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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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bentley systems. >> tim >> we told you about banks with a big run. i had facing a little bit, selling upside calls in january in citigroup. >> happy turkey day, everybody thank you fo this is the start of what could be a very big holiday season. >> more on the retail landscape heading into the holiday season. >> some fear might be a humbug holiday. >> our expectation is they're going to shop especially beginning this weekend in record numbers. >> what we're seeing is a very mixed break drop. >> a few retailers are doing better but most of them are struggling. >> i don't think retail will look great by the end of the year ♪ ♪ happy thanksgiving eve, everybody. welcomecnbc special "taking stock. i'm brian sullivan jim is off tonight
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tonight, it's about you, the american consumer, the shopper, the diner, the traveler, maybe the sports gambler you drive with inflation the stimulus wears off, some are having to make difficult decisions is tonight, we got every angle to fight for your dollar covered as we look for investing opportunity we head into the holidays and what a lineup we have got for you we've got retail legend micki drexler and consumer king and nbc sports peter king on a wild and kind of weird year for professional football. this is cnbc so let's hit the closing holiday numbers, shall we today the dow didn't do much but did rise the s&p and nasdaq to slowdown keep a nice run for stocks going and a reminder the markets are
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open on friday but mercifully for a shortened holiday session. all right. speaking of markets. retail, it has been rocking. if you were not paying attention, you should be nearly every sector of the consumer stock market is up. look at these moves just since october 1st. these are quarter to date. we just plucked out some of the better performers. these are in the a complete list walgreens up mccormick up dining and restaurant stocks also no exception. the parent of chilis up and chuys and burger king up getting grub on and clothes. macy's, abercrombie and fitch, the gap surging. context is key it is still a rough year for many investors in the consumer space we get it. let's cut through the noise and figure out where we are right
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now. joining us to talk about it, it's playing out in the retail landscape is the legendary micki drexler. former ceo of jay crew and the gap. now, alex, i got to say i'm down with some of your jackets. i look dapper in corduroy. i'll talk about that later where do we stand now with the consupmer stimulus and how do yo see the macro environment now? >> all of this is my opinion as you both said at the beginning, it's a rough environment. i think in my opinion it's all about the product and the merchandise or about cheap prices i also don't think and there's a lot of great products out there in the apparel world and that is always the primary purpose of being in the business to have good merchandise that people like on an emotional and
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practical level. now, the other part of people shopping is cheap prices if you go online and go to stores, i've never seen as much black fridayish days start so early and 40 to 60 to 70, says people will wait until perhaps they get a better deal. >> i'll ask you a question, micki, which may or may not get me fired, who knows. we do so much of it in two days time does black friday, the day, the actual one day friday, does it matter anymore >> i think it's a cliche and, you know, the tv news shows people breaking down the doors but it's kind of like they do every year on thanksgiving travel day so i don't think it matters that much but i think it helps
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retailers do what they normally do, which is discount their goods even more but it's worn off to me and boring but i'm not the typical consumer the merchandise is number one. a lot of people are looking at analytics over merchandise and i don't know any analytics that drive a business forward you know, good ol' fashioned instinct gut merchandising, i can't quantify but when i read about retail, i don't see many people talking about the goods they make and that's impacting the market and i think that's
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going to end. >> well, i mean, of course, listen, you know, every day we all get a little older and the younger folks say well, the old people are so far behind, it's about computers and humans don't matter anymore i don't know if a computer is making decisions at the department store but the last time i walked through a department store it's like somebody bafrfed up the 70s with crop tops and bell bottoms so if a computer is making those decisions, somebody needs to throw that away. my wife works in consumer products and everybody couldn't get anything for a year and a half because of supply chain issues and over ordered, this is everybody, now they have too much do you think tomorrow or next week or next year the business will reset from this covid wobble that we were in >> you know, i don't have a
