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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  September 17, 2011 3:00am-4:30am PDT

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we have to start with just a horrific scene in nevada from yesterday, an air show plane crash that has left three people dead and at least 54 others injured. the plane literally was coming down directly at spectators. at the same time this morning, though, witnesses are calling the pilot a hero. we'll show you all the incredible video and explain. also this morning, a bank charging you money because you don't have enough money. what sense does that make? citibank charging more in fees if you don't carry a balance of at least $1,500. we'll tell you about this growing trend in banking and how you can avoid the fees. also, tv's popular dr. oz caused quite a stir this week claiming the apple juice you may be drinking, may be in your fridge this morning might not be safe to drink. i sat down with him this week
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and asked him about his findings of arsenic in apple juice and now there is a huge controversy over his claims. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your "cnn saturday morning." wherever you may be, glad you are right here. we start with the plane crash at a high speed air race in reno, nevada. at least three people are dead, including the pilot, two spectators among them, also 50 plus people have been injured and 12 of them are in critical condition. i'm going to walk you through some of the incredible video we have. at least three pieces of video to show you. here is the first one, this one is in slow motion for you, we highlighted the plane, looks like he was coming for a straight nose dive and is going at spectators. this is a p-51 mustang, this plane, we'll explain more in a second. look and listen to this next piece of video, goes about 13 seconds.
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>> oh my god! holy [ bleep ]! >> now this plane ended up slamming into the box seats. the box seats not as crowded as the grand stand. another piece of video to show you now. this one goes about 25 seconds, and this really gives you an idea of what the spectators were seeing and the impact of this plane. look and listen to this next piece of video. you hear the announcer there in the background, telling people just stay where you are and
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people are describing literally the carnage that was left after this, a lot of debris shot up hit a lot of people, people bleeding but they had to set up a triage. 50 plus people were injured and at least three dead. today there will be a memorial service for the pilot held at the same air field today. the pilot's name, jimmy leeward. real estate developer. some say he managed at the last second to maneuver that plane and miss the crowded grand stand. >> i this i that pilot in the last two seconds pulled up because he saw the bleachers and i would guess he probably saved 200 to 300 other people and i don't mean any disrespect to the injured but i would consider him to be a hero because he was going for the bleachers and he pulled up and did what i think was his best job to hit the tarmac.
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>> as i mentioned that plane, it was a p-51 mustang, that was a major part of the american effort in world war ii, as top speed of more than 400 miles per hour. we're showing you that video, now i want you to draw your attention to the screen and look at this still picture that someone captured, this was at the very last moment before impact of that plane and this tells the story, just the horror of this plane and looks like it's right on top of spectators, again, 50 plus injured, at least three dead. we'll likely get updates of the number of injured and the condition they're in. gus mccray was there and joins us from reno, can't imagine what it was like. would you agree it looked like the pilot may have managed to maneuver enough to just have missed the crowded grand stand?
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>> i have no doubt that jimmy did the best he could under the circumstances to get that aircraft away from the innocent bystanders. this is a man who was dedicated for decades to the level of aircraft preservation, to history to teach young people and help young people learn things and dedicated to flight safety. these are not reckless men. they understand the risks. they understand safety. these races are almost choreographed. they're not reckless events and shouldn't be characterized like that and mr. leeward, i noticed last year, invited to the races by the association and i noticed that he was not -- he was an older gentleman, and he put on an amazing effort last year of
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physical stamina and courage, racing all day into the evening. >> mr. mccrae, how far were you from where this plane made impact? >> well, i was a bit out in the desert. mr. leeward had just run past me and i was thinking how beautiful the aircraft sounded. i watched him go down range. i looked, there was something uncharacteristic, his winged waggled and then he departed from the organized flight into the vertical. i knew something was wrong. i thought hopefully it was not too serious, but then it obviously became obvious it was extremely serious, and people were crying out in the desert. there were women crying and -- this is just a tragic event all around today. >> one other thing here, sir,
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help us understand just how popular of an event this is and give us an idea of just how well attended this particular day was. >> well the races are tremendously popular worldwide. i just know from my own website that people from russia, from japan, from places as far away as the ukraine and vladivostok, russia, take an interest in the reno air races. mr. leeward is a fixture in the races. people worldwide watch as it is genuinely a chariot race in the sky and unfortunately a chariot race has got inherent risks. we take risks every day, get on the freeway and drive our cars, it is not quite as dramatic or romantic but everybody here does their best to ensure safety. the pilots go to schools to
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debriefings, to make sure that it's safe, but nothing is entirely safe. we live in a world of risk, and young men and women in the air force, in the military, they take risks every day, and that is inherent in life, and these men brave these situations, and the most remarkable thing is that many of these people that race, these older, these aircraft are magnificently maintained by people who have the funds or the resources to maintain them, to keep history alive and it's an amazing group of people >> mr. mccrae, we appreciate you taking the time for us this morning, certainly a story everyone's haertearts go out to victims. the ntsb investigating and we'll learn more but our hearts go out to the people affected.
