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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 15, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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just this afternoon, about this missing three-year-old little girl in missouri. we have just gotten these documents filed in this particular case and a man who lives across the street from this little girl and her family has now confessed to her murder in gruesome detail. it's disturbing. i will talk to the prosecutor here in just a couple of moments. stand by for that. randi kaye mentioned wolf blitzer. we want to talk politics off the top. president obama is campaigning today. that's right. i said campaigning for reelection across the midwest. take a quick look at the news he got just before leaving the nation's capital. a new personal low in his job approval rating in the latest gallup poll. look at that number. 39. 39% here of people approve of the job he is doing. 54% disapprove. less than 15 months before the president faces the voters. so there on the banks of
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minnesota's cannon river, president obama coming out loaded forbear saying the dead debate say that some politicians and he didn't mention parties would rather see their opponents lose than see american win. tough words. take a listen. >> we ended up creating more uncertainty and more damage to an economy that was already weak. now, we can't have patience with that kind of behavior anymore. i know you're frustrated. i'm frustrated too. >> three states in just three days. by bus for president barack obama. you have minnesota, iowa and then illinois. my colleague, wolf blitzer, is standing by. he hit the road. he got a break from washington. he'll be doing the situation room from the president's next step in iowa. wolf, let's go to you. we heard from the president. pretty tough words today from the president. clearly aimed at the
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republicans. >> caller: he's really beginning slowly but surely, but he's beginning to get into that campaign mode that republicans have been obviously in that campaign mode against him for several weeks now, whether mitt romney or michele bachmann, now rick perry. they're really hitting him hard. but now he's beginning to respond. it's only going to get more intense in the coming weeks and months. they're really going to go after each other. they've got various talking points. it's going to be a really hot and heavy political season. you can tell right here in iowa, just got here last night. but this is a state where the first in the nation contest takes place. it's not that far down the road. the next president of the united states potentially could come through iowa. it's often happened in the past. so we'll see what happens. but it's going to be a tough fight. the president desperately needs these three states that he's effectively campaigning through, minnesota, iowa and illinois. he won all three of those states in 2008. he needs them again this time to
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get reelected. he's working hard already trying to generate that support. it's going to be a fierce, fierce battle no matter who the republican nominee is. >> he's working hard. you saw the poll numbers and how americans feel about the president right now. i want to get to more of those polls here in just a moment that show the president's popularity taking a big hit. first, let's all listen together to what may have been the president's most pointed remarks in that speech today in minnesota. he's talking again about the debt negotiations. listen. >> we could solve this problem tomorrow. i put a deal before the speaker of the house, john boehner, that would have solved this problem. he walked away because his belief was we can't ask anything of millionaires and billionaires and big corporations. >> wolf, i know the president's opponents are calling this class warfare. i have a feeling we'll hear a lot of that, that sort of refrain in the coming months. >> we're going to be hearing a
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lot about it. there are stark differences. i think everyone is beginning to appreciate that between what the president and the democrats believe in and what the republicans including all the republican presidential candidates believe in economic issues, even on national security issues. there's going to be real significant differences. probably less differences on the national security issues than on the domestic economic and social issues. but if it's going to be very clear, there's going to be a real choice for the american people over the coming months and looking up to november 2012. i think that's becoming obvious right now. just take a look at last week's republican debate on so many of the issues, the democrats, including the president totally disagree. it's going to be a whole new world out there. >> there was a story over the weekend, i'm sure you read it. there is this whole debate in the white house whether to try to pass new economic measures. what we heard today was you have number one, extend the cut of the payroll tax, two, extend unemployment insurance and three, new jobs creating infrastructure projects. wolf blitzer, i know you listen
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to the president a lot. so do i. these are the same three things he's talked about for weeks, just talked about them in holland, michigan. when will we hear something new? >> caller: the white house aides are saying probably in september. he's got a whole list and he reiterated those in the town hall meeting in minnesota earlier this morning. similar list what he put out last we last week creating, infrastructure, extending the payroll tax cut. he's got a whole list of ideas passing free trade area agreements. but he's going to have more substance, we're told, probably in september. they're going to come up with some other job creating ideas. look, there's a limit though what he can do. he can come up with bold initiatives. giving the makeup of the republican majority in the house of representatives, it's unlikely he'll get that passed, especially if it means a lot of spending with the republicans are not going to go forward with. so it's -- he'll stakeout the
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differences between himself and the republicans. the question is, is any of those new initiatives that he may put forward on the table in september or october, whenever, if there are any of them going to get passed ledge lay tifl and given the makeup of the house, i doubt it. some of these things he can do through executive order by signing a piece of paper. but there's going to be a debate. it's going to be clear that there are enormous differences between the two parties. >> as mentioned, as i mentioned at the top, he's campaigning. you're in the thick of things in the midwest where he's taking this bus tour. on that note, another poll. this is released by cnn. in it, it showed 28% of democrats would prefer another nominee from their own party other than the incumbent president of the united states. do we know, wolf blitzer, which democrats these folks are? is it in the base? >> caller: there may be -- hillary clinton supporters who never really thought that barack obama should get the democratic
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nomination to begin with. they were fiercely loyal to hillary clinton. i don't think a serious democrat is going to challenge the president for the democratic party nomination. >> you don't? >> caller: i think it's a little late in the game for that. certainly not hillary clinton. if that was going to happen, she would have resigned a long time ago. those who are dreaming about hillary clinton deciding to challenge president obama for the nomination, they're dreaming. that's not going to happen. whether there could be marginal democrat out there who might say i'm going to challenge him, it's a little late for a serious opponent to get traction. but the president is obviously going out there, he's starting to campaign, raising a lot of money already. he'll have a huge financial advantage over any of the republicans. he'll also have the advantage of being the incumbent president of the united states which is a significant advantage. having said that, if the economy is still in very anemic, jobs remain elusive, unemployment rate remains high, he will be vulnerable and he and the
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democrats know that. >> let's tell everyone, while you're in iowa, you are such the political reporter at heart and maybe wanted to take a break from the d.c. heat and see the majestic cornfields as you blog about on room, why are you there, wolf? >> i love iowa. especially every four years. because as you know, brooke i'm a political news junkie. it's great to get here. i posted my blog a little while ago and i noted that i remember vividly when i was here in 1999 just before then governor george w. bush won the iowa caucuses and got the republican nomination, became the president of the united states. i was here in the end of october 2008 when then senator barack obama was running for president just before he got elected in november. >> and now? >> it's great to come here and see what's going on. but i'm going to interview the president tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon. one-on-one interview here in iowa of the we'll air it in the situation room. you and i will talk about it a
