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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 7, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hear that. ron paul white house hopeful will speak live with me in a couple of minutes. he was not invited to washington, d.c., today. all of that coming up. but first this -- couple stories we're looking for you. first, jerry sandusky arrested again. no charges will be filed against a former syracuse assistant basketball coach. the man they call blago learns his fate today. and a debate over plan b. reporter roulette. i want to begin with ted rowlands in chicago. ted, we know rod blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years. he spoke a moment ago. what do you know? >> reporter: well, yeah, 14 years in federal prison for rod
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blagojevich. he was hoping for three to five. the judge siding with the prosecution. blagojevich just came down from the courtroom about ten minutes ago and addressed the media very briefly. he didn't take any questions. said he was going home to be with his two daughters, explain to them where they were going from here and said he will be, quote, fighting on. so expect an appeal in this case. one thing to note, he doesn't have to report until february 16th to the bureau of prisons. so he does have this time to spend with his family but the former governor of illinois will spend 14 years -- was sentenced to 14 years in prison. >> i'm curious, since he does get to go home for those 90 days, to try to explain this to his kids, why is that? why does he get that 90-daybreak? >> well, it's up to the judge's discretion whether in a case that he allows the defendant to go away, to be out on bond
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typically an inmate is remanded into custody. in illinois, george ryan was sentenced in the same manner and allowed to go home. ted rowlands, thank you. next here on reporter roulette, a stunning development in the sex abuse case against former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. the news today, no charges. no charges are being filed against this man. gary tuchman is on the phone with me from syracuse. we know bernie fine was why no charges? >> there's no charges but there's a huge but. he has no doubt that criminal charges would be filed against bernie fine if there wasn't a statute of limitations. he says he totally believes the two accusers, bobby davis and
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mike lang. they are step brothers. he apologized about their allegations not being taken seriously. the case was brought to the grand jury and the prosecutor believes that this would have gone to trial. >> so if i'm hearing you correctly, this was a statute of limitations in the county and there's still an investigation underway there, correct? >> right. there is certainly a federal investigation. there have been at least two other accusers who have gone forward. at this point, there's no accusations that are credible but the two accusations that have been made by mike lang and bobby davis, he says that they are very credible and believes every word about what happened to them with bernie fine. >> gary tuchman, keep us posted there. thank you so much. next in reporter roulette, the nation's health secretary is overruling this recommendation by the fda on plan b, the
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so-called morning after bill. elizabeth cohen is here to explain, as we've been following the developments too today. what is going on? >> this is a bizarre situation. plan b, what a woman takes after unprotected intercourse for the 72 hours afterwards. you can get it if you're over 17. you can waltz into a drugstore. if you're under 17, you have to get a doctor's prescription. so today the department of health and human services said, no, we're not going to let younger women just waltz in and get it. they will still need a prescription. >> so kathleen sebelius is saying no? >> the weirdness is, her own agency, the food and drug administration said, yes, we think women under 17 should be able to waltz in and get it off the shelf in the same way that you can get a condom. so it was kathleen sebelius
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essentially disagreeing with her own people. >> does this affect all women? >> it does in a way. because right now if a woman over 17 wants to get this drug, they have to go to the pharmacist and the pharmacist has to get it from behind the shelf. you have to ask for it and go and get it and that's because they don't want young teenagers to just go and get it. does that make sense? >> yes. >> so you still have to ask? >> you still have to ask. but if the government said, yeah, anybody could get it, they would put it out on the shelves along with the condoms and everything else. if this had happened differently today, plan b would have been on the shelf and you would have bought it. >> but that's not the case? >> that's not the case. even if you're not over 17, you would have to ask a pharmacist for it.
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>> elizabeth cohen, thank you. that's your reporter roulette for wednesday. still ahead, this is tremendous. a stunning development in the killing of a 7-year-old girl in georgia. police making an arrest of a man who worked at the apartment complex where this little girl lives. plus, first you had fast and furious. now another headache for the obama administration regarding drug cartels. this time, federal agents are accused of laundering money. also, suddenly, according to these new polls, newt gingrich is the clear front-runner in the republican presidential race. one of his opponents not wasting any time attacking him. he is congressman ron paul. he's going to join me live. we'll ask him about gingrich, donald trump and why he was left out of this major republican event happening today in washington. why is he not there? more, next. [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan gives you the lowest plan premium in the country... so you can focus on what really matters.
