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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 8, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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fourth bag had to pay up. those soldiers were charged $200 each for the extra luggage. one soldier's extra bag wasade t just leave behind. delta allows military personnel to check three bags, and they should not charge them, because they are putting their lives on the line, and they are being charged $200 each to get home from the war zone? well, apparently this happens often. "stars and stripes" says that the soldiers may have been misinformed about how many free bag s they could check and now delta has increased the number of free bags to check is up to four. and so the soldiers will be eventually be reimbursed to the guys who had to lay out $200 each at the airport for risking
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their lives for defending the country. but it is nice, brooke, that delta made it right. >> that is right, delta said mea culpa, and we will change the rules and the policy. and thank you very much. and thank you very much. thank you, randi kaye. -- captions by vitac -- i want to begin the hour with an extreme fire risk what people in arizona and new mexico are facing today. we talked about the red flag alerts with chad myers earlier in the week, and they are up as fire crews are struggling with a massive wildfire there. here are the picturpictures. it is called the wallow fire and it has burned nearly 400,000 acres, and there is no let-up in the flames. right now, this has been upgraded if the we can use that word to the second largest wildfire in the state's history and folks, it is getting bigger. one of several burning in the state, and in fact, we are getting all kind of video that we are getting from you, the ireporters who are sending come el ping images of the wildfire
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there. look at the horizon. these images were shot by laurie bailey from arizona who says that the smoke from the murphy fire has covered her community for days, and that the firefighters are not getting any helpp from the weather. talked about high winds continuing, and low humidity making for a tough fight for folks there. and 20 to 35-mile-an-hour in terms of the winds spreading the flames. i want to bring in the guy who has been watching this all week for us, chad myers. we were talking about the winds and some of the backfires that they were trying to burn to sort of maybe head off the other lines of flames. they are continuing to do that, and the winds are still bad. >> they are. during the day, and now at night, the winds go to almost zero which is when the firefighting effort needs to ramp up. the problem is that you can't get the air superiority at night like you can during the day. when the winds are blowing 30 to 35 and enyou have smoke everywhere, you can't get the planes in there then. so you have is a small window of opportunity when the sun rises
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where you have good visibility and low winds to get that air support in there. they have made a very long line all of the way from the south of these two towns, this eger and springerville, and they hope that line with bulldozers will keep it out of the cities, but a literally 30 to 45-mile-an-hour gust would jump over the line, and make the line useless even though they have worked so hard to get that break. >> you have mentioned the two towns eger and springerville, and how many evaluations are we talking about so far? >> i wish we knew that everyone had left, but we don't. we know that people are still there. and we know how many people should be gone which is almost 4,000, but we know that people don't want to leave their stuffment that i will risk their lives for their stuff. you see it in hurricanes. you see nut floods. you see it in fires like we have right now. >> well, sir, you provided me the perfect segue and you didn't
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know what was coming, but speaking of the folks who don't want to leave, moving on to the this one, the arizona wildfires have sent more than 5,000 people fleeing their home, and many more on standby and told to be ready at a moment's notice should it head their way. carl turley sent his family packing to safety, but as chad mentioned, he is one of the folks to stay behind to protect his home. he is good enough to join me on the phone from eger, arizona, and i know your wife and children and grandchildren who are adorable by the pictures i have seen have left you and why do you stay behind, sir? >> well, i did a lot of thinking about this. i had the fire department burn the lot next to me. in the early spring, and i have watered it. i am watering my woodpile. three or four hours a day. i have my home surrounded, well,
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the north side of it by grass. what i'm worried about are the embers coming in to start small fires and then they get out of control, and that is what i am here to stop from happening around my neighborhood. so, i feel like i'm completely safe. i feel safer with the fire than i do here in talking to you right now. >> where are you talking to me from right now? >> i am in my front room looking out the win dote dow looking at smoke. >> what do you see? >> a lot of smoke. the wind is coming up worse today than yesterday. as i went out this morning, there were a lot of embers out on the charred pine needles and charred bark that had blown in overnight. and came into my yard. >> karl, when you walk outside and you mentioned the smoke and i understand it is harder and harder for folks to breathe. what does it taste like? how thick is it? >> it is pretty thick, you know. it is almost like you can taste
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it. and it doesn't bother me too much, but i was outside for a while watering some of my garden and just playing around, just kind of watching, and it hasn't bothered me, but i know that there are many people it does bother. >> i understand that this has been pretty emotional for you, the fact that you have chosen to stay home to protect your home. why, why the high emotion? >> well, i have good friends and family who have had to evacuate and their homes are in danger. i'm pretty emotional and i cry over the dadgum movies that are sad. i'm pretty happy. >> and so, certainly your home is sitting precariously close to the fire would i image en bring a tear to the eye. and karl, i have your wife on the phone with me, edie, are you with ne?
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>> yes, i'm here. >> and you left karl and now you are in queens creek 230 miles away, and how hard was it for you to leave your husband behind? >> oh, he is safe. our home is not in that much danger. we are in the middle of the community there, and we have been, you know, there is irrigation all around us and the trees are pretty green. it is not that i think that the only thing that would be in danger would be the woodpile from the embers that are blowing in. that is what he stayed to save. if he had to, he could dive in our well. >> he could dive in your well. >> i think he is fine. >> i like the sense of humor, e dee, but if you say that the house is fine, why'd you leave? >> well, because we have a little baby that is 1-year-old, and the smoke is really bad. so we wanted to get him out so he could breathe. and i have asthma a little bit and it bothers me some, so i decided to come with them. i knew that karl could do the home. >> and chad, jump in. >>'m wondering what the
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fire department and fema or red cross, what have they told you about your house? we see the fires in california a lot. the fires burn from the inside out, and when the curtains catch on fire from the heat, have they told you to put tinfoils on the outside of the window to keep the radiant heat from coming inside or are you just winging it? >> i am winging it. i am three miles are the the edge of -- well, i'm almost two miles from the edge of town. and in the middle of town, i live right across from the fire department. they are the ones who have helped me to burn the fields around i felt that urgency this spring because it was so dry. they built that fire station just for me, because they know how i am with fires. i have had a few fires myself in ditches and things. so no, they haven't told me anything like that, but i feel
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like i'm far enough away and i have my hoses out. i have the sprinkler on my woodpile and that is my big worry if it got into the woodpile and my home would burn. i have a metal roof. so, you know, i like i say, i'm not too worried about my home. i worry about my, i have families that i know real well who are real good friends whose homes are right in the middle of the path of the fire. so, i worry more about them than me. >> well, edie, i will give you the last word here, and a i know y that you said that the husband could hop in the well if need be, and he is listening on the phone, and at what point do you pick up the phone from your perch and say, honey, pack up and leave? >> well, i don't i this i would ever tell him that, because i think he is safe there. i really feel like he is safe. our home is okay where it is.