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crystal ball i don't think it will reset until there is less stores and less merchandise and less discounting along with inflation that makes it very difficult but i don't see personally a reset happening. we're not counting on it i don't think anyone really. even the earnings this week, you know, they're up, they're down, they're around. >> i can't figure them out, micki. there seems to be no pattern. >> i agree this is just when i ran public companies. everything is based on forecasts. not on actual. so everyone beats their expectation but i don't know what that means. november, end of october are really rough and who knows what will happen this friday. it will be the same. they can rerun the news from the last five years but it's tough and i don't think it's going to
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be easy. inflation is still there they say it might be improving i went to a coffee shop last week with a friend we both ordered eggs and toast and coffee the bill was $68 add a tip to that and it was the price of a nice lunch and that's staring people in the face every day, gasoline, food prices, clothing prices. it's not a brilliant environment to come. >> people had a lot of money, they saved money during covid, they didn't travel stimulus checks. a lot of money came into the american pocketbooks so i don't think they were price sensitive. is that a fair statement you didn't have to discount, did you, because people were willing to pay full price. you're willing to sell it to them at full price, i'd imagine. >> the reality is the most
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successful earnings, tjx, a great merchant, her earnings are terrific you know why because everyone is selling her goods always at now probably the lowest prices ever and she carries every brand but that tells you where the world is going i've been in the business a long time and i think the business has a shakeup. the pandemic came and pushed a lot of people out, which was healthy. it was happening anyway if you look at the trends. >> we'll see where the trends go in 2023. that's for a different segment and show for now enjoy your night anding thanksgiving, micki, thank you. >> you too, take care. >> well, the trading week will be cut short by thanksgiving and black friday, there is certainly no shortage of retail results. melissa here to break down the good, the bad, maybe
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ugly numbers and as we were talking bump the show, micki and i were talking, have you been able to spot a pattern with the numbers because i can't? >> you know, it's a mixed bag but the common thread is that consumers are being more selective and some cases looking for deals and some cases willing to pay up for brands so in general, a lot of retailers benefitted from the pandemic people had extra money that sugar high has ended and the reality is hitting and so retailers are going to have to work harder. consumers are a tougher sell now so they expect more and how they execute. >> household balance sheets added over $2 trillion in savings, trillion with a t because of savings of not traveling, not commuting and government transfer payments, stimulus, ppp money, whatever it may be are the retailers themselves you
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listened to these calls, right, do they talk about how that money is winding down? >> they have been talking about that lately and also been talking about how credit card balances are going up and savings accounts are going down and this is something -- >> that's bad. >> best buy ceo, they mentioned that on the call she spoke about how that means that even if people aren't trading down to cheaper items, that means they're making tradeoffs and that could be saying i'm spending on vacation instead of getting a new wardrobe. >> credit card balances are nine -- going off the top of my head, don't quote me 930ish billion dollars the rates on those credit cards are going up people got accustomed to a certain lifestyle for a couple years. now the bill is coming due i would imagine that's got to be reflected in some of these lousy forecasts. retailers thinking wait a minute, my customer isn't getting not saving any more money. they're commuting again. they're not getting the stimulus and their credit cards are maxed out. >> exactly.
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>> that's not a good combo. >> we saw a lot of retailers beat expectations but like micki mentioned, they set a lower bar so how meaningful is that bar when a bunch cut the forecast back in the summer we're seeing and hearing a more cautious conservative tone because these retail executives are thinking about hey, make it tougher going into 2023. >> melissa appreciate it we'll let you start your hole day. >> happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to you. the consumer king on what he's seeing and also why he just bought one of the most expensive hotels in the world and the cost jump he is seeing in one of his markets that may make your eyes pop out. that's coming up next. as we head to break, take a look at tjx companies, the name behind marshalls, tjmaxx and home goods that stock, that pressure hunt type shopping booming. that stock the highest the ipo back to 1987 when the mullet was king
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we're back right after this. >> announcer: tonight on cnbc how jolly is the consumer? plus, flex for us? we're testing the global supply chain ahead of the holidays and jim cramer is coming to town brk a icand mortar walk down main street when we return on cnbc
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and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. welcome back to this thanksgiving eve special, everybody. let's talk more about you. how you are feeling about the economy is kind of everything that matters now, there has been some positive stuff out there, consumer sentiment, new home sales coming in stronger than expected while u.s.
