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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 14, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it would be nice to see that. >> he will. >> be nice to see him make a success of rebuilding himself in the way that you have i think. >> thank you. >> it's been a pleasure to meeting. >> you thank you. >> good luck with the book. very honest and fascinating. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon coming to you tonight from ames, iowa, site of the iowa straw poll. in-depth analysis of the results is just ahead. first breaking news out of indianapolis i want to tell you about. look at the pictures there, just coming in. at least a dozen people hurt tonight when a stage collapsed at the indiana state fair according to the indianapolis star website. high winds toppled the stage rigging between the opening and main acts of the outdoor concert. here's what we're hearing. the country band sugarland was just about to take the is taken
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when that accident occurred. again, this video just coming into cnn. these are live pictures coming from our affiliate wthr. we're going to be following up on the news. ann ramsay was at the state fair on a ride and ann, you said you felt it shaking. was this weather, did a system come through you felt like? >> we were at the fair. i was with my kids and my sister-in-law back in the midway and all of a sudden is, the wind started blowing. things started blowing around. luckily, my son was ushered off the ride and people just started running and screaming. and i watched a mom and her daughter almost get trampled. the worker got her up and we got up to the front and tried to get on a tram to see if we could get to our car. and they shut the tram down and ushered us into a building for safety.
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and they said there were tornado warnings around. we had driven by the stage and you could see people emptying out and that the point, nothing looked like it had fallen. but when we got inside and they turned the news on to try to find out what the weather was going on, then they started showing from our local station that the stage had collapsed. and we could all stand and see. >> hey. ann, i want you to stand by. don't go anywhere. i want to bring in erin richmond who was at the stage when it happened. are you there? >> i am. >> erin, tell us where you were and what happened. >> well, i was sitting in the grandstand watching the concert. as the opening act had just finished, one of the announcers came on to tell us that sugarland was going to try and perform a few of their songs. before the actual storm came in, and usually probably like a few
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minutes after that, a big gust of wind came through. you could see a lot of people panicking and just all the scaffolding and speakers and i mean just all that came crashing down and the whole stand just collapsed. landing on the vip section at the very front. probably injuring at least a dozen people. it looked like there were many people underneath the stage, police and ambulance everywhere. really chaotic. >> i was just going to ask you, did you see people trapped? were people screaming for help in did can you see debris on top of anyone? >> it did look like there was people trapped underneath the stage. right now, i mean it, people were just going crazy, a lot of people trying to get underneath to get people out from under there. i could not tell you how many people were trapped under there, at least a few. >> okay, stand by. i want to update viewers if you're just joining us now, we're following breaking news
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here on cnn from the indiana state fair in indianapolis, indiana. wthr. a stage collapsed during a concert there. according to the indianapolis star website, high winds toppled the stage rigging between the opening and main acts of this outdoor concert. we're being told the country band sugarland was just about to take the is taken when the accident occurred. we're on the phone with aaron richmond who said there were people trapped in front. did a big wind gust come through? tell us about the conditions at the time of this collapse. >> it was not -- you could definitely see the storm coming in. you could just feel the wind picking up, and it just rolled right through and then that's when the storm just like blew right through. >> okay.
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aaron, stand by. we're going to go back now to ann ramsay. ann was at the fair, she was on a ride. so ann, did you feel a big gust of wind and according to aaron, he said it wasn't raining at the time. but what were the conditions like where you were in that part of the park? >> you could see the sky just darkening and black and clouds circling. there was a huge gust of wind and things started blowing. also, the stands, the games, people were scrambling. those workers were scrambling to try to get things off the games. people started running and the rides immediately shutdown. >> ann, thank you very much. aaron, thank you. at least a dozen people hurt at a concert and fair at the indiana state fair in indianapolis when a stage collapsed. it appears, we don't know for sure, there was a big gust of wind possibly that contributed to all of this happening. but again, we're going to continue to follow breaking news and try to get some sort of official, some sort of representative from the area to tell us exactly what happened. but again, according to the
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people who were there one young man we spoke to aaron richmond said he was at the stage when it collapsed and he said there were people who were trapped underneath. he managed to get away but at least 12 people didn't, we are told. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news right here on cnn. don't go anywhere. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann winning one of the first major tests for the republicans seeking the oval offices in 2012. bachman beat all the other competitors to win with 29% of the vote. in her speech today, back mon declared "we are the team that can't be beat." here are the full results from the iowa straw poll right here. texas congressman ron paul had a
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very strong showing in second place behind bachman. for minnesota governor tim pawlenty game in third and rick santorum took fourth place. her man cain took the number five spot. texas governor rick perry came in sixth. he wasn't even on the ballot. all of his support came from write-in votes. he just declared his candidacy in the south carolina just hours before the poll results came out. listen. >> it is time to get america working again and that's why with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states. >> well, perry definitely casts a long shadow over the iowa straw poll. he beat the man whom many called the overall front-runner in this race and that's mitt romney.
