake to overflow into the street. people who live there say this is some of the worst flooding they have ever seen. took they tell me that this area tends to flood. have you ever seen it like this? >> not like this. this is the worst . i have been here 25 years. >> now the atlantic coast bracing for a reborn hurricane ian. it will not die. the governors of georgia, north and south carolina, and virginia have all declared state of emergency. let's get right to nbc meteorologist brian james. ryan, walk us through the track and the timing if you could. well, the track is going to
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be a little bit farther to the east. here is the thing. intensified back into a hurricane pretty quickly. but you look at ian itself, it is not symmetrical. it is not very organized. but even when it is unorganized phase, it is still a category one hurricane, about 75 miles an hour. the forecast track is going to take it to the more of the main reason it re-intensified so quickly, it didn't move as slowly across the florida peninsula as initially projected. and secondly it took a path of least resistance, a little less resistance, didn't go farther north and stay overland longer. took a shorter path right across the foot and insula. got back overland faster, they taught the intensification take place. here's a look at the warnings. they are all tropical storm warnings, hurricane warnings in effect for the florida coast up across the georgia coast, back into the carolinas. hurricane warning for, that is where we expected to make landfall, pretty close to that. at that point, wind should be around 80 miles per hour. potential for some storm surges as well.
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will take it to the north and then crawl back to the northwest. it will eventually we can back down to about 35 miles an hour as we head to the day saturday. during the day friday, as early as early friday afternoon, we will likely start to see some hurricane force winds aching their way on shore pretty close to charleston. here's a look at the storm surge thread. the greatest part is going to be a little farther north especially between savannah and charleston. that is going to be the most likely area that we see that wall of water, that push of water make its way farther in. that is something we will watch certainly for the day tomorrow. in terms of rainfall, some spots could pick up another seven to 10 inches of rain, especially really close to the coast. a little farther to the north, going to be more like three to six inches of rainfall but in several locations, that is going to be a record amount of rainfall for the day tomorrow. a lot of rain. again, on the way. back to you. >> brian james. the waterlogged region already. ryan, thank you. for the second night, crews are out trying to reach people stuck behind while the water and collapsed roads. next, the state and federal governments, together. and an update on some of the hardest hit areas. later this hour, the challenges crews are facing from the army commander who tordinated search and rescue
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it could be weeks, or even months before we know the true extent of the damage from hurricane ian. count authorities and lead county, where the storm made landfall, have released no information at all about injuries and fatalities. but president biden is promising floridians they have the federal government will support. fema officials briefing the president today at the headquarters in washington. president biden told reporters that he spoke with ron desantis several times about getting florida all the resources and money it needs. >> we are going to do our best to build florida back as quickly as possible but we're not going to be leaving. going to build it back with
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the state and local government. however long it takes, we are going to be there. that is my commitment to you. >> national guard reports more than 5000 troops are on the ground in florida right now. the government governor, ron desantis says 42,000 line workers are trying to get the power up and running. and of according to fema, officials have already delivered more than 1 million males and 1.5 million liters of bottled water. we are now getting new images from the damage across southwest florida. this is what is left of a marina in downtown fort myers, right or wrong the caloosahatchee river. one boat owner says he couldn't even find his boat. rachel anderson with our local nbc affiliate, wb b8, nbc 2 there toured the area today. here's a piece of her report. >> reporter: everything we have seen is just absolutely jaw- dropping. as we were crossing the bridge coming back into downtown fort myers, that is u.s. 41 bridge. we noticed legacy harbor marina doesn't exist anymore. you can kind of see some pilings in the water, as you are crossing the bridge. and then you see dozens of
7:18 pm
sailboats of yachts, of other boats that were docked here, piled up on shore. >> she says the storm surge swaps, both more than 300 yards up on shore and that marina, as you heard, is gone. jimmy petronas is with us, florida's chief financial officer leading the rescue effort on the barrier island. jimmy, it has been a minute, thank you so much. i heard you describe fort myers beach today as looking something like mexico beach when they got hit in the panhandle. fully agree with you from what i've seen. your people have been on sanibel and on captiva where there are no roads shuttling out by ferry and by helicopter. tell us what has happened there. >> sure. so we've got 11 different task forces here can with these task forces that we've got here, they're not just for the task forces. we got two teams here from virginia. we've got texas, ohio, indiana.
