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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 7, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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guy. >> oddly enough larry nantz was the best in that draft he's a big "fast money" fan. schlumberger, stay in energies. >> thanks for watching "fast money. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast. ad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm trying to make you a little money my job is not just to entertain but teach you how this works call me at 800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. we have two markets, the same
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and the silly. the same is industrial, the sill ly, sill von valley. we see rational companies and the new line slight of hand characterizes so much tech it plays out against the backdrop of fed chief jay powell because the fed is the most i important. he talked about potential rate hikes. he acknowledged interest rates would need to stay high for longer but no rate cuts in sight and averages plummeted and bounce back. that's back from the lows because powell didn't say anything new at all and the dow finished up 260 points and s&p gained and the nasdaq pole vaulted 1.90%. unlike the bears who rule wall street, i think the solve was nuts it's insane that so many people seem to believe the fed will go
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from slamming the brakes of the economy to hitting the gas within a matter of months. yet, that's the majority view as reflected by the bond market, which is predicting a recession and series of rate cuts. maybe as soon as later this year i am calling it the bond market. not the bum market it's powered more by cannabis, not dollars. i'm sticking with my view we're in a bull market now so when the averages get slammed, as they did after powell said something extremely obvious, as i told club members in our new home stretch program, it is a, yes, indeed, buying opportunity sure enough, we bounce back in part because more and more people believe in the bull but let's get to the insane between tech and industrials that plays out every day for over a year now what have i told you i have said you need to buy the stocks of companies that make
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things and do stuff at a profit provided they return those profits to shareholders via dividends 0or buybacks and have reasonably priced stocks that's what i've said. it's been right. i'm sticking with it that's what dupont gave me today. due mpont made a lot of money o $3.25 billion buy back program and retired 2.5 billion in long term debt organic revenue growth how can i ask for me how about a dividend boost for good measure and that's why that stock jumped 7%. >> that was easy. >> dupont is led by a seasoned ceo. you know what he is? a grown up he understands how to run a company. he's got a long track record of selling off slow growth divisions and using proceeds and buying higher growth yet turns around 20 times earnings so that makes it a true bargain. that is the industrial economy
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let's switch, let's say -- because what i'm going to leave are the companies that make a lot of money and give you a reasonable price and go into "alice in wonderland." that's the tech world. a couple ways tech stocks go higher first, by learning how to lay off huge chunks of your work force. take zoom video run by a truly good guy, his stock has been going absolutely nowhere it did fall from 588 and change to the peak down to the 70s. today he announced he's laying off 15% of the work force in a blog post no less and zoom stock, what did it do? true to tech trades, it went up 10%. that's tech valuation, creation to a t i don't mean to offend you but that's what happened i want you to consider the industrial stock of linde.
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a gas company. industrial gas you can't see it it's a phenomenal industrial this morning, they reported an excellent quarter 20% earnings growth, not the growth we were getting from so many tech companies and the stocks i despise and boost the dividend every year doing themonster bu back but start up again very soon and the stock will go up even more. you want to get in ahead of it the ceo told an amazing story about all sorts of gases important to the new economy and operate hydrogen fuel cells and create blue ammonia. it's been doubted anng when the stock looking at it would open down four but management explained how the quarter unfolded in a conference call, the stock pirouette to finish up in the tech world, no. we're doing a.i., something artificial intelligence. admittedly, it's a big deal when microsoft is rolling it out. they're a real company
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they're using a.i. to gin up a better search engine you want to take a vacation in me mexico, book a five-day trip bing is an unpopular search engine google is ahead and i don't know if it would move the needle. it's a serious initiative but i don't know if it's enough to justify the stock because i'm happy because the trust owns it and got crushed when we learned the cloud business was slowing and now the stock is higher than it was before the quarterly conference call. hold onto the good ones. google has barred like shakespeare a competitor to the platform from open a.i. which microsoft is investing bar is trying to figure out how to get your cell phone to answer questions without ruining the ads because they won't be looked at because you don't need to look at anything giving voice commands no matter what, though, google can't allow itself to fall behind microsoft or lose the lead in search search is so lucrative