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romney came in seventh ahead of former speaker of the house newt gingrich who was in eighth place and former utah governor jon huntsman placed ninth in the poll and coming in last, michigan congressman thaddeus mccotter. there is still one republican name we haven't mentioned and she hasn't even declared but definitely making her presence felt in this race. we're talking about of course, none other than former alaska governor sarah palin who paid a visit to the iowa, but insisted to me personally she wasn't stealing the spotlight. we're going to hear more from sarah palin later on in this broadcast. we've got part of the best political team on television with us to break down this straw poll. with me in ames is cnn political producer shannon travis and mark preston is standing by in greenland, new hampshire, another early primary state where rick perry traveled after leading south carolina. shannon, is it a surprise to anyone michelle won this poll? >> it's not much of a surprise michele bachmann won this contest.
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she was widely expected to win. she entered the late a little bit later than competitors. some of the headlines emerging tomorrow other than she won this race, one, a lot of people were questioning whether she had the organization to win. she had the passion, she had the buzz but did she have the organization. it takes a whole lot of money and volunteers and staff to get people to come to these contests in the middle of a hot saturday. she did that. the second headline is you know michele bachmann is a tea party darling running against washington. a lot of people dismissed her as you saw the news week cover, the queen of ranl or what have you. she won a very traditional contest. this is a traditional republican nominating contest. and so can she be dismissed as just the tea party darl, the queen of rage after this win? this legitimate mizes her in a lot of ways. >> after a very strong showing. let's move on because rick santorum told candy crowley if he didn't come in a certain position, he was going to get out of the race. is it good enough for him to stay in the race?
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>> he told candy crowley he had to place in the top five. he narrowly made that. that might be enough to keep his campaign alive for a little bit longer. now we're moving into phase two of this campaign and donors will be looking at who's really serious, who should we give our money to. that will be a major major thing for him whether he can convince voters that a fourth place finish is good enough. >> mark preston, tim pawlenty we're told spent a lot of money trying to win this thing but he only came in third. is this it for him? >> well, we're already seeing the headlines right now that tim pawlenty's campaign for the white house is doomed if not over. but the fact of the matter is, i believe it's going to go on. the question is, what will he do with his campaign structure? will he try to live on the land, what they say in political speak, meaning will he try to live in iowa and new hampshire with a scaled down staff and will he stay in the midget to the back of the pack and hope that one of the front-runners
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such as mitt romney or looks like governor perry at this point stumbles and will there be an opening. right now tim pawlenty has said he's going to stay in the race. the question is will he have the money and how long will he stay in the race. >> all right. there's a reason you're in greenland, new hampshire right now because you're following rick perry. mark, what does it say about perry that he came in sixth in the poll just hours after he announced his candidacy and he wasn't even on the ballot? >> no, he wasn't on the ballot. we should note there was an organizing effort that was supportive of rick perry, was not backed by rick perry meaning he did not have much if anything to do with it. but there was an organizing effort that tried to get people to write his name on the ballot. the interesting thing about rick perry is he plays very well in social conservative circles. and in iowa specifically the straw poll is dominated by social conservatives.
