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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 13, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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he carries around in that box. [music playing] "the news with shepard smith" starts now "the news with shepard smith" starts right now a jury delivers alex jones the bill for the damages his lies caused. the mere billion dollar bombshell in court i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc oh, my god, 50 billion, 100 billion, trillion. >> alex jones live stream of the verdict against him. >> this corrupt dying political system is trying to make me the devil. >> ronnie parker, a, defamation damages, $60 million. >> yeah. >> b. >> the staggering penalty and legal analysis
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chaos, gridlock and now a major resignation at los angeles city hall. government crippled over a racist reporting bringing city leaders to their knees ukraine's zelenskyy asks for game-changing u.s. help, protection in the skies. >> integrated air missile defense system. >> what the pentagon now plans to provide and what it could mean in the fight against pu putin's invaders. a cop shoots a texas teenager in a fast food drive through. the teenager's condition. apple and its one unionized store drawing battle lines. the fda snatches the healthy away from your breakfast cereal. and victory. victory over the murder hornet. >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts.
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the truth. "the news with shepard smith." good evening in a country where lies and misinformation too often these days go unchecked and unpunished, today a jury in waterbury, connecticut, delivered a deafening message, lying comes at a cost. for alex jones who said defamed parents of murdered children the cost is steep. >> $120 million, $55 million, 54 million, 28 million,800,000. 57,600,000 73,600 81,6,000 57 million 68 million 80 million 90 million 36 million >> the total, $965 million the jury ordered alex jones to
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pay that amount to the families of eight sandy hook victims and an fbi agent who responded to the scenes many of them were in the courtroom for the outcome and so many of them broke into tears. they successfully argued that alex jones' lies led to years of death threats and harassment as they watched in a courtroom alex jones watched from his info cars studio he hosted what the site labeled an extended emergency broadcast during which he repeated his claims that the whole trial was a sham >> corrupt, guilty system wanted to scapegoat me as the bad guy when they're the bad guys. nobody believes them their systems are over >> they ranted and tried to raise money. >> $120 million. >> yeah.
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>> whew scloom. >> come on, go up. >> bravo what a political joke. what a weaponized system all they want is a billion dollar system. this is what a show trial looks like this is the left completely out of control like drag queen story time 20 million, 50 million, 80 million, 100 million blah, blah you get 50 million so they had no security at the school they covered up what happened and now i'm the devil. i'm actually proud to be under this level of attack i'm in bankruptcy. got two years of appeals the money you donate does not go to these people, it goes to fight these fraud and it goes to stabilize the company. they want to shut down that's why the ambulance chasers did this save info
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did we hit a billion guys? with attorneys fees it's like 30 million. i think we've hit a billion dollars here. >> nearly 1 billion. his lawyers spoke outside the courthouse saying it's a dark, dark, dark day for freedom of speech as a reminder, 26 people died in the massacre alex jones ranted was staged 20 children murdered not a crisis actor among them. jesse webber is here, lawyer, host jones lawyer says he's going to fight this any chance this amount holds up on appeal? >> right now he can't. this is the problem. this is going to last quite some time the first thing he's going to try to do is stay, immediately put a hold on this enforcement this is going to flay out for years to come. there's the bankruptcy issue this is a monetary judgment. he can't ignore it he can't ignore it like he ignored the court orders
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he's going to have to eventually pay this amount up. >> his lawyers said bad day for free speech. >> what else is he going to say? >> he goes on air and says this is a fight he wants his supporters to help him with. the whole part of this, i'm under attack, i'm a victim because he needs the money to come forward he was putting on a show during this entire trial. he chose not to testify. i will tell you though i was surprised by this number the plaintiffs were asking for $550 million to go close to a billion shocked me this is a jury that paid very careful attention to each one of those plaintiffs they deliberated for almost 16 hours. >> can i run a hypothetical by you? >> of course you can. >> hypothetically you run a television network that's being sued over things they aired and