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you end up with an a.i. arm's race that's the legitimate side of the story. the market is roaring with connection for a couple days we got companies like c 3 ai and the stock has been roaring because people are talking about a.i. today, the stock plunged 11% an actual business, not just a concept and business isn't really good. these guy haves sales but losing fortunes doesn't fit my profile. let's remember, there are a lot of pretenders out there. suddenly become a real a.i. blue chip making sure it's part of the gbt conversation everyone wanted in on this one until the stock tumbled 10%. my view, if you want to play a.i., let's not fool around and buy the real a.i. company, that's nvidia. all these are powered by chips unlike pretenders, nvidia makes money. how refreshing perhaps can make billions of
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dollars off the a.i. platform and you need a huge number of chips to make a chat a.i. with some analysts saying this could be a $5 billion thing. nvidia is the way to play it and once named my late dog nv nvidia anybody can claim the a.i. pant l but other than nvidia, microsoft and google, i'm skeptical of everyone else what matters is you understand the difference between hype and hope versus cold hard reality. i like industrials about reality. i'm skeptical of stocks that rallied because they're firing people and cutting expenses. that's not what i'm looking for. sure, there is one rare case, meta plalt fortforms where they announce huge cost cuts because they deliver a magnificent quarter because meta is now behaving more like the industrials. meta is enough to become a value stock 14 times earnings and instagram reignited, it's a nice growth story plus mark zuckerberg announced a massive buy back if any other tech company wants
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to give you a buy back, i might give you my seal of approval, too. bottom line, i want you to have a real earnings cushion move and real buybacks and dividends and i can't feel comfortable recommending anything without them you can't cut your way to better sales for heaven sake if you tried. how about kevin in pennsylvania, kevin? >> caller: hey, jim, go eagles. >> go birds! >> caller: hey, of these two stocks i'm going to mention to you, which one is the better buy right now, data dog or t-mobile? >> well, let's see, t-mobile says it's slowing down data dog had a bunch of downgrades last week but t-mobile makes a lot of money and data dog doesn't t-mobile let's go to allen in new jersey, allen. >> caller: hey, mr. cramer i'm in cramerica here. >> what's going on, my friend? >> caller: hey, i had to ask you about transportation you know, planes, boats, trains, anything that goes and i have a
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question for you. >> okay. >> caller: what is your take on american airlines, what do you think it might do -- >> i like a.a. i had a nice flight the other day on it. it's good. i like it. i like delta, too. i think that group is hot. people are going -- the people are traveling like darn fool heads off their regular going on planes and trains. i like the airlines because there is no end to travel. i listened to hertz call today that's what they told me how about karen in florida, karen? >> caller: jim hey, i'm in jacksonville and i want to tell ya before i ask my question, i thought you did great at miami university. i watched that show. that was good. >> i'm going to tell you something, my wife passed jacksonville 25 minutes ago. she's on her way to florida and we can't wait to go back to the u. what a school. what's happening >> caller: that's awesome. okay my question, i'm wondering how you feel about this. i'm wondering how you feel about united health group, unh
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>> unh is out of favor now had a great quarter. i really -- i like human that more it goes down every day they all can't go up at once but human that and unh had great quarters and that matters because i'm playing a long game, not the short game in this enir vvironment i want buybacks, real dividends, ideally both and i can't feel comfortable recommending anything without them unless the multiple is so low on earnings on "mad money" tonight, despite reporting a mixed quarter, linde stock jumped higher. what i went through in the first ten seconds of the block that's okay. that's what i do i'll discuss with the ceo. activism versus take two i'm running through reports revealing the player that is headed in the right direction and chipotle they reported earnings after the bell everyone hates it. i don't know i kind of like it. let's see what they dished out i'll talk to the ceo i think you should stay with cramer
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if like me you, companies like linde, l-i-n-d-e, we like it so much we own it big for the charitable trust