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manufacturing activity did contract again and the reading on input slipped to the lowest level since december of 2020, a possible sign that inflation will continue to ease but you know what? enough data. let's ask somebody who knows more than anyone because from steaks to seafood to say casinon sports, there is nobody that knows more than he, he personally owns the houston rocket and he just made one of his biggest buys ever, the montage hotel in laguna beach for a cool $650 million. i could go on but that would eat the whole segment. good to chat with you. happy thanksgiving to you and the entire family. when you make a deal like $650 million for the montage, should we read into that that you are betting on a consumer or are you b betting on a specific sector of
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the consumer >> both. and in that case you're also betting on i hate to say i'm betting on california but you are betting on california. there is nothing like the pacific coast. there is more money on the pacific coast than anywhere else except the east coast maybe and it's a luxury property that is so hard to develop and it's going to always be there and it's just something that you can't recreate the land isn't there anymore and you just got to look at what it's worth over the next 50 years and it will be worth a lot. >> yeah, unbelievable property you know, okay, so that's at the high end the one thing you do and your team does well is make the non-rich feel special. that's the biggest part of the
6:19 pm
american economy how are you seeing the middle class now? do you sense a slowdown anywhere >> what is really unusual brian, right now, is the masses are still out there spending if anything, it's a little bit after the pandemic where we've seemed to have put so much money into the system that it's the higher end that's coming down just a tad right now and the masses are still out there spending and so it's really interesting right now but it seems to change every quarter right now. i don't really think the consumer really even knows where they are right now and how much if they have a floating mortgage it's really affecting and how much is gasoline affecting them and how much it's costing them to go increase and buy their thanksgiving dinner this year. so i think that we're all trying to feel it out just like we're trying to feel out will there be a recession next year and what
6:20 pm
will the consumer do next year -- >> is there going to be a recession? is there going to be a recession next year? >> you know what we know we know earnings will be less for companies next year. and it's been too good the last two years, '21 and '22 and you can just see that credit debt is going up a little bit on the consumer and so yeah, i think there's definitely going to be a slowdown i don't think it's going to be in the first quarter i think it will probably be in the second and third quarter but you know what this world has proven to us who in the world knows, brian? >> pretty firm calling for like recessions kind of got it wrong. you heard micki drexler earlier talk about going out to a diner and the cost that's your core business tillman. are you seeing any pull back in food inflation, in ingredient
6:21 pm
inflation, in wage inflation >> well, what we're seeing is the consumer still out there eating and same store sales are good but the margin compared to what it was in '19 is so far below because the inflation, you know, when we talked earlier to think that just in our restaurant division that our energy cost is up a million one a month. that's what happened to the consumer at home also, not just to companies and so how does that not have an effect at some point? it's the same thing with your proteins and vegetables, everything right now. >> okay. i want you to repeat that because you and i were talking by phone earlier and you said that and that's the stat i referred to in the tease your restaurant utility billions aren't a million dollars a month, they went up by a million dollars a month. >> exactly a million one run rate right now
6:22 pm
and that's a lot of it is it's getting cold in the east coast and it's so crazy with the heat and oil. even in the regulated places and deregulated places, we've just taken a huge hit everywhere because natural gas has gone up so much. and so you just kind of get hit from every, you know, corner and, you know, when people say gosh, i can't believe what i'm paying for a meal out today, look what you're paying for it if you go to the grocery store yourself every expense has gone up on us this year. >> yeah, and you do wonder and i was out in new york last night, i will say this tillman, i don't know when the last time you were in the city was. it felt alive again. last night was the first time i was out. new york city is back, holidays, people are smiling, restaurants are packed but there has to be a limit to what people are willing to pay and you heard me, you actually reached out to me because i was ranting this morning on "squawk box" about
6:23 pm
