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tv   All the Best All the Worst of 2011  CNN  January 1, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> and it is interesting because twitter brought all of them here and all of the camera phones come out, boom, boom, boom, and everyone is a paparazzi here. >> and everyone is a director and a photographer. >> thank you. >> you are great. >> i love this. thank you. you make sure they're doing what >> they say there is no time like the present and that's both good and bad. this year like most saw triumphs and troubles aplenty. unemployment, tornadoes, high-profile trials and low-class behavior. times abroad brought earthquakes, riots and wars. and yet there were good times, too. a fairy tale wedding, some storybook endings and even a few seconds of pure bliss. and we have it all right here in times square as we count down to the new year with our panel. reality tv star carson kressly, actress cloris leachman, the ace of cakes duff goldman, anderson
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cooper, erin burnett and a special appearance by turtleman. welcome. i'm tom foreman. each year has its hall marks, personalities, events, moments that define our times, things we will remember for years after all the other details have fallen away. this year was packed full of such milestones and perhaps more than ever before many had global implications. over the next hour we will sort through, remember and reconsider this year of very big news. ♪ the word crazy keeps coming to mind. a crazy year.
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>> i think it was one of those roller coaster years. >> talk about unexpected, right? >> this year's been all over the place. >> the final liftoff of atlantis. >> this year was weird, wasn't it? >> i think it's been to tough year for the country. >> i agree. >> the iraq war is coming to an end. >> let's start with the biggest, best story of 2011. the wholesale return of american troops from iraq after more than eight years of combat, more than 4,000 lives lost, tens of thousands wounded, whether you supported the war or not, this end was a long time coming. and even with afghanistan still in play, it was welcome relief for many military families. but some of the happy reunions may have been stifled by the biggest, baddest story confronting everyone once again.
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>> what was the number one concern that everybody had was jobs. everybody knew someone who had lost their job. >> we'd been hovering between 9.2 and 9.1 for the past couple of years. that has made -- that has defined 2011. >> a late-year dip into the 8% range helped a bit but despite a lot of ambitious talks from politicians about plans for recovering the millions of jobs lost in the recession, unemployment lines remain long and frustration levels high. >> the retail slump continued, wamp, wamp. >> at least there is this. if misery loves company, more americans seem to be warming to the notion that the whole world is in this economic mess together. >> we need each other. we need each other to buy each other's products and make it all work. >> biggest blowup goes to the middle east where the arab spring movement ignited passions across the region. >> i don't think the middle east went crazy. we're just starting to pay
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attention. >> i think what we're seeing happen in the middle east is extraordinary. >> it's quite thrilling. and where's it all going to end? >> judgment day this saturday, the end of the world is almost here. >> come with me if you want to live. >> well, after the world did not end, this year saw big names, one after another, either toppled off put under heavy pressure. mubarak, gadhafi, assad and in a surprising late development, north korean leader kim jong-il died in december. >> not a good year to be a dictator. >> but in their place arose a lot of uncertainty. >> it's going to be a long time before we are going to even be able to really say if this is better or worse. >> and i am really interested to see three years from now what's
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it going to look like. >> usa! >> best surprise in that volatile part of the world, the sudden announcement that osama bin laden, the long-time head of al qaeda, had been killed in a daring raid by navy seals in pakistan on order of president obama. >> i think a lot of people are stunned. i give him credit for giving the order. >> the united states has conducted operation that killed osama bin laden. >> he was buried at sea. though some said he was no longer the leader he had once ben -- >> i think there was tremendous -- as a symbol on someone the united states had staked its reputation on as bringing to justice. >> the biggest reaction i think i saw was at wrestlemania. >> we have caught and compromised to a permanent end osama bin laden. >> everybody went nuts.
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>> worst surprise anywhere. the terrible earthquake that pounded japan and the devastating tsunami that followed. >> and you couldn't even tell where the ground was. things were just piled up because the water had been carried and everything was bunched up in strange areas. >> as if that were not bad enough, the nuclear plant crisis that emerged in the disaster's wake kept the world holding its breath fearing a complete meltdown. >> it was absolutely horrific, you know, what happened to the people of japan. what was encouraging was seeing how the world responded to it. >> this was a violent tornado. >> the resilience of people was tested a lot closer to home, too. worst weather. >> oh, man. >> the huge tornadoes that hit mississippi and alabama.
