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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 30, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the reason why is because there aren't trees up against it. there's grass up against it, but it probably won't catch the house on fire. when you have houses surrounded by cedars, that's what can catch the house on fire. approximate you're evacuating. best thing to do is take the drapes and tear them off the wall. the heat will go through the window, catch the drapes on fire and you will literally burn t house from inside out. >> all right. we'll continue to watch this. once again, this is oklahoma city. these are live pictures coming to us from koco. grassfire there. chad myers, thank you very much for doing that along with us. bringing us up to date there on exactly where that wildfire is. exactly where that wildfire is. mandatory evacuations under way. -- captions by vitac -- now over to brooke baldwin who will take over. >> the smoke over oklahoma city burning. hello, i'm brooke baldwin. we'll stay on that. the number has risen again.
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41 people now confirmed dead from hurricane irene. this hour vermont is still trying to pull people out of the rushing rivers. i'll speak with several people still trapped there. including a groom got married saturday, hoping to leave on his honeymoon in 48 hours. we'll get a live update pr him. also from fema and the governor of vermont. stay tuned for that. in addition to the wildfires, there's talk about a formation off the coast of the yucatan peninsula. chad myers, who is racing back out here. chad myers, as we're looking at this formation, do we need to be worried? >> we don't need to be worried at this point in time. although, this may be the nicest tropical storm, i hope, that we ever see ever. you consider -- what we just showed you, all the pictures in oklahoma, that's really, other than the fire, that's what all of texas looks like. completely tinder ground. if we can get a 40 miles per hour storm over the gulf of mexico and run into louisiana
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and texas and spread rain for days, that would be the best thing possible. >> it might provide relief. >> yes, it may be the sinister storm that katia might be. it's in the middle of the atlantic. probably a gutter ball that turns to the right. just like irene did. but turns early enough to not hit the u.s. there it is right there. already a 45 miles per hour storm. this is probably, even if it hits anything, katia is seven days away. >> people are e-mailing please bring rain. >> the gulf of mexico is exceptionally warm. you know the problem. i've taken a lot of heat over this. everybody else has too. the difficulty of forecasting how fast a storm can build or how fast a hurricane can diminish. the category 3 hurricane that didn't hit new york city. it was a category 1 because the forecast is -- the speed of a storm to develop in the gulf of
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mexico is tremendous if you live along the gulf of mexico, you need to watch if. >> chad, thank you. texas want the rain badly. let's talk about the rain and flooding now. i'll take you to northern new jersey here. you're going to see a baby being swaddled by a rescue worker. this is patterson, new jersey. see him in about knee deep water there. rescuing a little child. also, they're up to their hips evacuating people on this raft. hundreds of people rescued in that one city alone. patterson, passaic county. one of the areas hardest hit by tropical storm irene. it's expected to crest today at double its normal flood stage. double. so what are we talking about here? we're talking about an area, this is just west of new york city. you can zoom in. you can see that the passaic river here, you can see it better as we zero in. there's patterson, authorities tell us today they have rescued 500 people. down in the southeast. the city, the county, the river,
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all the same name. this whole area is prone to flooding to start out with. out to the west here, there's major flooding reported today in the city of little falls. you can see little falls right there. you also have flooding in wayne, woodland park, pompton plains, pine brook. lots of areas in new jersey with the river cresting about now. that's the story, the developing story there in new jersey. let's look northward now to vermont. not exactly. think of vermont, you don't think hurricane alley. that's where the sudden high water was especially surprising and because the state has no coastal outlet. it's not going away very quickly. that's the issue. >> three days since the storm, any rivers in vermont have yet to fully crest. it will soon get worse before it gets better. much of the state of vermont is simply at a standstill with people either trying to stay safe and salvage their homes in these flooded areas or nervously
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watching that water rise. we're live in cambridge, vermont, now. amber lyon and amber, describe what you see around you. >> reporter: well, brooke, i see a center of a city that has essentially been turned into an island after this river over here came through, it crested and flooded. just taking out this road. tearing it into pieces. taking out the road. also on o the other side of the center of this town. and now the only way to access it is through these back roads on at v's. 800 people are in the center of this town waiting for supplies. essentially trapped because the only way to get out would be to walk or to ride on an atv. officials are out here hurrying as quick as they can to clean up this road. their major concern is the ability to get emergency vehicles in there in case a type of emergency should arise. 260 roads look just like this
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across the state. it's almost impossible to drive from one end of the state of vermont to the other because it takes so long and there's so many roadblocks. we've been told by emergency management officials that 30 trucks from fema have arrived and national guard troops are starting to distribute some supplies to these areas. 19 towns in vermont are currently isolated and the national guard is expected to start today and tomorrow airlifting and driving in supplies to these residents. so far, three confirmed deaths here in the state of vermont. but the governor expects that number to rise as more and more people are able to access these towns and also there are still people in these small mountain communities, brooke unaccounted for today. so the death toll could go up as well pr that, brooke. >> i was wondering if all 800 are unaccounted for? i'm sitting here thinking, you they of vermont as a landlocked
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state. people aren't thinking of safeguarding my house from a hurricane. do we know if the people losing their homes, do they have flood insurance? >> this area near the river has flooded in the past. we talked with people that do have insurance. whether all 800 in that town do, i don't know. but brooke, the 800 people are there in the town now and they are okay. they have been accounted for as well. that's good news. but as far as the property damage, as you're saying, they're not used to seeing tropical storms and we've seen houses being rushed down the river. we've seen over here, there's three mobile homes destroyed. there's cars going down the side of the bank, another building destroyed. this entire state, you don't have to search hard to find destruction like this in vermont, brooke. >> quickly, amber, is there any eta as to when the people who are stuck can get out? are we talking days?
