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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 15, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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gy lasts longer than the leading cream. for 12 hour protection. for long lasting protection try cortaid. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. developing news in louisiana where rising water from the flooded mississippi river is uprooting thousands and thousands of lives. new video just into cnn. this is from our affiliate wbrz. earlier today two more gates of the morganza spillway were opened doubling the rate of water now pouring into the basin. this is the first time the spillway has opened in nearly 40 years and all the people in the president path of this water, about 2,000 of them, have been ordered to evacuate. the deadline to leave is right now. the rising water is now pouring into st. landry parish and it is extremely dangerous. alligator, snakes and other wild animals are being flushed out of
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their habitats into residential areas. officials warn that large gators won't think twice about grabbing a human. let's go to the st. landry parish of crop springs. ed, what do you know? >> reporter: well, don, we are in one of those neighborhoods that got the mandatory evacuation orders a few hours ago. as you look around here, this is a small subdivision right on the edge of the river. and authorities came through here literally going door to door, the national guard and sheriff's deputies are urging people to leave. and in this subdivision made up of 20 homes, almost everyone has heeded that warning. you can see the spot behind me here, just a patch of dirt, a few hours ago there was a trailer home on that spot. a young man by the name of bret ensley literally had the trailer picked up and driven out of the neighborhood taking it to higher ground. we have seen that in a number of places. other than that, people are
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bringing in trucks and trailers and loading up what they can and starting to move to higher ground. a little while ago i spoke with the parish president here in st. landry's who told me they expected the water to start rising and showing up in some of the neighborhoods around midnight tonight. so that's why they need to put out the evacuation order and felt they needed to do that to get people moving in some of the areas. this is not for everyone, just in certain pockets of the lowest-lying areas. we have been in many of the communities this afternoon, don, and we are watching the people start to scramble to get out of here. and they are anticipating to be gone for quite some time. it will take a while for the waters to rise up, even though the parish president here in st. landry's says so far he felt good because the water according to reports he was getting was not rising as fast or perhaps as much as anticipated. they have been told to expect 10 to 15 feet of water in the area we are standing in right now, but he did say that as they open up more and more gates of the morganza spillway that could
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start to change. so obviously we have a fluid situation here over the next couple of weeks. and the situation will be precario precarious, but crop springs is one of the early significant spots along the river downstream from the morganza spillway. and one of the first areas that we'll start to see the major effects of the flooding as it continues to move down to morgan city. don? >> reporter: thank you very much, ed. we want to go now to some residents. bridgette robin is one of the people forced to flee from the rushing water rushing into the basin. she is joining us by phone. bridgette, we appreciate you joining us. we know you have lived in st. landry parish for 15 years. whechb did you evacuate? >> we finished moving out at 3:00 today. >> you got your stuff out at 3:00 today. >> yes, we finish ed today because they gave us until 5:00 this afternoon to evacuate. >> have all of your neighbors
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evacuated? >> yes, sir. >> yeah. explain to our viewer what is you are going through and explain what it is like to leave your home and not knowing what you are going to find when coming back? >> it is very depressing because when you live there, you have so many memories and everything. and you just don't know if you are ever going to go back. >> what do you expect to find? >> oh, we are not sure. you know, i mean, you are going to have so much sand, you don't know if you are going to go back with the snakes and everything else, the alligators, you don't even know if you can go back to salvage anything. it is very depressing. >> your children are 11 and 14. how are they handling being forced out of their home? >> well, chassity century blake
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are holding up. we are trying to be there for them. we are trying to, how they say keep your chin up out of the water, to support them. we are doing the best we can. they are holding up as much as they can. >> robin, bridgette, are you going to stay? >> stay where? >> are you going to continue to live there when this is over? >> well, if we can go back, we may. we are not sure yet. it just depends on how bad it gets. you know, you don't know if it will be 15 feet of water or if it will be 30. >> we appreciate it. best of luck to you and your children. we are thinking about them as well. >> and also johnny my husband. >> johnny as well. and all the people down in louisiana. this natural disaster involves miles of river towns and means weeks more of watching the mississippi grow and grow and
