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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 28, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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with fewer cars available, prices are rising. says overall car prices are up $350 since the earthquake. so if you want options and lower prices -- >> you really need to come out and start looking now if you want to get something. >> if you are thinking about buying a vehicle this calendar year, now is the time. as we all experienced, we just can't predict what may or may not happen. topping our news right now. joplin, missouri, and picking up the pieces and now identifying the bodies while residents clean up after last week's deadly tornado today missouri authorities notify the families of 17 newly identified victims. >> i have personally met with many families over the course of the last two days. i have heard many, many stories about family members seeing their loved ones on the street
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and i know that they are deceased and they know they are at the temporary morgue so we are in the process of identifying those people as quickly as possible so they know that they're not unaccounted for. they know where they are. >> the number of dead reached 139 today. 105 people remain missing. president obama is set to visit joplin tomorrow for a memorial service. the president of poland hosting the president of the united states today in warsaw. president obama said countries in turmoil today can learn from poland's example. >> we discussed the issue of how jointly we can promote democracy. the session that i had this morning with democracy promotion experts including many founders of solidarity who recently traveled to tunisia to share their advice and assistance is just a symbol of why poland is
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so important. it has gone through what many countries want to know go through and has done so successfully. and so -- >> the president is flying back to the united states right now. he spent six days overseas on this trip with stops in the u.k., ireland, france and poland. one of the top nato officers in afghanistan was wounded today in an attack being claimed by the taliban. major general marcus kanite was reportedly meeting with a police commander when a suicide bomber detonated himself nearby. seven people were killed. the general is among nine others wounded. an emotional day of testimony in the case of casey anthony murder case. anthony's mother cried throughout her testimony this morning as she talked about the 2-year-old granddaughter that her own daughter, casey anthony, is accused of killing.
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at one point cindy anthony asked for her granddaughter's picture to be removed from the courtroom. >> can i ask you for a favor? can you turn -- >> only the judge can give favors? >> sir, can i have her take the screen down. i can't look at my granddaughter without getting upset. i'm trying very hard not to cry. thank you. >> caylee anthony was last seen alive june 16th, 2008, but was not reported missing for a month. a small bit of relief for the millions of americans traveling this holiday weekend. gas prices are actually dropping. aaa says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is just under $3.80. that's almost a penny less than yesterday but still almost a dollar more than last year. back to joplin, missouri, now. a city devastated by a monster tornado just six days ago. let's bring in casey wian.
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in the midst of the devastation there, apparently you found a man who is already rebuilding in a very big way. >> reporter: absolutely, fredricka. with all of this devastation with the death toll that has now reached 139 people with 105 people still missing, it can be very difficult to find signs of home but we did find one man who started rebuilding his wife's business four days after the tornado struck. >> this is america. we're going to rebuild it. >> reporter: four days after a historic tornado demolished much of joplin, missouri -- >> cut them and put them underneath. >> reporter: contractor daryn collins started construction on first new building to emerge from the rubble. >> at some point we're going to have to stop scratching our heads and standing staring at the rubble and roll up our sleeves and get things back to some sort of normalcy. >> reporter: he's rebuilding his wife's beauty salon which he built once before 17 years ago.