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lot i'm sure. >> i look forward to it. maybe you can share a sneak peek tomorrow. >> you tweeted something about frozen oreos. >> i don't want to give it away. i've heard a little something about you and a bad habit with frozen oreos and skim milk. we'll talk about it next hour. appreciate it. still to come, a little girl, we mention thd off the top. little girl disappears. shocks this small missouri town, especially now that authorities have arrested her neighbor. >> we are still conducting a search for her body. it has not yet been recovered. >> the search for bring an rodriguez goes on. coming up, i'll speak live with the prosecutor leading the case. stay with us. push mush the sons of former slaves
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it took an hour for her to die. chilling words from a man arrested in the murder of a three-year-old little girl in missouri. 43-year-old shawn morgan is in custody accused of suffocating little breeann rodriguez and dumping her body. the three-year-old missing for more than a week was last seen playing with her pink bicycle in her front yard. in court documents released this afternoon, an investigator shares details in questioning morgan. morgan lives across the street from the family. according to this affidavit i have in my hand, here's what we're learning, morgan saw the girl standing-ois pool ladder that day, grabbed her, took her inside his house and suffocated her with this white plastic trash bag. then he says, according to this document, he put her body in that same trash bag and dumped it in a nearby flood way and
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reading on her in this piece of paper, he later took apart her bike piece by piece and dumped it around the same place. prosecuting attorney steven sock love joins me on the phone from missouri. let me begin with have you, have investigators found breeann's remains yet? >> no. they're still engaged in the search for her remains at this time. >> i've read this document. it's chilling details coming forward just this afternoon. one thing it's missing here is the motive. do we know yet what enraged this man so much that he felt the urge to attack this three-year-old little girl other than sending her home with her parents? >> as i had indicated, i'm not in a position at this point to speculate about that or to offer any theories in regard to that at this time. >> but based upon hard evidence or hard facts that you have come into knowledge recently, there
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is nothing yet that shapes into a motive, is that what i'm hearing? >> no. it's just not -- it's not appropriate. i'm prohibited by the rules of professional conduct from offering any kind of information with regard to evidentiary matters in the case. >> sure. >> so that would really fall under that. >> okay. what i find chilling about this particular affidavit here is that morgan said and i'm quoting "he felt like it took an hour for her to die." i mean, other than living down the road from this three-year-old or across the street, what more do you know about this man? because according to report, he's a father of three. >> caller: that is what has been reported to me. again, i hate to be difficult, but as far as evidentiary issues and those matters, basically anything that's outside of the actual charges are things that i'm not -- prohibited to comment on at this point.
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>> you can't tell me if this family, the rodriguez family had any contact with this man as they lived in the same neighborhood. >> they did live in the same neighborhood. >> did they have prior contact? >> again, that gets into -- >> okay o. >> evidentiary matters. >> i read that this is a small town, like 1600 people. very low crime rate. how has this missouri community reacted to this story? >> it's been, i think, real troublesome to the community. seeing it is a small town and with the typical small town concerns and values and this has been very, very disturbing to the community as a whole. >> stephen sokoloff, thanks so much. >> sure. now this. one moment fans are waiting for
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a concert to begin. next you saw what happened. they're looking for survivors. what indiana's governor is now saying about blame after a stage collapse at least five people. also, it is classified technology, top secret information here. so did pakistan, an ally of the united states, allow china to see this chopper, at least maybe the tail portion of this chopper that went down during the raid on osama bin laden? we are getting answers on this today and what this could mean for security. automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams and -- oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪
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u.s. military officials believe chinese engineers have gotten a close look at some would call high tech, very
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classified american equipment. i'm talking about this. take a look. you remember this. remember the u.s. raid of course in pakistan that killed osama bin laden just a couple of months ago? all u.s. troops, they got out alive. but they did lose this one. helicopter, it was especially equipped, secret aircraft designed to be invisible to ground radar. the wreckage is back in the united states. but now pentagon officials have concerns about who possibly saw this helicopter, possibly took some pictures of it and maybe kept pieces of it as well. let's go straight to the pentagon. our correspondent there, barbara starr. barbara, why, why do military officials think that chinese engineers were allowed up close advantage of the secret aircraft and why then would pakistan allow that? >> well, you know, brooke, this is the issue. there's beenish rumors for months that the pakistanis were furious about u.s. troops coming into their country that when this helicopter crashed and some of the wreckage left behind, the
12:20 pm
pakistanis basically said the heck with it, we'll let our chinese friends and have a look at all of this and see what they think, knowing full well that this was some of the most classified u.s. military technology. so the rumors been out there for some time. but there's a new series of newspaper articles emerging. what u.s. officials are telling us is they now have reason to suspect they say. reason to suspect that the chinese indeed were invited by the pakistanis had a look, maybe took a few samples, you know. this stealth technology on this helicopter would be a prize for the chinese. they're very interested in stealth technology. anything that makes a radar signature less visible, it allows someone to fly through enemy airspace without being detected. it's the leading edge of military technology. the chinese would love to get their hands-on it. the u.s. suspects it has no way of confirming it, brooke.
12:21 pm
>> so the fear then is if china got a good look at this, they could what? emulate this sort of technology to use it on their own? >> reporter: i think that's actually it. they're good at reverse engineering if you will. taking a piece of technology, figuring out how it's made, going backwards through the production process, figuring out how to make that same technology. so they have some stealth capability in china, but this really is, you know, the cream of the crop of u.s. military technology. there's no way the u.s. would want the chinese to have their hands-on it. and if they do, the u.s. can't confirm it and there's not much that the u.s. can do about it. brooke. >> if this is the case, we've all been reading the same newspaper articles, what would this say about the u.s. pakistan relationship or the relationship between pakistan and china? >> both of them indeed. it will make the strained relationship between washington and islamabad even more
12:22 pm
strained. the u.s., of course, still grants pakistan billions of dollars in aid every year. so even though invaded pakistani airspace, they certainly expect pakistan not to turn around and give it to the chinese. so that would be a major problem and of course the pakistani chinese military relationship, very tight, very close, something that constantly worries the u.s. because of these very kinds of situations. >> barbara starr, thank you so much. >> sure. >> speaking of pakistan, an american working in another country, disappears in this kidnapping plot. we'll tell what you the kidnappers did to distract security guards. for those lost in the dramatic collapse at the indiana state fair. look at this. you'll hear from a woman who captured the disaster on camera in a moment. who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists.
