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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  August 10, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning to you. it is wednesday, august 10. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm sure you are awake at 5:00 a.m. eastern. i'm carol costello joining you live from new york. let's get started. in the uk, 10:00 a.m. in the morning. the country is coming off its fourth night of violence after police shot and killed is a black man nearly a week ago. now the problem has spread to cities like liverpool, manchester, nottingham and wolfer hampton.
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one assistant chief con stanl calls it unjustified acts of wanton krlt. nearly 800 people arrested for violence, disorder and looting. more than 100 officers have been hurt. the streets have been calmer, probably because there are twice as many police on the streets as there was a night before. amazon uk reports sales of lull num baseball bats are up 8,000% since the violence broke out. prime minister, david cameron meets with his crisis response committee, and he's called lawmakers from the summer holiday to address the problem. parliament meets tomorrow. >> these are sickening scenes, scenes of people looting, vandalizing, thieving, robbing, scenes of people attacking police officers and even attacking fire crews as they're trying to put out fires.
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this is criminality, clear and simple. it has to be confronted and defeated. if you're getting on a plane to the uk, the state department says stay away from the volatile area and don't get into arguments that might turn violent. good advice. two days after the dow pocalypse, let's see how the world is doing. european markets have opened on the plus side. u.s. stock futures have been all over the place this morning. of course, the dow started out yesterday in the red. this is a time lapsed look at the board. fasten your seatbelt and put up your tray table. you see it going to the green and stay there to the closing bell. it finished up nearly 430 points. that is the tenth largest point gain in the dow's history. of course, that came a day after the sixth biggest drop in its history. if you're going to watch the dow, it helps to have plenty of dramamine close by. the fed helped make that rally
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happen. it did. officials promised to keep interest rates, not just low, but exceptionally low for at least two years. one professor says the fed admit thad the economy will stay weak through the middle of 2013. on to the world of politics, the congressional super committee, the deficit killers assigned to lop a trillion and change from the deficit is taking shape. harry reid has named patty murray of washington, max baucus of montana and john kerry of massachusetts. murray will act as co-chair. here is what senior political analyst david gergen said about what lies ahead for them. >> all the indications are that there will be very tough fights ahead, there could easily be a stalemate in this committee. i will say the democrats are very supportive of senator reid's choices. on the republican side, there's a view these three, particularly senator murray, are very
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political. not only will she be out there raising money, but her number one job is to protect democrats up for re-election. >> senate republicans, house republicans and house democrats still have to appoint three members each. the committee is supposed to be set up by next week. the results came in a little while alge go, republicans held on to four of the six state senate seats that were up for grabs, and they held on to their majority. democrats needed three of those seats to take control, but they got only two. remember, this whole battle started in the winter when pro union protesters rallied against republican governor scott walker and legislation they claimed was anti-union. now to see how the world's money is doing this morning. let's go live to hong kong and andrew stephens. andrew, how did the asian and european markets do overnight? >> carol, i'm still chuckling over that dow pocalypse line. i like that a lot. you'll be pleased to know there has been a relief rally here,
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certainly not surprising given we saw the dow and s&p up 3%, 4% overnight for the asian markets at least. it hasn't been a convincing rally. if you look at japan, one of the big markets here, still the world's third biggest economy, up over a little more than 1%. hong kong up, australia up, not bad. put that in context with the fact that the asian markets as a whole are down about 13% over the previous six days' trading. if you go across the europe at this hour, all the markets in asia are closed, still trading in europe. they're up, carol. it's not convincing. london up by about 2/3 of 1%. obviously a lot of jitters about what's going on in the streets. there's still this feeling that it's a rally, but no one is yet convinced. >> well, if i'm sitting there at home and thinking, but wow, the numbers are up, and maybe the worst is over, would i be right? >> well, i think it's just way
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too early to say. i mean what we saw in the markets was, yes, there is some relief out there. but there is still mountains to climb. as you pointed out, low interest rates for the next two years sounds great. it also indicates that the u.s. economy is expected to stay pretty weak for quite a long time. now, on top of that, you're going to have a bit of a focus swing back to what's going on in europe, carol. as we know, there's been a debt crisis there that's been smoldering away for a long time now and doesn't show any signs of being put out once and for all by the authorities over there. so watch what happens in europe. while europe is still so vollive with the debt crisis, that's got to hit the markets. also look out for what happens on the u.s. economic front. look out for the next set of economic numbers in the u.s. if they're weak, we could start seeing selling off once again. >> okay. we'll keep an eye on it. thanks so much. you know, if you concentrate too much on the economy and the stock market, it gets really depressing. you have to laugh about it,
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right? >> here is your punch line this morning. we have help for you. >> the stock market is acting like me after three apple tinis. actually two appletinis. >> just the smell of an appletini. >> a menthol ated cough drop. the smell put me over. >> tonight's installment features treasury secretary timothy geithner talking about the debt crisis. listen. >> if we lose our credit rating or it jumps down to the next level, what does that mean? we have to pay higher interest rates to borrow money. >> absolutely. but there's not a chance that's going to happen to this country. >> that's right. there's not a chance there's not a chance.
