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tv   In Her Corner Latino in America 2  CNN  July 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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someone who appears at this moment to be a deranged person, at least a troubled person, we're not going to let that person steal our happiness and our joy and what our community stands for. so, again, we're going to continue to focus on that. in the meantime, it's at the top of the hour and we have more news for you. good evening, everyone. top of the hour. i am live in aurora, colorado. let's get you now to another part of aurora where people are coming together to pray and share their sadness after this very profound tragedy. this is going to start moments from now. tell us what is happening. >> take a look at this crowd. this is the community. it is a diverse community.
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people from all walks of life: it's difficult to tell how many people are here. i spoke with a police officer and he told me there are thousands of people gathered in public, despite what has happened, despite the apprehension. a lot of people have come to hear the governor, family members, first responders who are all going to gather here at this prayer vigil. and people in the hospital recovering from the physical wounds and i spoke with one man, and he says what he is focusing on is his physical recovery. but also moving forward with his own emotional recovery by working to forgive the gunman. here's what he told us. >> i can't imagine what it would be like to get out of bed in the morning and plan something like
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that and just to have that -- just that darkness, to just want to hurt people like that. >> are you angry at him? >> no, not at all. i feel sorrow for him because i can't imagine living that way. >> and i spoke with another victim in the hospital. he was also hit by the gunman's bullets and he says that unlike mr. ofarrill, he doesn't have that forgiveness in his heart. we're seeing a community on all different levels trying to come to grips with us, reacting in different ways. this is going to be a big setting for all of those walks of life to come together and take that step forward. and we are expecting that have vigil, official programming beginning at the bottom of the hour. but you're starting to hear the music warm up behind me. this is a little bit of the interlude before the program starts. don? >> kyung, i'm not sure if you
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can hear me among the crowd, but if you can step aside and it's really remarkable and some people are carrying flowers and many look very, very moved. we don't know what all of the stories are behind their faces. this is the community of aurora who has come out to pray, to come together and to try to heal. something else i want to point out, and i don't think we see anybody right here, further back in the crowd and we want to take the ugliness of the shooting at the batman movie away from the shooter. they want it to be something that they see as a sign of hope, a symbolism that this community will rise again.
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so they are trying to take the power out of the crime by wearing that batman symbol here. >> kyung lah, thanks. we'll get back to you where you are in a few moments. we're watching live the tragedy of the shooting in aurora, colorado. we'll watch that memorial and the president's remarks when he speaks any moment now. many people in the theater were sittinging with family, with friends with the shooting began. our next guest was sitting with her two daughters and was able to escape. marie and her daughter, thank you for joining us. i can tell you are upset. how are you guys doing? >> i think as well as can be expected. >> how are you doing? >> like she said, as well as can be expected. >> you threw yourself over your 14-year-old daughter?
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your 14-year-old daughter is elizabeth. she didn't want to come and speak because -- >> she's really struggling now. she doesn't want to be out in public places just yet. >> it's tough to ask these questions but we have tosk them so that we get a sense of what's happening. there was a woman, very close right next to you, right, who was a victim. she did not make it? >> no, we believe she's one of the victims. we're not 100% certain but we're -- >> instead of going back and talking about the frightening moments, and you see the memorial service and the municipal center, you know what, we want to move on. we don't want to let this young man, this alleged shooter take away our happiness. >> i whole-heartedly agree with
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that. there was one act of evil and it's been covered by millions of acts of kindness. >> your mom took you to the movies because you wanted to go absolutely normal. most of the people in that theater were young people. how are you feeling about this? >> well, it's really hot. i did have a lot of friends there. everyone made it out safely. we're all shaken up. it's hard to know that our life was on the line like that. >> uh-huh. and, mom, with your kids -- you don't want your and we can if we let it. but we as a family, we have a very strong faith and i just really believe that my daughters will come out of this stronger.