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spread. our meteorologist jacqui jeras is tracking it all in the cnn severe weather center. it just breaks your heart, doesn't it? >> they are going through a lot of misery in the upcoming weeks, too. and sometimes not knowing is one of the hardest parts. and it will be weeks that those spill gates are going to be open, not to mention, after all the gates close back up and the water finally begins to recede. we put this together on google earth for you to give you a better idea of where st. landry parish is. there you can see this is the morganza flood gates here and in the st. landry. that moves right along the river there. that's where the water is spilling into. they opened the gates here and it spills down this way and heads on towards the south and towards the west. a couple of these communities, by the way, didn't have to heed the evacuations. they have the little circle levees as they call them including the town of melville. if people live within the levee walls, they will told they don't have to evacuate at this time. it takes a while for the water to make its way down to the
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south and eventually to the gulf of mexico. it just doesn't rush out at once. it will make its way to the gulf of mexico over the next couple of days. today the water was supposed to reach along the i-10 corridor and people south of i-10 were also told to evacuate today. and that's where some of the water could reach its deepest levels up to that 25-feet mark. grand lake over to baldwin is where the water is supposed to reach for timing through. then morgan city, we are really concerned about morgan city because the people in the west side of the river here, especially, could see water pushing into that area, maybe as much as five feet. so we'll be dealing with this water coming down the way in the upcoming days. now as we take a look at the mississippi river as a whole, we just want to mention that this is where the river is cresting today. this is up here into arkansas city. vicksburg hit the record level today, but they are still not expected to crest until thursday. notice may 22nd for red river
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levees here. new orleans says it is cresting now. the river levels are expected to stay flat where they are right now. it is at 17 feet now. it is staying at 17 feet for another seven to ten days. as long as they need to, they will continue to open up these gates. you know, all the little gates along the spillway, to keep the flow consistent and hopefully spare some of the bigger cities. >> they don't do it at once. it will be a human surge of water. >> right. the crest is still coming. so they need to open it up more in the days and coming weeks. >> what else can they deal with down there? we'll check back with you. we'll check out the situation up river from louisiana in a few minutes. redwood, mississippi, is one town along the mighty mississippi keeping a close eye on the water level. there's a levee there that has folks there very concerned. we'll take you there live. and a global business big
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sitting in a new york city jail cell right now. dominick strauss-kahn is accused of raping a made maid while staying in a hotel in new york city. his attorneys say he'll plead not guilty when he's arraigned this evening. the police pulled him off a plane heated for native france on saturday. strauss-kahn is also mentioned as a possible candidate for president in france. this has a lot of legal angles to asker consider. i want to bring in jeffrey here. strauss-kahn is an imf head official, can he get immunity here? >> that seems unlikely. as i understand it, the treaty covering diplomatic immunity between france and the united states does not cover imf
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officials. so i don't think he's a relative party as far as that is concerned. second, when you look at what diplomatic immunity usually covers, a crime of violence like this generally is not covered. so i really think diplomatic immunity is unlikely an issue in this case. >> i have to ask you, you know when you see in the movies, the crime dramas and there's some sort of diplomat that runs to the consulate and then the u.s. can't touch them. is that so? what the if he had done that instead of getting on an airplane, would he have been protected then? >> very unlikely. the best thing was for him to get on the airplane and have it take off. extradition is a very complicated and lengthy process. it is possible he would have been pulled back to the united states for a case like this, but that is a time consuming and difficult legal process. so if the fact that he never got off the ground is a terrific win for the new york police department. >> so, again, had he gotten on
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that plane and gotten away, chances are he would never come back here to the u.s.? it would be a lengthy process, right? >> i don't know about never, but it certainly would have been a very different legal story and we would be talking about months instead of days at a minimum. >> so that was his best bet getting on the plane but that didn't happen. what kind of bail will the court set for him do you think, and if he pays it, is he a flight risk then? >> well, see, that will be the issue. obviously, he is a very prominent person. he is not the kind of person who usually flees the jurisdiction, but he is not an american citizen. so he has a strong incentury toif leave. strong incentive to leave. he will probably be granted bail and have to post an enormous amount of money and also probably have to wear an ankle bracelet and be confined to a hotel room or some very remote area to guarantee he shows up. he probably will get bail, but it will be very restrictive bail
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conditions. >> jeffrey toobin, appreciate it. it is the last flight for the space shuttle "endeavour" and congresswoman gabrielle giffords is there to see her husband off. we'll preview monday's launch next. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. like every single american airlines flight. orbitz doesn't have them. but you'll find all 3,400 of them at every day.