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so it shouldn't be too surprising that he playses sixth in the straw poll. fact of the matter is today down in south carolina and here in new hampshire, he didn't talk about social conservative issues. he talked about the number one issue facing the corrupt right now. that's the economy and i believe that's all we're going to hear from rick perry in the coming weeks as he now has launched his presidential campaign. >> all right. mark preston there in new hampshire. and also shannon travis joining me right here in ames, iowa. appreciate both of you. good analysis. more analysis coming up next. republican strategist alex cas tell lan knows on the results of the straw poll and rick perry's entry into the field. speaking of perry, we'll show you a lot more of his announcement that he made this afternoon. he's already creating buzz among republicans. also, will a tweet lead to possible criminal charges? a rapper offers the job of a lifetime to followers but the phone number is to a local sheriff's department. the chaos that resulted straight ahead. you can reach out to us on twitter, facebook, or on foursquare, as well.
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all right. this is our breaking news on cnn. there has been a stage collapse at the indiana state fair. you're look at live pictures there from our affiliate wthr. we're told right now, at least, a dozen people were injured. a dozen people injured in this when that stage collapsed. people who were there on the scene said a strong gust of wind came through. we're reaching out to sources on the ground to see exactly what happened and what contributed to this. the band sugarland was just about to play and here's what they're saying now on twitter. we are all right, they're saying. we are praying for our fans and the people of indianapolis.
1:16 am
we hope you'll join us. they need your strength. again, that's our breaking news. there's been a stage collapse, a lot of people hurt. we're going to continue to follow it on cnn and we're going to talk politics now. thank you, everyone, for coming today and thank you so much. what we saw happen today is this is the very first step toward taking the white house in 2012. and you have just sent a message that barack obama will be a one-term president. >> oh, michele bachmann and her campaign feeling lots of energy today and very proud. the tea party members and supporters are celebrating the win in the iowa straw poll win. bachman is a driving force of the tea party on capitol hill, heading the tea party caucus in the house of representatives.
1:17 am
i want to bring in cnn contributor alex. before i get your reaction, listen to more reaction from michele bachmann and then you and i will talk. >> let's talk. >> thank you, everyone. we did this together. thank you, everyone, for coming today and thank you so much. what we saw happen today. >> so listen, again, do you think other members of the tea party, other members of the tea party running in this race, should they be worried about bachman now that she has won this? >> it's now a three-person race, mitt romney, michele bachmann and the new guy, rick perry. so yeah, she's credentialed herself today but she's got a tough choice. now she's got to decide does she try to outconservative rick perry like she did pawlenty or try to demonstrate she can beat barack obama in a general election. >> i wanted to pose that question to her today because
1:18 am
you said earlier that this is either the beginning of her campaign or the end of her campaign. she either has to appeal to a broad base and become the nominee or to a group, to i an core group. >> yes, is she pat buchanan or ronald reagan. she doesn't have to abandon her principles or anything she believes. but can she make her principles work on a larger audience? a big test for her, probably not. her history is she's more of a social conservative and she needs to talk economy. how are we going to create jobs. >> she needs to talk economy. >> yeah. >> among other things, is that what you believe she's not -- she's not hitting that point hard enough? >> not strong enough now and running against a governor of texas who's created jobs, a businessman. she's a congresswoman. she needs to fill that space quickly. >> she won today but rick perry had some disagree it was a strong showing bau considering how much he only got 700 or so. but to not even be here and to
1:19 am
declare today, what does that say? does this change the game plan for everyone, including michele bachmann. >> rick perry had a good day today. i'm not the biggest fan but he gave a pretty good speech today. >> why not? >> well, there's a question of authenticity with rick perry i think. a lot of people think he's a coffee table book, a lot of pretty pictures and no text. and presidential campaigns are tough. they test you that way. but he's going to be tested. that's for voters to decide, not me. right now, he's a jobmaker in texas. romney is a jobmaker as a businessman. michele bachmann needs to make her case quickly. >> if you have any more advice for bachman or anyone, perry, anyone in this race now because you and i talked about, you know, organized campaigns, disorganized campaigns, how you run your campaign is how you're going to run the white house. what advice, let's start with bachman. you said talk economy. what advice would you give her