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there are lots of homes that are not there though, because we are in the middle of the valley, and they are on the outside in the woods, and there's just, there's other ones that i worry about, but he is safe. >> well, mr. and mrs. turley, i appreciate your jumping on the phone and well wishes to the family and the little ones and i hope what you say remains the same that your house is safe. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> we thank you. >> chad myers, hopefully, that is how it goes. coming up next, we send more money there than any other country in the world. and all of that cash could actually be making things worse in afghanistan, and just think what will happen if and when u.s. troops leave. that is the warning that congress is giving, and that is next. and then, do you carry cash or perhaps a debit card? if the answer is debit, have you tried to use that card in a store and sometimes the clerk says, hang on, there is a minimum purchase or requirement to use the card? looks like that is about to change. we will tell you about a vote that just happened on capitol
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. >> here is a number i want you to think about, $19 billion and that is how much the u.s. has spent in foreign aid to afghanistan and it has gotten us almost nowhere. that is the conclusion of the report released from the senate foreign relations committee. the report prepared by the committee's democratic majority says that afghanistan will sink deeper into crisis after the
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u.s. troops are pulled out by the year 2014. also keep in mind that the report hits the same day president obama had this hour-long videoconference call with his counterpart in afghanistan hamid karzai where they talked about everything from the troop drawdown to osama bin laden. now straight to the pentagon and our correspondent barbara starr. i want to talk about parts of of the report where the officials are incapable of spending wisely. what is the main criticism leveled against how all of this u.s. moneyss wi has been used t? >> well, this report has been criticized by the white house already. and let's get that out, and the white house saying that a lot of progress has been made in afghanistan. be thu senate foreign relations committee report says that $19 billion and it is causing a problem. and the sheer volume of money going inon the afghanistan. because right now, that foreign
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aid is amounting to 97% of afghanistan's economy. what does that mean? well, it means that the economy is badly distorted. jobs and labor practices and prices in the economy, all basically turned upside down by this influx of foreign aid money and it will be worse if and when the u.s. troops leave, because the money goes with them, and afghanistan could fall into a depression essentially of an economic security crisis. so a lot to deal with there. and a lot of concern that as the u.s. is trying to help, with money, it may be really hurting afghanistan in the long run. >> yeah, 97% is a number that jumped out to me. that is a huge number and that is the economics here, and we know that the president has big decisions to make about the size of the troop drawdown and how, barbara, how might this report affect his choices if at all? >> well, look at the politics of it just this way. this report from the senate
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foreign relations committee which is chaired by senator john kerry of massachusetts, a leading democrat, a close ally of the president, and his committee turns out a report that is critical of the u.s. effort there. the president knows that there is declining political support on both sides of the aisle for the war in afghanistan and declining political support here at home from many americans, and the old saying, they support the troops, but they are not not so sure about the war, itself. the president's scheduleded within the next several weeks to make that initial decision about the drawdown of troops in afghanistan, and this political climate is really beginning to color all of that. how much will he feel the pressure from the democrats on capitol hill from his own party to make substantial troop cuts in the war, brooke? >> and someone who will be dealing with the ramifications of those rules and changes is ryan crocker. there were confirmations on the hill for him to become the next
12:17 pm
ambassador to a afghanistan, and if you watched and i know you did, mr. crocker did not pull many punches. let's hear some of what he said today. >> i'm under no illusions of the difficult toif challenge. if iraq was hard and it was hard, afghanistan in many respects is harder. all i can promise to you and the other members if confirmed is that i will give you an honest assessment of what condition and situations are. what are achievable ways forward and what may not be achievable. you know, that much i certainly undertake to do. >> a long time diplomat barbara starr, what do you think of what he said? >> well, look, ryan crocker is one of the most respected career diplomats in the country. this man served some tough time
12:18 pm
in iraq. he knows about the problems in rebuilding a shattered country due to war. in afghanistan though, he's talking about it being more complicated, brooke, because really it is not just afghanistan, is it? it is also pakistan right across the border, and what ryan crocker is walking into, and what leon panetta is walking into as the next secretary of defense is that regional problem in both countries, afghanistan and pakistan, a growing number of people think that the u.s. is going to pull up, leave them behind, and go home again, and leave both of the countries in that may mean a resurgence of the taliban and the al qaeda, and that means that people in both of to countries are placing their bets where they think that they can be the most secure, and if they think that the u.s. is leaving, they may not place their bets with the u.s. mission. and that means crocker and the whole obama team is walking into some very tough roads ahead. brooke? >> you mentioned leon panetta,
12:19 pm
and those confirmation hearings are tomorrow, correct? >> right. leon panetta before the senate armed services commit tie tomorrow, and going to be asked a lot of the same questions. what to do about afghanistan? wrapping up the war in iraq? and of course, the emerging crises in yemen, syria and across the arab middle east, and no shortage of hot spots for him to take a look at. >> or questions to be directed at him tomorrow. barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, thank you. think about this, you are on your way home from working and the needle is almost on e and all you need is one gallon of gas, but with no cashb you have to swipe your did he believerd ka, but you can't, because there is a minimum spending requirement and you don't want to spend that much, so it looks like that is about to change. we will tell you about a vote that just happened in congress. we will be right back. cuts through water.n forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®.