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weeks? >> reporter: we haven't been given any figure as to when they'll be able to get them out. 19 towns are currently isolated like this one. you see the condition of this road. and you can imagine how long that's going to take to repair. the only other way into town is where you see this man on the bicycle over there. is this little side road on the corner and then you can take an atv through there. we tried to get our news cars through there, but we saw electrical lines that have fallen down over the road. it was too unsafe to go through there. this is just one of the 19 towns. some of them are completely isolated. there are no roads. there's no way to access them through atv and walking, brooke? >> it was stuck in patterson, vermont. don't take any chances, amber lyon. to you and your crew. i appreciate it very much. >> we'll be safe. when we come back, we'll talk to perhaps the unluckiest
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groom in the country right now. because he and his new wife had planned to get out of manhattan, escape to a picturesque setting in vermont. but then came hurricane irene. now the couple, along with 40 of their closest family and friends are stranded in that state. also ahead an update to a story that touched so many of you yesterday, that nanny to hannibal gadhafi who was scalded with that hot water, finally getting some help. he's here. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ] mom? ♪
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well, this lovely couple thought they got out of new york city in time for hurricane irene. but a couple who planned their wedding in the vermont mountains ended up in the middle of it. take a look here. the happy couple, mark and
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yamina getting hitched. little did they know their first challenge would be riding out a hurricane and being trapped, stranded in pitsfield, vermont along with a couple dozen of their closest friends and family. all of the roads in this town are flooded. bridges are collapsed. look at the images. this is where they're stuck. homes floating on the street. on the telephone with me, the groom, mark. congratulations? i guess. >> thank you very much. >> i know you're 48 hours away from your hawaiian honeymoon. >> caller: we're not making that trip. we're hoping that we can still get there at some point. but it's not going to be on thursday. >> for now, the honeymoon is in vermont. let me ask you. just explain how exactly, mark, you're stuck. describe how you're stuck. >> caller: okay. well, we had our wedding attribute full riverside farm
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and they've been great to us. they're in a town called pits field, vermont. on one side a bridge completely collapsed and on the other side a roadway completely collapsed. where one of the houses tipped into the river is where that roadway is collapsed. actually, even the access bridge into riverside farm where a lot of our guests and we were actually staying there through the duration of the wedding, that roadway to get into the farm and out of the farm is collapsed. so just before i got on the line with you, we were actually passing up and down supplies. we've rigged up planks to get across the river and some ladders to get up to the collapsed part of the bridge. >> to do what? where are you trying to go? >> well, we've been getting supplies in and out to the people that are on the farm and, you know, they have some things that we need. we have things they need. we were moving a generator just now before we got on the phone
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with you. we were getting some baby formula in and out. it's been a little crazy. but everybody has been chipping in together and pulling their resources and pooling manpower. every one of our wedding guests that's up here has been working, doing various tasks and chores around town. >> i hear you're on the first name basis with everyone in town. i mean, have you witnessed -- i'm sure you've taken part in rescues. can you describe what that's been like? >> absolutely. it's been a little scary. a lot of us, we were new yorkers and we've been through a few crises situations. so we knew kind of how to react and respond. we kept our faces straight and got busy instead of going into shock. we started doing whatever we could to help. but people in this town are amazing. the people of riverside farm
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have been amazing. everybody was so welcoming to us when we got here before the storm. and we've been giving back everything we can. >> forgive me. you have no running water, no electricity? do you have drinking water in. >> correct. there are days -- >> are you running out of food? >> there is drinking water. there is food. depending on how long we're here, we're quickly draining the resources in this town. so that is a little scary. but everyone's doing their best to consume only what they need. and conserve. we've had the general store in town has become the town center and has been distributing food and hot meals. and a lot of our guests have been there cleaning dishes and working behind the line cooking and taking money at the register. >> this is something.
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>> doing what they can over there. we also had people on the farm picking vegetables to make dinner tonight. >> marc, you have made lifelong friends it sound like in this picturesque town in vermont. best of luck to you and your wife and your wedding party and the people of this town. i hope you do get to hawaii eventually. >> thank you so much. if you can do anything to help us get people in here to fix the bridges, it would be greatly help. >> you got it, marc leeb wits. stay safe. how about that. >> caller: thank you. there's still no sign of moammar gadhafi. did he flee with them? is he still hiding in plain sight? coming up next, we'll speak with a reporter with sources who claim the dictator hasn't gone anywhere. an update on the gadhafi family nanny, tortured, scalded with boiling hot water. cnn's dan rivers tracked her down at a libyan hospital. be right back. no, it was good because you told us so. the chevy model year wrap up.
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want to update you now on that horrific story we brought to you yesterday. have to warn you again, you'll see images of a badly, badly injured woman. a cnn crew found her two days ago in tripoli inside the luxurious home of one of moammar gadhafi's sons. she told our own dan rivers that hannibal gadhafi's wife burned her with boiling water three month ago when she was working at their home as a nanny. she says she was prevented from receiving medical treatment. her face, her scalp, upper body are still not healed after all this time. we can tell you now that she's now in a hospital in tripoli. she is being treated with antibiotics and we here at cnn
12:20 pm
are working with human tear i don't know organizations to get help for her. as soon as we get information available, we'll let you know. i know a lot of you are concerned. let's go now live to tripoli on the phone is abigail house loaner from time magazine. abigail, you know, we reported right around this time yesterday that moammar gadhafi's wife, three of his children, some of their children surfaced in nearby algeria. what happens -- do we have her? just lost her. i thought i heard that. let's work on getting abigail back and we'll move along to this. coming up next, the east coast is still recovering from hurricane irene, more trouble in brewing in the atlantic. more on that, plus members of his family managed to flee the chaos in libya. still no sign of moammar gadhafi. back in a moment. ah. mom? he's here. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome.
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so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? all right. second time is a charm. let's get back to libya to tripoli. on the phone, time magazine, abigail is with us. >> caller: yes, i can hear you. >> js just wanted to make sure. this time yesterday we were
12:24 pm
reporting the news that moammar gadhafi's wife, their children had surfaced in algeria. my question to you is what happens next for them? can they stay legally in algeria? i know, leaders in the rebel movement certainly want them back in libya. how does that work? >> caller: well, algeria at this point is looking unlikely to return them to the ntc. the rebels transitional national council. which has requested that algeria extradite them. algeria had good relations with gadhafi, it's been towing the african union's refusal to recognize the council as legitimate government in libya. algeria may prove to be a viable safe-haven for the gadhafi family. there are a number of other countries that gadhafi kept good relations with and they could be transferred there. >> could anyone intervene and force them out, force them back
12:25 pm
home? >> caller: i'm sorry, i didn't hear that. >> could anyone intervene and force them to return home? >> caller: that's unclear at this point. i mean, there could be united nations pressure or pressure from one of algeria's allies. which include the united states. but, again, the most sought avatar gets are going to be moammar gadhafi himself and his sons, particularly say eave islam, his heir apparent. his second wife crossed over and two other -- two other sons and a daughter who are not as wanted by the reb ems. >> abigail. stand by. you bring up an excellent point. we have nick robertson with me as well out of libya. nick, i know you have been in communication with saif al islam since the revolution began. you heard from him recently. have you heard from him in the last couple of days?
