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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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today. here is what i'll say. don't fight the fed. >> we always have final trade. >> that was fascinating. >> i got very scared it's happened before. >> we'll tweet so. my mission is simple, to make you money, i'm here to level the playing field for all invest tors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer, well come "mad money" my job is not just to entertain but teach. call me or tweet me @jimcramer it's too darn hot. it's too darn hot. we have a fed chief who doesn't like it hot.
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he's trying to chill things down to get it so baby it's cold outside. and that's what jay paul did today when he raised interest rates by 50 basis points and said there could be more hikes to come noting rates will have to stay high why does the market hang in there? why did we plummet on the news instead of the dow finishing off and s&p slipping and nasdaq going down simple most money managers in this country saw it coming. they know jay powell is right. they know we still don't have inflation under control. they raised the sales for more pay and know the bonus situation. we seen some declines in world commodities including oil and had the beginning of a peak in consumer price index components, used cars, gasoline but we don't have much else under control and let's face it, we had two years of elevated price increases so powell is not going to stop
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until he rolls a lot of that back above all, above all else, even after a year of massive rate hikes, the feds made no progress on the most important kind of infl infl inflation, which is wage inflation. and it's a real problem. most important of problems because that's what they care about the most wage inflation, we keep asking oh, maybe they will be happy because gasoline at the pump is this or rent is that no, that wage inflation is the issue. it's not that he wants people to makeless money, it's that wage inflation is systemic and endemic and fuels inflation in all categories there are 4 million more jobs than workers and until there is less of a bhis match dead wrong about these things they expect it's been talking about and
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prices have come down so why not ease up? those can't and blew out a stock immediately they begged others would follow in their footsteps. they were making a bet they bet other traders would see the decline and freak out. i know where they're coming from because i've done that myself. listen to the fed chief and thought it was too tough and who needs that kind of risk? but that kind of panic only makes sense when the fed takes us by surprise still, i have no doubt there will be more people bolting from stocks tomorrow morning believing they have been given a tremendous opportunity to get out well ahead of when things accelerate to the downside i think they're being too frantic. they need to understand the dilemma that powell finds himself in
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it's one that you and i would find ourselves in, we'd be doing exactly what he's doing. first, there is the problem that key portions of inflation remain persistent take housing i like to look at stocks, you know that, not the individual numbers from the government and if you look at the housing stock, they're trending up that's just not part of the fed's program. worse, housing prices are holding up mortgage rates are coming down the home builders are doing spectacularly and margins have been sensational better than almost any time i can remember if you're the fed, that's a disaster they want to see mortgage rates up and home builders have to cut prices to get rid of inventory that's not easy because we don't have enough workers or plots of land that have been environmentally committed to build homes so we don't get all the new homes we need. the industry i havs a lot smart than it used to be they don't over build like they used to. powell needs more apartments,
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more rentals and more homes that take time. he has to play for time. mortgage rates are so high that demand drives up and housing prices collapse and no one in the business wants that except for the people that want a place to live. fortunately, the iffed is excitd and has all the ammo i did gulp when i saw the housing stocks go higher while the mortgage rates came book d - back down. i wish it would sell a lot of 10 to 20-year pipeaper to raise long-term rates. powell needs these big repost torys of rents at home like black stone to come down enough so that they will be sold. he won't quit raising rates until that happens lennar a big home builder missed on the numbers tonight and barely went down now, that's bad for the fed. we'll see what they say tomorrow if you're the fed, unfortunately for people that own stock in
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lennar need shares to go down, too. there is the problem of the tight labor market, that's a big one. we asked last night is it still tight? they said no, it's getting better they may be the exception. after the darn rate hikes, there are too many jobs chasing way too few people the reverse of what it's been all of my life wages are going i here powell can't create the labor and change the immigration laws so students that get engineering degrees can stay here. he certainly can't open borders or get immigration to look the other way so what does he do if powell felt things weren't going his way, i got to tell ya, what he would have done is hit us with a 75-basis point rate hike not 50 he didn't do that because we knows we're making progress. he doesn't want to do too much damage to the economy and cause unnecessary bankruptcies and that's where we are in the next four weeks if powell takes his time and tightens more slowly, for people
