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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 17, 2011 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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applaud her for it? nothing? >> no, nothing at all. it's clear that the back man supporters are feeling like the story won't have gone anywhere except for what they see as media bias but you know the drill. >> all right. joe johns for our political pop. good to see you as always. to our viewers, thank you for joining us. right now, it's "the situation room" with wolf blitzer. >> happening now, he's gone from a $3,000 a night suite to a jail cell that is 13 by 11 feet. within days of launching his presidential run, newt gingrich managed to outrage republican conservatives. what is going on?
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arnold schwarzenegger and the scandal. you're in the situation room. he's a billionaire and head of a powerful world agency. the international monetary fund dominique strauss-kahn now sits in the new york city jail cell facing sex crime charges for assaulting and he does not qualify for diplomatic immunity. what's going on? >> wolf, it's 24 hours now for dominique strauss-kahn. he has had one unidentified visitor so far. prosecutors are analyzing forensic evidence strauss-kahn
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cannot do much for his isolation cell and they are consideringing the options and he sits in jail. sl it an impossible mission for his lawyers? and it will be fight the alleged victim is now worried. >> i am totally confident in this woman. whal so ever. >> the woman is lying and there's reason to believe she might be lying. this is a high-stakes case. two, the second defense in a case like that is consent. something might have happened but it's not what she says and she consented to it. >> strauss-kahn's attorney have
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significant issues that we have already found simply with the biggest hurdle for the defense, the alleged victim, the single mother. >> they found her so credible that they went and snatched a guy of this stature off of an airplane and so certainly they found her that credible. >> a grand jury is likely to king pen actually face 12 new york city jury members? >> if he goes to jail, he loses his career. >> strauss-kahn's lawyers are likely to ask him to get out of rikers island. the cell is much smaller than
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the hotel suite he spent the weekend in. >> a lot smaller indeed. the shock waves are certainly spreading in france where the world finance chief is a popular politician and likely sceeen as presidential candidate. joining us is ivan watson. what are the folks over there saying to you? >> they are still reeling from shock. and the leader of the socialist party telling journalists that this was a sad moment, that she was overwhelmed right now. and and also trying to call for unity at this time and before
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the primaries for the 2008 presidential election, it's as if a popular politician like barack obama was suddenly arrested on rape charges. this has been a thunder cloud. and the french media is already writing dominique strauss-kahn's political obituary. take a look at these headlines. the fall of dominique strauss-kahn, calling it a knockout, ko, for someone who thought could be france's next president. >> there seems to be a significant cultural divide between france and the united states on the way he's being treated. rikers island, the jail there. what are they saying about the treatment that he's receiving in new york? >> reporter: well, the head of the socialist party said this is not the french system, to have cameras in the courtroom to show people with handcuffs before
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they have been actually convicted of a crime that they are accused of. she said she respected this american tradition but pointed out that it was very different and important for french, the french people to recognize that he is still presumed innocent. take a listen to what one spokesman for the socialist party had to say to me. >> it's very bizarre for us to see one of our leader between two americans like number a movie. >> reporter: some many of these people uncomfortable seeing their leader humiliated like this but at the same time pointing out that the seriousness of the charges against him means that it is
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very important for this investigation to be seen through to the very end, whether or not strauss-kahn is proven guilty or innocent. wolf? >> ivan, thanks very much. ivan is reporting for us from paris. we're going to have more on this story coming up later in "the situation room," including an interview with the lawyer who was representing a woman now at the center of this scandal. stand by for that. meanwhile, other important news. materials seized in the raid on obama bin laden's showing that the al qaeda leader was in the loop. bin laden communicated with his allies in yemen and was involved in an attack plan. barbara starr is getting more details for us. what else are you learning for us, barbara? >> a u.s. official very familiar with all of the documentation taken from the compound now tells us that there is an indication in there, in these documents, that bin laden was communicating with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. al qaeda in yemen.
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of course, now it's viewed as one of the most dangerous al qaeda affiliate groups lead by that american-born clear rick. no word yet on whether bin laden and ma lack key were in communication. we don't know that. but very disconcerting to know that bin laden was in a communication with that group. as for these other plots, it turns out that u.s. officials suspected late last year when they usualed a travel alert for americans in europe to be careful traveling in europe to be careful. they suspected bin laden might be behind it all but tell us now that in looking at documents taken from the compound, there is a additional proof that bin laden was spurring on a plot late last year to attack americans traveling in europe. that he was in the loop on that plot, that he was spurring his operatives to do something to undertake some sort of an attack against americans and that he was really egging on the situation.
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of course, no attack happened and u.s. officials say that they believe that, you know, things like travel alerts always help warn people to be vigilant and makes it very tough or tougher for terrorists to undertake an attack. so who knows whether it ever would have happened but it's another link in this question, what was bin laden really directly involved in? still, no final word on how effective all of his communications were. at the end of the day, was he a guy sitting at a house typing away messages to his alleged followers or was he really pulling the strings and plotting and planning more attacks, more effective attacks? >> i was impressed that he was at least on a computer sending out instructions on a thumb drive, getting a courier to send that out to his supporters in other locations. he wasn't just sitting in a cave. he was obviously doing something. >> well, absolutely. there is no question at this point. i mean, the overwhelming thing
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that they have learned from all of this, officials will tell you that bin laden was much more involved than anybody in the administration thought he was. i mean, there was a clear view, not that he was living in a cave necessarily but this is someone who was in isolation. his network had been so taken down by those drone attacks in pakistan that he really couldn't do much. these documents proved something else of much different. he was doing a lot. he was sending out a lot of messages. still to be determined on the receiving end were his operatives really following his instructions. >> barbara, thanks very much. let's drill deeper right now. how alarmed should americans be that bin laden was in fact in contact with the very dangerous al qaeda affiliate in yemen? let's bring in fran townsend. she's the former homeland security advisor to president bush. she serves on the homeland security and ci achlt external
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advisory boards. fran, thanks very much how alarmed should we be that he was in contact with al qaeda and the arabian peninsula in yemen? >> well, wolf, we've heard testimony from the director of the national counterterrorism center and homeland security all saying that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula posed the immediate tactical threat to the u.s. homeland and to americans around the world. and so the fact that bin laden had this communication channel with them, the fact that now we are linking them to this threat in europe last summer really indicates bin laden was determined to attack americans even if it was not inside the u.s. homeland. obviously trying to get access to americans in europe during the summer months is a lot easier than trying to infiltrate into the u.s. it seems to me, based on the reporting that we're getting out of what they seized, bin laden played a much more important role in terms of continuing to
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target americans. >> and i wonder what his number two may be doing right now. we assume he's hiding some place in pakistan as well. let's talk about pakistan, the u.s. pakistani relationship. my impression is that cooperation between the cia and isi, the pakistani intelligence service, is getting worse, not better. >> well, a couple of things, wolf. what we can see, the cia as we know got access to the bin laden wifs but it was very limited. the isi, pakistani intelligence were there. they were all allowed to stay together. senator kerry's individual they said they would provide a helicopter tail with the technology to the united states but there's questions, will they do it, will they provide all of the tail that is recovered or keep some things back? and then the u.s. did a drone strike when senator kerry was there. there was the nato forces and the pakistan military and so
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there is clearly real tension there. are things that come out of visits and can only assume it's because they can not agree on what will be given to the united states when she comes. >> since 9/11, i suspect china has given pakistan about zero in terms of dollars yet china is their best friend, not the united states. fran, we'll continue this conversation. thank you. new horrors in libya. images of a mass grave.