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>> those were monster storms. it was amazing to see that happen in the united states. but it was also amazing to see how those communities pulled together. >> and speaking of pulling together, "time" got it right. worldwide this was the year of the protester. and whether you like it or not in the u.s. the movement of the year has to go to the occupy crowd. >> we are the 99%. >> sure the name is not the best and we're still not certain for what they want but give them credit for sticking it out through thick and thin by filling up parks, street corners, you name it. >> a occupy icky parks you wouldn't normally occupy. i'm like great use of space. no one was hanging out there and now it like a party and i'm thinking this is is a great opportunity for businesses to spring up. but that would kind of be very anti-occupy. >> i think that it's really important for people to take very extreme measures to get people to wake up.
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>> we are the 99%. >> it's not everyone's cup of tea. >> i think it's a self-indulgent situational hobo train quite frankly. >> but it has proven to have some staying power. >> i think it's really funny that people are demanding leadership for something that is organic. >> we are all leaders! >> you know, it seems to me like the very definition of organic means there is no set plan. it's just kind of just happening. >> coming up, we will look at some sensational trials. the sports world's biggest triumphs and tragedies and the wedding of the year. >> happy news, i love happy news. >> fasten your seat belts. all the best, all the worst 2011 is just getting started. 's go t. alright, let's do it. let's do it, let's go to vegas.
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this was undeniably a difficult year for many but as always, we found things to celebrate, some here in our own country and some in galaxies far, far away. >> all three engines up and burning. two, one, zero and liftoff! the final liftoff of atlantis. on the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue to space. >> 135 missions, 30 years of services endless inspiration for young americans. >> i think there was this real
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sense of americans wanted to be there for this final launch to witness this part of history. >> best party back here on earth. give it to the brits and the royal wedding. prince william and kate middleton provided a welcome distraction from the planet's turmoil. he was dashing, she was radiant. westminster abbey was splendid. >> it was lovely, wonderful, darling. >> best and worst maid of honor, cate's sister pippia for stealing the bride's big scene. >> and then who walks down the aisle first but pippia middleton and they have that shot of her from behind and you're like, oh, my good, look at that wagon she's dragging, look at that caboose on that gal. >> and then she got a lot of attention for her derrier in that dress and rightfully so. >> now all these people are getting butt implants to look like -- not kate but somebody else. >> the queen?
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>> no. maybe if you're in that kind of thing. i don't know. >> worst headwear that looked more like a science project. princess beatrice's chapeau. >> the hat was crazy. it was. >> back in the states smiles were in short supply as several high-profile trials dominated the news. dr. conrad murray was attending to michael jackson when he died. that case captivated viewers for weeks. now the doctor is locked up, found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> we, the jury, find the defendant conrad murray guilty. >> and sentenced to 48 months in the gray bar hilton. >> best american student freed from an italian prison after being jailed for four years, amanda knox. >> people cared about what happened to amanda knox. there aren't that many stories where you see people from all over the world so curious. >> still the trial of the year goes to casey anthony.
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>> that woman made me angry. >> after weeks of testimony about her little girl caylee and soap opera testimony, the verdict clearly was not what people expected. >> verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty, verdict as to count two, we find the defendant not guilty. verdict as to count three, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> i think everybody knows she's guilty, everybody thinks they know she's guilty but to the letter of the law was there a shadow of a doubt? yeah. >> so many people wanted justice for that little girl obviously a lot of people were surprised by that verdict. >> i did learn to say new word like tot mom from nancy grace. do not pee on my leg and tell me is t is raining. >> what some are calling the worst sport scandal ever, the penn state debacle.
2:16 am
jerry sandusky skam out denying he's a sexual predator who targeted young boys but it ended the career of joe paterno, spurred rye at and similar accusations emerged about a different coach at syracuse, which that coach also denied. no wonder some can't stomach sports news at all. >> i throw the sport section away when i open the paper. >> despite labor disputes that threatened the football and basketball seasons, others fond plenty to love. >> i love sports. >> i love sport. >> i love sports. rhythmic gymnastics where they have that stick with the string and they jump around to beautiful music. >> the best of the best in categories other than rhythmic gymnastics, the dallas mavericks won the nba championship, the boston bruins hoisted the stanley cup.