12:26 pm
any idea where he or his father might be? >> reporter: you know, i don't know where he is brooke. i heard from him in the last -- he said that the rebels, the ntc, the national transitional council aren't negotiating with him. he want to bring about a cease-fire to safe lives. he said he would be prepared to come to tripoli if the council could guarantee his safety to negotiate here. well, i was just speaking with the national transitional council's new deputy prime minister, also the minister for oil and finance and i asked him that very question. could one of the gadhafi sons come to the capital and negotiate with you. he said look, if any of them come here, we're going to treat them fairly. we're going to put them on trial. they will get justice for everything that they have done in the country. we're absolutely not going to negotiate with the formal
12:27 pm
leadership. he said what we are doing right now is the elders of tribes that support the transitional council, the rebels, if you will, support them and now reaching out, he says and talking to some of the elders in the tribes in the south. he seemed pretty confident that he can win them over. he even told me that within a week, ten days, maybe longer, he said he was patient. they may be able to win influenza cross the rest of the country. he did say that he believes all gadhafi's forces are fleeing to the south. i also said do you know where gadhafi is. he said yes. i said where? he said i'm not telling you. >> i said in the south? >> he said i'm not telling you. he won't say. they do say they know where he is, but not where he is. absolutely, they're not going to negotiate with gadhafi. they want him locked up in court here. >> you mentioned the south and abigail, being, i read your piece in time. you talked specifically about clues to gadhafi family
12:28 pm
whereabouts. the popular rebel suspicion, the gadhafi family hiding out in a desert in this one town. how would they have gotten there and how would they then go from their potentially to algeria? abigail, that's to you. >> caller: a stronghold in the south. that's a town where gadhafi and his sons have recruited a lot of their fighters from. so it's still very much under regime control. and then the desert is very lightly populated. it's easier for anyone really to cross over the borders which are permable at this point with absolutely no border control, mo government in place. as far as how they got there, that's anyone's guess. a week ago when the rebels said they had caught saif al islam, they turned out to be incorrect and that was made embarrassingly clear when al islam turned up at
12:29 pm
the rix or hotel and drove away completely free. >> you also, abigail, cite the source, a gadhafi family contact who claims to have seen moammar gadhafi in an underground bunker back in tripoli back on august 10th. what exactly did he share? >> caller: that's right. i spoke to a preacher named k.a. paul. who has a history of dealing with different dictators. he's a controversial figure and he said that he had spoken with colonel gadhafi in recent weeks including on august 10th. which is fairly close to when the capital was overrun by the rebels. he said that colonel gadhafi was still pretty defiant about what seemed to be happening in the country. he said that gadhafi had asked him whether what was happening, whether the nato air strikes
12:30 pm
were just and paul told him no, they were not just. >> nick, one more question to you. you just got out of this interview you mentioned with the member of the rebels. tell me a little bit more about this deadline. is it set by the ntc? they obviously want the gadhafi troops to surrender by sunday or else what? >> reporter: or else they're going to start moving in and engage in battle. there's a number of reasons they've pushed this deadline back to saturday. this is the end of ramadan in the muslim world. generally three days of sort of holidays, if you will. the fast, break, people really relax and enjoy themselves and get together their families. it's like christmas in many ways. they're not going to start a fight in sirte right now. it's the wrong time of year. but it also shows that they have goodwill and what they say they're doing while they're waiting is, again, that they're using their elders to talk to the elders of the tribe and say x look, let's just end this by
12:31 pm
putting down the weapons. let not have a fight. it does seem that at least both sides are willing to hold back. what we've seen in other places is gadhafi's forces runaway. abigail made a good point. we got to be cautious with some of the things the rebel officials tell us. as she said, just a week ago, the rebels claimed to have captured saif, mohammed, three of gadhafi's sons. we've been told by a rebel commander that they knew they were lying. they intentionally lied because they wanted to psyche out the opposition and get the force toss lay down the weapons. i think some of what they tell us today is an aim to do the same thing right now. they admit that they will lie to us for their own effect on gadhafi's forces. so we have to watch some of the things that they explain to us here, brooke. excellent point both of you make. nick robertson, my thanks to you and abigail, thank you very much. both of you in tripoli. half past the hour.
12:32 pm
let's look at stories. first as much of the east coast struggles to -- another tropical storm is on the verge of becoming a hurricane. katiy is about 630 miles west, southwest of the cape verde islands and moving west, northwest. you can see the path. the national hurricane center says it could become a hurricane tomorrow or thursday. a former nba player wanted for a murder in atlanta sitting now in a jail cell in los angeles. l.a. police arrested javaris crittenton as he boarded a plane for georgia. his attorney says he was flying back to face charges, but that his client is not guilty. atlanta police say crittenton shot 22-year-old jillian jones, a mother of four, as she walked with two men back on august 19th, down the street. they say one of men was the intended victim. crittenton, who was robbed back in april, wanted apparently -- wanted to seek retaliation, but killed yoens by mistake.
12:33 pm
a hearing for the suspect in the aruba mystery will take place today or tomorrow. some observe oars say giordano may go free. despite an extensive search on the island, the woman has yet to be found. she was vacationing with giordano. he was arrested amid the doubt of his account of her disappearance. playing the lottery may run counter to some church teachings, but a congregation in columbus, georgia isn't complaining much. someone, we don't know who, left a winning $80,000 lotto ticket in the offering plaet at the cathedral of prayer church. anyone know where that is? the financial officer says the church is thrilled and will use the money to fix the air conditioning system. it has been hot in georgia. it broke down three weeks ago after someone stripped the unit of its copper wiring. now this, hurricane irene, follow the path experts predicted nearly to a tee.
12:34 pm
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irene is gone but this is what it left behind. these images. you'll see homes, businesses destroyed. more than three million people still without power here. people trapped, communities are cut off by all the raging floodwaters. the rescues continue. all of this despite the fact that irene didn't turn out to be a monster storm as expected to be. analysts say it's better to be safe than sorry, of course. but why did the hurricane center get it wrong? john zarrella takes a look at the science of hurricane prediction. >> reporter: max tucker owns a bar and grill just outside philadelphia. it flooded. tucker says no way did the government overreact to irene. >> i think we all got riley lucky. it could have been a lot worse. i'd rather be safe than sorry. i think that they did what was necessary.