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anyone out there who uses a debit card and i bet that there are a number of you, listen to this. despite the heavy lobbying from the big banks the senate voted moments ago to let the fed put a limit and cut the fees to all of the banks can charge stores every time you or i use our debit cards. let es explain what it means for you. i want to bring in collin a senior writer for "fortune" magazine. bottom line this for me, collin. what does this mean for folks who use debit cards? >> well, it is going to mean
12:23 pm
that you won't be paying as much money no the enbank. wheth -- money to the bank. whether the price of things comes down is another case. it is hard to see how this plays out, because on one hand, you have the banks and the big box retailers and are they all going to pass along the savings on the lower fees? it is not absolutely clear they are. >> let's explain this, because sometimes you go into the store and you want to swipe your credit card on something that costs $5, and they say no, because they will be hit with a fee and pay more out of their pocket, so that means in essence they don't have to pay that, so ultimately the question is, does that mean you and i, you know, end up paying less for the product and ultimately your answer is we don't know yet. >> well, rig. i mean i think that the legislation was aimed at stopping the banks from, you know, the banks turn people upside down and shake and the change comes down and the bank says record profits so that the legislation was aimed at
12:24 pm
stopping that, and lit do thpnd that. and we see visa and mastercard are down 6% today, because everyone on wall street was hoping that this tester amendment would repeal the new law. wall street was hoping that would go through, and it didn't. so, this is the development today is bad for the banks. it is another one of these things that says, no, we are tired of that whole thing with the $39 charges every time you are late for a payment and stuff like that. but in terms of passing things like that through, it is true that the huge retailers have a huge amount of power, too. it is not possible to say, yes, this is all going to the go into your pocket as a consumer. it would be naive to think that. >> we can't necessarily think -- >> maybe all into your pocket, i don't know. >> well, that is fine with me, but something tells me that won't happen. >> the ideal. >> collin, barr, thank you for explaining that big vote there in the senate. appreciate that. >> he is accused of hacking into
12:25 pm
the computers of the fbi and he is only 18 years of age. also, for the first time since osama bin laden was killed, al qaeda's number two releases a video message, and we have got it. that's helping drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪
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another u.s. service member has been killed in iraq. this death comes two days after those five other u.s. service members were killed at monday's u.s. death toll was the highest
12:28 pm
in a single incident in iraq in two years. an 18-year-old suspect facing tough questioning in greece. he is accused of hacking into the secure systems of the fbi and interpol. a raid on this young man's home turned out more than 120 credit cards and thousands of euros in cash. the police say that the suspect got new credit cards in the names of the victims of computers he hacked and in addition police confiscated flares and homemade cartridges and a bomb. here are the words of a man who is the heir apparent of osama bin laden. al zawahiri says that the fight against america is not being waged against mere individuals or groups, and he calls it, i am am quoting a gee hjihadi awaken
12:29 pm
and calls it a catastrophe for the united states. >> and these videos are refugees in syria today trying to cross the border into turkey today. they are some of the thousands fleeing the town syria in which doz dozens of people are reported to have been killed. meredith vieira can set her alarm clock to off. take a look here. this is vieira's last day this morning on the "today" show hosting with matt lauer and she is leaving the morning show to spend more time with her family and today's news anchor ann curry waving and rocking the ann loves meredith t-shirt, and sliding into the chair tomorrow will be a new icon, but she will still host "who wants to be a
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millionaire." >> and who wants to type in stone everything that you have in your hands and holes your private secrets? >> well, wendy walsh was on fire yesterday. it was comments about anthony weiner's scandal. many teens are sexting, but did you know it has a potential to ruin some young folks' lives? we will speak to one congressman who wants to change that and his reproposal. >> can you guess what the new issue is on voters' minds? what's this option? that's new.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke.
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listen to this quote, and really could be the understatement of the day here. quote, representative weiner has some problems, end quote. we will show you who said that here in a moment. but first, look at the statement that prompted that. here we go. lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign is what former democratic national committee member tim kaine tells a virginia radio station. he is the late toast call for congressman weiner to quit in what amounts to a sexting scandal and now the quote that could be the understatement of the day, and a number two man in the senate, dick durbin. watch this. >> may i have your thoughts on tim kaine's positions this morning on representative weiner? >> i don't know. >> he said he should resign. any thoughts?
12:34 pm
>> i think that weiner has some problems. >> problems in washington, but maybe not with his voters back home. look at a this. this is a new york marist poll that says that more than half says he should not resign. we took it live monday afternoon, but his future may not be up to him or the voters for that matter now that nancy pelosi has requested the for mall investigation, but still, the worst that could happen to congressman weiner is far less than what could happen to kids caught sending explicit photos and messages with fellow kids. some kids end up facing child pornography charges and the prospect to have to register as sex offenders. parents did you realize that? that could change in a half a dozen states including new york. i want to bring in rick perry who is sponsoring this bill to give prosecutors and judges
12:35 pm
another way to deal with teenagers accused of sexting and it is called the cyber crime youth rescue act. thank you, senator perry, for coming on. the first question for you -- >> thank you for having me, brooke. >> sure. would your bill completely change the way that teens get caught sexting and change the way they are prosecuted? >> it would provide a formal process to deal with that phenomena, and the, it would provide an alternative to prosecution for youngsters who get caught up in the texting and sexting. >> and that would be from what i understand, from what i read, we are talking about first-time offenders 18 years of age or younger, they could instead receive a mandatory, how are you calling it? anti-sexting program? >> well, the bill would create that educational reform program,
12:36 pm
and so that the youth who is caught up in the sexting would be diverted straight from the court to the program, and they would be required to complete that program which is educational program to focus on the legal and non-legal consequences of sexting. focus also on cyberbullying and its links to sexting and the child would get an opportunity after completing the program to be considered for complete dismissal of the charge. >> mr. perry, let's just back up a moment, because we are assuming that everyone watching you and i know what sexting is. define it for me. >>well, sexting is a new phenomena and the laws have not evolved with the new technology. and it is the transmitting of sexually explicit material or
12:37 pm
information mostly photos through the internet or other communication system. >> mr. perry, you are a father, yes? >> i am. >> and how would you be sure -- >> i'm also a grandfather. >> and a grandfather, and we will include your grand kikids this, too, when they get older. >> certainly. >> and how do you make certain that the children take this seriously? >> well, parents can go to my website assemblyman, and we provide some tips that will help them in dealing with this situation. also parents have to pay attention to what their kids do, because most of the kids that get involved in this sexting have no intention to commit a crime or are totally unaware that they are breaking the law, but the consequences are
12:38 pm
sometimes quite severe. they could mar their entire future. >> and we are talking kids and in some cases adults as well here. nick perry, assemblyman from the state of new york, thank you. i wanted to add this on today, we checked back with family therapist wendy walsh to get some tips for you, the parents, and here is what she had to say. she said, number one, digital transmissions are written in stone not crayon. anyone can forward a picture at any time ten years down the road, and that can affect relationships that they are not contemplating yet or show up in a search when applying for a job. and two, girls are more likely to be shamed by a text that is public, and they can be ostracized by other girls or excel expelled from school, and third, boys should say no to every request to sext and should sound like a broken record every time
12:39 pm
she is asked to sext, and when boys replare replied to by no b girl, they really mean no. >> and i'm stressed out, because i need a house for me and my kids and the bank does not want to work with me. she is not the only one. dave mattingly is live in florida with what folks are say sayi saying. and pay up. soldiers were forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for extra bags when coming home from afghanistan. we will have the late-breaking developments and changes just this afternoon on this one. stay here. major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family? ♪ we added aflac, so we get cash! it's like our safety net... ♪ to help with the mortgage or whatever we need!