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the report is seemly mixed quarter 26 cent earnings beat and the forecast, what a conference call. both the current quarter and full year, which is why the stock jumped over 4% and some people saw 17 today. like crazy people just giving up. can it keep climbing let's check in with the ceo of linde to get a better sense of the quarter. welcome to "mad money." >> hey, jim, great to be here. >> you have to be astonished people think on a given quarter they should sell your stock but you are a sec ular grower that doesn't go up and down like so many cyclical. >> you know our business we have pervasive. every industrial activity, we have a small contribution to make to that and obviously, chemicals, refinerrefineries, si conductors we talk about previously and frozen pizza is a
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nice draft beer you might get. >> when i look at the different markets, you have the greatest mosaic of any company and so instrumental you would be able to recoup that. >> some pricing discipline is something that's built into our dna. price discipline is old and we've done it for 30 years that's not new it's a muscle contractually. we make sure inflation is passed on to customers consistently in addition to that, productivity is important to us we manage the cost base. that's where margin expansion comes from and we're about margin expansion and finished a quarter and a year with record r.o.c., record operating margin and i feel good -- >> that's been sensational a lot of viewers say why do you like this? so many care more about just
6:18 pm
numbers. if you want to decarbonize the world, you're instrumental this contract is gigantic and i bet if you walk our viewers through it, they'll realize if there is hope for defeating carbon, it lies with you. >> jim, i absolutely agree with you. i have to say i'm excited about the contract i just want to make the point that decarbonization is a big agenda we have a contribution to make and technology the assets on the ground to be able to make that difference o.c.i. fits in our strategy. our strategy is making sure we provide clean hydrogen to other entities, processes that can be deco decarbon newsized and new markes we make sure we provide blue hydrogen and nigh tra gin and make sure it happens in the u.s.
6:19 pm
golf course and elsewhere. we have an inherent advantage and leverage we want to make sure goes into low hide jen development in the u.s. >> if you open a semi conductor plant, linde will be there. >> absolutely. any top player in the semi conductor space we supply, samsung, whether intel, across the world, jim, we're right at the heart of a semi conductor fab. there is a lot of concerns around semi conductor. our volume is going into semi conductors are all-time high. >> i saw there are more than 20%. that was extraordinary. >> that's right. >> at the same time people should recognize you have such stickiness and you're not cyclical carbonization in your soda. >> indeed. if you want to pick up a coke or beer, we're right in there that's the reason you enjoy it. >> well, now, you also are going to be one day i think the key to green hideydhydrogen, once we gt
6:20 pm
down forelectricity, you'll be there, correct >> we have great technology around that. we feel great about technology it's five to seven years ago for scaleup and when that happens, we'll have a point of inflection where costs will be competitive. >> i don't want to be too nitty gritty but you had an event that threw investors off with this delisting. now it will be much cleaner and i think that maybe you can just discuss that there was some confusion but that confusion will be ended soon. >> it's simple, jim, we were dual listed in two whexchanges,i frankfort and new york and we were hitting the cap every other day. the better you perform, the more you hit the cap -- >> that's the index cap. >> that's right. index selling. so essentially, all we did was put a proposal through the board to the shareholders to say you make the decision. 94% of shareholders wanted to be in favor of d listing. it's a clean listing in the new york stock exchange that ensures
6:21 pm
everyone understands what is going on there is no -- >> what understands is it does matter i think people are confused. my view is you put through dividends, up to the board, a higher dividend in february historically and i also know that you have a tremendous buy back on pause because of this. you've been a buyer of yo you are shares. >> we have we think it's the best investment you can make. dividend growth, we have our capital allocation is simple maintain rating, grow dividend, invest in every high quality project, everything else we generate in cash share buybacks. we're consistent in that we have leverage and the ability to flex that muscle, as well. >> look, i think you're -- i love industrials but i love industrials that grow like this, not crazy and you're the best in the entire world i want to thank the ceo of linde anybody that belongs to the club knows this is our favorite
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industrial stock in the world. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, after covid is there a gamer stock worth double tapping x for go bus level and beyond with cramer, next
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are the video game stocks bottoming after the post covid dog house? last night we got results from two of the three major video game publishers, activation blizzard and take two interactive. both stocks rallied nice ly in response the ladder up 8% when you check under the hood, activision did better than take two. let's start with avtivision which is in the process of selling itself to microsoft.