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this may be the last straw for the u.s. days after announcing his presidential bid, has newt gingrich already thrown torpedos at his own campaign? why so many republican conservatives are outraged right now at newt gingrich. i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. [ male announcer ] when you come to new york from a place like detroit, no one expects you to influence the world of fashion. but when you grew up surrounded by rock 'n' roll and heavy industry, you just might make a name for yourself.
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jack cafferty has his eyes on high school requirement. >> there is a new requirement for getting a high school diploma at one high school in connecticut. it's not algebra or learning a foreign language. it's learning this country's language. english. the city of new london's connecticut board of education has said that starting with next year's incoming freshman class, they will have to prove that they can speak, read, and write
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english language and do it well in order to get a high school diploma. only 16% of sophomores at a high school earned well on english last year and only 55%, slightly over half, were deemed pro proficient. the school district website is translated into 52 different languages. new london is the first district in the state of connecticut to pass such a rule. students at new london high school will have several testing options to demonstrate their command of english and will have until the age of 21 to meet the english requirement. here's the question. should u.s. high schools require students to speak english in order to graduate? go to and post a comment on my blog. >> that's amazing, jack.
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>> shocking new scenes of horror coming out of syria. the latest images amount to the last straw of the obama administration for the u.s. allies as they weigh new tough measures in damascus. jill dougherty has the latest for us. what is going on? >> fed up. that's the best way of putting it. any hope that the obama administration had that the syrian president would change is out the window. one of the reasons is a video that we're going to show you right now. warning to our viewers, it's graphic. >> the latest chapter in syria's horrors, reports of a mass grave in the city of daraa. amateur video shows the scene. cnn cannot verify its authenticity. the syrian government denies the claim calling it slander. syrian government forces have
2:20 pm
killed nearly 1,000 people, according to secretary of state hillary clinton. as many as 10,000 have been arrested. on tuesday clinton pointed the finger blamed directly at bashar al assad. >> he talks about reform but his heavy handed brutal crackdown shows his true intention. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell cnn that there is no indication that things are going to turn around. >> this is extremely urgent and if the government wants to see some kind of change, it's got to be now. >> the european union is discussioning more sanctions and possibly against assad himself. a u.s. official says that washington will announce its new measures within days. with daily images of increasing
2:21 pm
violence, the tough mid-east advisor to george w. bush says president obama in his thursday speech on the middle east cannot remain silent. >> he's going to need to say something about syria. the president has not yet personally said anything about it so i think that is very critical. >> there has been concern over who or what might come next. but now a u.s. official tells cnn that it may be time to take that chance, that with assad gone, things might just get better. >> what i'm hearing you say, jill s. that the u.s. may, in the president's speech recall the ambassador from damascus or say that he must step down as the u.s. did with gadhafi in libya or mubarak in egypt?
2:22 pm
>> well, nobody knows whether it will go that far. the concern was holding off now but i think you would have to say that officials feel that it's the last straw. >> as they withdraw the u.s. ambassador, it may be the next step to shutting down the whole embassy. but we'll see what the president has to say on thursday. it's a major speech that he's delivering where you are. jill dougherty, thank you. if you're job hunting, there's a help wanted sign at the cia. >> don't just watch the news. live it. 24/7. and newt gingrich is in hot water with a lot of gop conservatives just days after launching his presidential campaign. ♪ na, na...
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just days after announcing his presidential run, newt gingrich has already managed to get his pam pain into lots of hot water with republicans. in des moines with what is going on, i know you had a chance to catch up with them as well, jim. >> that's right, wolf. a slew of conservatives were right wing social engineering. now it's gingrich's political campaign just a week hold that might need political engineering in order to get back on track. day one on the ground in iowa and former house speaker newt gingrich had some explaining to do. >> would you clarify your
2:27 pm
statements yesterday on nbc about right wing social engineering? >> it was a reference to how republicans hit the roof after gingrich criticized a plan by paul ryan that would turn medicare into a voucher program. gingrich referred to it as right wing social engineering. conservatives, rush limbaugh and nikki haley all pounced and at an interview gingrich softened his criticism. >> i think he has the beginning of what could be an extraordinary plan. it's so big and central to people's lives that we need to do it right. >> gingrich sounded every bit the maverick, willing to balance the budget when he was speaker. >> who gets the credit? you or president clinton? >> let's be fair.
2:28 pm
if he hadn't signed it, it wouldn't have bounced. if i hadn't passed it, he couldn't have signed it. >> he told reporter to be prepared for an unorthodoxed campaign that would change positions. >> how do we hold you accountable? >> long before you get to the election we'll lock down. but the evolution of it may be more opened than anything you've seen in the campaign. >> so far, it seems undecided iowa voters are willing to listen. >> things don't change, we're going to be in a world of hurt. we need someone like him to be the president. >> reporter: terry said that any of the candidates could win his state. winning the presidency, that's another matter. >> let's see who makes the right impression and who know. do you see a president in one of these presidential contenders? >> it's too early to make that kind of judgment. >> reporter: now, newt gingrich is tripped off on the individual
2:29 pm
mandate in the health care law, saying that he supports one like it and then dead against it. for a campaign expected to be on the defense on the candidate's personal past, it's the policies that he says he cannot overcome. >> jim acosta in iowa where he's going to spend a lot of time over the next many months. iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, get ready for that. >> it's only week two of newt's presidential campaign. gloria borger is here and she has a new column out on among other things, you write, just another day on the gingrich campaign in which the candidate throws gasoline out of fire and then walks into it how bad is it?