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thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you, and thank you, too, for paying attention. thanks. >> thank you very much, sir. we are going to here in a few moments and we'll send it out f if, there's a phone number people can call if they're concerned about loved ones out there, because there were a lot of people out there, people are concerned, trying to get a hold of people who may have been at the air show, a lot of people going to the hospital, spread out, haven't been able to check in with friends and family, there's anumber you can call to link up with your loved ones. need to turn to another big story, a man sitting on death row in georgia, on death row and has his fourth execution date, it's coming up on wednesday, but this time around people don't think he has very many more chances of being granted clemency or having any more delays.
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troy davis was convicted of killing police officer mark mcfahail in 199. davis supporters marched in downtown atlanta yesterday. the georgia pardon and parole board is expected to consider an appeal on monday. mcphail's family and former prosecutors say davis is guilty. davis' sister and entire family has been standing by him the past 20 years and say he did not do it. >> we still have the seven of the nine witnesses that have recanted, we have people coming out speaking the truth and we know that the truth shall set him free. >> i'm disappointed so many people have been led to believe that nobody has paid attention to the recantations, it is simply not the case, and on what ground are the recantations more believable than the testimony in court?
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none. none. >> the mother of that savannah police officer, mark mcphale is also convinced that troy davis is guilty. she will be here with us live this morning in our 9:00 eastern hour. also 11 minutes past the hour, another major story we're keeping an eye on, we are standing by for word of two american hikers jailed in iran, their attorney is telling cnn he is "very hopeful" that they could be released today, so this could come at any moment. josh fattal and shane bauer have been held for two years. mohammed jamjun, tells us why there is so much hope? >> reporter: there's speculation
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they could be well be released from jail. iranian authorities are close to signing documents that could mean the pair are released on bail today. the snag seems to be that one judge, as we're told, has signed the documents saying that he knows the bail has been paid, according to the lawyer but another judge who needs to sign off on this has not yet done so and because the iranian judiciary is a complicated place and a lot of complicated procedures need to happen before the two hikers are released apparently everything needs to be completely done before it can happen. a lot of speculation they could be released today. the lawyer is hopeful. other diplomats we have been speaking with are hopeful this could be today but it's still not certain and because it is a slow process and the judiciary is complicated in iran, it might not be today but everybody on standby right now are thinking they could well be out of that prison today.
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>> we've been down this road before no doubt. one last thing quickly, has that $1 million been paid? >> reporter: we don't know and there's been a lot of speculation the omanis are involved in paying the bail. last year we were told by an obama administration official an omani source had paid the $500,000 in bail able to relisa release sarah shourd from p prison. we are trying to see if they will be released and head him. >> mohammed jamjoon, thank you. anti-gadhafi forces have
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been holding their ground in sirte, and the government in niger is refusing requests by libya's new government to turn over gadhafi family members who fled there last week. police in new york state are looking for a u.s. soldier, this man you're seeing after he disappeared into the woods near ft. drum. he's private first class russell marc marcum, in unit custody after being accused of burglary but he took off in his parents' car, leading police on a high speed car. he took off into the woods, police lost him there. he is considered armed and dangerous, he served three months in afghanistan earlier this year. a listeria outbreak in cantaloupes. the outbreak has been traced to a colorado farm, about 200 miles from denver. listeria is a type of bacteria, causes food poisoning.
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so far it has killed two, sickened more than 20 people in the seven states you're seeing. the melons from jensen farms were shipped to more than 17 states. the company is recalling the cantaloupes. 15 minutes past the hour now. a woman in california has an interesting insurance claim. how is she going to explain this one? she has a hole in part of her roof. the tricky part is explaining what caused the hole to be there in the first place. we will explain coming up. stay with me on this "cnn saturday morning." if something is simply the color of gold, is it really worth more? we don't think so. chase sapphire preferred is a card of a different color. unlike others, you get twice the points on travel, and twice the points on dining, and no foreign transaction fees. call now or apply at
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york ♪ >> doesn't that make you feel good this morning? gorgeous shot of the skyline and lady liberty. 17 minutes past the hour on this saturday morning. great to have alexandra steele on this saturday morning. >> two words, pumpkin spice coffee. well that's three. you know what that means? >> don't drink coffee. >> you know what i'm talking about there, of course you do. now you can see it everywhere, pumpkin spice coffee, fyi, t.j., that means fall is here. starbucks, dunkin' donuts, you see is everywhere. this is the last full weekend of summer and boy does it feel like it, freeze threats, patchy frost around this morning in northern new england, chilly waking up, in the upper 40s for the most part, the coldiest air yesterday we're beginning to moderate.