7:19 pm
so these are the best of the best. these are the navy s.e.a.l.s of our first responders. and in the case with task force to, those guys came in at 2:00 in the morning last night and they were out there going from door to door saving people's lives. one report of a mom on a two month old baby being cut out of their house. so they live for this. there is absolute best of our heroes that we have in our state. and so proud of the work that they are doing. >> well we all are. and eternally grateful, all of us. but i must say, jimmy, we know hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people stayed behind on those barrier islands. we know that lead county is not reporting injuries and fatalities at all. we know from witnesses that at least three people were pulled out in that listener today that did not survive what is the death toll going to be like on those barrier islands? >> so it is still yet to be determined.
7:20 pm
the death toll is yet to be determined. but it is known how many people have not survived, the people have sadly been found to have not survived on those barrier islands on sanibel, captiva, matlacha, and elsewhere. is it doesn't, is it hundreds? please help us understand. >> sure. so the best way i can relate it to you is what happened with hurricane michael in mexico beach. you have about 250 people in that particular case of a coastal community that decided to stay behind. out of that 250 we lost about 13. so, again, it is kind of hard to say was this directly attributed to the hurricane? was this something that could have been a heart failure two days later due to the stress? as our men and women will go to the building, painstakingly task forces, they are embedded with trauma surgeons, they are embedded with structural engineers, in addition to dog teams. so they will use those
7:21 pm
resources. if they have to administer lifesaving medical care with a surgeon in the middle of the field of destruction, that is exactly what they are going to do to save the lives of those that did not leave. >> and again, so thankful for. i asked because none other than the president of the united states said today that he believes this could be the deadliest storm in florida's history . that is a very big statement from a man who knows a lot. and the public is not getting information that is knowable from lead county. that is why i'm asking you if you could help us understand. are we talking about known to be dozens or hundreds dead? can you help us understand? >> so understand that the causeway , you have probably seen the videos of the causeway, it has been severed. the only way that you are really getting out there is by kilos. >> we have seen the helicopters back and forth . and that is the reason i know this is a knowable thing. and i don't want to belabor the point. and if you have the information but can't tell me that, that's fine, i will move on to
7:22 pm
something else. just let me know. >> yeah . i do not have a number two provide you at this moment. but i know this, i know that the storm surge that fort myers and lead county and the storm surge at collier >> the governor called on survivable. >> the storm surge was stronger than anybody anticipated. and unfortunately, you had a lot of publicity that this was going to be a tampa storm. this was going to be a st. petersburg storm. well, >> we all know that the national hurricane center notice that it made a turn . and we know from the very beginning, lee county was included in the cone of uncertainty. i just don't want to rewrite history. because the cone of uncertainty included everything from tampa saint pete all the way down to the naples , fort myers line. so it was surprising. but it certainly shouldn't have been a shock to anyone. >> i think we have lost the signal. these things are just so difficult.
7:23 pm
and we are also thankful for those who are out there trying to save lives in places that we can't access. but part of the job is to find out why it is that we are not getting information. and we are not. at some point, that information will come. no emergency coordinator once the headline to be the body count. nobody on earth wants that. but withholding information from the public that is knowable is something we journalists are supposed to push to stop from happening. president putin of russia is now trying to mobilize russians to the front line. we will hear from people just outside moscow who were divided over his orders. the wife of the supreme court justice clarence thomas , excuse me, accused of working to overturn the election. today, the january 6th committee asked if she still believed the election was stolen.
