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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 10, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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tonight," and the big event with hero of the year, and anderson cooper is hosting the tribute at 8:00 eastern. i'm excited, you're excited. >> we're all excited. >> i'm excited too. i can't wait. thanks so much, guys. we're following a new child sex abuse allegation involving another sports figure today. this time, it is the head of one of the country's largest sports organizations, amateur athletic union. two men are telling espn that robert bobby dod molested then in the 1980s when they were playing on dod's aau basketball team. joining us live now, george, any word about where this investigation is going? >> we just got off the phone with police and they confirm there is an active investigation into the alleged actions of robert bobby dod. the former ceo and president of amateur athletic union, as you
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mentioned, one of the largest sports organizations, nonprofits in the country. this investigation started after two men came forward to espn's outside the lines, saying that they had been sexually abused by dod back in the 1980s when they were teen agers. both now grown men say they decided to come forward because of the sex abuse scandals that we have seen play out at penn state and syracuse universities. now, one of the men decided to speak anonymously to espn and ralph west spoke on camera, claiming that was sexually abused, at least six times, back in the 1980s just listen to what he told outside the lines. >> i was dead asleep and i don't remember anything, but waking up and he has -- he is trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts. and i jumped up, straight out of bed, and he is not there, but he is laying on the floor next to me down by the bed. of course i was freaked out. >> how did he get in the room? >> he add key.
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he always, somehow, had a key to whatever room i was in. >> we are just starting to see bits and pieces of this story on line, on espn. since this bomb shell story broeblg, the aau launched its own investigation and also contacted police. they also named an interim president. they say that dod is no longer president, saying that was planning to retire this month, dealing with a fight with colon cancer. so at this point, they say they still don't know exactly his whereabouts, now that he is not affiliated with the organization. >> george howard, thanks so much, in memphis. >> we want to warn you that sound we're about to play for you just might be pretty disturbing. this is from a cell phone video, made in florida this week. you can hear gunshots and screams. that was enough for the broward sheriff's office to charge 66-year-old cheryl helpener with
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attempted first degree murder. helpener allegedly shot her son-in-law as he was coming to pick up his 3-year-old son. turning to politics now. president obama says he knows that the economy is not doing well, speaking to cbs's 60 minutes. he says fixing it is not a short term project. >> did you overpromise? did you underestimate how difficult this was going to be? >> i didn't overpromise and i didn't underestimate how tough this was going to be. i always believed that this was a long-term project. so on the short term project, and -- you know, for individual americans who are struggling right now, they have every reason to be impatient.
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reversing structural problems under our economy that have been building up for two decades, that is going to take time. it's going to take more than a year, more than two years, it will take more than one term. probably take more than one president. >> and some outrage in the world of u.s. politics and arab world over controversial president by newt gingrich. gingrich called the palestinians, quote, an inventive people. he made the remark during an interview on the jewish cable, u.s. cable channel. it is called the jewish channel. >> the jewish people have the right to have a state and i believe that the commitments made at a time, remember, there were -- there was no palestine as a state. that is part of the empire. and i think that we have had an invented palestinian people. who in fact are arabs and part of the arab community. >> gingrich's campaign is now trying to do some damage
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control. they released this statement saying quote, gingrich supports a negotiated peace agreement between israel and the palestinians however to understand what is proposed and negotiated, you have to understand decades of complex history, end quote. a top palestinian peace negotiator is responding this way. >> very, very low statement. this is a racist statement. and we condemn it with the strongest possible tone and such statement is really inciting for bloodshed of muslims, christians and jews and we don't need such low-level statements. >> newt gingrich is likely to face more heat for his comments tonight, when he faces off with five of his republican rivals in a debate iowa. mitt romney's campaign responding. let's bring in rachel striefeld, she is following the romney
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campaign. so what is being said? >> well, we have not heard directly from mitt romney on these comments. well look to see if that comes out in the debates tonight. former ambassador mary cramer, she said the comments by gingrich make her nervous and won't help the progress in the middle east. she said gingrich is pushing against rom flee, he makes off the cuff remarks and his opponent can turn it around against him. i'm sorry, we will see if romney makes that argument tonight. romney made a surprise appearance today. he joined his wife and son at his campaign headquarters. after he gave his talk, he invited supporters to shake his hands. he signed autographs and said he would solicit ne debate advice he might have tonight. the media asked him if he got anything good.