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with aveeno nourish plus moisturize. active naturals wheat formulas target and help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] nourish plus. only from aveeno. after quite a roller coaster week really weeks there, the market is looking pretty good on this monday afternoon. just about 35 more minutes until the closing bell. the dow up 185 points. you can always keep an eye on that. go to cnn now to this.
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some stunning video here. checking our top stories. shot by a eye report reporter in the terrifying moments after the stage crashed into the crowd. this is indianapolis before any paramedics arrived. people attending the indiana state fair helping out the wounded. you can see them trying to move forward and help folks out. digging through scaffolding and debris. just to find others, five people have died. about 40 injured. it happened when a strong windstorm whipped up and toppled the stage while the crowd watched in terror. take a look and listen. >>. [ screaming ] >> this, again, was saturday night. the indiana state fair did not reopen yesterday. it did open today.
12:27 pm
state fire marshals and safety inspectors are trying to figure out what caused the stage to crumble just as it did when the strong winds hit. governor mitch daniels is telling people not to rush around and look for blame. the woman who shot this woman, she will be joining me here live in a couple of minutes to talk me through what she witnessed. bombs across iraq today. 20 separate bombings and the casualties are very high in baghdad, tikrit, suicide bombs and car bombs, shootings. some targeted groups of civilians, others hit police and military targets. in all across iraq, at least 75 people were killed, more than 250 hurt. it is the midpoint of the muslim holy month of ramadan. the same time period last year when extremists unleashed that large-scale nationwide wave of violence. no group is claiming responsibility for today's attacks. iraq had been relatively calm since the start of ramadan.
12:28 pm
it is the mysterious case of an american citizen snatched from his home in pakistan. take a look here. this is the home where according to the u.s. embassy, gunmen forced their way in, took away development expert warren weinstein in the wee hours of the morning saturday. there's still no claim of responsibility, no demand for weinstein's release. police reportedly have no leads. this man works for a consulting firm in northern virginia. he has reportedly lived in pakistan for several years. bay area subway riders might want to gear up for a tough commute today. in just over four hours' time, activists are planning to demonstrate at one of the bart stations. they're frustrated that bart officials cut off their cell phone service at several stations last thursday. bart officials said they did that because of safety concerns. activists say that the transit agency is honing in on their first amendment rights, playing big brother. i'll talk to the chief communications officer for bart
12:29 pm
as they may or may not blacken the cell services come the protests later on today. coming up, witnesses say this man grinned, grinned as he shot at that youth camp killing dozens of people. now weeks later, he returned to the scene of the murder spree telling investigators what happened moment by moment. the chilling images on video you'll see next. also, missing in paradise. investigators say she met a man on-line. she went with them to aruba. then she's nowhere to be find. he is in court. we'll go live to aruba next. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates.
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the man accused in the horrible shooting in norway, police took this man, breivik, back to the site. this is all part of the investigation. take a good look. you can see him wearing a bulletproof vest and a harness that tethers him to the
12:33 pm
officers. you can also find him because he's generally in the front of the crowd wearing that same red sweater. police say they were afraid breivik would try to escape or hurt himself, there were armed officers in the water as well. the reenactment took eight hours. aes cues ds of killing 69 people, mostly the teenagers at the youth camp on the island last month. he's also accused in the bombing of government buildings earlier that day. eight people died in that attack in oslo. he pleaded not guilty, but police also say he has admitted responsibility for the attacks. they say he was cooperative yesterday and gave them lots of details but never showed any remorse. still no sign of a 35-year-old woman last seen in aruba two weeks ago now. we are still waiting to hear if a man held in the case might walk free. rob ingardner vanished from aruba more than ten days ago. let me take you back a bit. gardner went on this vacation
12:34 pm
with this man, gary giordano who she met on this internet dating website. back on august 2nd, he said she disappeared after they went snorkeling. he was arrested after the statements didn't add up and police want to hold him longer. let's go to martin savage. where does the case stand? i understand he's supposed to be in court. has he shown up yet? >> reporter: well, this is a critical part of the investigation today. it's at a point where a judge is going to hear the evidence. prosecution will say look, we need to keep him longer, we're just starting the investigation. we need to find out what happened to rob in gardner and you have the defense saying he was witness to a tragic accident. this was not a suspicious death. don't have any evidence against this man. he needs to leave and get back to the united states where he has a job and everything else. that's the hearing scheduled to go on behind us here at the
12:35 pm
courthouse. now we've learned before we came to air that the hearing is taking place at a police station which is about 14 miles down the road veneer where the beach is. apparently instead of he coming to the judge, the judge is going to him. brooke, we saw this several years ago in the days of the nat lee hol way disappearance. when there was a suspect so high-profile in nature, the judge went to them instead of them coming to us because of all the media attention. that's where it stands. we don't know the ruling. it's a closed procedure. we expect to hear sometime today whether he's going to be released or whether he stays. if released, they'll hold him until 8:30 tonight. that's when the original warrant for his arrest will expire. >> so he is 14 miles down the road. as for robyn gardner, no one knows where she is, where she was. how is the search coming along. where are they looking for her, martin? >> reporter: well, the active
12:36 pm
search has come to an end. however, that doesn't mean they've totally stopped looking. they are alerting people on the beaches. they're telling the authorities. they still make patrols in that area. it's sort of be on the lookout for. here's the thing that people are surprised about, natives on the island. that area, most people do not swim because it's very dangerous and there have been a number of people that drowned there. when they have, their bodies have come ashore. this is what they find surprising. it has been nearly two weeks, there's been no sign of her body, no sign of her, period. which is why aruban authorities are somewhat suspicious here. if the drowning took place, normally the body comes to shore. that hasn't happened. if there was in fact a drowning. that's what the authorities are wondering at this point. >> no evidence, no body. is there any evidence linking giordano at all to her disappearance. >> well, first of all, the authorities don't share everything they know with us or with members of the media. keep in mind that the fbi
12:37 pm
conducted a couple of investigations for aruban authorities. they went into the home of gary giordano in maryland. they went into robyn gardner's home. they checked out other witnesses or at least those who have given statements about giordano's history and past. the authorities are waiting to hear back on that. they want to know what evidence was gathered, especially from computers. because if there was any pre-planning, any pre-motive on this, maybe the computers hold that information. that's what they're waiting to hear back on. >> it's amazing what you can find on computers these days. martin salve ij in aruba. marty, thank you so much. coming up, a stunning discovery. 300 feet long under american soil. nope, this is no ordinary drug tunnel. wait until you hear what this is all about. the bells, the whistles, how long it took to build it. also this. >> he said well don't be surprised if you see a lot of policemen in your backyard. and i said oh, what's going on? >> one woman wakes up to a big
12:38 pm
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. advocates say she was stolen from guatemala. kidnapped and sold to an adoption agency. a judge's ruling may force her adoptive parents to say goodbye to their little girl. rafael romo brings us the story. >> she broke down in tears after hearing the decision. for the first time a judge in guatemala is giving her the possibility of seeing her daughter who she says was kidnapped. >> i have fought so hard for this. it's been almost five years and this surprising ruling makes me very happy.
