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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  November 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters. here is your top "five@5." stocks on track for their second down week in three as hawkish comments from the fed outweigh easing inflation pressure. work harder or be shown the door the message from elon musk as staffers chose the latter ahead of yesterday's 5:00 p.m. deadline now washington is looking to get involved. it turns out the sale was the only sale with the taylor
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swift's hotour. new allegations from ftx over the former ceo who is reportedly trying to hide millions from investigators. and later on, sentencing day for elizabeth holmes after a january conviction it is friday, november 18th, 2022 you are watching "worldwide exchange" here on cnbc good morning i'm dominic chu in for brian sullivan let's kickoff your friday morning. it has been green, but it has been fluctuating all morning a modest opening bell. dow implied higher by 10 points. nasdaq up 36 again, gains modest and jumping all over the place in the
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pre-market the bond market is still seeing yields tick higher 3.81% for the 10-year treasury the 2-year treasury is 4.49% right now. in energy, oil prices continue their near term decline at least over the last few weeks or so. today, we're seeing a very modest bounce in prices. u.s. benchmark wti crude prices up .30%. $81.94 ice brent crude is flat on the session. $89.80 in cryptocurrency. we were watching the $20,000 mark now we are watching the $16,000 area cryptocurrency price is up across the board bitcoin up to $16,731. ethereum prices up 1%.
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$1,213.98. a check of the action overnight in asia and early trade in europe with arabile gumede in the london newsroom with the latest there. happy friday morning, arabile. >> happy friday, dominic the market out in asia kicking off the day's trading with mixed picture here we are seeing shanghai go down .20% on the close of that trading picture with the hang seng going down to .30%. very interesting to note that the japan market did come out with some interesting data the core cpi index there rising to 3.6%. very important data because that is higher than expected. also the fastest pace for core cpi. the last time it hit that figure was 1982 leaders are heading to the economic summit apac they are getting a sense of what
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espe else is happening on that market all green across to this point from europe. we got comments from the st. louis fed president speaking about the fund rate moving between 5% and 7%. it sparked interest which means does that mean rates will go higher from here james bullard spoke about raising interest rates and curbing inflation. more needing to be done. a similar sentiment from christine lagarde who is speaking at the european bank congress this morning. ecb president christine lagarde reiterating commitment to tackling inflation with higher rates. >> we expect to raise rates further and withdrawing an accommodation may not be enough.
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ultimately we will raise rates to levels that bring inflation back down to our medium-term target in a timely manner. >> let's close out with some stock data raising the offer from bhp to oz minerals that takeover could be bhp's largest in a decade and will expand production of copper and nickel needed for electric vehicles that is the picture in europe. >> thank you, arabile gumede, on the latest in europe and asia markets. and employee exodus under way at twitter bertha coombs has more good morning >> good morning, dom twitter staff is suffering a new wave of employee departures yesterday after a number of staff rejected the elon musk's ultimatum telling them they need
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to commit to hard core work environment. maintaining long hours at quote high intensity most spent the past 48 hours weighing options after waking up to the wednesday email requesting employees make a decision by 5:00 p.m. thursday those who did not opt-in would be given three months severance. internal slack messages shared with cnbc showed that engineers and other employees were posting good-bye messages to a chat group in the run-up to the deadline hundreds of salute emojis indicate thank you for your service were streamed and good buy messages after the deadlines passed and resignations were apparent, twitter emailed remaining work force saying the company is temporarily closing its office buildings effective immediately
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and will reopen monday along with the youemail, musk h stricter measures saying you should meet with your teams in person ideally once a week musk threatening to terminate managers who allow employees to work remotely if they are deemed anything less than exceptional without providing guidelines on what qualifies now a group of democratic senators are asking the ftc to investigate twitter over concerns that musk has quote undermined the integrity of the platform in a letter addressed to ftc chair lena kahn, the senators washed the displaying willful disregard
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dom, no shortage of drama there. >> no, no, no. not just that, i think there are some folks and users of twitter. you and i are on the platform. there are folks out there trying to hedge against the possibility of twitter not existing in the future could look like i have gotten notes from people on my direct messages saying we're using this platform going forward just so you know here is how you can reach us it has become a weird surreal scenario don't you think? >> yeah. it is a strange thing in we all have come to rely on it. i have been on it now four 12 years, i think, for a lot of us. this shakeup is certainly strange and it certainly, i imagine, they will study in business schools in terms of management and maybe what not to do, i imagine. >> i was looking at my profile
