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tv   CNN Presents  CNN  July 16, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> they're all over there taking pictures. >> yeah. >> they're cool with it. >> they're cool with it. >> i have to go, but do you ever go, okay, enough already? i just want to -- because you have to protect these all the time. do you ever get tired of it? >> no, i don't because they're just like my family. we have a bond. >> right. would you get mad if i break one and kept it? >> priceless. >> mama jazz, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> okay. >> i'm don lemon. i'll see you back at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> all right. tonight, a larry king exclusive ten years in the making. the stars of harry potter open up about the very last potter movie ever. >> i kind of wept like a child on that last day. >> the most successful film franchise in history. >> little children are sometimes
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scared of me because they think i can really do a spell with magic in real life. >> coming to an end. >> i am grateful to be a part, loved every day of it. >> never before seen footage of the making of voldemort, behind the screen secrets finally revealed. and an exclusive clip of the final harry potter movie you will not see anywhere else. daniel radcliffe, emma watson, rupert grint, robin coltrane, james and olive phelps and tom felton. they're all here on the larry king special, "harry potter: the final chapter." >> i'm coming to you from harry potter the exhibition here in new york city.
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you might recognize harry's griffendorf room, behind me. whether you're a muggle or full-blown wizard, it may be hard to believe that one of hollywood's most successful film franchises ever is about to come to an end. from books to movies to a theme park in orlando, j.k rowling's story about a young boy's stories and a wizard is a pop culture phenomenon. the statistics are staggering. over the last ten years, the seven films alone have made $6 billion. tonight, you'll hear secrets from the set. you'll see how the wizarding world was brought to the big screen. we'll even show you an exclusive never-before-seen clip of the final movie just days before it opens. but, first, a look back at how it all began. >> be safe, be strong.
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>> harry potter, the boy who lived, faces his biggest challenge yet. a final showdown with the dark lord voldemort, an epic battle ten years in the making. the last harry potter. how's that feel? >> you know, very, very strange considering we've done it for ten years. but a wonderful feeling of particularly very very proud of this last film and it's the best out of all of them, i think. yeah, i'm very, very excited. >> also excited, the millions of harry potter fans around the world who have been waiting years for this finale. >> from what i could see from just shooting it, it's pretty epic. i think we do -- we do it justice. yeah, i do.
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>> now, join me, harry, and confront your faith. >> it's very serious. voldemort is rising again and really quite disturbing as we're losing characters we have known since the first book. i think it's going to be really shocking just to see the cast collapse into this kind of burning piles of rubble. >> come on, tom, let's finish this the way we started, together. >> "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2" is sure to be the biggest movie event of the summer, and we'll give fans the ending they've been waiting to see since we first met the young wizard in 2001's "harry potter and the sorcerers stone." it was ten years ago for the very first time we were able to see the wizarding world that until then only imagined in books. >> plenty of courage, i see. not a bad mind, either. there's talent. >> up, get up!
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>> we laid eyes on harry potter, an orphan who was made to live in the cupboard under the stairs by his aunt and uncle. >> there's no such thing as magic. >> come see what he's doing. >> tormented by his cousin, feeling isolated and alone, who found out he was not only a wizard, but the most famous wizard at all. we were also introduced to his two best friends. >> oh, are you doing magic? >> the book's smart know it all hermiane granger. the books and the seven movies so far have made stars out of the three then unknown child actors, daniel ratcliffe, emma watson, and rupert grint. they have grown up before our eyes. >> it's really strange, the only
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way i can describe it. i was so young, it's difficult to remember much of my life before this happened to me. it coming to an end is, you know, it's huge. i was 9 years old. i was still losing teeth, if that puts it in perspective. i was still losing baby teeth. >> the first film was an instant hit for warner brothers, which like cnn, is owned by timewarner. that wasn't a surprise. by then, harry was already a household name around the world to the millions of fans of the books. and it was all dreamed up by an unlikely author, j.k. rowling, who at that time was a single mother on welfare when she came up with an idea about a boy who does not know he's a wizard. do you remember how -- it's impossible to say how an idea came about.