12:41 pm
>> it happened almost five years ago. o rodriguez told authorities she was arriving home in guatemala city with her three children when a woman dprabd her then two-year-old daughter and got into a waiting taxi. the girl, who is now six years old, was apparently sold to an international adoption agency and eventually adopted by an american couple in liberty, missouri. >> all i want to tell them is to return my girl. i don't feel anything against them because perhaps they took my daughter without knowing she had been stolen from me. that's why i want to ask them to return her to me. >> she searched for her daughter, posting flyers, talking to officials and staging a hunger strike at one point. a adoption, reform advocates says this is an emblem attic case. >> an absolute tragedy. if this is what it takes for there to be real reform and oversight over the international adoption process, that portion
12:42 pm
of it is a good result. but i would never wish this on anyone. >> the american couple apparently had no idea that the girl they were adopting was kidnapped. a spokesman for the adoptive parents said the family will continue to advocate for the safety and best interests of their legally adopted child. they remain committed to protecting their daughter from additional traumas they pursue the truth of her past through appropriate legal channels. >> i would just have to think about like, what if the situation were reversed and my own child was kidnapped. it's sad to know that somebody in our community is going through that. >> the ruling issued by the guatemalan judge says the girl must be returned to her biological parents within two months. advocates for the biological family in guatemala say, because this could be a considered a human trafficking case under international law, if the girl is not returned, interpol could be asked to assist in taking the girl back to her native country. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. soldiers in mexico found a
12:43 pm
tunnel being dug for one purpose. smuggling drugs. the nearly thousand-foot tunnel begins inside a house in tijuana and extends beneath the border into the united states. the tunnel has electricity, see the light there and ventilation. mexican authorities arrested ten people working on this thing, which by the way, wasn't yet completed. there was no exit point on the u.s. end yet. a miami family, man, they were lucky to be alive after a car crashes into their house in the middle of the night. take a look with me. home securities cameras were rolling as this out of control car smashes into the home. how you ask did this happen? according to police, the car had three people inside. lost control. hit a stop sign. went through a fence. smashed into a bedroom. a man in the bedroom getting ready for bed was not hurt. two of the people in the car, they got out of there. they ran away. but they were later caught. despite all the damage, the homeowner says he's feeling pretty fortunate. imagine waking up getting a
12:44 pm
call from a neighbor and hearing this. >> he said, well, don't be surprised if you see a lot of policemen in your backyard. >> well, you are looking at what is left of a 3600-pound, 128-foot long visitor that crashed in the backyard of that lovely lady. 94-year-old lillian. this unmanned booze advertising blimp broke free from a strong windstorm. lillian said she knew there was a storm but thought the blimp crashing was loud thunder. so what did she do? she rolled over and went back to sleep, of course. as we close on the presidential election year, bears reminding, cnn equals politics. today we'll help you get to know another candidate entering the presidential primary race. rick perry. in his own words. also, today is music monday. the artist we're featuring is feeling stronger than she has in a long time. you'll hear why.
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so the last time i spoke with country singer sara evans, it was on this show. she impressed me on how she was raising awareness and money for the victims of the tornadoes in alabama a couple months back. it's a place she holds very near and dear to her heart because her husband, jay barker, from there. last night she wowed the crowds at the country music association festival and a new cd and a summer tour to the mix. there's a lot going on with sara evans. today's music monday is decidedly country. take a look. >> come on put your hands
12:48 pm
together! >> it feels great to be on stage. it feels great to be back on the radio. now doing concerts with a hit on the radio again. that's what feels incredible. in between the making of stronger, i had a lot of changes in my career. i changed management. so that delayed my career for about nine months. just put everything on hold. then i just didn't feel satisfied with the album the way it was when we were about to say it's finished. and something inside me just said it's not finished. i'm not happy with the single that we're going to release as a first single. so i'm actually saying can we take a little bit longer, continue to look for songs and let me continue to write. ♪
12:49 pm
>> i made that decision, a little bit stronger got sent to me. i was like, thank god. thank god i decided to wait. a little bit stronger really influenced us for the rest of the album. ♪ i got a little bit stronger >> i like to be a comedian on stage. making jokes, making fun of myself. really talking to the crowd. >> come on sing it for me, georgia. >> when i was growing up, my mother and father were very, very much into country music and especially the old country music. so i grew up listening to kitty wells and hank snow, patsy cline. hank williams sr. that's how i was ingrained with country play those albums over and over.
12:50 pm
♪ >> i started singing on stage when i was 4 years old. by the time i was 9, i was down a 9:00 to 1:00 show in a bar where i was covering every country artist song that was out. ♪ let me drag my heart around >> when fans tell me that my song got them through. i got this more than any other hit. your song has helped me through so much. >> let me make someone's day so they have a great time. maybe i'll say something and smile at somebody or do something that will maybe impact
12:51 pm
someone's life. when a song you chose or released as a single did have a fox news tif impact it makes something worthwhile. yes, this is why we're doing it. >> you can see us on music mondays. i was just at a concert that you will definitely enjoy. post all of these on my blog. go to check them out, share your music pics with me. i love how you tweet with me on mondays. who's it going to be snm here's the shows coming through atlanta. and listen to this, cell phone service blacked out. why? two quiet protesters.
12:52 pm
could it be iran? syria perhaps? no, it happened in one of america's biggest cities. we'll talk to someone behind this big brother controversy and ask him some tough questions. also this -- >> there is a pistol with him, laser-lighted pistol when he jogs. he's a man of trust in his family. his father-in-law did his vasectomy. >> behind the man, looking to take president obama's job. texas governor rick perry in his own words. next. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks.