7:24 pm
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vladimir putin set to hold a signing ceremony tomorrow to formally annex parts of ukraine . that's today from the kremlin spokesperson. the move comes just days after russian officials hastily held what the u.s. called sham referendums. the result, voters overwhelmingly supported joining russia. u.s. officials have warned, the kremlin would rig the results just as they did eight years ago in crimea. now russia is said to absorb these four regions in eastern and southern ukraine. luhansk, donetsk, care song, and separation. europe's largest nuclear power plant is located. the land mass, roughly the size of the state of indiana. president biden had said he will not recognize those
7:27 pm
territories as part of russia white house officials say they're working with allies to impose new sanctions on russia if the annexation goes ahead. meantime, finland announced it is stopping russian tourists from entering the country. russian citizens can still enter the country for work, or for family reasons. the move closes off the last direct land routes into the european union for russians trying to flee military callout. in a moment, we'll get analysis for michael o'hanlon from the brookings institution. but first international coverage from our sister network, sky news, and the reporter, diana magnet. she is in a town outside moscow were russians are divided about the countries first military mobilization in decades. >> reporter: in the town of king, just an hour outside moscow, the next batch of freshly mobilized, say their goodbyes. >> translator: i feel patriotism for my motherland, that is why i am against russia.
7:28 pm
>> reporter: does it feel like the right thing to mobilize for people in the country now for you? >> yes. >> know. >> reporter: has a small town feel with a patriotic zeal brewed by state tv that is typical outside the urban centers. that they're proud of their boys heading to the front, and suspicious of british journalists. >> translator: sort out your loan leadership issues then you can go around asking questions. you declare war on us, you wait until we are guests of yours. >> reporter: that the pro- warfield is not universal even here, especially not amongst the young. >> translator: i want go under any circumstances. if i have to i will go to jail. this shouldn't have happened. it's a crime what the government is doing. >> reporter: on the way back to moscow we passed yet another war memorial. putin told his people over and again never to forget. but he did not say never again.
7:29 pm
even though it is supposedly only partial, this is the first time that russia has declared a mobilization of troops since world war ii. the only time it did so before that was in the first world war. if russia does annex these four regions where it held these sham referendums, that will be the largest landgrab in europe since world war ii. what will the death toll beat when the numbers are finally counted? will the russian people ever know how many of their boys were sent off to fight, in some cases, to die? sky news, russia. was turned to michael o'hanlon now, author of more than 20 books on war defense and diplomacy. michael, nobody is recognizing this landgrab except for putin. is this annexation just a peer, for him and his people? what is it? >> hi, sheppard. yes, you are certainly correct. but he is, i think, trying to sketch out what he might suggest is an acceptable endgame for him.
7:30 pm
and you combine that, which is a specific set of territorial objectives with these nuclear threats that he continues, and other russians continue to hint at or even make more than hints about and he is trying to both simultaneously scare us, deprive the europeans, energy, we got these explosions under the baltic sea. he is annexing the territory. trying to be very firm. but in a sense he is also suggesting, you know what? if you let me have this land, and you don't want to have a nuclear war, maybe this is the compromise we make. i think he is playing on our psychology. he is trying to set in motion a set of ideas, a set of dynamics that could point towards, for us, would be an unacceptable compromise. and for president zelenskyy of ukraine, and unsuitable compromise. putin is saying if you don't like that, mike, i'm going to keep making nuclear threats and
7:31 pm
who knows where this is going to go next? i think you have to put all the pieces together and start to see what he is trying to do. a combination of intimidation and trying to claim recognizing his that the losing had. but he likes to find a way to win even with a losing hand. i think that is what he is try to do right now. >> it is what he does. today he went on russian tv and did something he almost never does. he admitted mistakes were made in the way that the draft was being carried out. he said they will need to be corrected. is the unrest getting to him? do we know? >> i think it is. i think he wants to believe that he is super popular among russians. and, let's face it, for most of his 20 years in power he has been and a lot of it is because of misinformation and playing on russian paranoia. but he's good at it. and he likes to be popular, and he also doesn't want mass unrest. so huge numbers of russians racing for the exits for the country. so he is trying to, he doesn't