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the next to last space shuttle mission is scheduled the blast off 12 hours from now. and once again congresswoman
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gabrielle giffords of arizona will be there. mark kelly is manning that space shuttle. how do things look for the launch? the last one was delayed, and that's why we are talking about it now. >> reporter: everything is looking pretty good. the weather is terrific here today. more of the same expected tomorrow. "endeavour" is in good shape. nasa is not working any technical issues unlike two-and-a-half weeks ago when the launch had to be scrubbed. some critical heating elements failed in what's called the orbiting maneuvering system and forced that launch to be scrubbed. and nasa went back. when you look at the video and see this box they had to pull out, a control box, it is filled with hundreds of wires and connectors. and they literally found what was called an open circuit in one of those. that's where they traced the problem to. talk about complex and complicated the shuttle vehicle is, there's a good example. that one little box with all the
3:19 pm
connections, but that's fixed and nasa says they are good to go. as you mentioned, gabrielle giffords, the wife of mark kelly, the commander, is here. she arrived here at the kennedy space center today from houston where she's undergoing rehabilitation for the gunshot wound she suffered back in january. and she'll be, actually, oh, a few hundred yards from us up on top of the launch control center with other family members of the other astronauts watching the launch tomorrow. and, don, everybody is hoping they can get this one off the ground. as you mentioned, one more left to go. and on tuesday morning, "atlantis" that will fly some time in mid-july, is actually going to roll over from the orbiter processing facility to the vehicle assembly building on tuesday morning. the last step before it rolls on out to the launch pad for that final launch of the space shuttle program. so a lot of excitement building here today as they expect a crowd of a half million people to line up for that launch
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tomorrow morning at 8:56 a.m. don? >> a lot more will be watching on television. the world will be watching the last two for two different reasons. thank you very much. we appreciate that, john zarrella. ready for the flood. more spillway gates have been opened along the mississippi river. well, that should save cities like new orleans. they are going to bury smaller towns in water, though. we'll show you some live pictures now. there we go. this is up river where big worries are in mississippi. the steps engineers have taken they hope will save a questionable levee from collapse. again, a live look. but first, retail sales are up. china is getting more of your money and our money. and you may want to keep that old car just one more year. alison kosik has details in this week's getting down to business. >> retail sales continue to climb but the pace is a bit
3:21 pm
slower than expected. sales rose half a percent in april slowly from the march increase that was almost double that one reason for the penny pen itching could be the soaring price of gasoline. aaa says the average price for a gallon of gas is at almost $4. also growing the trade gap between the u.s. and china. china's overall trade surplus cupped $11 billion in april, almost $10 million higher than the spur surplus a year ago. and your old car would be worth more than you think. cars are worth less and less every year, but used car values actually increased by 16% from last year according to the rbi groups at the used car price index. one reason for the higher value is limited supply. fewer cars were traded in for new ones during the recession. that's this week's getting down to business. alison kosik, cnn, new york. [ wind howling ]
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let's get you caught up on your top stories on cnn. new video into cnn of the morganza spillway north of baton rouge. earlier today two more gates were opened up doubling the amount of water pouring into the basin. it is too late for residents in stat francisville across the mississippi river from the
3:25 pm
spillway. even though many homes are on stilts, the water was much higher than anyone had seen before. a man in charge of hundreds of billions of the world's money is sitting in a new york city jail cell on attempted rape charges. domenick strauss-kahn is the head of the international monetary fund and organization that oversees the world economy. his attorneys say he'll plead not guilty when arraigned this evening. now to the middle east where israeli troops fired tier gas at violent protesters. similar clashes erupted on all of the borders of israel today. 12 were killed, many more hurt.