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might be forced back into the work force as they go through savings and more digitalization and the need for workers i'm trying to be clinical but i tell it like it is that can't happen overnight. so many companies are blind sided by the speed of the recovery they keep expanding powell needs them to cut that out so what does he do he raises the price of credit and anything big that you need to do with the expansion needs credit of course, it isn't easy to slow down an economy that is just desperate for workers. especially when the federal government is creating more jobs since the johnson administration or possibly world war ii thanks to the infrastructure bill and the chips act and the so-called inflation reduction act, we're about to create tons of highly skilled jobs that will make the cost of employment and construction skyrocket we don't have people to fill those jobs we just don't. even if housing goes lower we don't have those people why didn't congress think about this the fed has no choice. if they want to beat inflation, they need to be ruthless
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finally, we have too much speculation. sure, the spacs are redo you mean -- redeemed left and right. you think the fed wants to see all these crypto currencies still dramatically higher? i'm sure powell thinks that's non-sense. could bitcoin be going up because so much of it was wiped out by sam bankman freed speculation must be crushed wherever it found including the 200 odd coins that are worthless. bottom line, let powell play for time we'll get lower numbers, not necessarily a real slowdown but lower numbers and more resumes chasing fewer jobs so powell had to do the obvious today and we do the obvious now that invest g ers get hurt aside from the oblivious ones that didn't see it coming. how about berry in florida, berry? >> caller: hi, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah what's going on?
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>> caller: dominion energy, buy, sell or hold >> i think you can hold dominion it's not been a great one, obviously. it's come down tremendously. it yields 4.5% but the problems there are not, i think, as ugly as the stock market would indicate i wish they would come on and walk us through it mark in wisconsin, mark? >> caller: dr. cramer, thank you for taking my call. >> not a problem >> caller: i got a bad stock here my average price is, like, say 185. it's trading for north of $72 a share now. so my question is do i buy more ticker pypl or just hold onto the paypal that i have -- >> i want you to hold on the margins have been hurt here. i am not sure how quickly paypal can come back because there were -- it had a growth rate that was dra mmatically
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decelebrated not a great situation. guss in virginia, guss >> caller: jim, thank you for all you do for us in the retail world, my friend. >> thank you very much let's go to work. >> caller: my question is on a company that reported a great earnings beat last month you had their ceo on the show and you thought the take away should be the stock goes higher but the last two weeks it's down a lot. i'm wondering what is going on and if you think palo alto networks is still a buy? >> i like panw a lot of high profile, high multiple price earnings multiples have come down but remember, he's done the pivot. they're profitable and i think they're good and i've got to tell you, i did a lot of work with data dog and said thi morning that look, they're not making money but the cash flow is great and may be best in show there is three working all right. powell had to do the obvious today and when you do the
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obvious, not many people get hurt.oblivious ones. on "mad money" tonight, you called in and stumped me on stocks i'm turning in my homework then we're continuing our series on the best performance of 2022. i look at the december staples and sharing three names that could have a strong showing next year and tomorrow, tomorrow is the cnbc investing club monthly meeting at noon where we're helping club members get set for the new year and i need you to join i'll demonstrate what we do by answering some of the questions that would normally be reserved for tomorrow's meeting because we got so many so stay with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer. send an email to
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in theaters christmas. join for free on the xfinity app. xfinity rewards. our thanks. your rewards. every night i take time to answer your questions because my goal is always been to help you to be a better investor. from the very beginning i wanted to make "mad money" the most interactive show on television i can't help you unless i know what you care about. i'm constantly talking about the stocks i find intrigues but i wouldn't do my job if i didn't address the ones that get the audience excited, too. i know nobody else does it i like it because i like to talk about stocks ask you know if you see me on the street, you can ask me i'm always there for you every now and then i get a question i can't answer immediately. when that happens and it's not a penny stock, you know the drill. we do research and come back