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we've got the cold dome of high pressure from canada bringing it in and cold air coming in and thus cold temperature this is morning. we're also going to see cold temperatures in the southeast, cooler than we've been. we're bottoming out now. toward the next few days things will warm up. high pressure here f it's the last full weekend, headed to norfolk, hatteras, there are rip current threats and beach erosion. on the whole a quiet day around town no question about it. one pocket of storms in the central part of the country. highs today 80 degrees in atlanta, warmer than yesterday. 81 in memphis, 60s and 70s in the northeast, temperatures about five to ten degrees colder than average. pumpkin spice coffee and football. a big game college football at florida today, florida state, oklahoma, kickoff 8:00 tonight. 81 degrees, dry skies, partly
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cloudy conditions. football is here, time for coffee and fall is around the corner. the leaves, we need somebody to send us beautiful pictures, the leaves are changing in the cat skills of new york state, the green and white mountains. i'm from upstate new york so i'm a leaf peeper. send us some leaf peeping. >> i need your help, we were talking about this story earlier, let's ask alexandra, she does all things atmospheric. >> for sure. >> look at this hole in a woman's roof. what's interesting is what came through it. a camera lens. that didn't sound like a big deal if you're just walking down the street, it's not going to put a whole in anything. alexandra, they're wondering where this came from, speculating it could have come from a plane. a plane that dropped a camera lens from however many thousand feet above coming down at a home -- >> could kill someone. the velocity of it, i.e. the
3:20 am
speed. if you dropped a roll of pennies from 1,000 feet up, it would have a velocity of 250 miles per hour, a roll of pennies. so the velocity, it's really based on size, how big something is, the speed, how fast it's going and its mass. so those are the kind of three defining factors. so hey, no question. it. a bird? a plane? no, a cannon. two pounds, nine inch lens. >> lucky it didn't hit anybody else. was that helpful? >> all things atmospheric, alexandra steele. 20 minutes past the hour. no secret the economic condition the country has been in, high unemployment rate, people are upset. could they get so upset it could lead the u.s. to having violent riots in the streets like we have seen in other countries? you might think it's far-fetched but the mayor of new york city
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doesn't think so. i'll explain. i'll come right back. [ female announcer ] lactaid milk is easy to digest.
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it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk. 22 minutes past the hour on this "cnn saturday morning." not enough jobs out there. there's rising poverty and growing public frustration. and new york city mayor michael bloomberg says those three factors could have some serious social consequences and even possibly lead to rioting here in the u.s. on his weekly radio show
3:23 am
yesterday bloomberg noted how in europe and middle east it began with scores of disenfranchised scores of people rising up against their respective governments. bloomberg says it could happen here. >> the damage to a generation that can't find jobs will go on for many, many years. you have a lot of kids graduating college can't find jobs. that's what happened in cairo and madrid. you don't want those kinds of riots here. >> to some it might sound drastic but he's basing it on some of these numbers, more than 46 million people now living in poverty in the united states, that's 2.5 million more people than last year, also the poverty rate higher than 15% in 2010, that's the highest level we have seen since 1993. also the nation's unemployment rate stayed unchanged at 9.1%. that was last month, when no jobs were added.
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you? "cnn saturday morning" will be back in 90 seconds.
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we're getting close to the bottom of the hour on this "cnn saturday morning" and say good morning to nadia bilchik talking rugby. we can't relate much to rugby in this part of the country but everybody can relate to trash talking and trying to get into your opponent's head. >> this year in new zealand the all blacks, because new zealand is host iing, they do a ritual
3:28 am
dance known as the haka and i have to show you this. ♪ so that's how they start the game. now what this is, it's based on amari in early new zealanders. the idea is to intimidate opponents. >> do they win the game after this? >> they didn't win last time the world cup, south africa did but they are the favorites with you notice the intensity now, one described this as the whole body should talk. he said it's the composition played by many strults, the han instruments, the hands, the feet, the voice, the body, the
3:29 am
tongue. they used to do this ritual before war and also used as a welcome dance. the rugby player coming to the team for the first time will learn this dance and part of camaraderie and the team and the way they do it together and they roll their eyes back and their tongues. the translation is very interesting. now there's two types of haka, the kapa kamati and kapa katapi. i caused you to shine again and our dominance will triumph. i like the one prepare yourself i die i die, i live, i live, this is the hairy man go fetch the sun. have you noticed the expression on the faces of those the recipients of the haka? >> they're like what in the world is going on. >> new zealand beat japan this week so you'll certainly be able to see them again doing the haka. >> nadia bilchik the haka this
3:30 am
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i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. we're just past the bottom of the hour on this "cnn saturday morning." thank you for being with us. i'm t.j. holmes. we get you updated on things we're keeping a close eye on. this high speed air race in reno, nevada. we'll probably get updates on the number of people killed and injured. at least three people are dead, more than 50 injured, 12 of those injured we're told are in critical condition. the video is just remarkable. this was at an air race in reno, nevada, yesterday. a lot of spectators with cameras, a lot of this caught on video. take a look and listen.