resort fees that they're charging in new york city and other places and hotels when there is no resort you actually have resorts and don't charge resort fees in most cases. >> we do we do in some cases. we do what the competitive set does it's hard to charge a resort fee if you're not a resort and i don't think those hotels in new york are really resorts. >> no, that means no rats these days -- >> yeah. >> that's the resort. >> it's amazing what the adr is up in new york compared to other places. >> is that average daily rate? adr? >> average daily rate. >> is there -- >> what you pay for that room every single night. >> plus $100 in taxes and resort fees to no resort. is there a point i can't afford this >> i think once again, there's different consumers and it's like somebody is coming to houston, texas, they're looking for the best hotel
6:24 pm
the only five-star they don't care what it costs. they stay here at the post oak another customer is strictly looking at price they're looking for the $79 room, the $139 room, the $209 room so there -- that's what is great about our country. there is something for everybody. >> that's it there certainly is and a lot of it by the way is that single property you got there in houston with mastros, the hotel. tell the entire team i look forward to seeing them again have a great thanksgiving with your family. >> same to you happy thanksgiving. coming up, jim cramer, he has made a list and checked it twice and offering two retail stocks worth owning heading into the holidays we'll have them coming up and plus, we're getting closer and closer to a nationwide rail shutdown to halt 7,000 trains and cost the economy more than $2 billion a day we'll talk about a story, not
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welcome back it is almost that time of year, time to check the list naughty or nice and a question many of us have been asking about retail who is good and bad? either way, it certainly has been full of surprises lately. here is an example, nordstrom slammed. they're having to discount and cut into profits that's bad the good is strong earnings retail this week from best buy, burlington and abercrombie and fitch up double digits week to date we turn to the one and only jim cramer to find out how he's approaching retailers this holiday season, jim? >> that's right, brian what i like to do is find stocks that will do well after the cristhristmas holidays, not jus before the two set up for this
6:29 pm
particular 2023 year are costco and tj tjx is the symbol. why costco they could raise the membership fee or they could give you a special dividend and i think they could do one or both of those and why do i like tjx? very simple. because as many of these companies that you hear have clean inventory, particularly the ones in the mall, what happened how did they get cleaned they dumped good inventory forecast to an outfit like tjx there are others that fit the bill here. i happen to think that bed bath and beyond you must avoid but best buy i think you should be in it. i don't like nordstrom i want to avoid it but i do want to be in may cy's i think they will have a good christmas. when it comes to investing, you buy costco and you buy tjx and i do prefer just so people know that you don't trade for christmas because you never know
6:30 pm
what's going to happen weather you invest for 2023 and the best ones are costco and tjx. brian, back to you. >> costco and tjx, jim all right. thank you very much. well, speaking of retail, one thing is clear, brick and mortar it is back in a big way americans want out and they are hitting the malls and the outlets in a big way let's talk about it more with ceo of tanger factory outlets. steven, good to have you back on again. i'm looking at your latest earnings call notes. there is a lot of jargon i didn't understand but overall looked positive. >> well, here, i got a couple things that people understand. we raised our guidance we've got an optimistic look for the holiday shopping season that kicks off on friday. here is a news flash it kamala harrised off in october and we've been seeing traffic starting to build in our
6:31 pm
sh shopping centers since then. >> can you give us an idea on the traffic levels i mean relative to the before times. >> well, sure, i mean, if you take a look at 2019, which was a good retail year, we're still doing better than 2019 last year, happened to have been an outstanding year and we had stimulus we had folks that weren't traveling internationally as they are this year we didn't have the headwind of inflation. we didn't have the headwind of larger interest rates yet, we seem to be holding our own against last year with our numbers doing extremely well and, you know, as jim said on the piece before and micki who i had the pleasure of working for at gap said earlier too a lot of brands with opportunity to offer their products at value are the ones that are really winning and that's what you get in an outlet center every day. >> yeah, what about rent here? again, going back to the earnings there, positive blended rent spreads of 5.7% and sixth
6:32 pm
