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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 15, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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right now, monday tear evacuation areas cover 2,000 people in st. landry parish. six other parishes are bracing for the worst. four flood gates are open to divert the mississippi river floodwaters from baton rouge and new orleans. in vicksburg, mississippi, the mississippi river reached a record level of 56.38 feet. the river is still rising. many worry it could comp mice the yazoo levee that protects the town of vicksburg. martin is watching this. what happens on the other side? >> reporter: it's a really big question right now. i have to tell you, there are about 700 miles of levees currently in the state of mississippi that are struggling to hold back this historic flood from the mississippi river. all eyes, when it comes to state
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officials are focused on this one 26-mile stretch of a dirt road to nowhere. it's actually the levee. see the crew on the left hand side, it's for the yazoo and mississippi river. this levee is holding it back. however, there's one foot between the level of the water and when it goes over the top. the prediction is it's going to go over the top. we were talking with the secretary of state of mississippi, they expect it to happen overnight. water going over the levee is not the end of the world unless it triggers the collapse of the levee. they don't want to guesstimate. i put the question of how bad it would be with peter. here is what he said. if this levee were to fail, what are the consequences and who
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would be impacted and how far? >> the town is 30 to 35 miles from here. that town would be under water. numerous towns would be under water. highways under water. thousands of people have to evacuate the area. hundreds of thousands of acres would be under water. we would flood 1.2 million acres. >> reporter: what do you think the chances are of failure? >> there's a remote chance. we are confident this is going to hold as long as the forecast doesn't change. >> reporter: the forecast is that the water level is going to rise where it will go over the top of the levee. they have found four miles of the levee most susceptible so they have armored it. they put plastic over the back of the levee. when the water comes over, it lands on the plastic and runs down and dissipates into the
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form land. it doesn't erode the levee and trigger an all-out disaster. here is the real point to all of this. it's never been tried before on this levee. this is all theory now. history is now well into realms that have never happened. we are beyond the 1927 flood gates. that was the last measure of how bad it could get. the next couple days are going to be intense here. >> thanks so much. let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> this is the worst we have seen it in our lifetimes and in history as well. as long as it continues to operate as it's designed, we are good. any kink in the system and it changes the ball game. let's talk about what's going on with the spillway. they opened up the gates yesterday. they are going to continue to open up more gates in the days and weeks ahead as necessary to
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maintain the flow of water from the spillway southward from the mississippi river to stay the same. it's going to take awhile for the water to move from the spillway extending toward the gulf of mexico. today, we have been watching that progression as it heads southward. we are looking at the area around i-10 and southward. that's where the highest water levels could be because of the low land, the low area here. we'll take you southward and show you this is monday, graham lake. it's where the water is expected to be tomorrow. as we head into tuesday, we go toward morgan city. it's a huge concern. this is a population of around 12,000 plus people who live here. they may have to be evacuated. they are packing up their belongings, birth certificates and photos and getting ready for the water on tuesday. we could see five feet in that area. let's talk about the impact opening the spill way has now
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along the mississippi river. we look at that river as a whole. where the river is cresting is arkansas city. that's in arkansas. this is the area we are talking act here. vicksburg, that's where martin is. you can see 14.5 feet is where it's supposed to reach above flood stage on thursday. we have a long way to go and it's already at the record. it's beaten the record. red river landing 16.5 feet on may 22nd. we are talking seven to ten days from now. look at new orleans. look at that. it's cresting. why is it cresting? because we have opened the spillway. the big thing then, we'll show you on the graphic. there it is. the river gauge at new orleans saying it's cresting. this is a manmade controlled crest. not a natural crest like what's going on up in arkansas city. here is the 17 feet. the forecast brings you out five days showing it stays at that 17 feet. it's based on controlling and
