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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  January 11, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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tomorrow night we'll be back to our regular time for a revealing hour with newt gingrich as me he want to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world 81% of precincts reported the winner. mitt romney has 38%.
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that's very impressive, 71,500. he is 28 thousand votes ahead of ron paul who has come in second. jon huntsman, former utah governor coming this third, 17%. 31,886. there's a battle under way for fourth and fifth. newt gingrich right now with 81% of the precinct et reporting slightly's head of rick santorum. both at 10%. rick perry barely did anything in new hampshire. he is already in south carolina getting ready for that. let's go to mitt romney headquarters right now. candy crowley is watching what's going on. he delivered a pretty powerful speech tonight, victory speech, in new hampshire and it follows his victory. albeit by a very, very tight margin but so far candy, two for two. >> he is. and you know, if the romney people could have scripted this evening, it could not have gone any better for them.
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he had a good and solid first place, and running a distant second, ron paul, really the candidate they feared the least, the man they don't think will ever be acceptable to the main stream of the republican party. those that they original thought were a threat, way back when in iowa, newt gingrich, rick perry, gone down in the 10%, perry even far less than that at about 1%. this was a bounce they wanted going into south carolina where they really believe looking at the poll said as we all are, romney is ahead. they believe he has a very good chance of coming out on top in south carolina. which is why, wolf, when you listen to mitt romney, he's not really talking about his republican opponents, he's talking fall talk. heeldz he's talking about president obama. >> we know that the future of the country is better than 8% or 9% unemployment. better than $15 trillion in
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debt. it's better than the broken promises of the last three years. the president has run out of ideas, now he's running out of excuses. [ cheers and applause ] and tonight -- >> mitt, mitt, mitt! >> -- and tonight, tonight, we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out of time. >> and you're right, wolf. two wins in a row, first iowa, and now of course, new hampshire, but two very different evenings. iowa was a very, very flat, sort of celebration. here, there was energy in the room.
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you could really feel that in terms of the one thing a lot of people thought mitt romney was lacking, which was the energy, he was able to get it here in new hampshire, and he it use it in south carolina. >> all eyes will be on south carolina, january 21, the primary there. thanks very much. let's go to john king, taking a closer look at how mitt romney did it, john paul, impressive in second.n huntsman, third. this is an important number. 38% and the number could go up. >> could go up a bit. mitt romney is doing well. let's echo candy's point. this was an impressive win for mitt romney. he was polling in the last few days. he's going to get at least 38%. based on what we see right now. he can claim a victory. why is this important? 70% of the people in new hampshire live here. they call it the gold triangle. ports smith on the sea coast,
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down to manchester, nashua. 70% of the population here. close to the boston media market. romney is winning them all. if you check in on some of the places, he's winning most of these more than state-wide. this is his margin of victory, close to massachusetts. as you note, also an impressive note, as he throws in the map for ron paul. orange. might look pink to you at home. all the other candidates say he's not a main stream republican. he continues to prove he's a factor in the race. at the moment, the buffer between mitt romney and everyone else. huntsman began this thinking he would stumble in iowa, falter in new hampshire, but 17% wasn't what they were looking for. we leave new hampshire, romney is 2-0. we go on now to south carolina. watch how this fills in on the 21st. along the coast, your more establishment republicans down here and a critical area in this
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state, right up in here. now, mitt romney goes in with momentum. huntsman said he's fighting on. there we go, go back to the map. not sure why that happened, but huntsman said he's going to fight on. let me fix it that way. we're having fun with the ball. here we go. gingrich said he'll fight on, huntman, perry, santorum. but do you get a repeat of what happened in 2008? this is mike huckabee, john mccain country down here. what mitt romney is counting on is win the establishment of republican votes. if there is to be a conservative challenge to mitt romney, they're going to have to win big down here, but when you have this crowded field, does one candidate emerge or does the momentum romney had give him enough to win again? >> the fact that newt gingrich is from neighboring georgia and is going to spend millions of dollars, presumably, in south carolina, he needs to get on track, and this could be the
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place. if he request. >> it could be the place. >> with this split, newt gingrich when he was the candidate surgingsurging, was doing well in south carolina. what is the question? you'll have a different electric. south carolina, the darker the color, the higher percentage of people classified as evangelicals. speaker gingrich started an ad questioning romney's abortion rights. another key, a constituency we have talked about a lot, will they be counted, the powerful force of two years ago, the tea party. the darker the area, the number of people who say i identify with the tea party. will they endorse one candidate to go against mitt romney. it may be as important as ever as we move to state three. there's a momentum factor. if romney can win south
