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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2011 7:49am-8:19am PDT

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so will the president then get back to regular business? >> reporter: oh, very much so. in fact it's interesting today, he has a cup kucouple events on schedule, one is a labor union event, the other one, though, certainly that has much more mass appeal is meeting with the crew of the space shuttle "endeavour," but it is sort of to note that both of these closed press. we're not going to be seeing any pictures of this thing. so the white house trying to interested pa the picture they want today is the president in the rose garden punctuating this saga that has played out for months. and it's been so chaotic and he's tried to really frame himself as the compromiser in chief and really work towards the middle and sort of attract those more independent voters because this is going into the election season. and is that's really the image they want is him in the rose garden following the senate vote
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where the white house is confident that the senate will pass this. >> okay. and that vote expected at high noon. we'll bring wolf blitzer back into the conversation after a quick break. ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve pass this. the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote.
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in just over an hour from now, the senate due to begin voting on the debt deal. then at 12:15 eastern, the president is due to speak in the rose garden. we're moving in to rolling coverage to bring folks up-to-date. gaze into your crystal ball and talk about what you expect the president to say and besides celebrating his 50th birthday. >> he'll be going to chicago to
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celebrate and also doing political fund-raising. i'm sure he'll do well with that. he wants to move on now. the country has been sick and tired of this whole debate over the debt ceiling whether you're on the left or right. they want to move on and the most important issue right now obviously is the economy. it's a very fragile recovery, an anemic recovery if you believe the numbers. and friday we'll get more evidence of that when the new jobs mum for the month of july comes out. it's probably going to be pit i pitif pitiful, as well.for the month comes out. it's probably going to be pitiful, as well. there isn't a whole lot of money to do another economic stum stimulus package. they have to cut spending, they can't increase spending. the federal reserve doesn't have a lot of opportunity to do that either. they tried it and there's a debate over how much it helped, how much it didn't help. so the debate will continue and
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it will heat up big time over how do you create jobs? republicans will say you have to cut spending, you have to eliminate a lot of government interference, restrictions in the way you deal with business, small business have to get enthusiasm. there's a ton of money out there that these big companies have, but they're reluctant right now to invest that money and create the kind of jobs that the country is desperately searching for. how do you do it, how do you deal with this economic crisis. >> let's talk about the rating agencies. after a quick break. stay with me. that vote expected to happen on the senate loor at high noon. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves.
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may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. about an hour and four minutes away from the vote in the senate on the debt debate. made a lot of americans everyone more diss gusted with politicians if you look at the poll numbers that came out the last hour. jik acosta talking about those as we watch the live picture from the floor. and it's a bit -- it looks like -- is that biden -- i mean is that lieberman on the floor, jim? >> that is senator joe lieberman and i guess we tonigdon't know he'll vote, although it's
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expected he'll vote yes. so the votes aren't finalized, i suppose until they actually happen, but if you're wondering and if americans are wondering what their fellow americans are feeling about this process that they just witnessed this last couple of weeks, they are not it too happen. a new poll released this morning at 10:00 ach.m., it was conduct yesterday to get an instant response from americans on how they felt about this debt deal. and look at this number. this is incredible. how have elected officials dealt with the debt ceiling? 17% responsible adults, spoiled children, 77% of the people surveyed feel that elected members of congress and the president, as well, have acted like spoiled children. so not very good number there is. we also took a sampling or a look at how folks feel about the debt ceiling agreement overall.
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44% approve, 52% disapprove. and there are some new approval numbers for the president and members of congress. those numbers are not that good, as well. the president's approval number now at 45%, 52% disapproving. and then the last number in terms of how americans feel about congress and how congress is handling its job, 14% approve, 84% disapprove if you'll pardon the chuckle there. you'll be having politicians stepping forward to say that they wonder who those 14% are. just about everybody out there is pretty disgusted with the process that they just witnessed over these last several weeks. >> jim, thanks. and once again, draw attention to the live picture that we're following as the debate continues right now on the floor. joe lieberman at the mike now. marty savage, we're expecting a
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vote come noon. many americans disgusted. also a lot of americans just saying, okay, let's get it over already and move forward. >> finally the end. that's exactly what people are hoping at this point is let's get over and let's get beyond. kyra, so very good to see you. very good to see all of you live from studio seven, i'm martin savidge in for susan malveaux. we are as you've heard about an hour away from a senate vote on raising the country's debt limit and preventing a government default. it took a long time and it wasn't easy, but president obama is also scheduled to speak about this whole project at 12:15 eastern time. we'll have live coverage of both of those events. the house approved a debt deal last night. and some on the left and the right are not exactly happy with it. but house speaker john boehner says it's a start. >> how do you feel, sir. >> i feel great. >> what do you think of the vote this evening? >> it was a strong vote, but
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first step in many steps yet to go. >> what do you hope the american people -- what do you think the message is for the american people tonight? >> the process works. may not be pretty, but it works. >> may not be pretty is right. let's take a look at how it's impacted wall street. stocks are down. another weak economic report added to investors concerns. and the commerce department says that personal spending slipped in june for the first time in 20 months. not a good indicator. we will be watching the markets throughout the day, but right now the dow is down as we take a look there about 86 points. meanwhile the country needed a moment of unity. and we got it yesterday in the return of gabrielle giffordss to congress. the arizona representative cast her vote to help end that debt ceiling battle. it was her first time back in the house since being shot in the head in an assassination attempt back in january.