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with an opinion. since we're about to head to winter break, we thought it would be a good time to get our homework done. tonight we have a couple tonight. one is so exciting last monday daniel in michigan called about clear field clfd for you home gamers. i was quite embarrassed i didn't know it. i said i had to do digging i heard the name but i couldn't put the face to it this is a small cap company that makes fiberoptic equipment for cable. their equipment lets service providers build fiberoptic networks more efficiently in the last mile where these fiber networks get connected to your home and you know how big this business is. it's been fooled it was apa enterprises before changing the name to clear field in 2008. it came public way back in the early '90s although a tiny micro
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cap stock aside from a brief stretch during the .com era where the fiberoptic names and you need to know i never looked at the micro cap stocks. i feel it's manipulated and we'll talk about that later and i just do not like to have stocks that are 10 cents, 15 cents, 20 cents, too easy to have them jump and come back down this is not like that anymore. for the first couple decades, clear field was a marginal existence mode they didn't recommend more than $25 billion in the annual revenue until 2011 that's as low of a threshold you want to do the stock was too small to mention on air over the past two and a half years, you know, picture tells a thousand words look at this they have skyrockets this traded as low as $8 in march of 2020. of course a lot of stocks did bottom back then before surging to the 130s at the highest in vrecent weeks came down 105
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when i see a move like this i say it's too good to be true but when it comes to clear field, get this, this run is totally justifiable. because the company has seen a huge ramp up in business over the last four years. the revenue more than tripled since 2018, tripled including 92% growth the profit more than tripled over the same period and operating expenses are on the rise, they're declining as a percentage of sales. that's what matters. okay for more than 30% in 2018 down to less than 20% this year as a result, the earnings have just exploded. this year alone, their net income jumped 243%, which is what happens when you get that kind of jump so while the stock had a huge run, it's got the financials to back it up and not expensive and expected to earn $4.52 per share next year up 27% from this year, those shares were from the great
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earnings it's selling for 23 times earnings to me i don't know. it's a steal it's a growth stock steal. what is driving this strength? first, the 5g buildout for clear field fiberoptic, you know that from your house if you have a house. second, we're now seeing tons of investment in rule prodbroad bad last year they had 65 billion earmark for boosting broad band access in 2020 the federal com communication rolled out a $20 billion digital opportunity fund to accomplish something similar. the first stimulus bill last year had 10 billion for rural infrastructure including broad band put it together and you have $100 billion in broad band subsidies for rural communities and this is this company's bread and butter what a great call. so darn smart. i wish i had known this ahead of time this money is hitting over the past year sooner than expected which is how clear field could
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deliver such incredible revenue growth and the numbers get better and better when they reported 110% revenue growth with much better than expected guidance for 2023. one little thing i'll mention. last tuesday clear field announced $100 million secondary offering up sized to $120 million but priced at 100 well below where the stock is trading at the time that put a lot of pressure on the shares but it's over and not going to go have to raise any money any time soon. this say hyper growth company also quite profitable so it works fine in the environment. it wouldn't be up five from where it did that deal if it weren't real, really strong. my view, i think daniel in michigan found himself a real gem here away from a pull back but clear field give you a chance to pounce that said, if you already bought it much lower like daniel did, i don't want you to be a pig, right? but you could ring the register and buy yourself a nice sweater. thank you grandma luiz that's my mom.
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last night corey in south carolina had one corey, don't take this personally it called sotera health they worked for the health care industry and provides sterilization testing. i don't want to waste your time because i'm not interested in sotera it has major litigation risk and i can't like that, look at 3 m from 190 that was lit cigation risk facing lawsuits related to emissions from the use of ethylene at a closed sterilization plant. according to the plaintiffs, the exposure to the chemical caused them to get cancer that's really ugly 3 m did restructuring but a lot of pressure comes from lawsuits, not from the structure in september, the first of the sotera cases are going to go -- went to trial and the verdict
6:22 pm
was against sotera they lost $363 million in damages for one breast cancer survivor they lost half the value sotera won the second trial a different jury awarded that plaintiff nothing last month and they're challenging the first verdict, too here is the problem. more than 700 people accused the company of causing a wide range of cancers if you buy sotera health, you're playing litigation roulette. if they win four out of five cases and give up $25 million per plaintiff, that would be $3.5 billion more than three times the company's annual revenues it's not worth the risk. plus sotera wasn't a great stock to own before they lost the first cancer liability case. they came public at 23 and all done and sliding lower and lower. forget about it. the margeins are crumbling.