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do you remember, though, the creation of this concept? >> it came to me on a train going from manchester to london in england. it came very suddenly. >> what came? >> the idea for this boy who didn't know what he was until he was 11. then he got this invitation to go off to wizard school. i had this very physical response to the idea, i felt so excited and i just thought it would be so much fub to write. >> the first book was released in 1997 released as a simple children's book by a a first-time author. many people including j.k. rowling herself, didn't have high hopes. >> in all honesty, i thought if it ever got published it would -- it is kind of a book for obsessives. i thought, well, there would be a few people who would like it a lot. i never thought it would have a broader appeal. >> rowling who was turned down
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by several publishers, has become the richest woman in the world, so successful she supposedly surpassed the queen in wealth. "rolls stones" had seven best-selling novels, 700 million copies. the books are available in 200 countries and have been translated into some 70 languages. each release of a new novel was a cause for celebration for fans who lined up days in advance to be the first to walk out with the latest story. in 2007, when rowland released the final chapter of the series, "harry potter and the deathly hallows," we knew it would eventually come to this. >> the boy who lived come to die. >> harry and voldemort's final stand, the last harry potter movie ever. >> you said this one, the one opening later this week, is the best. >> uh-huh. >> why? >> i think it's the most exciting.
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i think it's the most direct. i think we did so well from seven part one by setting up all the plot that people need to understand this second film that we can just dive straight in and give people this. in this film, we find the balance best between the emotional side of the films and the action-packed adventure exciting side. i mean, i think we've never got the balance so right before. >> i would agree. it's a hell of a movie. >> it is a hell of a movie. coming up, an exclusive clip from the final harry potter film you won't see anywhere else, plus, we'll show you how ray fines went from this to this. next, daniel radcliffe reveals what happened on the last day of
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ten years ago, it was the million dollar question, who would play harry potter. producers set out to find the perfect boy. >> dan was a very difficult process. finding harry was very hard, like trying to find scarlet o'hara. i think everyone was getting slightly desperate. i was walking down the streets of edinboro in london and looking at boys who passed me in a very suspicious way and thinking could it be him and the producer and director walked in the theater and found dan, and dan is an actor and perfect. >> daniel's biggest role was in a bbc mini series, david copperfield. his parents tried to keep him from trying out for the part of movies, unbeknownst to radcliffe, the producer asked the boy's parents if he could audition. not wanting this role to disrupt
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his childhood, they declined. eventually, fate stepped in one day at the theater. >> i was sitting in the theater minding my own business with my mom and dad, and in front of us was sitting the producer of "harry potter," david heyman and the screenwriter, clovis. i was completely unaware of why this man kept looking at me and staring at me through the show and didn't know what to make of it. i remember my dad and mom getting quite flustered. eventually, that was the moment they said, well, maybe this was meant to be. let's let him audition. >> how did they tell you you got it? >> i was in the bath, and my dad got the phone call downstairs and came in and said, you've got the part. i was just very, very happy. >> how old were you? >> i was 11. i think i just turned 11. i had no idea what the implications were but knew that that probably meant i bought
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myself a half hour extra before i had to go to bed that night. >> the implications were that radcliffe's life was about to change forever. did you have a normal boyhood? >> it's very hard to say. i mean, no, i guess is the official answer. i certainly didn't have normal teenage years but, equally, i don't really know what normal means. i mean, was i happy and healthy and surrounded by fun and love? yes. that's kind of really -- i was also surrounded by inspirational, interesting people from a variety of different backgrounds. >> so many child stars, for want of a better term, kids who become famous early, have major problems. >> yes. >> you didn't. can you explain that? kids are not supposed to be famous at 11. >> no, they're not. i think what i put it down to is the fact that the -- i think it's very different doing it in england than it is doing it in america.
5:16 pm
when you do it over here, you are treated as a star first and a child second, whereas in england, i think it's the other way around, you're treated as a child first and you're also an actor in films. i don't think anyone panders to it possibly as much in england as they do in america. thankfully i have not gone massively off the rails. >> have you enjoyed it? >> oh, yeah, immensely, absolutely. i mean, while there have been moments obviously i'd be lying if i said every single day was fantastic, but, you know, generally speaking, i just had the best time. i got to work with my best friends every day. >> do you like harry? >> yes, i do, very, very much. >> anything you don't like about him? >> yes, of course. he's kind of arrogant and pretty selfish at times. not so much in the later films and, also, i think there's often a little bit of the smell of burning martyr about harry.