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this power bar to give myself energy to make it through the show. i swwall load now. sorry about that. republican presidential candidate tichl pawlenty compared president obama's handling of the economy to a, quote, manure spreading in a windstorm, throwing everything into the wind without focus. let's head to at any time to check in with jacqui jeras. this is like deja vu all over again, isn't it? >> with what? >> i'm sorry. i was talking about daybreak because years ago, back in the day, we used to be together on another 5:00 a.m. show. >> sorry. it takes me a while at 5:00 a.m. i'm not doing it every day anymore. >> you're probably really happy about that. >> you know what? it's fun to do it now and then. the moon was gorgeous this morning. if that wasn't a reason to get
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up this morning, what is? >> i like your tude. >> right now doing okay out of the gate, we expect things to get ugly around boston. light rain and drizzle. low clouds, expect issues later this morning. orlando, miami, tampa, thunderstorms and heavy downpours from time to time. we'll see that fog across parts of the west again into the san francisco bay area. overall we'll be focusing in on the nation's midsection where we're expected to see showers and thunderstorms possibly becoming severe. already a rough start this morning across parts of nebraska, kansas and oklahoma. it makes for great pictures. take a look at this video out of western nebraska, some storm chasers -- listen. do you hear it? yeah. there's ping-pong ball-sized hail in there. 167 reports of severe hail yesterday. it all ends in a lovely rainbow.
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>> oh, that makes it all worth it. that damage to your car, rainbow makes everything better. >> anything for a smile. there ss. ah! viagra could get a makeover. egyptian researchers have packed nano technology into a patch instead of a little blue pill. the idea is slap that baby on and get fewer side effects. no word yesterday on when it will be made available. is it a boy or a girl? a new blood test out can sell the sex of your baby after just seven weeks. critics say early tests like this could lead to abortions if mothers aren't happy with the baby's gender. it's for sale in europe. doesn't have fda approval yet. we won't see it here in the united states for a couple decades. incredible video of an accident in houston. this one left investigators baffled. one good thing, no one was hurt. details on exactly what
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at exxon and mobil, we engineer smart gasoline that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly while leaving behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil. what the comedians saying? here is your punch line. >> this is what michele bachmann
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looks like when she's relaxing. come on. that's an unfair cover. >> take the picture in three, two, one and not yet, wait. and take it. >> all right. come, pose. three, two, one -- and almost -- not yet -- and -- no -- not happening. hold on. i got it. i got it. no problem. it's going to be on the magazine cover. >> have you heard about the controversy with "newsweek" magazine and michele bachmann? she's on the cover of "newsweek." they say it makes her look crazy. here is the cover. that's what they say. i don't know. nancy pelosi saw it and nancy pelosi said, no, it doesn't look crazy to me. it looks fine. >> oh, my gosh. that was funny. what a better way to set up our
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political ticker, tim farley. you're not laughing, tim. what's with you? that's funny. >> i feel like i look good now. i've seen so much of those pictures over the last few days, not a flattering picture. there's tons of them around. we all have them in our closet somewhere. luckily, you don't have to worry about that? >> oh, no, not me. i was talking to an analyst that said the whole thing will actually help michele bachmann. she's letting it slide and letting people like reporters at "the new york times" stand up for her. >> exactly. may be the case. how about this new committee, one-fourth of the way there. the new super committee making its way through. senator harry reid finally haemd v named three members, senator max baucus, senator patty murray and john kerry. senator murray knows about
2:17 am