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carolina, he will go into florida with considerable momentum. >> it will be a three for three sweech, which is going to be very, very impressive. anderson, let's throw it to you. >> romney's momentum tonight, let's see if it's changed minds in south carolina. tom foreminute, when i was with you before, a number of people said their minds had been changed tonight or they were moving in a direction tonight based on tonight. we wanted to know who they're moving toward, what candidate? >> good point, anderson. let me show you that again with this group, all of you have been very patient this evening here at the college of charleston. let me ask you all, you came in here tonight, all saying you were undecided. how many of you moved closer to making up your minds tonight? look at that, anderson. tremendous amount of people here considerably closer, and i want to play a little bit of sound and watch how the group reacted
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with their dial testing devices being monitored by southern methodist university. they listened to what folks had to say. they turned the dial indicating how they felt about things. watch how the group reacted to newt gingrich. >> let me put in context where we are. we have an opportunity, i think, to unify the country around a message of jobs, economic growth, and very dramatic programs. the opportunity is to reach out to everybody of every background who would rather have paychecks than food stamps, to convince them what ronald reagan did in the 1980s in creating millions of new jobs, what we did when i was speaker in the '90s, in creating millions of new jobs, can be done again. >> all right, all of you who now are leaning heavily toward newt gingrich, put your hands up.
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one, two, three, four, five of you in the group here. let me ask you something, what did you -- that made ufeel better about him? >> i felt like he had a true conservative values. he has innovative ideas and concrete ways to solve some of the problems that we have. that none of the other candidates mentioned. and i feel like he has the best interest of this country in mind, and he's putting that far ahead of his own personal gain. >> let me ask some of the other candidates, what about rick santorum, how many of you felt you would lean his way after what you heard and saw. one. okay, how about jon huntsman? one. two maybe. you see a little hesitant, three maybe. this is like an auction. three going up there. very slow process up here. ron paul, we talked about here.
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show me the ron paul support. this is similar to what we saw tonight. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and you said you're still kind of flirting with some other possibilities, too. this isn't all made up. how about jon huntsman? he's a guy betting a lot on this. who is leaning his way? maybe you back there. maybe one, maybe two. here's the thing, anderson, i want you to think about this, jon huntsman thing, we'll come back to that because i want you to see the reaction, but look at the room here when i say this, how many of you now feel you're going to go with mitt romney? there, i can't -- it's not overwhelming, but it looks like -- you dropped your hands. put them up so i can see all of you. there's a pretty good number. any of you in here rick perry? not a one. so look, there's nothing scientific about this part of it, but you can see even in this room how people are getting
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closer to making up their mind. in conversation,many of you still willing to chachs. are you locked down? >> not locked down, but it's between the two, newt or ron paul. they're the most conservative and liberty minded people or candidates. >> a little up in the air, especially when it comes to folks like huntsman and some of the folks who aren't ncessarily out in front. >> what did the dial testing show when huntsman was speaking? >> take a look at one of the things he did which seemed here, almost, like a misstep, in which he said something that was clearly an applause line, got tepid applause where he was, but look at the group when he said that. >> if we don't get our act together at home, we will see the end of the american century by 2050, and we're not going to let that happen, are we?
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>> yeah, so you saw that, anderson. i want to ask somebody over here about that. one of the things i saw in the group time and time again, if you watch the numbers closely, by and arg, when the campaigns went negative, when they talked too much about what was wrong with america, what they didn't like, even when they talked too much about what they didn't like about the obama administration, you as a group didn't like it much. why? >> we just don't like negative advertising in the south especially. well, and a lot of it is propaganda. i mean, you can talk an ad and cut clips out of a certain section and say anything you want to. >> all right, anderson, you get a sense of it tonight. a fascinating evening with all of these folks who have been very, very patient, but have shared a lot of interesting views. and as we said earlier, we're
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are wrap it up this way. they came in saying they haven't made up their minds. every campaign out there is looking for these people, and tonight, how many of you are pretty much closer to making up your mind? big change, and big change stakes here in south carolina. anderson? >> please let them know how much we appreciate their patience and participatation. it's been faceinating watching their dial testing. thanks for that. ron paul said he's in the best position to top mitt romney. stand by for an exclusive cnn interview with the number two interviewcandidate, ron paul. and we're checking reaction to mitt romney's win. the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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in what passes for common sense. used to be we socked money away and expected it to grow.