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said about a voting machine company. how concerned are you? >> i would say this is a wake-up call for news outlets and companies that are pretending to be news outlets. words have consequences. if this verdict didn't show it, nothing will alex jones, 50 million, he has a third trial for sandy hook as well a judge can determine punitive damages as well. this is a wake-up call that what he said needs something. they had viewers who were taking his words and harassing the families i didn't understand the depth of it until these victims were testifying and saying how the families were harassed, threatened people saying you didn't have loved ones that died sandy hook never happened. >> living nightmare. >> absolutely. thank you. game changer maybe. but a significant overtur no doubt made to ukraine today, one
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that could deliver to the country under attack the closest thing yet to a no fly zone today the chairman of the joint chiefs general mark milley held a news conference in brussels. told the reporters the u.s. and its allies will provide an air missile defense system to protect ukraine from possible russian strikes. >> what ukraine is asking for and what we think can be provided is an integrated air missile defense system that doesn't control all the air space over ukraine but they're designed to control priority targets that ukraine needs to protect. >> general milley explained many countries have different types of air missile defense system. he said the challenge is to get each missile defense system to work together with others. technically challenging he said but achievable the nato meeting comes after russian forces launched a wave
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of missile strikes on ukrainian targets. it killed more than 30 people and hurt dozens of others in the past two days. meantime, ukrainian forces continue to break through russia's front lines in the country's south. they say its military has recaptured five villages in the kherson region ukrainian troops have begun to encounter moscow's brand-new recruits on the battlefield. a senior ukrainian correspondent told them these newly minuted recruits are rounding up drunks, alcoholics hundreds of russian convicts offered pardons for combat have already showed up on the battlefield in ukraine and some have gone awol with their
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weapons to carry out crimes back in russia. careful. william taylor's with us, former ambassador to ukraine. can't thank you nough. what a unified air missile defense system change the course of this war if nato allies are able to pull this off? >> shep, it could. this is a big request from the ukrainians from the beginning. we recall the request closing the sky. general milley is right, it's going to be a challenge to get all of these different systems to work together, but that's what nato does that's why it's so effective it takes the allies and their capabilities and melds them together this could be a real benefit from ukraine to protect it from the only thing that the russians have left, the only thing president putin has left is to be able to lob missiles,
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ballistic missiles, cruz missiles, airstrikes, lob them into civilian targets, into playgrounds, into pedestrian bridges. he doesn't have anything left. you just described his problems with ground troops the only thing he's got left are these missiles they are now in jeopardy could well be this is a game changer. >> a russian nuclear strike in ukraine would almost certainly be drawing a physical response from many allies and from potentially nato itself. that looked like the start of a new red line to you? >> shep, this whole question of nuclear is i think still a very low probability. it's not zero. certainly when president putin as a dictator with nuclear wep ones, when he talks about it,
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it's very low that he, putin, or the russians would use these weapons. he's been told, putin and his team, they've been told very clearly what would happen. jake sullivan said we'll have catastrophic consequences if they use these weapons they know what comes it will not be nuclear, they will be conventional and they will wipe out russian military in ukraine. president biden is vowing to punish saudi arabia for helping vladimir putin in his desperate time of need the saudis defied the united states to slash oil production it's a move that could raise global gas prices and put putin, give him an economic life line as the west tries to box him in
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and end the war. president biden told jake tapper it's time for the u.s. to rethink the relationship with the saudis. >> when the house and senate get back there are consequences for what they've done with russia. >> suspend all arm sales, is that what you would consider >> i'm not going to get into what i have in mind. >> not after 9/11, not after khashoggi, but now in recent years in 2015 through 2021 the pentagon spent this, get this, more than $44 billion to help the saudi kingdom according to the government accountability office. now there's movement on capitol hill to punish the saudis. kayla tausche live with the details of that. ka kayla?