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all of this week, cnn is going in depth with a listening tour. we wanted to hear what issues will be front and center with you heading into next year's election. david mattingly is in the villages of central florida for us this afternoon. let's check out the new poll, this is a new cnn/research opinion poll, and we asked americans to rank what is extremely important for the vote for president, and by no surprise here, 51%, economy, and 35% unemployment, and you know, health care and gas prices, but economy, is that what you heard
12:43 pm
today? economy number one issue for folks in florida? >> absolutely, brooke. all of the big problems with the economy and the mortgages and keeping jobs and keeping your business going, and all of the problems have come here to roost in the sunshine state creating such a gloom that it wasn't long before i heard a very common theme among everyone who is having a problem in the economy, and they told me that they are looking for someone in government who is feeling the same pressure they are. >> reporter: four different people from four different walks of life all feeling the pain of a down economy. in kissimmee, the mortgage crisis hit arilise martinez. >> i purchased a house, and now it is not worth what i paid for it. >> reporter: the house is withering away with the prospect of foreclosure. >> i am trying to work with the bank, and the bank does not want
12:44 pm
to work with me. >> reporter: strawberry farmer carl blooms in plant city knows what that feels like. >> like most folks, i feel it in the pocketbook. >> reporter: rising costs from everything from labor the fuel leaves him thinking that people in washington, d.c. don't have a clue. >> they have never had to walk down here on this level and wonder what they are going to eat tomorrow or how they are going to live or how to get the fuel tank filled up. >> reporter: donna thomas of the village villages worries about that all of the time. >> we basically had to give up our regular insurance and go to an hmo. and we have had to cut back on everything. >> reporter: when her real estate company of 40 years went under in the mortgage crisis, she lost everything that she was saving for retirement. harold williams can't think that far ahead. >> the pressure is that you don't want the family to be without. they looked upon you to be the
12:45 pm
strong leader. i don't want to let them down. >> reporter: in two months this former orlando math teacher has had two interviews. williams says that the job market will affect his next vote for president. >> i don't want to have sympathy for me, but empathy. >> reporter: there it is, brooke, he is looking for more than empathy from the government to get things going. we are looking at 10.8% unemployment rate here with seasonal unemployment, and people here say they need jobs. >> unemployment, but i know specifically, david, where you are, the villages which is an upscale florida retirement community and folks on in age have to be thinking about social security. >> that is right. this big retirement community, everyone i talked to said don't touch my social security and in fact, we could use a raise in
12:46 pm
social security, but at the same time they want more jobs created, because you would be surprised that there was a number of people i talked to living here who are retired but having to subsidize or support adult children who have lost their jobs in the economy. so they are pulling for someone who can create jobs just like their children are. >> david mattingly for us, listening, listening to folks on the cnn listening tour. thank you so much. it all started when a couple of u.s. soldiers coming back from afghanistan had to pull out their wallets and pay thousands of dollars to check their luggage. yes, on the way back from war. well, at first, delta issued an apology, but now they have done a step further than that, and we will tell you what the airline has just announced this afternoon next. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day, and for longer trips, it can use gas.
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right, okay. so a lot of you are saying score one for a group of gis who took on one of airlines' extra baggage fees. this afternoon delta changed the baggage fee policy for troops. it did so after a army unit on the way home from afghanistan got hit with these baggage fees and turned to youtube to air out their frustration. here is a portion of that video they posted. >> we had four bags, but delta
12:50 pm
airline only allows three bags and anything over three bags, you have to pay for it. do you know that there is a contract between the united states government and delta air lines when returning from afghanistan or on military orders, you are authorized up to four bags. >> so you are saying that the on military authorized us to carry four bags, is that correct? >> yes, that is correct. >> what happened to the soldiers that actually had four bags? >> we had to actually end up paying out of pocket, our own money to allow that fourth bag to be taken on the plane. >> how much did you pay? >> $200. >> how much out of pocket? >> over $2,800. >> late today, delta announced it would increase the number of bags troops can check for free. so before changing the policy, delta did release an apology. in the case of today's situation, and i'm quoting, we would like to publicly apologize to those servicemen and women
12:51 pm
for any miscommunication regarding our current policies as well as any inconvenience we may have caused. let's go to alison kostick. we know that delta reacted pretty quickly on this one. i want you to run down some of the numbers for me in terms of how many bags troops can now check for free. >> you talked about how they completely changed their policy. they did. you can now check in five for free and if you're in coach, you can check four, that's up from three. they really made a statement and dialed back what they did. you can call it passion, good pr. if you ask me, it's good pr. there was a lot of buzz. delta had no choice but to do something because the publicity and outrage has been brutal.
12:52 pm
you know how the airline industry is. brand loyalty really matters. if the price is the same from one airline to another, people are going to go with the carrier that they like best and delta does not like the bad press. >> so many people were empathetic. we've got two more pieces of sound. first we're going to play what one of the soldiers en route to atlanta explained what was inside of his fourth bag. it was a bag he initially had to pay for. listen. >> what was that fourth bag for you? >> a weapons case holding my m-4, a grenade launcher and nine millimeter, the tools that i used to protect myself and afghan citizens while i was deployed in the country. >> that resonated with a lot of people. let's listen to the second soldier. >> we are actually happy to be back to america. god bless america.
12:53 pm
not happy. not happy at all. >> so too be clear, delta is not just making it right for this unit in that $2,800 that they paid. they are also making it right for anything prior to this incident, correct? >> exactly. delta coming out moments ago saying that they are going to make things right for the servicemen. it's ironic if you think about t delta winds up having the loosest roles for servicemen who are checking bags. once again, in coach class, delta only allows four checked bags but other airline carriers, continental, united, american, they only allow three checked bags. now delta can taught having the best bag policy for military personnel. if you think about it, sometimes it depends on the travel agent thaw get behind the counter. these servicemen were told they
12:54 pm
could check four bags for free. they got to the counter and it was really three. the question is, should the ticket agent have bent the rules? i don't know. it depends. it's a tough job market. they don't want to be cut bending the rules necessarily but you've got to have empathy, brooke. >> that's a good point. delta and whoever it was was following rules at time and now we know that the rules have changed. pr problem solved. alison, thank you. >> exactly. team bail versus team bachmann. wait. neither of these women are running for president. the political ticker is next. and what is the government hiding from you? assassination plots? medical experiments? jesse general tour ra has theories about every single one of them. i'm talking about the new book that he has written straight ahead. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell!
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12:57 pm
time for your cnn politics update. let's go to paul steinhauser with the latest information off the political ticker. explain this to me. we have sarah palin and michele bachmann and neither is in this race and there is bad blood brewing. >> yeah, a lot of bad blood brewing. this involves someone you know very well, you've interviewed, and mark and i have talked to a lot. and that is ed rollins. he was the guy that helped huckabee win iowa. rollins now is signed up to run bachmann if she announces. we expect she will announce
12:58 pm
later this month. and really not taking her seriously in some interviews that he's been doing. i spoke to him this morning. i kind of back pedaling a little bit. saying we want palin and her people as allies. but a palin senior advisor is trash talking rollins saying, he has a high track record of taking high-profile jobs and sticking his foot in his mouth and he's done it again. stay tuned on this one. but tell me about newt gingrich. what is he is up to? >> brooke and i have been following the race and we in the how intense this guy has been. but one person that has come off the campaign trail has been newt gingrich. newt gingrich has been silenced since may 27th when he was in south carolina. apparently he was on a cruise over in the mediterranean on a ship called the seaborn odyssey.