6:26 pm
yesterday morning "the new york times" published a spees about t -- piece about the regulatory hurdles. ftc and much more stringent group of regulators, there is a high chance the combination doesn't happen that's why they are trading in the mid 70s and microsoft is trying to buy it for $95 a share. after the quarter we got last night, i frankly don't care about this microsoft acquisition anymore. take it off the table. it's a nice kicker if they get ready for approval but if they can't, activision firing on all cylinders. last time we learned they earned $1.87 per share and looking for $1.52 higher than expected sales. management is not giving us as much charity about the future because that microsoft deal. the strength here was broad base though, the company is three divisions. activision and all three broke
6:27 pm
records. that's extraordinary the big box titles are printing money like call of duty modern warfare two. this is a very old franchise at the same time king digital had 9% net bookings growth driven by another great performance from candy crush, which is incredible because my wife plays all the time but she can't be responsible for this. the top grossing game franchise for 22 straight quarters is candy crush. these mobile games don't get as much attention but they're becoming cash for the entire mobile business for them is putting up records not too long ago, wall street was convinced the game would be lost in the wilderness for ages because people don't want to stare at screens now that it's safe to go out again i believe that thesis. i told you that. it's wrong a activision's quarter is wrong. during the worst face of the pandemic and struggled when the
6:28 pm
world went back to normal because the stocks got ahead of themselves the gaming space didn't die but went back to trajectory and went back to the old growth rate. by the way, the growth rate was pretty darn good, not as good as the bulls hoped for in 2021. they got carried away. how about day two? very different story here. while the net bookings were up 6 0% year over year, they bought zinga another mobile gaming business, that number was still weaker than expected on the earnings front they posted a 3 cent miss on an often 80 cent basisless than ideal not terrible how come take two is worse because of the outlook they're talking much lower than expected bookings and earnings for the current quarter. that's grim. the ceo painted a door picture listen to this, quote, we believe the consumers shifted holiday spending towards established blockbuster franchises and pricing promotions in light of macro conditions you won't hear any ceo talk
6:29 pm
about the economic conditions. that phrase won't come up when the economy is good. what matters is the franchises are selling. this stuff is not getting the same traction. in short, activison is not doin better they got the new call of duty and a launch desert at the moment relying on its back catalog, the backlog and this is just not enough for investors. at the same time, the other big difference between these two coup companies is mobile divisions. the newly acquired zinga it's clear king digital is strong enough to overcome weakness in digital advertising. many mobile games make the money selling ads but if you have a platform like candy crush, something insanely popular, the downturn doesn't hit you as hard they have zinga. it doesn't seem to be performing that well. maybe they paid too much for this $12.7 billion business. the jury is out.
6:30 pm
it's worth seeing what he can do he can work magic. how about the future the most important driver of the stock price is the microsoft deal but trading so the deal won't happen the ceoed optimistic on "squawk" it may feel like waiting for the dough. the regulators don't like it if the microsoft deal gets blocked, i like activision it's worth owning. the deal gets blocked could be an amazing buying opportunity. they have a blockbuster coming out and the strength of the mobile business lets them weather the gap between major titles the mobile business is where the growth is. for take two, the most positive thing is even though the quarter was worse and the guidance was much worse, the stock actually rallied more than activision an anomaly how do we explain it my suspicion is the buyers are looking through the present weakness and into the way
6:31 pm
future what we learned from activision is block buster matters especially sequels to major franchises they don't have huge titles to compete but at some point they will this is between two of the largest franchises in history grant theft auto and red redemption when they come out with a sequel, it will make a fortune take a leap of faith to believe this is coming soon enough and take two can turn things around but if you can do these things and bet on take two. by the way, i was kind of a lot of humility is rare to see him be but accomplish. he hardly goes out on a positive limb but beat himself up bad and doesn't want that to happen again. you know what? i think it may be that i think the fact he was so bullish when he usually isn't, maybe that got people going. remember, we're in a bull market that means companies will have a much easier time to give them the benefit of the doubt