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and he said supporters mostly told him, to just be himself. fredric fredricka? >> what are they doing just hours ahead of that debate? >> one thing can i tell you, michele bachmann was scheduled to speak at a veteran's forum here in des moines. but she has actually backed out of that and her husband, marcus bachmann, will be speaking instead of her. i think he just spoke. her spokeswoman says that bachmann wanted to spend more time on debate prep. >> rachel streitfeld, appreciate that, from des moines. putting wreaths on about a hundred thousand head stones, the group, wreaths across america has been laying wreaths at cemeteryes a veteran's me merales for years now. we have more on this touching holiday tradition. >> bless and protect our men and women. >> a tribute to our nation's
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fallen. >> my way of paying respect. >> definitely a beautiful thing to see how many have come. >> it is a tradition that began in 1992, when a couple from maine donated 5,000 wreaths their company had least over near the end of the holiday season to be laid on head stones here at arlington national cemetery. >> we have the freedoms that we have because of those who served and those who served and lost theirs lives. >> 20 years later, the organization has expanded. with volunteers, veteran's and loved ones of fallen service members laying wreaths at more than 740 ceremonies all over the countries and some 25 locations overseas this year. >> it is awesome to be out here and just see the patriotic people out here, volunteering, giving their time, giving their weekend. >> at arlington, more than 10,000 people laid some 90,000 holiday wreaths on head stones as part of the group's mission to remember, honor and teach. >> it was an emotional time for
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some. joanne's son, josh, was killed in iraq. wings across america flew her up from florida. >> this is the first time i've seen my son's head stone. and this is my first trip back since we buried him, almost five years ago. >> gina hernandez was deployed with josh and says she owes her life to him, for defending her military convoy from fire. >> i am in debt to him. i was a driver in a convey and he was the gunner and pretty much saved our truck and rest of our convoy. >> early saturday, a different kind of convoy arrived in arlington. volunteers lined up for raejs and in matter of hours the cemetery was transformed. >> is beautiful when you look at it. and after the wreaths are placed on the grave sites. very, very emotional.
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i'm a very emotional guy anyhow, but this brings back a lost memories to me. not that i did anything near what these people have done. >> a special and important day at arlington and cemetery ace cross the country to honor our troops. athena jones, cnn, arlington, virginia. >> and this weekend, like past, we are trying to help you reclaim your career. getting what you want from your employer. the power of negotiation, coming up. plus, everyday people changing the world. we look back at five years of cnn heros. i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: are there flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote.
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checking international headlines now. a syrian group says a prominent doctor is dead as violence flares again. repeatedly killed at least 16 people today. amateur video shows fire as people tried to bury the dead. 4,000 people died during the eight-month syrian crack down. tens of thousands of demonstrators pack public spaces at ma moscow and across russia. they chanted "putin out" referring to the prime minister. protesters say the vote was rigged and they want a new one. and the three women who share this year's nobel peace prize god medals in oslo.
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they are fighting for rights in the arab world. the top ten cnn heroes of the year will be noted tomorrow. five years ago we started asking you, viewers, about people in your community who help others. take a look at the inspiring result. >> since 2007, cnn viewers helped us find these rare individuals. submitting more than 40,000 nominations for more than a hundred countries. from those thousands we have honored just 164 men, women and young people worldwide as cnn heros. they are all determined, resourceful, passionate and their missions run the gamut. sustaining life. preserving dignity. >> oh, good guy. >> protecting the powerless. defending the planet and nourishing the soul. >> we will be here for you to help you out. >> they have helped hundreds of thousands of people in 75 countries, creating a legacy of change around the world.
