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tv   World One  CNN  May 30, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the man who would be president again. fifa clears sepp blatter to run for another term even as it investigates allegations of bribery. you're watching "world one" live from london. also ahead, the middleman. south africa's president is scheduled to touch down in
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tripoli any minute now. he's hoping to mediate between colonel gadhafi and the rest of the world. what's next for ratko mladic? live in belgrade to get the latest on prosecution for war crimes. a thrilling race and a surprise winner. a crash prevented the race leader from claiming the indy 500 crown. football's world governing body is in damage control mode. claims of corruption rendered this week's election for fifa president meaningless. current chief sepp blatter is set to stand unopposed to. two senior officials were suspended sunday following allegations of bribery. one jack warner. mohamed bin hammam was due to challenge blatter for the leadership but withdraw hours before fifa's ethics committee suspended him. the committee cleared blatter of any wrong doing and wednesday's
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vote is scheduled to go ahead as plan zbld there is no reason to postpone it. the allegations, blatter has been cleared by the ethic committee. the other candidate withdrew before even the decision of the ethics committee came out. fifa will make the necessary changes in order now to avoid -- not to have to suspend people but to make sure the institution has all the system in place to avoid this to happen again. >> sepp blatter has his critics including his own deputy, vice president jack warner among the two executives suspended says the fifa chief must also be investigated. >> i said before, fifa -- trust me. you haven't seen it yet. blatter has to be stopped. blatter has to be stopped.
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blazer who has charged me has never spoken to me. never called a meeting of the executive committee. blazer is an employee. i never even seen a document. in this situation, does the accuser -- the accuser and the accused meet? nothing. >> it's been a staggering 24 hours for fifa. let's get more on this from cnn world sports pedro pinto. >> the plot continues to thicken. just when you believe that a particular issue or controversy is going to be resolved, something else happens. and jack warner, as we just heard, has accused sepp blatter of being the man that actually needs to be stopped, not him or mohamed bin hammam, which are the two men who have been suspended. jack warner has meanwhile seeked
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for advice from his lawyers to see whether the suspension is legal, whether it should stand. we've just heard over the last hour that fifa's executive committee will hold an emergency meeting in zurich early this afternoon. a press conference has been schedule bid sepp blatter for 6:00 p.m. zurich time. i can tell you we have a team flying out. i'm going to zurich to cover that press conference because we could see new developments. and perhaps the elections could be postponed. initially we felt that the only way that could happen would be for the member associations to vote three-quarters majority against the elections taking place on wednesday as they are scheduled now. but if the fifa executive committee or sepp blatter says let's step back, take a deep breath and see where we are and what could change we could see another unexpected development in what has been an incredible saga to follow. >> the interesting thing is, sepp blatter has said -- he's
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denied any sort of accusations against him or allegations against him. there has been i guess not been any evidence that has really pointed the finger at him. the question is, though, can he continue to preside over fifa with impunity? can he do so without accountability? even though he says he has no idea what has happened, that has been going on under him, he's still the president of something and a lot of the times the expression is, when something smells, it usually stinks at the top of the head, right? >> it all comes down to who are you going to believe? and fifa's ethics committee after they met on sunday, they decided to believe sepp blatter. this all relates to a meeting that took place in trinidad and toe bay kbage bbago on the 10th may. when mohamed bin hammam and jack warner were accused of presenting bribes to several members of the caribbean
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football union to vote for bin hammam in the election. blatter said he knew about the meeting before it happened but cannot be implicated because he didn't know what took place when it occurred. >> ignorance is is not usually a very good defense, is it? all right. pa thank you very much. there's a lot that's been happening in terms of reaction around the world. let's look at what some of the main papers around the world are saying. no matter what happens next, mohamed bin hammam's exit from the race for the fifa presidency only adds to the stench of corruption. the international herald tribune has the headline blatter cleared but allegations still plague fifa. it said maybe it is time to tell mr. blatter what some think from outside his glass house. even if fifa is not the corrupt organization, it's accusers say that he has led it through an era in which nobody trusts
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anybody any more. the guardian has the headline, blatter in clear as fifa officials suspended. in the article it says after nearly 13 years as the president of fifa blatter has in the eyes of many football fans come to personify all that is wrong with the world's most popular sport. one issue, many views. read all those articles in full at we'll be chatting there with you in a bit. we take you to libya where there's renewed push to bring weeks of bitter fighting to an end. jacob zuma is expected to arrive in tripoli any minute now for talks with libya's leader, moammar gadhafi. mr. zuma heading the african union is hoping he can purr suede the rebel regime to drop their weapons and start peace talks. getting the two sides to agree is not going to be easy. this is the second peace mission to libya in two months.