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on thursday collins talked to the idea with city official and he was given permission to start and construction began. >> we've had an enormous outpouring of generosity and help to get prepared to get back to this point. the city has been great. the city of joplin allowed us a permit in record time. >> reporter: there's still no electricity in this part of joplin. the substation across the street remains in ruins so a generator powers the tools. >> time to roll up our sleeves and do what we can do to move on with our lives. >> reporter: passerbiey stop byo offer support. >> we want to shake your hand. first glimmer of hope that we've seen toward the town rebuilding. >> reporter: four nearby homes that collins built in the last year are in ruins. he has six projects waiting to be rebuilt. >> my heart and prayers go out to everyone that did lose loved ones. i hate for it to come to
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something like this to bring business to the area. i believe everyone around here will surprise everyone in the country with the rate that we can come back. >> reporter: after so much tragedy and so much devastation, collins takes solis in the cross that remains standing in the rubble of st. mary's church across the street and in the support he's received from his community. >> i thank god to live in such a place. >> reporter: collins told us he thought he could have his wife business ready to reopen in 45 days. he may be exceeding his own expectations. the pictures we showed you were shot thursday afternoon. and at that time mr. collins told us he thought he would have the roof on the structure tomorrow. look at some pictures that we just shot this afternoon. you can see that the roof is already up. he and his co-workers are really moving quickly just one example of the spirit of this community. lots of people we have spoken to say they want to rebuild. >> when the president of the united states comes to joplin
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tomorrow, is that something he's going to see? >> reporter: absolutely. you can't miss it. you can see over here some of the folks who are trying to pick through some of the rubble of one of the homes here that was destroyed. there's volunteers, thousands and thousands of volunteers throughout the community of joplin that have come from states all over the country to lend their hand. there's church groups. there's search and rescue personnel. there's law enforcement officials. there are people who are handing out food and water. anything that people need. it's really amazing at a time like this to see how people from this community and people from communities all over the country come together to help these folks out. it's very clear that this rebuilding effort is already under way. >> casey wian, thank you so much, in joplin, missouri. here's how you can help the people of joplin. logon to and check out our special page. it has all of the tools that you need to help make a difference. and it was just six days ago when that tornado wiped through
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joplin, missouri, and now eyes are on the map because there's other potential tornadic activity. bonnie schneider in the weather center. we're talking about minnesota? >> minnesota and many other states going through the afternoon and evening. let's go to the first up right now which is central minnesota. you can see i highlighted the tornado warning. another one popped up moments ago. what you are looking at is carver koicarve er county and scott county. a tornado near gaylord with the storm moving east. it's a fast moving storm. another one popped up south of duluth in northern minnesota. you can see there are severe thunderstorm warnings highlighted in orange boxes there as well. even if you don't have a tornado, you certainly can see damaging winds and strong hail as we have been seeing across the country. more severe weather working its way through. chicago getting strong thunderstorms right now sweeping
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across lake michigan. that's a problem. look at the severe thunderstorm warnings popping up in southern illinois on into areas of indiana as well. now taking you to the east of upstate new york where we have areas we're watching for severe weather and this part of the country northern new york and even further north toward vermont does not need more rain. there's serious flooding happening here. a lot of damaging areas of thunderstorms. you can see the storms from richmond to raleigh isolated in nature but they are strong. if you are at the beach and you see a thunderstorm, maybe at the park having a picnic, take cover in a sturdy building. i can't emphasize this enough. under a tree is not safe place to be if there's a severe thunderstorm. have your noaa weather radio on and be ready to take cover in a moment's notice. it will be a volatile weekend. all right. this to you coffee lovers out there. do you love to pay more? probably not.