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they will come out understanding that evil is in the world but love and kindness will always concur. >> it's a very different time than when we grew up. i think you're around my age. >> absolutely. we could run around and never have to let our parents know where we were. we would ride our bike all day long without worrying. i tend to make my girls anywhere -- they go together, in groups. they are more limited than we were. >> you know, as you get older, you don't think that you're invincible. young people think that they are invincible. you can imagine how fragile life is is, how tenuous it is. from one moment to the next, you never know. >> i agree. i think we can't live our lives in that fear. we just live as though today is it. we need to face death and we
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personally have a hope. we're not afraid to die. but it's still -- the thought of the hurting, grieving people who have lost loved ones. i mean, i think that's the most difficult part for us, knowing that we were there. we survived, but there's so many others who didn't and how do we help them? how do we bring them comfort, minister to them? >> i think it's very powerful and people have questioning the timing, they are talking about what we need to do as far as mental health, maybe as far as guns and rules and laws and all of that. what would you like, if anything, that our leaders to know about this situation as a parent who is struggling with this? what would you like them to hear? >> you know, i don't think really there's much that could have been done differently. we can not live our lives as though we are in prison and let evil be free on that. we need to -- yes, there's
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danger out there. yes, there's evil out there. but we can't let it rule our lives. i don't think gun laws are the answer. i mean, i don't like guns but i had a gentleman e-mail me and say in riwanda there was extremely strict gun laws when there was an 800,000 massacres. >> what can we learn from this? i know it's a big question to ask a 16-year-old, michelle. but what do you think the world can learn from this, especially young people? >> well, i guess they can learn that there's going to be hard times. it's unbelievable going through this but there's also some beauty in the world coming together, just like all these people just being there for me, my family, like there's so much. >> what are you doing to help your little sister. >> just being there for her, i guess. talking if she needs to talk. there's not a lot to say at this point. >> well, we want to thank you
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guys and we're thinking about you and we're here covering it and we're trying to give the positive side of it and not just talk about the shooter. i imagine it pains you to hear so much talk about him and to even hear his name or see his picture. >> you know, we've avoided a lot of the news. you know, we don't have the anger and hatred. we don't understand but i think we can't let hatred and anger for this man take over. >> thank you. thank you very much. our thoughts and prayers are with you. the nation and the entire world. thank you very much, marie, michelle isom. and we're also thinking about elizabeth who is back home who didn't want to come. take cares, guys. i let these guys talk for a long period of time while we await
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for the president to speak. i try not to say the shooter's name as much as possible because i want people to remember the victims more so than the suspect but we have to mention it from time to time because is he part of the investigation. he is the suspected actor or shooter in this particular situation. but the message from that family, such a positive message we need to hear more of that in the media. but we have to talk about the suspected murderer in this incident. our hearts go out to marie and michelle and all of those suffering in this particular event and we are praying for them and we know that they are going to rise up from this. moments from now, the president will speak and we're going to carry is live here on cnn. he's been meeting at the hospital with family members, with victims talking to them. he also met with jessica ghawi's brother, the aspiring young journalist, 26 years old. i spoke to jordan. jordan has been tweeting about it and he met with the president today and we'll try to get you
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some of his tweets and tell you what he had to say about it. also, we'll take you live to the memorial service that is happening not far from where i am now and we're going to tell you about a wife who shares an emotional story of her husband sacrificing his life for others in this tragedy. don't go away. we're back in just a minute. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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32-year-old rebecca wingo was originally from quinlan, texas. her father announced his daughter's death on his facebook page saying he heard she died instantly and without pain. but for him and those that loved wingo, the pain of her loss is unbearable. >> and as we learn more details about the horrors that went on in that colorado movie theater, the one right behind me, we're also hearing about moments of great bravery, like jonathan
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blunk who died trying to save someone else's life. his wife joined me. i asked her how she was holding up. >> i'm trying to hold up. i'm trying to be okay. >> and we understand that. listen, we didn't get a chance to meet your husband, jonathan. how would you like the world to remember him? >> johnny was the type that always wanted to be the hero, helped anybody in any way that he can, always wanted to make people smile and laugh. he was always very optimistic and outgoing, spontaneous, always trying to do anything crazy and dangerous. so when we heard that it was him trying to save somebody, everybody just knew that that was johnny. that was the type of person he