5:17 pm
he occasionally, i think, likes to -- the fact that it's all on him and i think the lying snape says he seems to relish his fame while i don't think that's obviously true, he does have a hero complex that he thinks he always has to be the hero, which i suffer from myself sometimes. >> really? >> i think so, yes. >> not wanting to be typecast forever as harry potter, radcliffe began branching out. in 2008 he made his broadway debut in a controversial show, ecquus, appearing naked on stage. >> so not what you would expect from you, jumping. >> not to expect the jumping. the jumping and singing, yeah. it's something completely different. i've got the energy to do it at
5:18 pm
this age. i might as well do it. i do think there's -- as an actor -- i don't think you'll ever work that much harder than doing a broadway show, particularly a musical eight times a week. yeah, i like working hard. that's the other thing that potter has instilled in me is a work ethic, that i love to work. >> how have you kept a balance through all of this? >> i think the most important thing for me to remember is that doesn't matter who would have got this part, they would be receiving this kind of attention and this much -- when you step out of the car at a premier and you get hit by that wall of noise and screaming, it's very important for me to remember they would be screaming for somebody else had he got the part. it's not about me. it's about the franchise and the character. that, i kind of have to think about a lot to keep it in perspective and stop myself getting big headed. coming up next, behind the
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j.k. rowling created a unique world within the pages of her "harry potter" books. a world where cars fly and wall portraits talk, books try to eat children, magic spells are cast with the simple wave of a wand. >> fantastic, guinea! >> and where rain fines transforms into voldemort. we'll show you more of this exclusive footage in just a moment. >> it's a really interesting -- there's an awful lot of very complex challenges in the potter books. j.k. rowling's writings are great. very good description but writing on the page and translating it into the movie image is difficult because everybody has an idea
5:24 pm
when they read the book what it might look like. >> tim burke has been the visual director for the past eight years. his job, trying to make everything that happens at hogwarts look real. >> i think visual effects and harry potter go hand-in-hand. you can't make the films without them. >> burke leads a team of hundreds of production wizards who make movie magic on the big screen. >> i don't think the audience would realize quite how many effects are in the movie especially down to the environment and what was shot in the green screen and what was in the final film and he's standing in the scottish islands. it often surprises people. >> what's down there? >> thankfully our three hero actors basically have learned how to act on terrible green screen stages with nothing else to work with, which is essential because it's only to their
5:25 pm
performance that you believe that their world existed when we added it later on. >> and from the ones they created for the films, he has his favorites. >> most of them probably animated characters, when we did the hippogriff on the third film, that was a big technical challenge at the time and maybe easy to do now but at the time a very difficult complex thing to do. it was a very big character in the film. we had to do a lot of complex things involving harry having to ride and then fly on the back of it. so realizing and completing for the film was quite an achievement. more recently, i really, really thought the work we did with creature and dobby in deathly hallows part 1 was really top notch because you had to i empathize with these little characters because you had to deal with harry's emotional
5:26 pm
distress when dobby died at the end. so to do a cg creature that causes the audience to shed a tear was a challenge and we managed to pull that off. that was quite a difficult thing but very rewarding, as well. >> but for every rewarding challenge there are some effects burke says have fallen flat. >> some things you're pleased with, other things are never quite sort of were as good as you hoped. i think for me, if i'm completely honest, it would probably be grupe the fifth film didn't quite hit the mark unfortunately. we weren't really quite sure how believable he was at the end of the day. that was very disappointing, to be honest. you can't win them all. >> one of the most important transformations tim and his team have done, turning raef vines into the dark voldemort, seen for the first time, we were able to show you how it was done.