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here is a speech at the nation's capital including michele bachmann expected to speak live after the texas governor. the only one not there, congressman ron paul. he's going to join me live minutes away. stay tuned for that. also today in washington on capitol hill, some pretty emotional moments from this man here. all of the lawmakers are holding the hearing on home-grown terror and the threat to the military here in the u.s. we're talking about a man here who lost his son when a gunman opened fire at a recruiting.
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>> it took me two years to get these back. these are my son's dog tags. he wore these when he took four rounds of ammo from about three feet. on it, there's the warrior, the last line of it is, i will never leave a fallen comrade. well, the army left him. >> his father one of the reasons why he is upset is because his son's killer is not legally considered a terrorist even though he had connection with terrorist groups. also this today -- >> 1941, a date with will live in infamiliar me. >> that voice, theodore roosevelt. many of the aging world war ii vets are in hawaii honoring the
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memory of 24 america00 american that day. they are dissolving this month as the passing of time and taking the toll on the few remaining members. how about this one, a stunt from a show mythbusters going terribly wrong sending a canon ball zipping through a california neighborhood. this was shot from a range. it misfired, went up a hill, into another neighborhood, hit a roof and amazingly, no one was hurt. >> very loud boom and it sounded like a canon ball on the roof. >> it's on hold now pending a full investigation. a rapper inspires a teen to
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walk for the very first time. 17-year-old here has cerebral palsy, got on stage at a concert for the first few steps. machine gun kelly had promised him a couple months back that he would walk and there you see it step by step by step he tries to do so. the man in charge of america's finances visits paris. he's getting an update on his european counterparts. washington in a tight spot wants to prevent the crisis from spreading to america. but any financial help for europe may not go over very well for u.s. voters. also breaking today, jerry sandusky arrested again. no charges will be filed against the former basketball syracuse coach and the man known as blago learns his fate.
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jason carroll has more on jerry sandusky. tell me about the additional charges and the alleged victims. >> he's facing multiple counts, four counts of sexual intercourse. in addition, brooke, two counts of unlawful contact with a minor. let me take a step back here and respond to what is going on here. you remember in the previous grand jury report that aoutlined eight alleged victims that he ledgely assaulted. victim number nine and victim number ten in this new grand jury report, again, some of the similar allegations that we heard before, prosecutors saying that sandusky follows a similar pattern of grooming these young boys whose ages are 11 and 12 when the abuse happened. grooming them by giving them
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gifts, giving them money, gaining their trust, according to prosecutors, and then sexually assaulting them. when this arrest happened this afternoon, at the same time that this was going on, one of our cnn producers just happened to be speaking with sandusky's attorney, joe amandola and when all this started happening, the blackberries started going off when all of this was going on. as you can imagine, he was very upset, very angry that he was not given the heads up that this was happening. but once again, jerry sandusky has been arrested again for new allegations of sexually abusing young boys. brooke? >> here's my question remember that judge who granted the bond to jerry sandusky after this whole report came out and she came under fire do we know if she is still in her post and, b, if she is, is she accused of
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over d overseeing this hearing? >> not at this hearing. this is the first arraignment and we'll have to see what happens with that. this is not good news for jerry sandusky simply because already he was facing, by many legal analysts, say that he is facing an uphill battle with all of these allegations coming forward and even his own attorney said he has a concern about the allegations and once again two additional victims only identified in this new grand jury with jim number nine and victim number ten. >> and still he denies the allegations as we heard him speak with the "new york times" reporter over the weekend.
