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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 17, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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wasn't yelling in his face. like aggressive questioning, right? >> yeah. >> i guess it's all in your desks of heckling. we will leave that to kyra phillips. >> i will heckle while she does her show. >> "cnn newsroom" begins right now with kyra phillips. >> ladies, you heckle ali every single morning. he is the only one that deserves to be heckled! >> that's true. >> have a great first of your morning. barack obama needs to put more americans to work if he wants to stay in the white house a second term. this morning, we have learned he is planning a big speech on that very topic. brianna keilar is with obama on the bus tour there in illinois. pawl stine hauser has a interview with the president and mark preston is in new hampshire, the latest stop for some of the top republican challengers. brianna keilar, what can you tell us about the president's speech? >> reporter: the president is under tremendous pressure, of course, to do something on jobs and we're learning this morning from a senior administration
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official that he will be unveiling his job plan when congress returns in september. they return early september after labor day. a senior administration official billing this as a major speech and telling us that this is likely to be a mix of tax cuts, of infrastructure spending, and something to address those that are the long-term unemployed. the thing to consider, kyra, all of those things laid out there are items republicans are flatly opposed to or opposed to the way in which the white house and democrats so far have said they want to execute those issues. in the meantime, we are three hours away from the president coming here to this hybrid corn seed warehouse in atkinson, illinois, where he is going to be draefg a croaddressing a cro already lining up to get inside to ask him questions in this town hall meeting. this will be his first it would have today in what we are expecting to be probably a
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largely friendly crowd here today. kyra? >> well, our wolf blitzer also had a chance to get in there and ask the president a number of questions. here is what he told -- here is what the president told wolf when it comes to the situation in our economy right now. >> i am going make my best case for where we need to go. we have made progress since the start of this recession back in 2008. it hasn't been fast enough. we have got to accelerate it. and there are two things that need to happen. number one, we have got to make sure that people have confidence we have our fiscal house in order and we are living within our means and eliminating programs that wouldn't work and number two immediate things to do around infrastructure, tack policy that would make a difference in terms of people hiring right. >> a people say perry is out of bounds a few days into his
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campaign. today, he is firing back. paul steinhauser is in washington. is it possible to make too big of a splash as this newbie presidential candidate comes forward? >> reporter: yes, now they involved president barack obama as well. live pictures for perry right now at a political forum in new hampshire speaking this morning. this controversy started in iowa two nights ago when perry saying that if ben bernanke prints more money it would be treasonist and we would treat him ugly down in texas. yesterday in that interview with wolf blitzer, the president responded to those comments and other things perry has said about barack obama. take a listen.
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>> mr. perry just got in the presidential race and i think that everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn't like running for governor or running for senator or running for congress and you have to be a little more careful about what you say but i'll cut him some slack. he has only been at it for a few days now. >> reporter: minutes ago, perry responded in new hampshire. >> the president said i need to do watch what i say. i just want to respond back, if i may. mr. president, actions speak louder than words. my actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country. >> reporter: well, you will hear more from him in a couple of minutes. his comments is tough language. you have an angry republican conservative out there. if perry makes it to the nomination, this kind of language could hurt him. he has moved to new hampshire today so mitt romney is there as
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well and ron paul. it's a crowded day in the granite state. >> paul, thanks so much. lightning bolt struck sea world amusement park in orlando sending eight hospital and happened after 5:00 p.m. at the discovery cove section of the water park. sea world officials say three guests and five employees were affected. none is believed to have suffered a direct hit from that bolt. but it jolted a pretty big scare into the guests. >> i've never been scared by lightning until today because it was right above us. it was really scary. they told us to clear the pool so we came out of the pool and we were sheltering underneath. and then there is a huge crack. >> rob marciano is going to talk with us more about this. central florida is actually the -- is this true? the lightning capital of the world? >> i believe it it. yeah. especially this time of the
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year. the air mass is so saturated. they get thunderstorms that pop up pretty much three months in august -- or july, august, and september during hurricane season. they get a fair amount of thunderstorms that pop up. obviously, that causes lightning. that was today's radar and become more active this afternoon. here is yesterday's radar as we zoom into the orlando area and sea world. run the clock to 5:00 in the afternoon and there is that thunderstorm that popped up out of nowhere. not associated with the sea breeze. it continued to bubble up next hour. obviously, there was thunder and lightning with this and that is what has caused the damage. luckily, the injuries there were very minor and no fatalities about this particular storm, but year after year we average about 44 fatalities in regards to lightning and this year alone we have had 19. the first one, oddly any of, coming in joplin, missouri, from an officer that was out after
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the tornado helping in the recovery efforts there. sadly. by the way, the kids are going back to school there. if you're going outside, this time of year especially, check the weather before you go. when you're at at event, check for safe shelter when bad weather gets your way. if you're outside, stay away from the tallest objects and stay away from water. those people that were at sea world, a lot of them were in the area where they can swim and interact with dolphins and the reason they had to get out of the water in a hurry and likely the reason some of them get a little bit of a zip. >> quite a zip. thanks, rob. four minutes is how much notice concert had than goers got at the indiana state fair saturday night before scaffolding fell down from a concert taj. >> as you can see to the west, there are some clouds. we are all hoping for the best that the weather is going to
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bypass us but a very good chance it won't. once the storm passes and everything is safe, we are going to try our best to come back and resume the show. we have every belief that is going to happen. >> well, the fair has now hired an engineering company to determine why this stage fell during those 60-mile-an-hour winds. the country music band sugarland was about to perform says it's now going to hold a private memorial for those individuals that were killed and injured. getting new details in the so-called collar bomb case in australia. zain verjee is covering this for us out of london. >> we have video of the suspect now, kyra. he was arraigned in a court in kentucky. his name is paul douglas peters. these are the first pictures of him. what he did was, kyra, was put a fake bomb around the neck of a teenage girl in sydney, australia.
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that is him now. he was found in his ex-wife's house after taking a flight from australia to the united states. he was basically looking to extort money. there was a note around her neck also making financial demands and also an e-mail with which police managed to trace him. let's listen to what the australian teenager had to say. >> how are you feeling? >> very relieved. >> are you sleeping better at night? >> i suppose. yeah. it's good. it's all very surreal. >> your mom said you're wondering why you? are you asking that question? >> yeah, i think we will aur wondering. >> guys, we have got to go. >> she was at her house at a wealthy suburb in sydney studying for exams when this guy broke in. here is what the sydney morning
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herald had to say. he says i couldn't believe it. he wouldn't have the nerve. i would not know who would have any technical capability whatsoever like that. we're old school. there are so many weird things about this case. why he picked this family. was there a relationship? a business kind of relationship even that police suspect? and why he would even write notes basically linking himself to a particular book that was written by james klivel and weaving in the notes in the plot as well. it's a little bit strange but police were able through circumstantial evidence to trace this back to him. wolf blitzer joins me still ahead to talk about his one-on-one with president obama. plus a new mayor's first order of business? renaming main street as justin bieber way? why? well, i think you can figure it out. she is only 11 years old! [ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy.