5:27 pm
>> the face is something we finessed e techque over e years and, basically, he wears prosthetic matrix and a number of dots we cover the area and have to replace with a digital prosthetic. we films him in all the action sequences and drama just normally. and removed his real nose in the computer afterwards and after we track it with the computer we track it with the computer we replace it with the cg snake nose. there are moments we flare the nostrils to emphasize the points he's speaking or talking and animation goes into that as well. it has to be texted to look like it was his real skin. that's done through a lot of reference photos we ache take for every set we film and use
5:28 pm
those to help lighten the skin. >> another one of burke's favorite effects, the monster book of monsters from "harry potter and the prisoner of eskeban. >> this is a great sequence where the book actually comes alive. this was done with a combination of practical animatable prop. the idea is it's got these teeth here. you can actually see it. snap and try and get harry and the great scene where the book is trying to get him. we have a combination of a cg animated book and a practical book that we used on the set. and we animate all these little tentacles as well. we could film that on the set with dan and a real animated book and times we replaced the book with a cg one. there have been thousands of
5:29 pm
computer animated effects. but he says you haven't spotted that. >> there have been thousands of computer generated effects, but burke hope use haven't noticed that. >> we often say that if you haven't spotted the effects we've done our job well. the real reward is when people realize they've been watching effects, especially will someone like harry potter. up next, rupert grint turns the tables on emma watson and daniel radcliffe and asks some questions of his own. >> on the last day, i brought them both a trumpet and -- yeah, why a trumpet. >> later, robbie coltrane and helen carter, who reveal secrets from behind the scenes. >> i did 25 takes. i just thought, you have no idea what's happening down there.
5:30 pm
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i'm don lemon. live at the cnn headquarters. los angeles officials are warning of a carmageddon but there's not much grid lk to speak of in l.a. even though a ten-mile section of the freeway is shut down until monday. they are tearing down a bridge which is one of the busiest in the united states.
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drivers had plenty of warning though and it seems like they listened, at least so far. the president and top republicans are staying out of the spotlight but still working on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the spokesman for house speaker john boehner tells cnn that meetings have been occurring and ideas are being exchanged. so far, though, no progress to report to you. the government has to raise its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by august 2nd or risk defaulting on its obligations. now back to "harry pot, the final chapter." hi, there, i'm tom felter and i play drake in the harry potter films. it's been an incredible ten years. i've been very, very lucky to have been a hogwarts in the last ten years. i want to say thank you very much, and i really hope you enjoy the last film. >> in "harry potter and the
5:35 pm
deathly hallows: part 2," gone is the innocence of childhood. harry, hermione, and ron face real danger, life and death. >> a different film, really. it's all kind of quite tense. i think people will be shocked at how brutal this is. >> it was -- the last two films were dark for me, to play them, and to be in that world every day. >> we did so many scenes there was adrenaline and fear required, it was intense, genuinely. >> like millions of other children around the world, both emma watson and rupert grint were huge fans of harry potter. >> whenever i was reading the books, i always felt like a strong connection to ron. i even entered like a look-alike competition that was in the paper. i won the best ron. >> i loved those books. my dad used to read them to my brother and i. i just loved them and love hermione.
5:36 pm
>> watson and grint have spent almost half their lives playing hermione granger and weasley. now back to the beginning. >> in my first edition, i first met dan and emma, it does seem like such a long time ago. >> nicolas ferment is the only known maker of the sorceror's stone. >> the what? >> with were kind of reading, a scene from the forbidden section of the library. i remember hearing my voice, really kind of quiet. >> the three young stars have gone through so much together, becoming famous the world over at such a young age. >> it's been 11 years of quite an intimate process, where you're kind of with each other
5:37 pm
every day all year, every year. it's quite unique kind of thing we've shared with each other, i think. >> so what do they really think of each other? >> dan, he's always been quite hyperactive, quite loud. he's very funny. >> dan is the most energetic, hard working, kind person. he works very, very hard. so he's pretty incredible. >> yeah, me and emmy do things all the time. she's great. she's really kind of caring. >> he's a real eccentric. he's a genuine eccentric. i've never been to his house but i would love to go because it sounds like it's full of the most magical wonderful things. he has lamas and miniature pigs,
5:38 pm
and he's bought a hovercraft. he has a cow on one of his roofs in his house in london, and he bought an ice cream van that genuinely works. it's funny because he's this very quiet guy but kind of just loves crazy stuff. >> did you hit it off with emma and rupert right away? >> yeah, i think so. >> you grew up together. >> we kind of had to. we did. >> you bonded? >> yeah, rupert and i particularly. emma was the kind of -- when it came to preventing herself from laughing on set she was the best. rupert and i were terrible. >> during the interview, rupert had some fun and decided to ask some questions of his own. >> maybe they want to know on the last day, i brought them both a trumpet. yeah, probably want to know why a trumpet. >> do you know why?