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jason carroll, stay on it. thank you very much. coming up, most all of the gop candidates are in washington today courting the jewish voters. we're going to talk to jim acosta about the hammering that they are giving the white house. and, by the way, the only gop candidate not there is ron paul but he is joining me in 15 minutes. we will be right back. nyquil (stuffy): hey, tylenol. you know we're kinda like twins. tylenol: we are? nyquil (stuffy): yeah, we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. tylenol: and i relieve nasal congestion. nyquil (stuffy): overachiever. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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i want to take you live to the white house. he has a visitor, prime minister of canada, steven harper. >> i have a trusted partner and i think he'll agree no two nations match more economically and naturally than the united states and canada. and that deep sense of connection, our shared values, our shared interests, infuse the work that we have done today from supporting a resolution to
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the eurozone crisis to moving ahead with the transition in afghanistan to supporting transitions in the middle east and north africa. our focus today, however, is on our highest priority and that's growing the economy faster and in this mission, canada has a special role to play. as most of you know, canada is our single largest trading partner and those exports support good paying jobs. canada in turn is one of the top foreign investors in the united states and that creates more jobs and prosperity. the prime minister and are to grow it even faster. we're creating even more jobs
12:19 pm
and more opportunity for our people. canada is key to putting folks back to work and the two important initiatives that we agreed to today will help us do just that. first, we're agreeing to a series of concrete steps to bring our economies even closer and improve the security of our citizens. not just along our shared border but beyond the border. put simply, we're going to make it easier to conduct the trade and travel that creates jobs and make it harder for those who would do us harm and threaten our security. for example, some 90% of all of our trade, more than a billion dollars in trade every single day passes through our roads and systems and it's still taking too many products too long to cross our borders.
12:20 pm
and we're going to improve our infrastructure, cargo security and screening, all designed to make it easier to do business and create jobs and that, by the way, include jobs here in america and when they look to export typically canada is one of the most likely places that they are trying to get a foot hold. it's hugely important to the medium and small sized businesses. last year, more than one million people crossed our borders, including canadians that spent more money in the united states than any other visitors. i want to make a pitch. we want even more canadians visiting the united states and, please, spend more money here and we want to create a simpler
12:21 pm
entry and exit system. this will help us be smarter about our joint security. concentrating our resources where they are needed most. identifying real threats to our security before they reach our shores. the second thing we're doing is ramping up our effort to get outdated unjustified regulations that stifle trade and job creation. this is especially important in things like the auto industry where they are built on both sides of the border but sometimes that's slowed down by regulations and paperwork that frankly just doesn't make sense. we're going to strike a better balance with sensible regulations that unleash trade and job creation while still protecting health and safety and this builds on the efforts that we have here in the united states led by ee limb nalting billions of dollars in costs
12:22 pm
from regulations and we're going to focus on several key sectors, including auto, agriculture, and health care. so this could be a win-win situation where not only are we making our regulatory systems more effective in respective countries but greater convergence between these two countries. the prime minister and i discussed the broader economic relationship. i'm pleased that cannada has expressed a transition in the partnership. many of you referred me to the apec meeting where this has generated a great deal of interest. we look forward to consulting with canada as well as our ttp partners as well as how all of us can meet the high standards demanded by the trade agreement and it can be a real model not only for the region but for the world. we did discuss the proposed keystone excel pipeline which is
12:23 pm
important to canada and it's important to make sure that all of the projects are properly understood,'s the impact on the people and we will have a vigorous process to work through that issue. so we're going to continue to work as partners and as friends on this day and i want to thank you again for your candor, your sense of common purpose, what you bring and your team brings to this partnership. it's been extraordinary and i want to personally thank you for the progress that our teams made in these two very important announcements that we made today. i am confident, by the way, that we are going to implement them diligently. we have folks like secretary napolitano, from department of homeland security and heading up our team and making sure that these things go into effect in
12:24 pm
the way that it benefits the american people. all of the people of canada, thank you. to you, thank you. and i wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. >> thank you, barack. thank you for our candid kf conversation. i mentioned and want to thank all of the officials on both sides who have been working hard over very many months to do what is a very important initiative and i want to thank you for your friendship not just personally, barack, but for what you feel for the entire nation of canada. and we all do appreciate it. [ speaking in foreign language. >> today we announce ambitious competitive and regulatory
12:25 pm
cooperation. [ speaking in foreign language ] ]. >> these agreements create a new modern order for a new century. together they represent the most significant steps forward in canada and u.s. cooperation since the north america free trade agreement. [ speaking in foreign language]. >> the first agreement merges u.s. and canadian security concerns. >> all right. we are going to pull away. i think you got the gist of what the president and the canadian prime minister stephen harper were thanking one another for this win-win partnership. they are good friends to the us, the canada and the u.s.