7:32 pm
say i made mistakes, he doesn't say what the mistakes were. he doesn't show any great regret. but he says just enough to maybe try to manipulate public opinion in a way that he can still control. but yes he is somewhat worried about his own people. >> how can it not be? michael o'hanlon, as always, thank you. i am shepard smith on cnb . it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. hurricane ian, once again, hurt and taking aim at south carolina and georgia. the national hurricane center projects a category one storm set to make landfall somewhere nero charleston tomorrow afternoon. the forecasters are warning ian could strengthen even further before that happens and cause an up to seven foot storm surge. the head of fema warned today this is still a life threatening storm. >> we are expecting the storm to continue making its way to georgia, south carolina, and
7:33 pm
into north carolina. maintaining tropical storm force winds, deadly storm surge, and rainfall of up to 12 inches. as many have said, hurricane ian is going to be a storm that we talk about for decades. >> meteorologist says that ian may have jumped up to 30 wrenches of rain in some areas already. a one in 1000 year reign event for florida. they say one such place where search and rescue team spent today evacuating people from floodwaters. nbc's jesse cursed life for us in orlando tonight. jesse? >> you can see behind me this community is still flooded out. officials say right here alone they had to make around 30 rescues earlier. the biggest concern in orlando was the rainfall. not necessarily the strong winds. but we had seen powerful gusts, how much water was going to fall and that it would run out of places to go.
7:34 pm
we have seen that come to be a reality here. officials say at this hour we are still looking at more than 100,000 people in this county without power. thankfully it is cool out tonight, which means people aren't going to be missing air conditioning necessarily, as much as they might have if it was hotter in the aftermath of the storm. i should also point out where we are in orlando, we are more than 100 miles from where hurricane ian first made landfall in the united states, and we are seeing powerful wind gusts and heavy rainfall even hours before the storm made it to this area. that just speaks to the severity of the storm. even outside of its direct path. obviously it is now continuing its trek up the east coast. we know that there were people by the hundreds in shelters here in this community. there flooding. it looks like most of the threat see more powerful wind gusts and if
7:35 pm
winds pick up again, that is going to delay the recovery effort here because crews will have to put a pause on the cleanup depending on how high the wind go. one other thing to note about the area where i am, for people who are not familiar with orlando. be on the usual concerns about what might be in the water and the aftermath and flooding, that should keep people out of the water. in these communities we also have to be keeping an eye out for alligators. just one more reason for people who have been evacuated to stay out and not risk their lives. certainly there is damage here that will take a long time to clean up. >> a dark and wet night in orlando. thank you. more than a dozen cuban migrants are missing after their boat sank at cu before hurricane ian made landfall in florida. that is according to the u.s. border patrol. happened last night near stock island down in the keys. officials say more than 20 migrants were aboard this boat they say four of them were able to swim to shore. emergency risk ponce crews rescued three other migrants around two miles south of boca
7:36 pm
chica. took them to the hospital to help them with dehydration. so far rescued a total of nine people. but authorities say they're still searching more than a dozen others using both boats and helicopters. ian is one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the united states. winds just shy of a category 5. when speeds don't always correlate to damage. katrina, for instance, made landfall in louisiana as a low category 3, but it had been so much bigger and caused catastrophic flooding and widespread destruction. retired lieutenant general, coordinator of military relief efforts after katrina hit new orleans. general, it is good to see you. your biggest concerns now from what you have seen across this landscape? >> my biggest is the depth and breadth of the storm. that crossed a very highly populated area.
7:37 pm
from the west coast of florida, exiting into northeast of florida. the number of people involved, the amount of flooding involve , and that will still occur in the night. and the impact, she , at the landfall. that county that absorbed. >> lee county , yeah. >> heavy winds and the surge water. we don't know what we don't know now. there is not enough doors been knocked on to find out, because every house in their has to be challenged now. they don't have the personnel to do that. >> you know. i was thinking about the breadth and depth and scope of it all. from new orleans to the east side of the state of mississippi, that was a huge swath. but not even 100 miles. here we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of miles. and areas where more than 7 million people live.