5:39 pm
>> because he's mad and rupert. i imagine, i don't know. no. >> he's crazy. >> i don't know if there's another reason. >> there's no reason for a trumpet? >> no. >> okay, so, dan, would you ever consider dyeing your hair ginger? >> yes, but only for him. >> in a private moment. >> at his request, i would do that. >> and for emma? >> emma, who do you like best, me or dan? >> of course. neither. i don't think neither of them are that great. no, i'm joking. obviously, i love them both equally, because that's the diplomatic answer. that's the right thing to say. >> like their characters, emma and rupert have grown up in front of the world. unlike ron and hermione, they had to deal with the fame of who they are and what they represent to millions of fans. >> they give me like presents
5:40 pm
and stuff and just touch me. it's really weird. it has taken me a while to kind of get used to. >> some little children are sometimes scared of me because they think i'm going to -- i can do a spell or i really am magic in real life. my voice gets really funny and i try and kind of say, i'm not going to do anything to you. it's okay. sometimes you can't convince them, because they believe in it. they really believe in it. >> now that it's over, the world and these actors prepare to say good-bye to harry, hermione, and ran. >> it was kind of a shock because i wasn't really prepared for how i would feel and how much it kind of meant to me. >> it's been pretty great to grow up being her even though i wasn't spending so much time being me. i really do understand and realize that and feel good about
5:41 pm
it, yeah, really lucky, definitely. still ahead, james and oliver phelps take us on a tour of the wizarding world of "harry potter" and talk to fans on the eve of the final film. >> just seeing all of their faces. they're just in awe of it. it shows how much it means to people. >> plus, a scene you won't see anywhere else. daniel radcliffe talks about what's next. >> i want kids and i want lots. i absolutely do. >> on this larry king special, "harry potter: the final chapter." where do you go to find a super business?
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i'm standing here in front of hagrid's hut, who was a friend an confidante of harry and ron and hermione during the years of the hogwarts. harry played him and one of many acclaimed british actors in this very talented cast including people like maggie smith and alan rickman and helena carter. today they open up about "harry potter" and why these may have been the roles of a life-time.
5:46 pm
>> welcome, harry. >> ruby is hagrid, a big man at more than eight feet tall with a personality to match. how big an outfit is it to get into? >> it weighs about 110 pounds, i guess. there was no way around that. it just had to look absolutely right. >> do you like hagrid? >> i do like hagrid, yes. that's a very good question. no one asked me that before. i do like hagrid. he's a big decent sort of bloke. >> hi. >> hello. sorry, don't wish to be rude but i'm in no state to entertain today. >> j.k. rowling had said coltrane was her first choice to play the half giant, that his acting brought a subtlety necessary to the character. with all the fans that these books have in the films, do you feel an enormous responsibility to get hagrid right? >> yes.
5:47 pm
i did feel an enormous responsibility to get hagrid right. i also think everyone else did, you know, i'm talking about the sparks and woodworkers and construction people, everybody, because they're all parents, too. they had all read the books to their kids, and i think everybody raised their game. you look at the cast list of all the people we've had over the last ten years, the absolute who's who of british acting. it's been an extraordinary experience for everybody, i think. >> one of the later additions of who's who of british actors, helena bonham carter as bellatrix lestrange. >> she has issue, a social path or psychopath. she definitely takes pleasure from pain, which makes her definitely very, very sick. >> bellatrix has been a potter fan favorite since she was introduced in the order of the phoenix. >> a great place to play. i go to work and it was amazing
5:48 pm
to be paid over a period of four years to go to work, be paid lots of money to wait around and play a witch and be really naughty. >> in the final film, there's a pivotal scene at the end of the movie, a final fight during the battle of hogwarts, with ron weasley's mom, something carter says fans will look forward to. >> we had a duel, and i won the duel, to be like fencing without making contact. it was really hard work. at the end, we definitely needed the chiropractor after. it's very easy to throw your shoulder out. >> carter is not one to hold back. when we asked er to tell us a secret from the set, she opened the floodgates. >> i did a wee wee, don't tell anyone. >> seems after giving birth to her daughter and returning to work, her bladder wasn't what it used to be. >> i'm barely able to stand up, let alone jump around and screaming. bellatrix screams. anybody who had a baby, you know
5:49 pm
if you're scream and jumping and waving, nothing is -- your -- everything. it's niagara. we did 25 takes. you have no idea what's happening down there. larry, you did ask me. >> carter's played many quirky characters over the years but said she has an affection for bellatrix and her time on "harry potter." >> i loved it and it's been a real privilege and honor to be part of it. to be part of it stimulates this mass imagination of children across the world and feed on people's imagination and it's in some way exciting for them. >> from the wizarding world on the screen to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios, florida, where in the past year, millions of potter fans have gone to get
5:50 pm
an up close look at where harry and his friends called home. >> you can walk around and there's snow on the rooftops. it's brilliant. >> seeing all their faces, they're in awe of it. i think it shows how much it means to people. >> we asked james and oliver phelps, better known as fred and george weasley, to give us a tour of the parks from dumbledorf's office. >> the actual books are all detailed in about wizarding mass. >> to oliver's wine shop. >> perhaps this. >> -- to getting a butter beer. and as you can imagine, the fans took notice. >> like walking around here in early life and people coming up to us and it's pretty neat. a lot of people taking photos and everything. it's quite surreal, really.