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first day of school in joplin, missouri. joplin high school was among the many buildings damaged or destroyed. students are turning school at a middle school and retrofitted shopping mall. ballots are in from the last series of recall elections. two will retain their seats beating republican challengers. it was triggered over a fight
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regarding collective bargaining agreement earlier this year. in texas, this girl is named mayor for a day. she won a facebook contest. her first order of business a renaming main street to jaus tin bieber way in honor of her favorite pop star. president obama is feeling your pain and he may feel it even worse come election time. he knows he has to turn around the economy if he wants to keep his job a second term. here is part of his one-on-one with our wolf blitzer. >> reporter: when you took office, i'm sure you remember. if i don't have this done in three years. is there a one-term proposition, meaning you're going to be a one-term president. remember that? >> here is what i remember. when i came into office, i knew i was going to have a big mess to clean up and, frankly, the mess has been bigger than i think a lot of people anticipated at the time. we have made steady progress on these fronts but we are not making progress fast enough and
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what i continue to believe is that ultimately the book stops with me. i'm going to be accountable. i think people understand that a lot of these problems were decades in the making. people understand that this financial crisis was the worst since the great depression but, ultimately, they say, look. he is the president. we think he has good intentions. but we are impatient and we want to see things move faster. i understand that and i'm sympathetic to it and we will keep on putting forward ideas that are going to be good for the country. we need a partner from congress and we're going to need folks to move off some of these rigid positions they have been taking in order to solve these problems. >> let's talk about some things that you need to do. you, yourself, have said you support modest modifications in medicare. give me specifics. >> well, what i'm going to do, i'm not going to make news here, wolf, in terms of what a comprehensive plan would look like, but what i've consistently said is that medicare and health
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care costs generally are out of control. the health care reforms we initiated are starting to reduce those costs, but we are are going to have to do more. >> changing the cost of living index which would reduce the amount of money from medicare, social security recipients? >> we would like to reduce the cost of health care as opposed to shifting the cost from the government to seniors. >> but a change in the tlicost living is something you've open to. >> the problems with some of the proposals we have seen and including proposals out of the house of representatives and republicans there, they don't really address what it takes to reduce costs. what they say is senior citizens, we have voucherize it and whatever inflation there is you have to cover out of pocket so seniors might have to spend $6,000 more. what we say is are there modifications that can change the delivery system and how health care is delivered so that you don't have to take five tests, you take one. so that providers are not
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ordering unnecessary procedures, but focusing on what actually works. the more we can do those kind of changes and, in some cases, you know, that volves empowering consumers to make better choices, then we can hopefully control the costs without seeing any radical change to the basic structure of medicare. >> our wolf blitzer is headed back to his perch in washington. we were able to grab him by phone. he's at the airport. wolf, thanks so much for calling in. i want to ask you. you know, you have covered the president for a long time. what was your take on his confidence level here as you were doing this interview as he is, you know, approaching the election? >> reporter: he seems pretty confident. he flatly said he predicted he would be reelected at the end of the interview. i had a fun and asked him what he would give his daughters if he were reelected and he said when i'm reelected. so he was pretty confident that he would be reelected.
6:18 am
he sort of took the high road and swiped a little bit at mitt romney and rick perry, but he didn't really blast them as they have blasted him. he is trying to take the high road a little bit and be presidential, although i suspect, kyra, as this campaign really gets off the ground, and it's only just beginning now, it's going to get livelier and livelier with every passing day and certainly at the end, it will be very intense once the republicans have selected their nominee. but he seemed pretty confident. he seemed the only time he got a little emotional was when i asked him about the worst moments of being president and he reflected on when he meets with family members of those killed in iraq and afghanistan. and he got a little emotional. i think he was thinking about when he was at dover air force base last week and meeting with some of the families when the bodies of those navy s.e.a.l.s and other soldiers were brought back to the united states from afghanistan. >> wolf, you mentioned just mitt
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romney and rick perry just a moment ago. we want to take you live. mitt romney going at the president on jobs. he's at a steel company taking questions now from reporters. let's listen in. wolf, thanks so much. >> i was not fulfilled. that it's been a failure. the president, yesterday, spoke about what a mess he inherited from george bush. my goodness. the american people are tired hearing about what he inherited. they want to understand what did he with what he got and unfortunately what he did is make things worse and make it harder for the american people. i'm glad he is going to come up with new ideas and hopefully he will listen to people who have worked in the private sector and understand how the economy works. he and his academic and political friends don't understand what it takes to get this economy going again. and a little too little, too late, but we appreciate the fact that he's trying to devote some time to it and not just be on the bus tour and not just
6:20 am
vacationing at marnl's vineyard but giving some thought of the american people. i would have thought he would have done that from day one. if i'm the president day one of my term i will be working to get americans jobs again. please. >> governor perry in iowa has accused -- [ inaudible ] treasonist [ inaudible ] i just want to get your comments on that. would you view move by the fed being a political effort to [ inaudible ]? >> you know what? i don't have any new comments on the fed with regard to rick perry's comments as well. i've made some comments about the fed in the past and i can refer you to those. but i'm not looking to be in a give and take with governor perry. he is expressing his views. i express my views and my record. he's a fine guy, a fine governor. we will get a chance to debate and probably have a good chance
6:21 am
for contrasting views at that point. i don't have anything new for you on the fed today. i stand by the comments i have made in the past. >> some reporting yesterday there is sort of rumors that maybe paul ryan was thinking about running again. perry getting in on saturday. i'm curious do you feel like -- why do you think some of those establishment voices have been slow to get behind you as the establishment candidate in this race so far? >> i'm really pleased with the support i have in this race. the people who is gotten behind my effort and encouraged in this race as well as the financial support i have received where given me the wherewithal to run the campaign to the end and make sure i get the delegates together to win the nomination. it's still a bit of an open field. that's a good thing. welcome folks in. the more, the mmerrier. if others want to get in, the water is fine. good opportunity for debate and discussion. this is an important time for
6:22 am
the country. i think people recognize that the president is not the right one to lead the country for the next five years. and they want to give some careful thought to who is. we may have acted in a way that was -- well, not based upon a record of accomplishment in the case of the president's election, we didn't know much about him. he never had led anything before. he hadn't had experience in the private sector. people want to give a good hard look to those who are running. you're going to see ups and downs in polls and in support, in endorsements and in money fund-raising and so forth, but, you know, in the final analysis, it's going to doyle boil down to a careful consideration who ought to be the next president and i think i will bwin. >> thank you. >> we are going across the state. we are -- >> you just heard from mitt romney there speaking at isakson structural steel on the economy. blasting the president there actually for the situation that
6:23 am
we are in now. you'll hear more from the president in our interview one-on-one with wolf blitzer coming up later in the hour, what he thinks of mitt romney and rick perry. speaking of rick perry, he takes his new campaign from president from the first caucus state to the first primary state. coming up, we take you live to new hampshire as well. a battle for rights over an iconic song from the '70s. one of these guys wants it in a big way. that's next. ♪ i've been waiting ♪ for a snack like you
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showbiz headlines for you. real life hits the real wife of
6:26 am
"desperate wives in beverly hills." a husband of one of the actresses has committed suicide. casey anthony giving their first posttrial interview with dr. phil. they will not be paid for their time but make a donation to their nonprofit group. a huge outcry, kiss has been dropped from a michael jackson tribute concert. seem m.j. fans have never forgiven gene simmons for saying he was convinced jackson molested children. they say booking the band was an oversight. you know the song. roll clip, scotty. ♪ it's fun to stay at the y.m.c.a. ♪ ♪ it's fun to stay at the y.m.c.a. ♪ ♪ >> admit it, you've done the moves at a function, a party.