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12:55 pm
call this toll-free number now. >> we were the first to tell you right here on this show that this guy you're about to see, texas governor rick perry would officially enter the race for president. in fact, he did so saturday. he did it in charleston, south carolina. he vaulted automatically somehow into the gop's top three candidates. romney, michele bachmann and now rick perry. he spoke at soap box in iowa. if you missed my interview with wayne slater who covers rick perry for the dallas morning news, let me play you a quick 40 seconds here. this is good stuff. >> he is george bush on steroids. for people who thought they knew who george bush was, rick perry is the real thing. he was actually born -- raised
12:56 pm
on a west texas ranch. he wears cowboy boots every day, as do a lot of texans. he was educated at texas a&m, that's the aggie college where he was a leader. he carries a pistol with him, laser-lighted pistol when he jogs. and although this is not necessarily texan, he's a man of trust in his family. his father-in-law actually did his vasectomy. so he's a man who trusts a's family and lives big in texas. >> perry is talking about jobs and the federal government, which he doesn't have much faith in. here he is in des moines, iowa. >> i grew up on a farm. my dad is a dry land cot upon farmer. you want to know how i learned my faith.
12:57 pm
be a dry land cotton farmer and you understand kwlou you're going to ask the good lord for rain and a lot of other things. my entire growing up time in 19 -- i guess 1960 through 1972, i was in high school going off to texas a&m university. got any aggies in the crowd? we got to have some aggies in the crowd. that may not be an aggie over there. i'm pretty sure. he may not be an aggie fan. we need to create a country where everyone who wants to can work and find a job. i'm very happy of what we've done in the last decade. over half of the jobs created in america during periods of time
12:58 pm
in that decade were in the state of texas. 40% of all the jobs created in america from june of 2009 until present were created in texas. i know how to create jobs. you let the private sector free them up from overtaxation, free them up from overregulation, free them up from overlitigation, then government, get out of the way! let the private sector do what the private sector knows how to do. i just want to say thank you for the hospitality. this is like going home for me. rural, small town farming and ranching people are some of the great backbone of america. it's men and women like you. north america is exceptional. we still believe if america kk loose from overregulation and overtaxation and overlitigation that we again can be the most powerful, the most influential
12:59 pm
and the country that the world needs to be strong. i want to say god bless you, god bless iowa and god bless the united states of america. thank you. >> and there you have it. governor rick perry of texas, jumping head first into the presidential race. later this week, the governor is expected to return to south carolina. the dow looking good, up 207 points here, as we're about to close. a positive day of trading on the new york stock exchange. and now top of the hour, watch this. cell phone service blacked out, train stops shut down. is a major american city stepping on your right to a quiet protest. gunmen break into the home of an
1:00 pm
american, snatch him then disappear. the mystery is unraveling in pakistan. one moment they were waiting for a concerto begin. the next, tragedy from a gust of wind. plus, president obama on the attack. >> some in congress would rather see their opponent lose than america win. >> the president hits the road. >> and we're told they met on a dating site. but now she's nowhere to be found and he is in court, telling his side of the story. >> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. your cell phones are a lifeline. you pay for yours, you should be able to use yours anytime you need to, right? >> it's getting a little more complicated than that.
1:01 pm
protests at this one particular subway station. and b.a.r.t. is threatening to cut cell phone service at that station. it shut off service already once last thursday citing safety concerns. then this anti-police protest. now that protest was in response to a police officer's fatal shooting last month of a man holding a knife. officers have also been involved in a couple of other shootings there as well. the demonstration last week, never actually came together. but an even bigger controversy resulted. activists say b.a.r.t. is threatening to shut down cell phone service for its paying riders. many of the protesters are connecting, sharing information bif bone and the transit agency says the protests could have gotten dangerous. they're trying to keep their passengers safe. the hacker group, they call
1:02 pm
themselves anonymous. they broke into a b.a.r.t. site, posted user names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers. and they did that to punish b.a.r.t. for blacking out cell phone service. are you with me? you've heard of anonymous. they're hacking into various big-name websites like papal, mastercard, visa and now b.a.r.t. >> is it still on for today. >> there's a demonstration planned 5:00 local time. they have told everyone following this story to come to downtown san francisco and show up there's going to be several hundred people at 5:00 local time, brooke. >> i know a lot of people say
1:03 pm
b.a.r.t. has an image problem. after the shooting last july and a couple of other ones back in 2009. >> b.a.r.t. police shot and killed a homeless man allegedly carrying a knife. there was supposed to be this large scale protest last thursday. as you talked about, b.a.r. made the controversial decision to cut off cell phone service. it raises an interesting question, do you eliminate cell phone service for the possible greater good, in this case b.a.r.t. felt like they were making the appropriate decision. while anonymous, this is really in their strike zone. what they like to do is they target organizations who they perceive are limiting free speech. in this case, they went after
1:04 pm
b.a.r.t., took down a website of names and phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people who use the service. obviously that frustrated some. anonymous thinks that they have the winning argument here and we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out tonight. >> dan, thank you. i want to find out what the people here at b.a.r.t. are saying what's going on. will they shut off the cell phone service and communications for folks riding on the subway tonight? will they not? got a lot of questions here. i want to ask them. linton johnson, the chief communication officers for b.a.r.t. is joining me now from san francisco as well. and mr. johnson, i appreciate you coming on here. i just want to begin with this question, will you be shutting down service tonight, cell service? >> i think you guys are very much in the business of providing information. first amendment rights are very
1:05 pm
clearly something that rises to a very high level when that's discussed. i'm a journalist by trade. since i was 15, i was a paper boy and, you know, i've spent 15 years in the news room. i can tell you as a b.a.r.t. official, my new focus now is to provide transportation to folks. i can't tell you what we're going to do because we don't know yet what we're facing. all we know is we have a protest. and we're here as a peaceful one and we welcome the peaceful protest. i'm the administrator of the peaceful protest at b.a.r.t.
