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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 17, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're at the taupe of the hour from the cnn center. the screams of horror at an air race in nevada. a plane slams into spectators. death and numerous injuries, we have a live report from the scene in just second. also, the long nightmare may soon be over for two american hikers jailed in iran the. josh fattal, shane p with auer could be freed today. we'll tell you what their lawyer is saying about their fate. also, that apple juice, is there arsenic in it? it's true for some brands, but we'll tell you why the fda isn't worried, but dr. oz is. let's start in nevada. federal investigators are on their way, in particular to reno. they're trying to pinpoint the cause of a deadly plane crash at an air raid. these r terrifying moments caught on tape.
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>> at least three people killed, dozens more hurt when that plane slammed into the crowd. it barely missed a grand stand that was packed with spectators. witnesses say they thought they were going to die and they are now calling the pilot of that plane a hero. >> i think that that pilot, in the last two seconds, pulled up because he saw the bleachers and i would guess he probably saved 200 to 300 other people. and i don't mean any disrespect to the injured, but i would consider him to be a hero because he pulled up and did what i think was his best job to hit the target. >> our dan simon is there for us in reno. dan, good morning again. have we learned any indication what possibly could have caused
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this? >> we really don't know at this point. what we know is that the aircraft picked up and rolled and just went down to the ground. at this point, it's pure speculation to hypothesize what happened here. they're coming to the scenes to look for clues. you have to wonder what made this. it appears that the plane disintegrated on impact. of course, we had a lot of people with cameras, a lot of people in the stands that could provide some eyewitness statements to investigators, but that will probably be critical of what we also know, t.j., is that this is a pilot who is very experienced, 74 years old. and participated in this air show since 1975. obviously, he knew what he was doing, not a crookky pilot. this world war ii vintage plane, you also may have to wonder whether or not the age of the
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aircraft may have played a role. but again, it's all speculation at this point, t.j. >> at this point, i guess it's speculation, but a lot of people do believe this pilot may have, at the last moments, tried to direct that plane somewhere other than that crowded grand stand. >> you know, you heard eyewitnesss say that and, of course, none of us were there. so we can't really say. i think that will be up to the investigators to determine after looking at the photographic evidence, after looking at the videos to determine if, in fact, that occurred. you know, if there is a silver lining in all of this, of course, that would be in. and given the fact you have a very experienced pilot there, it's too early to determine whether that, in fact, happened. >> dan simon in reno, thank you this morning. we're just about four minutes past the hour now. another major story we are monitoring and it is unfolding in iran. that is where two american
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hikers who have been jailed in tehran the past two years could be freed within hours. let me tell you what we know right now. a lawyer for josh fattal and shane bauer says he's very hopeful that the men might be released today. bail has been posted for each of them. the defense attorney says a judge needs to now sign the bail documents before the procedure can begin. fattal and bauer were arrested after straying over the iranian border. they insist they were just hiking. >> let's turn to libya now. anti-gadhafi forces were ousting a new offensive. at least 100 cars rolled into syrite today. seven of the fighters were killed. 31 others wounded and the military base was seized in yesterday's fighting. the opposition thinks one of
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moammar gadhafi's sons may have been coordinating the resistance. with a scheduled execution date just days away, calls are growing for the state of georgia to glant clemency to a convicted cop killer. hundreds of people you're seeing here and hearing, it turned out in atlanta yesterday in a rally to support troy davis. he was convicted of killing mark mcfail back in 1989. supporters say his conviction was based on flimsy evidence and some witnesses have recanted or their testimony. he is set to be put to death by lethal injection wednesday. the victim's family and the prosecutor still maintains davis committed the murder. i talked to mcveil's mother just a few moments ago. >> it has been hell.
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i would like to have some peace. i would like to have this situation over with. we are the victim and those people that recanted, why did they wait 17 years before they recanted? they should have done it, if they felt that way, earlier. not when this final time is coming out. i do not believe that. if they think they would have been coached, i think they've been coached by the wrong people. >> justice only comes for you and closure -- justice and close injury only comes for you when troy davis is finally executed? >> i would never have closure because that can't be. but i may have some peace, which i hope for. >> georgia parole board has denied clemency to davis once before. we're at seven minutes past the hour now. from comeback to career, how one vet overcomes the joblessness
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facing troops when they return home. democrats and republicans both fighting for the to 12 hispanic vote. we'll explain why this vote is so crucial this time around. stay with us. [ kristy ] my mom is well...weird.