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opening up more spillway gates as necessary in the weeks ahead. keep in mind, you know, they are being pushed to the limit at 17 feet as well. it's right at flood stage. as long as everything operates like it's supposed to, it's going to be okay. any fan boil that could occur or breakdown in the levee system could change things for a lot of people down the river basis. >> thank you. let's head downstream and find out how people are doing in st. landry parish. it's where a mandatory evacuation is under way. ed is there. ed, what are people doing right now? are they packing up and leaving? are they heeding the call? >> reporter: there's no question in the areas where the specific mandatory evacuation orders were issued earlier in st. landry's parish, people have been packing up what they can and loading them on trucks and trailers and
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into moving vans and seeking higher ground. we are in a subdivision with 20 homes in it. it's south of cross springs, louisiana. it's right along the capital river. it's one of the areas that were mandatory evacuated. there's 20 homes. as i turn around here, there's only three or four homes where people are still packing up last minute things. they urged people to evacuate by 5:00 central time. it's getting very close. i got off the phone with the parish president in st. landry's and he said they expect the water to rise around midnight into the areas where people were told to evacuate. here, into the nighttime hours, they suspect things will change. he did say so far, the reports he's getting from officials and the army corps of engineers, there's not as much water as
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anticipated. they were expecting 10 to 15 feet of water. so far, they are not see thag much. it could come if they open more flood gates. that's expected to happen. it could all change. at least temporarily good news but could quickly change. most of the places we have been in, they have been told to exfect 10 to feet feet of water. >> thanks so much. on to new york now where a powerful voice in global economics is facing arraignment on sexual assault charges. the head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss-kahn is charged with attempting to rape a housekeeper. police pulled him off an air transflight headed to paris. he's expected to enter a plea today. susan. >> reporter: that's right. the plea is expected to be not
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guilty, to no one surprised. it's what the defense attorney says. court hasn't begun yet and probably won't for a few more hours. when it does, it's the first time we see the imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn. the judge will read the charges including rape and unlawful imprisonment. they will discuss the plea and then discussion of bail. this, after a long night of questioning. police say he did not cooperate after they brought him in after the hotel employee says he tried to rape her. now, he's in limbo as the long legal road begins for him. we are learning a bit more about the maid in this case. she is 32 years old. it's what police told us. it's all they are telling us. the general manager said she
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worked at that luxury hotel for three years and in his words, he said her work and behavior was very satisfactory. the criminal behavior of this defendant is on the line. back to you, fred. >> susan, what is alleged to have happened? >> reporter: i'm sorry, repeat that? >> what is the allegation? this alleged victim told authorities what happened, exactly? >> reporter: well, the allegation is that she was going into the hotel room to clean it. she thought the room was empty. she was confronted, she told police by a man standing there naked. attacked her, dragged her throw the hotel suite. she managed to get away and run for help. by the time the police got there, he was gone. he left in such a hurry, he left
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behind his cell phone. that's when they caught up with him before the flight doors closed on the way to paris. >> thanks for that. i talked to jeffrey and he says the road ahead is going to be tough for strauss-kahn. >> she's in a world of trouble. the issue of bail is the one that will come up first. the longer term and greater problem is, if he is convicted of sexual assault, which is a very serious crime in new york state as it is everywhere, he could be looking at multiple years in prison. we have to learn what the facts are and they have to be presented through court. given these circumstances, he is looking at a lot of legal trouble for the forseeable future. >> the arrest is having a dramatic impact on french presidential politics. we'll explain why in a few minutes. now, space shuttle "endeavour" is expected to
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launch on the final mission on a faulty heater. a forced postponement. the shuttle commander is mark kelly. his wife, gabrielle giffords is back to watch the launch. we'll have more on "endeavour" mission and what they plan to deliver to the space station. many arabs call today a day of catastrophe. they mark it every year with rites on israel's borders. details on the casualties, next.
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my money. my choice. my meineke. a quick look at what's happening around the world. israeli troops firing tear gas at crowds. this is the golden heights on the syrian border. similar clashes erupted on all of israel's borders today. several people reported killed and many more hurt. this is a day set aside when palestinians protest the creation of israel. antigovernment sentiment spreads in syria. take a look. people tearing down a poster of the president. a couple days ago, this video was sent to us. we can't confirm the authenticity. cnn is still barred from reporting within the syrian border. a united nations envoy.