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it tells you i joined in may of 2009. it has been a long stretch for me as well bertha coombs, thank you very much see you later on. back on wall street. stocks on the second day of losses after fed officials signal the rate hiking campaign to tame inflation is far from over the latest is james bullard saying the change in monetary policy stance appeared to have limited effects on observed fl inflation. let's talk more about this with mark haefele with ubs. mark, the comments from the st. louis fed had immediate market effects. we saw them in interest rates and commodity prices is this a game changer or is he telling us what we already know that this is higher for longer >> i think he is telling us what with we already know, but some of us don't want to hear
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that is the fed is committed to getting inflation under control. histo historically, that has meant raising rates up to the level of inflation. we don't think that will be the case this time, but we have to be respectful of what it has taken in the past. >> so, mark, with that in mind, we are showing a panel worth of economic data. inflation related. cpi, ppi, what not maybe a growing consensus. a growing one that inflation may have peaked or be in the process of peaking if that is the case, what does that mean for the prospects for the economy going forward? are we doomed to recession >> well, it has gotten more difficult to ensure a soft landing. that's clear for a couple of reasons. i think the resilience of the
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economy on the one hand is welcome, but it is also kind of made the federal reserve realize that they may have to keep tightening for longer and that could ultimately result in a bit of a deeper recession. i think, you know, what people need to realize is that coming off the peak of inflation is good and that could lead to, you know, something like a santa claus rally. one reason we have concerns about next year is that coming off the peak doesn't mean you are coming back to target. what nobody know is does inflation get stuck along the way say in the 4% range or something like that requiring the fed to do more that's reflected, that kind of thinking, reflected in what we are hearing from the fed. >> mark, it sounds like you are a little more cautious, i guess we can use that cliche, ca cautiously optimistic.
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do you feel the best places to be right now are in the places in the equity markets that are perhaps less prone to economic cycles and more defensive in nature >> absolutely. you know, first, i would say that one of the sectors we like is energy and value. energy has been a tremendous performer this year. we're not saying you have to exit the equity markets. we have a focus on value over growth value, we found, has out performed when inflation is higher than 3% that is certainly the case today. we're also looking at consumer staples and healthcare which is a strong performing sector we think being more defensive in the equity allocation makes sense as we believe that earnings expectations and the earnings in the first and second quarter may come lower as some
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of this economic activity slows because the fed's rate hikes start to bite. >> mark, before we let you go, one other place we were looking at these days for obvious reasons is the bond market and treasury prices which is a huge focus here right now, it looked good if you bought 10-year treasury with a yield of 4.2% seeing the yield is 3.8% right now. do we look more to the yield plays? do we look toward investment grade or treasuries with yields at 4% or above as attractive >> we think so you know, the good news for going into next year is that you can get a lot more income from high quality bonds so that is certainly part of the portfolio now. our investors and clients are scrambling a little bit with actually earning income on bonds. high quality bonds
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we would also look to investment grade as well here because we think there are some opportunities there. >> mark haefele with ubs global. thank you. when we come back, what the new ceo of ftx has to say about the company as he looked to shepherd it through bankruptcy and more fallout over taylor swift's ticket sales. and why job cuts at amazon won't end with the new year. ceo andy jazzy's message to the company ahead. when "worldwide exchange" returns after this break easy-to-use tools, and paper trading to help sharpen your skills, you can stay on top of the market from wherever you are.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." at th time for the big money movers. gap swinging to the third quarter profit as sales beat forecast benefitting from strong demand as consumers return to work, travel and social events following the pandemic gap expects fourth quarter sales to be down as volumes slowed at the end of october into november nonetheless, gap shares up 7.5%. palo alto beat forecasts the firm is broadly raising outlook for the year the ceo says customers are
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focusing on medium and longer term projects and the company needs to get them to close deals sooner on that basis shares for palo alto up 8.5% applied materials better than expected fourth quarter results. chip maker is guiding first quarter revenue above estimates on easing supply chain issues. those share up 4%. it is important applied materials is viewed by some as a leader indicator for the chip industry. and to the latest in the collapse of ftx. the latest of the bahamas unit to a government controlled wallet for safekeeping one day after it filed bankruptcy. ftx filing for chapter 15 in the bahamas. a provision that non-u.s.