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then the world changed... and the common sense of retirement planning became anything but common. fortunately, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. take control by opening a new account or rolling over an old 401(k) today, and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense? mitt romney has gone up to 39%. take a look at this. 85% of the precincts now reporting. mitt romney has 39% of the vote.
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81,843. some 34,000 votes ahead of ron paul, who has come in second with 23%. john huntsimate with 17%, coming in at third. newt gingrich and rick santorum, they're basically tied for fourth place. 10% for newt gingrich, 19,986. santorum, only one% less. for the texas governor, rick perry, 1%. you still have ron paul supporters with you. we heard from what the texas congressman had to say. you had a chance to speak with him yourself. >> as you can see and hear behind me, they're not letting up. they'll be here for some time. very excited about ron paul's second place win. i did have a chance to speak to the congressman after we knew for sure he was going to come in second place.
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and asked him what that means for the rest of the field. are you now the buffer between mitt romney and the rest of the candidates? i don't know what you want to call it, we're next in line to him. i would say we're the only ones really in the race with him. and we'll have to remain to be seen what turns up. >> now, here, when he spoke, he has said explicitly he believes he's nipping at the heels of mitt romney. he also gave a rousing speech, not the kind of speech we generally hear from him, ironically. he sounds kind of profess oriole. here, he sounded like a candidate talking about the fath he people call him dangerous, now he's dangerous to the status quo. he's on his way, probably to sleep right now, but tomorrow, he'll go to south carolina, make a noon rally to make it clear to his supporters and everybody else he's just beginning, not letting up, and he plans to
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contend very heavily in south carolina. he's hoping to get money and get sort of organic support. and you can see people are still here, and i should tell you that the bar is still open. maybe you can tell. >> the folks are happy, ron paul supporters. a lot of ardent supports. thanks very much. i spoke with ron paul myself earlier in the day. he seems to duj he wasn't going to invest heavily in florida. he was going to look into some of the caucus states in february. this impressive second place finish in new hampshire might force him to reconsider, especially if he could generate a lot of money. >> interesting to hear him talking to dana, not answering his question about what he would tell his supporters to do, who he would support if he's not the nominee, which is most likely.
12:21 am
>> he's been very, very cagey about that. and really refused, dangled out the possibility if i'm not listened to, you don't listen to me, i may well break from you, but i do think it's certainly clear that ron paul and the group that he represents has become a force within the republican party. almost a quasi party. >> and the republican party would like to ignore that. >> and there's no second choice. it's ron paul or nobody else, or maybe barack obama, as a person in the focus group said. >> and i think it's one of the issues republicans are going to have to face. we talked about having a frared field before with all of the fields. but it's increasingly clear that there may be a fractured party, the tea party, now the ron paul movement, whether they can bring all of the people together,
12:22 am
that's what i think for republicans, there is some premium on trying to end this sooner rather than later so romney has a chance to unite the party. there was something john said tonight, and he said our mission with mitt romney is not to excite but to unite. and i did think that, yeah, i can see why he wants to do that. >> it's interesting to me, though, because ron paul could decide he wants to take this to the convention. >> absolutely. >> ron paul can take his delegates to the convection, can be a powerful force, can get a powerful speech, and that's something that has to be considered right now. and it would be very important because he could say, you know what? i want a primetime speech. >> and even though he's older, so many of his supporters are young, which suggests they have a future in the party. you have to recognize that. >> how does it impact the party down the road? a lot to watch for.