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the job market, tough, as you know, for a lot of people. for troops returning from combat, can you imagine? that job market is even harder. adjusting to society, looking for work, we have the story.
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>> you have to tell me what all this stuff is. >> there is curly doss. it's kind of sour. you can cut this long for salad, you can cook it. >> after serving in a marine corps reconnaissance unit in iraq, mike hanes returned home in 2004 plagued with such severe combat stress he couldn't work. he found himself homeless. >> when i came back, i had an extremely difficult time transitioning. and i just could not interaction or associate with society at all. >> then mike came to this farm just outside san diego. here combat veterans learn farming loor for much needed careers. the jobless rate to be for afghanistan war veterans is 11.5% in today's already fragile job market and mike was
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vulnerable. >> he gave us a call and said, you know, i don't think i'm going to make it today. we would go hers and get him up here. >> now a new life is mapped out. >> i have to find out if they sell it in big, huge containers, you know? >> right. all right. so what i'll do is i'll call my main distributor. >> mike is going into production with his own hot sauce. dwight detter is trying to get it on his market shelves this fall. an army veteran, dwight felt an instant connection. >> here is a person. i want to get involved in this and i fit it in what i do for work, but gave me new opportunities to help him develop his label, his brand. >> mike says he's learned to seek support, but for combat vets, getting any job can be tough. >> it's hard to find a support for these veterans coming back because there's so much involved
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with turning that off. you know, the on switch that's been triggered when you're in combat. >> and perhaps something switched on for dwight, thinking about helping a young vet get ahead makes him feel like he's still serving. >> that's funny. i haven't even thought of that in that way. yeah, maybe so. maybe it's the rewarding feeling that yilt i didn't get when i was doing it at the time. interesting. >> our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is here with me now. just how bad is this jobs market for the men and women coming back from war? >> well, t.j., the jobless rate in the country is over 9% in some places. but for veterans, it's over 11.5%. in some parts of the country, especially in the rural areas, these guys and young ladies are coming back from the war finding it very tough to find good bag
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jobs in the country, t.j. >> are they getting help? >> the president's new jobs bill does call for tax credits for employers, up to about $9,500 in tax credits for hiring veterans. we are seeing some companies do some targeted hiring programs, trying to find veterans that will come to work. but a lot of the kids tell us what they mainly find, if they don't go back to school, they mainly find minimum wage jobs. think of it this way. a lot of these young troops have been out there, carrying a weapon, walking patrols for years. it's not great jobs training for when they come home and they say that's what they need. >> barbara starr, thank you so much and thank you for highlighting this issue. to our viewers, we're at 13 minutes past the hour now. we'll turn back to politics and wa both democrats and republicans are going to be doing this campaign season. they're going to be courting the hispanic vote. we'll explain why it's so important. stay with us. ices. the guests come in and they're like
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hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic groups across the country. it could be a decisive factor in next year's elections. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg abla espanol. >> my spanish skills -- [ speaking nern language ].
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>> at least he tries. president barack obama greeted supporters in spanish on a trip to puerto rico earlier this year. [ speaking foreign language ]. and some republican presidential candidates seem to be courting hispanics. >> hispanics have been hit disproportionately hard with an unemployment rate that is significantly higher to the national figures. >> appealing to et nick groups across the country is crucial. >> they have played an important role in the nation's election cycles. there are now more than 21 million hispanics who are eligible to vote. >> in the 2008 election in colorado, latinos represented 13% of all voters, 14% in nevada, 15% in florida and a whooping 38% in new mexico, all considered swing states.
8:18 am
>> even the participation rate among hispanics and presidential race have been growing the. >> in 2008, 9.5 million hispanic voters went to the polls out of 12 million. >> can we make an estimation about how many latino voters we're going to have in 2012? >> we will probably have -- we estimate at least 12 to 13 million registered to vote in the next presidential election. it could be even higher. >> in 2004, former president george w. bush won more than 40% of the latino votes. four years later, 60% of the hispanic voters went to barack obama. supporters say in my opinion anybody getting that kind of support next year has a good chance of winning the presidency. >> the latino vote can prove
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decisive. we demonstrated the ability to swing critical states like we did in 2008. >> and that's exactly what democrats and republicans are going after the country's largest minority group. cnn, atlanta. google is now launching a new to help you find flights that fit your budget. after the praek, we'll show you how this works and how it stacks up against on or bids and the others that you use. i remember the days before copd.