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companies use to protect from creditors. all of this as ftx's new ceo oversaw the enron bankruptcy back in the day gave assessment of the failing in the court filing saying, quote, in his 40 years of legal and restructuring experience that he had never seen, quote such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trust worthy financial information as occurred here adding employee expenses were approved with emojis and staff in the bahamas used corporate money to buy homes without d documentation. it used an auditor which it uses in the metaverse let's bring in anita ramaswamy
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the intro i read was long because there was that much stuff to talk about. the filings yesterday, i don't know what stood out to you in your mind. >> there were so many things that stood out to me i think it is ironic that the new ceo was the same person brought in after enron this is so similar to that i remember that time we saw a lot of the auditing firms like arthur anderson get in trouble because they were not enforcing internal controls. that's exactly what we're seeing with ftx it is not just the company engaging in wrongdoing, but other parties enabling them to do that as well. just like what happened with arthur anderson fell and i have a feeling the auditors and other parties involved, it will be chip after chip falling. >> so, anita, it is interesting because we keep getting
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incremental news and data long these stories. the latest just happened with bitstamp i'm looking at the twitter feed. in the last 20 minutes the exchange that trades many of the cryptocurrencies said we are halting the ftx token and cll. the celsius token on november 22nd, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. utc if you plan on forperforming mo trades, please do so before the deadline this is not anything surprising. these two tokens are from companies that are in extreme distress right now what are you going to expect, anita? what can we expect to see in terms of sentiment with crypto because of develop s like this? >> the inter cryptocurrency
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ecosystem is intertwined and all of the companies depend on one another. if one chip falls, they have influence over the industry and it will lead to the link and people will lose trust in cryptocurrency a lot of people were waiting for the moment a lot of people have been saying crypto is a scam it will reflect on the le legitimate companies in the space as wealll when you have someone like sam bankman-fried who is so trust worthy and now you can't trust him, it is like who can you trust? people will question everything the company says the level of deception cwas layered. so many things that ftx said he was engaging with regulators and he was talking to a reporter about his effective altruism was
5:23 am
he didn't care about doing good. he had derogatory things to say about regulators i think it goes to show you can't take anything at face valu value. particularly in cryptocurrency >> all right anita ramaswamy over at techcrunch have a great weekend. >> thank you still on deck on the show. a closer look at the rising risk of drought and technology. big tech and impact it could have an all sectors of the economy. "worldwide exchange" is back with that story after this
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welcome back it mayi be ksnowing in the northeast, but a report shows half of the nation is in drought conditions up 9% from a monthing ago this is hitting the economy. the data centers the life blood of the technologies which needs massive amounts of water to operate. we have diana olick with the rising risks of climate change >> data centers store and move the information we use which is a lot and growing. they run hot the cheapest and most common way to cool them is water. a lot of it. >> water tends to be cheaper than power it is a pure financial decision
5:27 am
for many players >> reporter: in just one day, the average data center can use 300,000 gallons of water to cool itself the same water consumption as 100,000 homes. according to researchers at virginia tech estimate one in five data centers draws water from the west. >> there is risk if you are dependent on water data centers are set up to operate 20 years what will it look like in 2040 >> reporter: and that is when this firm purchased by kkr and moved into the phoenix area used a different and more expensive method of cooling. >> that was our a-ha moment. we changed design to go to zero consumption water so we didn't have the risk. >> reporter: realizing the risk, it ran a program on the data center to reduce relative
5:28 am
humidity from 20% to 13% lowering water consumption it implemented this in all of the centers. the overall water consumption is rising with one fifth of the water coming from areas deemed with water stress. it sets a goal last year to restore more water than it consumes by 2030 startsing in te west data centers that lease are bought by private equity firms in search of high growth real estate. >> a lot of players are not as sophisticated and looking at a short-term horizon they are probably not going to be around in 10 or 20 years. >> reporter: the cop27 summit in egypt wraps up one accomplishment was the drought alliance with several countries formed to look at ways
5:29 am
to populations and economies resilient against drought. i spoke with microsoft president brad smith from the summit who said the company is investing in technology to recycle the water in the centers thas and he is bs to meet the goals by 2030. >> you don't think the big tech and data centers are tied to this data center real estate is valuable sector overall. we know the tech is at risk here is it also the value of those centers that is at risk as well because of this? >> reporter: absolutely. a handful of data center reits and a company that might own its own real e own real estate, if it is not operated, that comes gdown and off the center of the balance
5:30 am
sheet. >> diana olick with the rising risks. thank you very much. see you soon. straight ahead on the show, looking at the big insider buys and how the biggest buy this week could help its fight against activist investor. wel bk thorafr 'lbeacwi me te this what if you were a global bank who wanted to supercharge your audit system? so you tap ibm to un-silo your data. and start crunching a year's worth of transactions against thousands of compliance controls with the help of ai. now you're making smarter decisions faster.