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the first ended in deadlock. the opposition has said then they'd stop fighting only if colonel gadhafi agreed to give up power. he shows no sign of stepping down. more on zuma's libya trip, the question is, what kind of influence could jacob zuma bring to this in terms of the african union when mr. gadhafi is often seen as the man who has, i guess, given a lot of donations to the african -- countries of the african union? what kind of unbiased position could the au really have? >> mr. gadhafi still remains a very powerful figure on this continent. as you said, he's bankrolled many of the governments here on the african continent. and, actually, mr. zuma's party, the african national congress has received a lot of support from mr. gadhafi in the past when they were fighting against
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apartheid in south africa they received support. mr. zuma personally has a relationship with mr. gadhafi. you remember in 2006 when he was facing controversial rape charges, he was of course acquitted of those charges, he turned to moammar gadhafi. it's going to be very interesting to see what mr. zuma achieves in libya. of course, many of those watching including the african union are hoping these long-term links between mr. zuma's party and gadhafi will end up with some kind of breakthrough regarding what's going on in libya. >> thank you. mr. zuma's visit comes 100 days after the uprising against colonel gadhafi began. let's go to libya now for the latest. in terms of the kind of, i guess, positions both sides are having right now, any sign of peace talks or a cease-fire seem quite farfetched at this point.
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>> yes. but, most importantly, i think president zuma's visit comes after a hardening of the russian line. russia was really the last mediator that libya had been looking to on the security council. over the weekend they said that they, too, believed that colonel gadhafi needed to either step down or step aside. so really as far as the libyans are concerned this is the last remaining option. the opposition line remains that they will not talk while gadhafi is in power. the african union has not called for this. they indeed have said that two months in they believe that nato's position, nato's bombardment of tripoli has, in fact, entrenched the conflict rather than brought around a resolution. this is the last opportunity for the libyans to save face. the fact that it's coming from such an old friend gives them opportunity, many here are hoping, perhaps, to find a creative way to talk about colonel gadhafi. not necessarily a complete departure from the country but a
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departure from rule. perhaps a spiritual leader, a father figure position. but just something that will allow the rebels to soften their position enough for the two sides to meet without the libya government having to lose too much face. >> in terms of strength on the ground, though, militarily speaking, have they gained much more strength or is this pretty much the same thing in terms of what the government side, the military side that we're talking about? >> it's pretty much still a stalemate. and that is the issue. nato is speaking today about how they feel they have achieved their military objectives. the reality is in terms of the ground held by the two sides, it hasn't changed that much for a while. when nato's not speaking about escalating its operations, then you have to surprise that that means there is still enough military capacity that they are concerned about for them to believe they need to go harder and stronger. this week we're hearing reports
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about the possible release of attack helicopters. that could be the necessary military push to change that stalemate. so there's a will the of pressure internally here on the libyan elite, on the regime, to find a way through this before those attack helicopters come. and their military position weakens even further. >> thank you so much. you are watching "world one" live from london. accused of genocide. but is this man well enough to stand trial? lawyers of ratko mladic try to keep him out of court. plus -- >> as president i can promise you your country will be there with you every single step of the way. >> barack obama has a message of compassion for the city that was taken apart by a tornado. ands had a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye,
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this is "world one" live from london. sepp blatter will stand unopposed in fifa's election this week. mohamed bin hammam is under investigation on suspicion of bribery. fifa's vice president jack warner was also suspended. this video appears to show fires down on demonstrators from roofto rooftops. cnn can't independently verify when or where the pictures were shot. medics say at least five people were killed and 90 wounded. president ali abdullah saler has been resisting calls to step down after more than 30 years in power. ladic have filed an appeal against his extradition. they say he's too ill. thousands of supporters rallied
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in front of serbia's parliament in belgrade yesterday in what started out as a peaceful protest. some in the crowd threw rocks at police who reportedly beat and kick prod tester. 19 people were injured including seven police officers. mladic was arrested on thursday after 16 years in hiding. u.n. prosecutors say he ordered the killing of 8,000 muslims in srebenica. what's the likelihood the appeal would actually go through? >> i just talked to the chief prosecutor here. he says he's happy with the way things are going. the defense lawyer for ratko mladic said although the court's doctors have said mladic is very capable of attending the trial, he says that mladic would only be cable of being there.