banking. senator baucus, chair of the finance committee, senator kerry, long-time veteran and someone who has dealt with numbers on defense with foreign relations. there's a complaint from republicans. >> no, come on? there's a complaint? really? oh, my gosh. >> yes. what i think, though, carol, is going to be the deciding factor is who are the republicans going to name from the house of representatives because they have to go after districts. that's really going to tell exactly how much ideology is at work here and whether there's any room for compromise whatsoever. we'll have to wait and see. >> the rumor floating around is eric cantor is the leading contender. he's the guy that walked out of the negotiations. if the republicans appoint somebody like eric cantor who is pretty stead fast in his beliefs, i don't know, it might throw a wrench into things before it even starts, right? >> a lot of republicans, paul ryan is another name thrown around. dave camp, who is in charge of appropriations.
2:18 am
whoever they name to that committee might give you a sense of whether there's an opportunity to get seven votes out of 12 that would be necessary to keep it from triggering the so-called draconian cuts that would be called for if this committee can't come to some consensus. >> they have until august 16th. jon huntsman is making what his campaign calls a major announcement in florida today. >> yeah. trying to get noticed, i guess. tomorrow is the debate. saturday is the ames straw poll. huntsman's campaign hasn't picked up traction. some are wondering could this be the end of the campaign? i kind of think not only because he has been focusing on new hampshire and a little on south carolina and pretty much ignoring iowa. i also don't think it's a jeb bush endorsement. although that's part of the speculation. meanwhile, he's getting at least a headline in this very tough month of august for him to get noticed. >> i know, he's been like virtually invisible. an interesting phenomenon.
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>> plays the piano. >> he was good playing that peanut song. tim farley, host of "the morning briefing" on sirius xm potus. if you're not looking at this screen at this very moment, this you must see. this travel truck accident is being called bizarre and unexplainable. the driver said he didn't realize the trailer was rising until it slammed into the overhead sign. it separated from the cab. amazingly enough, no one was hurt in the accident but did cause big traffic headaches. it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in seconds. the u.s. government is putting brakes on an italian super car that cost $1 million. it was supposed to go on sale this year. federal safety regulators blocked it. the automaker is hoping to launch the car by 2013. every day on this show we
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22 minutes past the hour. i'm carol costello. calm in london after 16,000 police officers flood the
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streets. nearly 800 people arrested, cars are blackened. the rioting has spread to other sit tease. phil black is live in london. phil, are things calm right now or still experiencing problems there? >> reporter: carol, it certainly has been a much calmer night on the streets of london so far. i'm standing outside 10 downing street, the bright tisch prime minister's residence where he's been holding a meeting with senior administrators and police commanders essentially to discuss the success, if you like, of the surge of police officers we saw last night, the increased police officer numbers to around 16,000, more than double what there was the previous night. on the face of it, it would seem to have been a success because there was no large-scale rioting on the streets of london. good news there. the prime minister still has other problems. we've seen the disturbances spread to other uk cities with significant disturbances there. there is still some work yet for
2:24 am
the prime minister, for british police to do to find a resolution to this on going problem. >> state department is telling americans in london to be on ale alert. you never expect to hear that about london. >> reporter: essentially good advice. to put it in proper context, only in certain areas. much of london is problem-free. certainly the major shopping areas, business centers and so forth are operating absolutely normally. but it is essentially good advice to simply be aware of what may be happening in certain districts. the nature of these riots is they have been very fast-moving. they described them as flash riots, group of people coming together very, very quickly and causing these disturbances. carol. >> phil black live in london. now let's head to syria. the united states is inching ever closer to calling on president assad to step down. sources saying the announcement