3:34 am
>> stay where you are. emergency crews are on their way it. stay where you are. >> you can hear the announcer at the end there trying to tell people to stay calm and stay where you are. so many people injured, hit by the flying debris. at least three people dead, the plane slammed into the box seats there but it just barely missed the crowded grand stands. the pilot of that plane an experienced pilot, an experienced air racer by the name of jim my leeward. the events at the air show have been canceled for the weekend. there will be a memorial at the air field today. listen to one person who was there describe this scene. >> as we were watching this, i think it was the final heat of the day, the planes are coming around and the announcer called out that one of the planes was
3:35 am
pulling up, and so most people were watching the rest of the planes but i let my eyes follow the plane as it was taking up and going over almost vertically as it was pulling up over the grand stands he was clearly trying to clear the grand stands and as we watched it, it was one of those events that you hear about people describing accidents like this, where everything seemed like it was in slow motion. the plane came to a stall. i realized he was not going to clear the grand stands, i shouted to my wife "he's not going to make it, get down." we both hit the ground on the front row of the grand stands you're seeing. heard the impact. i looked over and saw the debris flying off from the impact zone. both of us were down on the ground, could hear the shrapnel zinging off of the metal aluminum grand stands and there was a hushed silence and a bunch of "oh my god,s what's going
3:36 am
on." after we heard the debris fall from the impact field we both stood up, looked over at the impact area, and i could see where the box seats had been, were decimated. it was prettiy horrific. >> federal investigators are there on the scene now. again the weekend events have been canceled except for the memorial that will be held for the pilot today. thousands of people attend this air race and air show for this weekend, so a lot of people were there, but at this point, the chaotic scene a lot of people around the country are concerned about their loved ones who may have been attending, so we have a phone number for you they set up and they have already gotten a number of calls for at least 150 people who are missing right now from this scene, again maybe a lot of them haven't checked in but still the number 775-337-5800, if you would like to call and check on one of your loved ones who was there and
3:37 am
also to maybe people watching who were at that air show and didn't call in to your folks, call them, call your friends just to say you're okay. a lot of people concerned right now. 37 minutes past the hour. give you a look at some of the other stories we are keeping an eye on, another hopeful day, they have down this road before, those u.s. hikers who have been in jail in iran for the past two years their attorney says he is "very hopeful" they could be released as early as today. they're waiting for a judge to sign off on paperwork. josh fattal and shane bauer could be released on bail, set at $1 million for the two. you remember the story jailed in iran some two years ago, arrested for allegedly crossing over the border from the kurd region in iraq into iran, but again, we have been down this road before, thinking they might have been released and it didn't happen but still some hope that something could happen today. also, citibank, some of you
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citibank customers could be charged a little more for your low balances. the fee is going up to $10 now starting in december, a lot of banks are starting to use some new fees and creative ways of trying to make up for some lost revenue under the new government regulations. now the fee dropped for combined balance of $1,500 in your checking and savings. if you don't have at least $1,500 in your checking and savings you will be charged this $10 or another way to get around this, you have to make at least one direct deposit and pay at least one bill online a month, so you got to pay attention, there's a way to avoid it but still, $10 if you don't keep a certain balance. also coming up, another major story we'll be watching over the next several days after we've been watching it for the past 20 years, a rally last night here in atlanta for a condemned man. again this story really has been
3:39 am
going on the past 20 years, and through four execution dates for troy davis. he has another execution date set for wednesday. some people say they are out of options for trying to save his life. it's 39 minutes past the hour. stay with me on this "cnn saturday morning." [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check
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because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. ♪ 41 minutes past the hour now. a georgia man is facing execution in four days, troy davis was convicted of killing savannah police officer mark mcphale in 1989. several witnesses have now changed their stories claiming police coerced them in lying. david mattingly has more on the case that has attracted international attention. >> reporter: t.j. it's a death row case going on in the state of georgia now for 20 years and supporters of death row inmate troy davis are now finding some
3:42 am
high powered help. three times scheduled for execution, three times delayed and now all legal appeals exhausted, supporters of convicted cop killer troy davis make a final push for clemency. what makes you think you still have a chance to stop this execution? >> can we be sure that this man is not innocent? can we be sure that the conviction of troy davis back in 1991 is still reliable, and the thing that's so difficult to understand is why the legal process has not asked that question. >> reporter: davis was sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of savannah, georgia, police officer, mark mcphale. is enof nine eyewitnesses have recanted, some say originally pressured by police. >> i told them over and over i didn't see this happen. they put what they wanted to put in that statement. >> reporter: others implicated another man, one juror who convicted davis questions her
3:43 am
decision. >> if i knew then what i know now, troy davis would not be on death row. >> reporter: with only a week to his execution, critics of the case against davis include 51 members of congress, the vatican, and former president jimmy carter. >> we believe that in this particular case there's enough evidence to the contrary to prevent this execution taking place. >> reporter: an online petition supporting clemency for tafis included 2,000 signatures in five days but state and federal courts all upheld the conviction. the former d.a. who prosecuted davis says "the courts got it right." >> i'm just disappointed that so many people have been led to believe that nobody has paid attention to the recantations. it is as i explained earlier simply not the case and on what ground are the recantations more believable than the testimony in court? none. none. >> reporter: supporters of troy davis delivered a massive petition containing over 600,000
3:44 am
names gathered from all over the world to members of the georgia staid pardons and patrol board, members of that board will literally decide if davis lives or dies. that same board denied him clemency back in 2008 but now there are three new board members there that have not heard this case before and supporters of davis are hoping that their votes will be what it takes to prevent davis' execution. t.j.? >> thanks to our david mattingly. and the mother of that savannah police officer, mark mcphale is convinced the right man is on death row. i'm going to be talking to her live in our 9:00 eastern hour to get her side of the story and what she has been going through for the past 20 years.