7:38 pm
it is an enormous challenge. i wonder how they're going to bring it all together? >> i don't know. we had about 500,000 people in and around new orleans, about 80% evacuated. they had a very local organized evacuation, as you knew it, shep. florida, they don't run to the next state. they go to local plant shelter . a very good plan to have. but i'm not quite sure how this is going to work out. with that surge water, the challenges they may have enough people on paper to start doing search and rescue but they are not there yet. they're not in position where they are needed. >> you know what i'm worried about? >> on tv , local fire departments and a few search and rescue guys doing the easy stuff the hard stuff is down there where it the hurricane came ashore and the roads are closed. >> and they won't give us information about that. i understand that it is the reality may be grim. but at some point they're going
7:39 pm
to have to explain it. what i'm really worried about, that is insurance. are these insurance companies going to be able to pay? are they going to go belly up? what are people going to do? >> we lost 10 of them last year, shep, after hurricane went bankrupt. and florida is in worse shape because they had it negotiated nothing with the insurance companies. recovery for this is going to be a living . we have never seen a recovery this big, as we will see on this event. i can guarantee you from my knowledge of all hurricanes and what we do now, after hurricane, we never seen anything this big before. >> general, it is sobering to think of it . especially to hear from you. the largest recovery of its kind in american history. years of work ahead. general, the best to you. hope to see you again soon, thank you. there was a huge selloff on wall street today. we thought there was going to be a little bit of a rebound last . investors are stressing over inflation and a possible recession. that is nothing new. but the company that sparked ade downturn today, that is a
7:40 pm
he turner. the biden administration promising to forgive student debt . today, an update on how people can get in on that action. swelling, and fatigue. and skyrizi is just 4 doses a year after two starter doses. skyrizi attaches to and reduces a source of excess inflammation that can lead to skin and joint symptoms. with skyrizi, 90% clearer skin and less joint pain is possible. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine, or plan to. with skyrizi, there's nothing like the feeling of improving my skin and joints... ...and that means everything. now's the time to talk to your doctor about how skyrizi can help treat your psoriatic arthritis- so you can get going. learn how abbvie can help you save.
7:41 pm
the supreme court justice clarence thomas's wife ginni testified before the january 6th committee today. >> how did the session go today?
7:42 pm
>> the answer turns out is yes, she does believe the election was still on. the committee's investigator interviewed here for nearly four hours. conservative activists first came understood brittany when it emerged that she had sent text messages to the white house chief of staff, mark meadows, urging him to tell then-president trump not to concede the election. emails, records, and reporting indicate that ginni thomas was also involved in some of the aspects of the fake collectors scheme, to deny mr. biden's rightful victory. january 6th committee chairman bennie thompson says ginni thomas told them she does still believe the election was stolen . he described thomas as a witness, and says the committee has not accused her of anything. ginni thomas's attorney still she answered all the committee's questions. her attorney insists thomas was focused on ensuring that the reports of fraud were investigated. the white house kicking off its efforts to forgive student loan debt for millions of
7:43 pm
americans. today the biden administration emailed and tweeted updates on the process. the window to apply opens next month, though they haven't said exactly what they but it lasts through the end of the year, so there is time. part of this update, new guidance on who qualifies for the debt relief there is one reversal. borrowers with privately held federal loans will not be eligible for forgiveness under this plan. the debt relief plan is also stirring up legal challenges. six republican-led states taking action to block it. in a lawsuit jointly filed today in federal court in missouri, the state accused the president of overstepping his executive authority. apple taking a bite out of the market . that is what is topping cnbc on the money. shares of apple think nearly 5% today, after bank of america analyst gave the stock a rare downgrade. the analyst cited weaker consumer demand over the next year. the downgrade comes on the
7:44 pm
heels of report that apple scrapped plans to boost production on its new iphone 14. the apple news leading a broader market selloff, dow up 458, s&p down 79. that is the new low foreclose for the year and the nasdaq down 314. almost 3%. initial filing for unemployment claims fell last month to a five-month low. 193,000 americans filed front employment benefits. that is the new data today from the labor department. the labor market showing continued signs of strength, even trying to slow things down to lower inflation. and mickey mantle, babe ruth, lackner, legends who have dominated the baseball card market. now there is a new name making the list, mark zuckerberg. an autographed card of the meda ceo from his little league days sold at auction, for, get this, 120 grams last night.