3:26 pm
this is a day set aside where palestinians protest the creation of israel. evangelist billy graham is now home in north carolina after five days in the hospital. the 92-year-old evangelist is recovering from pneumonia. doctors say while he responded well to treatment his recovery will be slow. graham has inspired millions over his 60 years of preaching and is now working on a book on aging. the flood along the mississippi river includes a lot of major tributaries such as the yazoo river in mississippi. all the water is putting an enormous strain on local levees. martin savage is north of vicksburg. just one more foot of water could be disasterous for the people there. >> reporter: that's exactly right, don. this may look like a dirt road in the middle of nowhere in mississippi, but this is actually a levee. and all of the 700 miles of levee right now in the state of mississippi that are struggling to hold back this historic
3:27 pm
flood, none have been in greater levee than this levee at this particular time. this is the yazoo back levee holding back all the water from the yazoo river and the mississippi river. the water is 16 feet deep. that normally wouldn't have any water whatsoever. and then the levee is in between. on this side you have pretty much dry land. this is everything that's being protected by this levee, but as you point out, the water level here is about one foot away from going over the top of this levee. if it goes over the top, that's not the end of the world. in fact, levees are designed for what they call overtopping. it is part of the control of the release of water. however, what you don't want to happen is as the water goes over it starts to erode the levee to cause some sort of catastrophic collapse. if, in fact, you did have that collapse, then all the water that's over here, well, it is going to go rushing over in the opposite direction. it is actually going to go against the tide, so to speak, flowing north. and it could go for at least 35
3:28 pm
miles. up in twin forks, 35 miles away, if this water got let loose, it would flood up to four feet in that town. it would have disastrous consequences for over a million acres of land. thousands of people and thousands of homes. they are hoping right now the levee is going to hold, but nobody can say for certain. >> martin, did you say 35 miles and four feet deep? >> reporter: yep. yeah, that's incredible because it shows you how flat this delta land is down here in this part of the state of mississippi. there's no real level that is going to prevent it from rolling north. and it would go for a tremendous distance. and it is a huge volume of water. it can't be jof stated here, the potential for catastrophe, and that's why all the officials and the secretary of state of mississippi just drove by. they are all carefully watching this. the army corps of engineers constantly has boats patrolling up and down the water side of the levee looking for the first sign of any weakness. they actually have rapid deploy
3:29 pm
plugs, a very sophisticated system to quickly put in if there's some kind of breach. of all the levees they are worrying about and watching, it is this 26-mile stretch to keep them up at night this in this state. >> thank you, martin. so you want a laptop but don't have $800 to drop on one, what if you could rent one for $20 a month? it's the new deal from google. i s network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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a laptop without all the stuff you hate about laptops. google announces it is coming out with the new chromebook in june. it doesn't need anti-virus software and runs differently than any laptop before it. we'll bring in our tech guru. let's get geeky now, she says. katie, break down the specs here for us, will you? >> i hear your pain, don. we have netbooks, tablets, pcs, now we are talking about chromebooks. google announced starting in june they have partnered with samsung and acer to recreate what is going to be rented by students in a $20 netbook. and for businesses as well it will start at $28 a month.