12:59 pm
he's back on the trail in new hampshire and thankfully we'll see him up in new hampshire on monday for the cnn presidential debate. >> i almost forgot about that. not. >> one last thing, poll numbers about the person they want -- the most recent, brand-new approval rating in our cnn research opinion poll, look at that. his numbers have dropped. he was at 54% and now he's down to 48% approval. it looks like the economy is behind this. this is interesting as well. this is an all-time high in cnn polling. they are worried that there could be a great depression in the next 12 months. >> that's what a lot of people are talking about. unemployment at a high. gentlemen, thanks to you. political ticker. top of the hour, just about, take a look at this. fears grow around the dinner
1:00 pm
table as more and more americans now believe the country is headed for another great depression and they believe it's happening soon. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> if iraq was hard and it was hard, afghanistan in many respects is harder. >> two presidents, one war. as the u.s. and afghan president discuss the war zone and explosive new reports that suggest that afghanistan may not survive without america. plus -- >> i speak my mind whether anyone likes it or not. >> jesse ventura joins me live. the former governor on what he says the feds don't want you to see who he believes should be president and what this former navy s.e.a.l. thinks of osama bin laden. here we go, welcome back to hour
1:01 pm
two. i'm brooke baldwin. $19 billion. that's how much the u.s. has spent in aid to afghanistan trying to get the country back on its feet. it's gotten us almost know where that's in a report released today by the senate former relations committee. this report hits the same day that president obama had this hour-long video conference with his counterpart with president karzai from the troop drawdown to osama bin laden. i want to go to the pentagon and to barbara starr. we are getting reaction from the white house on this report, number one. i want you to lay that out there. and number two, what is the criticism against how all of this has been used in afghanistan? >> brooke, the white house, as you might expect, says that -- let me -- we're having a technical issue. the white house, you might expect, says that there has been progress in afghanistan that money has been well spent, that
1:02 pm
it has really contributed to the security of the country. this report, however, from the senate foreign relations committee, led by the democrat, john kerry, of course, very influential, a close ally of the president, has quite a different view. $19 billion it says in aid but that it has basically led to being 97% of the afghan economy and the problem is that leads not only to corruption but leads to distortion of the economy, jobs, wages, prices, and that if the u.s. troops leave and the money goes with them, that then you basically have a collapse of the afghan economy and the potential for a collapse of the country. so it's a very fine line here and what they are talking about is, okay, put money into afghanistan but make it sustainable projects that the afghans can really look after themselves. it doesn't do any good to put billions of dollars into this country, build facilities that the afghans cannot main taj,
1:03 pm
structures that they can not maintain is only going to lead to a collapse and further disaster down the road. brooke? >> i read a quote from the chairman of this committee, john kerry. he said, look, this is not supposed to be a got ya report. given that fact, how might this report weigh in on the president's decisions to start the troop withdrawal? >> well, you know, i think that it's very important to realize, once again, that it does come from john kerry, the democrat chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. there is considerable political pressure building in washington on the president, on the white house for some kind of very significant, whatever that is, troop withdrawal in afghanistan when the president makes that announcement in july. the support for the war is declining amongst the american people, support for the troops is always there.
1:04 pm
support in washington is declining. there's no getting around it. everybody from president obama to general petraeus to folks at the pentagon know that that support is declining and that the pressure is mounting for a significant troop withdrawal. this report may only be another nail in that situation trying to say, okay, the u.s. has done the best it can, time to go. but for the afghans, for the pakistanis, this is a big problem because, of course, if the u.s. is seen as going, that only leaves the taliban and al qaeda room to move in. brooke? >> it's a huge factor. barbara starr, thank you. let's take you now live and get that reaction from kabul, afghanistan. nic, i want to begin with you and play this a piece from this confirmation hearing to confirm that brian cropper is the next ambassador. i will talk to you on the other side. >> what we are trying to give to the afghan people and have
1:05 pm
worked at for ten years and given them in blood, sweat, and tears, you really wonder whether they want what we're trying to give them. and if they don't want, what we're trying to give them is not going to work. >> that was part of the questioning of ryan crocker and some of the fundamental questions whether afghans are on board going forward and as best as you can surmise, have they written the mission off? >> i think ryan crocker said it himself, really, it's what we tried to give him and there's been a vision i think that nato put on the plate in front of the afghan people here for ten years, of a much improved society, and a perfectly functional western culture. that's never happened because of the corruption, the violence of the insurgency getting in the way between the achieving on the ground which, to be honest, is
1:06 pm
pretty slim so far and that's what is reported out so far, is talking about how really the success of much of the aid projects there has been about how much money they've been able to spend and how quickly they have been able to spend it, not about the effects on the ground, brooke. >> 97%. 97% of the country's gdp from foreign aid in afghanistan really strikes me. president obama spoke with president karzai today. has there been any reaction to that video conversation? >> there has been no response. i would be surprised if they wanted to comment on what clearly would have been a fairly complicated and private discussion. either they are going to be talking about what mr. obama wants to do in terms of troop withdrawals or spelling out
1:07 pm
karzai's position. but that hasn't been good, hasn't been good for some time. i think they are stuck with each other in terms of who they deal with on those sides of the atlantic. so an important dell le conference as it affects so far here. but i think it's clear, in the minds of afghans, the clock is ticking. they are looking at the post nato world in what kind of landscape that is, brooke. >> still the unknown. nick, thank you. >> and if it's interesting, if it's happening right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire. let's go. a warning from the man once considered osama bin laden. al-zawahiri wants the fight against america and warns the fight against america is not being waged by mere individuals or groups. he's calling it a jihad awakening and calls the political uprising sweeping the middle east in north africa a catastrophe for the united
1:08 pm
states. the aircraft carrier that buried bin laden at sea is back in the united states. it arrived in pearl harbor, hawaii yesterday it will head to san diego on friday. the state is taking on president obama's health care law bringing their fight to the next level today. a federal appeals court in atlanta hearing arguments over whether it's unconstitutional to require americans to buy health insurance. one judge today saying the supreme court will ultimately have the final say. president obama rubbing elbows with the national champs. we present to you the auburn tigers. the football team visited the white house today. 50 people were on hand for the congratulations. i want you to watch this cute moment. this is when ethan gibbs, robert gibbs son, joined the president and team on stage. watch this.