1:06 pm
>> if it is a peaceful protest, why is there a need to shut off cell phone service, if that's the way you go? >> what we're going to do is to ensure the safe passage of our passengers. remember, there are more constitutional rights than just free speech here at stake. there is a right to be safe. that's a constitutional right. i know the media is sensitive to free speech because that's their business. but we're sensitive to safety. >> forgive me for interrupting. if we don't know what will happen tonight, let's go back to what we do know, last thursday. what was threatening about that to necessitate a shut down. >> that's a great question. what happened on july 1 1 was a clear indication that these
1:07 pm
protesters were bent on disrupting service. my heart sank. i had no idea what was going to happen next. excuse me, they could have kicked in a win dpoe, shattered glass all over a passenger, could have fallen off the other end and landed on the electric third rail. every life, every protester, every person on that platform is precious to us. what we ended up doing is making a gut-wrenching decision forced on us. >> it's ultimately up to -- go ahead, go ahead. >> you want to know why we were forced into this decision.
1:08 pm
what we did is we took a very narrow time frame, three hours and four stations where they said they were going to try to disrupt and create a huge safety problem. we stopped service for mobile phone users. they took this tool, mobile phone service safety tool. they're going to turn it around and use it against our customers. they took this mobile phone it was, a tool for safety and to use it against our customers. i'm sure many appreciate you prioritizing people's safety. but let's look at it during this time where you have a three-hour outage of cell phone usage and your hypothetical, you're a mother and some sort of emergency happens where you have your cell phone in the case of emergency, you pick it up to dial 9191 and you can't because
1:09 pm
b.a.r.t. has blocked out that cell phone service. what do you tell that mother? >> that's a fantastic question. you would be faster to talk to 911. 911 is already there. we have an ambulance on the street level. we had more than 100 people, b.a.r.t. police officers and station personnel ready at the wake. they were already there. you didn't even have to pick up a mobile phone. >> i understand you explaining how a lot of people are able to use their you're trying to shut that down, but why the focus on phones. is part of this maybe a fear that passengers would then have a cell phone. you know, they all have cameras. i know what happened back in 2009 with the unarmed b.a.r.t.
1:10 pm
rider oscar grant, 2009 killed by an officer. is that a fear, the video capability? >> we didn't stop people's ability to record video. this was limited, very narrow scope of time, and a limited number of stations. only confined to the period of time in which we had intelligence prior to that they were going to create chaos on the platforms, violating our customers' constitutional rights to safety. they were willing and able to do that and said on top of that on their website from our intelligence, they were going to make it a more chaotic situation this time than the last time. it is our obligation to provide safe transport to our customers. let me ask you, i would be
1:11 pm
standing here today if somebody fell into the track way. you knew that we had the tool and amenity that we could have started off to stop that. >> larry: linton, with all due respect, let me ask the questions. i did reach out to jeffrey t toobin, i know you mentioned you're taking steps within the constitution multiple times. here's what he told me actually e-mailing me from vacation. it's likely to be struck down. what's your reaction to that? i believe we upheld the
1:12 pm
customers' rights because we tried to keep them from doing harm. we prevented the protesters from using our customers. we preserve that tool for them in a narrow focus of time. only on the platform level was this disrupted. in the interest to protect their rights, this was forced on us by the protesters trying to create chaos, turned off the service, not us. we were forced into this position because they were taking that one tool and turning it around on our customers and we can't allow that. >> thank you. >> now this.
1:13 pm
[ screaming ] a stage suddenly collapsed. you will hear about the eerie moments just before the crash and what she saw on the horizon. also men with guns storm into a home, kidnap an american living in pakistan. we now know who this man is. the mystery is unfolding right now. that's next. ave a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is honored to celebrate the unveiling of the washington, d.c., martin luther king jr. memorial. take your seat at the table on august 28th. my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort.
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1:15 pm
at least five people are dead and dozens are hurt in that horrendous accident that happened this past weekend when a storm knocked down an enormous scaffolding into a crowd of music fans. watch this.
1:16 pm
the crowds and 12,000 onlookers here, total disbelief. some people panic. they run away, others straight towards the stage, towards helping people. clearly it's chaos, people are screaming. through it all, this ynn ireporter documented this horrific and deadly accident. she's with me now from indianapolis. and jessica, i am -- i'm glad you're okay. thank you for providing us with this video to help us understand what those moments were like. do me a favor and tell me wh when -- where you were seated. >> well, i was seated in the grand stand towards the beecher seats. they were behind the area where the stage fell on them. they were a little bit further up. i first started recording
1:17 pm
because you could see that the dust and the wind was starting to pick up a lot. people started standing up and pointing towards the dust and screaming. out of the corner of my eye, i saw the top of the stage started to blow off and then the entire thing just came down. >> before this stage came down the weather looked ominous. >> it's probably the darkest i've seen the skies during the day. the radar saw a large stone towards us.
1:18 pm
it got darker an darker and darker until it was pitch black. and that's when the bind gusts came through. 15 minutes later is when the actual storm got through. then it started thundering and lightning. >> you're there with your mom, your boyfriend. i understand your dad is a doctor. tell me which direction are awe of you running. your dad is rushing towards the stage, is that right? >> yeah. as soon as he saw the stage fall, he did. he ran down the stairs from the bleachers and he went through the infield and got to the stage area where people had been trapped underneath it. he started helping out people underneath it. two different triage centers to try to help them. >> so your father and so many other amazing people there.
1:19 pm
all these people could have left. and they didn't. the wind kicking up. here we are, one, two days out. looking at this video, do you -- i mean, does it actually feel like you were there? is it surreal? has it sunk in for you? >> it's very surreal. just watching the video on mute, pretty much doesn't feel like it happened. i can't actually remember myself being there. but when i hear the sound played with the video, that's when it all. co-s back. i remember the people screaming and i just get chills. glad you're all right. and if it is interesting, if it's happening right now. you're about to see it. rapid fire. a citizen snatched right out of his home in pakistan.
1:20 pm
>> so far, there is no claim of responsibility, no demands for wine stein's release, and police reportedly have no leads here. by the way, this man works for a consulting firm out of northern virginia. he's reportedly lived in pakistan for several years. and the list of charges against the dougherty siblings are growing. now including attempted murder and assault on a police officer in colorado. the trio of siblings, you have dylan, ryan and lee grace. not seen in some of these picture, appearing in the county court where these charges have now officially been filed. they are also wanted for an alleged bank robbery and attempted murder in the southeast. and you've heard of dash cams. now cameras on police officer uniforms. pretty much everything officers on duty will be recorded, can be used as evidence against potential suspects. these cameras are being used by police in desoto, texas, in
1:21 pm
their small $800 devices. they attach on to the officers' uniform and record what police dash board cameras cannot. call it a disturbing sign of the times. according to the american tekenl club this year alone, dog thefts have risen 32%. 222 dogs have been stolen during the first seven months of this year. that's compared to 150 during the same period last year. the akc says most dpogs are stolen right out of homes, out of pet stores, some even taken out of cars. large breeds like pit bulls are stolen the most. and hotels expect to lose a couple of towels to guests. but a high-end hotel lost a rem brant original. it vanished over the weekend at a private art exhibit in marina del ray 234 california. it's more than 350 years old, just hanging in the hotel lobby.