12:26 pm
pitching to canadians, please come to the u.s., please spend more money. they are meeting today in the white house. also, standing in washington, a couple of the men who would like to have the president's job just sat down with wolf blitzer. wait until you hear what newt gingrich said about a vice presidential pick and rick perry on donald trump. that's next.
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12:28 pm
a number of the republican presidential candidates are in washington courting the jewish voters and two of them sat down separately with my colleague, wolf blitzer. you're going to hear from newt gingrich and he is talking about a possible pick for vice president. take a listen. >> could you see if you got the nomination asking him to be your running mate? >> i think there are circumstances where he would
12:29 pm
whether he wants to or not, he's a very confident person. this is a serious man. i would certainly support him if he became the republican nominee. >> that was newt gingrich. now i want you to hear rick perry, speaking about donald trump to wolf blitzer. >> have you made a decision on the donald trump debate? >> i haven't. we're right in the middle of a very, very important bus tour that was planned and it's been on the books for a pretty good spell. >> because it's in iowa? >> right. >> because the debate is in iowa? >> i don't want to tell people that i promise to be in their town doing a debate with them that i have to go in and run in and do -- you know, and the preparation and what have you, so we're still giving a consideration but the people of iowa come first. >> so there you have it. just the first little bit of sound from both rick perry and newt gingrich, both of whom spoke with wolf blitzer today. that is coming up in half an
12:30 pm
hour from now on "the situation room," wolf blitzer. coming up next here, though, congressman ron paul, also someone who would love to have the president's job, there we are live on capitol hill. we're going to talk to the congressman live. first, let's go back to president obama. >> the reason is because the payroll tax cuts is something that house republicans and senate republicans should want to do regardless of any other issues. the question is going to be, are they willing to vote against a proposal and go up by a thousand dollars. so it shouldn't be held hostage for any other issues that they may be concerned about. and so my warning is not just specific to keystone. efforts to tie a whole bunch of other issues by something that
12:31 pm
they should be doing any way will be rejected by me. with respect to the politics, look, this is a big project with big consequences we've seen express concerns about it and it is my job as president of the united states to make sure that a process is followed that examines all of the options, looks at all of the consequences before a decision is made. now, that process is moving forwa forward. the state department is making sure that it crosses all of its t's and dots all of its i's before making a determination. you know, i think it's worth noting for those who want to try to poll lit size this issue that when it comes to domestic energy production, we have gone all in because our belief is that we're
12:32 pm
going to have to do a whole range of things to make sure that u.s. energy independence exists for a long time to come. u.s. energy security exists for a long time to come. so we have boosted oil production. we are boosting natural gas production. we are looking at a lot of traditional energy sources even as we insist on transitioning into clean energy. and i think this shouldn't be a democratic or republican issue. this should be an american issue. how do we make sure we have the best possible energy mix to benefit our businesses, benefit our workers, but also benefit our families to make sure that the public health and safety of the people are looked after and that's what this process is designed to do. >> we wanted to head back to that quickly because each of these men are getting one question, one question apiece and you heard him talk energy and then off the top he was
12:33 pm
asked about the payroll tax. we've heard him talk about whether or not congress will compromise and extend the payroll tax cut. he would not only like to extend but expand it, giving the average american household an extra 1,000 to $1500 a month. watch and see. meantime, congressman ron paul on the other side of the break in 60 secondses. be right back.