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what do you think about going gluten free as well? we'll talk about that. what's this option? that's new.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. the president of yemen and the tribal groups fighting against him, they failed to reach a peace agreement today. and underline that failure with a street clashes breaking out in the capital. the government and opposition set a deadline of this evening to reach some sort of cease-fire deal. egypt opened its border with
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gaza today for the first time in more than four years. about 600 palestinians entered egypt. egyptian officials say they did it for humanitarian reasons. the man who kept that border closed tight is about to be out of millions of dollars. a court ordered former egyptian president hosni mubarak to pay millions in fines for his role in the revolution that forced him from power this year. so you probably noticed by now but your coffee is more expensive these days by the bag or by the cup the price of coffee is rising all over the world and don't expect prices to ease any time soon. here's cnn's stephanie elam. >> reporter: the cost of that cup of jo is about to go up more. >> prices have been rising steadily over the last four or five years but these price rises have accelerated since may of last year. >> reporter: and roasters are
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passing some of the cost onto you. last fall starbucks said it was raising the price of labor intensive drinks to offset the cost of coffee beans. with coffee prices hitting a 14-year high and rising more than 100% in the last 12 months, more hikes could be on the horizon. what's behind the boost? >> coffee prices are high primarily because we have had three disappointing harvests in colu colombia in a row and they are the biggest producer of fine quality coffee. >> reporter: prices are high but not the worst we've seen. >> if we talk about adjusting for inflation, prices are not as high as we have seen in the past. in nominal terms, we're at the highest level since 1977. >> reporter: it's hard to pinpoint when prices will go up at the store but consumers should get ready. >> sticker shock they may think
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is bad now will be nothing compared to what they'll have in the next six to eight months. >> reporter: will the price hikes stop folks from hitting up their local barista? >> if it gets that high, i won't get coffee every day. >> i'll stomp my feet and stop buying. >> not at all. coffee is important. >> we can't. >> stephanie elam, cnn, new york. >> sequels to two big movies opening this weekend. "hangover 2" and "kung fu panda 2." ♪
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there's a little something for everyone at the box office this week. our film critic joins us from las vegas. i understand you are in vegas and you're there for your own bachelor party. how fitting that we could be reviewing "hangover 2." i don't see pulled teeth or weird sunburns or tattoos on you so it must be all clean so far. >> so far, yes. so far. it's been pretty mellow. >> so "hangover 1" huge hit. side splitting funny. let's take a quick peek at part two. >> where are you? >> we woke up in some city. >> i've been looking for him all morning. >> i can't believe this is happening again. the little brother is lost. we're not going back without teddy. >> all i wanted was a bachelor
1:19 pm
brunch. >> what are you doing here? >> we had a sick night. >> check your pockets. >> i don't remember any of this. what is this? >> where the hell are you? >> we're in bangkok. >> hold on! >> oh, my word. what is going on? >> that's crazy as the first one. whose bachelor party is it this one this time? >> it's bachelor party for ed helms about to get married. it's not supposed to be a bachelor party. this movie ends up being pretty much exactly the same movie as the first one. they wake up in a hotel room. they don't know what's happened. minor differences.
1:20 pm
instead of losing the tooth this time ed helms has a tattoo. instead of a tiger there's a monkey. this movie was funny. i liked it. some people have had problems with it. >> you make me nervous for a second. >> i thought you were about to say it wasn't good because there were so many similarities but you were okay with it. >> the chemistry between bradley cooper and ed helms is so good that it works in this movie. it's very funny. i give it a c. it's not great. i'll give it a solid c. it was a pretty good movie. >> that's average. c. okay. so then since we're on sequels these days, this weekend "kung fu panda 2." jack black, angelina jolie, lots of interested voices including dustin hoffman. let's take a quick peek at this one too.
1:21 pm
>> did you see that? i was just, like -- yeah. >> i received a message. >> from the universe? >> from a messenger. >> yeah. of course. >> our greatest matters are disappearing. i fear this is the work of lord chen who unleashed a new kind of threat on our world. this could be the end of kung fu. >> i just got kung fu. >> and now you must save it. >> okay. so are the kids going to dig this or is this more of an adult animated flick, matt? >> i think the kids are absolutely going to dig this as will adults. i really, really like this movie. it's the continuing adventures of po voiced by jack black as dragon warrior and now he has
1:22 pm
new foes he must face down. one of them is lord chen who has gunpowder and cannons which kung fu doesn't work against and there's also a plot about jack black's character being adopted but this is a sweet movie. it's beautiful to look at. i think that kids and adults will like it. the best praise i can give this movie is this is the type of animated movie that people at pixar would have been proud to release. i strongly recommend this. >> your grade on this? >> my grade on this is an a. i think it's absolutely a great movie. >> that's big. that's big. maybe you don't want to go out to the movies this weekend. you want to stay in for the holiday weekend. there are a few dvds you can get your hand on. "i am number four." what would you recommend? >> i would go with gnomeo and juliet." it's okay.