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>> reporter: president biden says he'll consult directly with members of congress when they're back in washington next month. lawmakers keep lobbing proposals from out of town senator joe manchin from energy rich west virginia calling on them to expedite regulatory reviews and new leases for projects so the u.s. can supplant the oil they plan to turn off senator richard blumenthal working to reduce the production cut before it kicks in in november. >> the saudis need to come to their senses they have committed a humongous blunder very much against their own economic and security interests as well as ours. the only apparent purpose of this cut in oil supplies is to help the russians and harm
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americans. >> reporter: in just the last year the state department has green lit several sales of defensive weapons to the kingdom. most recently $3 billion in re: thee on's surface to air back in august just following the president's visit. jake sullivan told reporters there are no such sales pending so the administration doesn't need to make a decision imminently those comments part of the delayed rollout of the president's national security strategy which sullivan unveiled in a speech at georgetown identifying china as the most political geopolitical challenge. >> vladimir putin is making nuclear threats, targeting civilians, acting with a brutality that threatens to drag us all back into the dark days of soviet expansionism >> reporter: the 42-page strategy document says definitively the u.s. will not
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allow russia or any power to use a nuclear weapon shep >> kayla tausche, thank you. the los angeles city council unable to govern their meeting cut short as protestors demand resignations from three council members caught on tape making racist remarks. tonight one threw in the towel and the others who remain defiant. a rookie cop charged in shooting a teenager eating a cheeseburger this time they're not backing the officer. the shove around the league. houda vonn tai adams could be facing jail time the criminal charge against him and the other trouble he could be facing.
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protesters are crippling the government of the second largest
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united states city and the boisterous demonstrations leading to a resignation tonight. it comes after the recording of the racist conversation that we led the newscast with between los angeles city council members and a labor leader the former council president stepped down from her seat today. in a lengthy statement with lots of thanking and noting of her own accomplishments, there was but one apology only to her staff. the resignation comes hours after a chaotic council meeting that couldn't get going. that was early today protestors chanting went on for more than an hour. they forced the council to take multiple resources before members finally punted the whole meeting to friday. they were supposed to consider a long list of issues today including housing, gun and adoption policies but of course none of that got done.
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yesterday labor leader ron herera resigned, that was sunday the protesters won't stop until all democrats step down. cnbc's scott cohn is outside of city hall for us scott? >> reporter: shep, still no word from those other two council members caught on tape on what they are going to do despite growing calls for their resignation. in that statement from nury martinez, she resigned with a heavy heart and asked for privacy. she never directly references her own words caught on tape the back room politics thrust out into the open and, yes, it's every bit as ugly as you imagined outraged angelinos made it clear business can't go on as long as the council members are in
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office in the leaked recording then nury martinez, gill cedillo and ron herera plot the racial and ethnic makeup of the new city council districts. >> i see a lot of little short dark people. >> yeah, pure oaxacans >> i was like, i don't know. >> now california's attorney general has launched an investigation of last year's redistricting. it's just the latest scandal of city hall. mayor eric garcetti is in limbo over his handling of sexual misconduct allegations mark ridley thomas suspended after a federal grand jury indicted him on corruption charges. in the racefor a new los
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angeles mayor, both can cates were racing to distance themselves in the time debate. >> we cannot holler rate hate speech in our city what's happened is completely unacceptable and those that did it need to be held accountable. >> there needs to be an investigation and those officials must resign but that's not enough we need a new direction in l.a. and new leadership that will make sure we reject the politics of divide and conquer. >> reporter: with all of that as a backdrop, president biden arrives in los angeles any minute now for a pair of events tomorrow he, too, called on all three council members to resign, but as we've learned this week, once you gain power in l.a., you don't give it up easily. >> scott cohn live in city hall for us. a fired rookie police officer in san antonio is now facing charges for shooting an
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unarmed 17-year-old in a mcdonald's parking lot the cop opened fire as the teen sat in the car eating a hamburger. warning, you may find the body cam video we're about to show disturbing >> get out of the car. >> why >> [ bleep ] >> shots fired shots fired. shots fired. >> as you can see and hear, the officer unloads a barrage of bullets as the teen starts to drive away the incident happened last week. this is the former cop, now former 27-year-old james brennan. he faces two counts of aggravated assault the baexer county sheriff said he was released after posting $200,000 bond. he thought the car was stolen.