2:25 am
should be made in several days. fareed zakaria discussed that development on "john king usa." >> it puts the screws even further on assad. i think it is not the beginning of the end. john, what we realized about many of these regimes, they are real police states, really brutal, really tough. tough to crack. sanctions didn't get rid of saddam hussein. sanctions and a no-fly zone haven't gotten rid of moammar gadhafi. i doubt it will get rid of president assad in syria. >> one human rights group says more than 2,300 people have been killed in the syrian crack down. search crews scouring the western tip of the island in aruba. robyn gardner was snorkeling with a friend who is now considered a suspect in the
2:26 am
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good morning to you. it is wednesday, august 10th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello joining you live from new york. it's 29 minutes past the hour. let's take a quick look at the world markets. most all the asian markets posted gains. most european markets opened on the plus side. u.s. stock futures have been all over the place. the dow finished up nearly 430 points tuesday. that's the tenth largest point gain in history. the fed helped make that rally happen. officials promised to keep
2:30 am
interest rates exceptionally low for the next two years. the interest rates couldn't go lower, so they went longer. one economist tells cnn's piers morgan why that's not normal fed behavior. >> i think there was a bit of a shock at how much the fed acknowledged the economy was weak by saying in an unprecedented statement that they could keep it at the zero target until mid 2013. they put a date on it. that is just not done by the federal reserve. another economist says the fed basically has admitted the economy will stay weak through the middle of 2013. the congressional super committee assigned to lop a trillion in change from the deficit is now taking shape. harry reid named the democrats who will serve. they are patty murray of washington, max baucus of montana and john kerry of massachusetts. we're a quarter of the way way. the committee is supposed to be
2:31 am
set up by next week. we've seen what's been going on in britain the past few days, fires, looting marauding gangs. the sale of aluminum baseball bats has skyrocketed. amazon reported orders were up more than 8,000 pr. on the amazon discussion board there. if you find yourself not able to update your status. anonymous might be to blame. the hacker group is vowing to kill facebook november 5th. the video message says even if you delete your account, all your information stays on facebook. facebook is not commenting on the alleged plot. just days before president obama and his family are supposed to be on vacation, there's been a small fire at his vacation home on martha's vineyard. the fire chief of chill mark, massachusetts says an outdoor gas grill caught fire at the
2:32 am
main house at blue heron farm. the damage was minor. the london riots no doubt a serious situation. count on comedians to find the funny side. here is your punch line. >> how bad has the situation gotten? >> it's been called the battle for london. it's been called mindless violence. >> it's been called the hoodie blitz, the regrettable hull ballou, beef yellington. here is what you have to love about anarchy in the uk, even the looters queue up. tough times in britain for, well, nearly all businesses. not all, some businesses. seeing an emergency glass repair van driving through a neighborhood rife with flying rocks, not the same without musical accompaniment. ♪
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>> benny hill. in today's businessman's special, apple beats out gasoline, if only for a brief moment. we'll have details for you in 60 seconds. got to pay the bills. it's 32 minutes past the hour. [ vending man ] hi there! that's not going to satisfy you. come on. it's time for a better snack. try this. it's yoplait greek. it has two times the protein of regular yogurt. you'll feel satisfied. [ female announcer ] yoplait greek.