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he wouldn't be able to follow proceedings. he say what is mladic needs is to see specialist doctors. he's got a number of ailments, needs so see an endo crono cronologist, psychologist. in the court mladic has been lively and joking at times. he said that the court has intentionally released some of the things that mladic has requested like complex and long, complicated russian novels. just to show that, in fact, mladic does have his mental faculties to not only follow a russian novel but also the core proceedings. the chief prosecutor told me a few minutes ago the deadline for the appeal is in six hours' time. he says despite the fact the defense lawyer says he launched the appeal, he says he still
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hasn't yet received that appeal. >> if all goes according to the prosecutor's plan, when can mr. mladic then be transported to the hague? >> well, it's a matter of days rather than hours. i asked the chief prosecutor. i said if the deadline is at 5:00 p.m. local this afternoon, you made your decision, seem to have made your decision already he is quite healthy enough to go. he said then he goes to -- then it goes to the chief justice here for him to make his ruling. and he says days, not hours before he ends up at the hague. but we've also been told here that they're not going to release the information about when mladic is going to be sent to the hague. they don't want to draw any adverse attention to it. if you look back, it happens in the dead of night with a lot of secre secrecy. i think every indication is that that's the way it's going to
2:20 am
happen this time. >> nic robertson in belgrade. thank you. you are watching "world one." american politician in black leather is turning heads. we'll find out why sarah palin's been seen rumbling through washington on the back of a harley davidson. the killer cue cucumbers claiming lives in europe. more on that soon.
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we will be with you every step of the way.
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we're not going anywhere. the cameras may leave. the spotlight may shift. but we will be with you every step of the way until joplin is restored and this community is back on its feet. we're not going anywhere. >> barack obama's message of determination and hope to the survivors of a devastating tornado in america's midwest. the twitter that hit joplin, missouri, just over a week ago killed at least 142 people, more than any other u.s. tornado on record. during his visit the president was shown the incredible scale of storm damage. he comforted c eed survivors an talked to local leaders about rebuilding. is the severe weather in the midwest showing any signs of letting up, ivan? >> thankfully so. you saw the clear sky in the video. also a little bit of wind in that scenario of high pressure that's in charge. with a low to the north and west
2:24 am
we're bringing many some gusty winds and warm temperatures really over the next several days. but that same high essentially is going to block these weather systems from hitting joplin here. we're going to go up and around. looking excellent. next frontal boundary moving through probably around tuesday, but really not looking for all that much with it. much deserve and much awaited respite from severe weather here. you see those boxes, they're going to remain to the north and west. relatively quiet for the entire southeast under that influence of high -- see the clouds with the clockwise rotation? that's what we have for the memorial day weekend upcoming. we leave the severe weather well to the north. chicago getting in on that as that front is draped through there and bringing some nasty weather. all that across the ryuko archipelago of japan. see a remnant low with a nice cold front now as it continues
2:25 am
or has at this point finished its extra tropical transition. look at the rain tallies. upwards of 200 millimeters for tokushima. not only a rain event for mainland japan, to the south and west islands picking up wind gusts of 183 kilometers per hour. that's 113 in miles per hour. and this is a category 3 hurricane in the atlantic basin. at this point it has weakened. it has become extra tropical. at this point now a wind event. still a little bit of rain extreme northeast japan. nothing like we had over the weekend. conditions becoming much quieter here. looking much better. nothing in the offing as far as any additional tropical development in the western pacific. that season, as you know, monita, started in april. here are some stories we're talking about on "world one." u.s. republican sarah palin
2:26 am
turned heads on sunday cruising into washington on the back of a harley. dressed in black leather and heels, she joined the annual rolling thunder rally to honor u.s. war vets. the attention grabbing appearance has fueled speculation palin is getting ready for a run at the presidency in 2012. formula one driver lewis hamilton found him in trouble. hamilton was given two penalties at sunday's grand prix. afterwards he said maybe it's because i'm black, borrowing the joke from ali g. contaminated cucumbers being blamed for a disease out break that's killed ten people in germany. the e. coli virus is thought to have entered germany in cucumbers from spain. media reports say more than
2:27 am
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hello. this is "world one" live from london. our top stories this hour. south african president jacob zuma is on his second trip to libya to try to broker a peace deal between colonel gadhafi's
2:31 am
regime and rebel fighter. he's expected to call on all sides to stop the violence and start peace talks. rebels have previously said they won't sign a deal unless moammar ga gafdhafi agrees to step down the head of coalition forces in southern afghanistan has apologized for an air strike in which he says nine civilians were killed. the afghan president hamid karzai disputed the number of people who died. he said it was 14 including 10 children. mr. karzai also warned the americans not to make the same mistake again. the u.s. said one of its marines was killed immediately before the attack. ratko mladic's lawyer says the 69-year-old is too sick to be extradited to the hague to face war crimes charges. an appeal against his transfer to the netherlands was filed today. mladic was commander of the bosnia serb army during the 1995 srebenica massacre.