6:32 pm
the standard is lower. here is the bottom line, only earnings season can the same two comp companies diverge in the quarters it is on fire here i almost hope the microsoft merger falls apart as soon as possible so that you'll get a better buying opportunity. for take two, you have to believe in a turn around i got an idea. why don't we take phone calls. let's go to beth in minnesota, beth >> caller: yeah. >> hey, beth, what's up? >> caller: just hanging out in minnesota. >> probably chilly there super bowl five years ago, beth. >> caller: i know. >> all right what do you got? >> caller: with the rise in popularity what are your thoughts on top golf callaway brands >> i have to tell you, i liked
6:33 pm
top golf for a long time it's terrific and even though it spiked, you can go higher. that's how much i like it and thank you for the call let's go to yaniqe in new york. >> caller: happy super bowl week boo-yah from lincoln center, mr. cramer. >> you got that right. i can't wait to go i'm actually even -- i'm so excited that i'm leaving saturday morning to go there what's up? >> caller: all right so i love the dividend, love the growth but i'm concerned about losing apple as a customer and anti trust scrutiny from the feds is it time to buy, sell or hold broadcom >> i sold it for my charitable trust after a huge run and it was a mistake. hawk ten is one tough customer and i think avgo is still good even up here at 614. i talked about that with jeff marks. why didn't we sell that? that's would have, should have, could have i think activate blizzard is on
6:34 pm
fire right now i almost hope the microsoft merger falls apart as soon as possible better buying opportunity. take two, you have to believe in a real turn around on this one but very bullish last night. maybe early. much more "mad money" including my exclusive with chipotle is it time to take a bite of the stock after people didn't like the earnings i think that the people who are selling it might be wrong. they did report at the bell. then the memesters that bid up bed, bath and beyond what's the take away from the game stock action? i'll give you my take and you know what? i'm not really that nice in what i want to say. also, your calls, rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round so stay with cramer
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a little confusion tonight what do we make of the numbers of chipotle? the results seem to be weaker than expected on a lot of same store sales earnings on the other hand, chipotle is limited guidance for the current quarter was much more encouraging talking about low double digit same store sales growth in january and high digits for the full quarter up from the fourth quarter now already passed plus, don't forget they announced a new hiring campaign last week bringing in 15,000 more people for burrito season but that doesn't mean anything not something a company does when management lacks confidence in the future. this is a fantastic long-term winner and we've been with it all the way the quarter might be rocky. i'm inclined to stick with it but let's look with the chairman and ceo of chipotle mexican grill.
6:39 pm
welcome back to "mad money.." >> yeah, hey, jim, great to be here. >> brian, this is a market that cares about the future every quarter reported, we're not looking at the past. we're saying what do you think about the future and when i look at what you're doing in the month of january with double digits, i'm saying maybe that's the most important take away from this entire quarter. >> we're really excited about the results we saw in january. one of the most important things underneath that is the return to transaction growth for us, which we think is really, you know, a great sign we did have some transaction softness in the fourth quarter, which some of that was driven by our rollover and then obviously, we made a decision not to go aggressive on discounting and chasing some of the lower income consumers that we know have been challenged over the last year, really. >> was the cadence good over the quarter? was december strong? >> december was, i would say
6:40 pm
december was mild in our opinion. we were hoping for a little better december but what we actually saw when we exited december things picked up and that continued into january. the thing that we were optimistic about as the quarter went on kind of every month our transactions continued to improve and then they really, you know, accelerated as we exited december and entered january and this -- i think is a combination of things. we've been working hard to get the operational fundamentals back in place and really eliminate the work arounds that we permitted during really the pandemic and some of the staffing challenges we had in the past to get back to executing chipotle standards and i think we're starting to see the benefits of that show up in our january numbers. >> it's very clear that almost every input that you have actually went down i mean, you actually had disinflation to quote chairman powell and if actions go up, that to me means this could be the beginning of a rather explosive 2023.