1:09 pm
>> is it going to fit? is it going to fit? no. auburn native, a huge auburn fan, robert gibbs, obviously he was in attendance. an 18-year-old kid accused of hacking into the security system of fbi. police raided his home in greece and more than 120 credit cards and thousands of euros in cash. he got new credit cards in the names of computers that he allegedly hacked. the computers found in his apartment, police confiscated flares and shotgun cartridges and a homemade bomb. and this is the first time we have seen this perspective of the international space station. kind of cool. the photos were taken 220 miles above earth by the crew on the
1:10 pm
spacecraft after it undocked from the iss. space shuttle "atlantis" is launching july 8th. i will be there. a growing number of americans are worried that the u.s. is going to slip into a great depression over the course of the next 12 months. alison, here's the poll. let's take a look. it finds that 48% think we are headed into another great depression. that's a huge number. what does that say? not so high. >> it shows that america is really, really pessimistic. that's up from 38% in 2008, brooke. these numbers are stunning. sure, this is from the bad data that we've been getting. home prices are at the lowest levels that we've seen in years. manufacturing is slowing down. job creation is slowing. but here's the reality check. what we're in right now is nowhere near a depression. if you think back to the great depression, unemployment was at 25% versus the 9% that we are at
1:11 pm
now. in 1930s we had bread lines, banks collapsing. so now our money is insured. with the recession that we're just coming out of, the government actually backed up the economy. i'm talking about 2008, pouring trillions of dollars of stimulus money into the economy to prevent a collapse. so that stimulus money is really helping. despite the fear out there that we see in the poll numbers, brooke, our economy is nowhere near a depression. in fact, a double dip recession is highly unlikely. brooke? >> how are the numbers this afternoon on wall street? >> numbers ending down. the dour down 21. nasdaq up by 26. it was a quiet day. this is the sixth session in a row. we are ending in the red. oil prices, they are up over opec couldn't boost oil production so put the numbers
1:12 pm
right where they are. volatility is back for oil prices. hey, it helped energy shares today on the stock market. brooke, back to you. >> alison, thank you very much. coming up next, he is revealing what he calls the 63 documents that the government does not want you to see. former minnesota governor, jesse ventura, there he is. shades on, standing by. i'll ask about his thoughts of the president and being a former navy s.e.a.l., what he thinks about the raid that killed osama bin laden. we're going one on one. it's live. anything can happen. [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges.
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1:14 pm
jesse ventura says there are
1:15 pm
16 million documents government top secret every year. 16 million. but specifically there are 63 documents that the government does not want to you read. that's the title of his new book. he joins me now. governor ventura, good to see you. thank you for coming on. i read your book. here we are. lots of post it's in it. right off the top you say, mainstream media, journalists, you're not doing your job, specifically when it comes to wikileaks, you see julian assange is a hero. why? >> because i stand with congressman ron paul on that. we have every right to know what the government does because we pay their salaries. i have every right to know what my taxes are spent on. and this book that bothers me, that my taxes are spent on some of the things that i discovered
1:16 pm
doing this book. but getting back to wikileaks, the most important thing i think congressman paul said on the floor of the congress and i've dedicated the book to him because of this. he said, supposedly in a free country, when telling the truth means people are going to charge you with treason, we're hurting. when the truth equals treason, that's ridiculous. >> i want to get to your dedication for a minute. that's something that jumped out at me first and foremost. 854,000 american citizens have top secret clearances and that's also where you get the 16 million documents classified as top secret. why do you think governor ventura, that the government keeps so many documents classified so that you and i can't see them? >> i have no idea. i have no idea, brooke. in fact, i've asked this question. when i was a member of the navy s.e.a.l.s, i had a top secret security clearance. i've since been a mayor. i've been a governor.
1:17 pm
now i'm simply a tax paying citizen again. at what point, brooke, did i lose my top secret security clearance and why? >> why? do you know? >> no. i'm asking why. i used to have a top secret security clearance. how come i can't know this stuff that the government says i can't know about. >> why do you want to know about this stuff? there has to be some reason why some of this stuff has to be classified. some of this stuff we should not be knowing about, covert operation. >> i understand that, when it's a tedious situation you're not going to broadcast it. but in a timely fashion when the operations over and it's three years later, we have every right to know what they are spending our money on. quite frankly, don't question me on this. let's question the documents. why is our government behaving in this fashion and the democrats and republicans take full responsibility for these
1:18 pm
documents and our behavior because they've been in charge. and i hold them responsible for how they are wrecking my country with some of these documents and things that involved in. >> one of the documents that you talk about, you talk about the fda. i ask this because it's timely and we've been talking about this e. coli outbreak in europe. in your book, one of the chapters that you talk about is the fda blind side. why do you think that the food chain in the united states is desentable here and taking it a step further, what is it that you want the government to do? >> well, one of the problems is we've given in to one of corporate farming and we've given into that completely and any time corporations are oning anything, then it becomes a bottom line business and you see v violations that will happen all the time. we're not manning our food situation and doing the inspections we should be doing. i refer to us now as the united states of hypocrisy because what
1:19 pm
we talk about and what we say, the documents indicate we do just the opposite of what we talk about. >> jesse ventura, i want to ask you about the 2kdedication in yr book. you write about it here. you say it's about the 2012 presidential election. i'm going to read this and get your thoughts. stay right here.
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
did you know that before jesse ventura was a wrestler or a bodyguard, he was a navy s.e.a.l. you don't really talk about it publicly. you had been saying for a while that there were special opps, right, going on inside of pakistan. were you surprised when these details eked out about those operations and in abbottabad that took out bin laden? >> well, naturally i'm proud that it was my farmer guys. we're members of the teams and
1:23 pm
once a frog man, once a s.e.a.l., always one. i'm proud of them. they are the best guys to do the job. they are the most highly trained and get the job done. but having said that, for the guys on the ground which i have the up most respect for, we can go to the political side. deep down in my gut i got a bad feeling because my government lies to me so often i don't know what i can believe anymore when they tell me they've killed bin laden. >> so hang on a second, jesse ventura. do you believe that osama bin laden is dead? >> i don't know. they lied to me on the murder of pat tillman. they lied to me on the rescue of jessica lynch. they lied to me about weapons of mass destruction in iraq and al kwi kwid da ties in iraq. >> what would it take for you to believe that he's dead? >> i don't know. like i said, i want to believe
1:24 pm
he's dead. but what -- when you have someone in your lifetime in a period of ten years that tells you half a dozen major lies, it becomes difficult, then, when they do tell you the truth, how do you know that you're getting the truth? >> so back when everyone was talking about whether or not his photos should have been released, you would have said what? yes? >> well, let's look at the situation. they said he was on a dialysis machine ten years ago. experts have said the disease he suffered from is generally fatal within two years. how did he manage to survive ten? >> they don't even know for sure if he had one kidney or not. so let's move on. let's talk politics because i want to -- >> let's ask this. >> go ahead. >> how do we kill a guy that we never indite. >> jesse ventura, i'm asking the questions today. let's talk politics, specifically. your fellow minnesotan, michele
1:25 pm
bachmann, she has yet to officially come forward, although she's going to her birth place in iowa soon. why do minnesotans love her? >> i don't know. i certainly don't vote for her. i live in her district but she will never get my vote. i can't answer that. >> but you used to be governor. you talk to folks back there. what do you say about her? >> no i don't. i live in mexico half the year. i try to stay away from politics half the time. i only focus on national issues now. and so i guess they like her for whatever reason she's a republican in a fairly strong republican district. >> i wouldn't even ask you about mr. pawlenty because you don't want to talk about state politics even though he's running for president. >> let me tell you this, anyone
1:26 pm
can run for president. this is the united states. if they are of legal age and they are a u.s. citizen, they have a right to run for president. >> hees your dedication, to congressman ron paul, the only federal elected official that will sfand up for america on the congressional floor. what is it, sir, that he gets that politicians don't, in your opinion? >> a lot of things. he gets the federal reserve. he asks for an audit of that. he's just a guy who asks the real questions and isn't afraid to speak up and state what it is and we can get a different opinion. he and i differ on the abortion issue. he's pro life and i'm pro choice. i still respect the man. that is just one issue. i look at the big picture and ron paul is the best guy that we've got out there.