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it is so good. oh, and there's a smile. it is 33 minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello. back to our businessman's special. apple computer became the most valuable company in america, it beat out exxon mobil, but just for a moment. exxon ended at the top of the heap. for your morning money news, christine romance. in looking at markets, the futures are look great. now i'm thinking somebody on wall street is making a lot of
2:35 am
money because of all this up and down of the stock market. >> people always make a lot of money when there's volatility. people lose money as well. this is when i usually give my morning market call, but i'm not going to because it's completely volatile. futures are down right now, dow down about 20 points or so. so that's indicating a little bit of skittishness this morning. it's all about sort of day two, parsing the fed and what the fed's statement, as you heard from diane swonk earlier, it will keep rates exceptionally low through at least 2013. for those of us covering the markets for a long time, it's unheard of for the fed to give a clear assessment of how long it's going to do something, also saying it has an array of policy tools that it can use. we'll see how that plays out today. still, carol, volatile, volatile, volatile. any piece of news can move this fragile market one way or the other. so buckle up. >> we've been buckled for a few
2:36 am
days now. it's no big thing for us. a big day for news corp. the company had its first board meeting in los angeles. according to bloomberg magazine, news corp.'s james murdoch is defending the accuracy of his testimony. >> a lot of news in the uk hacking scandal. we'll see whether news corp. says anything about it in the earnings. there was a board meeting yesterday. they may very well have discussed it there. we can be hearing about it in the earnings and earnings call today. james murdoch has a deadline this week to appear or at least respond to questions from parliament about just what he knew when, about how many reporters at the news corp. empire had been involved in this phone hacking. he had said he only knew about one. he testified he only knew about one. some of the former "news of the world" editors told parliament otherwise. today is the deadline there. look for drama in the news corp. story in the phone hacking scandal. >> we'll be ready.
2:37 am
thanks christine. chad ochocinco wants to get acquainted with his new fans. the patriots wide receiver hopes someone will open their home and let him move in. his only two requests? we'll tell you just ahead. first, as you're drinking your coffee this morning, check out our get smart question. which country produces the most coffee, brazil, colombia or honduras? we'll tell you the answer after the break. it's 37 minutes past the hour.
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it's 39 minutes past the hour. back to our "get smart" question of the day. if you didn't get the right answer to this question, go back to bed. which country produces the most coffee? that would be brazil t. answer is a. for our political ticker, let's bring in comedian and host of
2:40 am
"standup" with pete dominic on sirius xm potus channel. pete, so nice seeing you earlier in the morning. >> good morning. i would have said colombia. does that mean i need to go back to bed? that would be great. >> absolutely. get out of here. >> all right. i'm out of here. >> stay for a while because we have to talk politics. you can put a comedic spin on this. that's what it really needs these days. senate majority leader harry reid has already picked his three democratic senators to serve on the super committee. as you might expect, republicans are condemning one of his picks, that would be patty murray. why? >> well, priebus, who is head of the rnc put out a complaint. he could have filled in the blanks with who he is going to complain about because that's his job. you'll hear something similar from the dnc, just filling in the blanks. but the reason senator patty
2:41 am
murray is in charge of fund-raising for senate campaigns, and so he doesn't think she should be on that. they'll criticize whatever choices they make for these 12 senators, the super committee, or as i'm referring to them, the dirty dozen. it's not only republicans that complain. there's plenty of campaign advocates that want to take the money out of campaigns from other organizations that are also complaining that patty murray is on here because they think her big concern will be fund-raising. there's a lot to complain about. whoever they choose, they'll all be put under a microscope. this committee of 12 people will be lobbied harder than any other 12 or any one person on any committee ever by the lobbyists. take the money out. that's what people are saying. >> well, i don't think that's possible, sadly. i understand where they're coming from. speaking of money, did you hear about this missouri mom. she's also a broker. she sort of sent this message
2:42 am
for s&p for downgrading the u.s. credit status. she hired a plane to fly a banner over the s&p headquarters in new york saying thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired. you have to admire her huts ba. >> thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired. apparently originally this anonymous broker from st. louis wanted to fly this over washington, d.c. that was the initial intention. of course, carol, you can't fly planes over washington, d.c., especially when they're carrying a message because if you could there would constantly be planes flying over washington, d.c. carrying messages about why they should be fired. they ended up flying it over wall street, near standard & poor's, actually. i love this, with all this new technology we've forgotten ability some of the older ways to protest which is some of the great ways, dragging a banner behind a plane. i love it! >> so americana.
