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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 14, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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other people in her lifetime. [music playing] see you tomorrow "the news" with shepard smith starts now. you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts right now breaking news and a live look raleigh, north carolina. an active shooter alert. reports of a man in camouflage shooting multiple people and our local station reports there are multiple fatalities. a cop among those shot plus the committee of congress investigating the insurrection at the capitol votes to subpoena former president trump to testify under oath i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc >> the central cause of january 6th was one man, donald trump.
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>> this is a fraud on the american public. >> their plan is to literally kill people. >> the concern we have about personal -- >> safety. >> he made it clear that he considered the violence perfectly foreseeable and predictable. >> we are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion. life, not death for the parkland school shooter. that's the recommendation from the jury >> his life meant more than the 17 that were murdered. >> friends and family react as does florida's governor, ron desantis what spared a confessed killer's life a wild day on wall street. soaring consumer prices put the markets in a tail spin and then an enormous turn around. andrew ross sorkin live with analysis and the long view on inflation. police in georgia name a prime suspect in the death of a missing toddler. a gunman shoots and kills
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cops in what police say was an ambush and what netflix with ads will cost and when it launches >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." good evening the january 6th committee closing out its grand finale with an extraordinary and historic move. a unanimous vote to subpoena former president donald trump himself. >> he must be accountable. he is required to answer for his actions. he's required to answer to those police officers who put their lives and bodies on the line to defend our democracy >> we are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion and every american is entitled to those answers so we can act now to protect our republic. >> in what could be its final public hearing, the committee
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laid out its closing argument that mr. trump had a premeditated plan to claim the election was stolen before he even lost, that he was already planning months before the election to falsely declare victory. former trump campaign manager brad parscale told the committee that mr. trump was planning as early as july to deny the election results, four months before the election itself the committee played a recording of steve bannon on halloween, three days before the election here's what he told some of his associates from china. >> and what trump's going to do is declare victory he's going to declare victory. that doesn't mean he's a winner. he's going to say he's a winner. >> the democrats got more of our people to vote early that count. they're going to have a natural disadvantage and trump's going to take advantage of that. >> if trump is losing by 10, 11:00 at night it's going to be
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even crazier because he's going to sit there and say they stole it. >> yeah. >> i'm directing the attorney general to shut down all ballot places in all 50 states. that's going to be enough. he's not going off easy. if biden's winning, trump is going to do some crazy [ bleep ]. >> well, the committee also revealed a memo from one of trump's outside advisers written three days before the election it urged the president to declare victory on election night no matter what before millions of mail-in ballots were counted. the memo told mr. trump to say we had an election and i won the ballots counted by the election day deadline, something that doesn't exist, showed the american people have bestowed on me the great honor of re-election. no election day deadline that doesn't exist and we'll -- and it's well known that mail-in ballots generally favor democrats and it takes more time to count them. the committee played never before seen footage of house speaker nancy pelosi, the
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majority leader chuck schumer and other lawmakers during the attack as they desperately tried to get the national guard and other law enforcement agencies at the area. schumer was trying to get them to call off the mob. >> you have got to get them to proceed or else they're going to have -- >> u.s.a u.s.a. >> we're coming in if you don't bring her out. >> we have senators still in their hide aways that need massive personnel now. can you get the maryland national guard to come too >> oh, my gosh they're just breaking windows. they're doing all kinds of -- somebody -- they said somebody was shot it's just -- just horrendous and all at the instigation of the president of the united states. >> why don't you get the president to tell them to leave the capitol, mr. attorney general, and your law enforcement responsibility
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a public statement they should all leave. >> the committee showed how the secret service has well aware that many of mr. trump's supporters were plotting violence and were bringing weapons to washington for the january 6th rally. internal messages, emails and intelligence reports show the secret service was concerned about violent rhetoric being shared including this startling social media post. >> the secret social service network threatened to bring a sniper rifle to a rally on january 6th. the user also posted a picture of a handgun and rifle with the caption, sunday gun day providing over watch january 6th will be wild >> the committee showed real time chat messages between secret service agents on the day of the riot after mr. trump tweeted that vice president pence department have the courage to block the certification of the election
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results. >> after trump's tweet one agent in the secret service's intelligence division immediately warned potus just tweeted about pence. probably not going to be good for pence. >> we know how that turned out >> it spread like wild fire. pence has betrayed us and everybody is marching on the capitol. it's insane. >> speaking out for donald trump. >> all the while the president never once called for any military support instead he sat in the white house dining room watching the violence unfold on fox news channel and now he's facing a subpoena that his lawyers will likely advise him to reject. complete coverage tonight, legal analysis from former federal prosecutor rinado mariotti