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operating costs are lower. and everyone from your auditors to your bankers feels like a million bucks. let's create smarter ways of putting your data to work. ibm. let's create
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stocks stuck in a holding pattern as wall street eyes the second down week in three.
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fi futures swinging between wins and losses. and bad blood with taylor swift and ticketmaster and employee exodus under way at twitter after elon musk's hard core ultimatum. it is friday, november 18h, 2022 you are watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. welcome back to the show i'm dominic chu in fo brr brian sullivan the dow implied higher by 80 points s&p higher by 15 nasdaq higher by 55. again, modest moves, but right now, tilted to the upside. to the top stories and a rough week for taylor swift and
5:34 am
fans and it is not getting better bertha coombs is here with those. good morning >> it is not getting better, dom. good morning ticketmaster announcing it is cancelling the general public ticket sales for the first tour in five years after a chaotic and glitch filled pre-sale event. ticketmaster says the general public sale is called off due to extraordinarily high demand on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining inventory to meet that demand. the company which is owned by live nation says more than 2 million tickets to the eras tour were sold tuesday. a new single day record. despite the tech issues and web site crashes ticketmaster goes on to say swift would need to book 900 stadium shows to meet demand which equals one show every night for the next two and a
5:35 am
half years with the general ticket sale canceled and we are now seeing ticket resellers. some of the prices that we're seeing as they attempt to sell seats range from about $340 a ticket to $28,000. the situation is seeing political fallout as well. minnesota senator amy klobuchar says she sent a letter to live nation alleging ticketmaster is abusing the dominant market positions. this as alexandria ocasio-cortez tweets that the outages are a reminder that ticketmaster is a monopoly and the merger never should have been approved. we have not heard from taylor swift herself. i have to wonder things like this make artists like her with so much clout think about starting their own platform to sell their tickets. >> if there is anyone who could
5:36 am
do it, it is taylor swift given the millions of fans out there for sure a lot of drama bertha coombs, thank you very much we appreciate it talk to you later on. chinese tech firms closing higher today on the back of alibaba's second quarter report yesterday. the giant posting better than expected earnings. the company announced increase in the share buyback program the ceo saying he expects numbers to improve as covid restrictions begin to ease here is another one. reporting a few moments ago. e commerce company in china topping estimates as covid lockdowns sparked more online shopping joining me now is sid choraria sid, it is all confusing alibaba which is also ecommerce
5:37 am
in china says covid-19 is hurting its results and jd comes out, says covid-19 is helping ecommerce sales. how do you navigate that market? >> the test of the business is the crisis if you look at alibaba, they reported $5 billion in pre-cash flow in the quarter. that is one of the most challenging periods in china in decades. the company as you mentioned repurchased $18 billion of stock. that is 10% of the market cap. you know, just to put this in context, this is more stock that alibaba repurchased this year than amazon in its entire history. the company announced another 50 billion repurchase plan. as you mentioned, alibaba growth has been the headline which is
5:38 am
low single digits. you have to put this in perspective. it was a 30% base last year and so now the base will get better going forward. if you compare this to tencent in the last three quarters, minus 2% minus 3% and then 0% just to put this in context, alibaba's $100 billion revenue business and $100 billion consumer business. there are few businesses in the world with that size and scale a singles day was flat that was $85 billion that is two times amazon holiday season sales the company, i would say with, the company is certainly going to witness fastering growth than alibaba. i would expect growth at 15% over the next three years.