2:32 am
his lawyer expects to hear tomorrow whether his appeal against extradition has been unsuccessful. sepp blatter will be unopposed in fifa's election this week. his only rival, mohamed bin hammam has been suspended along with the organization's vice president jack warner. they've been temporarily removed from any football-related activities which means they'll take no part in wednesday's presidential vote. deadly clashes in yemen have spread to a number of cities as government forces attempt to quash protests against president ali abdullah saleh. water cannons were used to disperse protesters. cnn can't verify the authenticity on this video but it appears to show forces firing on demonstrators.
2:33 am
>> very disturbing accounts that we've been receiving out of the southern city in yemen starting yesterday evening, continuing through the overnight hours and this morning. we spoke to many anti-government nonstraiters and medical officials in the city of taiz starting last night. they said government forces started opening fire on them, shooting directly at them. that at that point three members of the anti-government movement there had been killed, 90 injured. several hours later we were told by eyewitnesses and medical officials that government forces started attacking the camps that are set up in the city of taiz in freedom square, the epicenter of the anti-government movement there. the peaceful youth revolutionary movement, that's their staging ground there in the city of taiz where tens of thousands of people have been coming out into the streets of that city for the last four months asking for resignation of president ali abdullah saleh. we are told troops started coming in, burning tents,
2:34 am
shooting at protester. i spoke to a medical official a short while ago. he said he saw personally 11 people killed since- night. over 160 injured from bullet wounds. many members of the youth revolutionary movement in yemen asking why is this happening? they're saying their movement is a peaceful one, they're not about violence, clashes. they don't understand why security forces are attacking them. they're very angry but they maintain they'll continue to come out into the streets not just of taiz but of other cities in yemen. they say they want the president to resign. they are committed to this movement despite any violence they might face from government forces. monit snarks. >> you mentioned other cities. also talking about not only dealing with opposition foreces but al qaeda launching attacks against them. >> >> this is another worrying development in a country so full
2:35 am
of strife right now. we got reports that early morning saturday islamic militant basically seized the city of zinjibar. the province is known as a hot bed for militancy and al qaeda in the arab peninsula. residents there said that early saturday masked gunmen started coming into the city, started attacking ferociously. that security forces started abandoning their posts, running from the city. yesterday we were told by government officials that security forces started coming back into the city. they were clashes between security forces and these islamic militants that numbered in the hundreds that were in the streets of zinjibar. we don't have a lot of information at this point. we've been told at least two dozen security forces having killed as a result of the clashes and at least 35 people injured. >> thank you so much. egypt says it's throwing out an iranian diplomat accusing him of being a spy. a prosecutor in cairo says the
2:36 am
man was trying to organize -- he's also accused of paying people for inside knowledge about te jipgs military, the economy and pop ticks. iran denies he's a spy. meanwhile, egypt's former president hosni mubarak is set to go to trial accused of ordering the killing of protesters. if he's convicted he could face the death penalty. cnn spoke exclusively to the man who will defend him. >> reporter: how surprised was hosni mubarak to hear the charges that have been brought against him. >> translator: he was very sad and sorry. because he did not imagine such accusations. especially as he believes that they are all false. >> reporter: did it start with the first that carries a possible death penalty, that he authorized the use of live ammunition against protesters. is that the case?
2:37 am
>> translator: these issues will be addressed in court. but i'm personally surprised that we did not find out who shot the police officers who were murdered during these events. >> reporter: we also haven't found out who authorized the policemen to shoot. >> translator: all those accused of giving these orders have denied completely that they ever ordered police to fire except in the case of self-defense. or outside the police stations that were attacked on this day. >> reporter: so mr. mubarak denies that he gave any kind of authorizization to use force? >> yes. >> reporter: any live ammunition? >> yes. >> reporter: he denies it completely? >> yes. >> reporter: he's accused on the streets and now in the courts of having enriched himself and his friends at the expense of the egyptian people. what's his response to that charge? >> translator: this is not true. and he denies it completely.