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>> well, seeing as how i grew up on cape cod and i'm a giant bruins fan, yes, i was very happy with the bruins winning the stanley cup. now can i die happy! >> the st. louis cardinals waged an epic battle to win the world series. >> i playoffs were just amazing. >> the sixth game of the world series was the best baseball game i've ever seen, albeit it took five years off of my life. it was an mazing game. >> the green bay packers grabbed the trophy in the nfl to the delight of the whole cheese head nation. >> well, do i look like a packers fan? i think so. >> and we'll give the best of the best to aaron rodgers, who looked largely untouchable ever since taking the title. >> i think brett favre is a very mad man. he's very, very entertaining and very, very angry because his successor right now to me is playing at a level that he never reached in any point of his 20-year career.
2:18 am
aaron rodgers right now is defining what it means to be a quarterback in this new century. >> worst no show, peyton manning who following neck surgery was pulled from the colts' lineup even before the season started. best cheerleader in any sport despite some pretty impressive challengers oddly enough, that's cloris. ♪ roosevelt, we're true blue to the end ♪ we're sure you're right, lots of fight for the blue and the white ♪ roosevelt we're for you roosevelt ♪ >> and best proof that canadiens think every sport should be hockey, the fight between two old football players at a canadian football league luncheon. best reason every sport should in fact not be hockey, the way canucks fans rioted when their team lost the championship. best way to lose if you have to lose, the american women falling in the world cup final. come on, japan needed the lift. worst sucker punch.
2:19 am
floyd mayweather's title bout snackdown of victor ortiz as they stepped away from a brunch and larrimer chnt's response when mayweather on aubed to be questioned about the cheap hit. >> you know nothing about boxing. you ain't nothing. >> i wish i was 50 years younger and i'd kick your [ bleep ]. >> in a moment we're moving right along to movies, music, the internet, politics and the best and worst in pop culture. >> pop culture, yay! >> it's the rise of the hurrikim, the revolting state of reality tv. >> i don't know even know what's real and what's not real in hollywood anymore. >> and enough to make a penguin laugh when all the best, all the worst 2011 soup. [ dad ] i love this new soup. it's his two favorite things in one... burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you.
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they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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♪ when i see your face ♪ forget you ♪ friday, everybody looking to the weekend ♪ >> the world of music gave us plenty of hits but no other miss like rebecca black. her teen teeth grinder "friday" gets best and worst music video of the year with millions of views online, she's so excited. ♪ so excited >> all the way to the bank. >> 2011 was the year of rebecca black. ♪ never mind i'll find someone like you. >> worst pain in the neck. adele. great new music. great new tour. until throat problems made her cancel the rest of her concerts for a trip to the hospital. ♪ i've got the moves like jagger ♪ >> best salute to the old, maroon 5's "moves like jagger."
2:25 am
>> maroon 5 changed my life. it was probably one of the highlights in pop culture of 2011 to me. the rooster and then the clap and then the crazy pointing. you've seen it. ♪ >> best salute to the new. beyonce who capped a performance at the mtv award business confirming rumors about her next big hit. ♪ baby i was born this way >> best and worst laying of an egg in 2011, lady gaga. she's still selling music, sure, but it's hard to top that meat dress. >> gaga just burned there it all and there's nothing left. what else do you have? >> i am gay. you probably didn't recognize that. so lady gaga will always be special to me. she'll always be a cher, she'll always be a madonna.
2:26 am
>> a lot of acts proved they had staying power. taylor swift. lil wayne. caty perry. >> do you want to meet her? >> yeah. >> come on out, niki. >> best fan moment, that little girl meeting nicky menage on ellen. >> best return from the dead, britney spears. best video about being dead, dr. dre with eminem, "i need a doctor." best groove, foster of people "pumped up kicks." >> i tend to stick with the rock 'n' roll metal variety. but i like "foster the people," that was a really good song. >> i never listen to music. i only ever play classical
2:27 am
piano. >> there's a song called "knee deep in the water somewhere" by the zach brown band. ♪ >> it's great because it's sort of about, you know, going on a permanent vacation and just imagining the only thing you have to worry about is when the tide is going to hit your chair so i loved that song. >> best band you're not listening to. new orleans' own mute math. >> i think it's one of those bands that if you just paid attention to it, you would see they're doing some really amazing stuff. >> the movies gave us some amazing moments this year, including quite a few sequels. the pirates were back, the apes were rising once more but for sheer box office magic, once again few came close to the boy wizard. >> harry potter.