3:45 am
3:46 am
all right, about a quarter to the top of the hour right now. a lot of you getting ready for breakfast, need to call your attention to the next story but don't want to scare you here. this is about possible poison in your apple juice. now don't get too nervous, don't spit it out right now. here's the deal on his daily television show, dr. oz, he raised the question about arsenic in apple juice. look. >> it should be one of the most wholesome drinks for you and your kids, apple juice, but we have discovered that apple juice can contain arsenic. yes, arsenic. we launched an extensive investigation testing dozens of samples from three different cities across america. we sent them to an independent lab for sophisticated state-of-the-art testing. now results are in, some of the best known brands in america
3:47 am
have arsenic in their apple juice. >> okay, that will scare the heck out of you but is it true necessarily? short answer is yes but don't put down the apple juice just yet. the short answer isn't the whole answer. the food and drug administration explains in a statement responding to dr. oz's claims. they are saying "organic arsenic is essentially harmless. it passes through the body quickly. inorganic arsenic is the type found in pesticides and consuming it at high levels or over a long period can cause concern." now the testing dr. oz showed did was for total arsenic. the agency's own tests found lower total arsenic from one of the same juice batches the show's lab tested. goes on, "there's no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices and the fda has been testing them for years." so take that, dr. oz.
3:48 am
bu but, he still defended his study. i had a chance to talk to dr. oz this week about his study and the fda response. take a listen to him and the controversy he has stirred up. >> i think folks have a right to know that there's arsenic in our apple juice. the amount that's appropriate we need to talk about. i've had open invitation, i'll say it again, fda, apple industry, trade groups are welcome on the show. what i don't want to do is have the american public quibble. >> you are the one who has doctor in front of your name. organic, is there not a difference between organic and inorganic. >> organic arsenic our body copes with as well. the inorganic is the stuff we are worried about. i'm on base with that. the question i need to found out and i asked for this information a couple weeks ago and i was told to fill out a freedom of information act to get it. it's not like we haven't been trying it. we reran because we were told
3:49 am
the arsenic levels aren't overstating. we had a washington affiliate saying 30 more samples from the area found the exact same thing, 10 out 306 had elevated levels of arsenic in the sampling. >> the other part of the fda coming after you, i posted some letters saying part of the argument is that the stuff you're testing and the arsenic level you come back with we don't know which it is so if it's an arsenic level that's high that could be organic arsenic so which is it that your tests did check out? >> we're looking at both, and we have shared our methodology and the laboratory information on our site, given it to the fda and apple juice industry, i just want to have the conversation. what i don't want to have folks decide on their own it's too complicated to are me to figure out. please someone tell me why we banned arsenic on our apples and taking apples from other countries into this nation. someone ought to be looking at the border to figure out if what we're getting is what it's supposed to be.
3:50 am
some companies do not have arsenic in their apple juice and some do. when we entered this foray it was a morass. i'm all about clarity. i need folks to talk to me honestly about what's going on. >> should we be scared? >> we have not identified any child getting sick acutely from arsenic poisoning but it's important for us to recognize if there are going to be issues it will happen over long periods of time. >> there are some who have called him absolutely irresponsible for what he did on this show but important to note there has not been a single case of arsenic poisoning in a child or anyone else based on apple juice. health experts do say that the effects of ingesting inorganic, the bad stuff inorganic arsenic take years to develop. dr. oz said his daytime show is getting more viewers as an oprah
3:51 am
replacement and he wanted to do something big to get attention, mission accomplished. as we get close to the top of the hour, go get your kids. if they're asleep, wake them up, sitting around the house, get them in front of the tv. there is something and somebody i want them to see. ♪ >> these are so good for you, guys. keep going. >> oh, yeah, my man, c.j., the workout kid, is about to put me, you and your kids more importantly through a workout this morning. he joins me right after the break. stay with me.