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trying to encourage a cease-fire. no word if gadhafi himself took part in the talks. the wife of egyptian president mubarak is set to have heart surgery. she suffered a heart attack while being questioned about her husband's corruption charges. more on the arrest of the man who leads the monetary fund. dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape a housekeeper in new york. it comes at a time when expectations were high in france that he would be a leading presidential candidate in next year's election. we have more from paris. >> reporter: it's difficult to overstate what a bombshell the arrest of dominic strauss-kahn has been. as director of the monetary fund, he had dealings with heads
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of states. he had meetings with the chancellor of greece and he was going to be at the table at the g-8 summit at the end of may. from that point of view, it's a huge story. domestically here in france, it's a huge story. he outpolled all the other candidates for president including nicolas sarkozy. this was huge. >> it's amazing. i think the word would be astou astounding, amazing. the word of the socialist party, it's a thunderstorm. i would say, if strauss-kahn is out of the process for the elections, definitely, we are starting a political tsunami. >> reporter: many leading politicians did not want to talk about the case until more is known about it. one did, the leader of the right
2:18 pm
party. she said she wasn't surprised because rumors circulated about his sexual indiscretions after a 2008 case which he was tried by sexual harassment. he was later cleared of the charges, but he had to apologize to the fund. it said he chose very bad judgment. we talked to people on the street and they were in no hurry to pass judgment. >> translator: if it's true and he's proven innocent, it will leave a mark. it will be a decider. yes, i think it's all over for him. >> translator: i think, like most people, dominique strauss-kahn is innocent until proven guilty. everyone has a history. dominique strauss-kahn is a french citizen, we hastily await the outcome. >> translator: it's a question of responsibility.
2:19 pm
the fact he fled is enough in itself. it's not the situation itself, a crisis situation should be managed. he should have strong shoulders to manage a government and must face the situation and not run away. it's obvious. >> reporter: the television anchor woman wife of him says she doesn't believe the charges leveled against her husband. irrespective of whether they are proven to be true or false, a great deal of damage has been done to one of the highest flying personalitiepersonalitie. coming up, baseball commissioner bud selig answers your question about instant replay. "star wars" producer and director george lewis trying to help education in america. is the force with him? oh hi! we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast... one more chariot please. ...we can bring the whole gang!
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major league baseball has been celebrating civil rights history in atlanta. among those reflecting is baseball commissioner bud selig. i had a chance to ask him about the future of the game. viewers had questions as well. one viewer asking why not expand the use of instant replay? >> well, we are talking act that, as a matter of fact. special committee i created is
2:23 pm
dealing with that. we have four managers and general managers and owners on it. we don't want too much -- i find the resistance among baseball people is really intense because, you know, baseball is a game of pace. you can't keep interrupting. we are looking at modest additions to that. >> later this hour, the commissioner talks about the number of african-americans or lack there of in players and the front office. let's chat. kind of the lighter side of news items. jacqui and i like to sit on the sofa and have therapy. >> it's prom season, graduation season. here is yet another, i don't know, sticky situation that pertains to prom season. >> they have been doing this for a couple years. it never ceases to amaze me what you can do with duct tape.
2:24 pm
how creative the students get. >> i certainly wouldn't think of a promise dress or tuxedo. >> i can't believe that's duct tape. i bet it's noisy, too. >> i thought they were testing it out to see how noisy it is. her date wasn't that thrilled. he wasn't totally stuck on the idea. he's sporting it. he's wearing it. this was in kansas, by the way. she got the idea from her physics teacher. >> don lemon had one on last night, students from georgia. somewhere in georgia. they did it, too. there's a contest through home depot to earn a scholarship. >> way back when, we talked about the candy wrappers. >> that's right. >> people are inventive. >> recycling the candy wrappers, even better. >> this is a story of a lucky
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kitty cat. got caught under the hood of a car. the car traveled 20 miles. >> can you believe it? >> her paw pads got burned and part of the belly. lucky for her, someone came to her rescue, spotted her and pulled her out of the hood. she's all right. >> she was adopted by one of the vets. >> what's the name? >> axel. >> i love it. i love it. do you love it when you go into a business and there's like among the hosts there, might be a canine? maybe a dog. >> yeah. >> i always love that. >> there's a store right next to mine that has a dog. it's there every day. it lays there and sleeps. >> i have a favorite flower shop in d.c. and the dog was at the front door greeting you.