12:38 pm
always better safe than sorry. >> reporter: this is where the information comes from that helps you keep you safe rather than sorry. the national hurricane center in miami. here, the science of forecasting is digested, regurgitated. all that science, everything the super computers were computing, told forecasters irene would be a major hurricane when it hit north carolina. >> there was no indication of anything that would cause the storm to weaken. so we thought we would have a category 3 storm at landfall. >> reporter: instead, irene was a category 1. the weakest. so what happened? simple. hurricane forecasters say they're pretty good at telling where a storm will hit. but technology and science aren't there yet when it comes to forecasting how strong a storm will be. despite all the modern day advances, they just don't fully understand what makes these
12:39 pm
storms tick. and in every storm, there's a curve ball. >> in this case, it went downhill. in charlie a few years ago went uphill. neither case did we see that coming. that's my measure of the fact that we have a long way to go. >> reporter: aside from the might of the wind, reid says the forecast was on the money. heavy rainfall, storm surge up the east coast and inland flooding. for portions of the northeast, rain was a one in 100-year event. in vermont, is anyone saying there was an overreaction? >> i do not think there's any blame to go around. frankly, those that got hit had their hearts broken and understand how serious this storm was. >> reporter: it's estimated overall damage could reach $10 billion or more. if that happens, irene will rank as one of the top 15 costliest hurricanes ever. hurricane forecasters say they are no better now than they were
12:40 pm
20 years ago at forecasting the intensity of hurricanes. with that in mind, emergency managers tell the people that live in their areas to prepare for a storm one category higher than what the hurricane center is forecasting. brooke? >> john zarrella, thank you. fema says it will get aid to the victims of hurricane irene. what about victims of the other national disasters. there have been many like the tornado in alabama. will irene delay aid for them? alabama's governor says he's red foi fight for it. governor robert bentley joins me live next. that did not want to be a smoker. and the fact that i failed before. i think i was discouraged for a very long time. ♪ knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. [ jeff ] chantix reduced my urge to smoke,
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learn how you can save money and get terms and conditions at alabama's governor is ready to fight for his state's share of fema disaster money. hurricane irene, of course, has our attention right now. but how could we forget, late april, these scenes. the tornado damage in alabama and also across the south.
12:43 pm
it had us rivet today our televisions wanting to help. 241 people died in those tornadoes in alabama. the secretary of homeland security explained to me that the current irene recovery effort will not bump victims in terms of fema funding for previous disasters like in alabama or in joplin, missouri. >> we're not diverting any funds from reconstruction in joplin, missouri. all we have done is to make sure that all survivors are paid, all ongoing projects continue. but no new projects will be approved until we see what the immediate survivors of irene need. >> secretary napolitano explained to me over this past weekend they did declare immediate needs funding and that essentially means the priority goes to those with the immediate needs. such as survivors of these disasters. and that the other long-term, the brick and mortar projects will be put on hold. alabama's governor, robert
12:44 pm
bentley, has been disappointed by fema already. he wanted more time for tornado victims to apply for aid but was turned down in june. governor bentley joins me live from montgomery. governor, nice to have you on. i did talk to secretary napolitano just yesterday. multiple times she stressed to me that really survivors take precedence. but is that what you're seeing in your state? what assurances are you getting that the tornado victims in tuscaloosa and the other towns won't get bumped by those affected on the east coast from irene? >> well, there is a trigger with the disaster relief fund. it's a billion dollars when it goes below that, of course. you know the long-term projects are bumped temporarily until the supplemental funding from the federal government which will take place. that's taken place four or five times in the past. the immediate need, the disaster cleanup, the -- all the damages
12:45 pm
that we see in alabama that have almost been completely cleaned up. and the protective services will go on. so we're not losing any of the essential services we need at the present time. >> you don't feel neglected or frustrated. you're getting what you need from the federal government? >> you know, it's good to have a trigger point. it's good to have that billion dollar trigger point. we're a gulf state. if we have a hurricane in alabama next week, we're going to need that money. >> yeah. >> it's good to have that billion dollar trigger. >> secretary napolitano, also explained to me she started talks with washington. she's been speaking with the head of the omb, also the president about securing more aid. as you mentioned, heaven forbid something else happens in your state or other state. you saw the debt ceiling fight. we're talking about a very different situation, natural disasters here. how confident are you that congress will give you what you
12:46 pm
need? >> let me say this. you hear a lot of people complaining about fema. fema did everything that i asked them to do. the only thing that they were not able to do was to extend the 90/10 match towards the end there. but other than that, they did everything that i asked them to do because i took charge in alabama and they -- because of that, i told them that i was in charge of the disaster. they were very cooperative. they've done everything i've asked them to do. i appreciate thatment. >> governor bentley, i have to ask. the federal judge temporarily blocked your state's immigration law which you touted as the toughest law in the land essentially. if people aren't familiar, alabama ans can't give illegal immigrants a ride, can't hire them. can't check on kids statuses at school. what is your reaction to the judge's move? >> well, that was up to the judge. we stand ready to implement the
12:47 pm
law. we asked for a tough immigration law. the legislature passed it. i signed it. if the federal government would do their job on immigration, we wouldn't have to pass laws like that. but they don't do their job and so the states are having to do it. >> you know, the four alabama church leaders, they've sued to block this law, saying it criminalizes acts of christian compassion. what do you say to your critics who say that this law terrorizes children, sir? >> let me tell you, they're totally off base. first of all, they have not read the law. there's nothing in the law that says you cannot do evangelistic work, that you cannot do humanitarian work. there's nothing in the law that says that. they obviously have not read the law. they're off base with their argument. >> but with all due respect, there is a portion in the law that does require schools to check the status of the
12:48 pm
children, correct? >> that's different from the humanitarian aid, that's different from evangelism in churches. and the reason we do that is so that we will know how many children are undocumented. that's all thus far. it's not to keep children out of school. >> i understand. it sounds like some of the critics and there are a number of them, if this goes into effect, it's unique that it targets children, would be terrorizing these children. >> well, we -- we're not keeping children out of school. but we do believe in upholding the law. it's obvious that the federal government does not believe that. but we believe in upholding the law. we're going to do that in the state of alabama. >> governor robert bentley from alabama. thank you very much. >> thank you. when we come back, america's grim new milestone. ten years later. can i have some ice cream, please ?
12:49 pm
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time now for the help desk where we get answers to financial questions. joining me the founder of the financial advice blog, ask the money and stacy francis. a certified financial money coach and the president of 66-year-old michael has $100,000 that he's thinking about putting into an annuity. is it better until he is 70. >> make sure you look at a
12:51 pm
vanguard annuity and fees and and wait until you're 70. if you're sick and have health issues, take it now. >> this question comes from dominic. she's a college student and has student loan debt. her debt is multiple loans with different businesses. and varying amounts. she's asking, is it better to keep the loans separate or to consolidate them. >> it actually can be a good idea to consolidate the loans because it's more manageable to keep track of the repayment alone source. and consolidate student loans and the loan termite get extended. >> folks, if you have a question you want answer, send us an e-mail to
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12:53 pm
sni don't have to tell you this. you know it's a tough economy. president will help returning vets find work. it is an ambitious plan with the national jobless rate sitting at 9.1%. but the president's goal is equally ambitious. lobbying the private sector to hire our vets. >> 100,000 jobs for veterans and spouses. and to get this done, i propose a returning hero's tax credit for companies that hired unemployment benefits and a wounded warrior tax credit for companies that hire unemployed veterans with a disability.