2:28 am
>> the final harry potter film exploded into theaters, conjuring up more than $380 million in ticket sales according to box office mojo. >> it was kind of sweet. it was a nice movie. >> putting an exclamation point on one of the most successful literary and cinematic series of all time. >> it's mr. whosiwitsit and they're riding on their turducken and i need a guide book. great movies this year? trying to think what my choices are. ♪
2:29 am
>> my three favorite movies will tell you a lot about me. number three, "panda 2." number two "winnie the pooh." and number one "puss and boots." worst movie of the year for me "hangover 2." >> cheers. >> it was the same movie! >> you're going to freak out but it's going to be okay. >> how do -- okay, how are you going to make the same movie twice? >> check your pockets. there might be clues. >> come on! >> you're going to freak out but it's going to be okay. >> you know, come up with a new plot. it was still at a wedding. >> i want to interview you about what it's like to work as a maid. >> "the help" turned heads "brides maids" turned stomach
2:30 am
and the continuing "twilight" sag a turned nasty while soaring to the top of box office charts. >> i was downsized. i'm here to make sure that never happens again. >> worst title for a good movie "larry crowne." >> sometimes you need to bend the rules a little in order to keep your country safe. >> best r movie about a g man. >> i just saw "j. edgar," which i just loved. that was a little known man we didn't -- i didn't say little old man. it was a little known man, which is a little different. >> best movie about the worst subject. >> i think "50/50" is oscar worthy honestly in terms of script writing because it dealt with cancer in such a real way. >> if your boy wins, you get a job in the white house. >> and best movie not enough
2:31 am
people saw but could win an oscar just the same "the ides of march." >> it was a hard look at our political culture but it was done in a very human way where you could connect with each of the people. i thought it was really well done. >> stay right where you are. you don't need to go anywhere because we're coming back with much more on "all the best, all the worst 2011." >> as for the reason kim left her husband after such a short time -- >> we'll be keeping up with the kardashians. >> look, it runs all over the place. whoa, watch out says that bird. >> chasing an elusive critter. >> oh the money badger. have you seen the honey badger? >> chatting with the kids. >> dah-dah. >> and dancing with nancy. >> on the european version, that would be perfectly fine. >> i have seen the twins and i've seen where they came from. >> when "all the best, all the worst 2011" continues.
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if you started 2011 thinking that the political climate could simply not be any worse, that congress could not be more divided, that our opinion of politicians could not sink any lower, you were sadly disappointed. >> okay, guys. >> the politics of provocation reigned supreme this year, laying waste to left, right and center. while unemployment stayed high, the budget tiered and partisan gridlock roared on. worst case of fiddling while rome burns, the whole d.c. crowd. >> the truth is that most of the people in washington have no idea how to turn this thing around. and that just isn't a really good campaign slogan.
2:37 am
>> i think nobody knows what to believe in right now. nobody knows where to look. nobody knows who the leaders are, who they want to believe, who they want to trust. >> president obama trying to keep himself job for another term, struggled with awful approval ratings. not president carter bad but much worse than the first president bush, whom the voters sent packing after just a short recession. >> read my lips. >> i think it been a tough your for president obama. >> his economic ratings are abysmal. >> it was a bad year overall. they had some very, very good moments sprinkled throughout but i think his inability, the white house's inability to control the narrative made it a very bad year for him. >> he's turning gray. does that tell you anything? >> members of congress, distinguished guests -- >> best strategy in a bad spot, keep hammering on issue number one. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.