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tonight we gather to honor the best that humanity has to offer. haech fall we select and even more elite group, top ten heroes of the year. the award is $50,000 and global recognition at cnn heros, all-star tribute, star-studded gala showing our heros work. >> they are amazing. >> they have been doing absolutely everything from the goodness of their heart. it is great to give those people that attention. >> we have the people with the most on-line votes receiving an additional $250,000. but as the exposure, spotlight on the world stage, that benefits all our heroes the most. since 2007, our honorees raise more than $6 million in donation and grants. with their courage and humanity our cnn heros are lighting the way, inspiring others to follow their example. >> so tune in tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern time for the cnn heroes all-star tribute. anderson cooper will host the event live from the shrine
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auditorium in los angeles. the top ten heroes will be there along with celebrity performers. nearly 2 million americans currently receiving unemployment benefits stand it lose coverage next month unless u.s. congress extends the program. so residents of which states could lose out the most? question for you, coming in, at number three, new york state. 126,000 new yorkers could lose their benefits come january. the next most impacted are floridians. 131,000 would lose out if a benefits package is not extended. find out what state would hurt most of all. that in a few minutes. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay?
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so what state will lose out the most if unemployment benefits are not extended by the end of the month? the answer, you probably guessed it. the big state, california. more than 305,000 californians will lose their unemployment benefits. so every week we focus on ways to get a jump-start in the work force. in today's reclaim your career, we are talking about the art of negotiation, from job offers to promotions or even time off,
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knowing how to negotiate will help you get more of what they want, valarie burton is here to help us out. she is here to talk about where can we go from here. why will strong negotiation skills put you over the top? it's hard to do. >> it is hard to do. but the last few years with everything changing in the economy, you have to maximize every opportunity to make more money, save more money or get more of what you want, absolutely. most people feel afraid to ask for what they want. for those who do, you just need to get over it. >> there is that intimidation thing. people feel like it is difficult to stair your boss in the eye, to say this is what you want, your supervisor. so you get past that, then what? >> you might have a bit of fear. you want to get rid of that fear, by just saying, you know what, maybe you have to practice a little bit in the mirror. >> rehearsal. >> rehearsals, exactly. just say it. but one of the most important things can you do, to make sure
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you're not the person who speaks first. speak last. >> be a good listener. >> that's right. if it is a job offer, what is the range, if you can get them to speak first. if it is negotiation around price, what is it that you want. so when the other person speaks first, what typically happens is that you are not giving something away. a lot of times people will go a little too low. once you stated your number, it is hard to go up. >> people, say, let me stake my claim, say what it is that i want. then little do they know, they're undermining themselves. >> that's right. can you leave a lot on the table that way. so if at all possible, you want to be the one that speaks last. >> so you know, sometimes, who you are talking to makes a big difference. >> so who you are talking to make a big difference, particularly when it comes to the second thing that i think is important, which is just simply ask for what you want. so it is really important that you speak up. i think for a lot of people this is where the fear comes in. am i going to come across as being too aggressive. am i going to come across as
1:22 pm
asking for too much. are they going to say no. that's when the fears come in. you have to make a decision that you are not going to be a push over. that you are going to actually ask, a lot of times, the difference between those people making more or that are getting better deals is simply that they ask for it. >> do your homework. know what the -- i guess what the whole field is all about. what the options are. are you asking for something unreasonable? >> that's right. wau on to the do your homework. what is typical in this type of negotiation. you also want to make sure you are asking, what value am i bringing? negotiation cannot be all about what you want. you need to look the at other side and do your homework about what is really important to them. what would add value for people. and if there are other examples that you have of people that have gotten what it is that you want, you put want want to put those in front of them. >> how you negotiate says a lot about you. >> you want to be willing to leave something on the table. you want to not just be all winning for you but you want the other side to really feel like they've won something as well.