6:41 pm
>> well, look, you know, we're very optimistic in our company, both our employees that are working in the restaurants, the culinary that we provide and the economics that come out of that for shareholders so we love what we saw in january. the trick for us is stay focused on executing the basics, provide people great experiences, we know they come back. we know they love our food and i'm feeling really good about where we are right now. >> we took out of course from chipotle as we do when we see you, the prices have gone higher you said the low income consumer is not really -- let's just say these are higher prices for the low-end consumer you'restickiness people don't have much pricing, not really worried about pricing. they eat at chipotle no matter what. >> look, what we seen in the data and with the customers is our hire income consumer so earning over $100,000
6:42 pm
increased visits consumers are earning less than $75,000, we've seen a slowdown in frequency but more importantly, the resistance to the pricing that we've taken, we've seen very little show up in our business obviously, we reset the delivery business throughout the course of 2022. i think we're now at the right economics so that that can be an ongoing proposition and important to get that reset so it was set up for success going forward. it shouldn't be a drag on the business it should be an occasion that if people want access, it comes with a premium but the economics need to support the access mode. >> i totally agree i also don't think you would be looking for 15,000 people. this is a new season for me, burrito season i'm used to winter, fall, summer, autumn, those kind -- spring how did you come up with this one? >> well, look, it's a natural occurrence as kind of winter starts to, you know, go in the rearview mirror, more and more
6:43 pm
people are out and act and luckily, part of being out and about is visiting chipotle we start to see week to week ramp up and what we call the burrito season and it is a mantra for us to make sure restaurants are staffed and ready to go. look, one of the things that was really exciting to see in december is we were at probably our best turnover numbers that we've seen in two years, our staffing levels were the best they've been in over two years so we feel really good about where we are we're opening a lot of restaurants. we're planning on opening 250 to 280 restaurants this year. we want to make sure we're staffed for burrito season and staffed to develop people to move into these new restaurants and these new field leadership positions. >> i heard chairman powell say we have 5 million more jobs than people how can a chain like chipotle find 15,000 more >> you know, look, i think it's two things one, it our purpose around food with integrity cultivating a better world and
6:44 pm
growth when you put those two things together, i think people love being a part of our company. and they love, you know, experiencing culinariy done in different way and giving customers the food and experience they want and they can grow with the organization i'm happy to say the last couple folks we promoted, which is an individual that oversees 3400 restaurants started in a grill position and been with the company, ten, 15 years and there is nothing more exciting, you know this. when you get to promote people internally and worked hard for your company, they've demonstrated the values and there is nothing better than celebrating the promotion and especially when they get to one of the highest levels in the organization they have grown up in, it's really special. >> i couldn't agree more i'm nodding at my executive producer we talk about this every day that's how you create culture and culture means that it's not hard to find great people. they want to work for you. brian, you know that i think the future is far brighter for you
6:45 pm
guys than pretty much everybody else in your industry and thank you for choosing "mad money" to come on the show great to see you. >> yeah, great to be with you and as always, jim, pleasure. >> excellent that's chairman and ceo of chipotle do not be confused, the quarter coming is much stronger than the one we finished. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, cramer takes your calls and the sky is the limit. it's a fast fire lightning round, next. ♪ prizefighter... ...meets trailblazer. ♪ ♪ classic meets modern. ♪
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>> announcer: lightning round is
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sponsored by t. dshd ameritrade >> time for the lightening round, buy, buy, sell, sell and then the lightening round is over let's start with bob in ohio, bob? >> caller: hey, ski daddy, how is it going? >> couldn't be better. what is happening? >> caller: thanks for everything you do and taking my call. >> of course >> caller: my stock is just hitting a new all time high last week and i'm looking to accumulate more when it comes down what do you think of p.h. >> park er hannifin had a remarkable quarter don't wait for it to go down let's buy here let's go to amber in florida, amber? >> caller: how are you doing >> i'm doing fine. how are you? >> caller: i want to know about waste management. >> everyone thought that quarter was not that great buy republic services, that
6:50 pm
that's the one that acts better right now, rsg, that's what i would pick now, i'm going to mark in california, mark >> caller: boo-yah, jim from marin county, california just over the golden gate bridge. >> so beautiful. i love it there. i love it there. what's going on? >> caller: well, i'm sitting in my hot tub and drinking a bottle of red just sobbing over the stock i purchased. i thought 400 shares went down so i thought 400 more averaging 120 a share on conco-phillips and what should i do with it buy more >> you're fine, man. you're fine. that's like a fine merlot. i would buy all you can. let's go to sam in marymaryland sam. >> caller: investing for the long term -- >> as wonderful frank said, the forecast is the forecast i like snow flake.