2:43 am
thank you, pete dominic, nice seeing you so early. >> you, too, carol. nfl star chad ochocinco is looking for a roommate, but not just anyone. he's hoping to crash with a new england patriots fan for a few weeks until he can learn his way around boston after leaving the bengals. his top two requests, they must have internet access and an xbox. just so you now, this day in history in 1776, london learned americans had drafted the declaration of independence. it's 43 minutes past the hour. i. but i learned there's something more i can do. now, i take care with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and night.
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good morning. it's wednesday, august 10th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello joining you live from new york. a tense calm mid morning in london after 16,000 police officers flood the streets trying to end the riots. nearly 800 people have been arrested. stores ransacked, cars are blackened and now the rioting has spread to other cities. phil black is live in london where i guess you're awaiting another comment from the prime minister. >> indeed carol, that's right. he's been at 10 downing street meeting with senior ministers and police commanders. they've been reviewing the
2:47 am
success of last night's police operation which involved the surge of 16,000 police officers onto the streets of london. on the face of it it seems to have worked. it was a much quieter night on the streets of london. there were no large-scale incidents of rye oth. still dozens of arrests. that's very much the image or the presence that the prime minister is trying to convey, the fact the police are on the streets in big numbers and are very much in charge and he's a leader very much in charge of the situation. while london seems to have been calm, there have been large-scale disturbances in other uk cities. you can expect him to come under increasing political pressure about just what the cause of this rioting was and also the government's plans to slash some public spending budgets as part of its overall debt reduction plan. the government was cutting the police budget, cutting police numbers. in the face of recent events, the prime minister has political opponents and allies suggesting that perhaps that is not such a
2:48 am
good idea. carol? >> perhaps not since you need extra police officers to bring calm back to the streets of london and beyond. let's talk about the reason these riots are spreading to other towns. we have heard it's grown beyond the initial reason of, you know, that terrible police shooting, and people are protesting because they don't have jobs, and it's because of these big cuts in spending by the government. >> well, there's a lot of speculation about this. to be honest, there's still no clear answer. i think it is certainly fair to say that initial motivation that we saw on saturday night and that one isolated part of london which was frustration, anger over a police shooting earlier in the week, i don't think that is in any way linked to what we have seen grow and spread across london and now even beyond london as well. from the point of view of the officials, the authorities here, they believe it is only criminal
2:49 am
ality, it is losing causing damage and destruction and there's no clear political grievance involved in any way. >> which makes it tougher to control. phil black, many thanks, live from london this morning. two days after the dow pocalypse and three business days after the u.s. credit rating was taken down a notch, let's see how the world markets are doing. most all asian markets posted gains. european markets in the green. u.s. stock futures all over the place. the dow spent part of yesterday deep in the red but finished up nearly 430 points, and that would be the tenth largest point gain in the dow's history. of course, that came a day after the sixth biggest drop in its history. on to syria now. the united states is coming closer to call on syrian president, bashar al assad to step down. cnn's fareed zakaria discussed the development on "john king usa." >> it puts the screws even
2:50 am
further on assad, but i think it doesn't -- it is not the beginning of the end. john, what we've realized about many of these regimes is they are real police states, really brutal, really tough, and they're tough to crack. sanctions didn't get rid of sass dad hussein or moammar gadhafi. i doubt they'll get rid of president assad in syria. >> one human rights group says more than 2,300 people have been killed in the syrian crackdown. the results from wisconsin's recall elections are in. republicans held on to four of the six senate seats up for grabs and hemmed on to their majority. democrats needed three seats to take control, but got only two. remember this battle started in the winter when pro union protesters rallied against republican congressman scott walker and legislation they claimed was anti-union. let's head to the weather
2:51 am
center and jacqui jeras. i'm sure you're going to have a beautiful forecast for everyone all over the country. >> you're so funny. never the case, right? my bright spot today is that oklahoma city is probably only going to get to 99 today. >> oh, wow! >> this is the first time in weeks that they haven't had an excessive heat in advisory in effect. so yea! >> it's crazy when 99 is cool. >> i know. right. it's close to the average high for this time of year. travelers want to know what's going on at the airports and in terms of thunderstorms. we've had a lot of action across the plain states overnight and early this morning. no flight delays right now. but say kansas city towards st. louis, oklahoma city, denver, you might have to do a little flying around these thunderstorms. be aware of that. we are expecting delays later today. boston, new york city, we'll have low clouds in boston. new york looking for winds to potentially hold you up. orlando, tampa, miami, showers and thunderstorms especially this afternoon.