1:23 pm
>> so you need it say, not only does this benefit me, but this is how this might benefit you. >> that's right. that is extremely important. that person says they understand. >> what do i get out of this. >> right. i understand that my employee is looking out for me, and better ways to serve me, then i'm going to be a far more likely to be able to give in to whatever it is that they are asking for. >> all right. this is a great month of great treats. and accolades. congratulations again for ebony magazine recognizing you as one of the most 100. it talks about a number of people who have done some extraordinary things in their fields of interest. you got jay-z, so many people you are being paired up with. >> very good company. >> yes. and of course, mentioning cnn as well, that you are a regular here with your reclaim, your
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career. >> it is such an hobor. it is so fun to be with you each week. >> we love having you. it makes us smarter and better about how we approach our careers. thanks, valarie. happy holidays. >> you too. a popular birth control pill that has dangerous side effects. we look at potential health risks, next. plus, the top viral video of the year. millions of people dream of having it, but only one actually achieved it. what was it? our josh will be along.
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they are the maker of birth control pills. need to make some changes in the labelling on its product, apparently. that's according to a food and drug administration panel which says the current labels do not adequately warn women about the
1:26 pm
risks of the dangerous blood clots and the potential of that in the leg ests lungs. it reached that decision after two advisory committees met this week. bayer says it consistently worked with the fda and worked with label updates as appropriate and will continue to do so, end quote. earlier i spoke to our senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, about these pills. >> these were heavily, heavily marketed drugs. you saw adds for them all over the police. women drinking together and running through fields and looking happy. there are studies done, not by bayer by by independent doctors that they show that this drug has a two to three times higher blood clot risk than what the bayer studies showed. >> so they didn't know this before or is this data new? >> well, here's what is happening here. is that plaintiffs, people who are suing, say that in fact,
1:27 pm
bayer knew about this and basically hid it. so i want to introduce to you a woman, 20 years old, her name is elizabeth rippy and she died christmas eve 2008. they said she was perfectly heavy. she had taken other birth control pills before. but after a couple of months of being on yaz, she collapsed. she add blood clot and doctors say it was because of yaz. >> when someone sees an advertisement for a dug, it is fda approved, it is safe depending on what your doctor prescribes. should people rethink how they look at ads? >> if you see an ad for a drug, that means it is new. new means expensive. they are pushing it because they want to make money. new drugs are not as tested as old drugs. this ad here, new drug hasn't been tried out on millions and millions of people yet. and drugs that have been troid out on millions and millions of people are, we know more about
1:28 pm
them. they have more of a track record. before you go to your doctor, and say hey, think again. you might want something older that has more of a track record. and remember, if you are sai seeing these ads, guess who is in your doctor's office most likely. >> drug reps pushing the same drug so your doctor's opinion told, this is the greatest thing ever. you're told this is the greatest thing ever and really, it might be just as good or maybe worse, than drugs already out there. >> all right, elizabeth cohen, remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice, coming up. a look at how volunteers are honoring fallen soldiers at arlington national cemetery. but first, a troubled youth gets a second chance to improve his life. now his part work is part after permanent collection at the new york museum of modern art. i'm tristan eaton, i'm president and creator of thunder
1:29 pm
dog studios. there is work that we have done that is a perfect example of what i love about doing commercial art and collaborating with friends. i was contacted by the obama campaign. i created three posters for the vote for change campaign to be able to be involved formally to do something official was so cool. because it feels like you are making a piece of history. >> can you learn more about tristan eaton on the next list with dr. sanjay gupta tomorrow at 2 p.m. eastern time. then newt gingrich is at the top of the political polls in the hunt for 2012 republican nomination. that means he is also the target of many attacks from other contenders. gingrich has had three marriages and he is accused of flip-flopping from time to time. he converted to catholicism a few years ago. so tomorrow, we will take be a in-depth look at gingrich's faith. join us tomorrow, 2:30 eastern time, in the cnn newsroom. you ready for your present? yeah.