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>> a son who is popular son from connecticut rkt rand paul, who is looking down the road as well. ron paul came in second. mitt romney came in first. jon huntsman came in third. let's go to jim. he's over at huntsman headquarters over there. he was happy about a third place finish. and he's saying he's off to south carolina, jim. >> that's right. that's right, wolf. i have never seen so many so happy to finish inside third place. we're inside huntsman primary headquarters. that's the podium where we heard governor huntsman saying we're on the hunt, we have a ticket to ride to south carolina. and desite the third place finish, sources still see a path to the nomination. they might be kidding themselves, wolf, but they're very optimistic after tonight. a wounded romney may not have been stoppable here in new hampshire, but perhaps in south carolina, when they take the fight to him down there, perhaps they can slow him down down in
12:24 am
south carolina. that's the thinking inside the huntsman campaign. i had a chance to talk to the governor exclusively earlier tonight about where his campaign goes from here. that's what he said for the first time, he's going to south carolina. going to continue the campaign, and he's going to continue to take the fight to mitt romney. >> do you hope you can make the case in south carolina, the same case you made up here, hold on, it's not over. >> the people of south carolina will be alonging at exactly what the people of new hampshire have been looking for, electability. they're going to stand for the issues that can carry us to victory. the trust deficit and the economic deficit, not about firing people and pink slips in a way that they'll get tripped up by the dnc and the chicago machine with a billion dollars behind it. >> and the huntman campaign said they have an event set up for columbia, south carolina. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon at the university of south carolina.
12:25 am
they're going right after the college students that they were trying to attract here in new hampshire. and they say they have the resources to compete. i spoke to several sources here, including the campaign manager, and he said any talk of this campaign dropping out of the race, any talk of the governor dropping out of the race rhymes with bull spit, and i should mention that the bar is also open here tonight, they're still partying in huntsman headquarters. >> i can see they're having a good time there. jim acosta at huntsman headquarters. headed to south carolina. i think all of us will be headed to south carolina soon. an exciting race. can't wait. >> yeah, i mean, can jon huntsman compete in south carolina? he's very low in the early polling there. >> i don't see that he has much of a constituency there. you saw in the focus group,
12:26 am
there didn't seem to be a person for huntsman. he can use some money there, but i just see that the fight is going to be among the other -- the conservatives in the party, the santorums and perryperrys to fight there. >> it's interesting that his dad was there. and he could have a pack that could hunt him, but huntsman play has to be like a carom shot. he has to allow newt to spend all his money. >> what kind? >> carom. >> a pool shark. all right. >> if newt spends all of his money and brings romney down, then it's possible that huntsman and the chaos in the dust could arise as the alternative. >> he wasn't able to catch fire in new hampshire where he devoted a significant aplount of
12:27 am
time. >> people are so sick of negative -- i think what happens is there's too much noise and romney benefits from it. >> the best line had to be john sununu saying jon huntsman has been here for six months and he got this number of votes. at this rate, he could catch us in 25 years. >> all of the gop candidates are promising to fight on in south carolina. we'll talk more about the strategy and the battle to stop romney. also the top reasons romney won tonight. the exit polls tell an interesting story. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats
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>> newt gingrich and rick santorum have been battling for fourth place in new hampshire. they have about 10% or 9%. very close. i want to go to their headquarters. joe, first to you, newt gingrich gave a pretty rousing speech today, although i suspect he's probably a little disappointed he didn't do better in new hampshire. >> i think you're right.
12:31 am
i mean, when you think about it, here is a guy who performed pretty poorly in iowa and now in new hampshire, and he's still talking about moving on to south carolina. their still striking the set in the ballroom in the hotel where he had the speech and his headquarters, and the funny thing about it, i got an e-mail just a while ago from the gingrich traveling party and they're already on the plane on the way to south carolina. so moving on south at this point. the thing about his speech, i thought, that was really captivating, is that he made it very clear he's planning to go to south carolina and fight. listen to the sound bite. >> this is step two of a long process. and having both been a historian and been active a long time, you learn certain things.
12:32 am
let me put in context where we are. we have an opportunity, i think, to unify the country around a message of jobs, economic growth, and very dramatic programs. the opportunity is to reach out to everybody of every background who would rather have paychecks than food stamps, to convince them what ronald reagan did in the '80s in creating millions of new jobs, what we did when yuz waspeaker in the '90s, in creating millions of new jobs, can be done again. this campaign is going to go on to south carolina. >> so they're going to get started in rockhill, south carolina, which is on the nort carolina border tomorrow morning, on to spartanburg, which is one of those areas where there are a lot of people, we're told, who are very skeptical about mitt romney. so we know where that's headed, wolf. >> newt gingrich will do better next to his home state of georgia.