7:45 pm
the latest update from the national hurricane center is just minutes away, as ian gain strength and heads towards georgia and the carolinas. plus, his six-year-old daughter killed during the sandy hook massacre . then he says things got worse. today, the man who said he became the target of alex jones and his hoax claims back on the stand. battery acid and a cardboard dummy. new details of how a convicted killer escaped from prison , but didn't last long on the run. grammy-winning rapper coolio died yesterday , at a friend's home in los angeles. his manager says the rapper had a heart attack. ol, e ofcoioon the music's physics names in the 1990s, best known for gangsters paradise. he was 59. achieve and maintain remission.
7:46 pm
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another emotional day in alex jones latest defamation trial . robbie parker took the stand. he is the father of six year-old emily parker, who died in the shooting. he said he suffered years of online abuse, death threats and harassment because of alex jones. >> it was almost like i knew when alex jones said something because we would get a huge wave of stuff. and so that is when i knew something was up and that is when i knew i needed to step up my game, so to speak. as far as being vigilant about what is going on. >> a judge has already found alex jones liable for defamation but now the story is set to decide how much you must
7:49 pm
pay. the families of eight sandy hook victims and an fbi agent who responded to the shooting. they say jones has claimed that the shooting was a hoax , led to years of abuse. alex jones specifically called out robbie parker during the coverage of the shooting parker was one of the first parents to speak to the media after the attack. jones honed in on his nervous laughter. just ahead of a news conference about his own daughter, the day after she was murdered. parker's lawyer has previously shown that moment in court. >> getting ready to come to the microphone. >> jones pointed to that moment, labeling parker a crisis after. on his talkshow he asked how could a dad who just lost his daughter smile or laugh? parker did explain it. he said his father just made a joke of encouragement as he headed to the microphones. he said it was long before he started getting hate mail online he eventually decided that he had to move his family across the country, all the way to washington state, to escape the harassment. >> that was not as easy of a
7:50 pm
decision as people might think. we had this family here. of people who knew exactly what we were experiencing. meaning the other victims families. and i didn't know if i could, move anywhere in the country and find that kind of a support system. but i was so, i was so ashamed in my belief that i had bought this on everybody. because i was the first person that somebody said something. i was the person that laughed. >> and then he said alex jones came forth. jones is said he apologized many times and that he no longer believes the tax with a
7:51 pm
hoax. he took the stand last week and was expected to testify again next week. last night we reported on nevada prisoner who escaped from custody last friday. his disappearance went unnoticed by prison officials for days on end, and led to states governor to order an investigation. now, now police in las vegas say the bad guys back in custody. cops say they captured duarte herrera last night without incident, as they put it. they say a bus station worker tipped them off after seeing him in the las vegas area, roughly 40 miles from the prison. to escape, the prisoner used battery acid to erode a window frame around a cell, they tell us. left behind a dummy that he made. that is according to a local union president who represents corrections officers. he says once duarte herrera got out, he either went through or over a fence along the prison's perimeter. he is serving a life sentence for killing a man with a pipe bomb 15 years ago at the luxor hotel in vegas. two hours before his capture, authorities offered a $30,000 reward to find him but no word yet on if anybody get that money.