6:23 pm
a key component from russia. the cfo resigned in may and still haven't found a replacement. a lot of red flags i said buying is like litigation roulette but the financial equivalent of russian roulette no thank you bottom line, we have a quality stock here, clear field. vote for that. avoid the legal mine fields. avoid sotera health. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, nothing keeps a portfolio together like the staples. top performers and best ideas for 2023, next
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as we get closer and closer to 2023, we're taking time each night to look back at the best performing stocks of 2022 going
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sector by sector to find the best winners see if any stocks might be able to repeat the great performances in the new year. monday we start with energy up 55% year to date when the next closest competitor is only up low single digits. the competitors is utilities a lot of quality names there, though even though the average performance of the group wasn't too incredible, i learned a lot from working on the piece and again, any sector that can finish this year in the black has to be considered good given the horrific performance of the average. tonight, we're looking at one of the next best performing groups, this is basically a tie between the consumer staples and health care both of which are more or less flat for the year. we'll start with the staples tonight and we'll get to health care tomorrow. normally in a slowing economy, consumer staples are some of the biggest numbers to be recession proof. according to the hedge fund playbook, you have to buy the staples when the fed tightens
6:28 pm
aggressively because people need to buy food and beverages even in a weaker economy the fed wants to give us this year has is a little more complicated thanks to inflation many companies were facing tremendous cost pressures, raw materials, all those costs were soaring this year. only the brands with real pricing power could make due because they had the ability to pass the costs on to you, the consumer on top of that these tend to be global operators so they got hurt badly when the dollar spent the first months of the year charging higher. hurt every quarter a. strong currency means it translates into fewer green backs or can't go up against the currency that's low because it's too cheap. so the consumer staples have held up okay this year but haven't done nearly as well as you might expect as a time when wall street is terrified of what looks to be a fed mandated recession. many have became tailwinds or about to be at the beginning of
6:29 pm
the year raw materials, packaging, transportation have come down dramatically and the dollar index measures our currency against a basket of farm land. it's been a remarkable turn of fortune we don't talk about enough nobody is feeling particularly good about the economy i'm not convinced we're heading for a recession but looking for meaningful slowdown and that's true for the consumer staples. they will put up solid earnings as most industries will experience down numbers. when you look at the best performing staples year to date, we have interesting natmes. i'm not saying i forgot, i've been following for years and years but adm. this stock is up more than 37% for the year this is an agriculture play and sell seeds and crops i reck ommended this since the beginning of the year since russia invaded ukraine and sent
6:30 pm
crop prices up soaring the best way to play it. putin single handedly created a bull market in the rest of the world and adm is killing it. the most recent quarter they turn in a monster 43 cent earnings beat off $1.43 basis? even though the stock rallied 37% for the year, the earnings estimates skyrocketed. they figured out adm would earn $4.77. now, get this, now they're talking about $7.50. meaning the stock currently sells for 12 times this year's numbers. as earnings estimates go up, the price goes down. that's attractive to me. the current agricultural bull market is likely to taper off next year. if you judge the estimates for 2024, the stock is trading at say times earnings and as long as the war in ukraine unfortunately continues, adm will be a winner it not my favorite ag play and
6:31 pm
that's deere, that's a good one. how about the second best? we never talk about this one called lamb weston it's a food focused frozen potato outfit that was spun off several year as ago. they did that the old fashioned way with excellent earnings. over the past four quarters, they beat by an average of 48.5%. it's not hard to see why because they are a reopening play. the bulk of the sales come from restaurants, great french fries or away from home dining situations going out with since covid is running the course. in other words, people are eating more fries at restaurants now they're eager to go out again post pandemic, i know i am i don't know about you that makes for a good story but not something lamb westin can complete next year they get wise and they're going to be making it much more
6:32 pm