1:23 pm
it's amusing. not the best disney movie. >> you didn't sell me on that. >> what you want to do is watch that instead of "i am number four" which was not good. >> that was about an alien teen on the run on earth pursued by another race of aliens determined to kill him. >> a teen story. trying to get into the "twilight" area. i would avoid that one. >> i'll go with happy stuff. it better be happy. >> right. it doesn't have -- not to give away the ending but it's not the tragedy that the shakespeare play is. >> just checking. all right. matt, thanks so much. always good to see you. have a great weekend. be careful there in vegas. >> okay. >> that whole saying what you know happens in vegas, stays in vegas. don't buy it. it will get out. watch it. >> i was going to mention my brother's dancing but i probably shouldn't.
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>> maybe not. all of the best. good luck on that. good to see you. all right. so from movie tips to travel tips now. cnn's reporters, anchors and producers have a bag packed and have the scoop on best hotels and restaurants and travel spots around the world. chad myers takes us inside his favorite science museum. >> i'm chad myers. i have a 6 year old. he's little. little people like big things. i come here to the science museum in georgia not that far from atlanta to find big things. big dinosaurs, big trucks, big airplanes and we'll show you what you're going to see. by car a 45-minute ride from downtown atlanta will take you millions of years away. might even square you a little bit too. you have no idea what you're going to get around any corner. from the giant american dinosaur
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to the mouth of a shark that ate whales the size of a bus. some thingser are just for fun but think about that shark taking a bite out of this tire. okay. so maybe that truck doesn't get very good gas mileage like maybe one mile per gallon but they do make their own power and in fact it would have to be big. okay. so i admit not everything has to be big to be cool, like the inside of a cockpit of an airplane or for this entire helicopter sitting right here that you can even look at the engine and something that i thought was really big when i was a kid, sputnik, that satellite, it's not much bigger than a beach ball. chad myers, cnn, cartersville, georgia. >> latinos, leadership and war. hispanic americans observe memorial day. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life!
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1:29 pm
protest tomorrow in belgrade. the criminal case against loughner is on hold. loughner is accused of killing six people and injuring 13 others including arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords in january. he has been moved to a hospital in springfield, missouri. >> you will not be able to stay home, brother. you will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out. you will not be able to lose yourself and skip out for bid during commercials because the revolution will not be televised. >> that is the late gil scott-heron and the ref nuvolut will not be televised known as godfather of rap dying yesterday at the age of 62. the cause of his death has not been released but three years ago scott-hareron revealed he w hiv positive. his music has been sampled by
1:30 pm
many including kanye west. the last of bernie madoff's personal belongings on the auction block next week. the money raised will be used to pay off swindled investors. madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for running a ponzi scheme. new york harbor is getting patriotic this memorial day weekend. it's fleet week. new yorkers are also getting a firsthand look at the equipment used by our service members. fleet week runs through june 1st. memorial day weekend is a time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who continue to put their lives on the line every day. more of america's men and women in uniform are latino. we have one man's story of service and sacrifice. >> reporter: memorial day is just not a day off for this
1:31 pm
father of five, a lieutenant with the new york city police department who spent two decades in the u.s. army wants his kids to know the meaning of the solemn holiday. >> that's the flag i flew in iraq when i was there. i let them know it's not just a decoration. there are men and women who sacrifice their lives to have that flag proudly waving. >> reporter: in 1997 gonzalez had gone back to civilian life after serving eight years as an officer. after 9/11 he decided to join up again this time as an enlisted man. >> i had seen the devastation in ground zero personally. my brother is a new york city firefighter. we were out there together in bucket brigade digging up dirt and trying to get people out. and after a while you just felt that need to serve. >> reporter: that service took
1:32 pm
him to iraq twice. in 2003 and again in 2008. a highlight, a team he led, recovered iraqi treasures looted from museums during the wall of baghdad. they found an artifact dating back. >> the children appreciated it. they would come on a regular basis to those museums. it's like you're giving back the history back to the iraqis. >> reporter: born in brooklyn to puerto rican parents, gonzalez is among a growing number of latinos serving in the military. he says his background helped him relate to the iraqi people. >> for the most part latinos come from a lower economic standard and we identified with that type of living and living in impoverished areas.