1:27 pm
>> jesse ventura, what's with the shades? >> sure. hunter thompson is gone and i've been reading a lot of hunter thompson. and now that he's not here to warn us anymore about what is going to happen, i would like to assume the role of hunter s. thompson now. since hunter left us. >> that's the sunglasses? >> yeah. >> okay. a lot of people asking on twitter. just a an for the people. thank you for coming on. i appreciate it. >> thank you, always my pleasure. it's an enjoyment. he's been linked in the disappearance of natalee holloway and he's accused of murdering a young woman in peru. we'll look at the evidence stacking up against him and i'll tell you why if is he convicted he may only spend just a short time behind bars. we're live outside of van der sloot's prison next in peru.
1:28 pm
♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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1:30 pm
into time to take you globe trekking. joran van der sloot is due in court in lima, peru. he's accused of killing a young peruvian woman. he's been linked to the alabama teenager, natalee holloway, who
1:31 pm
vanished. stephany flores was found last year in a hotel room. patricia, what are you learning? what is today's evidence hearing about? >> reporter: well, right now the father of the woman that joran van der sloot is accused of murdering is inside and in this hearing there is no cameras, no press people allowed. the purpose is to identify stephany flores' alleged personal belongs that van der sloot had with him when he was found in chile. we're also told that surveillance video is going to be shown provided by one of the local municipalities where you see van der sloot and stephany flores on the sleets.
1:32 pm
>> we know that there could be a crime of passion plea, which will result in a shortened sentencing. and when i say short, three to five years. what can you tell me about that? >> well, van der sloot is trying to get the crime of passion plea providing that maximum sentence is 25 years for murder. but there's no way right now that he has a case because forensic tests has shown that van der sloot searched the internet for information about natalee holloway one year before stephany flores' death. van der sloot has claimed that he was with stephany flores who was searching the internet to get information about natalee holloway and he said that he was
1:33 pm
very upset and the reason why he killed her. so with that in mind, his lawyer wouldn't have the case to reduce his sentence. >> okay. thank you so much, from lima, peru. back home, one lawmaker says he's horrified. a shocking report reveals that hundreds of sexual assaults, including rape, are not being reported. but wait until you find out where these incidents are apparently happening. that's next.
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
1:36 pm
alleged sex assaults that are not being reported. barbara starr at the pentagon, these are alleged assaults. they are happening in the veteran affairs system. what's the story? >> well, brooke, a report from the congressional watch dog, 384 cases, what are we talking about? inappropriate touching, medical exams, and the department of veterans affairs doesn't have an appropriate system in place to catch these cases with when they happen to report them, to keep track of them over time and the bottom line is, they really don't know the extent of the problem. brooke? >> so for people who have loved ones at the v.a. and they are sitting there thinking, why
1:37 pm
isn't there an appropriate system, how can they fix that? what happens now? >> well, exactly. what on earth is going on? >> yeah. >> well, there's a hearing on capitol hill with officials to talk about all of this. this report should go a long way towards shedding some light on the problem. the veterans affairs department says it takes all of this very seriously. it's investigating it and looking to see what improvements can be made. but a skating and disturbing report from congress about a little notice problem. >> that's horrendous. barbara starr, thank you. high temperatures taking a toll. already a handful of suspected heat-related deaths. record or near record temperatures have made you sort of scaddadle. philadelphia, 95 degrees, which is how much above average? >> 15 degrees. and atlantic city, 97 right now. and baltimore, 99.
1:38 pm
and that's not the heat index. it's muggy. the heat index is way above that, even in d.c. the heat index is 103. you shouldn't even be on the nation's lawn if you're in the sunshine. you need to be in the shade, lots of water. the hard part is, if you think about people laying a road today, if you're laying -- >> i know. it's -- you're laying the hot asphalt and then all of a sudden your heat index, 103 in washington, d.c. it was hot in the midwest, too, but 103 in minneapolis. that's without the heat index. and minneapolis is so far north. it has not been cool across the upper parts of the midwest. it gets better, brooke. a high of only 68. does it make it to new york? yes. does it make it to d.c., not
1:39 pm
really? 81 for a high there. go a little north and you're in good shape. >> okay. chad myers, thank you so much. afraid to see how much higher it's going to go. thank you. now this -- in this case, with the chloroform search word hit we were able to recover a complete internet history. >> we've been hearing a lot about chloroform. one investigator revealing what it was she found on casey anthony's computer, apparently what anthony searched on going be google right around the time her daughter disappeared. plus, discover whether it's possible to hide your tracks on the internet. sunny has the answers next. hi, i'm betty white, host of the aarp get-over-it-a-thon.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
if you're hesitant to join aarp because you think it makes you old, i have a message for you: get over it! call in. i'm standing by. ♪ get over it
1:42 pm
mitt romney responds to piers morgan and responds why he thinks sarah palin is the greatest thing to happen to him. >> i think sarah palin is generating enthusiasm and interest in a campaign this year. that's a good thing. she has a lot of energy and
1:43 pm
passion and bringing it to our race is positive for us. and frankly -- >> and then she does things like that, where she basically says, well, he can be as nice to me as he likes, i'm going to ruin his day. >> she didn't really ruin my day. >> she tried to. >> in a lot of respects, it's the best thing that can happen me. your best enemy is overexposure. people get tired of seeing the same person day in and day out. >> romney will give his keys to success tonight at 9:00 eastern, piers morgan, cnn. as congressman anthony weiner is learning this week, what goes on the init ter net stays on the internet. but did you know that what you put on your computer stays there as well? it's called your digital footprint and it's playing a huge role, an integral role in the case of casey anthony. sunny hostin is on the case. it's largely focused on the laptop, cell phones, digital
1:44 pm
cameras. what is it that prosecutors are trying to show? >> well, prosecutors are trying to show intent. they are trying to show that she planned to murder her little girl and i will say this, brooke, bombshell type testimony came in through these forensic computer scientists, on friday march 2008, between the hours of 2:16 and 2:28 when only casey anthony was on the home computer, google searches were conducted for chloroform, how to make chloroform, self-defense, household weapons, neck breaking and shovels. that is now tieing in with the theory that there was chloroform found in the trunk of the car, that she asked the neighbor for a shovel. it's all making the circumstantial case very, very strong. remember, on this jury there is an i.t. person. there is a computer technician on this jury. you can imagine what this