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right now police say the 17-year-old is still in the hospital in critical condition here's cnbc's perry russom. >> reporter: police in san antonio say officer james brennan was responding to a call. >> can you send me one more. i've got a vehicle that fled from me the other day. >> reporter: police say the license plate did not match the car and brennan thought it was stolen. >> 10-4. license plate. >> reporter: he gives the license plate over the radio and walks up to the car. inside 17-year-old eric cantur -- >> get out of the car. >> cantu puts the car in reverse. brennan fires five shots, then five more. a lawyer representing cantu's family says he is still unconscious and on life support adding every breath is a struggle for eric. brennan had been on the force
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for seven months all new officers are on probation for a year. >> the department terminated the probationary officer's employment due to his actions during this incident which were in violation of departmental tactics, training and procedures >> william mcman nis is san antonio's police chief. >> this was a failure for one individual police officer. it had nothing to do with our policies policies did not allow that. >> the police union said recruits have to complete the year isaiah mckinnon is the former police chief and cnbc contributor. >> this is the use of fatal force. the last thing you want to do is use fatal force. that's exactly what he was doing. >> it's not clear if brennan has an attorney that can speak on his behalf cantu was charged with evading police because the car door hit
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the officer. it's not clear why it's not also clear if that car was stolen. >> perry russom, thank you. navy s.e.a.l. candidate who died after completing hell week training his heart was more than double the normal size. they're split on whether the enlarged heart was from notoriously brutal training or from performance enhancing drugs. that's from the death of kyle mullen his death cast a spotlight on the use of steroids and peds especially during extreme training this is one of the most grueling and arduous training hell week is sleep deprivation, endless running and swimming during hell week he had problems
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but he didn't quit afterwards he went to go back to the barracks in a wheelchair he was coughing up red tynged fluids, skin turning blueish hours later mullen was unresponsive and then died in a hospital in the report a medical professional says mullen was suspected of misusing performance enhancing drugs. following the death the navy now tests s.e.a.l. candidates for peds at least five times during training. inflation is changing america's spending habits, but there's some things we're apparently not willing to skimp on the earning report that reveals the irresistible ahead plus, new reporting on what is likely to be the last january 6th committee hearing. what the focus will be and the promise of testimony from promise of testimony from brand-new witnesses as w hi. i'm shannon storms bador.
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kids as young as 5 now eligible for an updated covid booster. pfizer's shot authorized for kids age 5 to 11 moderna 6 and older. the shots provide extra protection because these target the dominant omicron subvariants. children can get an updated shot only if they've had their initial vaccinations wondering how many parents will rush to get their kids boosted fewer than 1/3 of kids 5 to 11 have received two doses. the price of your mimosa is likely going up and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. this year's florida orange harvest shaping up to be historically horrible. that's according to a new report today from the u.s.d.a the state expected to produce 1/3 fewer than last year
4:30 am
and the smallest florida orange crop since world war ii. that's not factoring in hurricane ian, and it jumped on it the financial times reporting that today the unchange. on wall street, the dow down
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28 s&p down 12. the nasdaq down 9. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. millions of people are about to apply for student loan forgiveness and scammers are waiting in the wings the warning signs to watch out for. employees at the one apple store with a union find out the price of voting yes. but, first, the last scheduled january 6th hearing before election day it could be the grand finale after eight explosive public hearings word came just today we will hear from new witnesses from whom we have never heard before the washington post reports tomorrow's hearings expected to highlight newly obtained secret service records showing how president trump was repeatedly alerted to brewing violence that day and that he still sought to stoke the conflict
4:32 am
according to what the post described as three people briefed on the reference ylan mui, what else are we expecting tomorrow >> reporter: shep, reporters got briefed on some of those details this afternoon and we're told it will focus on former president trump's state of mind. it will go back to after the election and while there won't be any live witnesses tomorrow, the committee is promising new information, including secret service texts subpoenaed back in july and nbc reports we're likely to see information from roger stone. they may use it to establish a connection between stone, rioters and perhaps even trump himself. there could also be details of the interview the committee conducted with ginni thomas, wife of justice clarence thomas,
4:33 am
that she had texted mark meadows about ways to keep trump in office after he lost the election there may be quotes from her transcript it's supposed to be the last one before a written report comes out later this year. members have said their work isn't about what happened in the past but about the dangers that lurk down the road, including during the mid terms we also have a report out today by the brennan center that found that 20 states have put new limitations on voting access fueled by the false belief that the 2020 election was rigged those new rules target mail-in ballots, curtail early voting and require tighter identification checks and the group warns that could have an impact on turnouts especially on communities of color, those with disabilities and the elderly shep, a committee plans to argue that threats of democracy persists to today and trump is central to these schemes.