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you can purchase it for $350, but this is a whole different way of thinking with the chromebooks, don. >> okay. but here's the thing, it is not the price. it is $20 a month for students. it is not the price everybody is buzzing about, but the laptops run off the, quote, cloud. this is the word we have heard a lot lately. explain to us what the cloud is and how the laptops run off of it. >> absolutely. here's the big news in all of this. it is not the price, but it is that the chromebooks run completely off the cloud. a lot of people are like, i hear that on commercials and we talk about the cloud all the time, it is a big buzz word in the tech industry. what does that mean? well, these little netbooks don't have a hard drive. so you are typically used to going to your my documents to download photos to your computer and using microsoft office and excel, forget that. when running off cloud, you are doing everything online. you can really only access documents any time you are in a wi-fi hot spot or in a 3g area. so for a lot of people this is
3:34 pm
incredibly confusing. cloud only. we are only accessing our data if we are online. >> okay. can we see the graphic again? look at that cloud. it is kind of funny. did you draw that? >> no, i didn't draw that. cut me some slack. >> all right. nothing is on a hard drive. it is on some server somewhere off in the clouds. is that safe? >> you cannot talk about cloud when you talk about security. it is hand in hand. a lot of people are saying, listen, 77 million people on sony's playstation network got hacked. amazon's cloud just went down. we already give enough information to google. why would i want to put all my documents and photos online. is it trustworthy? and i think these are things to think about. i think for me, too, i'm online all day. i'm only 50% there. i don't want everything i own
3:35 pm
online. i'm only halfway to making that step. i think it is future-forward thinking, but we have to look at everything happening with the big tech companies in getting hacked. >> yeah, i feel the same way. i'm starting to do it more because the paper, you start to collect it and collect it. i'm slightly a little weird when it comes to that. i don't like clutter and am throwing away a lot of the stuff. i can see why people want to do it, but there's something with safely there. katie, your app of the week, what is it? >> oh, yeah. we are doing an app of the week. a practical yet fun app every week to keep you informed because we know we love our ipads. here's the drum roll. a lot of people have allergies and are looking for doctors and specialists. my app of the week is zocdoc. i have never seen my mom so excited about an app. you go to schedule your
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appointment and it takes three weeks to get one. it allows you to find a doctor in your area. you can choose by your insurance or location and find an appointment within 24 hours. kind of awesome. i'm feeling a little jeer at rick myself and am on board. >> thank you, katie. always good to see you. >> thank you. ahead, one reporter is no doubt thankful for a lot of luck. look at that. in spain this week it felt like the sky was falling. we'll show you how one town is picking up the pieces. but first, more than 2,800 bags are lost by the airlines every single day. 2,800 of them. most travelers are eventually reunited with their lost baggage, but some bags are stolen. cnn's joe carter is taking a look at how to keep your bag safe when you are on the go. >> reporter: the best way to
3:37 pm
protect your bloggings is to use a carry-on. but it is not always possible to fit all your stuff in one bag. >> if you have to check luggage, make sure you keep all the small valuables, jewelry, cameras, things like that with you in your carry-on bag. >> reporter: make sure your connections are not too close together. >> he's why, you may make it to the next flight but maybe your bag won't because the connecting time was too tight. what's going to happen then? your bag could be left now the open next to the unclaimed baggage area overnight just inviting theft. >> reporter: airlines limit the amount of money they will reimburse for stolen items. baggage insurance is available for $10 a person. >> it can even give you compensation for purchases you have to make if your luggage is delayed. >> reporter: and you need to know exactly what you packed. >> make an inventory and take a picture of it to help you in the long-term if you need a reimbursement.
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every day.
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an earthquake, a town in pieces, people living in tents. this is not haiti but spain. that's coming up. first, the national stories grabbing the headlines. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> i'm ed henry at the white house where the president turns
3:41 pm
his attention to the mitt mideast. the big speech on thursday explaining u.s. policy in the wake of the tumult in the region. tuesday he made sure the king of jordan comes. then friday the israeli prime minister. it will be difficult after his envoy george mitchell resigns. i'm kate baldwin on capitol hill. the house is in recess. meanwhile, highlighting the senate's week ahead is the gas price debate, including a vote on the democratic-backed measure to repeal tax breaks for big oil companies whose executives face some pretty tough questioning up here on capitol hill this week. the measure has little chance of passing since republicans and democrats from oil-producing states oppose the measure, but that's almost aside the point as democrats see advantage in forcing republicans to vote on this issue and then being able to paint them as protecting big oil later. i'm poppy harlow in new york. the housing market is a big focus as we get the latest
3:42 pm
report on new construction, the housing starts have been sitting at extremely low levels for months with not much hope for media improvement. the same goes for sale of existing homes to make up 90% of the entire u.s. housing market. home sales rebounded in march and remain at depressed levels. we'll get the april existing housing report coming out on thursday. meantime, dow components, walmart and home depot, set to report earnings this week. hewlett-packard and dell also set to report quarterly numbers. we'll follow it all on cnbc money. and i'm a.j. hammer. this is when the networks announce which shows made the cut for next season and which shows are canceled. and a huge week for johnny depp and me nelpenelope cruz as "yo ho ho" opens in theaters.