2:26 pm
this is a sheriton. they have a dog. petting pets, dogs and animals can be relaxing and soothing. >> can you check it out for a walk? >> can your dog help me with my morning run. >> the bed is there. a paw pad print. very cute. >> i like that. >> what happens when you are on facebook and your name is the same as the founder? >> you get booted, right? >> yeah. >> mark zuckerberg. there's another one out there. this one is an attorney. he'd been on facebook for awhile, then all of a sudden, he wasn't able to be on. he was defriended by facebook. >> they think identity it's a fraudulent account. it happened to kate middleton. they took her page away. they thought she was a fake. >> they investigated.
2:27 pm
they dug into it a bit. apparently, mark zuckerberg number two might be back on facebook. >> try to explain to your friends, no, i really still love you. i didn't unfriend you. >> all right. thanks for being in the chat room. talk with you again. >> yeah. digital technology is all around us. phone, computer camera, all that. now a legendary film maker george lucas is making sure it gets into your schools. this is perry's principles. >> "star wars" creator george lucas conquered the empire with the power of the force. now he's conquering education with the power of the internet. >> education is the single most important job that the human race has. >> it's a free, non-profit site that highlights what works in
2:28 pm
schools with blogs and articles and videos. >> we are looking for way for them to be authors of their own learning. >> so often you find people that know their education system could be better. they are not sure in what way. what we have tried to do is shine a spotlight on innovation and show people with the power of video what it looks like and how it's taking place. >> one of the challenges i see in education is that when a school is successful, people begin to say that can't be replicated. >> we try to show tips and strategies that can be adapted and extended to other environments. >> like in southern california where michelle lives. >> my son is dyslexic. there were a lot of challenges he was facing. i started self-educating myself.
2:29 pm
>> this is the school site. this is context middle school, 2011. >> it's about what's wrong. the problems in education, yet there's a force of people out there on the front lines. >> steve perry, san francisco. take a look right now. live pictures at the kennedy space center. a pair of chefs are educating nasa on nutrition. space shuttle "endeavour" is scheduled for lift off tomorrow. details straight ahead. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
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a look at the top stories this hour. 2,000 people in st. landry parish louisiana are told to pack up and get out. a mandatory evacuation is under way as the mississippi river's floodwaters spill through. the deadline to leave is at the top of the hour. right now, four flood gates on the spillway are open.
2:33 pm
more openings planned in the days ahead. the head of the monetary fund is in police custody. they pulled dominique strauss-kahn after reports he attacked a housekeeper in his suite. he will face a judge later this evening. the attorney says he will plead not guilty. two spiritual leaders are due in court tomorrow. the father and son were arrested yesterday on charges of aiding the taliban. the charges relate to alleged crimes committed between 2008 and 2010 and had nothing to do with the recent killing of osama bin laden. space shuttle "endeavour" crew have a few hours with their family left before their launch. it's the final mission. mark kelly's wife, gabrielle giffords is in florida to watch.
2:34 pm
so is john. how are things looking? >> reporter: hey. real good. no real issues, certainly none with the vehicle that nasa is working. "endeavour" is scheduled to make the 25th and final flight carrying a scientific palo carrying a speck trom ter. it could help us understand the creation of the universe. nasa is worried about getting "endeavour" off the ground. it was delayed when critical heating units failed. when you look at the video, we talk about how complex the vehicles are. nasa traced the problem back to a control box. inside the box, just that one box are hundreds and hundreds of connections and cables. they found there was an open circuit in that box. that's what was causing the
2:35 pm
problem. so, they changed that entire box out. they say they are good to go. no other issues with "endeavor". weather looks good as well. congresswoman giffords is here again. she'll watch the launch as mark kelly and the other astronauts lift off here tomorrow. she tweeted today she came back and returned here to florida today. she, along with everyone else hoping it can get off the ground tomorrow. >> what about the part of the palo that comes in the form of a nutritional bar made by students? >> reporter: yeah, it's a fascinating feel good story. two high school sisters entered a contest called the conrad foundation awards. they won in the nutrition category. they are from battle creek,
2:36 pm
michigan. they got help from the folks at kellogg. they did all the work. they literally came up with a nutrition bar that fit the nasa requirements and they were able to go ahead and fly that bar, hopefully tomorrow on "endeavour." it's on there and packed away. they are going to chow down the on the nutrition bar. they are excited about it. one quick note, the giant external tank here, that tank on "endeavour" was damaged during katrina and refurbished and flying. an interesting tidbit. >> hopefully the systems are all the go tomorrow. the key to finding a new job could be a phone call or e-mail away. we'll explain after this.