4:34 am
>> ylan mui, thank you very much. davonte adams facing a misdemeanor assault charge the reason, he shoved a credentialed photographers to the ground monday night. the worker appears to run in front of adams according to court papers today the photographer suffered whiplash, headache and possible minor concussion davonte adams apologized after the game and writing, sorry to the guy i pushed over at the game obviously very frustrated. when he ran in front of me i exited that was my reaction and i felt horrible immediately nfl spokesperson tells nbc news the league is reviewing the incident for potential discipline he could get 6 months in jail, a fine of 1,000 bucks or both. they say jail time is unlikely if adams has no prior records. he's set to appear in court next
4:35 am
month. apple putting the pressure on its only unionized retail store. they will not get the latest employee perks the store located in the baltimore suburb of tauson, maryland back in june they became apple's first to unionize. 2/3 voted yes, join the union. apple is working to provide increased benefits for outside educational benefits that unionized store, they have to negotiate benefits from their union. big news around here today steve kovak is following it for us >> yeah, i reached out to them immediately. they tell me, they're continuing their negotiations with apple. they want to talk to apple in good faith about this and get these benefits and everything else they've been asking for keep in mind, at issue here, shep, is this idea that labor
4:36 am
unions have been pushing against that, when they want to form a union or what kind of messaging can the company tell the employees before the vote happens and the fear that that could have a chilling effect and the core issue here is what's called captive audience meetings let's say you're an apple employee, shep, i'm your manager. i call all of you into a room. you have to come here at noon. here's why you shouldn't join a union. here's what you could be missing out on. >> as it so happens, coin coincidental, there's a store in oklahoma city going to join a union. >> i'm sure they would say it's not related. keep in mind, we are in the open enrollment season. this is the time companies put out new benefits the timing is suspect because tomorrow that oklahoma city store begins voting. if successful, they'll be the
4:37 am
second store to unionize within apple. they had gotten the same messaging. in fact, they filed complaints with the nlrb saying we're having captive audience meetings they're saying you might not be able to negotiate health care and that's what the core issue is here is whether or not these captive audience things are allowed. there's a big push within the nlrb and this is the second time this has happened, shep, when that -- before the tauson store, there was an atlanta store that was going to vote. a week before that vote apple raised base pay for all retail employees. >> funny how timing. sometimes it just works out. >> exactly. yes, it's time for more fruits and veggies the push to get americans to eat their greens by having doctors write produce prescriptions. and the fda redefining what
4:38 am
healthy means, and with it rngs're ruining a lot of our
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bacon is delicious you can't eat it every day because it's fat and it's bad. you get up and have raisin bran and fruit. healthy start to a great day
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wrong. all of a sudden raisin bran does not qualify as healthy the fda with that bombshell announcement just yesterday. in fact, none of these cereals are. raisin bran, honey nut cheerios, corn flakes, special k does not qualify as healthy, life for a healthy stamp from the fdacereals have to contain 3/4 of an ounce of whole grains, 230 milligrams of so he had yums and 2.5 grams of sugars. tomorrow morning cat food. vegetables definitely help natural, good for you. still confirmed. imagine going to the doctors and leaving with a prescription for vegetables produce prescription
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it's a real thing. here's how it works. if your doctor thinks your diet needs extra fruits and vegetables, the doctor can write you a prescription it can be filled at storms and fa farmer's markets with little vouchers sh shamari stone spoke with a patient who said integrating it should be a standard. >> it makes it very easy to get them. >> reporter: she immigrated from nigeria with two young children. >> a little new england state. i don't know what most of the vegetables are called. you can put it in and they come by to tell you, i want the bananas. >> she's now raising her family in a country where one in five children and adolescents are obese. about 14.7 million kids. she says she will take all the