12:33 am
joe, thanks very much. pretty empty where you are, except one guy that doesn't like mitt romney very much, walking around behind you. gary tuchman is standing by. he came out of iowa with a lot of momentum. it didn't really deliver a huge punch in new hampshire, gary. >> it wasn't a great night for rick santorum tonight. the podium is bare, the stage is empty, the ballroom is empty. it was another nick and tuck night for rick santorum. last week it was nip and tuck for first place. today nip and tuck for fourth place. a lot of rationalization from the santorum forces, but a lot of it is honest and practical. he was saying before new years, the polls here in new hampshire had him at 1% or 2% or 3%, he ended up with 9%. he attributes it from momentum from his near victory in iowa. he also said he didn't spen a
12:34 am
lot of money here. that, too, is accurate. he's now on his way to south carolina to campaign tomorrow, and he said and his people say they're putting most of their eggs in the south carolina basket. wolf. >> all right, gary. thanks very much. joe johns, thanks to you. let's go to erin and gloria. they're taking a closer look at the numbers. new hampshire is different from south carolina, but what did we see in new hampshire. >> different from south carolina and different than iowa. we wanted to hone in on two important categories. opinion on the tea party movement. we were talking about whether mitt romney can win over the voters. 51% of the people who voted say they support the tea party. let's flip this over. gloria, you can see in new hampshire, people who like the tea party go for mitt romney. >> and the question, of course, number two is ron paul, which is interesting because it's the fiscal conservatism of ron paul that attracts the tea party
12:35 am
people. the question, of course, is whether mitt romney will be able to keep the number as he heads to south carolina. >> on that note, let's look at a born again christians in new hampshire, those who identify themselves as such still when for mitt romney. so different than in iowa where born again and evangelical christians went for santorum. >> he did 23% with the born again christian, so his values message was getting through, but evangelicals, 30% going for mitt romney, a mormon, whether he can keep it going in south carolina, evangelical leaders are meeting this weekend. they're going to talk about whether they should endorse an anti-mitt romney candidate or do something else. that's going to be important to see what they do. i guarantee you romney is going to have a tougher time in south carolina with tea party and
12:36 am
evangelicals. >> 23% of people who voted in new hampshire, evangelicals, about 60% in south carolina. much like iowa. >> i'm getting a lot of tweets. they want to know, can you do a back handed flip. >> oh, my god. >> drum roll. >> we did it. backhanded flip. >> that was good. >> the pressure was on. >> impressive flip. >> so piers, you talked to rick perry. a pathetic showing for rick perry in new hampshire as it was in iowa. what keeps him going? gloyou have to hand him something for the fortitude, but you're placing fifth at best in the moment. what was interesting i thought in the interview was his point of attack against mitt romney. it may be where they are go at him, where the gingrich pac money goes, an interview, you'll
12:37 am
see what he called mitt romney. >> there is a real difference between a venture capitalist and a vulture capitalist, and venture capitalists are good. they go in, they inject their capital, they create jobs, bane capital, it appears to me, are vulture capitalists all too often. i don't confuse for a minute that barack obama and his team wouldn't attack mitt romney on that in a general election. we're doing mitt a favor by exposing him early on so he can figure out how to defend that or more importantly and better from my perspective, he's not the nominee to begin with. >> more of the interview with rick perry after midnight. and interesting perspective there, calling him a vulture capitalist. what i haven't seen yet is a full breakdown of mitt romney's
12:38 am
time at bane that shows how many jobs he created and how many he got rid of. if you can prover he was a force for good, and job creation, that was good for romney. if you can prove that a lot of people lost his jobs because of him, he may qualify as a vulsure capitalist. >> wall street journal did a close look at it, it's hard to get numbers on that. peter is standing by in south carolina. it was interesting to hear him tone to go after mitt romney as a vulture capitalist. that attack that wads tried in new hampshire didn't work among voters in new hampshire. do you think it will work in south carolina? >> in new hampshire, it didn't come up until the last few days.
12:39 am
i think although it's unusual to attack someone's business credential, it's potent because the inemployment rate has gone up to almost 10%, and it plays into a bigger narrative of romney being out of touch. the questions about mitt romney are not about his mormonism, it's more about his northern ped gree, his squisiness on issues and the fact he can't connect with people. once these tv ads start to hit from newt's super pac, which is going up tomorrow, we could see those resonate. and it's surprising that we still haven't seen a romney care ad dropped on mitt romney, but we'll see if this works in the next few weeks. >> i had jack welsch on my show who was vociferous in his
12:40 am
support of romney, calling him the best candidate he's seen to run for president in his lifetime and began to laud his record, and his wife, she said the same thing. that actually his record there could be a vote winner. rather than a vote loser, and he certainly thought the rhetoric from romney today, beginning to try to turn it around into a positive, saying that actually, i did a very good job at bane. i created jobs. that's what i could do for america. could he turn it into an advantage, i think? >> i think so. a lot of caricatures about south carolina, painted as a hive of evangelicals and good oild boys. it's a cross section of republicans, in greenville and spartanburg, where there are all those evangelicals, there's also a ton of international businesses there, a strong chamber of commerce crowd, lot
12:41 am
of business folks along the coast in the northern part of the state, so it could be a strong message for romney. he has a good message to make. >> we're going to take a quick break. we'll take you behind the scenes. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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takes the pain out of arthritis.