difficult for comparisons next year i'm not saying sell lamb weston but i'm doubting they can give you another 37% gain in 2023 when i think that actually can do as well, and that's cramer fav campbell soup run by the incredibly smart mark clause it's a packaged foods power house up for the year. these guys always had a strong set of numbers there is a can of cream of mushroom soup up stairs and four of us want it but i'll get it because i'm senior they struggled with supply chain issue. fortunately, the supply chain problems are in the past campbell soup put enough price increases to offset the earlier cost pressures and they're not going to rollback the prices even though costs have started to come down or at least try not to remember, there are supermarkets that have a lot of clout, too. when campbells soup reported, 15% organic sales growth and
6:33 pm
tremendous forecast. i expect big earnings growth as raw cost keeps coming down well behind the market beyond these three best performers a few staples i'm enth enthusiastic part this year alone because it has a huge chinese business and that's coming back, but with china back from that zero covid policy, i see with covid even exploding and going on the wayne because that's what happens, this is a winner 0en a pull back it rebounded from the lows when we really pushed it. we own it for the charitable trust. i made a 1020 show how i thought this was the right one and another one i like, stc is constellation brands the company famous for the mexican beers, corona, medello
6:34 pm
the family of the founders decided to unload a ton of shares but constellation keeps putting up terrific numbers and apple is recession proof i got numbers to show people drink more beer in a recession if anything, when people are miserable about the coweconomy, they can pound them. this one is tough. i got an inquiry from them on the phone today asking me how the service has been i didn't want to answer it because i didn't think that was representative but it's walgreens the drugstore and i don't care for the service it's a serial under performer but a turnaround story now that the ceo installed her team and started implementing her strategy and trying to make walgreens a care focus story with clinics and even in home services i'm optimistic to see what she can do but i'm candid, it's the stealing stuff, the pill fridge, those plastic things and the one
6:35 pm
i have right down the block, five minutes to try to get them to open for a razor blade and didn't come and i left ordered on amazon and not looking back when you look at the top three performing consumer staples, campbells soup can win i like archer davis for the long call and i'd rather go with estee lauder, constellation brands or walgreens. let's take calls let's go to clyde in michigan, clyde? >> c clyde, speak to me clyde is holding back. i think we should -- you know what we ought to wrap up the segment. go and talk more how much i like these stocks i think campbells soup can keep winning this year and archer daniels midland, less expensive and ed dastee lauder is right you'll hear more about that at the 12:00 conference call for club members
6:36 pm
constellation brands good and waffling on wall greens but see things i like. much more "mad money" ahead. we're hosting the mad monthly meeting for cnbc investing club. we receive so many questions and taking some tonight to help you set up for to 23 and see what we really do in the club for those who have chosen not to join it yet. then, today the scc they passed a -- whoa. they blew up a hand full of individuals in the community on a $100 billion pump and dump scheme so what does the case mean for the intersection of social media and investing and you? i'm taking a closer look and all your calls, rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. so stay with cramer. who is this guy? i'm puss's therapy dog. wanna rub my belly. no, hard pass. puss in boots. rated pg.
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tomorrow is our final investing club meeting of the year new tomorrow can you believe it? you do not want to miss this one. here is a way to sign up there is still time. tonight we want to give you a little taste of what we do in one part, just one part of the meetings one of my favorite things we do is take questions submitted only by club members. we get a ton of them and frankly, we can't get to them all. let me show you what it's like let me get a preview of the action members could see tomorrow and you'd be a member that could happen to you here we go let's kick it off with janet who says first, jim, you are the very personification of brotherly love who has the best recommendation for the era, mutual fund, cash
6:41 pm
account, please advice look, depends how much time you have, mutual fund is fine. just being in a good mutual fund that is done well or s&p fund is fine david in california asked in your monday investment club meeting, you once again spoke about the need to do homework on your stock picks rather than letting the ceo tell you on their stocks what does homework process look like thank you. i like to find out what is the key met trick like airlines. you want to know revenue for how much they make per seat. you want to know revenue per room if you do hotels. if you look at something like boeing, you want to know how they're doing against airbus if you're looking at just say automobiles you want to know how they're doing and how do they stock up how much are the cost for e.v. and how much does it cost for each one of them is the gross margin. it's a drag for most people.