2:30 pm
>> i think it's pretty bad. first of all, listening to jim acosta's report, i'm not sure republicans are going to be happy with how the campaign evolves. i think republican office holders want a candidate that they can depend on and that is what is happening here. his remarks on medicare inspired a wall street journal editorial that said gingrich to house republicans drop dead. that's not exactly a great way to start your campaign and the house budget chairman himself, paul ryan, who ought authorized this medicare plan, said this on laura ingraham's radio show yesterday. listen to this. >> who needs a left with allies like that? >> the truth is, there is a great divide in the republican party over this. all of the republicans walked out on that limb except for a few and voted for this plan. they are afraid right now. it's not being well received back home in their district. so the last thing they need is for newt gingrich to give their opponents a bumper sticker and i
2:31 pm
was talking to a senior republican strategist in the house who said, now newt gingrich has given democrats a sound bite to use against us in the elections in 2012. >> let me play a little clip of newt gingrich and you're going to tell us what this says. >> i mean, for people to go from all of that body of evidence to say, yeah, but for 25 seconds yesterday i thought you said x, that's beyond gotcha. >> newt gingrich is trying to blame the press here on this. but the republicans i talked to said this has nothing do do with the game of gotcha. they said, you know n. watching him over the years in politics -- and this is a friend of newt's, he said he always understood where the republican constituency was. he had his pulse on the republican base and he said, in saying this, in taking on the ryan budget, he really took on
2:32 pm
the holy grail of the republican party and that wasn't smart politics. another thing, he used this phrase, and newt gingrich is famous for that, as you know, going back to when he became house speaker. but in this case, it was used against his own republican, not the democrats. there could have been another phrase that he used and we saw him say, it's not perfect. it's a good starting point. but that was pretty -- republicans didn't like the flames being thrown. >> i thought the washington post had a pretty good line. they said, newt gingrich is having a bad week and it's only tuesday. >> right. >> gloria, thank you. a threat unlike any others that the mississippi delta has seen. the mississippi river is rising and each inch provides more
2:33 pm
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tom philburn is quitting the bipartisan group of six. dana bash is joining us from capitol hill. what did he decide to do. >> reporter: well, this is a big blow to this gang of sick, this bipartisan group that has been meeting for six months almost daily. coburn says he does not think that the group can come together to reach their goal to reduce the deficit of $4 trillion over ten years. listen to what he said.
2:37 pm
>> we're at an impasse and i had a frank conversation with senator durbin and he agreed that we were at an impasse and when you're at an impasse, the worst thing you can do is keep trying to hit your head against the wall until you break your head. and so what we're going to do, i'm going to give it a rest for a while and see. they all worked in good fate, every one of them. so it's not about our bad fact. it's about being a real lift about what you can accomplish and what you can't. >> reporter: he says he's simply taking a break and still considers himself to be a member of the sew-called group of six. the whole point is to get by and across the political spectrum so this is definitely a blow. he is still working and the group remains in tact and they
2:38 pm
are going to have another meeting tomorrow. one quick thing, we are told by a democratic source familiar with this meeting that coburn came in and said that he had a plan to have deep cuts in medicare and, from their perspective, that was the wrong way to go. >> dana bash up on the hill, a significant blow for this bipartisan effort. thank you. lisa sylvester is in "the situation room." we're monitoring other stories coming in, including new concerns over flooding in the south. >> there are new concerns, wolf. the mississippi river is creeping closer to the highest level ever. the record flooding has displaced more than 4800 people. this weekend the river is going to crest at record level in vicksbrg. 4,000 people have been evacuated. in ireland today, the first british monarch to visit since independence. some discouraged the queen.
2:39 pm
there was a bomb diffused on a bus headed to dublin. al qaeda has a new leader, at least for the time being. a source tells cnn that a former egyptian special forces officer has been named caretaker and leader. organization. saif al-adel has long played a role in the group. passing on a run for the senate is congressman paul ryan who will not run for the open senate seat next year. the decision now opens the door for former republican governor tommy thompson. >> we'll see what happens. thank you. the imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn s. spending his second night in prison on rikers island, new york. the big change is that he is now experiencing. stand by. we've got more. and mitt romney, the money maker, the huge amount of cash that the gop presidential candidate raised in just one day. r pentastar v6 engine
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the 2012 presidential race is shaping up to be the most expensive in american history and mitt romney's fundraising some $10 million plus is raising eyebrows. joining us is paul, a democratic strategist and cnn contributor and a senior strategist for the democratic fundraising group priorities usa and usa action. also joining us, alex, a cnn political contributor and republican strategist. alex, $10 million in one day? so i assume this really makes him the front-runner right now if he can raise that kind of zun he's still a republican front-runner and he's going to need every penny of that. he has not yet really done a very good job of explaining how his health care plan, romney care, is different than obama
2:44 pm
care. he's going to need a lot and we will find out who mitt romney is. >> is he the democrat that people fear the most? >> i think it's a pretty weak field. mit has at least begun to reunite the oil companies and gas companies. he will need all of that money. alex is right. backbone transplants are expensive and the problem that they have with mitt romney is that he seems to lack a spine. he was for gay rights and then against it. for a mandate for health care and now he's against it. he's going to have to figure
2:45 pm
out, is where he is at? they say it's too radical. "the wall street journal" say that newt was wrong. where is mitt on this? >> there is support of the millionaires and billionaires and barack obama who says he's going to raise $1 billion to run for president. of course, that's still cheaper than having him as president which is costing us billions of dollars. >> the fact that he dropped out of the contest, does that make it more or less likely that sarah palin will jump in? >> well, that and the answer to prayer. i believe in the power of prayer, as you know, and i've been praying every night for former governor sarah palin that she gets in the race.