4:42 am
help she can get and is glad the produce vouchers are helping. >> i think the last time we came to the doctor we didn't have to come back again. the fruits and vegetables have helped. >> fruits and vegetables have myriad benefits. >> reporter: a doctor with the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> referring patients like benedicta and prescribing them produce programs, they say food plays a critical benefit. >> diabetes, heart disease, cancer when you look at the burden of lifestyle-related chronic disease in the united states, much of that can be prevented really by eating healthy on a daily basis. >> we really believe food since it's so connected to health, that it should be an integral part of health care. >> julia is with the food trust
4:43 am
who is working with the hospital produce prescription programs can lower costs for health care providers. >> if you can treat the issues using food rather than treating chronic illnesses down the line that are enormously expensive, we can identify this now and give people foods that they like and that they need. >> reporter: now according to the u.s. department of agriculture, there are more than a dozen produce prescription projects being funded this year throughout the country shep, in case people are wondering and they need a reminder of which veggies have the most health benefits carrots, spinach, my least favorite, broccoli. >> i love some broccoli. put lemon and mayonnaise on it, it ruins it but it's good. waiting to find out if your student loan debt will be forgiven you're not alone while the borrowers sit tight, scammers are trying to gain
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. a federal judge in missouri hearing arguments about whether to block president biden's student loan forgiveness program. it could threaten the plan to cancel up to $20 million of student loans for 40 million people they sued the biden administration over this debt relief policy. they accused president biden of overstepping his authority and they say his plan will harm local loan servicers who face a loss of revenue. meanwhile, the white house yesterday previewed the student loan forgiveness application sharon epperson with that. what can we expect, sharon >> reporter: well, it's not live
4:47 am
yet, shep. the student loan forgiveness application is short and simple. you can fill it out on your desktop or mobile device and it's available in english and spanish. it should launch later this month but it did not give a certain date applications will be done through june of 2023 keeping the application simple may provide fewer opportunities for scammers to prey on confused borrowers. some could fall victim to scams. >> sharon, how do these student loan forgiveness scams work? >> reporter: someone may reach out on social media, text you, email you, call you. they'll say they're affiliated and they can help you provide for relief don't do it. >> any time you're being asked to hand over a third party
4:48 am
authorization, a power of attorney or if you're asked for your user name and password to your student loan information, those are huge red flags. >> reporter: a red flag that it is a scam. they may call it debt relief application, but it's actually a direct deposit or power of attorney form that allows scammers to start taking money directly from your bank account. to avoid getting scammed, here's what to do only apply and get information on debt relief from the education department the website is you can get the actual date, when it will be posted and never give out your federal student aid or fsa i.d don't pay anyone up front fees or monthly fees to help you apply for debt relief either applying for student loan
4:49 am
forgiveness when it's posted won't cost you anything. it is absolutely free. 14e7. >> don't answer that phone do not do it. >> don't respond to a text message either. >> thank you, sharon fish gate now. two fishen men accused of stuffing fish with led weights to tip the scales to win a recent competition it happened last month in the cleveland area we reported on it. here's how it went down. the tournament director sliced open the fish and announced that he found weights and several pieces and parts of other fish stuffed inside them. people watching were outraged screaming for the law to get involved >> i want you to leave i don't want anybody to touch these guys i want you to leave. >> you need to go to jail. >> don't we need to file a police report? jason, we've got to file a police report. >> got to get the cops involved and they did today a grand jury indicted the pair on felony charges of
4:50 am