1:22 pm
detectives call it a well planned heist. they're going over the security footage, poring over it, hoping to find clues. it's expected to be worth a quarter of a million dollars. witness withes say he smiled as he pulledtrigger and killed dozens of innocent people. you will see him in this chilling video next.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
police took anders breivik
1:25 pm
back to the site for a re-enactment. there he is in the middle of your scream in that red sweater along with this bullet proof vest and harness that tethers him to the other officers around him. police say they were afraid he might try to escape, maybe hurt himself. there were police helicopters in the air. also some of the armed officers were out in the water. breivik is accused of kill in k9 people. he has admitted responsibility for the attacks. they say he was very cooperative yesterday. gave him lots of details but never showed any me rours. -- remorse. >> some in congress would rather see their opponents lose than america win.
1:26 pm
>> americans go on the attack against congress and republicans looking to take his job if campaign seasons hasn't already started it has now. that's next.
1:27 pm
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1:29 pm
. >> kate baldwin, let's talk about this multistate bus tour. we're not talking about someone who wants to be president. we're talking about the president himself. >> that's right. president obama hitting the road. the white house says this is his opportunity to connect with the american people and hear directly from them about what's working and what's not. to kick start the economy and to stir job creation. his first stop was in cannon falls today. he hit republicans quite hard saying they're unwilling to hit his view and make the tough
1:30 pm
decisions needed to hit the issues on taxation. he said there's nothing wrong with america that can't be fixed. what's broken is our politics, says president obama. republicans are really. slaing him calling this trip nothing more than a taxpayer-funded campaign swing through the midwest. mitt romney himself even saying this trip shows the president is more intent on trying to save his own job than trying to create jobs for american people. you can see the rhetoric is already pretty hot and we're still quite a ways away from the election. but next up, this is not over. the president is continuing his bus tour today, hitting up minnesota and iowa. he'll be at an event in iowa in just a few hours. then we'll also be heading to i'll and wrapping the trip up on wednesday. if you're in the midwest look out for president obama's bus, brooke.
1:31 pm
warren buffett calling congress billionaire friendly. and his advice about hitting people in the wallet. and the best places to live in america. did your town make the cut? can i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you.
1:32 pm
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1:34 pm
a billionaire investor says tax me more plus we're finding out the best places to live. alison kosik, let's start with you. we saw the numbers today. all three indices closing up today, correct? >> exactly. this is what we want to see. the dow, its third straight triple digit gain. that means it made up all of the losses from the early part of la week. it's all this merger news that really inspired the markets, set the more positive, calmer move today, compared to a week ago. who can forget that.
1:35 pm
but three dpa days of gains doe the a trend make. this could be the calm before the next storm. >> warren buffett, he wrote this op-ed in "the new york times." simply his message, tax me more. >> he says you know what, you've got to make me pay more. he says this is nothing really new. he broet this in an op-ed in "the new york times." he paid a tax rate of just 17.4%. opponents of these higher taxes, they say you know what, less
1:36 pm
than 1% of the top earners in this country account for a total of 20% of total dtaxes paid to the federal government. but warren buffett disappears. he said you know what, it's all about being fair. >> poppy, i've been waiting for this list. what are some of the best towns. >> the third one on the list, third from the top is solon, ohio. a small town but big tax base. nestle, l'oreal, about 8% unemployme unemployment, better than the national average. milton, massachusetts, right outside of boston. 6.6% unemployment. far below the national average.
1:37 pm
big focus there is home prices. across this country, the only down side really according to money magazine is the high taxes, of course. >> and number two is? >> louisville, i've never been there. lots of high tech, mountain biking, hiking. right outside of boulder. again home price, not hit in the housing crisis, and they've got some of the lowest crime rates in all of colorado. so louisville, colorado. if you haven't been there, check it out. the number one small town to live in. we've got it all on the home page. >> >> solon, ohio. you know how hersey, p.a. smells
1:38 pm
like chocolate? >> i have been to hershey, pennsylvania. the whole town smells like chocolate, you're right. >> thank you, ma'am. coming up, an american woman, she's still missing in aruba and her companion is appearing before a judge today. telling his side of the story. but will the judge have enough evidence to keep him behind bars? plus, breaking developments in this missing girl case out of missouri. a neighbor is now talking, telling police what happened to 3-year-old breeann rodriguez. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses... not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying up to thousands of dollars...
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i had only one thing to say... sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. on the case today, police still have no idea as to the
1:41 pm
location of a 35-year-old woman missing in aruba. a court hearing is underby for a man being held in this case. a neighbor describes how he suffocated a little girl. with the situation in aruba, do police have enough information to keep robyn gardner's companion, gary giordano down there in custody? >> well, we're unsure right now. they're being extremely closed lipped about everything. the aruban authorities took a lot of flak in the natalee holloway appearance and they were criticized. i think that would lead to them being extremely careful, not only with legal issues but public relations issues. we know that by, i think, 8:45
1:42 pm
this evening, they have to either release him or arrest him or come up with some new reason for another eight-day extension on his detention. but since they don't know the whereabouts of robyn gardner, they do believe she's dead but they don't have a body. but they may be able to continue detaining them. >> the active search for robyn gardner is over, but we have learned the court ordered this dna sample to be taken of gary giordano. why? why is that? >> well, if he ends up returning to the united states, again, there's maybe only so long they can hold him unless they levy real charges for suicide against him. well, let's say sadly the body does turn up eventually. they're going to need a dna sample from him in case they want to link him to that homicide. but don't forget in the meantime in the united states with the
1:43 pm
cooperation of the fbi and local law enforcement, they have turned his $1.5 million house inside out and have been gathering information there, including computer records. many people think it's the computer search which may end up giving us leads that could link him to perhaps a plot or a plan or some kind of history that would explain his relationship with robyn. >> we have a correspondent there. i do want to talk about this chilling account. >> there's a 3-year-old missing girl. the neighbor explained how he suffocated and killed her. he says she was standing by his pool on the ladder when he grabbed her, took her inside, grabbed a white plastic trash bag and suffocated her. the police detailed that i've read, it's chilling, it's stunning. what do you make of the details. >> well, it is disturbing, absolutely. now the police have a job.