2:38 am
>> of course the republican contenders were doing the same. >> jobs. >> jobs. >> jobs. >> jobs. >> they, too, seemed incapable of getting any traction for their ideas. >> 9-9-9. >> and their polls showed a merry go-round of rising and falling confidence. >> if i'm a republican and i'm looking to my party to take leadership and i say this is what you've done in three years? boy, whew, would i be a sad, sad, what is it, an elephant? >> well, i still think that any one of those candidates is better than our current president but i'm tired of measuring candidates from parties on either side, measuring candidates on what they perceive to be the worst common denominator. >> worst evidence of political paralysis, the long months of struggling with the deficit capped off with the collapse of the so-called super committee. >> people in those jobs have had to learn how to survive and one of the ways you survive is to,
2:39 am
um, the word capitulate came to me, i didn't mean that. >> i do think you have this fundamental disagreement over the role of government, over the role of private businesses and about the burden that different segments of the society should shoulder. >> it was enough to keep them from doing even the things they all seemed to want. >> and there's one thing that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree on that's right and that is we need a dramatically simplified tax code. >> the political crowd was able to make america smile or at least wince a time or two. >> that was great. >> worst pollster. >> you don't know how washington works. >> you could give it to republican contender and beats a baron herman cain, who ended up playing a political price for his alleged extra toppings but a democratic challenger takes that title title. >> right now when you say congress, the first name that pops into my head, weiner,
2:40 am
anthony weiner. >> lewd action, lewd television coverage, just lewd overall. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> good-bye pervert! >> he got grilled for tweeting picks turs of himself with extra pepperoni. >> last friday night i tweeted a photograph of myself, of myself, of myself. >> there are certain things you can't unsee. >> in the process he spawned a whole new word. >> weiner gate, which i don't even like the sound of weiner and gate together. it sounds like a terrible accident. >> best warnings would-be politicos? >> it ought to be in the government handbook. here's your office, here's your number pencil, don't tweet pictures of your penis. are we good? >> would you please wait?
2:41 am
>> are you going to keep talking? >> let me fin, with what i had to say. >> 9-9-9. >> worst memory. texas governor rick perry. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone commerce, education and -- what's the third one there? the third agency of government i would do away with, the education, the commerce and, let's see, the -- >> and best comeback no matter which party you like, arizona congress member gabrielle giffords. shot in the head she survives and so much more. >> i think the great miracle of this year is by the end of the year gabrielle giffords was able to do a television interview. what an incredible recovery that was. >> when we come back, the very best of television, the internet, goofy gadgets and much
2:42 am
more. >> including the worst way to cuddle up, the best way to boss folks around and turtleman comes out of his shell. >> i'm just like crocodile dundee. i have no knowledge of the outside world. i just want to you know that's where i stand at right there, right there, right there. >> it's "all the best, all the worst 2011." [ child ] it's so cool! you can put a force field on him and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit
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on the chinese calendar, 2011 was the year of the rabbit. but all over america it seemed more like the year of the kim -- kardashian that is. best case of celebrity with no discernible talent, the kimster snagged the spotlight no matter where she went or what she did. >> yes, she was everywhere, on every magazine cover and certainly this summer and fall you couldn't miss her. >> case in point, her rapid fire engagement, wedding on e! network and divorce all in a matter of months. >> i didn't watch the kim kardashian wedding because i had an inkling suspicion perhaps it wasn't legit. >> rampant speculation she made a profit selling tv rights but did not help.
2:47 am
>> how do you make a profit on a wedding? i'm in the wedding business. you don't make money or your wedding. i make money on your wedding, not you. >> plenty of other games made good headlines by being allegedly bad, among them charlie sheen, dominique strauss cannes and the always photogenic lindsay lohan. a lot of crafty new shows hit tv in 2011. >> i like to make an entrance. >> "pan am." "terra nova." "homeland." and "new girl." just to name a few. but an old favorite is our pick for best pure fun, this year's installment of "dancing with the stars." >> when you spend seven weeks with nancy grace in a dance studio, you learn a lot. some things you wish you had never learned quite honestly. have i seen the twins and i've
2:48 am
seen where they came from. >> j.r. martinez and his partner car karina smirnoff. >> j.r. martinez, wounded in iraq, he showed everyone was it meant to come back and compete like a clam -- champion. >> oh, he just commits. he does it no matter what. he does it. >> best new show that you're not watching but you ought to "boss." if frazier were tony soprano and became mayor of chicago, it would be something like this. >> don't get ahead of yourself. i'd strongly advise against it. >> other favorites -- >> i always make time for "true blood." >> i surf around on discovery and national geographic, things like that. >> you know what i love on tv right now? "ridiculousness" on mtv. pure genius.