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>> shep, a source tells nbc news that the committee will issue the subpoena in the coming days as well as provide details about the deadline to comply after the hearing chairman bennie thompson told reporters that he hopes trump will answer questions in person but not surprising the former president gave no indication that he will cooperate. he posted this on his social media platform, why didn't the unselect committee ask me to testify months ago it went out to say the committee has been a bust. but the committee made clear it is over. vice chair liz cheney said it has the obligation to make criminal referrals and it plans to recommend legislative changes to prevent january 6th from ever happening again. in the hearing today the committee outlined multiple times when top advisers told trump that claims of election
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fraud were bogus the president spread the misinformation anyway often just days after being confronted with the truth. >> the president kept fixating on this suitcase that supposedly had fraudulent ballots, the suitcase was rolled out from under the table and i said, no, sir, there is no suitcase. >> election officials pulled boxes, democrats, and suitcases of ballots out from under a table. you all saw it on television totally fraudulent. >> reporter: in fact, aides testified he knew he lost and privately acknowledged it. >> i popped into the oval just to like give the president the headline to see how he was doing and he was looking at the tv and he said, can you believe i lost to this f'ing guy? >> reporter: republican committee member adam kinzinger said he signed an order on november 11th to withdraw u.s. troops from somalia and afghanistan before biden's inaug inauguration top military brass was stunned. >> it would have been
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catastrophic and yet president trump signed the order these are the highly cons consequential actions from a president who knows his term will shortly end. >> reporter: now there could still be more revelations from the committee. it got nearly a million documents from the secret service that could shed light on what happened in the presidential motorcade on january 6th they will recall some some were told not to talk to the committee about it and that could qualify as obstruction. let's turn to rin rinado mariotto, any chance they'll ever get any testimony from the former president? >> no way. there's no question president trump will file vociferous legal actions to try to delay any potential testimony. if he ever had to testify, he would plead the fifth. he can stall past january.
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>> any reason why they haven't subpoenaed the former vice president, mike pence? >> i think they were very happy from the cooperation they got from the former vice president's aides like marc short and others in exchange for their cooperation they agreed not to subpoena mike pence. >> anything from today that you think catches the eye of the justice department if they weren't already aware of it? >> i don't think so. i think that the former president is more likely to face legal jeopardy from the mar-a-lago document case than he is from this one. >> the former president also got some -- well, from his perspective, bad news from the supreme court today. the court rejected his request to intervene in a legal fight over those documents seized from mar-a-lago case closed or where are we? >> i think it's a very bad day for the former president, and he should be warned i think from this that the supreme court appointees of his are not necessarily going to rule in his favor. i don't like his chances in the
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document case if the justice department decides to go before a judge. to breaking news now that i mentioned off the top of this newscast an off duty police officer is among multiple people who have been shot and killed after an active shooting in a north carolina neighborhood. that's according to the reporting of our nbc affiliate wral raleigh police report multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in this active shooting near the noose river green way in east raleigh. witnesses tell our station, channel 5, that the shooter had a long gun, that he was dressed all in camouflage and also who had a camo backpack. one of the local hospitals wake med raleigh which is a trauma center reports they received at least three trauma victims no word on their conditions. you can see police walking around the neighborhood and the nature trails behind their homes. they cordoned off this neighborhood i think we have some live pictures we want to show you as
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well the live pictures show they reopened parts of this neighborhood but not all of this the latest we have is that this shooter is still out there somewhere and the truth is no one seems to know exactly how many victims there are as i said, our local station's reporting multiple people have been killed but exactly how many and how many others have been injured remains to be seen at late hour. they've been searching the woods with dogs there. this started about two hours ago. the north carolina governor roy cooper says he's instructed state law enforcement to head over to raleigh to help. our station reports police just began letting people into part of this neighborhood but a large part of it is still closed off east raleigh around jogging trails along the noose river updates out of raleigh and the raleigh durham area as this newscast continues first though, a higher than expected inflation hike but a surprising reaction on the
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corner of wall and broad so why the one-day surge in the face of all the bad news andrew ross sorkin is with us live next. and the acting president of a los angeles city council weighing his options as the last two members involved in a racist audio leak refuse to resign. and thumbs up emoji. why does a huge group of folks online want you canceled we planned well for retirement, but i wish we had more cash. they have no idea they're sitting on a goldmine. well they don't realize that if you have a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, you can sell all or part of it to coventry for cash. even a term policy. we've got to tell them! hey, guys! you're sitting on a goldmine! do you hear that? i don't hear anything anymore. find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit
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consumer prices jumped up to 8%.