1:44 pm
when they write up the details for an application for an arrest warrant, they just have to stick to the facts. so it leaves us with a lot of questions exactly what was going on. the way he phrased it, he looked outside and she was standing near his pool ladder in his backyard so he went outside and grabbed her. first, there was angle for a 3-year-old trespassing in the backyard? makes you wonder if that part of his story was really true or if he actually did snatch her from her front yard where she was riding her bike. interestingly enough, he admits he dumped the bike in the water spillway in which he also admits dumping her body. but he said it took almost an hour, brooke, and that doesn't make a lot of sense. >> why would he say that? why would he say that? morgan states he felt like it took an hour for the girl to die. it's chilling. >> two things, number one, it
1:45 pm
did take an hour to kill her. i think there was a strong possibility that he sexually assaulted her in the space of that hour. it could be that he's explaining a time line. >> let me just jump in. i do want to say that that is something that w-- we don't kno at all. >> absolutely. does not -- remember, they don't have little breeann yet, so we don't know the story. the fact of the matter is nothing in his story makes sense. he took her, he got a garbage bag, he suffocated her, there's no explanation for that. so it wouldn't surprise me if there's more to the story. it raises the question, he says it felt like an hour. maybe it wasn't an hour. maybe it was ten minutes. that to me suggests that he might be claiming he loses time in his psyche and that could be a suggestion of mental illness. after all, there's really nothing much that could explain this incident.
1:46 pm
if there was no sexual contact, if it really was just the snatching and killing of a child, it makes no sense. you could see somebody setting himself up if for a mental illness defense. >> according to police, lived in the neighborhood, lived across the street, a father of three. thank you so much. coming up, wolf blitzer will interview the president tomorrow. and wolf is revealing what he does on the campaign trail to get through the long day. don't miss this detail. but not in my neighborhood. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're throwing away misperceptions about natural gas vehicles. more of the vehicles that fuel our lives use clean american natural gas today. it costs about 40 percent less than gasoline, so why aren't we using it even more? start a conversation about using more natural gas vehicles in your community.
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>> cnn is co-hosting the event with the national defense university with clinton and panetta. also, christine o'donnell is talking about her new book called "troublemaker" that hits bookshelves tomorrow. and cue the music. here we go. it is elvis week at graceland. the estate hosting a series of events celebrating the king's life and his legacy in tennessee. this year marks the 55th anniversary including this one, "heartbreak hotel." joe johns coming up next with "political pop." crossed by other travel sites
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1:53 pm
alive after a car crashes into their house in the middle of the night in someone's bedroom. these home surveillance videos were rolling. there ease the car out of control. the car had three people inside. it lost controlling hit a stop sign, went through a fence and then smashed into a bedroom. there was a man in the bedroom, getting ready for bed. good news, he wasn't hurt. two of the people in the car hopped up and ran out of there. they were later caught. despite all the damage, the homeowner says he is feeling pretty fortunate. >> don't be surprised if you see a lot of policemen in your backya backyard. and i said -- >> why were there policemen in the backyard? >> because of this thing that crashed into the backyard of this 94-year-old woman who lives in ohio. this unmanned booze advertising
1:54 pm
blip broke free from a nearby airport early sunday morning. this woman said she knew there was a storm, but thought the blimp crashing was just thunder. what did she do early sunday morning? she went back to bed. and now joe johns, i want to bring you in to "political pop." i usually talk with wolf blitzer about what's coming up on his show. he's a little busy. talking to the president tomorrow. i want to share this with you and our viewers. they asked our political team, what are their habits on the campaign trail, what do they luke to eat. john king apparently likes beef. candy crowley likes ice cream and wolf blitzer, let's roll the tape. >> for those of you who like oreo cookies, especially late at night before you go to sleep, keep them in the freezer.
1:55 pm
take hem out of the freezer, get a full glass of milk. i like skim milk cold. have a couple of oreo cookies before you go to sleep at night. you will always have good dreams. >> frozen or oeos, have you eve done that? >> you're right. they actually help you sleep. nice cold milk. on the campaign trail? >> what do you eat? >> the best part of the day is the end of the day. and celery -- >> what? >> and carrots and dip. >> you are lying. you are not eating vegetables before your go to bed. >> not before you go to bed. that's the end of the day before -- the plane is flying somewhere else and you're going to rest overnight and get up and start the whole thing the next day. yeah. i would do that. a lot of people in the plane, favorite food is beer. it's beer.
1:56 pm
how do you get donna summers and pokemon in the same sentence? >> this created a lot of buzz. i've been a little surprised that herman cain is plugged in enough that he could create this kind of buzz. okay, so what happened. it's never easy when there's so much on the line. listen. >> a poet once said life can seem impossible, but it's never easy when there's so much on the line. we have a lot on the line. >> it turns out that quote wasn't exactly poetry. it was quickly a song from the end of pokemon the movie from 2000. and it was sung by of all people, the queen of disco herself, donna summer. listen.
1:57 pm
multiple organizations pointed out, we learned that herman cain's quote wasn't a random quote. apparently he's used this line before. and oddly he actually claimed that he was reciting the words to the closing song of the 2000 olympics. do we have that one. i wanted to see a copy of the 2000 olympics myself, but there has been some reporting it wasn't. we reached out to the cain campaign to see if they will respond to questions about pokemon and donna summer. >> you're calling up the herman cain people saying hello, this is joe johns from cnn, can you
1:58 pm
confirm donna summers and pokemon. >> it's embarrassing, but somebody's got to do it. inquiring minds want to know. >> so the green bay packers were at the white house last saturday? >> you would have to call this the last lockout, okay? the packers went into the white house last week to meet the president. but packer linebacker desmond bishop left his driver's license on the charter plane. it's pretty tough to see the president if you don't have your i.d. almost impossible, in fact. and mr. bishop found that out. so he was locked out while other teammates were getting their picture tans with mr. obama. he was outside tweeting about the experience.
1:59 pm
we have a couple of those two tweets. >> do tell. just found extra motivation. i forgot my i.d. on the plane. so won't get an opportunity to meet @presidentobama. i was denied before i even got off the bus. i was going to text to have barack obama myself. law enforcement out loud. >> i wonder what he was doing hanging outside the white house. tweeting away. it's kind of better, radio right? >> when you go to the white house, bring your i.d.


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