6:27 am
now a huge fight who should own the rights to this song. zain verjee, who knows the moves and all of the details of this very well, i saw you dancing during the break. i knew it! >> reporter: let's see you do it! >> i'm playing this one straight. zane, here is the question. this song is decades old, right? why is the music rights battle happening right now? >> reporter: well, it's a big deal now. this is so popular, you've done it, i've done it and millions people around the world have done it. what it's doing right now is putting a significant copyright law to test. on the one side victor willis who is the original lead singer of the group. he composed the lyrics. he has just filed papers so that he can get the rights to this song in 2013. you can do that with something called termination rights after 35 years. on the other side, you've got two companies that have the publishing rights, scattered
6:28 am
storm i don't know music a french business, and com stop production, an american affiliate. he wrote the lyrics but they are denying he has any kind of termination rights? why? listen to what the lawyer has tto say that is representing these two companies. he says the village people were a group created by my client and picked unthe people and the costumes and saying basically we hired this guy. he was an employee. we gave them the material and the studio to record in and they controlled what was recorded when and where and how they did it. so that is part of their argument as to why they should retain the rights to this song. kyra, come on. just do it. >> i have to admit. you have to admit this song is timeless, okay? no matter what function you go to, the song plays, you got to love the band. we have all dressed up a at one of the costumes during halloween one time or another. the song makes your day.
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we love the band! >> reporter: it does. >> i'll talk to you later. rudy giuliani is not in the presidential race. he says don't count him out just yet. ahead, his plans and thoughts on the republican field so far. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. a mouthwatering combination are of ingredients...e for you! i know you're gonna love. [ barks ] yes, it's new beneful healthy fiesta. made with wholesome grains, real chicken, even accents of tomato and avocado. yeah! come on! [ barking ] gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat. ever think healthy could taste so good? [ woman announcing ] new beneful healthy fiesta. another healthful, flavorful beneful.
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checking top stories now. investigators plan to launch a new search for a maryland woman missing in aruba. fbi agents searching the home of her companion now in custody. a lightning strike for people in sea world in orlando amusement park. several people to the hospital to get checked out. president obama will hold two town hall forums in illinois. texas governor rick perry grabbed a lot of headlines with his fiery comments the last few days and drawn the attention of the white house. our wolf blitzer asked the president about perry during a one-on-one interview yesterday. >> mr. perry just got in the presidential race.
6:33 am
and i think that everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn't like running for governor or running for senator or running for congress and you have to be a little more careful about what you say but i'll cut him some slack. he has only been at it for a few days now. >> rick perry wasted no time in responding to the president's, quote, advice. our senior political editor mark preston is in new hampshire where the candidate has just n finished his remarks. >> reporter: rick perry fielding several questions up here. one of the questions he did field was regarding the federal reserve and he addressed it head-on. in fact, he said he was lectured by the president. let's hear what he had to say. >> yesterday, hum. the president said i needed to watch what i say. i just want to respond back, if i may. mr. president, actions speak
6:34 am
louder than words. my actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country. the president's actions are killing jobs in this country. it's time to get america working again. >> reporter: there you have rick perry, of course, his main theme since he launched his campaign on saturday was all about the economy and about creating jobs and he did that today. all he spoke about. he talked about his record down in texas. it's a great record in creating jobs. he has come under criticism for democrats who say they are low paying jobs. he addressed the issue of global warming. said he has doesn't necessarily buy into that issue. another hot button republican issue. rick perry here today speaking before business leaders in bedford, new hampshire. now he is headed to nassua. he is one of the most important early voting states of the 2012 presidential election. >> mark, thanks so much. former new york mayor rudy
6:35 am
giuliani says he'll remain on the sidelines at least for now four years after seeking the republican nomination. he says his party has no clear front-runner at the moment. >> reporter: are you feeling more inclined to run now or less inclined? >> i don't think i've changed my thinking about it very much. i mean, i'm interested to see governor perry's entrance into the race and what that does and what he has to say. and pretty much my time line is to decide at the end of september. >> giuliani says he is more likely to run in sarah palin enters the race. he says his chances can improve if he can offer voters a clear contrast to other candidates. coming up, rick perry throws his employ hoot into the ring and the george bush comparisons are flying but the author of bush's brain says not all of them are apt. he joins us next. 'll never stopr memories, or getting lost in a good book. we'll always cook dinner, and cheer for our favorite team.
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texas governor check. plain talking? check.
6:39 am
college cheerleader? check. seems like there is lots of similarities between the newest presidential candidate rick perry and former president george w. bush. and check this out. new york daily news even dubbed perry, quote, a second bush in the gop's attack of the clones. with the fancy little photo illustration to match. james moore begs to differ a bit. he is the author of bush's brain and bush's war for re-election and he just wrote an opinion piece for called "a tale of two texans." you got to give it a read. good to see you, james. >> good to be you with. >> you pointed out a lot of comparisons made between the two i and it's interesting to hear everybody talking about the speeches. hey, is that george bush or rick perry when you listen to the accent and the way they use their words. you say hold on a second. the similarities are quite different here. >> well, george b. used his sort of very conservative credentials
6:40 am
to motivate people but the interesting thing about the difference between w. and rick, kyra, is that rick believes all this stuff, and washington was using it for expedient political purposes. the best ample is the anti-gay marriage thing. bush didn't care about those kinds of things. he truly believes, i think, homosexuality was a consequence of biology. rick perry and the people who support him believe it's a lifestyle choice. they want to stop it and ban gay marriage. rick is a radical conservative. this stuff goes to the very, very core of who he is and that separates from w. w. can all of those things to increase the turnout in the primary process which will happen for rick but w. didn't believe them. they were political necessities to get him to the white house. >> you say he believes that stuff. does that worry you? >> yeah, it worries me. i don't want somebody to be the president of my country who
6:41 am
thinks that global warming is nonsense and somebody who thinks that women get abortions are baby killers and somebody who thinks that if a woman is contemplating a abortion she first must look at the sonogram of a baby and be asked if she wants to hear the heartbeat or somebody who thought at one time, although he has changed his mind since, six grade girls should be vaccinated against hpv whether they want to be or not. you can campaign on that but when your record basically shows a record of intrusion into personal lives, that's not a guy i want to for me president. he believes this up stuff and i find it frightening. >> you talk about changing his tune. this was a guy also a democrat and then decided to be a republican. >> yeah. yeah, he was a regular old joe coming in from the plains of west texas and he came in to the