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what a day it's been and now we get a chance to speak with congressman ron paul live on capitol hill. thank you for coming on the show. let me point out, you're there at capitol hill. you're not with your candidates. we've shown several of them speaking today. this is because the republican
12:35 pm
jewish coalition chose to exclude you. they say that you are anti-israel, that you are extreme. here's my question, sir. did you at all take a moment to protest your exclusion and -- i hear you laughing, saying, hey, this is america, i should be heard as well? >> well, that's one point of view and a healthy discussion is a good american tradition, too. it's a private organization, too. so me being very much aware of what private organizations can do, i don't have much recourse. but i think in public opinion, people will ask questions, why isn't he excluded? he doesn't say everything like everybody else but maybe we need a full discussion and to paint it and say, maybe he's not supportive of israel, he's anti-israel, that's being dismissed rather carelessly and unfairly. so i've had my chance and we've had a little bit of access to internet to explain my position. so it may well appear here
12:36 pm
rather shortly. >> okay. i also want to read something that you said not too long ago at a cnn forum. you say, why do we have this automatic commitment that we're going to send our kids and our money endlessly to israel? i think they are quite capable of taking care of themselves. congressman paul, with all due respect, that doesn't sound like a candidate who will realistically challenge the republican nomination. >> well, what you need to do is go and read the speech at netanyahu gave on the house floor here a couple nights ago. he said, we don't need american troops. we can take care of ourselves. that might be worth looking into it. we don't have a treaty with israel and we should be friends with israel and we should trade with them and do all of these things. but to commit another generation we don't even have a right to do it and if it's necessary to be involved in a war, the president doesn't make that decision. the people do it through declaration of war into congress. i don't know what is so extreme
12:37 pm
about following the rules and a little bit of decorum and being sensitive to t i worry about this senselessness of going to war any time that we want. that's my greatest problem. we're involved in too many wars and we should be careful on how we go to wars. but if net tanyahu says we don' need our trades over there, why should i as well? >> is it emblematic of where you put yourself in, because you are so committed, so libertarian, that you are forever unlikely to garner mass appeal? >> i think america is in a box. we spend too much money policing the world, getting involved in nation building, we're going bankrupt, we have to borrow the money we're spending overseas. we are in a financial crisis.
12:38 pm
america is not in a box. >> do you at all feel like you've boxed yourself in and come time for the rest of the country to vote for you, you're not going to have that support in mass? >> i think you have it backwards. i think the american people are boxed in and they want out. why do i get -- i get twices much support as all of the other a military so i would say the american taxpayer needs unlimited commit to join the war in the united nations and nato and obama went into libya, didn't even consult with the congress. that's being really boxed in. that's what we have to deal with. >> congressman, speaking of your hands off foreign policy, we have to talk about donald trump. so he is out there and he's out there saying you don't give a hoot if iran gets a nuclear weapon. have you heard that? >> well, yeah, but he's wrong. because i give a hoot about nuclear weapons. i don't want anybody to have them. i think they are terrible. i think we should do what we
12:39 pm
can. we treated libya differently. we talked them out of it. so what did we do to them? we bombed them and threw gadhafi out of office. but, yes, i care about it. i think we should have a lot less. but i don't want to be going to war on another country that doesn't have a nuclear weapon and they are not even on the verge of it, according to our own ci achlt agents. there's no evidence that we are on the verge of a nuclear weapon. and this was the same war mongering talk that we went into war against iraq. why don't we pay attention? the greatest threat that we face today is carelessly starting a war against iran because of a weapon that they don't have. >> so moving along with foreign policy, newt gingrich, is he the republican front-runner now?
12:40 pm
do you see it that way? >> he's the flavor of the week. we don't know what it will be next week. >> not the front-runner then, you say? >> well, i mean, he has to be there for more than a week and the only thing that really counts is a month from now and if you look at our growth in the polls, i mean, ours is steady. nobody takes it away from me that it's not solid. people don't come and go once they support our campaign. we were in high single digits six months ago, in high double digits now, second and third place solidly. i say we just keep doing what we are doing now and we will have a very good showing come january. >> you have very solid p numbers. we've seen the polls. but in iowa, is it at all frustrating to you congressman, you've been out there, built the solid in iowa, and then you have the newt gingrich, really no organization to speak of, have him swoop in, charming the pants off these eye wants? does that bug you? >> no, i wouldn't use that.