3:52 am
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the as we get close to the top of the hour, got somebody special i want to introduce you to this morning. you hear about the fight against childhood obesity, you usually hear adults talk about it. here is c.j. cinter, the workout kid. he has successful workout tapes. you're 10 years old. what made you want to do a workout tape. kids want to go outside and play. you thought it was important to do a workout tape. why? >> the reason i thought it was important is because i want to stay fit and healthy and i want other kids to stay fit and healthy so i want to make a workout kid dvd so kids can get healthy. >> do you see a lot of friends, people in school and growing up, do you see them sitting around the house a lot not getting outside and eating bad food and
3:55 am
getting big? >> i see a lot of kids doing that, that's why i want to make a workout dvd and having fun. >> what happened to kids going outside and playing? >> no, they stay in the house all day, play video games and watch tv. >> that's a shame. a little bit about your background, you are a pretty good athlete, a football player, but to take this route, in football, you go through workouts, you're running all the time, but how has this added another element to your workout or your conditioning for football? >> well, i've tried to put time that i have to do, i do my workouts, i go to football practice, it's kind of hard and easy at the same time. >> how long have you been doing the workout tapes? >> for like four or five months. >> four or five months. >> this is new, your first workout tape. we have video of one of the
3:56 am
workout tapes. i want people to see at least what we're talking about. there is one. you're putting kids through the workout. what age is this for? what age are you making this for? >> for any age, 5 and 12 or in the teens or whatever. or a family. >> is it for adults? >> yes. >> show me a couple of things. you got favorite moves you like to do. this is about to get serious here. let's get serious, all right? all right, c.j. don't embarrass me man. i'm a grown man. you're 10 years old. all right. so show me a little something, one of your favorite moves here. what can we do? >> okay the first move is called the fighter. you put your hands in front of your face like a boxer and punch left and right. >> okay, that's easy enough, right? that's easy enough, okay. give me another. >> the second move is called the power jack. you put your hands and feet
3:57 am
together, do a little jump, put some bend to your knees and bend your elbows and fist toward your chest, jump back up and put it together. >> okay. i'm with you. so far so good. what else you got. give me something harder, not that hard, a little harder. >> last move is the shredder. the shredder, this is three moves. down, up, jump. down, up, jump. then repeat. >> down, up, and then jump. all right i'm losing my microphone here, work so long hard. so folks who are interested, the kids what would be your message to them, a lot of adults talking about childhood obesitobesity, s your message to them? >> go out, exercise, and get fit. >> this is the workout kid, this
3:58 am
is c.j., my man, good to meet you, with us on this "cnn saturday morning." quick break, we'll be right back. -- captions by vitac -- if something is simply the color of gold, is it really worth more? we don't think so. chase sapphire preferred is a card of a different color. unlike others, you get twice the points on travel, and twice the points on dining, and no foreign transaction fees. call now or apply at the nascar nationwide series, i know pleasing fans is a top priority, 'cause without the fans, there'd be no nascar. just like if it weren't for customers, there'd be no nationwide. that's why they serve their customers' needs, not shareholder profits. because as a mutual, nationwide doesn't report to wall street, they report to their customers. and that's just one more reason why the earnhardt family has trusted nationwide for more than 30 years.
3:59 am
nationwide is on your side. good morning. good saturday morning, everybody. at the top of the hour on this "cnn saturday morning," and we have to start with the tragedy out in nevada, this horrific plane crash at an air show, spectators looked up and this plane was barrelling towards them.
4:00 am
at least three people are dead, at least 54 have been injured, and we will explain why many are now calling the pilot of that plane a hero for what he did at the last moment. also, it is the number one movie at the box office. it's called "contagion" our own dr. sanjay gupta plays himself in that movie. it's about a deadly disease that spreads across the world and kills within days. it has a lot of people wondering, could this really happen. my conversation with sanjay is coming up. from the cnn center, thank you for being here on this september 17th, company a.m. here in atlanta, 4:00 a.m. in reno, where we're going to start this crash, a high speed air race in reno, nevada. three people killed, 50 plus injured, at least 12 of those injured considered to be in critical condition. now as you know this is an air show, an air race, a lot of people out there had their
4:01 am
cameras, video cameras. we have several pieces of video to show you. let me start with the first, this one is in slow motion and we highlight the plane taking a nose dive there. this is a p-51 mustang. i'll explain more about that plane in just a moment, but the second piece of video you can see and you can hear what was going on, goes about 13 seconds. listen. >> moerks >> oh my god. holeley [ bleep ]! >> the plane slammed into the boxed seats but it missed the crowded grand stand. this last piece certainly gives more. an idea of the impact and the sound of the impact. look and listen again.
4:02 am
>> everyone stay calm, stay where you are. emergency crews are on their way. stay where you are. >> again like we mentioned at least 50 people injured. three people are dead, including the pilot, and there will be a memorial service for the pilot today at the air field, his name is jimmy leeward, real estate developer from florida and experienced air leeward's plane go by just before the crash. >> mr. leeward had just run past me and i was thinking how beautiful the aircraft sounded. i watched him go down range. i looked, there was something uncharacteristic, his winged waggled and then he departed from the organized flight into the vertical. i knew something was wrong.