6:42 am
legislature and he hanging out and seeing the money was with the big guys of conservative corporations and then met up with karl rove and karl rove whispered in his here i can get you elected to office and he became stripes and been acting like a republican ever since. the interesting thing is this very radical stuff, kyra, is stuff that has come along probably in the last five to ten years since he has been governor. he's become this way. >> radical or not, in your opinion, i mean, this is a pretty popular guy. he has been governor for more than ten years. he's been in politics longer than that. the people, they have kept him in office. he, obviously, has done something right here. >> well, bear in mind, though, in the last election, he only got 39% of the vote because there were three well-known people running against him, a former mayor of austin who had held statewide office, the entertainer kingy friedman and a
6:43 am
congressman from houston, chris bell, and they sort of divided up the vote and rick only got 39% of the votes so technical he is the governor of this state with 39% support. but you're right. the guy is telegenic and good on the stump and he fires people up and he has a core set of beliefs he won't compromise on and they are firing up the fundamentalists and the conservatives and the grandpa primary and i think he sgoiis g tor a formidable force for the republican party. >> james, we know a lot of people will disagree with you, which is why we want them to write in and get into the discussion with you. james moore, thank you so much. if you haven't read his piece, you can read it on and if you like, join the conversation. james will like that very much. leave a comment for him. wells fargo wants to start charging their customers to use credit cards. in 60 days they will test it in
6:44 am
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police in tulsa, oklahoma say the longest standoff in their history is over with a 25-year-old man coming down from his perch atop a radio tower. the guy up since last thursday. after a mental evaluation the police plan to charging him with trespassing. in albuquerque, new mexico, this guy at the right place at the right time. he says he chased a van after seeing a neighborhood forced into it. the suspect allegedly crashed his vehicle after a 15-minute che through the streets of albuquerque. police say a close call for a
6:47 am
little girl and they hail her neighbor's quick action. >> she had injuries on her. she was banged up and bruised. her shirt was ripped. >> i think that should give people a lot of hope that there are people who are willing to do the right thing. >> the suspect now faces charges of attempted kidnapping. we got another rescue to tell you about. this at a chatsworth, california, last night. two teens found themselves in a tight spot stuck on a cliff ledge 300 feet up in the air. firefighters used a helicopter to get them down. let's get to alison kosik at the new york stock exchange p.m. another big bang. trying to sneak a fee through the black door there, alison. >> yeah. . they are lining up. can you see them? wells fargo is up to bat now. you want to use your debit card? the bank will charge you $3 a month so you can use your month. . right now a pilot program in four states and not just wells
6:48 am
fargo. lots of banks are using for new money ever since the fed can cap the fees they can charge for the credit swipes. we will see other banks join them in this line. >> alison, thanks so much. dow industrials up 73 points and good news. troops coming back from deployment are finding warm four-legged welcomes. and tale are getting plenty of play on youtube. highlights next in the "cnn newsroom." yeah. 24 bucks later.
6:49 am
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6:50 am
stories making news later today, rick perry stumping this morning in new hampshire,
6:51 am
meanwhile president obama holding two town hall meetings in illinois as he wraps up his bus tour. we're following lots of developments in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." let's check in with martin savidge. >> reporter: here in aruba, investigators are checking out whether an insurance policy could provide the motive behind the disappearance of american tourist robyn gardner. we'll have the details coming up. i'm rob marciano. yesterday at seaworld in florida, some visitors there grot a bit of a shock. lightning danger. we'll talk about that in the next hour. i'm breanna keelor in atkinson, illinois, p population about 1100. and the residents here are lining up to ask president obama some questions in it a town hall meeting later today. what do they want to ask him about? jobs, of course. i'll have that coming up. >> thanks, guys. also next hour, an iowa tea
6:52 am
partier confronts president obama and the video goes viral. we'll talk with ryan rhodes about his chat with the commander in chief. ♪ [ male announcer ] they'll see you...before you see them. cops are cracking down on drinking and riding. drive sober, or get pulled over. but not in my neighborhood. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're throwing away misperceptions about natural gas vehicles. more of the vehicles that fuel our lives use clean american natural gas today. it costs about 40 percent less than gasoline, so why aren't we using it even more? start a conversation about using more natural gas vehicles
6:53 am
in your community.
6:54 am
you've got the team with the best record in baseball using the best pitchers in the game. what possibly could go wrong? >> then you remember it's baseball and crazy thing it's happen. the phillies have roy halladay,
6:55 am
you can't beat him. going against the d'backs, two outs from a complete win. lyle overbay, the pirates didn't want him, he was sitting home g and gets the throw on the. in the bottom of the ninth, the final nail in the coffin, the d'backs lead the nl west by 3 games. the braves looking for their second straight walk-off win over the giants. the fly ball. will he get it done? no, great catch by aubrey huff. so we go to extra innings, tied at 1. bottom of 11th, prado gets another shot. he comes through. into right field, that scores brooksz conrad, the 22nd time the braves have won at their final at-bat, the best in the majors. a triple play for the second night in a row. red sox turn this one, jed
6:56 am
lauerry at third, flips over to second, pedroia to first, they lost to the rays. finally, check out these two fans at the orioles/a's game. they had lightup jackets. go or yells, then his buddy with the a's across his chest. i don't know. well, you know, i fought the law, the law won. the umpires didn't like it it. they saw them up there, thought it was distracting. they saw their guys to, i don't think i've ever said this before, turn off your jackets. the umpires always win in a battle between fans and umpires. >> pretty creative. someone has invented something that's going to make them millions of dollars. >> well, we've seen how excited families get when u.s. troops
6:57 am
return home from the war zone. don't forget about man's best friend and, you know, the bonding that happens. cnn's jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: you know all those heart heartwarming two-legged reunions, the military ones that end in -- >> "i love you". >> hey, you recognize me? >> reporter: emma thunder paws in the name and for senior airman trevor krour arriving from afghanistan. >> it was the second best reunion i've had since getting back. >> reporter: the best being the one with his wife whitney. >> i think he remembers you. >> he didn't get out of trevor's face for probably a solid week. >> reporter: from humongous dogs to tiny ones like these, canine reunions are running rampant on youtube. >> hi! hi!
6:58 am
hi! >> reporter: from baying beagles to whimpering molly, crying over the return of her air force captain owner, the one thing most of these doggie reunions have in common is they can turn a macho soldier into a baby-talking softy. >> my boy! >> reporter: fathers talk to their dogs like adults. >> i missed you so bad, honey. i'm so sorry i went away. >> you lost so much weight. >> oh, you're going to make me cry. >> reporter: soldiers locked in a canine embrace. >> he wanted to have direct eye contact to make sure that i was here. >> reporter: the doggie reunion can even eclipse the human one when the lady of the house handed her man the camera to show off her welcome home ensemble -- >> your lovely outfit. >> yes. >> reporter: -- kodiak kept stealing the show. >> you look wonderful. and so do you. >> i'm sorry, but i need to be the center of attention still.