2:52 am
that fog is going to be with you all week in san francisco unfortunately, so rival delays especially if you're flying from elsewhere in the country into san francisco, delays in memphis. look at the whole area where we're expecting receive ver weather today. the heat stays shoved farther to the south of there. yea oklahoma city, yea, kansas city. we'll show you the sunny and good stuff across the west. >> yea! what about texas though? is it still in the grips of the terrible heat wave? >> yeah, they really are. still looking at probably 106 today in dallas. that streak of hundred-plus days will continue. probably will break the record next week. >> at least they have the comfort of knowing they're going to break a record. >> hottest july ever in dallas. >> yea. thank you, jacqui. before we go, let's take a look at the word of the day. the word of the day would be
2:53 am
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56 minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." the word of the day, rage. there are four definitions according to the merriam webster dictionary. the first is violent and uncontrolled anger. the second, violent action. the third, intense feeling, and the fourth, a fad pursued with intense enthusiasm. you know it's all the rage.
2:57 am
"newsweek's" cover story describes presidential candidate michele bachmann as the queen of rage. some say the headline is sexist. one person not weighing in, michele bachmann herself. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." here are three things to put on your radar today. keep your eye out for important housing numbers, the mba mortgage index out at 7:00 eastern. at 9:00, the pentagon will hold a briefing on afghanistan, expecting to take questions about the helicopter crash that killed 30 american troops. the president is hosting a dinner to celebrate the muslim holiday at the white house, a tradition started by president bill clinton and continued by president george w. bush. let's go to carter evans for a look at your money. he joins us live from the nasdaq market site. overnight oil prices dropped which i always think is a good thing for the people at home. but is it really? >> oil prices went down, then they went up again, actually up 3% this morning, kind of like
2:58 am
futures, all over the place. carol, i wanted to show you something interesting. this is the intraday charted for the dow yesterday. this is blen the fed released the statement, the big drops in negative territory. all of a sudden it rocketed up 400 points. this period was why investors were trying to figure out exactly what the fed meant with the statement. they were trying to interpret it. at first it seemed like bad news. then clearly they thought it was good news. it's not necessarily showing today in the futures, though. currently dow futures are flat. nasdaq futures are down 7.5, s&p down about four points. i agree with christine, anything can happen today. futures will be changing a lot. one thing is for sure and this is on cnn today, stocks are selling at fire sale prices on wall street. stocks have fallen 15% during the last month. they're down 20% since april's high. companies are still delivering very, very strong results. there are lots of really good bargains out there. this is a good story.
2:59 am
also, carol, do you have an iphone? >> no, i'm one of the few people in america that does not have an iphone. i have a good old-fashioned blackberry. >> still have one of those crack berries. to everybody who has an eye phone, this is an interesting thing you should read, your password can be hacked in 18 minutes if you have an iphone. a password made of four numeric characters takes 18 minutes, alphanumeric characters four takes eight minutes. if you have eight knew mark, it takes 13,000 minutes. >> my husband red that article and made me change all my passwords and now i can't remember them. >> i have that problem, too. comedian stephen colbert wants you to know it's all heatsteria. >> the media is trying to convince us this summer has been extra hot by throwing around fake temperatures. >> feels like 116 i


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