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whee! it's flo time. now, that's progressive. call or click today. [♪...] >> announcer: now get a $250 airfare credit, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. certain restrictions apply. according to the indiana more than 4,000 people died during the eight-month crack down. they gathered last night for
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candle light vigil at virginia tech a campus police officer was shot and killed there thursday. state police say 22-year-old ross truity ashley killed the officer before turning the gun on himself. they are still looking for a motive in the shooting. funeral services were held today for 7-year-old jorelys rivera. she was a little girl abducted and killed near her home in canton, georgia this week. her body was found in a trash compactor in the apartment complex where she lived. 20-year-old ryan b ru nn has been arrested for killing her. he wore a bulletproof vest to his first court appearance thursday. he was a maintenance worker near the park where she was taken. new sex abuse charges. two men told espn that robert
1:33 pm
bobby dodd molested them in the 80s. police in memphis, tennessee opened an investigation. no comment from dodd, who is battling coal yn cancer. the next story is about an adult subject matter. and may not be suitable for all audiences, especially younger children. the charges against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky have many people telling their own stories about sexual abuse. julie peterson talked with a woman who was molested in her childhood home. >> married a year and a half -- college gradate, heidi, likes letter life. not even her hearing impairment gets in the way. but the 26-year-old has a devastating past. for several years, beginning at 8 years old, she said she quietly suffered sexual abuse by her step father. >> just like in every other incident, i just -- closed my eyes and the only thing that i could think or say in my mind
1:34 pm
was, jesus, jesus. even they he didn't take state n satan away right there, i knew he would get me through it. at 21, her stepfather tried to abuse her again. this time she told someone. a coworker. her stepfather, a police officer, was convicted of child molestation in 2007. he is in prison serving a 40-year term. kevin mcmurray prosecuted the case. >> why was heidi's case hard to prosecute? >> it was particularly hard because of the age of the allegations. we didn't have the ability to go back ten years ago and try to gather other evidence. there's a search warrant taken. in that search warrant we found insist pornography in the defendant's home, which was obviously helpful to the prosecution. >> despite challenges and lack of witnesses, he was convicted. >> heidi was a great witness.
1:35 pm
she was specific about when, where, how things happened. she had very detailed recollection, which was helpful. there are certain things that i recall about her testimony, that she articulated, and she did it from the perspective of an 8-year-old, which i point out to the jury, that that's hard it fake. >> she worked hard to overcome horrific memories and to learn how to trust man, specifically her husband. >> living with this man and he wants to be intermate with you, and he can just rape you, take what he wants and you are left feeling like you are used, and dirty and nothing. that was really, really hard to overcome. >> strategy for recovery, her deep faith and talking about her ordeal. >> now i have gotten to the point where i let jesus be in my mind, long enough, to where i can tell myself, heidi, this is your husband.
1:36 pm
he loves you very much. >> despite the conviction, she says many in her family still don't believe the abuse ever happened and she says her relationship with them is destroyed as a result. >> she had no support. still to this day, i don't believe she has a lot of family support, regarding this. i think the family just had a very, very difficult time believing that this could happen. or would happen under their roof while they were there. and they just refuse to believe it. >> mcmurray says he off then sees denial in molestation cases. >> is not at all unusual. and to some degree, i can understand it. i think can you too, in that if someone came to you and says your husband was abusing your child, your initial reaction will be, no, i know him. that couldn't happen. it is a very deep dark hidden thing. and that's the way it works. that's the dynamics behind it. and that's the power behind it. >> after years of anonymity, the sex abuse allegations are one
1:37 pm
reason she is going public now. coach sandusky is denying allegations he sexually abused children. her step father was in a high profile and well respected position in the community. >> he add position of authority where he had to enforce the law. and really he was supposed to be catching guys like himself. why are you using your position to hurt kids? >> she said she will always deal with the memories, still by going public, she wants it give other abuse victims hope. r. >> that they can overcome this there is life beyond abuse. >> cnn, atlanta. >> there are difficulties in trying to get these kinds of allegations prosecuted. too off then the alleged victims don't come forward until many years later, after the statute of limitation has run out. this afternoon i spoke with bj
1:38 pm
bernstein about efforts to get these statutes changed. >> these are very difficult cases because it is the child's word against the adults'. the longer the child waits to report the abuse, the one for the victim, it is harder to get corroborating evidence. it is very helpful. then in all k57bd candor for someone who is accused, there are some wrongfully accused. it is hard it defend yourself, particularly with alibi evidence, particularly if someone comes after you from 20 years ago. >> as an example of allegations coming out in memphis as head of the amateur union date back to the 1980s. volunteers laid about 100,000 wreaths on the head stones at arlington national cemetery today. for the past 20 years, the group wreaths across america has been laying wreaths at memorials and volunteers say they are happy to participate.