3:43 pm
haiti has a new president, a former pop star. >> that's right. he was known as sweet mickey, but now he is haiti's 56th president, he'll spend his first week in office this upcoming week. in the inaugural speech, he said this is a new haiti open for business now. he has the great challenges ahead of him with the big question remaining, what is he going to do for the country with over 7,000 people homeless after the quake. so that's what we are going to be watching for into next week. >> you know what, it seems like he's a pop star, wyclef jean had a chance. >> e the did at the time, yeah. >> this is devastating, 5.3 quake damaging four or five homes here? >> it was a dual quake back to back, but we didn't see the devastation we saw in haiti, for example, and most recently in japan. don, this is a city, a town of 90,000 people. and a lot of these structures
3:44 pm
are older. a lot of the damage we saw is in the medieval city. and there's a 17th century parish of san diego, which was the bell towers completely crumbling to the floor as a spanish state tv reporter was reporting live. did you see this? this is crazy. >> let's go quickly to the world beard and mustache championship. >> you and i can't compete in that. >> i'm going to compete in the afro championship, though. >> these guys are mustache mavericks here. the award actually went to a german guy. germans are known for their elaborate designs. and these guys spend a lot of time and take this seriously. they had over 15 countries participating in this, 160 participants in 17 categories. the categories are interesting, they have the dolly stache, and the winner was for the freestyle
3:45 pm
forward. >> thank you, very cool stuff. we appreciate it. fans have been waiting for lebron and dwyane wade against mvps like derek rose. who is going to win? plus, bud selig has new comments about pete rose and the hall of fame. but first, the city of charlotte won a hard-fought battle to host the 2012 democratic national convention. and with the economy down, it has turned out to be a shrewd move. in today's building up of america, tom foreman looks at how the city is cashing in. >> reporter: the hockey team is in the playoffs, but the sign overhead says what everyone knows, the hottest game in this arena is the coming democratic convention. all over town new places are opening, old ones are polishing up and from his office high above it all -- >> this is a stage unlike any other one. >> reporter: mayor anthony fox hears opportunity knocking.
3:46 pm
>> it is a pretty aggressive move to go after a convention in the middle of a recession. that doesn't happen -- >> you think it sends a signal to businesses? >> they are saying, charlotte is growing and progressing. charlotte is getting bigger and better than it already is. >> reporter: they say the convention will draw 35,000 visitors who will spend up to $200 million on restaurants, hotels and attractions, but local leaders believe the real value goes far beyond that. beyond politics. >> part of what we are going to be able to show is not only how well we do in the hospitality aspect, but also how well we function at a community. >> reporter: so if the city is out thing improvements to transit, education, the business climate and quality of life, and it is already working. some old-stalled projects have stalled or started up again and new ones are appearing. the energy giant is expanding its huge turbine plant here by 1,000 jobs. >> i would say a vast majority
3:47 pm
of it, i would say 80% of the people we hire will be from the local community. >> i think there's a ripple effect of this going on for decades. >> reporter: building up this town long after the conventioneers go home. what do you got? restrained driver...
3:48 pm
sir, can you hear me? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck.