2:46 pm
you do look to people like sarah palin, maybe governor rick perry of texas, and they say you do a crummy job running america, that was true of george w. bush and maybe they will try rick perry out on the populist right of his party. i think it leaves an opening and i hope that they all get in. >> do you think she's going to get in? >> i think sarah palin is already in the race. the void that palin has left, she's become politically irrelevant and has been filled by michele bachmann who is in congress now, has a title, has $14 million in the bank and one of the most from steej jous fund-raisers around and a home town favorite in the state next door where she is a congresswoman in iowa. if she wins iowa now that huckabee is out and there's a void on the right, what is going to happen is that the republican establishment is going to run like a house of fire to new hampshire and probably solidify
2:47 pm
around a center right candidate that might be mitt romney or mitch daniels. that's where the race seems to be headed today. >> is there any chance that jeb bush was very popular in a key electoral state like florida that he could still come into this contest? >> you know, i'm down here in miami and i've talked to democrats and political people down here. they fend to think no. granted, they are democrats and not republicans. alex would know better than i. but they tend to think that jeb bush is going to keep his powder dry and run again in 2016. i think it's been in all of the papers that we had a bush president and he did a terrible, terrible job. the bush brand is not jeb's fault. it was so tarnished that i think in 50 or 60 years we could take another bush candidacy. >> i think the bush brand is well on its way to rehab these days, thanks to president obama who i think the economy just doesn't look so well by
2:48 pm
comparison. but in regards to jeb bush, looking at the next crop of republican candidates, the chris stress teas, the marco rubios, the candidates now look small and it's early in the cycle for them. one rule we have in politics, wolf, is that campaigns do not pick candidates, they make candidates. they are tested and go through a tough time. we'll see them grow as they take on obama. >> thanks very, very much. here's a question, do you need a job? guess what? the kr6789 ia is is hiring right now. we're taking you inside the big bush for america's next generation of spies. and we're getting new details about the story so many people are talking about in the united states and around the world. arnold schwarzenegger fathering a child apparently with a mistress. [ ticking ]
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cia right now looking for a few good college grads to sign up. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr takes us on an in-depth look at just whom the cia is recruiting. >> the cia's job market for secret operatives has never been more open. >> can change instantly. mission is a constant. every day different. >> these new ads are an unpress dented effort to make the cia a more diverse work force. >> don't just watch the news. live it. 24/7. >> reporter: television commercials are just the beginning. director leon panetta is making the pitch himself here at
2:53 pm
moorehouse, historically black college. >> our clandestine service officers must be able to collect intelligence overseas. by speaking to sources in their own language, by blending in, with local people. >> reporter: the cia is on an all-out effort across the country to recruit culturally and ethnically diverse candidates. one target audience, american middle eastern communities. and with global threats it is also looking for americans who speak chinese, pashto and dari. it is no longer the traditional ivy league employer. >> we are looking at different populations in terms of education, people who don't -- didn't go to school or grow up the east coast. >> reporter: at the university of maryland, agency has a long way to go in convincing piece two students studying arabic. >> i would have moral qualms
2:54 pm
working with the cia, for example, because i would not want to be directly or indirectly involved with anything that would be of violent origin or -- violent effects. >> reporter: some fell opponent students may go to work for the cia but not him. >> the cia has, you know, reputation of being secretive, of being -- doing, you know, spy work. spy work is not something i would like to do. diplomacy is my passion. >> reporter: the cia accepts that convincing young people to think about the agency is a challenge. >> it takes a long time to persuade people, one, that we are a good place to work. think of us a as a diverse employer choice. you need to overcome a lot of skepticism. >> reporter: speaking of foreign language still isn't a job guarantee. >> what i'm looking for in my people are character integrity initiative and i'm looking for the leadership.
2:55 pm
>> at the end of the day the cia, of course, is still a secret organization. they won't tell us how people they want to hire, they won't tell us how successful they have been with this diversity campaign for new employees but the one thing they will tell us is that they increased by 25% over the last year. the number of officers at at the time cia who speak more than one language. wolf? >> lot of speakers, arabic speakers, other languages as well. thanks very much, barbara, for that. jack cafferty is coming up. then imf chief dominique strass-kahn in the same categories that guy. we will show you what life is like inside rikers island jail in new york.
2:56 pm
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. jack is back with the cafferty file. >> should u.s. high schools require students to speak, read and write english in order to on get their diploma? jamie in missouri writes if it is the school's job to best prepare somebody to go out in the world with the skills to survive on their own, then of course they should. the question seems a little absurd. liberals call it racist or bigoted or whatever you want.
2:59 pm
you are not doing anyone any favors out in the work force. daniel in california, unless we change the official language of the u.s. yes, why is this up for debate? there is no official language in the u.s. gigi in oregon. no, it ought to be part of the requirements to take english but if the student can pass all requirements in their language, they should still get their diploma. because we in the states are lazy about learning a second or multiple languages that should not -- should not pun tisch student important using another language. they should also learn to read better than i am here. jeff, emphatically yes. may mother came to this country from germany at the age of 4 and entered kindergarten at age 5. at this age she finds it difficult having to learn english quickly or would suffer the consequences. she practically cries when she reads that we immediate to teach
3:00 pm
spanish. steve in virginia, what should matter is whatever language the student can clearly communicate in they achieved and satisfied a level of learning set forth by a particular -- i'm not reading that. it seems to me evening slish a required subject. four years required graduate in just about every high school. i don't get the question. to me it is like asking if a person should know how to swim in order to get a lifeguard certificate. isn't that asking a bit too much? next thing you know we will want students to be able to spell, learn geography, be able to write a thank you card. if you want to read more on this, go to my blog. >> thanks, jack. thanks very much. to our viewers in the situation room happening you now, powerful global finance chief jail order sexual assault charges. apparently won't be able to escape through a diplomatic loophole. this hour we are getting new details about his life behind bars. about the alleged victim.
3:01 pm
her lawyer describing how she was afraid for her life. stand by. you will hear the interview. sex scandal tear ace part one of america's most famous polite cam families. arnold schwarzenegger acknowledging had had a child out of wedlock and kept secret for years from his wife, maria shriver. pakistani military versus nato. a border skirmish heightens tensions unleashed by the killing of osama bin laden. breaking news. political headlines, jeanne moos, straight ahead. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." dominique strass-kahn enjoyed many perks as a powerful head of the international monetary fund. but today the imf says he does not have diplomatic immunity in the sexual assault case that put him behind bars. right now strass-kahn is in isolation in a jail cell in the famous rikers island prison complex in new york. his next appearance in court is
3:02 pm
scheduled for friday. we are also learning more today about the luxury hotel maid strass-kahn is accused of attacking after chasing her down allegedly -- chasing her down naked in a hallway at the hotel. what exactly did you learn? >> we can tell you that 32-year-old woman is described by her lawyer as dignified, intelligent, no agenda, no pretense. she has been working legally at this hotel for 2 1/2, 3 years and considered an exemplary employee who gets along well with supervisors and co-workers. a housekeeper entered the suite around noon and thinking it empty. that's when dominique strass-kahn supposedly shut the door and alleged sexual assault took place. >> her life has been turned upside down. she was a hard working woman, single mother supporting a
3:03 pm
15-year-old young woman. they live together. she was grateful to have a job for which she could provide food and shelter for her. the two of them. and -- since this occurred she has not been to be able go home and can't go back to work. she's no idea of what her future will be. in any respect. so this has been a -- aside from what took place in the hotel room, the trauma that's taken place in her life is -- extraordinary. >> according to the lawyer, the woman is very prif sxat is here alone with her lawyer. strass-kahn is used to meeting with presidents, power brokers. he's now alone. isolated from the general prison population on a special wing of rikers island on suicide watch. this is a precaution. he is not necessarily suicidal. but as a precaution, officials are making sure that they pay a little extra attention. his wife arrived yesterday too late to see her his band in court.