consecutive quarter with positive spreads for each quarter this year. it sounds like your tenants are still -- they want to be there they're willing to pay what does that tell you? >> they do not only the same tenants you've seen for years always successful historically in the outlets but brand-new retailers in the outlet sector now. we've done 30 new deals for the last 30 days with stores that are brand-new to outlet, direct to consumer brands that have first jumped in brick and mortar in the full price venue but discovering the outlet venue and starting to open stores with us and we're excited because what it does and i'll go back to micki, micki said to get traffic into your stores, you have to constantly flow newness into your property. that's one of the things we think about when we run our properties is how do we constantly bring in new retailers, retailers that have great fan bases, people follow those brands and like to buy
6:33 pm
them at value and that's what you get. >> listen, i'll be the first one to admit, steven, that the financial news media, probably all the media has an east coast buyi bias where we live. we love to talk about the east coast. you guys are in howl, michigan you're in memphis, you're in commerce, georgia. you're in the suburbs of pittsburgh how is the non-coastal california coastal new york market doing the heartland. >> you know, it happens to be doing really well. in fact, those people want brands people want brablnds across the country. in some places we're the regional mall in some of the more rural markets what is interesting and a dynamic we've seen shift particularly over the last three years and i would say post covid is that a lot of folks and some of those more out of the way markets that relied a lot more heavily on domestic tourism are
6:34 pm
now seeing customers there year round, month round, week round and in fact, that's one of the great drivers of successes that we're having not only with retail brands but also with the food and beverage brands we're starting to open. >> listen, we always like to hear success and feel good stories. steven, ceo of tanger outlets. good stuff go enjoy your prethanksgiving prep and tomorrow, happy thanksgiving thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks for having me. >> cheers. believe it or not, we're kind of just getting started, maybe half way through this cnbc special. here is what is coming up. >> announcer: coming up, besides the reindeer chimney pipeline, how is the retail supply chain look stay tuned plus, wallet worries prices at the pump are pointing down what does it mean for you? and turkey and lions gridiron and gravy with nfl
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snazzy little graphic there. like the graphic, we're trying to be upbeat on this thanksgiving show, right the reality is the american economy may also be on the eve of something not so upbeat, that's a crippling railroad strike this week members of the largest railroad union rejected a contract that the white house brokered the vote means thousands of workers could go on strike if a deal is not reached by december 9th or they don't extent sort of
6:39 pm
the cooling off period again now, any railroad strike would be devastating for america's supply chain and probably entire economy. you see, railroads haul about 40% of the nation's fright every year and according to a recent report, a railroad strike could cost the e coconomy $2 billion day. let's bring in the ceo of supply management flex port they topped this year's cnbc disruptor 50 list. congrats on that, ryan to get on a list is cool to top the list is cooler because you're not unvetting some sort of social media app but you're trying to move goods and services which is more valuable how worried are you about a potential rail strike? >> yeah, hi, thanks for having me on and happy thanksgiving, everybody. i'm pretty worried about it. we're in the business of managing imports and exports but 40% of the containers that come into this country get moved off the port by rail, moved across
6:40 pm
the country on the railroads and if the railroads don't function, the containers pile up in the port there is not enough trucks to haul them out. they start to backlog and we're back where we were last year with 100 container ships waiting off the coast unable to unload this is bad for flex port and consumers that won't be able to buy stuff. >> are we at the point to set up stuff or maybe you have with customers? we hope they get a deal done probably will -- be on your radar. >> there isn't as much trucking capacity as we can and alternative ways to move the cargo. the number that our team shared with me is there would need to be 400,000 more trucks doing port trucking than there are and it's not just a matter of trucks but lack of chassises which are the trailers that haul containers around. it really not solvable without the railroad. >> kudos to your team. we need 400,000 more trucks like
6:41 pm