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90,429 votes. he is almost 38 thousand thouz 3 -- 38,000 votes ahead.
12:45 am
making sure that the primary is completely legal. official. our political reporters shannon travis shows us democracy in action in manchester as he follows the ballot from the voting booth to its final resting place. >> this process is far from over. er with following along with the ballots as they are leaving ward one here at the elementary school here in manchester. we will follow along and find out and show you exactly where they are going to the final resting spot. >> this coverage is special because this basically shows you how deplok racy works. how the ballots that you cast at the ballot booth how they are processed. where they go. we have been showing you all night how they have been
12:46 am
counted, secured, over at city hall. they are loading up the car right now. putting the ballots inside. you notice that a lot of the boxes have seals on them. they have to deliver these ballots to the city clerk's office the same exact amount that they receive from the clerk's office previously. >> we are doing about 30 miles an hour, via diane and paul, steadily just moving along so we can get these ballots down to city hall. >> we are here watching as diane and paul unload the ballots. they have arrived at the drop off point here at city hall. it is right in the middle of downtown manchester. it looks like a count boxes of one, two, three, four, five, six boxes of ballots and few boxes of paperwork. some binders. administrative things that they also have to drop off. obviously for voting procedures.
12:47 am
and they are going to now hand this off as you can see. an armed guard here. maybe not armed. but definitely a security guard taking possession of the ballots as they go inside city hall here. it is a fascinating look at what actually happens when people cast their ballots. this is a very critical piece of this process because these ballots now have to be certified. they have to be checked in. all of that, the numbers we have been hearing so far are the ro jeks, unofficial. but these ballots will be very key to certify, to making it official that mitt romney in fact came in number one. ron paul, in fact, came in number to. and jon huntsman, in fact, came in number three. >> the next place that the -- the next home for them is the vault in city hall. a rare sightinging of the inside of a vault. at a city. a municipality like that that
12:48 am
houses not only ballots but a lot of other vooi vital records. but you are basically getting a glimpse inside, a rare glimpse inside of how these ballots are preserved for a while. there's a federal retention law that new hampshire mirrors, saves these for 22 months. and basically, because they are paper ballots, they are destroyed. this is where they will live for 22 months. >> i love the flaact that they e still doing it the old-fashioned way. ladies, history right now, all eyes, very soon, fn immediately on south carolina. and mitt romney, erin, tell us what we are seeing looking ahead. >> maybe we can get a few hours of sleep before all eyes are firmly on south carolina. we are talking about the evangelical vote. what we have done is load data from 2008.