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at first it rattled investors. there is a dramatic come back. the dow rose more than 15 points from this morning low and ended up more than 800 and the nasdaq also up more than 2% andrew ross sorkin's with "squawk box" co-host previous inflation reports that ran hot tanked the market, not today. what gives >> you know, i spent the day on the telephone with trade rs across wall street trying to figure out what really gives there is a sense if you want to be optimistic about it that perhaps when you look at this inflation report, this is the height, this is the peak, if you
4:17 am
will, of where the prices are. we'll see the prices come down and come down quickly, at least that's what appears to be what the hope is. that's also mixed with this. we'll be getting earnings from a bunch of big banks we've already seen some earnings come in and all of them look rather good. most ceos today say their business is actually quite good today. they worry about what's coming next the big question is what does jay powell at the federal reserve think of this? for that i think most don't think he's going to change course and for that it's hard to really understand why we ended up the way we did today. >> i wondered if great britain had anything to do with it with their political reversal and maybe political changes coming. >> there's no question there's no question. you raised the right issue there's a view that maybe the u.k. is going to get out of the problems that they've had, at least bring back some semblance of currency in their own
4:18 am
markets. that did play a role but i don't think that played the complete role in where we ended the day the question is of course where we'll end the week tomorrow. >> last inflation report before the november elections politically has got to be damaging for democrats >> it's very damaging unless the market continues to move the way it is now. however, i think most people on wall street are looking at this and, look, a lot of people want to look at this not glass empty but glass half full but to the extent they have to make a decision what to do, do you continue to raise interest rates given those numbers? you likely do. has the market already pulled back a lot it has but you put those two things together and, well, we need to have another conversation in a couple of weeks. >> i heard you ask this morning, does this mean 100 basis points? whoa, sorkin slow down. >> we'll see. >> yes, we will. andrew, see you in the morning thanks very much. amid higher inflation,
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retirees will get a big bump next year. social security administration made a big announcement. all social security beneficiaries will get a cost of living adjustment of 8.7%. highest increase in four decades. bigger than last year's of nearly 6% and well above last year's of 5.3% monthly retirees will get $146 more a month to cover some of the impact of inflation. the adjustment set to start in january. kamikaze drones and russian missiles raining on markets in ukraine. the rescue operation to free an 11-year-old boy trapped for hours as ukraine's president updates his wish list. and police say they believe a georgia toddler missing for more than a week is dead where cops are focusing their search for evidence and
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russian forces pummelling forces across ukraine yet again today continuing a day's long attack against civilian targets across the country they say a kamikaze drone attacked hitting kyiv and in the southern city of mikolaiv a missile hit an apartment building killing at least four people the latest round of attacks coming as ukraine pleads with
4:23 am
allies for more air defense. the u.s. defense secretary and nato defense ministers continue their meeting in brussels today. austin stressed the importance of sending air missile defense systems to ukraine but delivering these systems, he says, may take time. >> some of these systems could take weeks or months other systems may take years in the meantime we provided four himar systems that will be introduced immediately >> air defense at the top of the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy's wish list. today he said ukraine has only 10% of the defense systems it needs to protect itself from russian missile and drone strikes. those vulnerabilities on full display today, including that apartment building in mikolaiv nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel was there. >> eight russian missiles rained down on mikolaiv we happened to be nearby able to
4:24 am
document what is now the monotony of evil of russia's war on ukrainian cities. a stretcher goes up empty, a body bag comes out inside is eugene, a locksmith. unzipped for identification. those bastards, his uncle curses, and lays his hands for a final touch good by. olena keeps calling her sister but there's no answer. her apartment took a direct hit. each time you hear about a russian strike on a ukrainian city or another. >> his mother and father could see him and hear him screaming