i need 17,000 more turkeys for dinner tomorrow night. not going to happen. what would happen if there is a strike even -- let's say they strike for a week, okay, bluff called all they're asks are met one week versus one month, what's the difference? >> i do think this starts to com compound probably solvable. there might be enough capacity storage to manage for a week or so but once you start to get to a month or beyond that it stops working. the container ships will start having to wait offshore. if the container ship is waiting offshore it's not heading back so exports start getting messed up which means it's got to pick up more containers on the other side of the world. it not there to do that. the supply chain breaks down and logistics is the circumstance la tory system so we depend on railroad workers i really hope they can get a deal they're happy with. i understand they're negotiating
6:42 pm
over their sick leave, which is a really fair thing to want to get good representation on so it's a difficult place i hope we get it solved. >> they're close there is 12 unions most have ratified the deal but they have to all for one, one for all. the 12 musketeers if you will. you started flex port to fix in your words, fix global trade all right? we had global trade problems because of covid and supply chains in china. we're still having lockdowns in china. is there a way to gauge and i know the ships offshore have come to more normalized levels have we got around the china issues or is that still just hanging around >> i think it's a little difficult to say exactly how they're responding to covid in any given month and any given city there is certainly we haven't solved covid and china has had a number of incidents to seem to be constantly flaring up where they are shutting down their different parts of their economy to fight it. so i don't think we've turned
6:43 pm
the corner there but you're starting to see it ease up and easing up policy there we'll see how it plays out but overall, i don't think that's the biggest problem facing the world right now. it's much bigger, the fact is their consumer demand to buy goods, is there going to be railroad strikes is the logistics functioning ultimately, manufacturing is okay. >> let's hope that i like that ending on a positive note going to be okay we'll leave the words there. going to be okay let's hope ryan peterson, listen, let's hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving to your team and family and everybody, thank you for joining us. >> like wise happy thanksgiving. >> listen, folks, that potential rail strike is a big, big deal. >> you know what else is a big deal oil. let's check out the price of oil today down once again as the u.s. and other big countries talk about a price cap and/or expanding sanctions on russian oil. we'll break down exactly what energy costs closer to home might mean for your pocketbook this winter.
6:44 pm
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welcome back as we all get set to give thanks tomorrow, let's talk about those less fortunate because there are many and something that we talr energy prices will be tougher next year. heating your home will hit many families' wallets in a big way take heating oil for example something common in the
6:48 pm
northeast and new england, it is probably the single biggest culprit for cost some are paying more than $1,000 or $1500 to fill the heating oil tank, money they can little afford but not just heating oil that's going to take a hit this winter look at this federal government notes power and heating costs will rise this winter across all forms of power heating your home with electricity for example, probably cost you 11% more that's the best there is natural gas is up 25% and heating oil surging 45%. keep in mind, many of these numbers are on top of price increases in many areas last year as well so an increase on an increase. this is a very real crisis for many families. even with some additional government support, they're struggling to afford to keep the heat on and taking to turning down temperatures to like the mid 50s or walking around inside their home in winter gear. let's all hope for a warmer
6:49 pm
winter and lower costs down the road and give thanks if you're blessed enough to not have to worry about it by the way, speaking of oil and gas, energy prices, the price of oil and gas have come down lately but there is a lot coming up in the next couple weeks to move markets and prices in a big way in either direction. on december 1st, the u.s. begins a sale of its latest round from america's emergency oil reserves 15 million barrels will get sold over the first 15 days of december we're already at 40-year lows and will go lower before we refill and a few days later on sunday, december 4th, opec meets again austria and it is possible, possible they could cut output again as prices fall. we'll be there and then one day later on december 5th, the european union and g 7 are likely to impose stricter sanctions on russian oil that could include a price cap or including and some kind of a shipping ban.
6:50 pm
it's not clear yet either way, what is clear, it's going to be a very busy and possibly very dramatic first week of december for oil and gas. all right. on deck, we are talking turkey, not just the dinners but the big business of football and kind of what a weird season it's been so far. nbc sports peter king will join us next. (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited.