12:54 pm
[ applause ] when congress returns from recess, this needs to be at the top of their agenda. >> the national convention in minneapolis spoke about the war in afghanistan and he didn't mention one grim milestone. this has been the deadliest month for u.s. forces there since the conflict began 66 soldiers died in the month of august, but you know it ends tomorrow. nearly half of them died when the taliban downed a u.s. army helicopter earlier this month. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. great! did i mention no hands in the bundler? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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a big name causing a big frenzy online. trending on twitter, nancy grace, our sister station on hln. she's joining the cast of dwts, "dancing with the stars." she was all the talk of the social media world. take a look here. some of the other big names, you also have former talk show host ricky lee, ron artest, david arquette. how does miss nancy feel about her forey from the courtroom to the ballroom? >> i feel i can try. look, i know i'm not the youngest, the thinnest, the prettiest, or the best dancer, but i got a lot of heart.
12:58 pm
and that's got to count to something, right? >> and now someone who is the biggest fan of dwts, wolf blitzer, are you jealous of nancy grace? >> i was waiting for you to show me the video of you dancing on the television. >> slow your roll, wolf. >> what about when i really danced on television. >> the douggie. >> on the b.e.t. soul train awards. >> is it time to retire that video. >> when i was dancing with ellen degeneres, you don't have that video either, right? >> what's that? no. >> you obviously did not do your homework. because if you lead into me, with dancing with the stars, you're doing nancy grace and
12:59 pm
then come to me and you don't have me dancing. >> you have everyone in here laughing. laughing. >> sorry, wolf. >> where am i going to be tomorrow? >> in atlanta here with me. >> i'm going to be on the set tomorrow. face-to-face for the cnn dialogues tomorrow night over at emery university, a great university. let's get through some political poll numbers. >> let's do it. >> we have right now on libya, orc, poll. take a look at these numbers. we asked what's more likely to happen in libya in the next few weeks? 67% say widespread violence. only 30% or so say order restored. there's that number. we asked, are you confident that gadhafi will be captured or killed? 80% say that they are confident. 19%, not so much. we asked u.s. financial to build ib fra structure, do you favor it, only 20% favor it and 73%
1:00 pm
oppose. americans by and large, they want the u.s. to step out, get out of the way and let the libyans do what they want to do. they don't want to send u.s. military personnel into libya. they just assume let the libyans do it as much as possible. but americans want the u.s. to stay out. brooke? >> blitzer, while you've been talking, i think i've hatched an idea for tomorrow. you might not come to atlanta. >> i may cancel the whole trip. >> thank you. i kid. i kid. wolf, take a look at this. top of the hour, watch this. rivers overflowing their banks and water rescues happening right now. the land lock state and what is happening at this hour. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now.
1:01 pm
a 19-year-old reveals her secret she killed moammar gadhafi. our exclusive conversation with the executioner. chilling words for her child sdplt peanut butter got stuck in his throat. >> for five days a young boy allegedly deprived of water as punishment and then he died. your reaction is pouring in. plus, weeks after being found guilty of raping his child, warren jeffs right now is in critical condition. welcome back. hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. live remarks from emergency leaders on the urgent situation in vermont where a lot of people are very much so still stranded in hurricane irene's aftermath. we are also awaiting new jersey governor chris christie who expected to speak live on all of the rushing floodwaters in his
1:02 pm
state. i want to begin this hour in ve vermont where the rivers are way up. even though it's been days since tropical storm irene dumped more than a foot of water, the water is still rising in upstate new york. amber lions is standing by in verm month. amber, let's begin with you. tell me where you are and what you're seeing around you. >> reporter: well, brooke, i'm right outside of a town called grafton. 20 towns across the state have been turned into islands.
1:03 pm
this river was just trying to build some type of a makeshift road so national guard troops can get in there and deliver supplies, baby formula, food, medicine to the 800 residents that are on the other side of that road. in that town called grafton and some towns are cut off so bad that construction equipment can't get in there and try to rebuild the road. today the national air guard is dropping food in those areas. the governor fears that the death toll could rise. there are still people in these small mountain areas that are missing. so far, three people are confirmed dead across the state, brooke. >> amber, stand by. i want to bring chad into this live picture. that's the first sign of really of someone being able to get in there to vermont and trying to fix the roads. >> i talked to friends that live
1:04 pm
near killington and the road does not exist in front of the house. and there's no place to go because the road is gone. miles and miles of road completely gone you cannot understand how isolated people are. roads are gone and bridges are missing. that's a disaster that we lost such american treasurers. i'm talking about real new bridges built in the '70s, '80s, and 90s where structure engineers had no concept that the water could get that high if they drk water went over the bridge and people are stuck. they are islands. >> i think also it's impossible to determine how many people are
1:05 pm
truly, truly accounted for. amber being back out to you in vermont. vermont, there's no water. it's a landlocked state. this is something that i imagine if you're living in vermont you're not thinking about a hurricane. what is the mood of the community that you're in. >> reporter: these people have just been in awe, brooke. they say they've never seen anything like this. we've talked to some people who have lived here all 80 years of their lives and they were not expecting this massive flooding to come through here now and if you see this group of people coming over on that vehicle there, that is the only road. it's a side dirt road if you take a four-wheeler, that's the only way to get into this town. this is people used to traveling back and forth on this road and now 800 of them, 400 miles behind me just stuck.