4:25 am
he was conscious we're coming, we're coming stay with us for the news, i'm richard engel. >> saudi arabia is now responding to criticism from the united states over its decision over the saudi-led cartel to cut oil production in a statement tonight the saudi foreign ministry claimed was solely based on economic conve considerations saudi arabia claimed the biden administration asked for a one-month delay for production cuts but in the end the saudi administrators refused they announced their biggest oil production cuts in more than two years. had the saudis said yes, gas prices would likely have been -- gas price hikes would likely have been pushed off until after the mid-terms. the request had nothing to do with politics. in a statement today the
4:26 am
coordinator for strategic communications at the national security council wrote in part we presented saudi arabia to show that there was no market basis to cut production targets and that they could easily wait for the next opec meeting to see how things developed president biden has vowed to punish saudi arabia for the oil decision, something we did not do for khashoggi and 9/11. it's time to rethink the relationship with riyadh. four people injured now at a local hospital in raleigh. wake med raleigh is their trauma center and they now say they've received a fourth patient. and even more disturbing, a second crime scene has been opened up in the raleigh area. the first, of course, in east raleigh where we believe multiple people have been shot and killed now a second crime scene has been open. many people pushed away from it and i think we have some live cameras coming in from there
4:27 am
local reporters showing people were running and crying away from the second scene. people seem uncertain about what's happened there. the one thing we do know is a man believed to be wearing camo and carrying a rifle or a shotgun, i should say, has opened fire on multiple people according to our local station, wral, our nbc affiliate there, the gunman has killed multiple people and shot at least four, all of whom are in a local trauma center now and that gunman is not yet detained two crime scenes opened. more news from raleigh as we get it another shortage this one comes from the fda. adderall officially in short supply why one of the drugs largest producers says it just can't keep up. life in prison and no parole for the parkland school shooter. parents of his victims in court today as the jury's decision was read out loud. their shock and anger as we approach the bottom of the hour
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suggests, i don't care older workers reply with confusion not understanding the hate for the opposable digit i'm shepard -- i remember when we didn't use them. we just used words it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news two police officers in connecticut killed while responding to a 911 call why investigators now say they may have been lured into an ambush some florida schools preparing to reopen after hurricane ian as governor desantis announces extra help for first responders but first, a jury recommending life in prison instead of death for the parkland school shooter. >> the judge read the jury's decision today in a courtroom full of families and the murdered children and staff members. >> we the jury unanimously find that the aggravating factors that were proven beyond a
4:32 am
reasonable doubt outweigh the mitigating circumstances, no. >> parents broke down as they learned their kids' killer would not face execution they shook their heads, wiped tears and embraced each other as the judge ticked through each and every victim's name. she read the same sentence for all 17 murders, life behind bars for each one the jury unanimously agreed the state had proven that the aggravating factors of the case, such as cruelness and the planning, were enough to warrant a possible death sentence but they decided the mitigating circumstances out weighed the aggravating circumstance the shooter's lawyers argued the mitigating factors included developmental problems they say his mother drank heavily during her pregnancy the parents of the victims clearly disagreed. many spoke after they left the courtroom. they described feeling shocked, devastated, angry. >> shooting. some victims more than once on a
4:33 am
pass pressing the barrel of his weapon to my daughter's chest, that doesn't outweigh that poor little what's his name had a tough up bringing? >> if jurors had chosen the death penalty, their decision would have had to be unanimous the foreman told cbs miami three of the four jurors voted for life in prison one said she could never vote for the death penalty. in the end two other jurors agreed with her. in less than three weeks the victims families will return to the courtroom. they'll have a chance to speak before the judge issues the formal sentence. valerie castro now with the family's reactions. >> i pray that that animal suffers every day of his life in jail and he should have a short life. >> no excuse for letting this piece of garbage breathe.