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22 minutes past the hour now. they have some issues at netflix. until recently, it was the hottest company in the movie delivery business. but they're expecting to lose some 600,000 subscribers by tend of the month after a controversial price increase. all of this, now netflix has lost about 26% of its value just in the past two days. also a checking account at citibank is going to cost you a little more in december. citibank will at a $10 a month feel up from $8 a month. the company is following an industry trend here. a lot of banks are trying to make up revenue from a lot of new government regulations.
8:23 am
he can have your fee waived by keeping at least $1,500 in a checking account. citi says it's not not to be charging people to use a debit card. google, mostly a new service to help you find flights that fit your budget. mario armstrong was asked about the new service and it was fair to say this will help put google in direct competition with the expedias and the orbitz of the world. >> not only is it fair to say that, but it is beyond that. there was a deal that it was done. it kooepts keeps travel base information and many of the competitors look at the same debate. >> a lot of times they say, is this okay or does this give google a competitive advantage? ultimately, they let google buy the travel company database.
8:24 am
>> mario, tell me how it compares, though. does it do the same things that the others do? are you getting advantages or disadvantages with google? >> the advantages are a little simpler interface. i like how easy and clean it is to use. very simple. you can search, you can say i want to fly from philadelphia to atlanta or i want to fly from l.a. to new york. and it will pull up all the different flights that match that criteria. but a limitation is right now only can you get economy flights and you can't get anything international, no first class, no business class or anything like that. over time, that will change. but i think -- >> you about still, the fear and the competition, it works well, but just that the name google is -- people think, search and they think i'm going to google. what if people start thinking
8:25 am
search for travel and google? >> and this is also going to be a problem for other big dogs, not even just at start-up. you have a lot of start-up companies, small sites doing great things for travel, finding great deals or great locations, but like microsoft, they have bing search engine and they have flight travel deals on their site was as well. you're right, i think the word google -- some people are worried about this because it's like, how much can we do through one search engine and how much do we want that search engine to know about us? others are saying, this is good for the industry. anything that will help us find or keep a flight, i'm all for it. have you heard the controversy stirred up by dr. oz? he claims the apple juice that may be in your refrigerator right now, it has arsenic in it and it could be harmful to you. my interview with dr. oz, next. i want healthy skin for life.
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coming up on the bottom of the hour now, one of the stories making headlines is this long, agonizing wait we're told could
8:29 am
be soon over for two american hikers in jail in iran. a lawyer for josh fattal and shane bauer says he is, quote, very hopeful that the men will be freed from the notorious evan prison maybe sometime today. if they are released, they'll likely be flown to aman. that is where mohammed is joining me right now. we know we have been down this road before. we thought a release was imminent and then nothing. is there any reason to believe this time it is -- >> t.j., this process keeps getting more complicated, it seems, as we're speaking for the lawyer today. a lawyer for the hikers today in tehran tells us he believes one judge in court has signed off on the document saying that the bail has been posted and that another judge has not yet. and until the second judge signs off on these documents saying
8:30 am
that he is aware that bail has been posted for josh fattall and shane bauer, that they cannot be released. at this point, we don't yet know if there's a possibility they could still be released today or if it looks like it would be more likely tomorrow, but yes, they have been down this road before. it gets very complicated when you're dealing with judges in their region, the bureaucracy, the procedures, and it seems like the lawyers for these two hikers is dealing with that today and having difficulty trying to confirm if they will be released and when that precisely will be. stmpt t.j. >> thank you. more march gadhafi force s are meeting resistance. the revolutionaries are starting
8:31 am
to approach two other gadhafi strong holds. time is running out. the options might be out of those, as well. supporters of convicted cop killer troy davis are setting up rallies in support of davis yesterday. he's convicted of killing savannah police officer mark macphail in 1989. supporters say witnesses have recanted their testimony. wpss are scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection in four days, that's on wednesday. he has a clemency hearing scheduled for monday. just this horrific scene and tragedy at an air race in nevada.
8:32 am
>> at least three people killed, dozens more hurt when that plane slammed into the crowd, barely missed a grand stand that was packed with spectators. witnesses say they thought they were going to die. i talked to one witness this morning who was watching as the pilot, jimmy leeward's plane went by and just before that crash. >> mr. leeward had just run past me and i was thinking how beautiful the aircraft sounded. i looked because there was something uncharacteristic, the wing waggled and then departed from the organized flight into the vertical. i knew something was wrong. i thought hopefully it was not too serious, but then it obviously became obvious that it was extremely serious. and people were crying out in the desert. there were women crying. this is just a tragic event all
8:33 am
around. >> federal investigators are on their way to reno to try to determine why that plane went down. the high cost of natural disasters, you might not live in a flood zone one may not have been hit by a tornado or hurricane, but it could still cost you. we'll explain. it's 33 minutes past the hour. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind and this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. your favorite shrimp entrees, like garlic shrimp scampi or new sweet and spicy shrimp. as much as you like any way you like for just $15.99. [ trapp ] creating an experience instead of just a meal that's endless shrimp. my name is angela trapp. i'm a server at red lobster and i sea food differently.