12:41 pm
but just remember, easy come, easy go. he's the fourth person to have done this. so why should you assume that the nomination is locked in? >> so you're not too concerned? you say flavor of the week. you say wait until january 3rd? >> i'm only concerned about me being able to convince people that we need to change our attitude in washington. that the status quo won't work, that we need a new foreign policy. we need to look at the federal reserve. we need to balance our budget and live within the rule of law. that's what i care about. >> congressman ron paul, appreciate you being on. thank you so much for us on capitol hill. still to come, more breaking news on the arrest of jerry sandusky. next.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
we told you that former defensive coach at penn state, jerry sandusky, was arrested again. we have news on that. jason carroll back on the phone with me. jason, what do you know? >> well, what we're getting right now, brooke, are some of the terms of bail that were set this afternoon. as you know, jerry sandusky now $250,000 cash bail. if he's able to post bail at a later date, he'll be subject to an electronic monitoring device and house arrest are some of the conditions of the bail. that is, if he's able to meet bail. and basically this is all coming -- this arrest coming after the grand jury issued a report naming two additional victims. they are identified in the grand jury report as victim number
12:44 pm
nine and victim number ten. you'll remember that previously there was another grand jury report where eight victims were identified, bringing the number of victims to ten. what we've seen in the grand jury report are similarities. some of the things that are going to sound familiar to you. but what prosecutors are saying is that the two new victims, it was the same story. jerry sandusky befriended these young boys, showered them with gifts, what prosecutors call grooming, gaining trust. and on page three of the report, something particularly chilling, if i can read to you very quickly. >> yeah. >> the victim testified -- this is a quote -- that at least on one occasion he screamed for help. screamed for help -- this would be from sandusky's basement, knowing that sandusky's wife was upstairs but no one ever came to help him. that's a quote from page three of this grand jury report from a victim identified as victim
12:45 pm
number nine. so more problems for jerry sandusky. earlier this afternoon when all of this was going on, one of our producers was actually sitting down with jerry sandusky's attorney and they were just talking about some of the concerns that he had about new allegations coming forward and then something like this happens and apparently joe expressed his anger, brooke, of at least not being given the heads up that these new arrests were coming down. >> so what i'm hearing, from the difference of when he posted bond the last time -- and correct me if i'm wrong -- it was $200,000. now you're talking 250,000 if sandusky posts bond and the difference is, he will have an ankle monitoring device and he will be under house arrest. correct? >> that is correct. he'll have some sort of an electronic monitoring device subject to house arrest. other conditions include no contact with victims and no
12:46 pm
unsupervised contact with minors. those will be the conditions if he's able to meet bail. >> if he is. jason carroll, thank you for picking up the phone and giving us the update. we appreciate it. a mant nebs man is arrested for what police call the planned and calculated murder of a 7-year-old girl and a warning that -- some of these details that we have to talk about as part of this story is difficult. jorelys rivera disappeared from her apartment complex on friday in canton, georgia. just about three hours ago, police arrested this 20-year-old. his name is ryan brunn. investigators say that he took jorelys to an a vacant apartment, the one next to where she lives, and killed her there. sunny hostin is on the case. police are giving out more information about what happened to this 7-year-old. let's watch. >> the child was taken to a
12:47 pm
vacant apartment unit located in a building adjacent to where the child resided. we have evidence that the murder occurred in that vacant apartment. at some point, the child's body was then disposed of in the dumpster and compacted into trash. >> compacted into trash. sunny hostin, we know she was beaten, she was raped, she was stabbed, dumped in that trash compactor. does this rank as a former child sex crime prosecutor, does this rank among some of the most brutal cases that you've even heard of? >> no question about it. this is the worst of the worst. and, you know, we do hear about these stranger child abductions and murders and rapes. remember, samantha runnion, jessica lagsford. there have been many that we've covered, unfortunately.