12:49 am
obviously mitt romney advantage, disadvantage, we will see. i want to blow that up and just give everyone a clans it see how this went. oh, no. >> oh, can we -- >> hold it. come over here. >> okay. let's just do it here. >> oh, there we go. >> that's all right. >> it's fine. we can fix it. here we go. okay. so 2008, great deal or somewhat. those voters went overwhelming from mike huckabee to 40%. then john mccain, fred thompson. mitt romney only 11%. >> i think this time in south carolina, you will see the mitt romney probably does a little bit better and what the other candidates are hoping for, particularly the rick santorums and perry, what they want is to get that huckabee vote. for themselves. >> gloria and i were also talking, anderson, as we send it back to you, the aware nusts
12:50 am
mormon faith has increased over the past five years. you have seen a lot of ads on busses wi busses, tell television, about being a mormon. perhaps that is more acceptance and understanding of the mormon faith. >> there will still be a lot of skepticism. >> anderson some. >> well, what is -- >> i can't take you inside the vault. >> i know, not since al capone's vault have i been so excited to see a vault. >> i'm so disappointed. we have been tracking twitter all night. you see here the gingrich's social drop of all of the different candidates giving all of the different speeches, the one candidate who did worse with perception and residence is worker speaker of the house. take a look at these numbers. first off, he gave a speech around 10:00 eastern time. so fast forward the graphic and
12:51 am
can you see the green and red change quite a bit. so majority negative. he is the only candidate. the only candidate we could find. one other fun fact, i know it is just about midnight and you were here until -- >> 3:30. >> 3:30. >> not that i was counting. >> 3:30 when i left cnn. so last week when it went o so long. so the tweets, from the beginning of the caucus day na iowa, until you finally projected eight votes on mitt romney, that is half of the amount of tweets from today. we are still not even in the a.m. >> brooke, appreciate it. let's go to before swr some of our analysts and contributors have been monitoring events. not making late dinner reservations or anything like that. crunching numberes. what have you been looking a the in the last hour or so? >> the vault. >> i was banking on that story. >> numbers. last election 2008. john mccain got 37.8% of new hampshire. barack obama, 36.6 in his
12:52 am
primary. hillary clinton, 39.2. looks like mitt romney will beat all that tonight. looks like he is 39 and 40%. here is the other thing just flashing had forward. there is six contests where delegates get selected. mitt romney probably has inside lead on five of them. three of them with states with significant mormon populations. maine, new england, michigan. vantage romney in all of the early states. >> do you think it is possible tomorrow morning when folks wake up that there may be an e-mail going around for press release that one of the candidates dropped out? >> look, if rick perry didn't drop out, but probably see it through. i think i have always thought that romney is the only person in the field who has a chance to be a nominee. i have thought that for some time now. completely convinced of it now. sometimes these guys, it takes a while to come to the realization
12:53 am
that you are just sort of out of this. just watching us getting beat by 23 points. hardest thing in the world to do is act like you are happy on elocation night when you're really night. i mean, we have all done it. >> there is an estimate turn yut of 246,000. which is actually 6,000 more. >> that's not terribly bad but i agree with ari and james on the passion and intensity. you don't want to repeat 2008. and we would see more people out if we didn't have -- i mean, mitt romney has been endorsed by jimmy carter and john mccain for crying out loud. >> jimmy carter? >> oh, no, not carty, sorry. carter was saying nice thing about romney. mccain endorsed romney. carter said he was glad it see him win. so i don't know. >> republicans have been dismissing this whole ad by
12:54 am
saying, we shouldn't do these type of things. i think it a powerful ad in a climate where you have blue collar workers who are not happy at all about companies coming in, using debt slashing and burning, firing people and then making off with lot of catch. p it is no shock republicans are saying, this is the last thing we want to see. even bill crystal is writing about this. when you say we soar happy about capitalism an tied to it, you you are writing about rich folks. i think gingrich messed up the argument but he could have been more effective, make the argument that we need to be concerned about the little guy laid of a by these jobs. i think the way he has done it is bad. but it is still current hurt president obama. >> reports of my death have been greatliage exaggerated.
12:55 am
the enthuse yem is matching democrats about now. but that's about it. as ari points out, there is all subject to change. we got go to early november here. but there is not much evidence of this really enhanced republican enthusiasm that you saw in november 2010, which is quite evident. >> i don't disagree that bb but what will rally republicans, is not mitt romney. everybody's plan b, it is beating barack obama. that's what get them excited. >> that's what folks in south carolina want more above all. they were mapping out results, looking for clues. stay tune feeder special piers morgan at the top of the hour. c. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ home was an airport lounge and an ipad ♪
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12:58 am
>> very impressive win for mitt romney tonight. look at this, 39%. he could wind up with 40%, still 8% of the precincts unreported. >> that's his home turf, but he did what he had to do, win and win convincingly. 70% of the population in the bottom corner. mitt romney running up big numbers. where do we go from here? south carolina, and his is critically important.
12:59 am
mitt romney, but a crowded field. gingrich, huntsman, paul, perry, santorum, say they would be a stronger nominee. can governor romney win it here? it's a state that often decides the election. south carolina on the 21st, we clous out in florida. no candidates there yet. we're going to go into yet another swing state. iowa, new hampshire, here is a huge swing state. mitt romney adertiing here. if the race goes on, where do we go? we good out to nevada. i will blank this so as not to confuse people. we'll see how the race goes. the race also would be in arizona, a big primary, a state where mccain carried it four years ago r and also on the map ahead, when we get into february, the state of michigan. remember george romney, the former governor, mitt romney has this state, not massachusetts to him, but anoth