5:39 am
the company sales are not growing as fast, but i have not looked at recent earnings results. the net services line is growing faster i think my focus here is the free cash flow of both businesses which is how to the value a business >> so, sid, we have a few moments left here. let's take us through. the opportunity that has happened over the last year or year and a half in chinese tech stocks getting beaten up has created opportunities. what are your favorite picks what is the most attractive in china tech >> certainly the stock market is expensive. i police of i prefer alibaba the closing price in the ipo
5:40 am
it is still trading close to ipo levels the warren buffett indicator for gdp ratio in china is 55%. in the united states, it is close to 150%. my top pick is alibaba for the fact that it is aligned with the china long-term goals. the company generates a ton of cash i expect that to accelerate when the chinese economy opens mid next year. >> sid, thank you. have a nice weekend. coming up on the show, the world cup kicks off this weekend. for the first time, u.s. sports books are gearing up for a big pay day. shares of farfetch falling ahead of the opening bell after a wider than expected third quarter loss sales coming in lower than
5:41 am
expected shares down 11% pre-market williams-s, no ornoma with shares down 7% pre-market. ross stores sharesare jumping. shares up 16.5% in the pre-market trade stay tuned "worldwide exchange" is back after this ♪ for skin as alive as you are... don't settle for silver. harness the power of 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins to smooth, heal, and moisturize your dry skin. gold bond. champion your skin. is it possible the only thought that comes to mind is... ♪ finally? this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there. as you plan, protect and retire. ♪
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." a market flash on tesla. up pre-market. the national highway transportation talking about a recall in air bag issues welcome back let's get the top insider buys for that, we go to brian sullivan >> it is time for the weekly exclusive insider buy segment. where we highlight the top five stocks bought by the c-suite level executives the executives buying their own stock and the information comes from verity data we count down five to one. there are new na
5:45 am
transocean and the fourth biggest is sage therapeutics a $500,000 buy who is buying on weakness second time that sage has made this top five insider buying list we keep track. and third is cogent holdings $548,000 buy by the board member the largest at cogent. to the top two second most is $687,000 by the board member of the house company corebridge financial and the biggest insider buy this week is $5 million buy at
5:46 am
masimo picking up nearly 40,000 shares. this company is under pressure from activist investors. verity notes there may be good pr by making a big insider buy the stock has been cut in half this year. there you go transocean, sage, cogent, corebridge and masimo. we try to do this almost every friday a segment you will only see here on "worldwide exchange" or cnbc pro. sign up for cnbc pro today thank you, brian this weekend marks the start of the 2022 fifa world cup. for the first time, it is kicking off as a legal sports betting franchise. our contessa brewer has the latest there it is the most popular sport in
5:47 am
the world and now people can bet on it legally in the u.s what will it look like >> dom, it is exciting for people who love soccer or football as the rest of the world calls it sports book operators are gearing up for the world cup in qatar. the american gaming association pre-didicts $1.8 billion will be bet. the amount of money wagered in october was $1.5 billion for all month. the sports books we talked to say they don't know what to expect in 2018, the last world cup took place just a month after the supreme court decision paving the way for states to legalize sports betting today you have 31 states and washington, d.c. that offer it the sports books are trying to game out how to maximize opportunity for the tournament here points bet tells us it is
5:48 am
translating the app to spanish to reach more fans draft kings says soccer is the number eight most popular sport on the platform. it paid for a study of fans for the sports and found out most of the betting is coming in on favorites like argentina and brazil fan duel says coming in, i'm not surprised by this, for team usa. >> if team usa out performs expectations, you will find the country gets behind it and gets excited about it it will benefit my business to be sure. >> with ooddds of 150 to 1, tea usa is a long shot they play monday at 2:00 p.m. against wales. all eyes if they push forward and fervor coming from the u.s. portion of the soccer frenzy, dom. >> the point you made, contessa,
5:49 am
about expanding the reach or addressable market for the betting platforms by putting apps in spanish to reach more football/soccer fans, is fascinat fascinating. how big of a catalyst? soccer is a growing sport in the u.s., but not in the same ballpark or area code or zip code like football or baseball or major u.s. sports how much will the platforms look to soccer as a market for real sports growth? >> that is a great point, dom. we know the demographics that support soccer are growing in the united states. there's a growing latino population in the united states. that's one two, we know that engagement goes up for sports any sport. whether it is football which is popular or baseball or pong dur.