5:51 pm
it's nice, but still surreal. >> the phelps, like the rest of the cast, say they're sad to leave "harry potter" behind. >> it's very surreal, i think, on the last day to walk out. the last day of filming was quite emotional for us. kind of bittersweet, we're aware it's coming to the end now and what better way to go out than on the biggest high it has been. >> our work is done. >> find out what happened on the last day on set. >> it was very sad. yeah. we all cried. it was really, really bizarre. >> as daniel radcliffe, emma watson, and rupert grint say good-bye to harry potter. plus, your exclusive look at a scene from "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2," all next on the larry king special, "harry potter: the final chapter."
5:52 pm
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ten years in the making. soon we'll see the last of "harry potter." in just moments, we'll show you
5:56 pm
an exclusive clip of the final movie, from the beginning, this story of a little boy who didn't know he was special, has touched millions of people around the world. why is it so successful? >> i think it's due to a lot of things. it's -- we love an underdog. i think the world of j.k. rowling is so meticulously thought out that people, like me, who like to geek out about these things, can get wrapped up in the wizarding lore and world and so complete. we love that. we love magic, we love the idea of that. and it's a testament to the brilliance of the writing. >> i really loved him when i think people really love and why the stories are so enduring and why they touch so many people is because the characters are so, so real and flawed and beautiful and inspiring and lovable, just completely lovable. >> as actors, crew members and
5:57 pm
fans prepare themselves for the end of harry potter, a few statistics. in the past ten years, harry's famous lightning bolt scar has been applied to daniel radcliffe's forehead an estimated 2,000 times. 588 sets have been created. harry has gone through 160 pairs of glasses and some 70 magic wands. but as the final potter film is about to open, all that is now history. what was the last day like? >> very, very emotional. i remember i kind of wept like a child on that last day. >> it was kind of like the last day of school. i remember packing up the dressing room. it was very sad. we all cried. it was really, really bizarre. >> as the cast moves on from "harry potter," they share thoughts of their past and their future. >> it's definitely going to be
5:58 pm
with me for the rest of my life, really. but, yeah. i'm really just grateful to be a part of that. i've loved every day of it. >> it's bittersweet. it's really exciting to see what comes next. but it's definitely a big chapter closing. >> and for daniel radcliffe, perhaps a chance for him to share his unusual childhood with his own children. >> do you want family some day? >> oh, god, yes, absolutely. it's very strange, i'm one of the broodiest young men i think you'll ever meet. because i spent so much time with adults and i saw them all have kids. >> you want kids? >> god, yes, absolutely. not just now but i want kids and i want lots. >> you need to meet somebody else. >> i need to get somebody willing first. >> share your life. >> yeah. >> you know, i've got a girlfriend at the moment who i am very much in love with, so, you know, we'll see where that goes.
5:59 pm
>> as we leave you tonight, here's your first look at a never seen before clip of "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2." >> how did you come by this sword? >> it's complicated. >> what about lestrange thinks it should be in her vault? >> it's complicated. >> the sword presented itself to us in a moment of need. we didn't steal it. >> there is a sword in madame lestrange's vault but it is a fake and was placed there this last summer. >> she never suspectsed it was a fake? >> it's very convincing. anyone would recognize this is the true sword. >> i need to g


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