4:03 am
i thought hopefully it was not too serious, but then it obviously became obvious it was extremely serious, and people were crying out in the desert. there were women crying and -- this is just a tragic event all around. >> this was a p-51 mustang, the mustang was a major part of the american effort in world war ii, top speed of more than 400 miles per hour. also i want to draw your attention to the screen one more time and this still photo coming to us from one of our ireporters, can you imagine this horror, it shows you the crowd below, the plane coming down just a moment before impact. this is a bit of an illusion. this did not land on the more crowded area at the air race, but still this picture is just horrific. i do have a phone number i want to pass along for friends and family members who may be having a tough time getting in contact
4:04 am
with people they know were at that air show. the crisis center has gotten reports from people trying to find at least 150 people who are missing but still that's just people not getting in contact but if you want to check on someone it's 775-337-5800. also, if you have been at that air show and you know someone might be concerned about you, give your family, your friends a call, let them know that you are okay. four minutes past the hour, turn to a major story here in atlanta, georgia, a man's death row sentence is set to be carried out in just four days. the case has been getting attention all around the world. troy davis has convicted of killing an off-duty savannah police officer in 1989, that officer's name mark mcphail. since his 1991 conviction, seven of the nine witnesses against troy davis have either recanted or contradicted their testimony. davis supporters marched in downtown atlanta yesterday. the georgia pardon and parole
4:05 am
board expected to consider an appeal on monday. mcphail's family and the former prosecutors say davis is guilty. davis' sister, his entire family have been saying all along he did not do this. >> we still have the seven of the nine witnesses that have recanted. we have people coming out speaking the truth and we know that the truth shall set him free. >> i'm disappointed so many people have been led to believe that nobody has paid attention to the recantations, it is simply not the case, and on what ground are the recantations more believable than the testimony in court? none. none. >> the mother of that savannah police officer, mark mcphail, she has been waiting on wednesday, the day troy davis is expected to be executed, scheduled to be executed. we'll hear her side of the story and also through three other execution dates called off, i'm
4:06 am
talking to her live this morning in our 9:00 eastern hour. six minutes past the hour, standing by for other developments this morning on another major story, word on the two american hikers still jailed in iran, they've been there the past two years but this more than the attorney for the two saying he is "very hopeful" they might be released as early as today. josh fattal and shane bauer have been held in iran for two years after they say they accidentally went over the border. mow head jamjoon will explain why they think they might be released. >> reporter: there's been a lot of speculation the last few days ever since mahmoud ahmadinejad
4:07 am
said they could be released within the next few days. the lawyer took papers he signed saying the bail had been posted to the court. at this point it's in the hands of two judges. one of the judges signed the documents and another judge said the bail has been posted, and then josh fattal and shane bauer could be released. according to the lawyer one of the judges has still not signed those documents and until that last judge signs those documents, it can't be proven that bail has actually been paid. t.j.? >> you got a couple of seconds, significance of oman in the story, why they're there and how they could play a role? >> reporter: t.j., we're here in amon, last year when sara shourd
4:08 am
was released, omani source had paid the bail. a lot of speculation the omanis might be there trying to negotiate the release or paying the bail. omani government officials -- >> looks like we might have lost that signal there but we will reconnect with him, mohammed jamjoon in oman. standing by for possible word on the release of the two. left's once again say good morning to alexandra steele, our meteorologist, always good to have you with us. summertime, sad good-bye. >> pumpkin spice coffee. >> you got one? >> i got one. >> you didn't bring me one. >> but steele you got me pumped up about it. >> apple picking, the coldest air of the season making its way into the northeast and new england, even some patchy frost
4:09 am
around this morning if you're getting up bright and early. how low will it go? football forecast, everything you know for a great saturday and sunday, full weekend forecast coming up after the break. meet you back here in a moment. ♪ [ mrs. davis ] i want to find a way to break through. to make science as exciting as a video game. i need to reach peter, who's falling behind. and push janet who's 6 chapters ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] with interactive learning solutions from dell, mrs. davis can make education a little more personal.
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♪ here comes the sun and i say it's all right ♪ wow, 12 minutes past the hour, we have alexandra steele dancing to this little number here. you like that picture? you like this song. >> i do, absolutely. oh, what a great morning, right? we're talking ist, do you like to apple pick? i guess it's not a guy thing. where are you from originally? >> west memphis, arkansas. >> probably not a lot of apples there. in connecticut you're picking mccowans. the fall season begins, as if on cue. coldest air of the season for some, even some frost if you're waking up in new england. unfortunately of course with the tropical storm of the hurricane that went through new england and did on. they're open for business and give them business.
4:13 am
they need the tourism. cold morning, no question about it. the pumpkin spice coffee no question about that. cold canadian high, dominating the weather bringing cool temperatures in the upper midwest. yesterday a cold morning beginning to warm up. each day a couple of degrees warmer. high pressure in control and with the counter clockwise flow around it, what we're seeing here is this air coming in off the water. if you're in the mid-atlantic beaches not the best beach weekend, the last full weekend of summer not a good one. cloudy skies and showers and even some rip currents there with elevated surf so a big picture today, southeast sunny skies, pretty nice, atlanta and memphis temperatures in the low 80s so a little bit warmer than yesterday by a degree or two and in the northeast, 60s there, temperatures just a little bit warmer than they were, everyone really warming up but even here in the deep south, temperatures in the 90s, low 90s so certainly more comfortable than they've been.
4:14 am
we'll have a football forecast coming up. >> alexandra, thank you. 14 minutes past the hour. the movie "contagion" is number one at the box office. it may be more than a movie, it may be a warning. >> the average person touches their face three to five times every waking minute. in between, we're touching doorknobs, water fountains and each other. >> on day one there were two people, and then four, and then 16. in three months it's 1 billion. that's where we're headed. >> could this really happen? after the break, one of the stars of the movie, okay maybe not the star of the movie but our dr. sanjay gupta who is in that movie is here to break this all down. stay with us. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if."