1:39 pm
i think it is important for everybody to be recognized. >> it is a nice time for everyone to come together and remember why we're here and what we are fighting for and some of these tombstones and graves haven't been visited in years. i think it is amazing we can come here. >> wreaths across america is laying wreaths at arlington and at 500 other cemeteries throughout the u.s. and overseas. all right, so what was the top viral video of the year? josh is going to tell us all about it. >> yes. >> yeah, i like the reflections at the end of the year. >> you know, there are places of america and places in the world that is nice it see what is going on there. we are happy to bring you top virals of 2011, including a commercial, stunning voice and perhaps the least likely number one viral video ever. the list is right here. we will have some fun right after this. nasal congestion. nyquil (stuffy): overachiever. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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so many viral videos marked our year. some are very memorable, some you can do without. josh levs will show us the viral
1:43 pm
videos. >> you know how many would like to make this list? >> i envy folks because i think, gosh, you have that much time on your hands? >> yeah. so check this out. time magazine has this thing they are doing now, called the top ten everything. this is the top ten viral videos. we have time to look at just a few. well start at number three, a super bowl commercial. >> wow. >> i love this. >> you love this little guy. >> so you remember this ad. was from volkswagen. starring this young boy dressed as darth vader, max page. he ended up on our air a few times. >> yeah. he ended up on capitol hill too. >> yeah. he was all over the news. a little star out of that commercial. first, they were watching it at the super bowl, then tens of millions on-line. unbelievable. >> good. what's next? >> number two is also unlikely. called the homeless man with the
1:44 pm
golden voice. take a look at this. >> hey, want to make you work for your dollar. say something with that great video voice. >> when you're listening to nothing but oldies, you're listening to magic 98.9. >> this is ted williams, former radio announcer. that video is from columbus dispatch. his story, then became news. but you know, as they write about this, his redemption was short lived. his criminal record came out. problems. he went back into rehab but recently a video surfaced of him visiting occupy wall street and looking pretty cleaned up. some people think, he looked pretty good in that video. >> we love happy endings. >> you ready for the big video of the year? number one? >> drum roll. what's it going to be? >> some people will cringe. but i'm telling you, it worked. the story after 13-year-old girl who wanted to be a singer. so her mother paid a production company to create a video for
1:45 pm
her. they didn't know that it would become a hit because some people say it is hilariously awful. ♪ ♪ >> this is rebecca black's friday. a lot of people are calling it the worst song they ever heard. it hundred hit a hundred million views in april but it made her famous. she got a lot of support and opportunities. she has a new video out, and career going, because viral videos can do that. >> oh, my goodness. so in the end, what a gamble. >> i know, right? and i'll tell you -- >> jackpot. >> and time is just going by pure numberes. what they did hear is look at numbers. everyone felt they needed to see that video. can you see the whole top ten list on my pages. you can weigh in on what the best videos of the year were. >> that's funny. my producer is in my ear, are you serious, you missed that one? oops. they are so captivating, i
1:46 pm
missed that one. >> a lot of people say they wished they missed that one. >> thanks, josh. >> sure. one story making political headlines in particular today. tonight's republican debate in iowa. which candidate gave his opponent new ammunition to use against him perhaps tonight, we'll take a look bp that she shut the door ♪ecod ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for the whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪
