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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2011 2:49am-3:19am PDT

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ali. >> is it edible? what do you do with the fun gu? >> you look at it and are grossed out by it. i don't think it's edible. no. >> okay. well, i guess. good to see you, my friend. good to see you. zain verjee in london. let ee start with a story that needs to be on your radar because it's a play on the weather radar. tropical storm emily could hit puerto rico today. it could approach south florida by friday. we're going to talk more about it with rob marciano on the other side of this break. the senate votes on the debt bill just in the nick of time. all that dikterring and delays has come with a hefty price. check it out. $1.7 billion is how much extra money they had to pain vesters in interest to sell treasury are bonds to finance its operation and if the me had been workses out even two weeks ago that money could have been saved. there could be prices from politicians too.
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he's some wisdom from cnn's gloria borger,part of a panel on anderson 360. >> i was talking to a senior white house official today who said, look, forecast you look at this down the road, we have other land mamarkses that are cp in november and again in december. he said, look, this could frame the debate for the white house for 2012. if the republicans are only for cuts and entitlements and not for any kind of revenue, that's something that our public opinion show the public duh not support. >> and by the way, i was on that panel. you probably saw me there late last night. i haven't slept all that much since then. i'm going to be really glad when this debt ceiling debate pa this afternoon if it passes. pew researcher surveyed americans. asked them to sum up in one word. ridiculous is the big one right the there. stupid, disgusting, childish, messy, joke are all words in there.
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those are some of the nicer one, by the way. 72% have responded and use negative words to describe the talkses and the disgust crossed party line. 2%, a whopping 2% uttered something positive about this. look who's in the white house for the vote last night. congresswoman gabrielle giffords from arizona, listen to the welcome she got from colleague. that is amazing. i saw that last night. gave me shivers. it wu the first time back on the how floor for her since she was shot in the head in the tucson shooting back in january. you heard support from the bill. she was there in case it wu a tight vote and her vote was going to be needed. in the end it wasn't that tight. wow. double wow for this. take a look at this. it looks like your friend's son who plays too much xbox. british authorities say jake dave is the notorious hacker
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known as topiary. he's taken a british agency's website-off line. he's not allowed near the internet. he's from the remote shetland island, the place that gave us little sheepdogs and a nice wolf. rhett's go to rob marciano. >> emily is going through another batch of violent right now. the eastern caribbean, ali, it developed last night. we've been watching this for a couple of days. finally had enough circulation. so emily right now, winds 406 mile an hour. it's about 240 miles southeast of san wajuan, the size is not with the convection. it will at least hold together as a tropical storm even though the forecast track take us toward the dominican republican which has its fair share of mountains which typically would tear these thing down tlflt's an outlying chance it fizzles, but
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i wouldn't bet the bank on that. let it bring it over the island of hispaniola. as we get closer to weekend, that mean south florida, georgia, and the carolina are in play with this. the latest computer models shifting a little bit to the right. still too far to nail it down. floridians mentally if not physically start preparing. heat indices, 105 to 115. there you go. heat warnings have expanded north and easement. my goodness it never end. oklahoma city, the record's 110. we're going for 111. dla, 110 is the forecast. 110 is -- 110 is the forecast as measured in the shade. thunderstorm expected in chicago and detroit. the heat's going to continue to build and we'll probable see some record high. the past couple of week, i'm sorry to say, ali, for those area in the central and southern plains it's been a warm-up quite
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literally and we're really getting steamy now. >> thanks, rob. >> one other thing. i forgot this. check this out. this burmese python in south florida, 11-footer, was stuck underneath the trailer, and they could see the tail wiggling. so what would you do? they grabbed the thing and waited for the police to arrive because they were tired of this particular snake eating the grass i'd grab the head, not at the tail. he's going to spin around and bite you in the head. >> you're going to grab the head of a burmese python. really. you need some more sleep, dude. your judgment is off. you run from that thing and call somebody who know what they'ring down. >> that's the right answer. let ee look at the word of the day. it's super majority. find out what it means and why you need to know it today with reference to the debt deal
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58 minutes after the hour. this is your a.m. "wake-up call." now back to the word of the day. super majority. that's the required amount of votes to pass the debt plan today. the approval will take 60 vote. there are 100 members in the senate. they need 60 to get this through. let ee go to carter evans for a look at your money this morning hchl e join us live from the nasdaq market sooitd right here from new york. >> our futures are a lot lower this morning. dow future down about 88 points right now. check this out. nikkei in japan closing down at 1.2%. it's this weak manufacturing data we got yesterday that ee really concerning investor