12:48 pm
but certainly when you have a fact pattern like this, if all of these allegations are true, this certainly is one of the worst of the worst. >> this 20-year-old we're watching getting taken away. does he have a criminal history? >> he has no prior criminal history and that was surprising because we know that there were sexual offenders -- registered sexual offenders living in the community, which was a shock to me because typically they are not supposed to live near playgrounds, schools but apparently he was not one of them. he moved in -- he lived there and he also worked there. he was a maintenance worker there. apparently he started working there november 7. the police are indicating that this was a plan and really calculated murder and we know from experience that child predators do covet what they say, what they have access to. and so i'm sure we'll learn more about this investigation, brooke, as to whether or not he did plan this out, whether or not he had any sort of history with this young child but, oh,
12:49 pm
it's just probably one of the worst cases that i've seen. >> and we know this little girl was essentially snatched out of this play ground at this apartment complex. so the mother wasn't there in that moment. as a result, child protection services have taken the siblings away for alleged lack of supervision. what do you make of that move? >> you know, she was apparently out -- this little girl was outside in the playground with a lot of other children. a teenager was supposed to be watching her. you know, you never want to blame the parent whose loss is obviously just so palpable but the bottom line is, we have to watch our babies. we have to watch our children. and so the fact that she was out in the playground unsupervised by an adult is problematic. and certainly was problematic in this case. and so i'm sure child services wanted to make sure that the
12:50 pm
other siblings and the other children in the household were protected and supervised. >> you know, i was talking to erin runnion on the show yesterday. her daughter samantha was taken from her in 2002 and was murdered. what's the message to parents? because you can't keep your kid, you know, under supervision 24/7, locked up in your home. what do you do? >> you don't want to lock them up in your home certainly but i believe that you just have to supervise your children. unfortunately in today's day and age, it's not the smart thing to do to leave your children outside at a playground. they look for children that predators can have access to and therein lies one of the lessons that we will look to.
12:51 pm
you have to supervise these children. >> and they don't look like a scary guy that pops out. >> that's right. >> sunny, thank you. coming up next, wolf blitzer will be joining me. tissue box (whispering): he said nasal congestion... nyquil: i heard him. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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12:53 pm
wolf blitzer, let me bring you in. >> they are meeting with republican coalition. by the way, a very good interview with ron paul.
12:54 pm
my interview with rick perry, newt gingrich, a very strong interview with him and a whole range of issues and in about five or six minutes, we have brand-new poll numbers coming in. we can't tell you until exactly at 4:00 p.m. january 3rd in iowa, i know you're going to want to hear that. >> don't say anything. >> done. see you in a couple minutes. >> don't tweet it. >> i won't. mum's the word. >> in the meantime, here's a
12:55 pm
hint. kid rock may know. that's next. great prices. i just wish you could guarantee me
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
they won't be beat. oh, actually... >> mitt romney has officially chosen his campaign song. joe johns is here with political pop. who is it and what is it? >> it's kid rock song, "born free." it's apparently going to be the theme song of mitt romney's campaign. this is according to a posting on kid rock's website. a bunch of news organizations picking it up. rock knee and kid rock have strong ties to the state of michigan. kid rock was born in romeo, michigan, romney is the son of michigan governor. good fit. you don't want to get too far
12:58 pm
ahead of yourselves because romney is not even the presumed front-runner any more. but you never know what is going to happen. and this could be a song that becomes a fixture in campaigns. with all those caveats, let's listen to the song. ♪ ♪ you can lay me down and watch me bleed ♪ ♪ but you can't keep no chains on me ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free . >> for a campaign you have got have a song with a lot of energy and "born free" is certainly that song. we will not have a situation where a politician starts using some artist's work and the artist complains. apparently kid rock is on board with this. this is on his website. they say he is a supporter of the republican party including people like george w. bush.
12:59 pm
kid rock apparently excited about romney using his song as the theme song. we will see where it leads. >> all right. born free. we will have to do digging to see what else the rest of the group will be playing at their rallies. thank you so much for that political pop. since i have you for about 60 more seconds, take a look at this. >> 1941, a date that will live in infamy. >> that voice? that was president franklin roosevelt describing japan's attack on pearl harbor. today aging world war ii vets, many of them in their 90s are in hawaii honoring the 2400 americans killed that day 70 years ago. just about 120 survivors are there in attendance.


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