6:42 pm
most people do not want to compare cheesecake factory to yum. all right? most people do not want to come home and look at data dog and compare that one to that it's hard. it's what i do that's why i recommend mutual funds because if you can't do that homework, you stick with basic stocks easy to understand kimberly and easy to understand you can easily understand a kellogg, that kind of thing. so you got to stick with what is easy or you got to stick with the mutual fund. next up is jeffrey who asks what should we do with our old friend moderna? as hospitalization increases, we got a break. they finally delivered on that personalized vaccine that they talked about with me literally five years ago when it comes to cancer you can still buy the stock of moderna, they don't need the china business i think moderna is an amazing
6:43 pm
investment a little speculative after a 40-point rally let get to arella in connecticut who says the market has been horrible all year. i know is it easy to raise cash but important to stay in the game. what is the highest level they should keep in the portfolio like we do the homework talking about the stocks you might be too bored. we try to keep the cash flow at the level you need to keep it around 12% that is higher than we like. we are not a hedge fund. we're a fund committed to owning stocks and try to own as many as we can and tell the story but when we think things are uncertain, we take it to double digit amount of cash where it is right now. all right. let's go to eric who asked do physical gold and silver a place in a diversified portfolio stock? a great question i own some gold. why i own gold i've owned it for years. has it worked as a hedge against inflation? no it's failed miserably. it does work as a hedge against
6:44 pm
the fear of inflation but it's not work i have no silver silver is indecembecedustrindusl i've been disappointed with gold and crypto these are not working. you know what works? good stocks with good yields let's go to gene in california who says what does the yield curve mean is it time to buy the ten-year treasury bond and predict we're on the backside of inflation and further rate hikes why did the inversion become more defined the fed takes short rates up and that will cause a recession. theoretically that is what is happening in six -- in 12 of the last six times that's happened and now here is what it does of course, it causes a long end to fall in rate, in other words, the yield goes down as we expected a recession in the future i don't expect one i've been saying to people over and over again the two-year, the two-year, the two-year is a great place to be. i can't own individual stocks. i do have the charitable trust but i am heavy into the
6:45 pm
two-year getting 4% is fine all right. let's go to andy who asked i hear a lot about balance 60/40 portfolios, which i understand 60% invest in equity and 40% invest in fixed income if this is a good split, why with the exception of cash are you all in equities in the charitable trust because it is a charitable trust. remember, it's a teaching tool primarily. i created this in order to show you how to analyze stocks. it's not about how to make as much money for me, for charity, it's about -- because look, we wouldn't let you buy stocks ahead of us, that type of thing. it's how we demonstrate how to understand, how to pick stocks that's what it's for and that's what it's always been for. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, cramer wants to hear from you your calls on a thunderous lightning round, next.