1:06 pm
so they are frustrated, they are in awe, and above all, many people are just happy that -- especially in this area that these homes are all in tact that their homes were not damaged, brooke. >> i don't know whether vermont has the capability or the machinery to put all of those roads and bridges together. have you seen mutually coming in from other states or do they need their own equipment? >> reporter: well, what we know now is that the biggest concern is just getting supplies into these people who are stranded. they haven't even gun to think of about rebuilding all of the roads across the state. now it's more of a matter of getting emergency supplies across. so we've only -- the only construction that we've really seen actively is on roads like this, where it's essential to rebuild some type of a road, to get supplies into the residents. >> have you heard helicopters? >> we haven't heard any held
1:07 pm
helicopters so far but i just got off the phone with the head of the vermont emergency management and said that national guard helicopters are delivering supplies. >> i can't imagine being stuck like that for days and days and days. amber, thank you. >> let's hope that everybody has the medicine that they need. >> it goes beyond the water and the food. >> all of a sudden you need whatever your heart medicine and you have three days' worth and you can't get to the pharmacy, if there is a pharmacy available in three days. >> chad, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> this is a guy in pittsfield, vermont. he doesn't live there. he went there to get married. they traveled for a lovely picturesque setting and, boom, hurricane irene hits. so since this wedding saturday
1:08 pm
morning, mark and 40 of their wedding party are stuck in this town of pittsfield. the bridge on one side of the town is gone and the bridge on the other is collapsed. here is mark. >> just before i got on the line with you, we were actually passing up and down supplies. we rigged up some planks to get across the river and some ladders to get to the bridge. >> to do what? where are you trying to go? >> we've been getting supplies in and out for the people on the farm and we have some things that they need and they have some things that we need. so we were moving a generator, we were getting some baby formula in and out. and it's been a little crazy but everyone has been chipping in together and pulling their resources and pulling manpower. every one of our wedding guests that is up here has been doing
1:09 pm
various tasks and chores around town. >> the newlyweds, as he explained to me, had plans to go to highway for their honeymoon in two days. it may be a week to ten days before them and others can get out of the town. the pacaeac river in new jersey, some of the worst flooding in and around a town called patterson. authorities there tell us that they have pulled about 500 people from their homes in path ter son. these are our ireports. this is of the union bridge southwest of patterson. the death toll is at 7 and thousands of folks have been forced to relocate. still ahead, the government releases thousands of weapons which somehow end up with drug
1:10 pm
gangs in their hands. new fallout into the obama administration. new details there. plus, 19 years old. forced to kill from moammar gadhafi. a female teenage execution n nerer. arwa live from tripoli next. nic. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ] mom? ♪
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naomi pryce: i am. i'm in the name your own price division. i find empty hotel rooms and help people save - >> - up to 60% off. i am familiar. your name? > naomi pryce. >> what other "negotiating" skills do you have? > i'm a fifth-degree black belt. >> as am i. > i'm fluent in 37 languages. >> (indistinct clicking) > and i'm a master of disguise >> as am i. > as am i. >> as am i. > as am i. >> well played naomi pryce.
1:12 pm
we've been talking about hurricane irene and vermont, specifically. we've been talking to senator
1:13 pm
leahy about the damage and the fema administrator, craig fugate started speaking by saying, you never thought you'd be talking about a hurricane in verm month. >> who would have thought that you would be evacuating vermont because of the hurricane. and when you have big rivers flooding, there are days and weeks in advance. flash flooding is literally how much rain is issuing those advisories, getting people to safety. and the governor in his team, the national officials and also and the emergency declaration. that's the first step in providing assistance. focused on the missions. we are also beginning to do the damage assessments to determine
1:14 pm
what other equipment will be required and working with the governor and his team as we go road by road, washout by washout, to look at the damages and the homes impact. but our commit on behalf of the president is to work with the governor's team in this first critical phase. it's the most important time frame to make sure that we are stable and then we'll work with the governor and his team on what available assistance will be needed to assist and recovery. thank you. >> administrator fugate standing aside leahy and standards speaking there about the situation in vermont post-irene. more on that in a minute. i want to talk about lib yeah. you're about to see a story of a young girl there, a teenager, forced, she says, to do things that took away her youth and turned her into a killer.
1:15 pm
arwa, it sounds like this story is half horrific and heartbreaking. >> reporter: it most certainly is. the doctors at the hospital where this young woman is being kept is an example of yet another autrocity, another type of abuse carried out by the gadhafi regime. they say that they took everything from this young woman. they took her family, her dignity, and they turned her into something absolutely horrific. she's 19, with soft features, warm brown eyes, and soft lips and she became an executioner for gadhafi forces. one of them had facial hairs like this, recalling the face of one of men that she shot dead. she now lies in a hospital bed with an armed rebel guard out front. she doesn't want us to show her face. she admits that she murdered 11
1:16 pm
rebels, all prisoners of the gadhafi regime. they brought one person in at a time and they said, shoot him, she tells us. there was someone on either side of me and said, if you don't shoot, we will shoot you. she speaks haltingly, often falling into a tortured silence. i would turn my head away and shoot and saw the blood dripping. it just kept flowing. she was a member of the female unit of gadhafi's popular militia. she says she was personally taken from her mother who is battling cancer by the head of the unit, a family friend. she was trained here to handle weapons and banned from seeing her family. she couldn't leave. my brother came and tried to get me out, she says. he was threatened and told to
1:17 pm
leave. she says her commander kept her here at the headquarters of a brigade, based next to gadhafi's compound. she says that as the uprising began in february, she was brought to see the commander of the brigade. he raped her. i screamed, she tells us. it happened twice again at the hands of two other commanders. she says all of the women were raped but were forbidden to speak about it. some of the heaviest fighting was taking place. its with there, she says, that she was forced to be an executioner. she finally escaped, jumping from a second story window as a fire fight erupted. although the rebels planned to put her on fire, many of them pity her. so do the hospital staff. one of the doctors says that she
1:18 pm
was speechless when she first heard about her case. >> you think that i get angry from her? i think -- no. i feel she's also innocent but she was manipulated by someone. maybe she has no real intention to kill her. >> all i want is to go home, she says. i want my mother. >> arwa, so many questions. why? why would gadhafi's government -- force this girl, 19 years of age, to be an executioner. you mentioned that there was a female unit in the malitia. but were there other female execution ners? >> reporter: well, those stories have yet to emerge. although the doctor has said that they have treated other female fighters part of the various fighting units. you can imagine exactly how many of them could possibly be out
1:19 pm
there. perhaps forced to do things against their will, although they said that some of the women around were ar dent supporters of the gadhafi regime and they were told that they were going to rape all of the women and it was their duty to protect themselves and to protect the city itself. when it comes to the question as to why they would have her carry something out like this, it's part of the psychological warfare. it's part of the manipulation. also, we're hearing that it is libyan insult to be killed by a women. >> of course, what happened to her family, arwa, thank you. coming up, she poured hot sauce into her child's mouth. then she videotaped it and then
1:20 pm
she sent that videotape to the dr. phil fill show. now the mom convicted of child abuse learns her fate. but is it fair? also, the u.s. hits the disturbing milestone as this country gets closer and closer to a decade of war. that's next.