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36 minutes past the hour. let's say good morning once again to alexander steel with us this week. i didn't know it was going to be severe today. do we have any today? >> no. it should say can't you smell that cool, crisp small air and the pumpkin spice coffee? we need a picture of the apple. >> you can feel it, it's the full weekend of summer. the equinox coming up next friday, but really, very cool air beginning to set the stage. june 1st, it was a heat wave for thee months and september 1st, you've seen the dissipation. usually below normal temperatures, especially here in the mid-atlantic and also in the upper midwest from duluth to
8:37 am
manchester, vermont, and new hampshire. a pretty chilly start. yesterday was a pen kal of the cold. today we've seen temperatures rebound in the morning and they certainly will in the afternoon. beautiful sunny afternoon. cool and crisp. cooler than it's been for many. really quite pleasant. a few caveats in that forecast. a few severe storms here, oklahoma and even through texas. we need the rain, so not out of the question for an isolated downpour. with the clock quite slow, this is that cool canadian air coming down. we have an on shore flow. that means awful beach weather. onshore flow, even rip currents is possibly. if you're trying to squeeze in that last beach weekend, it won't be a nice one there. in terms of the high temperatures, we're in the 70s in the southeast. atlanta, georgia, 70s yesterday, low 70s, 80 degrees today. the balance of this summer, we had 90 90 plus degree days,
8:38 am
tying a record. cooling down in the 60s only in the northeast. 70 in washington, d.c. washington south, that's where the clouds and the showers are right along the coast. upper midwest, 65 today in minneapolis and pretty comfortable, though we will see clouds and showers in the pacific northwest. if you are traveling today, maybe a few delays in new york, atlanta, denver, maybe some low clouds this morning in san francisco. t.j., back to you. >> great stuff. alexandra steel, always good to have you here with us. thanks so much. >> thank you. vice president joe biden as gotten a first hand look. some of the hardest hit areas in pennsylvania, parts of that state and new york saw record flooding remnants of tropical storm lee earlier this month. 2011 has been a record year for natural disasters. even if you live in a part of the country that didn't get hit, you may still be paying.
8:39 am
let's talk to our financial analyst to explain why. >> insurance companies are in the business to protect you, but also make money. the more money they pay out, they have to replenish the pot and they have to stay in business. >> how big are the rate increases we could be talking about? increases from 10% to 20%. the team will remember the south with the tornados, the east coast with the hurricanes. but are those mainly the areas we'll see these increases or are we talking about all across the country? it really depends. right now, these are the areas that are seeing the changes first. we could see that spread. >> will we even know it? i didn't get hit by a disaster, but if i'm not paying close attention, could i even know? >> you have to pay attention. especially your insurance, pu
8:40 am
pay it in advance, know and look at the mail you're getting, real it. call the insurance company and say what's my rate right now? they're going to send the information to you in the mail, but sometimes we miss it. >> how about those auto commercials that say, we'll xain compare it for you. can you get a good deal on insurance? >> you can still get a good deal. there's a lot of factors that go into your insurance. just because they're raising rates, you may have some other things that they're lowering rates. so there sometimes, you can have a decrease in the actual rate that you're paying. so shop around and see. call them and see what my rate is and see if i qualify for any discounts. they have discounts. >> is there any regulation or law that keeps them from doing this? because the last thing somebody wants, they just got hit by a
8:41 am
big tornado, on top of all this, now they have to deal with a rate increase. >> they have to do it within a certain guideline. but as long as they submit that and get it approved, it's okay to do that. >> so you just have to watch out. 41 minutes past the hour now. dr. oz, the popular tv doctor, he has parked some fears and some controversy this week with claims about arsenic in that apple juice that's in your refrigerator. he tries to explain himself to me. stick around for that. gary... he hung up. ...why do we have so many a's in our name? so we're listed first in the phone book. ya know, gives us an edge. you know fedex can, give us an edge. how? well, fedex ships auto parts from factories around the world, they clear em through customs, and that'll help us fix cars faster. great idea. you know you got a bright future here at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... [ male announcer ] supply chain solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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still about auto quarter to the top of the hour. at first, it was suspected. now it has been confirmed. health officials say identified cantaloupe from jensen farms in colorado is the source of a deadly listeria outbreaks. 2 deaths and 22 infections in seven states have been linked to this outbreak. we have something else, but we do not want to scare you. this is about possible poison in your apple juice. let me explain, though.