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around the world. today we're going to get personal reports on income and spending. we'll also get new auto sale number. i wanted to talk about one of the main things on the c site today. a lot of people thought, okay, once this debt deal is passed businesses are going to start hiring. expert say not necessarily. first some economists are afraid that $2.1 trillion in spending cuts alone will slow down the economy, and it's already slow. we saw only a gain of 43,000 job in may and june combined. economists are forecasting a gain of only 77 job. we'll find out on friday. it certainly would have been worse without a debt deal but small businesses are really concerned about high raw material priceses an weak demand and also high cost, the cost of health care. there's still lotses of uncertainty out there. >> that's a good point. what are the other big headlines out there. >> some of the other things
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we're looking at involve that, the effect of the debt deal on the economy. the economy still stink. but keep in mind it's still one of the best in the world. >> what an optimy tick way to start the morning. carter evansing god ble you for that. that is fantastic. all all the mud and muck all ovr the place carter sees the bright spot. he's coming back tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. eastern. catch him on that's it for us on "wake up call" "american morning," cheery as ever starts right now. >> i like what carter said too. good morning, i'm carol costello. tears and cheers on capitol hill not for the debt ceiling deal but for gabrielle giffords, the wounded congresswoman bringing down the house last night. >> funding fight over the faa. i'm ali velshi. the agency forced to partially shut its doors. what it means for your safety and the price of your next airline ticket on this "american morning."
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oh, good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, august 2nd. this is "american morning." christine has the day off because boy, she's a little under the weather yesterday. >> trying to fight that cold and it keeps coming back. >> those kids, little germ incubators. >> i keep none of them around me. >> a lot going on today. this debt debate not over. it was supposed to be over last night and didn't end. >> almost over. the senate votes on it and goes to the president. welcome to d-day, the day america hits the default deadline. right now you look live at the capitol. later today the world will be watching when the senate votes on a compromised debt ceiling deal. [ applause ] and what a moment this was. for a brief moment last night, republicans and democrats put aside their differences to embrace a surprise visitor,
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords. for the first time since being shot in january, giffords returned to the house chamber to vote in favor of the debt deal. it was a moving sight that brought everyone to tears. >> throughout america, there isn't a name that stirs more love, more admiration, more respect, more wishing for our daughters to be like her, than the name of congresswoman gabby giffords. thank you, gabby, for joining us today. [ applause ] >> giffords closest friend in the house florida congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz got a call from giffords husband. he told her gabby felt she had to be in washington if her vote could keep america from slipping into default. >> it was just the most overwhelming, i mean, it would be hard -- my heart was -- all of our hearts were so full and you have ahad some grizzled
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hardened members with very hardened hearts that everybody had melted when she walked in the chamber. it was so incredible. >> by the end of the night the house voted 269 to 161 in favor of the deal. afterward kate baldwin got a rare interview with house speaker john boehner about the painful process that got us here. >> how do you feel, sir in. >> i feel great. >> what do you think of the vote this evening? >> it was a strong vote, but first step in many steps yet to go. >> what do you hope the american people take, what do you think the message is for the american people tonight? >> the process works. may not be pretty, but it works. >> you heard him. he says it works. the deal that no one seems to like. >> he was right about the fact it wasn't pretty. >> really ugly. only hours to go before the default deadline kicks in, a deal we kind of have to live with if it makes it through the senate today which it's expected
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to do. it will. >> i'm sure it will. everything is moving slowly than you would expect it to. joe johns joins us live from washington. 60 votes needed for the measure to pass today, joe. do you even know why it's 60 as opposed to 50 and are they going to to get the votes if necessary. >> the issue of somebody trying to filibuster or hold up debate or whatever and that's the rule in the united states senate, unless you have a 60 vote majority, you may have to come up with 60 votes to get anything through. the question is, is this going to be a slam dunk? the people in the senate who should know, think they have the votes to pass it. this is a compromise that was fashioned in the senate over the weekend. you can make the case this is their product, that given the alternative, which is pretty ugly, they got the best deal they could get. i don't think anybody got all of what they wanted. for the most part, democrats andp areps were able to hold on to their bottom line priorities.