4:34 am
>> the verdict, life without the possibility of parole, an unbelievable outcome for debby hickson whose husband was killed in the massmassacre. >> this verdict to me, what it says to me, what it says to my family, what it says to the other families is that his life meant more than the 17 that were murdered and the 17 that were shot. >> the last thing my son saw was the gunman in the aim. >> michael schulman's son scott beagle was a teacher he wrote an op ed for the south florida sun sentinel calling for the gunman to rot in jail, to spare the family's a lengthy death penalty trial. today he took it all back. >> this animal deserves to die he hunted all these people he planned this for months no, i take back everything i said in that op ed he should die. >> others denounce the decision as a dangerous message to the next mass shooter. >> that person is planning a
4:35 am
shooting now that's -- let's face it. and that person now believes that they can get away with it. >> public defender gordon weeks reminded everyone the verdict is final. >> i hope that we as a community can respect the verdict that was rendered and understand that those jurors have spoken and as a community we can now begin the process of healing >> many unsure that healing will ever come. >> this is insane, right everyone knows, right, this is insane we need justice. all of your kids need justice. >> reporter: florida governor ron desantis weighed in on the jury's verdict saying he was disappointed saying he believes nothing other than capital punishment would have been the
4:36 am
appropriate sentence. remember 1-year-old quinton simon who went missing in savannah, georgia, last week we reported on this. today cops made the heartbreaking announcement they believe little quinton is dead and his mother is their top suspect. >> sadly we still have not found quinton but our search and our investigation will continue and it will continue with every available resource we have in order to get quinton's family closure and see that justice is served in this case. >> cops did not say what evidence leads them to believe quinton is dead, just that they do have evidence we cannot confirm that they also did not disclose why his mother is their primary suspect. we've not been able to locate her contact information and to our knowledge she's not made any statements since the announcement she reported the child missing last wednesday she called 911 saying he went missing from his playpen at her mother's home where they lived together but the toddler's
4:37 am
grandfather questioned her credibility. yesterday investigators said they went back to the family's home looking for evidence with a team of search dogs. now the family tells our local station wsav cops are searching a landfill so far police have not announced that they've arrested or charged quinton's mother a 2 police officers in connecticut are dead and a third seriously hurt after cops say a gunman deliberately lured them into a home and ambushed them. it happened last night in bristol about a 30-minute drive southwest of hartford. a connecticut state police sargeant says the officers were responding to a 911 call sources tell our nbc affiliate in hartford the suspect got kicked out of a bar, then went home and got into an incident with his brother when police arrived at the home sources say the gunman was waiting outside with an ar-15 style rifle and then he opened fire shooting and killing these two officers on the left, sargeant dustin
4:38 am
damonte. on the right officer alex hamsey a third officer alec iarato suffered a severe gunshot wound. he needed surgery and doctors released him home from the hospital today cops say they shot and killed the gunman at the scene. the bristol police chief called the shooting an act of senseless violence officer down memorial page said more than 50 u.s. police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty this year and sadly that number may grow as we learned more about the active shooter in raleigh, north carolina, tonight. the embattled los angeles city council canceling yet another meeting after that racist conversation between some members and a union head leaked. the acting president called on two of his colleagues to step down immediately >> in the court of public opinion the verdict has been rendered and they must resign. there's too much pain.
4:39 am
there's too much deep injury to the soul, to the spirit of this city. >> yesterday protestors shut down the scheduled meeting know say they want everybody involved in that racist conversation about redistricting to step down former city council member -- city council president nury martinez resigned yesterday. a labor leader stepped down as well but two council members, kevin de leon and gill cedillo are holding owl still. no word from their office. the acting council president believes cedillo is making progress towards resigning. $314 million that's how much lee county florida could lose in tax revenues after hurricane ian that's just one county and one storm. the staggering new report about future storms and the cost of
4:40 am
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residents in southwest florida try to get their lives back together. they cleared 13 schools to reopen florida governor ron desantis said he wants all schools reopened by tuesday. today the governor awarded $2 million from the florida first responder fund. >> you may have a firefighter out there helping someone get out of their damaged home. that firefighter's home may have been destroyed, too. it's tough when you are having to go out there and serve the public knowing that you've got a lot of issues that you have to deal, but you don't have the
4:43 am
luxury to put yourself first you have to put the people that you're there to serve first. >> governor desantis also easing election rules for three counties, the hardest hit in the storm. the governor extended early voting by a few days and gave residents access to larger consolidated super polling sites as they call them. hurricane ian made noaa's list of billion dollar weather events that makes 15 so far this year according to noaa, this is the eighth year in a row that the u.s. has had $10 or more billio dollar plus disasters. as the cleanup efforts continue in southwest florida, some business owners there are already cutting their losses if enough decide against rebuilding, that could lead to big losses for the local tax base our continuing series on the rising cost from climate change, here's cnbc's diana olick on what florida stands to lose.