1:33 pm
>> reporter: gonzalez says he sees more latinos with stars and bars on their shoulders than he did during his first enlistment. >> the latinos are now the captains, the colonels and even quite a bit of generals. i get actually proud when i see a latino in those leadership positions and you know that commander could identify with how hard it is for you to just be in the military. >> reporter: proud of his heritage and of the service he's given his country. especially on memorial day. >> memorial day dweekend kicks off the summer travel season and that doesn't usually mean packing the skis but in aspen, colorado, it is still winter. take a look. spring skiing like you've never seen it before. so much snow in aspen that the ski resort said we're reopening this weekend. pretty exciting in many parts of the west. i don't know. who is unhappy about that if
1:34 pm
you're a skier? >> people that have to get there. unfortunately there are some road closures so much snow. it's been a wild winter. we've seen a lot of snow and blizzards and if that's not enough, temperatures are below normal. with temperatures as cold as they've been, that's why we see unfortunately a lot of the snow sticking and we're going to continue to see that as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours and speaking of what's ahead, look at this. let's zoom in here and you'll see that we have definitely snow that's building up across much of the mountain west. a lot of it. it's something to keep close track on as we go through much of the daytime hours. we're also tracking some extremely severe weather. a tornado warning has popped up once again into central minnesota. this area here is something we're watching because we're going to see more cells popping up and a lot of these are very intense. be careful out there. we've seen a another tornado popping up in northern minnesota. spotters say they have seen funnel clouds but nothing confirmed on the ground. strong thunderstorms rolling
1:35 pm
through the chicagoland area. a lot of that heading into indiana and michigan at this hour. watch boxes in place in central areas of indiana and illinois and also to the east we're monitoring severe weather across upstate new york and into northern vermont. we're looking for that as well. some of these severe thunderstorm warnings are popping up into the upstate area and this means we'll see winds that will be exceeding areas certainly well above 58 miles per hour. you can see those strong storms working their way across much of the region. all right. aside of the fact that we're also tracking the snowfall through the west, we're also taking a quick look at the memorial day beach forecast. we have the water temperature that's mild across the gulf coast down through destin. as you head across florida, water temperature is comfortable. chance of precipitation both days and we're seeing that today with isolated thunderstorm rolling across florida. let's head up the coast to
1:36 pm
georgia. temperature is 89 in savannah. decent chance of precipitation there as well as in hilton head, south carolina. water temperature in the 70s. as we continue our journey for the holiday weekend, virginia beach looks good. water temperatures cold. the jersey shore, atlantic city, looking at 81 degrees. chance of precipitation and cape cod, massachusetts. i lived in upper new england. a slow start to summer there. we have 70 for a high. water temperatures in upper 50s. cold out there off the waters of long island and cape cod but we'll get there. we'll get there. >> the water will feel good there by labor day. >> just in time. >> i like that bath water temperature stuff going on in the gulf coast. i like that. thanks so much, bonnie. you have tried reducing your carbs to lose weight, what about giving up wheat products all together? losing weight clicked for me when i realized
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take a look. maybe something to consider for your grocery list. cookie mix, brownie mix, bread, lasagna noodles, they are all gluten free. in our healthy living news, we're cooking and looking at the trend of living without wheat. that's what it is to be gluten free. first, you know, gluten free meant that you had some sort of medical condition and that was the prescribed health care for it. >> absolutely. that's the treatment for gluten intolerance to live a gluten free diet. >> why does everyone else want to do it too? >> they may have had a friend
1:40 pm
who has taken gluten out of their diet and they feel so much better. they want to feel better too. maybe they have a family member who has had to go gluten free. they do it in support of them. other people do it because they think they might lose weight doing it. that may or may not be the case. >> we see a lot of products that will say glouten free. when you buy that product that's gluten free, what can you expect about how it taste and how it digests and all that good stuff? >> you can expect that it will taste as much like the regular counterpart as possible. manufacturers are really doing great job to try to produce foods that some people don't feel like they're missing out. you have to watch out for certain of these foods, especially baked goods. they have more fat in them, more sugar and sodium. they need the right texture and mouth feel that you get when you take out flour and other gluten ingredients. >> what's the substitute if you take out wheat based things, flour, et cetera, what is in its