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major league baseball held the annual civil rights game today in atlanta, home of civil rights leader martin luther king junior. it was a highlight of the day's celebration, including ernie banks and freeman. the league honored santana who took the opportunity to speak out against laws targeting illegal immigrants in atlanta, georgia. >> i'd like to say clearly, i'm here to represent the immigrants and to the people in arizona and atlanta, you should be ashamed
3:51 pm
of yourselves peace. we love you. god bless you. >> we will have more in the newsroom at 10:00 p.m. eastern on carlos car tan that's remarks and the immigration debate. miami is going against chicago and dallas facing oklahoma city which polished off memphis this afternoon. here to give us a preview is john from sports illustrated. here's the cover of the issue and most of the attention is on miami and chicago. lebron james and dwayne wade versus league mvp derek rose. who's the favorite? >> i think miami is probably the favorite but you are right it is a great contrast. you have the glamour team miami with the two stars aens ge bulls which have the mvp in derek rose. more of a working class, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts type team. given the scoring options the extra stars make a big deal in the playoffs i'd probably pick
3:52 pm
miami but it ought to be fun. good contrast. >> some see it as a morality play with lebron in the role of the villain. does he need a title to regain his creditability or restore his image or will that even do it? >> you know he took a big step beating boston but miami had the defacto championship parade when he signed. you have one of those over the summer you pretty much need to be the title. this was a polarizing move. miami is cast as the black cat and i think anything short of a championship and people are -- i think a lot of fans will be happy if miami doesn't win but i think it is all or nothing for the heat. >> i was at the bulls and hawks game on thursday and that didn't go so well for the hawks. any way, good luck to the bulls. let's turn to golf and talk about tiger woods. he was forced to pull out of a
3:53 pm
tournament this week after only nine holes. i want to listen to this. >> the achilles would be sore but nothing that icing and treatment wouldn't do at night. felt good this morning. felt fine during warmup and as i played it progressively got worse. >> the u.s. open is a month away, do you think tiger's knee problems will kill his problems for overtaking nicholson's records for winning the most majors. >> if we were talking about this two years ago people would have thought we were amazing. he had an amazing trajectory. if he was a stock imagine what it would look like over the last 18 months, not just the personal fiasco but his body seems to be breaking down. you look at him walking around and you can see the pain he's in. i think is a time for concern. he's in miss 30s when athletes and golfers slow down. if he is coming in fourth like he did in the masters it is one
3:54 pm
thing but when he is pulling out because of the injuries it is problematic. >> listen to bud selig. he's in town for the civil rights game this weekend. he spoke to fredricka wit shield. listen to this. >> he broke a role of 70 years, it is a matter under review. >> so 0 you might change your mind on that. >> i didn't say i might change my mind but it is under review and i understand the pros and cons of the rose. >> pete rose banned from the hall of fame. is this a new position? >> we can t -- it is puzzling why baseball leaves the door open. this is still. this is the all-time hits leader and after the steroid scandal some of what pete rose has been, and some say he deserves induction and it crops up from
3:55 pm
time to time. it is surprising surprising baseball doesn't take a definitive stance. i wouldn't bet on pete rose getting in but it seems the door is open a crack. we are following a number of stories this hour here on cnn. the readying if the flood. more spillway gates have been open. and while it should save new orleans it will bury smaller towns in water. ook? ♪ flash, aah-ah that's right. it runs flash. so unlike some tablets we could mention, you get the best of the internet - not just part of it. ♪ flash, aah-ah ♪ flash, aah-ah
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check on the top stories on cnn. new video just in of the morganza spillway north of baton rouge. today two gates were opened doubling the rate of water pouring in to the basin. it is too late for some residents in saint francisville. even though many homes are on stilts, water was higher than anyone had seen before. a man in charge of hundreds of billions of the world's money is in a new york city jail cell on attempted rape charges. dominique strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a mate at a luxury hotel where he was staying near times square. dominique strauss-kahn is the head of the international monetary fund, an organization that oversees the world economy. his attorneys say he'll plead not guilty when he's arraigned this evening.
3:59 pm
in the middle east, israeli troops fired tear gas at palestinian protesters. this is on the syrian border similar clashes eruption on all of israel's borders today. 12 were killed and many more hurt. this is a day set aside every year when palestinians protest the creation of israel. billy graham is now home in north carolina after five days in the hospital. the 92-year-old evangelist is recovering from pneumonia. doctors say while he responded well to treatment, his recovery will be slow. graham has inspired millions over his 60 years of preaching and is working on a book on aging. thank you so much for joining us. we need to cut short a bit here and we will see you back at 10:00 eastern. we will


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