7:52 pm
number 61 , he has been chasing history. >> and he caught it. aaron judge now just one home run away from taking sole of the american league record for the most home runs in a single season. the yankees slugger tied roger mirus last night with 61, only three players in history have hit moore, mark mcgwire, bobby bonds, and sammy sosa. all of them played in the national league and all of them are accused of using performance enhancing drugs. so that is the long and short of it at this moment. after the game, erin's son told reporters he thinks judge should be considered the true home run king considering he breaks the record. >> being the actual seasonal champ. if he is 62, i think
7:53 pm
that's what needs to happen. i think baseball needs to look at records and i think baseball should do something. >> for the record, the yankees got it back. thanks to a couple of blue jay fans. couldn't squeeze the leather. that guy, more than $2 million. aaron judge gave the ball to his mom, patty. he said she has been with me through it all. the chase for 62 continues tomorrow, back home in the bronx. just seven games left in the regular season for judge to go yard one more time. and official toured fort myers beach by air today, most of it will need to be completely rebuilt. next, sky news correspondent who made it out there today shows us the carnagfte le behind in a way only sky news can. that, and the latest update from the national hurricane center when national hurricane center when we come back in 60 seconds. it's oday, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq
7:54 pm
saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 2 days. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal, cancers including lymphoma and skin cancer, death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq, as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. disrupt the itch and rash of eczema. talk to your doctor about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. out the door, the water was here. we got over onto this, and then
7:55 pm
we walked our way around the whole side of the house from the roof line. and then swam under that pontoon boat. >> they weren't there. oh. i guess all you can do is put everything back together and try again. >> hopefully so, certainly getting a most closer look at the devastation of fort myers beach. one of the hardest hit communities in the whole era. what used to be a popular hangout and to respond, now a wasteland. here is sky news correspondent margaret feldman. >> reporter: this is what remains of fort myers beach. it is the warm water of the gulf of mexico which brings people here. but yesterday they carried the full fury of hurricane ian. a wall of water 10 feet high washing away homes and businesses. in the exact spot where that video was filmed, these stairs
7:56 pm
are all that is left of the orange house on the beachfront. the story of the occupants told by a neighbor. >> it was floating it was floating and then they got swept away. and one guy ended up in a palm tree right across the street over there at that house. he was there for about a minute and then he was gone. >> reporter: washed away by the force? >> yeah. >> do you know what happened to him? >> they are dead. there is no, the storm continued for at least another six hours. there is no way they could have survived. there was nothing we could do. for us, for me, that is going to be the hardest thing to live with. you know, i'm alive and i am thankful for that but there are a lot of people who aren't. >> reporter: at don broke, search and rescue effort began. those who survived, leaving a place that looks a little like they remember. life packed into a suitcase. have you ever seen a storm like
7:57 pm
this? >> never. i've lived in florida my whole life and never seen that. >> reporter: do you think people were caught by surprise at how strong it was? >> yes. they kept saying it was going to hit tampa and then the next thing, you wake up in the morning and it is hitting us. >> reporter: you can only imagine what it must've been like to have been here yesterday afternoon, as the water began to rise, washing away the fort myers peer, and moving its way onto the main beach area storm surge up to 12 feet high in places here, quite literally washing away this part of fort myers beach. a strip that would usually be full of restaurants and bars. quite literally flattened. the area of impact is unprecedented here. boats dragged from their moorings fell and more than a mile away. in island park, residents say water rose from ankle to chest level in 10 minutes. cindy is trying to reach her family including two-year-old
7:58 pm
granddaughter, chloe. she is being driven by rich, a fishing guide who worked through the night rescuing people. first in a book, now in a pickup truck. >> we're getting close. i told you they are so far. the other way would have been a little closer but there was the trees. that is their building straight in front of us. >> reporter: it is eventually a happy reunion after an anxious wait. but everyone in this part of florida couldn't be so fortunate. sky news, fort myers beach. >> and our love and support to all in southwest florida and beyond. the latest update from the hurricane center out 10 seconds ago. still a category one hurricane, maximum sustained win 75 miles an hour. forward progress, 10 miles per hour. expected to hit in the afternoon tomorrow somewhere around charleston. with life-threatening flooding and high winds. for all of us here, good night.
7:59 pm
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