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dr. sanjay gupta noticed she wasn't moving her right arm much. >> this is what's sort of expected if you survive a head injury like this, a left sided brain injury controls the right side of the body. that's why the right arm is weak, the right leg likely weak. it also in part is responsible for speech. speech more specifically the ability to express yourself, to say words, to write words, to make gestures that are meaningful. so that is still part of her rehab process. >> meanwhile tropical storm emily expected to reach haiti by tonight or early tomorrow. it could cause flash floods and mudslides pap tropical storm watch is in effect for the much the eastern caribbean. florida, georgia and the carolinas could be in the storm's path by the weekend. death toll rises in syria. a human rights group says at least two dozen were killed by
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security forces, many more injured. the international community is intensifying its pressure on syria's government to stop its brutal crackdown. rang lawmakers are deciding whether to ask u.s. troops to stay beyond the year end deadline. a decision could come within a day or two. currently about 44,000 american forces remain active in iraq in a support role. radiation coming from the fukushima nuclear plant is registering at the highest level since right after the earthquake and tsunami back in march. a 60 minute dose could kill someone within week. investigators are trying to determine the source and how to clean it up. >> you see a worker in a white suit there holding a very long pole that is three meters long. the level measured at the end of that pole was at 10,000 millie see berts per hour. where the worker was standing, it was at 40 millisieverts per hour. so it does appear to be more of
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an isolated spot where the ra radiation was detected. it if you own ford pickup, a huge recall from ford. more than one million pickup trucks from 1997 through 2003, including the popular f-150, a problem with straps that hold the fuel tank could cause the vehicle to catch fire. so far one person has been injured. so after months of negotiations and partisan bickering, we have a debt limit deal that nobody thinks is all that great. but it does solve the immediate issue of raising the debt ceiling. we will talk about the deal, what happens next, as well as the political and economic impact with our cnn correspondents and analysts. joe johns is on capitol hill, alison kosik is at the new york stock cexchange and gloria borgr is in our washington bureau. let's begin with joe johns.
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he's at the center of the action on capitol hill. the debt deal is expected to pass. how many votes does it need and could there be any problems? >> reporter: it needs 60 votes and that is to avoid the threat of a filibuster, if you will. not clear whether anybody would employ delaying tactics on this bill which is really at the 11th hour and 59th minute almost. how because the senate is configured the way it is, you need 60 votes in order to assure passage. we've been watching the senate floor for some time and i just wanted to give you a bit of the flavor of what people are saying. we've seen a number of republicans come to the floor supporting it, a few republicans opposed. interestingly senator orrin hatch of utah who possibly could face a challenge from his right
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for re-election saying he won't vote for this bill because in his view it doesn't go far enough. senator david vitter of louisiana basically taking that same position, not on the floor at least so far, but in fact in a tweet that he sent out to people following him. a number of democrats also voicing a lot of concern about the bill saying they don't like some of the provisions inside it, there are concerns about entitlements, there are concerns about being able to raise revenue, in other words, tax increases. nonetheless, a number of democrats we've seen actually saying they'll vote for it with a little bit of heartburn. joe leash mieberman, the lined leans democrat, has also said he'll vote for it, too. back to you. >> i like that, a bit of heartburn. let's bring in gloria borger. lawmakers of course seem to be
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holding their noses and voting for this plan. is this a good deal for anybody and how does it shape the political debate for the white house and congress moving forward? >> well, it's a deal that there is something in it for everyone to hate and everybody does hate something in it. because that's the essence of compromise and it was the only way to get to raising the debt ceiling which was the goal. but i think if you step back for a moment, marty, what we're seeing right now is a real shift in the political discussion from an era which we were involved in stimulus spending to get the economy moving to a real era of restraint on fiscal policy. and there are huge economic a s arguments being made whether at this point in the economy we should be shifting from restraint to spending. but the politicians understand that the political movement right now is towards restraint