4:44 am
>> reporter: the destruction from hurricane ian was so profound that some home and business owners say they won't rebuild. they won't return. we don't even know if we're going to be able to rebuild. >> we've lost everything. >> that could mean a huge hit to the local property tax base when it needs revenue most. researchers at climate central look at hardest hit lee county, florida, which includes sanibel island it represents half of the county's assessed tax land value because coastal properties are so pricey. the tax revenue associated with ian-affected properties could be at least $314 million. >> in florida they give us a picture of what the future will look like. >> on a national level climate central looked not at storm surge but at sea level rise and found that by 2050, within the span of a 30-year mortgage, close to 650,000 properties are
4:45 am
projected to be at least partially submerged at high tide they represent over $35 billion in current tax assessment value. >> the first impression i had was, my lord, we're set up to lose by 2050, which is not that far away, an area almost the size of new jersey. >> reporter: by the end of the century that rises to more than a million properties with assessed values of more than $110 billion. >> financial loss of a home of course is devastating to a homeowner, but it's also a problem for our local communities because we run our local government, and especially our schools, off of property taxes. >> reporter: something e. lawrence wright had to contend with in new jersey after hurricane sandy. he became mayor there in 2019. >> our assessment right before sandy was 1.6 billion with a b
4:46 am
instantly sandy came in late october and the damage was obviously horrific and our assessment went down approximately 30 to 33%. >> looking to rebuild using government grants but it may be on borrowed time. >> if there were to be another one here, i think a lot of people would leave and not come back >> we've all seen the pictures from florida but we're also seeing homes fall into the ocean in north carolina. no big storm, just high tide sea levels are projected to rise by a foot in the next 30 years, about as much as they did in the past century and all that tax revenue could be lost right when it's needed most, to build protections like sea walls or flood plains. adderall is in short supply. that's new from the fda. it reports there's just not enough adderall to keep up with the growing demand
4:47 am
it's a brand name for a amphetamine mixed salt they prescribe it to people with adhd and narcolepsy. the fda reports one that the largest adderall producers in the country is facing manufacturing delays the company is called teva and in a statement to reuters it says it is possible some people may encounter a backorder based on timing and high demand. but these are only temporary. socialite scammer anna delvey speaking out. police arrested the woman whose real name is anna sorkin five years ago. she scam ped banks, hotels and even her friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. a new york jury found her guilty authorities released her from prison last february but immigration services immediately took her into custody for
4:48 am
overstaying her visa she spoke with cnn's jake tapper about her life now and in an interview that aired last night. >> when i was younger and i learned from my mistakes. >> but did you >> i did yes. >> did you learn from those mistakes >> are you not going to do anything like this ever again? >> absolutely not. >> she's still under house arrest in new york showed her ankle monitoring bracelet and said she's allowed to leave her home only to meet with her parole officers >> i've definitely did a lot -- i made a lot of wrong choices. >> like what >> well, just misrepresenting, i guess, my financial institutions but i'm trying not to glamor rise my crimes and not lead anybody to believe that that's the way to get famous because i suffered a lot as a result like as a consequences of my actions even though like i don't always show it, i'm not going on tv and cry but i've done a lot of time
4:49 am
in jail and it's been very hard. >> sorokin says she wants to stay in the u.s. and support herself legitimately she plans to continue selling her art and work on her new podcast. we're getting new information out of raleigh, north carolina we know from our affiliates reporting that multiple people are dead at least four people are in a hospital we know there was a gunman dressed in camo with a shotgun and now we've learned more about the second crime scene, and it appears police may have a suspect trappe
4:50 am
4:51 am
tex mex is a food group and they couldn't get the traditional ingredient and now owners of tex mex restaurants are struggling here's cnbc's perry russom.