2:38 am
his entire fortune amounts to around 6 million egyptian pounds which he saved from working for 62 years. he does not own anything else in egypt or outside of egypt. he does not own a single dollar abroad. >> reporter: but the justice minister has put his fortune to the tune of billions of dollars, he told cnn. >> translator: unfortunately, all the chaos and problems on the egyptian streets are caused by the minister of justice. it has been proven that all his talk is lies. >> reporter: is he fit enough to stand trial? >> translator: honestly, he is now in very bad health. he even needs help to go to the bathroom. the president has serious heart problems and complications with his stomach from the operation he had in germany last year.
2:39 am
>> reporter: is the prison hospital equipped to the requisite level to house mr. mubarak given his present medical condition? >> translator: well, the previous reports say that it's not suitable. especially that he has atrial fibrillation heart beats which is very dangerous. one atrial beat may cause sudden death. >> reporter: how engaged is hosni mubarak in what is happening now in egypt, in the new egypt? >> translator: he does not watch tv or anything else. they ban him from doing so to avoid more psychological pain. he speaks very little and suppresses a lot of his pain. and you can see it when he talks. >> cnn speaking to hosni mubarak's defense lawyer. we want to take you to harat in western afghanistan where witnesses say a gunfight is under way. loud explosions are being heard. there are reports of casualties.
2:40 am
a journalist there joins us now on the phone. jennifer, thanks for being with us. what can you see, what can you hear at this point? >> i'm overlooking -- i'm on the rooftop overlooking the provincial reconstruction headquarters here in harat run by italian soldiers. there are two helicopters circling overhead in the last half hour we've heard gunfire and explosions around and inside the prt where fire fights have been going on for more than two hours now. >> we are showing a photograph there, jennifer, of we understand hospital workers carrying a wounded man at the site of the attack in harat. harat is supposedly supposed to be one of the safer parts of afghanistan. was one of the first areas that was handed over to afghan control. this comes as i guess one would say a surprise then, wouldn't it? >> hirat was a success story in
2:41 am
afghanistan. one of the first cities to be handed over to afghanistan security forces. they're in shock over the e tack. it happened just after 11:30 here local time, about 2 1/2 hours ago. there was an explosion just about two blocks from here, cinema circle. that seemed to be an explosion that was designed to draw the attention of the security forces. the second explosion happened closer to prt. after that a fire fight has ensued. it has been going on for about 2 1/2 hours. i can confirm there are some afghan injuries. we do not know the extent of them. local tv is reporting several dozen of them including one of the afghans i'm working with here. his relative was injured in the blast. >> jennifer, thank you very much for that. reporting from herat. this is "world one" live from london.
2:42 am
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welcome back. it seems golf's world number one ranking has been up for grabs every week since tiger woods lost late last year. is there a new name at the top of the game today? p pedro pinto is here with the answer to that. >> the answer is yes. there's a new name at the top of the world rankings. luke donald won the bmw championship on sunday and overtook lee westwood for the top spot. westwood ended sunday two strokes off the lead. but he went ahead after
2:46 am
producing a front nine 33. the englishman found himself too clear when he birdied the 15th following a fantastic approach to within three feet. westwood's compatriot -- both men would end on a total of 278. that meant they were heading to a playoff. at the first extra hole, donald struck a wedge at the 18th. the bowl ball amazing spun back to the cup three meters from the hole. the pressure was on westwood. how would he react? well, not very impressively. it seemed that he would duplicate donald's shot but his ball took an ugly spin and made its way over the edge, went into the water. that left him with a difficult chip from the drop zone. donald putting for the victory makes no mistake, wins the bmw championship and replaces lee
2:47 am
westwood as the number one golfer in the world. to motor racing. there were crashes, safety car delays, penalties. the race had it all. when the dust settled, it was that man, sebastian vettel who once again came out on top. it was a beautiful day in monte carlo. you would expect that this time of year. an amazing stage for what was a chaotic grand prix. louis hamilton was involved. on lap 34 he tried to pass but both men collided and lost some car parts in the process. there was much more to come. on 69 a barrier swiped and ran into the back of hamilton. a driver appeared to have been knocked unkorgs but regained his consciousness and safely was taken away from the wreckage. after a lengthy delay the race would restart. hamilton was in the middle of the action again.