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we are keeping an eye on all of the headlines. here is what is crossing right now. newt gingrich is facing strong criticism for telling a cable station the jewish channel, that quote, palestinians are an invented people. gingrich went on to say it was tragic, that palestinians did not leave the area, when they had the chance. arab leaders are outraged. gingrich's remarks could mean some new tough questions from his political rivals at tonight's republican debate in iowa. six gop hopefuls are preparing themselves right now to square off in des moines. the debate comes less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses. and for the latest political news, you know exactly where to go, cnn we will have much more straight ahead with my
1:50 pm
colleague, don lemon. he joins us in this cozy confines. >> we built this just for fredricka. do you like it? >> i do love it. it is cozy and quaint. >> the temperature fits me too. >> i really like it because it is warm in here. you have your turtle neck, bracing for the cold. now you're in trouble. >> i knew you had been covering this. had you seen the shooting spree in hollywood, in california? >> yes. can you lear it. >> oh, my gosh. in the middle of hollywood. check out the dramatic video. let's look at it real quick. >> i love you, man. kill me, i want to die! >> wow. i'm going to be talking to the man who shot the video. this is what we are looking at from his apartment video and a talked to the gunman. the gunman was killed by police, three people were hit by husbis bullets. he is just point blank shooting at people. >> this is disturbing. >> it is. mega church pastor, talks to
1:51 pm
me about religion. is there a political war on religion and christmas that we have been hearing so much about. also his take on the ending of gridlock in washington. recent sex abuse scandals and guess what we will talk to me about bishop eddie long. he knows them, they are friends. >> great. >> and music superstar, peter gabriel. shannon cook will talk to him about the creative process. you know him, ♪ i want to be your sledge hammer ♪ and also a possible reunion. and that's me there. >> i like the turtle neck, the side burns. i'm feeling a little shaft here. can you dig it? >> ♪ is a bad mother -- >> can you dig it? we've gone too far. how you doing? >> good. >> okay, much more straight ahead. >> more coming out in the newsroom. thanks, don. >> all right. >> quite the proposal. we will show you how one man got
1:52 pm
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time to check stories our
1:55 pm
affiliates are covering. in new england, police swept through an occupied boston campsite early this morning. according to the new york times, 46 people were arrested in what was mostly a peaceful eviction. boston's mayor says safety was the primary motivation for the action. in oklahoma, a trip to an annual holiday lights display, turned no a christmas gift one woman will never forget. she better not. her boyfriend add special surprise waiting for her, a sign that said, there you saw it, marry me. on the knee and everything. >> i didn't know what was happening. i felt bad blocking the drive ways. i had never been more surprised in my life. >> i t worked out perfect. i didn't know if the timing and everything was going to work out. but it worked out perfectly. >> i thought it was someone else's house. then i heard the song. >> and it worked out perfect too. she said yes. most important part, right? did you wake up in time to see it? if not, we got it on videotape.
1:56 pm
a total lunar eclipse was visible in some western u.s. cities this morning. the moon passed through the earth's shadow at about 6 a.m. pacific time. this is video of the eclipse in seattle as well. nice. jacqui jeras has a lot plor for us. >> you have to get up early to see it too. even if you are on the west coast, you might have slept through it because it was on at 6:00 in the morning and it was the weekend. great lakes, temperatures br 15 degrees below where you should be this time of year. and over the great lakes, creating great lake effect snow bands. we are getting lake effect snows.
1:57 pm
we could see four to six inches in the next couple of hours. by midnight we will see these crank down a little bit. reduced visibility as a result of that. we will take a trip to florida. we have been getting incredible downpours on the central florida coast, on the atlantic side here. take a look at rain fall totals from last night. more than seven inches in jensen beach. and rain in parts of texas. people are happy about that. >> that's good fluz for them, then. not so good for other folks who don't want to as much. >> thanks, jacqui. i'm fredricka whitfield, have a great evening. on my phone, i got internet! hotspot five dollars.
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