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
if it's interesting, you're about to see it. a deadly month for troops in afghanistan. 66 troops have died this month. the highest monthly totals since the war began. just about ten years ago. almost half of those deaths took place when an insurgent shut down the helicopter. 30 u.s. service members were
1:23 pm
killed in that attack. the fast and furious scandal has cost the tobacco and firearms chief his job. kennel son now being reassigned to a lower profile job. hundreds of weapons were smuggled into mexico as part of the u.s. sting operation but they ended up in the hands of drug cartels. a woman is accused of child abuse for pouring hot sauce into this boy's mouth. a court spared the woman immediate jail time but gave her three years probation. authorities were alerted to the situation after this clip was aired on the dr. phil fill tv show. polygamist leader, warren
1:24 pm
jeffs, remains in critical condition at a texas hospital. he is there serving a life-plus 20 years term for assaulting underage girls. prison officials say that jeff is sedated but not comatose. seven exotic and they noticed them during the body scan. >> i saw some of these news feeds upstairs sitting in the park and said get out. >> as big storms threaten, leaders are not taking chances.
1:25 pm
for suggesting that hurricane irene is washington, folks, she is now explaining herself. stay right there. met an old man at the top asked him if he had a secret and the old man stopped and thought and said: free 'cause that's how it ought to be my brother credit 'cause you'll need a loan for one thing or another score 'cause they break it down to one simple number that you can use dot to take a break because the name is kinda long com in honor of the internet that it's on put it all together at the end of the song it gives you freecreditscore-dot-com, and i'm gone... offer applies with enrollment in
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1:28 pm
to washington we go with jim acosta and the latest news, what do you have? >> hi, brooke. we've had sort of a foreign policy debate going on over the last couple of days. basically, among the top three candidates for the white house, president obama, mitt romney and rick perry gave three big foreign policy statements. two of them, rodney and perry gave them down at the convention in san antonio. president obama was talking to the american legion group up in minneapolis. at his speech today in san antonio, mitt romney, while he did direct many swipes against president obama, gave time to deliver this not so veiled swipe
1:29 pm
against rick perry, who is giving mitt romney a run for his money lately. >> i'm a conservative businessman. i spent most of my life outside politics, dealing with real problems and the real economy. career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out. >> for his part, president obama was on defense with mitt romney and rick perry going after the foreign policy. it was interesting, the operation that took out osama bin laden, he was careful to give credit where credit was due. watch this the greatest victory yet, delivering justice to osama bin laden in one of the greatest
1:30 pm
intelligence and military operations in american history. we want to take you back to something that you've been hearing about on the last couple of days. on sunday as hurricane irene was going up the east coast, michele bachmann gave this speech down in florida, where she talked about the hurricane and earthquake, to come basically at washington, d.c., or through washington, d.c., whether they were a sign from god. down in miami, at a different address and a different speech, congressman baulk many man basically said, hey, wait a minute, guys, i was just kidding. and she said, once again, i was only joking again when i said
1:31 pm
that. michele bachmann feeling a little heated from those comments and having to go back and say, hey, just kidding. only joking. >> you mentioned a couple of the president's speeches. jim acosta, thank you. i want to talk about something else that we're hearing from the president. and during this newscast yefd, we told but moammar gadhafi's family, poured hot water all over her as punishment. cnn has now tracked her down. we will take you to her bedside coming up. e to pick up helen. ah. mom? he's here. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ]
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you may be surprised to learn president obama is putting together the job's plan he will be unveiling next week.
1:35 pm
brianna keilar, big speech next week. have they chosen the day yet? some of the probabilities that are going to be in there, tax cuts, expect something here. a payroll tax cut that employees are enjoying at this point. a reduction in the payroll tax that they pay. the president wants to push the expiration date past the end of the year, perhaps extend it to employers, the idea being that they will give them more idea to play, perhaps an incentive to just hire people, a tax cut if they have new hires. also, infrastructure spending. this will get past republicans but something that the president wants infrastructure spending to put unemployed construction workers back to work and something to deal with the
1:36 pm
long-term unemployed so many americans, and one idea being discussed here is job training but also allowing at the same time the unemployed people to keep their benefits as they you go through the job training. again, these are things being discussed. the white house is being pretty mum on the details. >> okay. so possibly those things open up for discussion. we also can't forget, we have the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> reporter: that's right. we just learned today that the president will end his day at the national cathedral here in washington, d.c., where they will be having a concert. le make remarks there. brooke, this is going to be a very full day for the president. he will be going to all three 9/11 sites. he will be at ground zero, here in town at the pentagon, and this event is really something that is going to put a cap on what is definitely going to be a
1:37 pm
very emotional day. >> absolutely. brianna, thank you very much at the white house. let's go to new york next. reporter roulette, alison kosik. let's talk about bank of america. despite the recent troubles that we've been reporting on, measured by assets, some people may find that surprising. i don't think a day goes by where bank of america is not in the headlines and it's usually preceded by troubled bank. there are questions of whether it has enough capital, being sued by aig, u.s. bancorp and there's a settlement pending for investors. it seems like bank of america cannot catch a break and get past the financial crisis. through and through, bank of america is still the biggest bank in the u.s. by assets.
1:38 pm
every day americans, every day businesses, they still put their money in there. they got faith in bank of america. brooke? >> okay. alison kosik, thank you. that's your reporter roulette for this tuesday. i have something to share with you. it's what you told me when you heard the story of 10-year-old jonathan james on this show yesterday. i want to read a couple of these comments. i've gotten a lot. brooke, my blood broiled as i less listened. all it takes is a single voice to start a movement. i was abused as a child t marks you for life. as a bed wetter, my parents hung the stained sheets out the window. i was told i would never be anything. i spent seven years in prison. took 40 years to get any esteem. do the children the service, brooke. get angry as hell. i am angry. i'm angry and i'm sad.
1:39 pm
i'm going to talk more about little jonathan's case next. can. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ on every surface in your mouth. but did you know those same germs can build up and form a resilient layer called biofilm? biofilm germs are strong enough to survive daily brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula goes deep to penetrate biofilm, kill germs and protect your mouth for up to 12 hours. aaaahhhh... [ male announcer ] for a deeper clean, fight biofilm with listerine®.