2:48 am
maldanado hit the barrier. hamilton got a penalty as a result. the winner, as i mentioned, it was vettel. he wins for the fifth time in six races this season. he is dominating the formular one world championship. one final note from the world of sports, i can tell you that nov novak -- withdrew because of an injury. that's all from me. monita has more sports for a change, actually. >> you're talking about vettel. he's not only dominating formula one but also the social trending sites as well. number three, it is vette lerks. with people talking about the german driver's good form, i'm a assuming they're talking about his driving. number two, secrets of the pyramids. mysterious markings have been
2:49 am
found inside egypt's great pyramid at giza. the symbols were discovered by a robot in a hidden chamber deep inside the pyramid. the team that found them doesn't know what they mean just yet but hopes they can shed more light on the ancient sievizaticiviliz. at number one, a day to remember. today is memorial day in the united states. a day when the nation remembers its war dead. traditionally people lay flowers and plant the u.s. flag at war graves to honor the fallen. this is a pop trend online with people talking about the sacrifices made by u.s. soldiers around the world. you are watching "world one" live from london. there could be major implications for free speech online after a landmark decision in california. we'll bring you the details of tw twitter's superior court order, next. [ beep ] [ beep ] [ beep ] ♪
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[ beep ] [ male announcer ] find an italian masterpiece in your grocer's freezer. buitoni shrimp and lobster ravioli with garlic butter sauce. simple ingredients, artfully prepared. winner of 2011 product of the year. buitoni. create an italian masterpiece. on display in the freezer section.
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welcome back. this is "world one" live from london. we are coming up on almost 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in berlin, 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. a court ruling in california could have major implications for free speech online. the blogging website twitter has been ordered to name a user who's online name was on a series of tweets. the ruling was sought by a british local authority which had been discussed on twitter.
2:53 am
it follows a controversy over twitter users who defied a british court ruling by naming a footballer despite a legal ban on reporting a sex scandal. it's a bit confusing. we're talking about a local council authority here in the uk that went to california to seek this ban. tell us a little bit about that. >> yeah. the amazing thing is, this is a tiny little council way in the north. basically there's a dispute among the counselors there. there were some liablist allegations that were being made on twitter on a blog. and so to compel twitter to find out who was behind these libellous allegations some of the council members sued in california. and that's critical. because there have been suits here, for example, but they haven't affected twitter as much. they sued in california. through that court order twitter was then compelled to give up the information behind a few of those microblogging accounts on twitter. >> they're basically holding
2:54 am
twitter accountable for what's being written by other people? >> exactly. now, the question is, is this the first time that twitter has been compelled to give up these names? it may not be the case because as in the u.s., of course, twitter has always stated they will follow legal regulations if they're required by -- by the court. they will give up names. but what twitter usually does is, and it did so in this case, it says if we get a court order demanding this information, we will notify that user and they, therefore, can take their own legal action. so we've seen cases like that happening with wikileaks, for example, where the people who own those accounts, they basically said, you know what, we're going to take legal action to prevent that information from being revealed. so it's an interesting case. what's amazing is, it's a tiny little council here in england and it could have these major implications worldwide. >> that's the thing. the implications when it comes to free speech and whatever is said, a lot of people will say if they are saying within the 140 characters, you know, the
2:55 am
views are their own, but yet they have to be very careful about what they say because it could be libelous. that, again, it really does talk about the whole idea of free speech and whether -- what you can and cannot say. >> this is the gray area of twitter. people think of twitter as their own little personal soap box where they can talk about whatever they want. because twitter's reach is so massive and because you can go from having just a few dozen followers to suddenly getting tens of thousands of followers in the span of a few hours, does this mean you should be held accountable the same way a mainstream publisher or media is? these are things we're seeing being tusz ld out in court. it's internationally here as well. what's legal here in britain may be different in the united states. we're kind of watching that law being developed before our eyes. >> i guess it begs the point that you can't make accusations unless you've got actual proof. >> exactly. >> atika, thank you very much. it's called the greatest spectacle in racing. sunday's indy 500 didn't disappoint.
2:56 am
rookie j.r.hildebrand was cruising to victory when we crashed on the final turn of the last lap. j.r. managed to limp over the line in second. the space shuttle "endeavour" is close to the end of its final mission. the shuttle separated from the international space station for the last time on sunday where it had been docked for over 11 days. "endeavour" is due to touch down on earth on wednesday at the kennedy space center in florida. you are watching "world one" live from london. thank you for joining us. the news continues as always here on cnn. -- captions by vitac --
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