2:49 am
>> worst programming decision. nbc's plan to put "community" on hold spawned a nationwide outcry from its devoted young fans. >> i hate you! >> worst continuing trend, reality tv. >> i sort of have taken a reality tv break for my own mental health. i'm tired of people yelling at each other and it seems like the same thing over and over again. >> worst of a bad lot. >> i'm obsessed with "tiaras and toddler ous ". i'm obsessed with large southern women saying "smile, smile, smile." it's great tv. >> that's the creepiest thing have i ever seen in in my life. >> we still have to pick a best up and you coming reality star. it's not snooki, not a real housewife. it's ernie hall, jr., better known as turtleman. >> i've been bitten 3 times by snapping turtles in 39 years and
2:50 am
that's an ouch. that is true. >> he's become an internet in tv sensation catching snapping turtles in the mud. >> i've got all my fingers and toes. i have my battle scars. i don't mind showing them off. there's two or three of them i can't show. they're a little close area there that i like to call little e so i stay away from that area. whoo! that's yay, ya action there, you all right, little e? >> he says there's talk about a turtleman movie. >> they talk about one like crocodile dundee. >> stay tuned. animals rule internet. the diving dog gets the honorable mention. so did any number of cat clips. >> give me a wink. >> i didn't see any clips that really kind of blew me away other than the ticklish penguin. >> but the best internet animal by far, give up some sweet
2:51 am
applause for the honey badger. >> this is the honey badger. watch it run in slow motion. it's pretty bad [ bleep ]. look, it runs all over the place. whoa, watch out says that bird. ooh, it's got a snake? it's chasing a jackal? oh, my gosh. the honey badgers are just crazy. >> look at the honey badger. he's eating the head of that snake. ew, gross. >> i want a shirt that says "honey badger don't care." >> best clip of the year. you got to love the world record surfer taking a 90-foot wave off portugal, rita and frank trying to take a picture on their computer and the all-mouth version of a led zeplin hit on a norwegian talk show was not to be missed 37. ♪
2:52 am
♪ ♪ >> but our best is a double winner, the babbling twins. >> dah-dah -- >> dah-dah-dah. >> babies and animals on the internet, you really can't go wrong. >> best way to make our own anderson cooper last, gerard depardieu's bad behavior on a flight from paris to london. >> the actor relieved himself in the airplane aisle after being told he had to wait to use the facilities until after take-off. >> sorry, this has actually
2:53 am
never happened to me. you always see this sort of thing on youtube and you don't think -- all right. >> and worst tweet on take-off, give it to alec baldwin, who got into a kurfuffle with flight attendants over his cell phone. we're not sure what happened but somebody's tray table was not in the fully upright and locked position. best case of making lemons into lemonade? also alex baldwin. the actor made a light night appearance on snl to apologize to himself. >> it was very important for me to come here tonight and on behalf of everyone at american airlines issue an apology to mr. alec baldwin. >> best game for a smart phone. sure it started a couple years back but angry birds really took flight this year. >> yeah, do i play angry birds and i get angry. >> favorite products? the iphone saw improvements, the ipad 2 made its debut.
2:54 am
>> the best product i have a hot water bottle. >> blackberry torch. this is my beloved. >> and worst product ever for a nation struggling with economic hard times, low spirits and frustration, the forever lazy. >> what's wrong with america? forever lazy? maybe that name's a clue. i the end of the world. call me nostradamus. >> i can see far enough into the future to know our time is running out. sit tight. we've got our wishes for the new year coming up on "all the best, all the worst 2011." [ mom ] scooter? your father loves your new progresso rich & hearty steak burger soup. [ dad ] i love this new soup. it's his two favorite things in one... burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you. they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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our time is running short but we still have a few moments to ask our panel what we ask each year at this time. amid all of our turmoil and triumphs, wins and losses, what do you wish for america in the
2:59 am
next 12 months? >> my wish for america is simple, world peace and the abolishment of pleated khakis. >> i would like to see the death of reality television. i would like to see us stop looking into the train wrecks of other people's lives and get back to being benevolent and helping each other. >> i have one wish for america, a serious wish for next year, it would be that congress take serious action with america's debt. >> for a representative government that followed the constitution to a t. >> i wish for america in 2012 is that we just keep moving forward. >> let's believe in ourselves again. you know what i have mean? >> i wish we could be as happy as i am. >> and that's it, pop the champagne, wave good-bye to the old and hello to the new. thanks for watching. i'm tom foreman. for all of us at 360 wishing you all the best and none of the worst in 2012.


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