cheating, attempted grand theft and possessing grand tools the fishermen would have won nearly 30 grand and now they face possible prison time and thousands in fines if convicted. major league baseball making postseason moves of its own today with a pot company yahoo! mlb now the first major sports league to have a cbd sponsor sit back, relax, we'll tell you which company scored the deal, what it means. plus, we've been chasing them and crushing them, but spotting the lanternflies just will not quit. now the invasive little buggers ar
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a first of its kind sponsorship for pro sports mlb is teaming up with a
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cannabis company it just announced the multi-year deal it's called charlotte's web. they produce cbd products. the cbd industry has been booming. mlb now the first major u.s. sports league to partner with a cbd company. your glass of rose is under threat spotted lanternflies are coming for the vines. you might have seen these guys sticking to windows, car loads bug experts say that fly is an invasive species that mostly feeds on grapevines. cnbc's andrea day spoke with two vineyard owners who say their crops are already under attack. >> we never seen anything like this this is the most destructive
4:54 am
insect -- >> reporter: 2:00 in pilesville, maryland, and mike fiore is patrolling the vineyards he's owned since 1975. >> if we don't destroy them, they will destroy us. >> reporter: the predators have sucked the life out of his vines. >> this year we lost 50% of production because of the lanternflies. >> reporter: the invasion started in the area in 25 minutes. experts say they're not great flyers but they are great hitchhikers clinging onto the wheel wells, hopping on to trains, even planes and laying their eggs along the way larry schrodder oechbs one of the vineyards hit. >> side by side lanternflies. >> reporter: they work like little vampires with mouth parts that stab into plants.
4:55 am
>> they never fill up. they continually bleed the plant. it eliminates the plant's ability to ripen food and store ca carbon. >> reporter: and four years since they started feasting on his vines, he's still recovering. >> for quite a while we thought we were just going to be out of business. >> reporter: see those white nets he bought them to keep the flies off his vineses. what's helping spraying insecticides off the trees keeping the nasty critters from getting in. >> this insect is still spreading. we haven't stopped it yet. >> reporter: julie irvine is an associate researcher at penn state. her team working to find natural solutions beyond just chemical sprays to control it >> it's tough to estimate the total number of lanternflies
4:56 am
her concern? showing up at the largest wine vineyards in new york and california >> it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when >> only time will tell how much damage they'll do when they spread they say early detection get you down that's advice they're taking seriously at pindar. they haven't seen the lanternfly here yet his crew has pictures and they're on the lookout. >> pack it up, murder hornets. you are done washington state, the area where scientists first spotted that invasive species declared a tentative victory. not a single one has attracted a hornet our favorite bug experts gene
4:57 am
krytzsky has the answer. >> it's a big wasp people noticed it. they reported. they got on the job quickly and that's -- you know, they responded and it looks like they're paying off. >> murder hornets leave their hives this time of year. just because this battle is won, does not mean it will be all gone finally tonight, fat is where it's at and we have a winner the competition was fraught with scandal, the katmai park said there is clearly a victor. some called him bear force 1
4:58 am
he weighs an estimated 1400 pounds the creator of fat bear week said he might be one of the biggest bears 234in all the word fat bear enthusiasts vote online and the bears are the ones with the most dramatic transformation for example, this was 747 at the beginning of the winter, not so fabulous and here's 747 today. huge >> this year, she's around 600 years old. and now you know the news. i'm worried about the
4:59 am
5:00 am
it is 5:00 a.m. at cousins global headquarters. here's your top five at five investors bracing for today's september inflation reports and what it could mean for fed policy and fed chairman jay powell and that playbook in washington, d.c., the white house scrambling to contain the unexpected fallout from its decision to curb china trade with chips now another company is issuing a warning to shareholders. opec is firing back yet again over allegations it's siding with russia ami


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