3:04 pm
both of them declined to talk to us today about this case. when we asked the lawyer for the alleged victim whether this could have been con senseual, whether the forensic evidence will not support her account as the defense maintains, here is the answer we got. >> she was frightened, yes, totally frightened. this is -- a person who assaulted her and raped her and any tell program she turns on, she is picture order it. she has to relive it. it is a nightmare that keeps recycling in her mind and can't escape from it. >> the struck tim has not yet testified before the grand jury. something which will happen, we are told. the grand jury is expected to notify the judge friday whether they have voted on the charges. the results of how they vote, well, that's going to remain sealed until the next court date. wolf. >> do we have any information yet about the forensic --
3:05 pm
whether will were any bruise marks or anything along those lines? on either of these two individuals or whether they released any videotape, for example, of the howl way which may help better understand what happened? >> no. i called many, many people today trying to figure out whether they got the results of the forensics back. nobody confirming whether they have or not. those -- the victim and alleged attacker underwent forensic analysis. as far as that video, that's crucial for detectives because they are trying to establish demeanor, whether mr. strass-kahn, whether he appeared nervous, agitated, whether something was amiss, whether he was -- he was simply late for luncheon or maybe because something else was at hand, wolf? >> thanks very much for that report. we want to take you inside rikers island prison to get a sense of how strass-kahn's life of money and power changed so dramatically since he left that posh hotel in new york. that was the scene of this
3:06 pm
alleged crime. mary snow is joining us from the rikers island complex. what's it like over there? >> reporter: you know, wolf, this complex has notorious reputation right outside of new york's la guardia airport. and dominique strass-kahn has been here about 24 hours now. arriving 6:00 last night. we are told by the department of corrections that in that time he has had one visitor but the spokesman would not say who the visitor was. in a stark contrast to the life that strass-kahn once knew, he's now in a unit at this jail complex where he is isolated. inside these walls, dominique strass-kahn now spends his day in an 11 by 13-foot cell. most prisoners share bakers with about 50 beds. because of his profile the prison spokesman says that he is separated from other inmates. it is a far cry from the luxury suite at new york's hotel where he stayed before his arrest. some rooms going for as many as
3:07 pm
$3,000. while hotel guests there were offered breakfast choice of a five-ounce black angus sirloin steak with eggs, along with a morning cocktail such as a $20 glass of champagne. breakfast at rikers consists of one april and banana, box of mini wheat cereal, two pieces of toast, milk, coffee or tea. strass-kahn will be eating alone and won't have contact with other prisoners who number 13,000 to 14,000 on any given day. this attorney says things have changed since violence dominated the jail in the early '90s. >> name is synonymous in popular culture with brutality, with corruption, jail breaks, people banging cups on bars. none of which is true anymore. it is still exercise as very powerful hold on the imagination. >> reporter: most of the inmates there are waiting to go on trial and can range from low-level drug dealers to murderers.
3:08 pm
mark david chapman who killed john lennon was once held there. so is david berkowitz, aka son of sam serial killer. in recent years, rapper little wayne spent time there on a weapons possession charge. strass-kahn is able to leave his jail cell says a prison spokesman and can go outside for an hour a day. it will be escorted by a corrections officer. inside he is allowed to periodically walk around his housing area corridor where he can watch tv. >> everything is difficult. and the most difficult thing i think for any particular person is to deal with the dehumanization because you are just one of 13,000 people. and to deal with the cutoff from the outside world. >> reporter: strass-kahn like other inmates here have three visits a week with up to three people each visit. that does not say for an attorney, corrections department says his attorney can visit as many times on any given day. wolf? >> he does have one of the best
3:09 pm
criminal defense attorneys in the u.s. thank you. thanks very much, mary, for that. let's get to a very, very different sex scandal now. bombshell confirmation arnold schwarzenegger fathered a child more than ten years ago with a woman who worked in his home for two decades. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine arnold schwarzenegger could become more controversial now that he is out of the governor's office. but he has. even as governor of california arnold schwarzenegger often seemed to be acting. turns out he was. schwarzenegger acknowledges fathering a child out wedlock, a member of his household staff more than ten years ago. maria shriver, his wife of 25 years, apparently never knew. in a statement schwarzenegger said after leaving the governor's office, i told my wife about this event which occurred over a decade ago. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt
3:10 pm
i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children, and my family. i am truly sorry. perhaps explains the surprising marital split the couple announced jointly last week. >> both love each other very much. we are very fortunate we have four extraordinary children. and -- we take it one day at a time. but the bottom line is i want to say thank you to all of the people for their great, great support. >> reporter: in 2003 that support included his wife, before the gubernatorial election, schwarzenegger was accused of groping more than a dozen women over the years and acknowledged behaving badly at times. >> you can listen to people who have never met arnold. or who met him for five seconds 30 years ago. or you can listen to me. >> reporter: shriver said in a statement this is painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother my concern is for the children. ski for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i try
3:11 pm
rebuild our lives in and heal. i will have no further comment. a source tells cnn schwarzenegger has provided financial support for the child. whose mother orchestraed for the schwarzeneggers for 20 years until january. it is a story with a familiar ring. >> most obvious comparison is john edwards. john edwards was defeated in the 2008 primaries. but still you could picture him as a viable political figure until this story came out about his own love child. >> reporter: with his marital and political future in doubt a chess playing schwarzenegger on his website implores stay tuned for my next move. check mateless perhaps. gray davis during a recall election in 2003. quickly became so popular that some republicans were considering trying to change the constitution to allow foreign-born candidates to run for president. but he couldn't solve the stay's budget woes so his popularity plummeted.
3:12 pm
wolf? >> dangerous new clash between pakistan's military and nato forces, tensions exploding and gunfire at pakistan's border. new information plus president obama's syria dilemma. what's going on, what he may do about the crackdown on protesters and does not necessarily want to talk about it at least not yet. drastic action on the mississippi river. floodwaters surge south our own john king is with us.