8:45 am
on his daily talk show, dr. oz raised a question about arsenic in apple juice. look at this. >> it should be one of the most wholesome drinks for you and your kids. apple juice. but we have discovered that apple juice contains arsenic. yes, arsenic. we've launched an extensive investigation, tested dozes of samples from three different cities across america. we sent them to an independent lab for so fist catted state of the art testing. some of the best known brands in america have arsenic in their apple juice. >> okay. that is scary. you might have one of those brands in your refrigerator. it's scary, but is it true? short answer is yes. but the short answer isn't the whole answer. the food and drug administration has tried to set this record straight. here is their statement, quote, organic arsenic is essentially
8:46 am
harmless. it passes through the body quickly. inorganic arsenic is the type found in pesticides and consuming it at high levels or over long periods can cause concern. the testing dr. oz did was for total arsenic. the agency's own tests found lower total arsenic from one of the same juice batches the show's lab tested. it goes on to say there is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices and the fda has been testing them for years. all right. but the doctor is still defending his story, something i found out when i sat down with dr. oz this week. >> i can folks have a right to know that there's arsenic in our apple juice. the amount that is appropriate. i have had open indication the fda averages in an industry, they're welcome on my show, i will have this conversation. but what i don't want to do is have the american public confused about inorganic organic
8:47 am
arsenic. >> but the organic is not the stuff we should be worried about? >> organic arsenic is an issue, as well. the question i need to find out, and i asked them this information a couple of weeks ago and i was told to fill out a public information act to get it. i have been trying. we reran and we kept were told the arsenic levels aren't what they say they were. one of our washington affiliates, 30 more samples from that area and they found the exact same thing we found. >> now, the other part of the fda is coming after you and i should hope some of those letters that they wrote to you guys. they're saying part of the evidence is the testing level and the level you come back with, we don't know which it is. if it's an arsenic level that's high, that could be organic arsenic. >> we're looking at both and we
8:48 am
have shared our methodology and the laboratory information. it's all on our site. please, i just want to have the station. what i don't want to have is folks decide on their own, it's too complicated for me to figure out. it's not. american apples don't have arsenic on them? tell me why we banned arsenic on our apples and we're taking apples from other nations. some companies do not have arsenic in their apple juice, others do. there has to be some methodology to figure this out. when we entered this, it was a m moass. i want to figure out what's going on. >> this might be scaring the heck out of folks right now. >> i think folks have a right to know. i think we have not identified any child getting sick acutely from arsenic poisoning. but if there are going to be issues, it will happen over long
8:49 am
periods of time. >> it's important to repeat, not a single case out there of any arsenic poisoning based on apple juice. fredericka, good morning. >> good morning. >> you fired some people occupy this weekend. >> there are a lot of folks who are very fired up. they hear apple juice, they remember back in the early 80s when there were discussions about pesticides and apples and the apple industry took a very big hit. now we're talking about arsenic, inorganic, organic. we're going to talk about it a little bit more. we have a doctor in the house at 3:00 eastern time. he's going to talk about it and talk about the sdipth distinctive differences between organic and inorganic. >> you know, we >> some people -- we shouldn't have to deal with organic, inorange. that's why people -- you start a scare, apple juice and
8:50 am
inorganic. >> you hear those words and it's alarming. another doctor will talk about whether he's alarmed or not. i'll give you a big hint. he's not that alarmed. he's going to try and allay some fears. >> good. then our legal guys, they are always fun. they always educate us. they are going to tackle some interesting cases today, including the case of a man packs a weapon to work. workplace has a clear written policy, no weapons at work. however, something takes place. robbers come in or alleged robbers come in and try to steal, as you see there in that video, a tape from the store. well, that employee pulls out his weapon, alleged robbers, as you see, get out of there. no one is hurt. then guess what happens? >> no way. >> that employee loses his job. there is a written policy, no weapons at work, even though he may have saved the day there.