1:20 am
beyond that? >> go to new hampshire tomorrow. put a 21-point plan together how you're going to grow america's economy, your strategy for america's success in a global frontier. >> perry? >> perry, perry's conservative enough to win. his i think biggest challenge is going to be not only authenticity but it's going to be is he an echo of the last election. george bush, texas, same kind you have ideology. same texas boots and we lost. is he a sequel to the movie that nobody went to see last time? he's got to distinguish himself from that. >> ron paul was second. does he stand a chance? he's very popular here. you can't walk an inch without seeing a butcher sticker, a button, something, a t-shirt, a tattoo of him. but does he stand a chance? >> and sometimes the most intense campaigns are the least successful. george mcgovern, barry goldwater. he doesn't travel. he doesn't appeal to anything
1:21 am
beyond a very narrow base. but it's funny. he's become almost an elder statesman. a lot of things he said about the economy and sound money, now everybody's saying. >> saying the same thing. so as we go before beat go to break here, that's your final advice for everyone? i'm going to let you put a stamp on it, if you will. >> the race is down to really i think two now, mitt romney and rick perry. may the best man win. >> not michele bachmann? >> i don't think she'll make it. >> you heard it. alex cas tell lan knows, really appreciate it. up next here on cnn, what the democrats think of today's gop straw poll. debbie wasserman schultz drops by and speaks with us and we have a reminder we are following breaking news out of indiana. a is taken at the state fair has collapsed where the country band sugarland was scheduled to perform. this is new video. you see all of the emergency workers there on the scene. it's from our affiliate wthr. there are numerous injuries. at lot of count, there were at least a dozen people. don't go anywhere.
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democrats were few and far between here and ames, iowa, today, site of the republican straw poll but we did catch up with the head of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schulze and asked her whether president obama has anything to fear from any of the republicans in today's poll. >> michele bachmann and ron paul and the entire collection of republican candidates are totally out of step with what the average american is looking for in terms of solutions. job creation getting our economy turned around, the average american voter is not -- is supportive of ending medicare as we know it. all the republican candidates are. the average american voter isn't
1:25 am
supporting privatizing social security. the average american voter wants us to work together. >> if mitt romney had won, would you not have also said look, here's a radical. he's out of step. because the democratic party's way of going at this and certainly the president's way of going at this is going hey, the crazy people are out there. don't elect them. elect the same people. >> mitt romney demonstrated the last few days he's right up there with the extreme right wing fringe. >> he polls right up there against president obama even. >> i don't think he will be very soon. the other day, he declared corporations and people being equivalent and he said that corporations are people. i don't think that most people think exxonmobil and general electric are the same as people. he raised his right hand along with all the other eight presidential candidates thursday night at the debate and said that even if the most reasonable of requests in trying to solve our deficit problem that he would oppose ten to one spending
1:26 am
cuts to revenue. the majority of americans don't agree with all of these candidates for president on the right wing of the republican party. >> that was the chair of the dnc earlier tonight here on cnn. we have breaking news out of indiana. a concert is taken has collapsed at the state fair just as the country band sugarland was about to perform. a number of injuries are reported. we're expecting a live news conference in a few minutes here on cnn. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. also, the tweet that could lead to criminal charges against a rapper. he offers the job of a lifetime to his followers but instead the phone number he posted is for the local sheriff's department. we're talking to a sheriff department captain about it coming up. i'm good about washi. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark
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we're following breaking news here on cnn. just look at the video coming in from indianapolis. at least, at least a dozen people were hurt when high winds toppled the is taken rigging at an outdoor concert at the indiana state fair. again, this is just coming in to cnm. i want to tell you the country band sugarland was just about to take the stage when a very powerful storm hit. there are reports that people were trapped under the stage. as bad as it looks, it could have been much worse because fair goers were being evacuated before the is taken collapsed. sugarland posted this on its twitter account. "we are all right.