6:51 pm
he is a moneymaker let's go to robert in south carolina, robert >> caller: jim, thanks for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: question. question z scaler ticker symbol -- >> the stock is all the way down it can bounce. ford reported an amazing quarter tonight. people will take that for three days and you might have to go. all the stocks are coming back right now. let's go to sam in colorado. sam? >> caller: the question is about world class companies out there, they reported today alumna. >> they missed again if you're going to be in the business, there is only two. there is thermo fisher and cramer fav danner but i like thermo fisher. pulled down by alumna tomorrow and when it happens, let's go to michelle in new york, michelle >> caller: hi, jim
6:52 pm
it's michelle from texas. >> oh, fantastic what's happening >> caller: nothing much. just surviving the huge winter storm that came through. >> excellent >> caller: jim, my question today is about sun. >> look, i like the limited partnerships but i am going to send you to -- i would rather see you in oh my god i'm going to recommend -- i can't believe it e.t. yes, energy transfer which i've got religion about which is extraordinary. 9.4% yield let's go to john in michigan, john >> caller: hey, jim, love the show i got a stock that just got approved for an ms drug, tgtx. >> all right this is mike weiss i always believed in him mike, come on the show i think you've got a winner and i need to hear it from you because we did suffer through the bad days and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion
6:53 pm
of the lightning round >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, managements have gotten wise to the mob of meme speculators. recent cautionary tales of companies, next.
6:54 pm
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the meme stock finally met their match. that's all i could think when i saw bed bath and beyobnd drilled the meme hoping to create game stop or amc. two tortured winners from the rare that ended a long time ago. for once, a company is ready when they pounce after being refreshingly transparent acknowledging they might have to file for bankruptcy, the meme man yaks drove bed bath stock up. did you know yesterday the trading volume in this game is more than double the total
6:57 pm
number of shares a sure sign that the memes were trying to corner the market to bust the short sellers who didn't exist but the self-proclaimed. >> alan: -- apes ran into a brick wall they sell sheets and towels, they had a talent for selling stock on the institution of the backs of the little guys that thought they knew better bed bath management is ready and willing to create new equity and annihilate the know it alls who never imagined the supply of 1 billion-dollar worth of security could come raining down on their heads. hence the stock's obliteration down 49% the deal could be tremendous for a quick trade but not for the memesters. the preferred shares are far too is p sophisticated. they will be crushed because they can buy and flip the convert and have the ultimate short position maybe that's why the stock fell
6:58 pm
in half. so this is a perfect move. bed bath gets cop 'tapital the memesters get crushed. you rarely get this opportunity. bed bath had the chance to do this because these jokers had greed and stupidity and bidding up bankruptcy is not a smart way to make money. ceos have gotten wise and used to the meme stocks they are ready to take advantage of the moron style from looking at the documents, bed bath was ready for this vicious round house, something memester shouldn't know it's a tough time for these fools. another loser outfit because their great champion took a position in the stock and got bid up 25% on friday when the piper got the flock going. now nordstrom stock is obliterating the buyers and not
6:59 pm
done who knows if ryan will do the same thing for nordstrom he did for bed, bath and beyond the b gl game. there is another connection. cohen despises the ceo who happens to be on nordstrom's boo board of directors don't get me wrong i'm in favor of speculating but begging you to do it wisely. don't go near a company on the verge bankruptcy don't go to a full retailer. i hope these apes can go back to playing call of duty or grand theft auto, probably candy crush and letting management crush them with convertible preferred shares not that they know what that is. maybe they could bet on travis kelsey to pass the ball seven times. there are easier ways to gamble if you want to gamble. time to throw in the towel the people that run the companies see you as easy marks and they'll absolutely take
7:00 pm
advantage of you if you give them a chance. you know what they're going to do slice off their diamond hands and place them with cubic c zarconia move on. nice try it was hilarious while it lasted i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see ya tomorrow. ] do not judge me by my sales. -oh! -yeah! -yeah! -oh! daymond would have been a great partner, but he threw me under the bus. absolutely not. uh-oh. ♪♪ you suck! you gave me carolina blue? you're a great guy with a really, really bad idea. well, sharks, i brought backup. that's brilliant. -don't overthink the putt. -[ laughs ] mah! [ gasps ] ♪♪ ohhhhhhh! ohhhhhhh! ohhhhhhh! ohhhhhhh! ♪♪ narrator: first into the tank is a new concept in footwear.


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