4:15 am
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plus $1,000 llan ll sileradmols. get to your evy aler and ghat truck today i have to explain, folks, sometimes you notice a change in your friends, i noticed a change
4:17 am
in sanjay, not too long ago and then i figured out what it was, sanjay has gone to hollywood on us. >> are we fading to black at this point? >> no. sanjay is in the new hit movie "contagion." we're seeing a part of it here. what was that like to be sitting next to the likes of fishburne and jude law? >> it was intimidating. we've been on television but what is so striking they tell you to be yourself and they tell you that all the time here, it's hard to do sometimes because i'm thinking which self do they actually want, the comedic more t.j. holmes or the more serious. it was a lot of fun. steven soderbergh is a terrific director. it's a very small attention to detail. he also runs one of the nine cameras in the room. >> you are playing yourself, but the subject matter, we're having
4:18 am
fun here, you being hollywood but the subject matter here will scare the hell out of some people. the movie essentially about a virus, a disease that takes over and starts killing the world. >> it is. it's a true pandemic and i got to tell you the first time i watched it, it is unsettling to watch, it will be for anybody but one of the things they wanted to make this as real as possible. there have been pandemics in the world, the 1918 flu pandemic killed 15 million people before we had global air travel and live in the society we do now. they wanted to figure out if there was a pathogen that became like that virus and was so lethal, how would the world react, what would we do, shut down airports, shut down services, would people turn against each other? it was as much about the social structure between people as it was about this virus. >> we'd like to think with the advancements in medicine and technology that something like
4:19 am
that can't happen again. last thing here, can it? >> i think it can, and i don't say that to be frightening. if you look at hospitals, they'd love to have a huge reserve of hospital beds, ventilators, all sorts of different medications available in case, that's just not how the world works now. they work basically taking care of the patients coming in at any given time. if suddenly they have to handle a surge of millions of more patients it would be a challenging thing to do. the lesson here though, most of this can still be prevented, because so much of it is truly, it sounds silly to say after you watch this movie but hand washing. there's little things we can do to prevent it from getting as bad as it might. >> sanjay gupta again not trying to scare you this morning, but still -- >> i'm here to keep this man around as long as possible. >> i do appreciate the good doctor making an appearance with us on the weekend. any time. >> you heard it here first. >> any time. thanks, sanjay. >> take care. more of the good doctor coming up at the bottom of the
4:20 am
hour with "sanjay gupta m.d. "stay tuned tonight he has a special about swimming through shark-infested waters? this is 8:00 eastern tonight, diana nyad: extreme dream" 8:00 eastern time here on cnn. stay with us. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no!
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♪ like a safety net ♪ even helps pay deductibles, so cover your back, get... ♪ a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aflac! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ beatboxing ] 22 past the hour. listen up to this before you head to the dentist again some dentists give their patients x-rays every six months, that might not be necessary. radiologists and dentists say they're getting too much radiation. they suggest asking their dentist about how many x-rays are actually needed. some important information there. a quick break and then our financial anderson will be with me here.
4:23 am
4:24 am
suppose someone in the middle of the country who didn't get hit they could still be paying. explain why that works >> insurance companies are in the business to protect you but they also have to stay in business so they're going to raise some rates to cover themselves. >> how big are the rate increases we could possibly be talking about? >> increases from 10% to 20% they've put in with some of the state insurance agencies for authorities to have the increases take effect. >> people remember the south with the tornadoes, east coast with the hurricanes but are
4:25 am
those mainly the areas that will see the increases or are we talking about all across the country. >> you'll see some in texas and georgia, the areas in alabama that have already filed to go ahead and increase the rates so we could see that spread. >> will we even know it? i didn't get hit by disaster but if i'm not paying close attention would i even know? >> you could miss it. everybody doesn't pay attention especially insurance. if you're paying it in advance or tied to your mortgage. know and look at the mail you're getting, read it, call the insurance company and say what's my rate. they'll send the information in the mail but sometimes we miss it. >> some of the radio commercials, we'll compare for you, all this stuff. can you get a good deal on insurance now or are they all doing the same rates? >> you can still get a good deal. 'a lot of factors that go into your insurance. you may have other things that could lower your rates, you may have things that maybe you don't have in your home that you don't
4:26 am
have to have insured so you can have a decrease in the actual rate that you're paying so shop around, it's key. call them once or every other year and see what my rate is and if i qualify for discounts. sometimes you qualify for discounts for the school you went to, some other organizations or affiliations you may have, that have discounts. >> is there any regulation, any law that keeps them from doing this? the last thing somebody wants if they just got hit by a big tornado or hurricane on top of all of this, now i got to deal with a rate increase. is there anything to keep them from doing this? >> they have to do this with certain things. they're going to submit that but as long as they submit that and get it approved it's okay to do. you got to watch out. >> very good information, timely as well. clive anderson good to see you. quick break and we're right back. [ cellphone translating ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves.
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a lot of people struggling with unemployment. sanjay gupta is take aing look and plus on the set of "contagion." i'll be back at the top of the hour with more live news. time for the good doctor. >> hello i'm dr. sanjay gupta. welcome to the program.


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