1:41 pm
place? >> a variety of things. sometimes it's just potato starch, rice flour, it might be tapioca starch, variety of things. sometimes they miss the same nutrients. sometimes they are added back in but not always. you have to be careful that you are getting fiber and b vitamins that you may not in these foods. >> a lot of people say they feel better by going gluten free. do they see other benefits? losing weight as a result or feel like they are more fit? >> it depends on what they were eating beforehand. if you hate highly processed foods beforehand and take those ought and eating more fruits and vegetables in its place and other whole grains, you may feel better and lose weight. if you used cookies and gluten free foods, you may gain weight because they do have more
1:42 pm
calories and fat in them. >> might there be some people that need to stay away from gluten free phenomenon? >> if you don't have a problem tolerating gluten, if you don't have any symptoms and your physician has not told you you need to be on a gluten free diet, you can digest it just fine and it's not necessarily the bad guy being made out to be unless you have a problem with it. >> if i want to do this, will it cost me more? >> gluten free products cost a significant amount more. you are taking something out but you use a lot of specialty ingredients to go back into it. it's more expensive. as these products are becoming more mainstream and gluten free food segment is growing, the prices may start to come down and there's more variety available for those that need to be gluten free. >> is this a trendy kind of thing or really here to stay? of course it is if you have a medical condition. but no everyone else who is on the bandwagon right now, is this a trendy thing or -- >> there's a trend to it.
1:43 pm
a lot more people. it's in the media. marketing behind it. there's a trend. we know there's a large percentage of the population that is undiagnosed with gluten intolerance. if you have symptoms, see your doctor first before you go on a gluten free diet. you will not get an accurate diagnosis if you take glouten ot of your diet before you see the doctor. >> are you? >> i'm not. i eat it as part of a healthy diet. >> interesting. i never understood it. very interesting. i get it now. appreciate that. she's not running for president so far. talking about sarah palin here. kicking off a huge event this weekend. her holiday plan next.
1:44 pm
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coldwell banker. we never stop moving.
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time for cnn equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on latest headlines at the desk. sarah palin is launching a multicity bus tour. she's in washington. from there she'll work her way north to new hampshire. the tour is creating plenty of buzz about palin's possible presidential aspirations. republican mitt romney is working to gain supporters in two early voting states. iowa and new hampshire. in des moines the former
1:47 pm
massachusetts governor promised to support ethanol producing processes. romney will be in new hampshire to announce his presidential bid on thursday. rick perry makes no bones about not liking washington. yesterday perry told reporters that he's going to think about running for president in 2012. perry hasn't made anything official. he is just saying that he is thinking about it. and for latest political news, you know where to go. cnn some of the stories that our affiliates are covering today. police in st. louis, missouri, are investigating what's believed to be a domestic dispute that turned violent. a husband and wife and two of their children were found dead in their home. no signs of forced entry. a 21-year-old woman in ohio is under arrest after allegedly attacking three kids with pepper
1:48 pm
spray. police say the attack happened at a children's playground. one of the kids is 4 years old and so far no known motive for the attack. in central and northeastern vermont, some of the worst flash flooding in decades. heavy rains from thursday's storm washed away roads and forced some folks to flee their homes for emergency shelters. americans are pausing to honor their war dead this memorial day weekend. for one computer wizard, that means putting his skills to use in a very special way. he's creating an online data base of the grave stones at arlington national cemetery. here's sandra endo. >> reporter: one by one this 17 year old keeps the spirit behind these headstones at arlington national cemetery alive online. you come here thinking what?