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it is time, it is time for the lightenning round play the sound and then the lighting round is over are you ready, ski daddy time for the lighting round. let's start with tim in texas, tim? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah, what's up? >> caller: not much. i wanted to ask you about the stock wwe. >> it's had a good run i don't think it's up 50%. i would not want to come in at this level i am actually encouraged by how
6:50 pm
well the company is run. i had people work there and it's a much better outfit than people think. let's go to tom in texas, tom? >> caller: hey, jim, hi, long-time listener, first-time caller how are you? >> thank you for calling what's up? >> caller: first of all, appreciate what you do for us. look forward to the call tomorrow. >> good call tomorrow. good call tomorrow go ahead i'm sorry. >> caller: cruise lines, you're a big fan of norwegian. >> absolutely. >> caller: i was on one and was booked and went to book another one and they said they were booked out eight months. >> i like norwegian. i was going to book one before covid started. i think that they're all very well run royal caribbean is an excellent, excellent company. let's go to warren in hawaii, warren >> caller: aloha from maui. >> hello. what's up? >> caller: i'd like to find out
6:51 pm
is your -- what you can tell me about lnth. >> look, there is a company that was at one point up five today about four it's now down two and finished at 274 and its name is dan and it's a heck of a lot better than lant much better. let's go to tom in california, tom? >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> tom, of course. >> caller: i continue to be a long fan of cleveland determined to stay the course are you still a fan? >> not as much as i am of n nucore i think the numbers may be too low in nucore and that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round
6:52 pm
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pt was wrong there is not a sucker born every minute there is a sucker born every second that's how i felt reading the eight social media influencers and $100 million stock manipulation scheme from social media. it's scathing details 39-page complaint. the scc went after edward aka mr. zack morris very mat lock, aka pj mat lock gary deal aka mystic mac as aka
6:56 pm
laid back and john robert, aka ultra calls or the stock sniper ripping off thousands upon thousands of people in their pump and dump schemes. everybody knows what a pump and dump is. buy a stock and publicly hype it to sell immediately. the saparanos had a good one in new jersey where they were pumping and dumping. they beat the living daylights out of a broker that tried to recommend the mutual funds rather than that joke of a company but candidly this case is astonishing and relentless ruthless scamming. listen to this for the complaint. to the legion of followers on social media, the eight defendants have for years promoted themselves as trustworthy stock picking gurus. in reality, they are seasoned stock manipulators it goes on quote, they identify stocks right for manipulation and
6:57 pm
require substantial securities and recommend the stocks as good investments on twitter and online stock forms they run and on podcasts. they encourage their followers to purchase the selected stocks and claim they like bought or intend to buy the stocks for themselves and hold them here comes the kicker. quote, instead, the defendants sell their shares into demand theirdeceptive promotions generate i read all of this and read it to you there are scams all over the place. all over the place in this business sam bankman-fried was running a scam according to the new ceo of ftx and social media influencers were running publicly. the gang of motors that got nailed yesterday were amazing scalpers, incredible alleged liars, dynamite at it. during the most thawork on twit. always telling you how much they love them and then boom.
6:58 pm
according to the government, one of them proudly bragged to the others that quote 20 of us run finwit and we have more money than some countries end quote. elon musk has enough on his plate. i might have flagged him on it they were cleaver, too they were up -- i really love this they were very up front about the losses they suffered giving them credibility except for reality the losses were gains because they sold when the followers were wiring. they were trying to look human and make mistakes. they were sold in direct contradiction. they said they weren't pumping and dumping as they were pumping and dumping. now, right now, as i speak, i'm sure there are others doing the kpalg exact same thing perhaps on twitter having fun there are probably many other boiler rooms pushing the modern equivalent but don't worry, some enterprise software company or steel if you go to pump and dump
6:59 pm
references that are 35 years old from wall street they fooled a bunch of smart investors including capital firms out there because of the pedigree at a previous firm. i think crypto is full of these guys and we constantly see, i'm talking about every day, crypto currency pump and dump that i know that you are getting caught up in. i want you to stop what can you do about it first, if you're receiving a penny stock, even when it changed on stage, just forget about it i don't want any penny stock the odds heavily favor you're somebody stein an otherwise pump and dump operation if it's a hot tip, would you bit bbu it or kick it out? go to the firm's accountant and ask to see the records if they don't do that, don't
7:00 pm
give them money. this will protect you. you can wait to be protected by the scc but by the time they take action, it's usually too late in the meantime, take your queue from public enemy and don't believe the hype i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow all: legendary! putting on sheets is now... both: fast, easy, neat! can you do this with the dog? can you carry it with this? no, no. [ laughter ] what have you sold? no revenue. oh, my god. how do i make money? gassen: i sat the kids down. i said, "no more eating out. no more clothes for two years. no more nothing." unbelievable. the future of your company is truly in the balance right now. i think i've taken this business as far as i can really take it. duane: let's come together. we came here to do business with the great whites. daymond: no way in the world you thought you were coming in here and getting a deal. ♪♪ ♪♪


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