1:30 am
we are praying for our fans and the people of indianapolis. we hope you'll join us.. they need your strength." we're hearing a news conference is going to happen shortly. we're going to bring that to you here on cnn when it happens. because of this rapper named the game, l.a. county sheriff's department says the sheriff's department says it has coined a new term and it's not happy about it. the term flash calls. flash calls. and because of them, officials says public safety was compromised. they say the game, that's his name, his real name is jays keyon taylor tweeted out the public number for the sheriff's station in compton. within minutes hundreds of calls overwhelmed dispatch operators delaying help for people who really needed for 2 1/2 hours. that's what the sheriff's officials are saying there. okay, now the sheriff is going to charge the rapper with a crime. joining me right now is captain
1:31 am
mike parker from the l.a. keep the sheriff's department. captain, you actually made a tweet plea asking the game top please delete number. tell us first what kind of situations were impacts by all these flash calls. >> well, it started at 5:23 p.m. on friday night when our compton sheriff's station desk was inundated with every single phone line lit up and they weren't able to keep up. we had to bring in extra personnel to answer all the phones and frankly, we weren't answering all the phones because as soon as we hung up a phone it would ring again. most of the calls were hangups as soon as our people said compton sheriff's station, may i help you, they hung up. our people initially thought this was some kind of technical problem and called the phone company and our sheriff's communication center and tried 0 to get to the bottom of it. then a few of the callers started asking for a rapper internship and our guys were able to determine that there had
1:32 am
been a tweet went out and so they reached me and i have a presence on twitter as the l.a. county sheriff's department does, and i reached out to the rapper in an attempt to get him to take down the phone number. >> okay. so captain, i want to understand this. why didn't these calls go to voice mail? this wasn't a 911 line, right? >> the correct. a lot of members of the public are still under misconceptions about 911. and really there's two primary ways for most people to reach their local law enforcement. one is 911 and the other is a help line, a business line. and we sometimes get 911 calls for people asking questions about a parking ticket. and sometimes on the regular help line, we get a phone call reporting a shooting. so although there's been this tremendous public information campaign about 911, we still get a lot of critical calls on our regular help lines.
1:33 am
>> captain parker, what's the sheriff going to charge him with? >> right now, we are collecting evidence regarding three different crimes. one has to do with using an electronic communications to interfere with or annoy someone. second one is obstructing a peace officer in the performance of their duties. and then the third one is interfering with law enforcement communication systems. and we are presenting this information, this evidence and we will present it to the los angeles county district attorney's office. and the district attorney's office decides whether or not the case would be filed. >> okay, listen, just as you were talking i was looking down at my twitter account. we have tweeted jayceon taylor as well, reached out to the black wall street records for his response. so far nothing. but he tweeted this earlier. he says y'all can track a tweet down but can't solve murders. that was or dat as he says was
1:34 am
an accident but maybe now y'all can actually do y'all job. what's your response to this and why do you think he won't apologize? at least so far he's not. >> the well, we find it very interesting, but i would say that in terms of the comment, what we really are waiting for is a comment that says that this was done in error. it was a mistake and nobody should do this because it puts people in harm's way. we've got some people that we believe that there's some people that tried to contact us to report emergencies and couldn't get through. we had several critical emergencies that we were dealing with. and the community of compton has really formed a partnership with the sheriff's department and over the last several years, we've reduced homicides and serious crime in compton by over 50%. and so i think he's got his facts wrong on several counts. >> you all right. captain mike parker from the l.a. county sheriff's department. thank you, sir.
1:35 am
appreciate it. >> sure. it's official. rick perry has entered the gop race for president. we're going to replay his announcement and you'll hear it for yourself right after the break and you can hear where he stands on the big issues. looking into his record as texas governor. ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah
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1:37 am
if rick perry or frankly anybody else on that is taken last night were our nominee i'd be working hard for them because any one of the people on that stage as well as pick perry
1:38 am
would do a heck of a lot better job leading this country than the current president. >> mihm romney is in the race for president and that's his thoughts on texas governor rick perry entering the race today. romney considered by many to be the front-runner in this race so far. perry now official little arrival for romney and the other republicans in the race. the texas governor attracted a lot of attention on day one of his campaign. we want to replay a portion of perry's announcement speech. why don't you take a listen. >> america is not broken. washington, d.c. is broken. we need balanced budgets, we need lower taxes, less regulation and we need civil justice reform. those same four principles. our country's most urgent need is to revitalize our economy, stop the generational theft that is going on with this record
1:39 am
debt. i came to south carolina because i will not sit back and accept the path that america is on. because a great country requires a better direction. because a renewed nation needs a new president. it is time to get america working again and that's why with the support of my family, and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states. amen, brother. thank you. thank you.