3:13 pm
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3:15 pm
[ male announcer ] the amazingly fuel-efficient chevy cruze eco. turn up the volume! jack has the 2012 presidential race on his mind and he is here with the cafferty style republicans may have the keys to victory in 2012 in their grasp. it is a question now of getting horses out of the barn on to the track and into the race. so far the republican presidential field is pretty awful. it is no wonder president sbaem smiling and not just getting bin laden that has him grinning. economy is threatening to recover. the republicans continue to
3:16 pm
resemble the gang that couldn't shoot straight. former arkansas governor mike huckabee and real estate developer casino owner and the reality tv person donald trump are out. they were never in but said they were not going to get in. huckabee and trump showed more prom nice the polls than a lot of the other names that are running or considering a run. who fills in individual t void? mitt romney, raised a lot of money. he already did this. he lost. he will lose again. newt gingrich, that's not happening. sarah palin -- get serious. there's ron paul, man i think has terrific ideas about how to solve our problems but are serious questions about his ele electability. there's tim pawlenty and michele bachmann, potential to score big with evangelicals. that brings us to mitch daniels, governor of indiana, who almost everyone agrees would be a formidable challenger to president obama and new jersey governor chris christie. he says he's not ready to run
3:17 pm
for president despite the fact republicans all over this country are begging him to get in the race. daniel says he hasn't made up his mind whether he will run or not. daniels says he could beat obama and he may be right. it is pretty much a lead pipe since the rest of the republicans mentioned can't. except maybe for christie. who is left to fill the void of drum and huckabee in the 2012 field? go to pick a winner. >> we certainly will. thank you. over at the white house today, president obama is pick kicking off a pivotal week. he met with the king of jordan, two days before he delivered what the white house describes as a major speech on the middle east dealing with the challenges in the region. let's go to the white house, senior white house correspondent, ed henry standing by. ed, a lot of people are trying to figure out the timing of george mitchell's decision to resign as the special middle east envoy on the eve of the
3:18 pm
critical speech and important meetings the president is having. >> that's right. it may provide a clue about how much detail we will get from the president thursday. in this big speech about what has been happening with the arab spring and specifically what is going on with the -- with the mideast peace process. i'm told by people close to the administration george mitchel and private was one of those folks pushing for the president to be more detailed and lay down some sort of an obama plan of getting specific about boarders and other issues in terms of trying goat the peace process going again. a lot of people in town are reading the tea leaves and with george mitchell's exit suggesting that come thursday, we are unlikely to get a lot of details from the president about the peace process and today when he gave those statements, he and the king of jordan delivered statements to the media. it was very light on details in terms of the peace process will there be more specific details on thursday when he goes to the state department to deliver the speech? specifically on syria.
3:19 pm
there is an enormous amount of pressure now from capitol hill on the president who specifically called for assad, leader of syria to go away. >> certainly were expecting that. number one, senior officials say privately you can expect the administration over the next couple of days to come up with tough sanctions against syria. put some economic pressure on that administration. that government. number one. number two, we are also picking up with the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, coming to the white house friday, one thing he wants make sure that iran is still at the top of this white house's agenda. iran obviously has very tight relationship with syria. clashes on the border right now, lot of bloodshed in the bottom line is what i'm picking up there is an expectation from netanyahu government that there will be a lot of talk about iran and syria because if syria is not held in check that could be a big victory for iran as they continue to try to spread weapons in through syria and get
3:20 pm
them to the gaza strip. something to keep a close eye on. >> we will be watching the speech closely. live coverage on thursday. thanks, ed. thanks very much. we are also right now learning new information about osama bin laden's communications. notorious al qaeda affiliate in yemen. details of new evidence, bin laden was very much in the loop with fellow terrorists. plus, drugs like viagra as a weapon of war. allegedly used . disturbing new allegations from the criminal court. top prosecutors. stand by. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible.
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3:23 pm
just how involved was osama
3:24 pm
bin laden in terror planning at the time of his death? lisa sylvester is here and has new information coming into the situation room. she is monitoring other top stories. what are you learning? >> permanent seized about bin laden's compound showed he did communicate with the aillfate terror group in yemen al qaeda and arabian peninsula. that's according to a u.s. official familiar with the ongoiganal sis of the documents. it is not clear whether the group receive state department communications from bin laden or if it acted on them. walmart is reporting better than expected profits even as the world's biggest retail chain struggle was a slide in sales. walmart earned $3.4 billion in the quarter ending april 30. boosted by international business of sam's clubs. the company says the sales remain soft because the core customers here in the united states are stretched by rising gas and food prices and employment issues. victims of madoff's scheme could
3:25 pm
soon toast to his 150-year-old prison sentence with madoff's own wine. a collection of more than 250 bottles of wine and liquor from his palm beach, florida, mansion is going on the auction block. most expensive item is a case of the 1999 wine bidding starting between $3200 and $3800. >> 1996. >> 1996. there is a difference. not that i know. >> the good stuff. >> border skirmish between nato and pakistani forces telling a very different version of what happened. al qaeda said to have made the interim leader temporarily fill bin laden's shoes. who is he? and will he pose a new threat? jeanne moos on the powerful global financial chief. latest high-profile suspect positive to do the perp walk. i mean shipping is a hassle.
3:26 pm
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very worrisome development. nato investigating a cross border clash between would of its own helicopters in afghanistan and ground forces in neighboring pakistan. comes at a time of extreme tension between pakistan and the united states over the raid object bin laden's compound. brian todd is working the story for us. brian, what do we know about this clash? >> we have information that nato aircraft and pakistani forces both fired shots in this incident. whether they fired them directly and purposefully at each other remains a bit unclear. we are at a point where the anger and mistrust between the two sides are at a boil. pakistan's tensions with the west ratcheted up to military hostility. nato helicopters engaged in an exchange involving pakistani forces near the border between pakistan and afghanistan. two pakistani soldiers were wounded and pakistan's military has launched what it calls a strong protest.