6:59 am
>> reporter: of course dogs have a pretty short attention span so after only about 45 seconds of intense petting and a little chasing around -- >> and we're done. >> reporter: for those of you who think the joy pets bring is just hot air -- >> the next best thing to be a reunion -- couldn't you just be happy to see me? >> happy? >> reporter: happy even when outnumbered. at least a soldier can say things to his dog he probably shouldn't say things to his wife. >> that's your butt. >> reporter: cnn, jeanne moos, new york. it is the top of the hour. we begin with jobs, yours and president's. barack obama needs to put more americans to work if he wants to stay in the white house a second term. this morning we're learning the white house is planning a major speech to announce such plans. breanna keelor is with the president on his bus tour. what do you know about the speech? >> reporter: the president of
7:00 am
course under major pressure to do something on jobs. that's why he's certainly out here talking about the jobs proposals he's already put out there had here in the midwest. but this is being silled by a senior administration official as a major speech he will give after congress returns shortly after labor day in september, and we've learn from it ththis official it would be a mix of tax cuts, certainly among some other items, infrastructure spending and also address the problem of the long-term unemployed. now, the thing is, keira, when you look at those items, either republicans are flat-out opposed to some of them or have serious issues with the ways in which democrats in the white house have so far proposed executing those plans. in the meantime, we're about 2 1/2 hours away from the president expected here, in case you were wondering, a hybrid corn seed processing and storage facility. he'll be addressing folks here in a town hall meeting, one of
7:01 am
two today. and if the events we've seen in the last couple of days are any indication it, it will be a largely friendly crowd. though i have to tell you i've spoken with some people who are actually lining up to go inside, and some of them certainly did not vote for president obama, do not expect to do so in the next presidential election. >> we're following it and we will talk to you again coming up in a little bit. meanwhile, the republican campaign trail heads east. just a few days after the iowa straw poll, romney and perry leave the midwest and stump in new hampshire. romney is a solid front-runner in the republican field, but just a few days into the campaign, perry is stealing the spotlight with fiery comments and energized crowds. rick perry started his day in bedford, new hampshire. like a poker player, perry saw the president and raised him. he first responded to the president's suggestion he be careful about his comments on the campaign trail. >> the president said i needed to watch what i say.
7:02 am
i just want to respond back, if i may. mr. president, actions speak louder than words. my actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country. >> now mark preston was at perry's event and says the candidate also took on the fed. >> reporter: yes, keira, they have rick perry, the texas governor here in new hampshire not backing down about his comments about ben bernanke. he later said he was lectured by president obama. he takes an eggs breakfast, a time-honored tradition in p new hampshire. he talked about his business record, about job creation down in texas. he said he would be a pro-business president in what was clear today is that rick perry is going to take president obama head-on in this presidential . >> the president is shrugging
7:03 am
off comments by rick perry. yesterday he sat down with wolf blitzer. >> mr. perry just got into the presidential race, and i think that everybody who runs for president probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn't like running for governor or running for senator or congress. you've got to be a little more careful about what you say. but i'll cut him some slack. he's only been at it it for a few days now. >> throughout the hour we'll hear more of wolf blitzer's interview with the president. in just about 15 minutes, president obama will talk jobs and the economy as we heard from breanna keelor. we'll take that as well. pretty interesting new information in the case of that american woman missing in aruba. the suspect, gary giordano, 0 apparently took out travel insurance on her. >> reporter: this is something investigators are looking into very, very carefully because it would come down to motivation
7:04 am
possibly, if their impact has been a crime has taken place. that is the question that gary gee dawn it know may have taken out an insurance policy. was it a travel insurance policy or something more like a life insurance policy? authorities aren't saying at this point. if he did take out an insurance policy, if there's money he would gain as a result of something perhaps happening to her, you could see as authorities may look at that as possible motivation that may be reason that the extension of detention of giordano was granted by a judge on the island. they're it look at that. something else, reports of a bloody palm print found out behind the nanke country club, this area part of the beach where gary giordano says he and robyn were the day she disappeared. i have to warn you, a lot of fishing going on out there, it can be a bloody sport at times. here are the three things you
7:05 am
want to know, was it her blood type? is it human blood? and of course is it a palm print that matches gary giordano? all of that under investigation. theetz are very interesting developments. the other thing, keira, a major search is being planned involving members of the dutch military, involving police and may also involve volunteers. they're going to search a large area, a very rugged, difficult terrain at the southern part of the island. all of this trying to keep in it mind that two hours between when robyn gardner was last seen and when gary are giordano made the 911 call. a lot going on down here today. kei keira? martin thanks. here is a pretty wild story we've been seeing on the web. a new book from a british professor actually suggested there was a plan in place to make adolf hitler more feminine. zain virgie told me about this this morning. i was, like, okay, this could be very interesting.
7:06 am
tell me more. of course, zain you would be one to find an obscure story like this. >> keira, the plan was to take away his mustache. that was the strategy from a british plot that they cooked up. the idea was essentially and seriously to lace his food with estrogen, a female sex hormone. if they did that, it would make him less aggression. it was also tasteless. he was feared he would be poisoned. they figured nobody would figure out anything was laced in the food. the scientists basically came across this plan when with looking at documents that were recently declassified as to what the potential strategies beyond mill are teitary could be beyon.
7:07 am
>> there was some other plots they had as well, right? >> yeah. i did dig deep into this. one of the things was to actually pour glue down, to rain glue down, onto nazi troops to make them stick. that was honestly one. another was to drop poisonous snakes on the nazis as well. so, you know, if they couldn't kill them they were going to come up with these different strategies and that's what we've learned, because of these documents that have come to light. keira, i thought you'd like that. >> yes. very interesting. zain virgie, thanks so much. well, it it's the first day of school in joplin, missouri. we'll show you how students are trying to rebound. plus, it's not every day you see a civilian slam the president of the united states
7:08 am
to his face. tea partier ryan rhodes joins us to talk about their little chat.
7:09 am
7:10 am
checking the stories cross country. this is the first day of school since the devastating earthquake hit job listen, missouri, killing 130 people. job listen high school was among of the many buildings damaged or destroyed so students are at a middle school and a retrofitted
7:11 am
shopping mall. the ballots are in, two democratic state senators retain their seats. the recall was traigerred by a fight over collective bargaining right. mayor for a day, this little girl won a facebook contest. her had first order of business was renaming main street to justin bieber way in honor of her favorite pop star. president obama set out on his midwest bus tour to find out what's on people's minds. he definitely got a piece of ryan rhodes' mind in iowa the other day. take a listen. >> when with you're talking about civility, how is your vice president calling us terrorists? >> sir -- >> i would like to understand that. >> i will explain. he did not call you guys -- >> he said we were acting like terrorists. >> no, no. what he said was for us to be willing to take the economy to the brink was irresponsible. and it was. >> ryan rhodes is the founder
7:12 am
and chairman of the iowa tea party, joining us live from des moines. so, ryan, did you get what you wanted from the president? >> welt, i got to ask a question. you know, that does say something about this american process. >> well, did he give you the answer that you were looking for? did it satisfy you? >> well, no. i mean, he jumped in to defending and saying, i've gotten called every name in the book. i can tell you this, i've been catching ining up with him on t names from a few people. but, you know, we're out here and the fact is you can't have a debate when one side of the aisle, harry reid and whether it's joe biden sitting there and listening to people say it it and not actually challenging them on it or whether it's people on down the party, he's the leader of that party just the same as he's the president and it's time for him to actually lead and not let people use that rhetoric out there. he spent most of the town hall
7:13 am
talking about how unreasonable the other side was so, i mean, i want to know how you come together on that when that's your general premise and starting point. >> let me ask you, did you find it pretty remarkable, the president obviously realized you were a critic, but he stopped, he looked you in the eye and actually engaged you? did that in any way change your mind on how you may feel about the president? >> well, i have respect for him for doing that, but we are -- we're i'd logically opposed, and i think that's pretty apparent. what he wants to do with the country and what i want to do with the country, the direction i want the country to go, are just -- they don't line up in any way, shape or form. >> now, you're backing michele bachmann, right? >> yeah, i decided to come out and let people know i was going to vote for michele bachmann last week. >> and what is it that you like about michele bachmann, and what do you think about rick perry jumping in? >> well, for michele bachmann,
7:14 am
she's honest. i mean, people give her a hard time for a mistake, but she jumped at a chance to say, oops, we've got better things to talk about like the economy and jobs. when it comes to that, she stood up and said, we have to have a balanced budget and we have to actually get our debt under control because if we don't we're not going to have a whole lot of -- we're not going to have an america left. as to rick perry, you know, i think he's just starting to introduce himself to people so we'll see. i don't know enough to make much of a critique on rick perry. >> final question -- let's just go a little bit further into your exchange with the president before i let you go. i've got a final question for you. this came after your first question to him. >> balanced budget is reasonable. >> he wasn't objecting to the balanced budget amendment. he was objecting to us almost defaulting. >> then why doesn't somebody pass a balanced budget
7:15 am
amendment. it's simple. we can pass -- it doesn't sound like you're interested in listening. >> you haven't listened either. you blame it on everybody but yourself. >> i'm interesting, ryan, because this is a civil discussion and it's calm. but at that moment it it appeared to be possibly a little confrontational and neither of you were able to get your points across and the conversation didn't get to finish, and the president moved on. do you think maybe if you would have engaged him differently that the conversation might have lasted a little longer and you guys might have been able to get a little more in depth? >> well, no. it's funny because that part of the question was actually me answering the person to my left who asked what the tea part yy stands for. and then halfway through -- when i turned to the side and was kind of talking to that person is when obamaup jumped in -- president obama jumped in and said that the balanced budget wasn't what he objected to.