5:50 am
could the opportunity to bet on various teams whether it is team usa or argentina, could that actually make new soccer fans? we just don't know this is unprecedented. if you look at australia, which likes soccer about as much as the u.s., the last world cup around where betting was avail available in australia, they were surprised by how much money came in on soccer. we will see if you turn non-soccer fans into soccer fans or turn soccer fans into betting players. >> huge deal for sure with the fifa world cup contessa, we have to plug it you can watch the fifa world cup here on nbc and peacock as well. contes contessa, thank you. coming up on the show, new data show investors pour $23 billion in stocks in the last week the biggest flow in more than
5:51 am
eight months we have deils taon those coming up next. keep it right here ♪♪ ♪♪ be ready for any market with a liquid etf. get in and out with dia.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." time to update you on the latest stories. staffers rejected elon musk's ultimatum. they need to commit to a hard core work environment. and sentencing day for silicon valley darling theranos ceo elizabeth holmes holmes recommended to 15 years sentencing less than the 20 years she could face far longer than the legal team bid to limit her sentence to 18 months prosecutors want holmes to pay
5:54 am
more than $800 million in financial restitution. and andy jassy will continue to layoff employees next year. jassy says it is the most difficult decision he faced in the past year and a half as ceo of the company the company began cutting staff in divisions which include devices and human resources as well we will keep an eye on the amazon cuts. and according to the latest data from epfr global out this hour $22.9 billion invested in the last week. flow into the stocks surged, europe saw the 40th straight week of outflows the longest streak on record joining me is keith lerner at
5:55 am
truist ing keith, the information is not surprising should we put stake in this? is this something where investors can say people are getting back in and i should join as well >> great to be with you, dom, on friday morning it is interesting. fund flows came in after the market had the move off the low. i don't know there is a lot to really take from that in itself. what is more interesting is during the entire move down in the market this year, fund flows have been flat this year you have seen a lot of the action after record inkflows in the bond market. it is seasonal period. we had a nice move off the lows. it is nice to see the fund flows come in after the move our bottom line, dom, we think it is capped at 5% from where we are today. we see more relative
5:56 am
opportunities in the fixed income market for the first time in more than a decade. >> earlier this hour, we were talking to mark haefele at ubs he was talk about the higher bonds and corporate investment rates. do you go out bond picking or find a fund? what is attractive about the corporate bond market? >> i think right now, we are keeping it simple. our base case is recession is more probable next year. you don't want to take credit risk we are looking at high quality government bonds agency bonds you can do that with funds or etfs or individual bonds depending on the client situation. we are buying short bonds. what we have done recently is actually extend the duration we think an important shift is likely to occur in the next
5:57 am
three-to-six months. we had the worst bond market in the index. that is due to inflation we think the narrative will shift from inflation to concerns about economic growth as all of the rate hikes start to filter into the market and slow economic activity. i think you are getting paid to wait in the fixed income market. if the market is 4% to 5% using the valuation, why not be in fixed income with less risk? >> with two-year yields at 4.5%, it is attractive for some investors. keith lerner, thank you very much that does it for us on "wlddexcngorwi ehae. "squawk box" picks up coverage next see you on monday. have a great weekend
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good morning stocks up to slight gains and officials signal the rate hiking is far from over twitter facing a wave of resignation after elon musk's ultimatum for a hard core work environment. it shuts the offices until monday. and ticketmaster cancelling the general public sale of taylor swift tickets now more lawmakers are calling for a probe into the company this is friday, november 18th, 2022 let me emphasize it is friday "squawk box" begins right now. good morning welcome to "squawk box


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