3:30 pm
>> nato official says theins department our kurred when coalition helicopters supporting tillman which sin side afghanistan but just a few miles from the pakistan border were flying in eastern afghanistan. one official says that this base had been receiving intermittent fire from across the border. nato official says the helicopters were fired on twice from the pakistani side and ever and after the second time they fired from across the border into this area of pakistan. pakistanin tell generals officials offer a different version. they say the incident started when nato fighter jet entered pakistani air space. the official said pakistani troops fired on the jet from ground positions. they say the jet then retreated, returned with the nato helicopters and fired on a pakistani position. that area is a flash point of militant activity and recent strain between the u.s. and pakistan. >> majority of the strikes in pakistan occurred pretty much in this area here which is home to
3:31 pm
both al qaeda. >> reporter: it is not clear whether the nato aircraft were american. i asked analyst jeffrey if pakistani and western forces may have a hair trigger in their current state of agitation. tensions between the two sides is it a direct byproduct on the raid of bin laden's compound >> i don't think they are a direct by zs produproduct. intentions are running very high. i doubt that that was actually the rationale behind the incident that occurred at the border. >> he does point out there have been deadly cross border incidents in the reeps enpast before that bin laden raid. in september of last year. nato helicopters crossed into pakistani air space from afghanistan. chasing after insurgents. dozens of people were killed in that incident and pakistan called that a breach of u.n. rules for foreign forces. as we mentioned earlier, nato says that it is investigating this incident. >> brian, nato helicopters
3:32 pm
patrolling that area of the border, what's their mission? >> analyst space that's an area where they sneak across the border to launch attacks and sneak back into pakistan. the coalition choppers and other forces are there to seal off that area. but it is always a flash point where skirmishes cross borders. we mentioned that last we are. that's how this escalate. >> thanks very much. i spoke about the complex relationship between the u.s. and pakistani government that with democratic senator jim webb. on foreign relations committee. pakistan has about 100 nuclear warheads we believe. i asked him if the u.s. can allow pakistan to become a failed state, if you will, possibly leaving that nuclear arsenal vulnerable. >> discussions i have had with people in the pentagon is that -- they -- security of the nuclear weapons now is not a question but the increased size of them and the -- government even before it becomes a failed
3:33 pm
state, intentions are, are things we need to look at. >> billions of dollars the united states provides pakistan every year, $20 billion since 9/11. is that money well spent for u.s. taxpayers? >> i have been asking those questions for a couple of years now. i asked them directly, admiral mullen two years ago when i -- i'm confident that they are doing a better job here in our government of bringing accountability into the process but -- whether it is a direct program important program on accountability or something else when you are -- increasing your nuclear arsenal the way that pakistan is somebody using money in some way that's not really healthy in this situation here. >> will you continue to vote for this aid to pakistan? >> i think that the -- situation right now is tenuous as it is requires all of us to be very careful when we are looking at the questions like that. but i think -- believe that the accountability on the one hand
3:34 pm
and a way to ensure some sort of stability in the government itself on where we need to be looking. that's why -- i, again, mentioned this morning that china could actually be a player here in a positive way and i -- i'm someone that has criticized that the chinese government in many different areas were not doing this, whether it is iran, burma or north korea. long-term ally of the pakistanis, people that would say that -- i'm among them -- say that china enabled pakistan to become a nuclear power and they have a very strong interest in the stability in that relationship. and we haven't been addressing the situation that way at all. we talk about india, part of it. we talk about the afghanistan part of it. and we immediate to realize that long-term client a is geographically in that region and we should be calling on them to be more responsible in terms
3:35 pm
of a stability in pakistan. >> china is playing increasingly important role in many countries. not just pakistan, afghanistan. but speaking of afghanistan, is it time right now to simply pack u.s. bags and get out? >> i think that what we are seeing -- i hope what we are seeing now is that -- kind of negotiations that would allow us to do that on the timetable that has been laid out. >> timetable through 2014. that's a long time. >> there are two timetables. one is -- july of this year. to -- hear the results of the strategy that has been implemented and the plans for reduction of forces. 2014 for complete turnover to the -- afghani government and -- lights out for the american military. >> i asked the question because it is costing $10 billion a month for the united states to maintain 100,000 troops in afghanistan. that's money that could be spent elsewhere. >> i totally agree with you. it is enormously frustrating. i think what secretary gates
3:36 pm
said at west point speech a while back is right. that is that this is not the formula for the future. we have something of -- there is a law of -- duty of the -- negligence law where they said once you assume a duty, you have to carry it through. you have a responsibility. and i think we are seeing that in iraq and where we have 50,000 people. and if -- in afghanistan, and in order to -- reduce our forces and increase our maneuverability in military terms. against the threats that faced us. not to use this model in the future. >> senator, we are out of time 37 quick question, have you been thinking about life after the u.s. senate? >> i have my hands full here in the senate for another year and a half. >> all right. i will take that as a no. we will have you back. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. new allegations of gang rape in libya. using sexual enhancement drugs. stand by. john king takes us to the flood zone as entire towns are abandoned.
3:37 pm
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egyptian who was once a special forces officer is the new leader of al qaeda after osama bin laden's death. that according to a source with detailed knowledge of the group's workings. national security analyst joining us on the phone now. what do we know about this guy? >> reporter: he has been involved in militant activities since the late '80s. arrested by his own account for an assassination egyptian politician in 1987. he has been identified by people in u.s. custody as basically organizing resistance to the u.s., u.s. forces in somalia in
3:41 pm
1993. he is described as sort of the military commander of al qaeda in recent years. he has been live under some form of house arrest in iran since much of the time since 9/11. he's kind of a formidable guy. according to a longtime associate of al qaeda who is now kind of rejected the ideology, he's been appointed caretaker leader of al qaeda. es -- essentially because al qaeda has not come up with a formal appointment. >> is it significant that he's an egyptian? >> it is significant he is an egyptian because, you know, as you know bin laden was a saudi. for a lot of saudis they want to see a saudi replacement. it has a special place in islam. i think the -- you know, having
3:42 pm
an egyptian become leader of al qaeda or caretaker is controversial internally. >> what's this -- where did oes that leave zawahiri? >> this may be a trial balloon since he is an egyptian. shaping al qaeda. pass it muster, would allow al zawahiri to take over the group. >> peter bergen, our analyst. thank you very much. very, very disturbing allegations of institutional gang rape in libya. chief prosecutor of the criminal court says security forces loyal to gadhafi are using sexual enhanced drugs like viagra as what he -- quoting him now, massive rape of women. joining us now, nic robertson. you had a chance to speak with
3:43 pm
the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court, the issue of being gadhafi, libyans, what they are doing, what did he tell you? >> well, one of the things he wants to investigate now, he says priorities to investigate allegations of rape, systematic, by the distribution of viagra or viagra-like products. performance enhancing products are getting in the hands of gadhafi's forces and are being used as part of gang rape and these allegations that are surfacing he says wants to investigate as a priority. >> do they have evidence that libyan military systematic basis were handing out viagra to troops to go out and rape women as an act of war? >> this is his concern. and -- the information that he is getting is coming from a number of sources. one of those sources is the rebels who say when they went into military bases to get
3:44 pm
gadhafi's weapons they found supplies of what they call viagra and condoms and they are put thing together with what they say is a sdisappearance of women when they are being stock marketed at gadhafi's check points, taken to barracks, gang raped and they believe these drugs are being used. this is what he told me when i asked him about it. >> the issue is who organized them. >> do you believe it is institutional? >> what happened? there's some information of viagra. >> very powerful words from the chief prosecutor. i asked him how many women. he said he doesn't know.