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my money. my choice. my meineke.
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if you are looking for a new job or trying to advance the position you have there's one word you should never forget. networking. valerie is the author of where to go from here. she gives five tips. >> why am i building my network. maybe a career transformation. they want to build connections in that field. some people are looking for a
2:40 pm
job and others want to do something different next year. understand the why. it helps to narrow the activities and focus. >> know the target audience. >> yes. who is it you are trying to reach? who am i trying to connect with? where can i find those people. look at professional associat n associatio associations, sporting activities, things that allow you to connect with people in a real way. >> don't waste time is the word. >> that's right. >> don't go to places you won't benefit from. >> a lot of times when you are looking, you don't want to reveal your cards and know they are looking for something else so they tend to be quiet about it. you say no. publicize it. >> don't be quiet. everybody has a network. if you have a small network, you
2:41 pm
feel you don't know anyone. you do. let people know you are looking for new people and making new connections. what are you involved in. >> focus on connecting. how is it different from connecting? >> focus on connecting, not just getting. when you get involved take on a project, do volunteer work. it allows people to see how you work, how timely you are and what kind of worker you are so they understand what you have to offer. >> these are all things that generally are not going to cost you anything. >> that's right. >> when people think sharpening tools it means you have to go get new courses or buy new hardware. you are saying it's all there and accessible. get organized. >> you need to get organized. you are going out and doing all these new things, collecting business cards and names. a lot of times they are scattered all over the place. have a personal data base.
2:42 pm
use the online tools like linked in. you have everybody in one cohesive place. when you are ready to reach out, it's easy to do. >> is e-mail formal or is it okay? >> it's changed a lot. i mean, especially in the '90s, people thought everything needs to be handwritten. i think a handwritten note is a great idea. e-mail is so instant. >> phone calls? >> great for some people. know how people want to be communicated with. e-mail is a great way to ask. some people prefer e-mail. others prefer for you to pick up the phone. >> helping you recreate your career. two new dvds, including the natalie portman star and ash ton kutcher, no strings attached and the justin bieber movie, "never say never."
2:43 pm
he said he was pleasantly surprised with the justin bieber movie. >> if you want to rent it, this is a decent movie. i'm not a big justin bieber fan. i came away with a real appreciation for his talent and how hard he works. i thought it was a good movie. i enjoyed myself watching it. >> "no strings attached." like it. there he goes, the new star of "two and a half men." for now, on dvd. >> for now, on dvd, this movie is not great. it's an example of an ashton kutcher movie is not good. i hope to see better things from him on "two and a half men." a political round up of who is in and who is out of the presidential run off. who does selig want to see in the field and the front offices. and help people save -
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a political update now. mike huckabee decided not to seek the 2012 presidential nomination. the former arkansas governor made the announcement last night on his fox news show. it's a busy week ahead for republicans running or considering a bid.
2:47 pm
even busier for a former senior aid to president obama. here is paul steinhauser. >> hey, fred. rahm emanuel starts his new job tomorrow. he's sworn in as chicago's new mayor. also tomorrow, newt gingrich starts a tour of iowa. he's running for the republican presidential nomination and iowa caucus goes first in the road to the white house. mitt romney mans the phones at an event in las vegas. tim pawlenty is the main attraction at a fund-raiser. barack obama fund raises in utah. the ambassador to china looks like a presidential candidate. thursday, donald trump is in south carolina, the first southern state to vote in the
2:48 pm
primaries. the billionaire says he will decide by june if he's running for the white house. fred. baseball's fifth annual civil rights game ended here in atlanta with the braves beating the phillies. bud selig says atlanta is the way to celebrate. so, is major league baseball keeping pace with past progress? here is more of my exclusive interview with the commissioner. you are celebrating the civil rights of baseball and as it pertains to baseball, noticeably the number of african-american players is very low, same goes for the number of black managers and ownership among blacks. how important is it to you to change that part of history? >> first of all, we have seven or eight minority managers now.