8:51 am
we'll talk about, he's suing for his job back. he wants some restitution there. >> what do you do there? it worked out there. what if it didn't and a customer was shot. >> that's what the employer is saying. what if it didn't work out. we have a clear-cut policy. they are going to tackle that one and see what potentially could happen. i don't know, could you identify when you left home, when you left high school, left college, did you even think for a second to go back home? >> to go back and live. oh, no. >> with your partners. >> lord no. what are you talking about? >> it happens. these are hard times. in a lot of cases kids are not able to find that job. they are getting laid o one of the many millions laid off. >> that's different. >> moving back home. in our financial fix, some advice for parents as well as young people about trying to make sure parents and kids don't go broke because they become the boomerang. >> more of that is happening. we've done stories about that these kids are getting out of
8:52 am
school. no jobs. a lot of them are staying in school. so many going to graduate school, law school. >> that debt goes up, too. you've heard karen talk about that. well, now a lot of folks are going back home. that incurs big expenses for parents. in many cases parents may be on fixed income, too. maybe they have lost a job. karen along with answers. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we'll see you in seven minutes and 28 seconds. >> a lot going on. >> fredricka coming up in just a moment. stay tuned for that. if your kids are sitting around the house playing video games. go get them. get them in front of the tv. >> you see those kids? i want you to see what he's doing. >> that could be my kid. he does like a one-armed push-up. i'm like what? >> wow, who are you raising over there. >> i was surprised. his push-ups are better than mine. >> we'll introduce you to the workout kid. stay here.
8:53 am
8:54 am
the tragedy of september 11 united our country. this year, as we open the 9/11 memorial in new york city,
8:55 am
we ask that you join us to honor, remember, and reunite. to learn more or to reserve your visit, go to as we get close to the top of the hour, check stories making headlines across the country. it does look like a lockdown at a military base was a false alarm. the davis-monthan. there was a lockdown after reports of a man entering the buildings with a weapon. they searched and found no man. a strike at tacoma,
8:56 am
washington has canceled school on monday. that would be the fifth day of the walkout. teachers are defying a judge's order to return to the classroom. as a result the teachers union could face fines. 28,000 kids in tacoma wait for classes come resume. look at this, in cambridge, massachusetts, convenience store clerk turned into crime fighter when an armed man came in thursday. the robber sat his gun down. what did she do, pushed it over to the ground and went after the guy, wrestled him to the ground, ran off, did not get any money. police are now looking for him. again, this worked out. no sure if her families and friends would recommend that. but it worked out that time. as we get close to the end of the hour, a 10-year-old kid doing what he can to fight childhood obesity. look what he's doing. he has a successful workout dvd marketed to kids. he's got another one coming out. earlier i talked to the workout
8:57 am
kid, as he's known, and asked why a 10-year-old would want to make a workout tape. >> the reason i thought it was important, i want to stay fit and healthy and i want other kids to stay fit and healthy. i wanted to make a work out dvd so kids can get healthy. >> do you see a lot of your friends sitting around the house, not getting outside, being active, eating a lot of food and, quite frankly, getting big. >> i see a lot of kids doing that. that's why i want to make a workout dvd so they can get on their feet and have fun. >> what about going outside. don't they do that anymore? >> they stay inside, play video games and watch tv. a little about your background. you're a pretty good athlete. you're a football player. but to take this route, in football you go through workouts, you're running all the time. but how has this added another element to your workout or even your conditioning for football?
8:58 am
>> well, i try to put the time i have to do. i do my workouts. i go to football practice. it's kind of hard and easy at the same time. >> how long have you been doing this, the workout tapes? how long have you been doing it? >> for like four or five months. >> four or five months. this is new. this your first workout tapes. we have some video of one of the workout tapes. we want people to see what we're talking about. there's one. you're putting kids through workouts. what age is this for? what age kids are you making this for? >> it's for any age, like five and 12 and teens, for a family. >> is it for adults? >> yes. >> adults can do it, too. all right. i want you to show me a couple of things. i know you have some favorites moves like you to do. about to get serious here. all right, c.j., don't embarrass me.
8:59 am
i'm a grown man. you're 10 years old. show me something. >> the first move called the fighter. put your hands in front of your face like a boxer, punch left and right. >> okay. that's easy enough, right? that's easy. okay. all right. give me another one. >> the second move is called the power jack. >> power jack. >> power jack, you're going to put your hands and feet together. you're going to do a little jump, put some bend to your knees, bend elbows and put fist to chest. jump up and put it together. >> okay. i'm with you. so far so good. what else have you got? give me something a little harder. not that hard. a little harder. >> last move is the shredder. >> shredder because it's three moves. >> down, up, jump. down, up, jump. >> down,


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