1:40 am
thank you very much. i love you, brother. thank you. you know, it's time for america to believe again. it's time to believe that the promise of our future is far greater than even our best days behind us. it's time to believe again in the potential of private enterprise. set free from the shackles of overbearing federal government. and it's time to truly restore our standing in the world. renew our faith in freedom as the best hope for peace in this world that's beset with strife. the change we seek will never emanate out of washington, d.c. it will come from the wind swept prairies of middle america. the farms and the factories across this is great land, from the hearts and the minds of the good hearted americans who will accept not a future that is less
1:41 am
than our past. patriots, patriots who will not be consigned to a fate of less freedom in exchange for more government. we do not have to accept our current circumstances. we will change them. we are americans. >> so perry hit the campaign trail in new hampshire today. tomorrow, he'll tour iowa. his supporters believe perry's resume will care him to the quhous. jason embry is washington correspondent for the austin american statesman and he joins us by phone from charleston, south carolina with more on perry. you have covered him. you're in south carolina there today.
1:42 am
he repeatedly denied any interest in the race. now he's in. what changed? >> well, i think it changed that he didn't see anybody who he thought was going to win and that could beat obama and that would be an acceptable nominee. governor romney got in there and they have something of a rocky past. when there were others who fell off such as haley barbour from mississippi and mitch daniels from indiana, i think perry took a look at it and he said, president obama is beatable with this unemployment rate that's being so high and got not getting any better. i've got this record on jobs i want to talk about and i don't see anybody in the field that i'm crazy about so i'm going to jump in. >> hey, jason, i want to ask you, there he talks a lot about creating jobs in texas. he spoke about it today in his speech. his critics say he just stole them from other states. what's the truth here. >> i don't know if stole would be the right word. i mean, his duty as governor, one of them at least, and he would say his primary duty has been to create jobs in texas and
1:43 am
not to worry about what's happening in other states. you know, the truth is that texas for a long time, well before governor perry took office as governor has been a business friendly state where the regulations are light and the taxes are somewhat low. and so people like the weather and other things. so the state has always attracted jobs. certainly the numbers during perry's tenure have been robust in terms of the number of jobs created in texas. there are an awful lot of reasons for that and some looks that needs to be looked into in terms of what kinds of jobs those are. >> so since you know him and you've covered him, how would the united states be different if perry wins the white house? >> well, there would certainly, you know, it would depend a lot on who was in control of congress. if you had a republican congress with perry, you would have a certainly a very conservative direction in terms of putting a big emphasis on spending cuts. i mean, i think if perry were at the helm of the federal government, he would put a big emphasis on light regulation on keeping taxes low and really on trying to confront spending and cutting spending.
1:44 am
but that's an important question because perry talks a lot about what his philosophy is in terms of keeping taxes and spending and regulation low. but we haven't heard specifics from him and i imagine that will come out over the course of the campaign about how he would confront these national issues. >> jason embry, thank you very much. rick perry and all of the presidential hopefuls talk a lot about jobs. so if you're submitting resumes online but aren't hearing from anyone, you want to watch this next story about a new computer program that offers a solution. that's coming up right after the break. you'll feel satisfied. [ female announcer ] yoplait greek. it is so good.
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all right. breaking news we're covering, a stage collapse at the indiana
1:48 am
state fair in indianapolis. we just got some new video in from youtube that shows a collapse of the stage. let's listen. >> again, that is just in from youtube. you see the stage collapse there. we're being told that local affiliates are reporting that as many as four people are dead. reported by local officials. we're, local affiliates. we're working to confirm all of that information. we're being told as many as a dozen people were injured and again, affiliates reporting four dead. this new video just coming in from youtube which shows, there it is. the actual stage collapse. let's rerack that again. i think it's important to show that video if we can rerack that. this video apparently shows the moment it happened. let's take a look and listen. >> all right.