7:16 am
so it was almost like a separate conversation getting pulled in, but that -- at that point, you know -- they voted down the balanced budget, for him to go out and say they weren't against the balanced budget is not -- i mean, they can pass that on its merits, in and of itself, and we could debate everything else the next day. but if they don't want to pass a balanced budget, i just don't know how it it can even plan to work. >> ryan rhodes, via skype out of des moines. thanks. coming up, the estranged wife of a reality show star has apparently committed suicide. we'll have more in your showbiz headlines. if your commute drives you crazy, this town may be a good fit. getting to work within this unique city takes less than 15 minutes. where does less time in the car mean more fun outdoors? we'll tell you after the break. s instead of real people.
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7:19 am
where does less time in the car mean more fun outdoors? hanover, new hampshire p, where biking around town is a popular way to go. at the heart of the city is ivy league college dartmoth. the natural beauty of the vermont border and connecticut river is wonderful. >> we have these beautiful surroundings and it's really fun for someone from more of an
7:20 am
urban area to come out and explore. coming in at number six on "money" magazine's best places to live are is hanovis hanover, hampshire. president obama is getting ready to deliver a major speech on the economy and jobs, fittingly just a day after labor day. the speech outlines new initiatives to get americans working and reduce the nation's debt. our wolf blitzer pressed him yesterday on it. >> you've got something more ambitious in mind. there's reports about a new department, is that true? >> that is not true, but what is true is that i think we missed an opportunity a month ago when we could have dealt with our debt and deficit in a serious, balanced way that would have avoided these huge gyrations in the financial markets, given businesses a lot of confidence that washington had its fiscal house in order, and included in
7:21 am
that, because of the savings that we'd be getting over the next 10, 20 years, more efforts on the front end to spur job creation. and given that congress failed to act, the grand bargain i was trying to cut with john boehner didn't happen, we're going to take one more run at congress and gearing to say to him, look, here is a comprehensive approach that gets our debt and deficits under control and also accelerates job growth right now. >> throughout the hour, we're going to hear more of wolf blitzer's irntd view with the president. next in about a half hour, president obama talks about the economy, politics and the state of the american dream in 2011. we've got a regular feature here called "30-second pitch" where we try to help folks who need jobs find them. this week we're giving it a little twist and trying to give back to our military vets. we're spotlighting veteran-owned small businesses looking for work. joining us from new orleans is greg simmick. he trained in aviation
7:22 am
electronics, worked on marine aircraft and served in operation walk ki freedom. he's now president of true nutrition sciences. greg, great to see you. i'm curious, how has the transition been for you fighting in a war to running a small business? >> thanks for having me, keira. you know, there's actually quite a few similarities. i think my biggest takeaway from serving in the war and serving in the military was self-discipline. it really takes a lot of discipline to have that big vision and carry through and carry out your own plans through the thick and thin with your own small business. >> and what made you decide to create true nutrition sciences? >> absolutely great question. i think during my time in the marine corps i really became entrenched in the fitness and health lifestyle. i really found that exercising and lifting and fitness in general helped me not only deal with the physical challenges of
7:23 am
the military but psychologically as well. you feel more energy, more balanced, just an overall improvement in health and welfare. after i got out of the marines, i attended college on the gi bill and during a class we were asked to write a business plan, i took my interest in health and wellness and wrote a business plan focusing on nutritional supplements, protein being number one. so after college i decided to take the plunge and invest all of my savings into the true nutrition sciences to really create the number one or highest quality protein and other nutritional supplements on the market. >> well, when it it comes to eating right and being in shape, we know the marines can do that very well. let's get ready for our 30-second pitch here, if you don't mind. we'll start the clock, greg. for all the businesses out there that you want to hire you, take it away. >> well, this is our protein supplement. i would encourage everyone to
7:24 am
check out our web site at that's tru, no "e." we have coupon for 10% off every product on the web site. reviews are incredible. simple google search will yield phenomenal research. coupon code is cnn. again, the web site is >> greg simek, i like the cnn password there. it's trunutrition sciences, we hope you get some business. keep us updated, let us know what happens, greg. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> you bet. again, we'll be focusing on vet-owned businesses all week. if you'd like to do a 30-second pitch, e-mail us. we'll try and help. a tragic death hits the real housewives of beverly hills. and a major retailer tells the
7:25 am
jersey shore, we're going to pay you not to wear our clothes. "showbiz tonight" shoest a.j. hammer has the details. let's start with the real housewives news. >> really shocking story here, keira. russell armstrong, the straejed husband of real housewives of beverly hills star taylor armstrong was found dead monday night in an apparent suicide. i spoke with russell's attorney yesterday. he told me he saw no signs that armstrong was so acutely depressed. but he did say the reality show was 100% responsible for armstrong's recent difficulties. watch what he said. >> the show characterized him as someone that abused his spouse, it highlighted ancient financial negatives in his past, and put him in a spotlight that he wasn't coped to deal with. >> and it is understandable how difficult that must be when it's playing out for the whole world to see. the couple did have a very troubled relationship, but while
7:26 am
russell apparently wanted to save the marriage, taylor filed for divorce exactly a month ago and publicly accused russell of mental and physical abuse, which the attorney touched on there. and as he also mentioned, russell was under severe financial pressure, declared bankruptcy a few years ago, reportedly owed as much as $10 million. and one of the saddest parts of this is that russell and taylor have a 5-year-old daughter. the second season of "the real housewives of beverly hills" had been scheduled to debut september 5th, keira. that may or may not happen. producers are in the process of deciding what to do. they don't know whether to postpone the series or eddedity it. let's turn to a lighter note. "jersey shore," the crew being offered money not to wear a certain company's clothes. what's that about? >> yeah. lighter indeed. this is fantastic. krom by and fitch apparently doesn't want to be associated with mike "the situation" sorrentino and the "jersey shore."