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welcome back draft kings making headlines with customers reporting a breach in their accounts saw thousands of dollars drained this coming at a bad time for the online sports betting site with the biggest day for football coming up maybe tomorrow there is a lot ofnbc the minnesota vikings facing off tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, one of three games tomorrow in what is a wild first half to the season the new yooew york jets have a n record going into week 11 and the super bowl champ rams have one of the worst records in football all right. pleased to welcome in peter king of nbc sports and the peter king podcast. great to have you on football is a consumer business. we're a consumer channel i think it fits perfectly. let's talk about it. it been a weird year
6:54 pm
you have no -- even the jets have a winning record at week ten going into week 11 the defending super bowl champions have a losing record, lost four straight to you, what has been the one or two most interesting story lines so far and what's been kind of a weird football season. >> we all thought at the beginning of the year that the afc west was going to be one of the best divisions in history quite honestly and now here we are at thanksgiving and there is one team in the afc west that's over 500. the kansas city chiefs are on their way to winning that division for the seventh straight year. no one else has won it since peyton manning walked off campus in denver in 2015. so it's just -- that's a surprise probably the other two, you know, kind of looking at it from 10,000 feet surprises is the fact that both eastern divisions are far better than anybody
6:55 pm
thought. how in the world are the giants 7-3? how in the world are the jets 6-4 given all the struggles they've had even to go 6-4 but that is interesting to me. i think there is one other over riding thing and that is there is two new franchises that i don't think anybody thought they would be i don't mean new in terms of new to the league but new that nobody thought they would be this good. one is miami and they're sitting there with a tiebreaker lead at 7-3 atop the afc east and the other one is seattle when they traded rustle wilson, everybody thought they would be dead and buried this year but they're sitting there tied for the lead in the nfc west now with seven games to go. >> yeah. look at that we talk about good trades and bad trades normally with stocks, not football stars
6:56 pm
looks like denver for now got the losing end of that trade. >> look, we'll see i still am notrus r -- russell wilson however, what see seattle knew it had was a smart veteran in geno smith and really hadn't had great draft position in recent years but the general manager john snider now has two extra first-round picks, two extra second-round picks to work with and i think one of the things they're going to do in the next two drafts is probably draft a long-term quarterback and let that long-term quarterback in geno smith kind of battle it out over the next couple years. >> you know, i'm going to ask a homer question because why not it's wednesday night ahead of thanksgiving and i'm hosting the show i'm a chargers fan, san diego chargers, l.a. if they're playing the chiefs, there is more or as much red in
6:57 pm
the stands as blue and gold. what's the future for the chargers >> you know, when you move to los angeles, the only way you build an enthusiastic fan base is to win. that's it. you know, you ask the clippers how hard it was for years in the lakers' shadow and then they started winning and all of a sudden, they got their own fans. i think one of the interesting demographic things happening in the nfl right now is that i would bet that up to almost a half of the local fan base in los angeles for the chargers is hispanic they've done an incredible amount of reach out and an incredible amount of work to cultivate the hispanic fan in greater lo er los angeles and k that can be the key to whether the chargers really become a
6:58 pm
long term enthusiastic viable franchise in the market. >> let's hope they do. very quickly, last question, the giants 7-3 but 9.5 point under dogs going into dallas that say big line for a 7-3 team and bring this up because of yoslyyo -- obviously sports betting is how many of us look at the games. how has the proliferation of this thing, the phone and mobile betting changed football >> well, i think it is made a lot of games more interesting for four quarters even when the games are not great games and may not even be that competitive. gambling everything in the games you know right down to catches is bad games for a longer period
6:59 pm
of time. that's one thing one of the things nfl has to be careful with is there is already a proliferation of people who have become addicted to sports gambling and i think long term you're going to see this become more and more troubling. and look, the nfl bottom line doesn't care all that much about that but i think as a country, we should care about it because i think we're going to have a lot of people so addicted to gambling it really ruins their lives like alcoholism and drug use. >> it's going to have to be something to be monitored and watched especially among the young college students and high school students, as well it's an important point well taken but if i'm sitting there screaming at the tv for the broncos to get a field goal, that's a problem peter king -- >> let me just say one last sentence, i do not gamble on football i would never gamble on football it is foolish to gamble on football and that's my last
7:00 pm
word [ laughter ] >> and that's a heck of a word by the way, peter king, nbc sports, the peter king podcast appreciate it. have a happy thanksgiving to you and yours, thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. >> sure thing. i feel a little different about that football thing but hey, appreciate the opinion. thanks for watching, everybody have a great happy and healthy thanksgiving see you friday joins the tank. i created a cocktail. some of the best ideas are the simplest. lace your face. i don't know if it's attractive. i'm a one-man show. this is the guy which takes you to the top. palmini punches calories in the face. [ sharks ] whoa! who wants to thrive with us? no! you're all over the place. i promise it's gonna be worth it. the b.s. meters are [ imitates beeping ] what were your sales? $1.3 million. what? the sharks are circling. ♪♪


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