4:52 am
>> it's the start of a lunch rush in san antonio. corn mixes in a metal pot. the sizzling pan finds a home next to bubbling beans rice spins taco shells are deep fried the start of another day in a long line of family tradition. >> how do you feel when you cook tex mex? >> grounded, you know? >> steven pazini's family has been in the restaurant industry since 1938. >> i do what i do because i love it. >> he opened this place in 2019 continuing the legacy started by his father. >> i have people come here that literally cry when they see me at the counter when they first see me we didn't know you were in business wow, look at you. >> your grandmother side mexico, your grandmother's side italy. >> that's a lot of cooking. >> it's in our blood. >> that includes the puffy taco, what he calls quintessential san
4:53 am
antonio. the city is considered the root of the tajano. >> this is when texas was part of mexico. >> steven alvarez teaches taco literacy and says tex mex has influences from spain and native american foods. >> it's about people and care and sharing the tacos is a way of showing you care and staying connected to your roots and something we as mexican americans can be proud of. >> there are those predicting the death of tex mex as we know it then the argument, the food is being over commercialized and too americanized. >> rather than looking for what's authentic, let's look for what's there. >> what's in his kitchen is tradition, culture and family. >> when i'm making our maza, grinding our corn, that's a very special time for me. every day. i never take it for granted because it's such a -- it's a
4:54 am
legacy >> for "the news" i'm perry russom. the head organizer of the world cup is talking about holding the world cup in qatar they're slamming the government. activists say they're worried the lgbtq soccer fans and players won't be welcome in an interview today with sky news, the head of the organizing unit said they have nothing to worry about. >> everybody is welcome here and everybody will feel safe when they come to qatar. >> that includes, say -- >> everybody. >> gay friends if they were holding hands in public, everybody? >> yes. >> not normally. they'll set up areas where drunks can sober up. alcohol is allowed in qatar but it's illegal to be drunk in public kickoff for the world cup is 38 days away. you can watch it on telemundo and streaming on peacock. after nearly four years of
4:55 am
renovations, washington's national air space museum is opening eight new and renovated galleries in its west wing tomorrow the rest of the exhibit still a couple of years away it's all part of a massive billion dollar overhaul so what's the money buying? here's nbc's peter alexander. >> from the moment you set foot inside the air and space museum's hall you can't help but look up. >> america's journey to the sky and beyond will take you away. >> this is a new set of exhibits is really unlike anything anybody in america has ever seen. >> absolutely. >> the experience for guests now more dynamic and interactive. >> this is what it would be like to be on an asteroid. >> christopher brown is the museum's director. >> whether you're a child or an adult coming in here, the hope is and certainly the expectation is you walk through here and you will learn something. >> it's all part of a seven year $1 billion effort to re-energize the museum bringing it into the 21st century
4:56 am
the punctuation of a painstaking process where the smithsonian's team removed and reinstalled countless artifacts including a massive d c3 here you can re-live our advancements in engineering from the write brothers first foray into flight -- >> we want to inspire. we want to excite and we want to create enthusiasm for the history of flight. >> to the ongoing missions of rovers like curiosity millions of miles away. >> i think the thing that many folks will realize perhaps for the first time is the size and scale of the activity that we're now doing on the surface of mars >> with an emphasis on inclusivity, the new displays feature women and people of color including a t-38 flown by jackie cochran, the first woman to break the sound barrier back in 1953. held more speed and altitude records than any man alive >> we want a little girl to walk into the museum, look around and
4:57 am
say, this is amazing i want to be part of this. >> hollywood also takes a bow. >> hang on back there. >> with r2-d2 and an x wing star fighter from the "star wars" franchise. >> this is the real thing. >> did you construct this? >> no, this is the real deal. >> back in this galaxy an in depth exploration into our solar system including engine pieces belonging to the iconic apollo mission in 1969 put the first man on the moon. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind >> it's an extraordinary chance to get an up close look at how we got to space. >> they were standing on the pad and you could walk underneath it, this is what you would see >> this is what you would see. >> with a renewed hope of inspiring the next generation. for the news, i'm peter
4:58 am
alexander. we've been following the active shooter situation in al re our a fill yacht at wral says the suspect is believed to be inside a barn and pinned down by police wral television our nbc affiliate reports multiple people are dead including an off duty police officer. wral -- sources are telling wral that the shooter has a long gun dressed in camo, also had on a camo backpack. wake med in raleigh says it's received at least four trauma victims. moments ago at this scene about two dozen cop cars headed to that area as fast as light said the local reporter where the suspect had been pinned down so there may be a break in this case case we planned well for retirement, but i wish we had more cash. they have no idea they're sitting on a goldmine. well they don't realize that if you have a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, you can sell all or part of it
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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters. here's your top five at 5:00 a rally to remember. stocks coming off a wild day with the dow swinging more than 1500 points intraday to finish sharply higher the bank of england set to wrap up its emergency bond-buying program as traders remain on edge on the volatility side of things for the bond market there. investors also gearing up for big bank earnings here stateside with several high profile names reporting results ahead of the opening bell today


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