7:27 am
they issued a statement about this, we are deeply concerned that mr. sorrentino's association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. we have therefore offered a substantial payment to mike at "the situation" sorrentino and the producers of mtv's "jersey shore" to have the character wear an alternative brand. we've also extended it to other members of the cast and are urgently awaiting a response. mtv is telling "showbiz tonight" that nobody will respond to the abercrombie statement. but i'm pretty sure, keira, this is a first. >> of course as you're talking about the clips we're rolling, they're wearing no clothes practically. we'll see how this all plays out. a.j., thanks. your source for everything entertainment, a.j. hammer "showbiz tonight" every night at 11:00 p.m. eastern. our wolf blitzer sat down with the president and asked him about the rumors he may create a department of jobs. is it true? political buzz coming up. [ male announcer ] it's a fact:
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checking top stories now. presidential candidate rick perry took aim at president obama's economic policies it this morning saying they're killing jobs. he also took a swipe at critics who say his texas job creation was luck. lightning strike put a scare into orlando's seaworld amusement park. several people went to the hospital but nobody took a direct hit. a police panel has found no evidence of london police misconduct in the phone hacking probe. the commission says four former scotland yard officials will face no further police inquiry. "political buzz." your rapid fire look at your political subjects. maria car don na, patricia murphy and cnn contributor dana loesh. ladies, first question. president obama will make a major speech on jobs in september.
7:32 am
he told wolf blitzer what he won't do. >> there's been reports you want to create a new department of jobs, something along those lines. is that true? >> you know, that is not true. >> okay, so what should the president do to show the american people he's serious about jobs? dana? >> well, i'm glad at least he's not going to create a department of jobs. again, as i've always said, i think the government needs to back up. but you don't send a message -- why is he traveling around in this big giant black hers-mobile all over the country? i read an article last night that compared it to darth vaitder's had helmet. usually you have political slogans or the stars and stripes or american eagle. it looks very for boding. i think what the president needs to do is get back to washington, d.c., quit campaigning on the taxpay taxpayers' dime and let's get serious about jobs and let the market breathe! >> i think he needs to continue to do what he's been dog for several weeks now, keira, which
7:33 am
is focusing on jobs jobs jobs. unfortunately, republicans since they've taken over congress have done absolutely zero to try to create american jobs. they've done the opposite and focusing on the debt. and we've had the downgrade debacle. americans want jobs, the number one issue. president obama will be talking about proposals that we hope republicans will join him on. like trade agreement and patent reform, extending the payroll tax cut, these are all things congress can do now and president obama wants to continue to do that. >> patricia. >> he needs to do something new and more than what maria is talking about. he needs to come out with a proposal that could pass and work. he needs to look like he cares. we saw him come out s&p downgrade, his attitude was, eh, he needs to get aggressive. say something new. >> question number two, texas governor rick perry already getting criticized by fellow republicans. take a look at what rick san
7:34 am
storn told our john king. we don't have it? all right. well, then let's -- have you ladies heard actually what he said on "john king" last night? you did? >> yes. you're not in texas anymore. >> there we go. perfect. excellent. make sure we're all on board. let me go ahead and throw out the question. has rick perry's rhetoric already gone too far? maria? >> absolutely it's gone too far, 0 keira. while that kind of disgusting rhetoric, which is exactly what americans have had it with washington and their elected leaders might endear him to the tea party faithful. it will do absolutely the opposite in appealing to the all-important independent sensible mainstream voters and moderate republicans, which is what he needs to make it through a general election. he he's gone too far and i think americans will see him for what he is. >> dana? >> i have to correct maria really quick on how congress
7:35 am
works. republicans create one half of one-third of congress. that's not controlling congress. rick santorum is the bill paxton of the campaign. let's talk about rhetoric we've seen post-tucson especially in wisconsin. let's talk about some of the president's statements, bring a gun to a knife fight. we just had a nonunion business owner in ohio shot by a union worker. maybe they took the statement literally. at the end of the day, i don't think perry crossed any lines. >> patricia? >> i think he crossed lines for normal americans, for people just listening to things and they want washington to calm down, start getting something done. he has not crossed the line for people who are the base republican voters who i talk to who say they want to see somebody put the fight to obama. they want somebody who is going to get aggressive with this brez, tell them they're going to stop his policies in their tracks.
7:36 am
it this is what a lot of the campaigners won't do. romney won't do it. we haven't heard a lot of these campaigners get aggressive like perry has. >> you got a double buzz on that one! patricia, we've got to school you. now your buzzer beater. 20 seconds each for this one. listen to this. >> before we get started, let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley today! happy birthday! >> okay, unfortunately, she was saying that on the day that he died. so when you look at her other factual errors, ladies, is this a mistake that maybe americans are going to not care about, care about? patricia? of. >> i don't think anybody except for a great swath of elvis lovers care when he died or when he was born.