1:45 pm
testimony and this evidence means to him. bombshell testimony today. >> talking about googling chloroform or how to make it. is it even possible this day and age, sunny, to cover your tracks, whether it's something that you're googling, can you cover your tracks? >> i think the jury learned that it was close to impossible to do that. even though you press delete and you think it's gone tlrk is a digital imprint and that is what the investigators found in this case. i used to work for a company where the forensic investigators got images off of computer that had been thrown into a lake and burned. and so clearly if you can get images off of that kind of computer, you can get images off of almost everything. >> are you serious, sunny? >> nothing disappears in the digital age. nothing disappears. it's usually there. >> kind of amazing, kind of
1:46 pm
scary. sunny, thank you. have you ever thrown a basketball, you know, into a pop shot, hoop, you know, the games at arcades? someone just pulled this off on tchl v. we saved the clip. mr. wolf blitzer, can't wait to get his stance on this. coming up next, let's do a little list. if the thought of daunting a baiting suit this time of year, there is a the best diets for weight loss, rounding out number five, the atkins diet, the whole protein, no carbs diet. duking it out for number four spot, the slim fast vie diet and the veg began diet. and then volumetrics, dense foods and whole grains that fill you up. what are the top two? hold your beach towels. we'll get to that when we come back from break. it was not until the university of phoenix
1:47 pm
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1:50 pm
points, weight watchers. very nice. top five diets. good luck with those baiting suits. never fun, is it. this time they do this blindfolded. you have to see this. i'm not talking about kobe bryant or lebron. this is ricardo the bus boy. every year during the nba finals, jimmy kimmel has the bus boy for the contest. there he is. look at him go. just one after the other after the other. look at the points tallying up. boss stin celtics lynn davis, big baby, was only able to make 27 shots. ricardo blindfolded hitting a cool 48. see the confetti and golden basketball. is there anyone that this guy can't beat? that's amazing. blindfolded. so let's bring in wolf blitzer. i know we have to talk politics
1:51 pm
and what you have coming up on your show. you're always at those wizard games. it's pretty sweet, yeah? >> amazing. i love that. it's really hard to believe someone is that good. i love basketball and i'm happy that it's 2-2 in the nba finals. i'm just hoping seven game finals would be great because i love basketball and i'm going to miss is during the off season and i hope there is a season, that there's no walkout or shut down next year. i hope they work it out. i love nba basketball and college basketball. >> who's your pick? >> i don't care. as long as they go the seven games, i don't care. i had a typo today. i meant to say mavs and i said cavs. but that's okay. >> wolf blitzer, forgiven, a typo. so newt gingrich came under fire, a nice little cruise around the mediterranean with his wife. he's back. now what? >> i'm really surprised because
1:52 pm
he's a very smart guy, he's got a lot of support and then he goes on vacation in the mediterranean, greek isles, turkey, and what was he thinking? after announcing that he's going to run for the president of the united states. and james carville is going to react to it. rich in our strategy session. we also have rand paul, the senator that is going to join us, bernie sanders. we have a lot of things that i think our viewers will like. >> wonderful, wolf. we'll see you there in eight minutes. next, this. the mayor of one of the biggest cities, his wife has just been elected to take his job. find out why this is one pretty interesting couple. plus, a major accident on the jon stewart show.
1:53 pm
talking about congressman anthony weiner. joe johns has the political pop as we end out or show. that is next. a guy named his own price, wants a room tonight for 65 dollars. we don't go lower than 130. big deal, persuade him. is it wise to allow a perishable item to spoil? he asked, why leave a room empty? the additional revenue easily covers operating costs. 65 dollars is better than no dollars. okay. $65 for tonight.
1:54 pm
you can't argue with a big deal.
1:55 pm
so where is about the most unlikely place in the country for a happily married power couple maintain their marriage and start a political dynasty all at once? in sin city, of course, where you would at least expect it.
1:56 pm
joe johns is here with political pop. joe, really? vegas? >> i know. who knew? it's also the home of the political power couple that actually worked. we're talking about oscar good man and his wife, now the las vegas mayor elect, carol lin goodman. that's right. she was and elected to take over the job now held by her husband. they have actually been married 49 years, call themselves the happiest couple in the universe. it's quite a love story, brooke. >> 49 years. so he's out, she's in. >> right. >> why did oscar goodman want to leave the job? >> term limits. he's actually been term limited. it's been called kind of a figure head job because the city manager does a lot of the lifting. they are keeping it in the
1:57 pm
family. carolyn won 61% of the vote. now, is he really a pretty much of a character. he would have to be to serve as mayor of las vegas for two terms. he is the kind of guy you'll ever wonder will run for congress. >> imagine their pillow talk at night. very mayoral, i suppose. >> i guess. >> let's ask about jon stewart. we watch the daily show. he goes back quite a ways with congressman anthony weiner and he had a little bit of a problem in this skit when he was trying to spoof his old friend and the show went on but tell us what happened. >> okay. there are some people who said when the story first broke he gave him a break because they are friends and when he decided to sort of go for it and give it the stewart treatment, he cuts his hand.
1:58 pm
it was a spoof on the huge water bottle that weiner took to that bizarre news conference. let's take a listen. >> that's not good. [ applause ] >> i'm probably going to need to go to the hospital. and they keep the joke going. normally you don't laugh when somebody hurts themselves but they kept the joke going and i
1:59 pm
actually called out to his agent and i called to his publicist to see if his hand was okay. they really haven't gotten back to me yet. i assume it is, though. >> we'll have to see if the daily show is tweeting anything about it. is that al strawberry dak ree or blood. he kept a funny face. joe johns, thank you. i want to end the show with this. this is a fun moment at the white house today. president obama is there and welcoming the national champs, auburn tigers football. but there's this whole moment when little ethan gibbs, the son of former press secretary robert gibbs, he comes up, joins the president, the team on stage, but take a look at what happens next.


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