2:49 pm
we got up to ten but that area we are doing all right. we are doing great in front offices. in fact, richard gave us a grade of a this year on all of that. we were deficient in terms of hiring women. as for the african-american players, we are working on that. we have -- we are building academies all over america. we are building an academy in compton, california. we have one in houston. going to build one in miami. we're going to build one in philadelphia. we are really working. i think you'll see that there will be great progress in coming years. you just don't solve that problem overnight. >> what is at the root of the deficiency in your view? >> the most powerful moment was jackie robinson coming to the big leagues.
2:50 pm
it produced willie mays. erny banks. tremendous. somehow in the '60s and into the '70s, we lost that. i don't know why. nobody seems to know why. we are going to get it back. we are working is 150,000 kids playing baseball. so i like where we are. as for the front offices, we have three or four minority general managers, but we have assistance and scouting directors, so i think in the coming four, five, six years you'll see a lot of progress. >> you see room for improvement? >> no question about it and there will be improvement. >> baseball commissioner bud selig. it is graduation season, so what do you buy the grad who has everything? some suggestions next.
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all right. it is graduation season. while many college and high school seniors seem to have it all these days, our gaming and gadgets expert has a few more gift ideas starting with a boom box that is much smaller than you probably think or remember. >> look at this. it is about the size of a stick of butter, but it can blare
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about 85 december balls worth of audio wirelessly from your favorite nearby device. any bluetooth device, it can be a laptop, tablet or smartphone like this blackberry. it wirelessry connects with whatever is near and it is a portable fashion conscious speaker, if you will. four different colors and styles to choose from. it is hard to get an idea of the texture on it, but it is really funky. when a call comes in, if you are tethering it to a smartphone or tablet, when a call comes in it has a built-in microphone to let you take a call through the speaker. and it lasts nine hours on a single charge, by the way. >> this is insane. >> it is called the jam box -- sorry, i wanted to say it is called the jam box from jawbone. the folks who make the trendy blue tooth headsets. >> and the kindle, you have something special about this kindle. >> this is a great one for
2:55 pm
grads. it is the amazon kindle with special offers. this is a sub su dized kindle with all the same functionally as the $139 one, but it is $114 because there are a few adds you'll see. one is in the screen-saver mode or along with showing artwork and famous quotes and all that. you'll see some ads. then there's a banner as well at the bottom of the screen. but for $114 to get an amazon kindle with the wi-fi version, it is a great deal. you can store up to 2,500 digital books on here. something thinner than most magazines and weighs about the same as a tube of toothpaste. and it also has digital newspapers and magazines as well. a great gift idea for a grad who loves to read. >> our other tech guy probably has all of that, don lemon. he loves gadgets. you see him sometimes walking. >> i still have a boom box. i remember when we used to walk around with a boom box.
2:56 pm
>> they were uncomfortable and huge. >> what was the point of that? >> to be seen and heard. don lemon is coming up with much more in the newsroom. >> we have a lot coming up. we are talking a lot about new orleans because there's a mandatory evacuation going into effect in a few minutes. one is for louisiana parish. the woman is evacuating from st. landry parish. these people are heart broken and don't know what they are going to do. water is releasing from the morganza spillway. also, you are talking about new technology, especially something portable. our tech expert is going to join us. she is talking about the new google chromebot. she'll have to explain that. i'll probably end up with one. >> the tech companies should give us a commission. we are really helping to spread the word for a lot of these
2:57 pm
gadgets. >> it is the hot thing. speaking of hot things, you were talking about the duct tape prom. we had some students on last nig night. look at their outfits, weren't they cool? very colorful and creative. they did a fashion show. >> is it sticking with you? >> oh, it is sticking. i wanted that outfit for mardi gras. >> you would certainly standout. very fun stuff. all right, don, we'll be watching and listening. >> thank you. much more of the newsroom straight ahead with don lemon. i'm fredericka whitfield. see you next weekend. have a great week. uratannjoy the delicious, satisfying taste grmet gravy every day. fay as the best ingredient is love. [ woman speaking chinese ] thank you.
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