1:49 am
there you go. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news here on cnn and bring you the very latest on it. very sad incident happening in indianapolis. let's move on now and talk about your jobs. you can bet for many of you rejected from a job, a person actually didn't turn you down. a computer probably scanned over your resume and kept going. in tonight's what matters we feature one company based in atlanta that says it has a solution to help online job hunters. >> i was unemployed for the most part in 2010. >> law school graduate ruben mann is fed up. he's applied for several online jobs. >> i initially started by using a lot of online resources to look for work and i found it extremely frustrating. for the most part, i would never get a response. >> man even tried resume coaching. >> they were more talking how to game the system and get your resume past these search engines that were filters.
1:50 am
>> for job seekers like ruin be, one of the most frustrating aspects to the search is clicking the button and never hearing back from a potential new boss. enter g rex with a brand-new cybersolution. >> we're able to take the recruiter and able to take the professional and bring them together. really fast. and provide them transparency that they haven't had before. most importantly, it provides clarity where you understand what's going on and you're really taking back control of your career. >> how does it work? grex founder and ceo james augustus a recruiting vet says he has software that evaluates employees' job requirements and applicants qualifications. in seconds you get a score and can see where you stand against other candidates. >> when you apply to a job you're able to see where you rank for the job and what the status is. that provides transparency. >> attorney chad franks is a tax manager for earns and young and he's a real fan.
1:51 am
while he's not looking for a job, he says grex offers true insider insight. >> you can look it for a promotion basis. you can use it to compare what are other people doing within my firm for instance at higher levels like what experiences have they had? what are their skills that i may not have or am lacking in. >> you waste a lot of time submitting resumes. >> it may be able to rank the company's top candidates but there are no guarantees the top slot lands the job. there are other factors including gold old fashioned face to face chemistry. but for ruben mann knowing where you stand in the hiring process is better than having sent your resume into a cyber black hole. cnn, atlanta. >> all right. when we come right back, we're following the breaking news out of indianapolis at the indiana state fair. there has been a stage collapse, incredible pictures showing people trying to hold up the stage. we'll get you the new images after the break.
1:52 am
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my name is helen aesh and i am the happy founder of the love kitchen. we address the needs of the five hs, the homeless, the hungry, the hopeless, the homebound, and the helpless. do you have the coif and the cups out? my sister ellen is a blessing to me. and how about those small tomatoes, ellen? the lord sent two because there's so much work to do for
1:55 am
one. you want me to help you? >> we went to nursing school. back then, segregation was ramp and the. i just saw the black people that was having a problem with transportation and food. so what we're going to start off with this morning? >> on my way home every day i would tell my sister, one day i want to do something about this. >> we getting ready to open the line. the first day we served 22 meals. that was in 1986 and since that time, we've been growing, growing, growing, growing. everybody here is a volunteer. they enjoy doing what we are doing. we deliver from 1400 to 2200 meals every thursday to our homebound people. >> she's my buddy. >> we was taught to work for what we got. and to share what we did get. and we have so many people that are in need. and that's what keeps us going.
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all right. i want to tell you breaking news. a terrifying night in indianapolis as a crowd gathered for an outdoor concert. check out in the youtube video that just came in. >> wow. there is that collapse right there. you see it. we're being told our affiliates
1:59 am
are reporting four people are dead, dozens more injured. the band sugarland was about to go on. gail is a manager now for sugarland. as we look at these pictures of people trying to prop up the stage. tell us, how is sugarland responding in what are they telling you. >> everybody is devastated. i've spoken to jennifer and my tour manager and everyone is in shock. devastated and obviously, we're waiting to see what's happened and if anybody indeed has died. horrible situation. >> do they say it was a gust of wind? did they say -- what did they say happened? >> well, they were in the bunkers in a prayer circle waiting to go on stage and the tour manager held them for a few minutes because of the weather. if she hadn't held everybody would have been on the stage but obviously the devastation regardless of them being on stage or people being hurt in the audience. it's just overwhelming for us.


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