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1:41 pm
you will be moved to tears when i sat here yesterday and told but this little boy, jonathan james, he's the 10-year-old who died after five days of water deprivation as punishment for misbehaving and ultimately collapsed from dehydration, could not be revived. a totally preventible death. and that is what sticks with me the most. adults failed jonathan james. it's why i'm calling attention to stories like this. we're calling this the fact that we can do better. joining me now is deputy chief from the dallas police. thank you for why jonathan was punished by his father and
1:42 pm
stepmother in the first place. >> we now know different things. there were several other things that took place from july 20th to the 25th that led to the punishment taking place the way it did. >> like what? what do we know about the last five days of his life? >> well, we know that he was in -- basically required to stay inside the house. there were times when he was outside and he did go outside his brother. his twin, 10-year-old brother and 12-year-old step brother were there in the house as well during this time. and was required to stay inside
1:43 pm
and giving information scalding window and do you want to know why the mother and stepfather were not charged with murder? they were charged with serious bodily injury to a child. why is that? >> well, i think there's the intent. that's one of the things that detectives look at when they do this case. we want to present the best case when we go forward with prosecution. certainly in texas, the way our laws are set up, the punishment range is not less than five years and not more than 99 years for the murder or serious bodily injury. not being able to show that the intent was to kill young jonathan, which feel that it was a correct charge to place. after consulting with the dallas
1:44 pm
county. >> his death was explained as unexplained homicide. why is it unexplained? >> well, initially the parents took him to the bathtub because the dallas fire department responded to the scene. once they got there, they transported him to the hospital. they worked on jonathan for several hours before 11:00 p.m. they declared him to be deceased. there are a lot of things that they were looking at, what was taking place during that time. >> i think a lot of our viewers, myself included, were amazed at the strength of the twin brother joseph. he spoke with wfaa out of dallas. i want to explain this again.
1:45 pm
the abuse that he witnessed of his own brother. >> they made him eat a pb and j sandwich and the peanut butter got stuck in his throat and they still wouldn't let him have water. they made him stand in front of the window that they put an x on the floor and the sun was coming straight through it and there was no air conditioning there and i couldn't do nothing about it. and -- because if i said something, i would have ended up getting in trouble, too. >> how is joseph doing and how helpful. >> well, a forensic analysis with the people here and advocacy group, the information that they were going to obtain for them is critical to us as we go forward in the prosecution. we're very thankful that he's been so forthcoming and it's
1:46 pm
obviously difficult to have this take place because it's his brother and equally difficult that it is his father that was involved in this crime and he's taking a stance against this and it's got to be all of for him. >> i cannot begin to imagine. deputy chief miller, you've been part of 750 homicide investigations for dallas and this stands out where it's preventible. we do know that you want to help us preventing deaths, just like jonathans, and it starts with just talking about it. please, jump on twitter. i'm on it every day for two hours. tweet me about this story. use the hash tag we can do better. our team is working with a nonpartisan group and we'll keep posting on my blog. we can be the voice for these
1:47 pm
children that are not big and strong enough to speak up for themselves. >> they are so -- i don't know. actually. chillinging images of a baby sitter who says moammar gadhafi's family poured boiling water over her because she couldn't keep her child quiet. don't miss this. it's next. or the accola no, it was good because you told us so. the chevy model year wrap up. get in on our greatest model year yet. just announced -- celebrate labor day with an additional $500 bonus cash. with all other offers, including the all-star edition discount, that's a total value of $6,500. ♪ our greatest model year yet is wrapping up.
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okay. today's political pop, joe is off and you get me. we're focusing on michael bloomberg.
1:50 pm
over the weekend you saw the mayor holding these daily news briefings and he was getting updates on evacuations, et cetera, related to this storm. now, if you noticed, after he would switch and speak in spanish to his hispanic audience. >> for spanish-speaking new yorkers. [ speaking in spanish ] >> credit to the mayor for speaking spanish, right? guess what comes next. yes, there is actually a twitter account giving a playful twist on the mayor's grasp of the spanish language. there are 14,000 followers and
1:51 pm
let's read one. [ speaking in spanish ] >> okay. who's behind this? a jewish port rican woman from new york. i will tell you this. mayor bloomberg was asked for his reaction to the twitter account, poking a little bit of fun at his spanish skills. and here's what he said. >> my spanish skills, i can tell you -- [ speaking in spanish ] [ speaking in spanish ]
1:52 pm
>> indeed, mr. mayor. and now to wolf blitzer for a quick check on what is coming up. wolf? >> you have to tip your hat to the mayor of new york. >> i absolutely tip my hat. >> i admire him, spanish is not that great and people will understand what he's saying. he's also worth 10 or $15 billion. he's michael bloomberg. i admire you, brooke, for that little spanish rendition. do you speak fluently? >> i studied spanish and lived in mexico city. yes. a little bit. >> very impressive. very nice. >> thank you. >> let me tell what you is coming up at the top of the hour. mitt romney taking off the gloves a little bit. not only going after president obama but indirectly going after rick perry, the -- let's call him the front-runner right now for the republican presidential nomination. we're all over the political stories. what's going on. we have a lot of follow up on what is going on. as far as hurricane irene is concerned. we're watching new development unfolding in libya. we're checking in with all of
1:53 pm
our correspondence. lots of news happening right now and we'll have it all at the top of the hour. i'll see you in atlanta. >> bye, mr. blitzer. and now from libya, a disturbing story about the brutal stur ree that we've uncovered. in the one of his daughters, daughters in law did horrific things and now we can tell you more. but just a warning, some of these images, they are tough to watch. here, dan rivers. >> what you're about to see is difficult to watch. god only knows how painful it is for her to endure. the entire top of her head is burnt and many of the wounds infected. she's finally beginning to get
1:54 pm
the antibiotics and the care that she needs. this is how we found her, abandoned in the ga daf fee family compound with horrific burns that she says were inflicted by his wife. she told us how pouring water was over her head because she failed to keep a grandchild from crying. now she's sounding more optimistic. she says she already feels better than before. it's great to see that she's in a much greater place than yesterday and also clear she's got months more treatment ahead if she's going to have any kind of a normal life. she's photos show her horrible condition when she first arrived at the hospital in june. they were taken by doctors who started to treat her. the doctors say they were
1:55 pm
bullied into stopping treatment. >> they said we have to discharge this case or we will have a lot of problems. >> the gadhafi family found out and doctors found out that they were again ordered to stop treatment. this video was taken by a doctor a week ago when she finally made the burn unit and was sent home after her dressings were changed. the doctor took that vird ohio and is damming and and i don't know, three weeks ago that candor might have brought a death sentence. now they are free to speak and
1:56 pm
to care for her. dan rivers, cnn, tripoli. >> missing in paradise. the man who may be the last person to see robyn gardener alive may soon be free. we'll go live to aruba next. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare?
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1:59 pm
aruba. giordano was the last person to see her. why might this judge let giordano potentially walk free? >> well, it's part of the process here. it's different than what most americans are used to. unlike the united states where you need proof and a warrant, people can be arrested on suspicion but then they are held for a shorter period, 48 hours they go before a judge. a judge decides that there is enough evidence. gary was and this time the prosecution has to be hire. so far they said we found a $1.5 million life insurance policy, while he took out on robyn gardener, there's your motive,


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