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the president's party able to get the debt ceiling increased and a way to extend borrowing authority out through 2012. republicans got a promise at least of no new taxes and huge reductions in government spending. some said it wasn't as much as they wanted. this is one of those hold your nose kind of votes where nobody says, i like this thing completely. >> joe, we're going to be watching it closely to see how this actually develops and whether any more wrinkles show up. in your view, we're done with the road bumps? i'm not asking you to prog most cate, but there's nothing obvious at this point? >> there's nothing obvious. there's a group of very conservative senators and, you know, they're a little bit, you know, concerns about what they might do. one of them walked past me in the hall over in the senate side yesterday, jim demint, i asked him are you going to hold this thing up or whatever and he kept walking. he didn't give me a peep.
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so, again, though, we're told that the senate people think they actually have the votes and that's the important thing. >> joe, thanks very much. we'll check in with you later. if you're not already furious with your elected officials for the way they've handled this debt ceiling crisis this may push you over the top. because congress couldn't stop bickering and this deal came down to the wire instead of getting done two weeks ago, american taxpayers are on the hook for $1.7 billion more. that's how much additional interest the government had to pay investors to get them to buy treasury bills now that the risk is a little higher. >> it's always something. if congress passes the debt deal a special bipartisan committee will be created to come up with a plan for even more cuts. that's going to be called the super committee. i knew i wouldn't do this right but the super committee will consist of six democrats and six republicans. those six democrats and republicans will be selected by the senate leadership over there and the house leadership.
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once in place they will begin debating what to cut and what not to cut. they're going to try to figure out $1.5 trillion in additional cuts. they have to do that by a certain deadline and that deadline will thanksgiving. once they get all of that into place and we're certain they will because things are working so well in our government, their plan will go to the entire congress, to the house and the senate and then, of course the house and senate will vote yes or no. they'll have to do that by christmas time. if they vote yes, all will be well. i think i went one too far. yeah. see, ali, i should have had you come over and do this. anyway, if the whole congress votes yes, all will be well. if they vote no the president -- then that will -- all of these triggers will go into place and things will be cut like defense and entitlement programs. those kicks will go into place and that will allow the president to raise the debt
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ceiling. also, when the super committee makes its decisions, there will be no amendments allowed, so the entire congress will have to vote on this plan whether they like it or not. we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope all will go well. >> they've got to vote up or down on this thing. i like when you did that. when it moves too slowly, everybody gets bored, whatever i'll come back when it's finished. you made me watch. >> thanks, ali. i appreciate that. >> the one danger a lot of people warn f they don't come to a deal, then those automatic cuts could be haphazard, automatic, may not be the best thing for the economy. this means you and me are going to be working christmas, is what it means. >> i'm used to that, that's okay. >> fun hanging out with you. the fight over the debt ceiling isn't the only thing in washington. the house adjourned for the summer recess and failed to approve a bill to fund the federal aviation administration. the only possible resolution if the senate approves the bill that is unlikely.