7:37 am
they are going to care about michele bachmann's credibility, whether she's capable of running the country with she makes gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. this looks like sloppy staff work to me. she does need to clean it up. >> dana? >> i don't think it's going to matter. at least she didn't say corpsman or acknowledge a medal of honor recipient as being alive when in fact they weren't. again, i agree with what was just said. i don't think a lot of people pay attention to when elvis died, except me. i was raised in a family who loved elvis. it's an obligation. >> maria? >> i think she lost the graceland vote. i agree with patricia. sh was absolutely sloppy, sloppy staff work. these are rare moments that are off the cuff. these things are normally plan. i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say this was god awful sloppy staff work, and if it wasn't it does continue to drive the narrative that she's just not ready for primetime. >> ladies, you all agreed on the
7:38 am
final point. okay, here's to -- we will celebrate elvis' birthday on the right date. thanks, guys. now an update to a story we told you about last week, the horrific hit-and-run death of a black man in massachusetts, a white teenager has now been arrested in the case. cnn's drew griffin is joining us with the new developments. drew? >> keira, cnn can now confirm that the death of this black man named james craig anderson is by a group of white teenagers in mississippi is being investigateed as a hate crime. the prosecutor tells us he invited federal prosecutors to insist on the investigation of the murder of anderson and to possibly bring federal charges against some of the other teenagers involved. this murder sparked controversy and outrage after cnn aired this exclusionive and disturbing video. prosecutors tells us it shows the final act in the beating of a black man. that act is a large pickup truck being used to drive over this
7:39 am
wounded man and killing him. the teenager accused of this crime reportedly called a friend right after this saying, i ran that nigger over, that is according to police. police say this started out for a night of partying, decided to end the night seeking a black person to mess with, a quote. no other reason. the victim spotted in this jackson, mississippi, parking lot. darrel deadman, an 18-year-old, has been charged with the murder. one other person involved is 18-year-old john rice. he has been charged with a lesser crime, he's out on bail. there have been no pleas for either one of these fellows, and these guys' attorneys won't answer our calls. but five other teens who took part in this, keira, have not been charged. that has sparked protests in the community. this weekend, this was a march and vigil held calling for among other things more charges to be filed. but here is the problem, why feds may be involved. mississippi doesn't have a stand
7:40 am
had-alone hate crime on its book. where hate is a motivator, a person faces additional penalties. but you can't just charge someone with a hate crime. the feds can. we understand fbi agents are on the ground in jackson, mississippi, conducting an investigation for the u.s. justice department to see if this will lead to more charges, perhaps against the other teens involved. >> and possibly even more crimes? >> possibly even more crimes. our sources are confirming that this particular group of teens, this group of teens from a neighboring white county, may be connected to other racially motivated attacks in and near jackson, mississippi. this group has a history, according to the prosecutor there, he wants help from the fbi with this case and investigating past crimes as well. >> heart wrenching. drew, thanks. vustors to orlando's seaworld get a pretty dangerous brush with nature yesterday. not from the resident wildlife but a bolt of lightning. we'll have the update. ave a drem that one day on the red hills of georgia,
7:41 am
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checking stories chris country. police in tulsa, oklahoma, say the longest standoff in their city's history is over with a 25-year-old man coming down his perch atop a radio tower. the guy was up there since last thursday. after my mental evaluation, police plan on charging him with tras passing. this man was in the right place at the right time. he chased a van after sighing a neighbor's 6-year-old daughter being forced into it. the suspect allegedly crashed his vehicle after a 15-minute chase through the streets of albuquerque. police say it was a close call for this little girl and they say her neighbor is a hero. >> she had injuries on her. she was bruised and banged up. her shirt was ripped. >> i think that should give people a lot of hope that there are people that are willing to do the right thing. >> the suspect p faces charges of attempted kidnapping. another rescue to tell you
7:45 am
about, this one at a chatsworth, california. two teens found themselves in a tight spot, stuck on a cliff ledge 300 feet in the air. firefighters used a helicopter to get them down. and this morning's "daily dose," america's birth weight falling and falling fast. according to the national center for health statistics, the number of births across the country dropped to 4 million last year, down from 4.3 million in 2007. experts feel the economy downturn is to blame. in fact, during the financial slumps of the 1970s and early '90s birth rates fell more than 15%. college loan debts are getting even heavier, up to 25%. now even outpacing credit card debt. that story, next. [ male announcer ] germs in your mouth build up and form a layer called biofilm so strong it survives brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula penetrates biofilm,
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well, as tough as it is when parents are unemployed, think how it affects the children as well. now a new study is ranking the best and the worst states for kids. alison kosik of the new york stock exchange. i guess we shutd start with the bad news. >> yeah, definitely the bad economy clearly affecting kids, kei keira. what this sthudy does is looks at states, ranks them by looking at ten key areas including economic conditions, the percentage of kids living in poverty, kids and families where both parents are unemployed. here's what it found. in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama, those were ranked as the worst states for a child's
7:49 am
well-being. 25% in alabama, 31% in mississippi, the worst in the nation. the flip side, new hampshire was the best state for kids, only 11% of children there live below the poverty line in 2009. keira? >> we also know that college costs are rising for our kids, and then there's this new report showing that student loan debt is way up. >> oh, yeah. way up. that's according to the new york federal reserve. student debt has actually soared by 25% in the past few years. you know, one big problem here is a growing number of people aren't paying back their student loans. instead, they're choosing to pay off other debt first. so what you see happening is credit card and mortgage dlib kwenscy rates have fallen but student loan delinquencies have thoug shot up. it it's the harsh reality that the high cost of education is everybody is incurring more debt to get through college. hopes everybody hoe hopes it will pay off. >> i've krufrnled the numbers for my twins.
7:50 am
it's amazing how much college will cost when they're 18. >> 529s! >> i did it the first week. thanks, alison. great advice. a quick break now. more from the "cnn newsroom "straight ahead. 0 . wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪ discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex
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7:52 am
breaking news now that we want to tell you about. we are actually monitoring a live news conference that's just about to happen. do we have that picture? there it is, out of our affiliate wfts. the tampa police department about to hold a news conference. apparently there was some type of plot that was foiled, some students planning to kill the principal and a number of students at freedom high school
7:53 am
in central florida. our david mattingly has been working the story, bringing us deit tails. what do we know as we await the news conference? >> nothing to confirm with the police, but we had a spokesperson with the hillsborough school district. they sent out an automated call to parents this this morning alerted them this was coming up. but they don't have details right now of exactly what this former student might have been planning to do. they do tell us that they have been told this was a former student that was arrested, a male who has not attended freedom high school there in the tampa area for a year and a half. the school is not in session right now. this plot was supposed to take place sometime at the beginning of the school year. that does not happen until tuesday of next week. so right now, even the spokesperson for the school system is telling us he doesn't know ne any details. >> so did somebody get a tip, tip off authorities? and they might have seized, i
7:54 am
don't know, a computer or something to -- do we know yet how they found out about this? >> so many questions and absolutely no answers right now about what the police know, what led them to this young man and what he was it actually planning to do. so like i said, just along with the school system and all the parents, we're waiting to find out what kind of threat there was here and how real was it, how far down the road was it it to possibly being carried out. >> got it. we'll follow it with you. thanks. other stories making news later today, next hour, gop presidential candidate rick perry in new hampshire, meanwhile, president obama holds two town hall meetings in illinois. then later at 3:00 p.m. eastern time, libya's transitional government formally opens its embassy in washington. mortgage rates hit record lows, and next hour in the "cnn newsroom," some tips on whether you should refinance now or wait until later. plus, hundreds of calls tying up the phone lines at the he l.a. sheriff's office all because of a tweet. was it a prank that went wrong?
7:55 am
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call this toll-free number now. let's get you straight to tam tampa, police holding the police conference on the plot revealed to shoot students and possibly a principal at a school. cops apparently found a man i feast toe. let's take it live. >> he also mentioned his desire to cause more casualties than
7:58 am
were suffered at columbine. we had officers find material in his room that could be used for making explosive devices. we called our bomb team in, the experts, and they in fact said that, yes, the material that he had could be made into explosive devices and could cause serious injury, up to and including death, if they were to be detona detonated. and the material that they found included fuel sources, shrapnel, plastic tubing, timing and fusing devices within his room. the individual we did not find any firearms at that apartment yesterday, but jared kano has been arrested in the past for carrying a concealed firearm at that was stolen in a burglary that he committed. so he does have an extensive criminal record that major newman will talk about in just
7:59 am
one minute, but i do want to raise some of the individuals and groups that were involved in this investigation. one, the individual that came forth with information. that's what we need in this community, to have the citizens involved in keeping this community safe. and that was a prime example of allowing us to avoid a very serious event yesterday. i also want to thank the hillsborough county school system. they are our partners day in and day out, not only keeping our schools safe but also keeping the city of tampa and the residents safe as well. we have an amazing working relationship, and i can say that with tpd and hillsborough county school system working in concert yesterday with a sense of urgency in investigating this very, very


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