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and that's the effect of the tea party movement that we've seen on the congress. so it really is a sea change from what we've seen over the last couple of years where we've been spending money in order to get the economy moving, and now we're really putting the brakes on and the debate will continue about whether that is in fact the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do, whether it's right or wrong, that is exactly the way we're headed. >> the old adage i'm will tell. glor gloria, thanks very much for that. here is your chance to talk back on this story of the day. today's question, what would it take to restore your faith in lawmakers? ka carol costello joins us from new york. >> that's a loaded question, isn't it? if you're thinking everyone will soon for get the battle over the debt creel willing, think again. it was partisan rancor and
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political dysfunction at its worst. and it delivered a huge blow to american self-esteem. in a pew research poll, 72% describe the debt fight in words like ridiculous, disgusting, stupid, and frustrating. they also used terms like terrible, disappointing, chil childish and joke. only 2% view the debate as a positive thing. americans were mad as hell and seemed to have lost respect for their leaders. and then something amazing happened. there stepping out of the black hole of partisan ship came congresswoman xwgabrielle giffos ready to cast her vote because she said crossing the aisle for the good of the american people is more important than party politics. even representative eric cantor among the toughest republican negotiators was moved. >> shows that we're all american and it is about making sure that we're doing everything we can for the people who put us here and set aside all the bickering
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and the differences and actually come together, produce a bill that is a compromise for everybody. >> hollyly cow. we cheered gabby giffords because she represents hope, civility, and compromise. but it will take more than once appearance by give ordinaries for repart damage. so the talk back question today, what would it take to restore your faith in lawmakers? i'll read your comments later this hour. >> it was a marvelous moment to see. thanks very much. just ahead, the numbers are out. we will tell you how much the debt ceiling debacle has cost so far. and then we are live at the new york stock exchange. plus take a look. a school bus carrying high
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schoolers burst into flames. a student driver springs into action. and gathering strength, we'll have the latest on on tropical storm emily. and this. >> congress do not start your vacation without passing an faa bill. it is not fair.
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a school bus in georgia goes up in flames on the very first day of class. but thanks to the bus driver's quick action, everybody is oak. he told the kids to evacuate. firefighters say they don't know what exactly started the fire. kwame kilpatrick was released from prison this morning. he served 14 months of a five year sentence for violating probation in a case that is related to recovering up an area of he had with his top aide. kilpatrick and his father, though, still face trial next year on federal corruption charges. the stores were so bad in minnesota yesterday, it rain sideways. severe storms hit farmland before moving in to the twin cities. trees were uprooted, power knocked out and several reports of homes and businesses that were struck by lightning. for more on tropical storm emily, we're joined by rob
8:15 am
marciano. rob, how is it looking and where is it going? >> it's not going anywhere right now. the latest advisory from the national hurricane center shows it to be stationery. at one point it was moving westerly at 16 miles per hour, just booking along in the eastern caribbean, and now it's hit the brakes. basically what's happening is the center is redeveloping in another spot. you're seeing quite a bit of convection, thunderstorms around the center there. so that would indicate strengthening, but the air kroft that has been flying in there all morning is not reporting any sort of good organization or strengthening as far as the winds are concerned. . but regardless , the rain will e a huge issue. here is the forecast tresk. we don't take to hurricane strength, as a matter of fact, it may have a hard time getting over the mountains of hispaniola, but what gives us because and uncertainty as we get towards friday and saturday, obviously the continental u.s., southern bahamas, potentially
8:16 am
the southeast coastline could be in the path of this thing and that is a concern if it strengthens into a hurricane. people might be cheer leading this thing if it stay as tropical storm status because a lot of the southeast could use the rain. as far as how much rain, puerto rico and hispaniola could see anywhere from 5 to 10 inches potentially. mudslides certainly a possibility. if it does get past hispaniola, until it does that, all bets are off as far as how it affects the u.s., but we'll watch it closely. >> i'm going on vacation. >> you want a personal forecast. >> no, i just last saw it. the last position you showed for emily smack dab. >> but you probably got a good deal. >> i'll have to talk to the hotel about that. thanks very much. coming up, we'll talk with representative chris van holland and get his take on the debt
8:17 am
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