1:49 pm
>> well, it's sad. i come here and i look at the birth dates and death dates and i think these are kids that aren't much older than me. >> reporter: the computer wiz started documenting the 858 soldiers who fought in iraq and afghanistan and are buried at arlington. after he heard about the record keeping problems at the cemetery. he posted the information and pictures on his website called preserve and receiving more than a million hits since launching in october. what do you hope for when people logon to your website? >> i hope that they can go on and feel a little bit of comfort in knowing that they're not just a number of casualties or anything like that and they are actual people. >> reporter: an investigation by the army inspector general found 211 graves were mislabeled here and the cemetery is under fire for the record keeping system. >> we're in the process of modernizing our record keeping.
1:50 pm
it will make people who are doing sites like ricky's a lot easier because it will all be available on our website. >> reporter: the project took on a deeper meaning as he learned more about one fallen soldier. >> what's special about this headstone in particular is that it's the only one around it that has gold lettering which means that he was a medal of honor winner. >> keep us ever grateful for the life of ross edward mcginnis. >> he was fighting. he jumped in and put his body over the grenade and absorbed most of the blast so he saved everyone else. >> reporter: we reached out to the mcginnis family who had no idea about the project. they became emotional after seeing the site. in an e-mail mr. mcginnis thanked him for his work describing it as a way to showcase the sacrifices of our nation's heros. but there are still new
1:51 pm
sacrifices he will continue to capture. sandra endo, cnn, arlington national cemetery. >> how much vacation time does your company give you? if it's not much, you should check out cnnmoney's list of companies with the best vacation perks. google tops the list with 15 to 25 vacation days and they get 12 paid holidays and all of the sick time they need. software maker intuit offers flexibility and healthy amount of time off. employees get up to five weeks off and can save up to two years worth of vacation days and take it all in one big chunk if they wanted to. did i mention 32 hours of paid volunteer time? not all of the best perks come from computer companies. st. jude children's research
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before the break i told you about companies with great vacation perks. what about the ultimate perk of all? unlimited vacation time. about a year ago the software company hubspot stopped tracking employees vacation and sick time completely. company officials say it reduced administrative cost and employees take the time they need. it's also a great recruiting tool. other companies with a similar policy of not tracking vacation time include morning star, ibm, best buy and netflix. this breaking news how we're following for you. we're told a plane landing in atlanta from pittsburgh blew a tire during landing at
1:56 pm
hartsfield jackson international airport. passengers have been evacuated. it does not appear anyone was injured. we're checking on the passengers and status of all of the activity there. you see the plane there blowing a tire. flight 2284 from pittsburgh to atlanta. more information as we get it. unlimited vacation time is of course the exception to the rule and now we're back to that story again. compared to the rest of the world, u.s. workers not only get fewer days off, they don't take all of the days that they are actually entitled to. in fact, only 38% of u.s. workers say they take all of their vacation days. according to an survey, this goes on and on, doesn't it? the average employed worker in the u.s. got 18 vacation days last year but used only 14 of them. and then there's france where workers got 37 days of vacation and used 35 of them. yes. there's more. great britain workers received
1:57 pm
28 vacation days and used 25. that's funny stuff. earlier in the "newsroom" i told you about the new census bureau data showing that married couples account for only 48% of all u.s. households. i asked for your tweets. give me an explanation. what's going on. here are your responses. mirzag says that people focusing more on careers and less on marriage coming off heels of recession is not surprising at all to her. and not surprised saying marriage is on the decline and benefits are no longer the same today and splathere's an exclamn point on that. when first marriage fails people race into second and divorce rate is even higher. thanks so much for your tweets out there on what happened and what's happening to marriage. i'm fredricka whitfield. up next, drew griffin is in for
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