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first, the federal government is expected to lose an estimated $1.2 billion in taxes on air fare. 4,000 workers will remain furloughed. these are mostly administrative positions, meaning air traffic control personnel are on the job and passenger safety should not be affectedp construction projects are on hold. because the government stopped collecting taxes on ticket sales delta will give refunds to passengers who paid the taxes but then flew during the partial faa shutdown. the refunds only apply to people who bought tickets before july 23rd. carol, let me make this -- bring this map for a second. $1.2 billion in revenue of what the government loses because they're gone and can't authorize this bill, $1.7 billion what we paid in extra interest, now we're up to $3 billion just because of delays. just because they weren't -- that's real money. it's nothing in terms of the national debt, but that's $3 billion we didn't have to pay. >> when you hear a figure like $1.7 billion, now you're
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thinking that's nothing, it really is. it's just the principle of it. it's ridiculous. >> if you lad to pay extra money it's like these dumb things you pay because if you don't pay something on time. it's real money. >> maybe they will learn not to wait until the last minute. the city of central falls filing for bankruptcy as part of our continuing look at states in crisis. the city of 19,000 which is north of providence has been drowning in debt and it was forced to file after unsuccessfully asking police and firefighter retirees to give up 50% of their pension. here's a member of the firefighters union and the city's mayor with an example of a 12-year-old retiree of a 42-year-old retiree rather, who's now draining the system. >> collect for 40 years almost $2 million. a lot of money wasn't paid into that pension by that employee. >> retired firefighters worried about their pension long term they may get less than that. >> everybody is concerned about what's going to happen. just going to try to work our
3:11 am
way through it and do what we can. >> last year, by the way, central falls is the same city that fired all of its teachers at a high school after a failed agreement between the city and teachers union. >> developments in the casey anthony saga. a judge ordering her to return to orlando asap to serve a probation sentence for check fraud. >> you thought it was over. yeah. it's unrelated to anthony's recent murder trial. casey anthony's lawyers say they will fight this judge's order. joining us sunny hostin, legal contributor for "in session" on trutv. we did think this was over. >> just when you thought you would never see me again to talk about casey anthony. she is back. apparently the judge that sentenced her in the check fraud case, that was going on before she was tried for the death of her daughter, he thinks that he made a mistake and instead of writing on the release papers -- probation papers "upon release" he sort of wrote she would serve probation and the clerk thought
3:12 am
she should serve probation while in jail awaiting trial. i've been a lawyer for a long time. i have never heard of anyone serving probation while they're sitting in a jail cell. that's the premise of probation. you want to have someone out of jail and make sure they do the right thing. >> right. i see. you wouldn't consider your jail time probation. >> no. >> doesn't serve the purpose. >> does she have to serve probation in orlando? >> that's the question. the judge wrote she has to go back to orlando in 72 hours and basically go to probation. many people are saying that means she's got to stay in orlando. usually someone does serve their probation in the home state, the state where the crime occurred, but i just don't think that's going to happen because typically exceptions are made for the safety of a person and i don't think that orlando really wants casey anthony to come back, right. i don't think she's going to serve it in orlando. if she serves it at all. >> now the -- her lawyers are
3:13 am
challenging the order. what's likely to happen? >> i think the defense team has a really good argument that -- double jeopardy argument she already served the probation, even though she serve is it in jail she served the probation. they'll have a hearing. casey anthony may or may not be present for that hearing. everybody wants to see her so, perhaps, she will be there. then we'll find out whether or not casey anthony is going to serve probation. >> it lives. >> it lives, carol, it lives! >> that's too badded. >> i'm back. >> always a pleasure to have you here. that's not the problem. >> thank you, sunny. >> if you don't bring us more casey anthony stories we'll happily have you back. >> thank you. >> thank you, sunny. it is question of the day time. being the ultimate tough guy may work for captain america but not necessarily for the leaders of the free world. remember when president bush taunted insurgents in iraq four months after shock and awe. >> there are some who feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that they can attack us
3:14 am
there. my answer is bring them on. >> some believe the president's words increased violence against american troops taunting the enemy isn't the best idea. president bush later said he regretted saying that. acting tough feels good and it's quintessentially american. it's one of the reasons why the tea party resonates, why republicans are controlling the agenda. this debt deal fiasco, in the modern political world tough is in, compromise is weak. last year on "60 minutes" house speaker john boehner made that clear. >> when you say the word compromise, a lot of americans look up and go, oh, they're going to sell me out. >> that's what he thinks of it. back in the day powerful democrats and republicans were able to make mutually beneficial deals. think of ronald reagan and tip o'neill in 1983 working on a deal on social security or president clinton compromising with newt gingrich on welfare reform in 1996, but that was then. so, question of the day time.
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is compromise a sign of weakness? send us an e-mail, tweet or message us on facebook. we will read some of your responses throughout the hour. and still to come on "american morning," relief for an alabama town ravaged by a tornado. a new plant, new jobs are on the way. >> despite a pledge not to market unhealthy food and drinks to kids, a new study says they still get it through advertisements. a roadside bomb to kill soldiers in afghanistan. a firsthand look at the delicate and dangerous mission. part of jason carroll's series "a soldier's story." you're watching "american morning." it's 15 minutes after the hour. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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