3:45 pm
rebel officials told me that there are as many as several hundred women raped in this way. >> i know you have also spoken with the libyan woman who says the libyan troops raped her. she is now out of libya. she is safe in another country. what did she tell you? >> she said she couldn't wait in tripoli any longer. she wasn't being allowed to leave officially. she appealed on radio for any machine, she said, honorable to help her get out of the country. two soldiers came to her, officers, that said they were deserting gadhafi's army and would help get her out of the country. she knew if she waited in tripoli she could be killed. the drive to the border was almost as dangerous going through the mountains when they drove across the border, went across the border, there was -- gun battles going on and said it wasp until she got there that she felt free, free enough to be able to talk about her traumatic and terrible experience and told me what she thought about the
3:46 pm
men that brutality raped her. >> i was telling myself to defy them, animals cannot slip without punishment. i must speak out no matter how much people would talk about me. and would blame he and would ask how could a libyan woman, muslim, go on the media and say this? all these things did not matter to me. i must seek my rights. i must expose the regime. they must receive their penalty. i must -- i don't know. can i not think of a word to express press what i was thinking. this is how i felt. >> of course now she has a lot of concerns pressing in on her. her father, fiance, save her honor and name. what is she going to do about her fee sans? show teeld me this is a period of getting to know each other. they will see. they both understand if they don't like each other there is no commitment there. >> nic robertson, thanks very much. jack cafferty is asking who likely to fill the void left by donald drum and mike huckabee in the 2012 gop presidential field?
3:47 pm
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another round of drastic
3:50 pm
action to fight flooding along the mississippi river. the u.s. coast guard closed the river run in mississippi today. highest point is pushing slowly for the gulf of mexico and bringing danger and damage along with it. our own john king is in natchez, mississippi. john? >> reporter: this is a little flood >> wolf, this is a little flood control 101 in natchez, mississippi. this looks like a parking lot. it is a parking lot of the united states coast guard station right here in natchez. there are cement barriers in here. sandbags on top. they have an inch, inch and a half of water inside the coast guard station. you can see they're working 24/7. 12 hours on, 12 hours off for the coast guard shifts here. they have the pumps designed to bring the water outside. if you look around this building, it's amazing. the mississippi river is a couple hundred yards that way behind this building. normally plenty of room. pier space, dock space on the
3:51 pm
other side. now the water all the way through the parking lot. you see the building surrounded by this barrier. you see it this way. you see the flag pole there. just over my shoulder here, that's the gateway in. you're supposed to be able to drive a car in there and park it in here. on the other side of the, there's a basketball court. it's got five and a half feet of water in front of it. while they were building the barriers, they say something swimming in the water. came and pulled out an alligator. the flooding not only causing serious water control problems, but also messing up the eco system. >> john king is reporting live from mississippi at the top of the hour. let's go back to jack with the cafferty file. >> who is likely to fill the void left by donald trump and mike huckabee in the republican field for the 2012 presidential
3:52 pm
nomination? from indianapolis. i think mitch daniels will announce in the next few weeks he's going to run for president 2012. if he does, the republican party will come behind his candidacy. he will be a challenge for obama with his message of fiscal discipline. donny writes from mississippi. ron paul, mitt romney, and tim pawlenty in the order. ron paul the only one who might win the independent and undecided vote. a race between any other would be lish watching grass grow. although i would pay to see the sarah palin or michele bachmann versus obama debate. talk about must-see tv. bob writes there's an entire brigade of lunatics still left. give it a week and we'll see. they'll come out of the wood work. the gop never fails to amaze. ann writes from california, chris christie, are you mad? the people of new jersey can't wait to get rid of him.
3:53 pm
apparently the republicans see something in him that nobody in his own state does. to them, he's another tea party member who snuck in while the democrats stayed home in 2010. there's no way he can beat obama. maybe huntsman will come in as a dark horse. william writes john huntsman will be the republican candidate for 2012. he's the only republican that will have the appeal to win back all of the moderate that swing to obama in the last election. he has incredible appeal, strong financial backing and has been very successful in his position both as ambassador to china and governor of utah. and dave writes from nashville, what void, jack? a blowhard gambler and trust fund baby coupled with a man of the so-called cloth. neither were in the race in order to qualify as backing out. both were teasing television ratings for the all mighty buck. i'm glad they're gone. if you want to read more, go to >> you think, jack, that donald trump was ever really serious about running for the republican presidential nomination?
3:54 pm
>> no. i said months ago he would never run. no, he's done this three times. he's just, you know -- no. he was never serious. never intended to run. i tell you something, at that correspondence dinner when both the president and that kid from "saturday night live" took turns beating him about the head and shoulders, that have the end of it right there. if you saw the picture of him and his wife walking out of that dinner, it was over that night. >> i never thought he wanted to release his financial statement and let everyone look at his irs, his taxes and his wealth and all of that. i always assumed that would be something he wouldn't want to do. what was his point? why did he -- you know, for two months make it sound like he was so seriously thinking of run sng. >> well, because he's in the business of promoting donald trump. there was some question about whether nbc would renew his television show. he wanted to jack the ratings up for that thing. so he got on this birther thing, again, after it had been beat to death. but he did get the president to
3:55 pm
produce that long form birth certificate. and then he got all fluffed up like a peacock. then he went to this the correspondence dinner and got the not walked out of him. it was the very weekend that president obama and the navy s.e.a.l.s were taking out osama bin laden. so he was dead that night. >> thanks. see you tomorrow. appreciate it. good points. it's a stroll no one wants to take, but everyone wants to see. is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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3:57 pm
personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. jean it's a scene seen by americans all the time. >> nicholas, did you strangle your girlfriend? >> why did you the it?
3:58 pm
>> i'm innocent. i didn't do it. >> reporter: but you tend not to look innocent. even when no one shouts a single incriminating question. it's what's called. >> the perp walk. >> reporter: perp as in perpetrator. some in france are outraged over the treatment of the head of the imf accused of attempted rape. one called it a lynching that provoked horror and aroused disgust. french law bars the media from showing suspects in handcuffs before they're convicted. some say the perp walk ghost against the presumption of innocence. >> it's done probably some would say to humiliate the suspect, and they give off an aura of guilt. >> reporter: though sometimes the aura doesn't fit the alleged crime, from the smiling accused somali pirate to the jfk terror suspect, others bend down or cover up to conceal their identity. suspects use anything that's
3:59 pm
handy, and we do mean anything, to hide from the cameras during a perp walk. amy fisher used her own hair to keep her face out of sight. the perp walk is a perennial. always popping up, even as camera men pedalling backwards are falling down an suspects are falling forward. and every once in a while you get an apparent confession. >> something came over me. >> do you regret it? >> of course i do. no matter what he did. you can't justify that. >> he's been charged with using an axe to murder a man. sometimes a perp walk leads to perpetual cursing. >> [ bleep ] you, get [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and finally the armed robbery suspect who managed to escape in mid perp walk. it happened in staten island last year. the suspect took off down the street with police in