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was. >> you have two children. you have a 4-year-old daughter, 2-year-old son. and as i said, it must take incredible strength to deal with that and grieving while dealing with young children as well. how are your kids doing? >> our daughter haylee, who is the 4-year-old, the oldest, she keeps asking when daddy's coming because he was supposed to fly back from reno yesterday and she had her dress all picked out and ready to go for what she wanted to wear and made her welcome home sign for him and when i heard friday and i still didn't tell her friday night when i found out. i had to tell her saturday morning that we weren't going to the airport to pick him up and tried to explain why we weren't getting him, that daddy was gone and still loved us and somebody took him from us, she said -- she cried and then she asked,
5:18 pm
well, is daddy still going to come for my birthday, because he co promised and i had to explain it again and it's been like that since -- and my 2-year-old son. he's only 2. so he doesn't get it. he doesn't understand. but my daughter's very confused. >> do you feel like people have been saying, chantel, that jonathan died trying to save someone else's life, because he was in the military and he apparently covered up someone. he died a hero. >> i know. that was johnny. johnny was the type of person that always wanted to be the hero and he always said, you know, if he was ever going to die, he wanted it to be in battle and he wanted to be known as a hero to his kids and to me
5:19 pm
and friends and family. he just wanted everyone to look at him as that guy. so it's not a surprise at all. >> boy, chantel, you're working on a hero's memorial for jonathan. can you tell me and the viewers about that? >> he has lots of friends in the military that are trying to help me because he was an active duty. we are trying to bring his body back. but he has a very good friend that was his boss in the military, amy, and his other friends, jeff keenan and kyle dawson and james gill, they are all trying to help bring him home and amy talked to them about getting the gunsmen line
5:20 pm
and they are going to have -- he's going to have his military funeral. he's going to have his military burial. >> chantel, i can't even imagine the strength that it takes to come on and do this when you have this happen to you and your family. we thank you so much. we are praying for you. okay? >> thank you. >> really just horrific stories. one of them is jessica ghawi, an aspiring sports journalist. i spoke with her brother two nights ago here in aurora, colorado. he talked about his sister's legacy. he is meeting with the president right now and here is what jordan has been tweeting with his meeting with the president. have had the amazing honor to
5:21 pm
meet with the families and witness their collective strength, remembering and honoring the lives lost. and i spoke with the white house press secretary and now have his word that we will not uter the name of the suspect who committed this act. and i have had the amazing honor to meet all 11 families and witness their clerk be collective strength. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point
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gordon took his two teenage kids to the midnight showing. his teens got out but gordon was killed. cowden's friends and family said that he loved everyone but above all he loved his family. >> we are going to be remembering the victims of this terrible tragedy. we're going to get you to where they are holding that service. the prelude started at the top of the hour. it was by the aurora symphony
5:26 pm
and brass cortett. people are laying flowers in remembrance of the victims of the tragedy. it starts in earnest again at the bottom of the hour. we should tell you that the mayor is going to be there. the governor of the state will speak as well. the mayor will introduce elected officials and dignitaries and the victims and family members will also speak, we're hearing, and as well as earlier responders and then prayers of comfort a little bit later on and then a representative will speak with aurora and the entire country as well. as this is going on, the president of the united states is expected to speak at any moment now on his visit with the family members. he has been meeting at the university of colorado memorial hospital. we are hearing from people who were at that meeting that the president offered words of
5:27 pm
comfort, also hearing that the president promised one of the young men whose sister died, hey, he would not mention the name of the shooter. he said the white house press secretary said that as well. it's a very moving seen that you can see there and hundreds of people have gathered at this memorial site. as many have been gathering at smaller memorials that have been happening throughout the area, a makeshift memorial right across the street from the theater. you're not going to miss any of it because we are all collectively want to support the people here in aurora, colorado. we will bring you that service live here on cnn. you mentioned earlier that we wanted to focus on the survivors, focus on the area, focus on the residents, the people of aurora. but the sad fact is, is that we have to talk about the investigation here because it is part of the story and we want to
5:28 pm
talk about -- figure out whether there were things that could have been done differently and how to prevent this from possibly happening again. so we go into the mind and into the activities of this alleged shooter. the owner of a gun range had a strange feeling about the man we now know as the alleged shooter -- the alleged aurora gunman. this was a month before the theater massacre as he applied for membership. something about him made the owner uneasy. so, drew, you visited the gun range. what gave this gun range owner this weird feeling about the suspect? >> you know, don, we've been talking about this suspect, right, and his ghost-like existence, that there were no warning signs, which is really odd. this was a warning sign but it was so slim you would know why it wasn't acted upon. the gun range is about 30 miles from where we are. it's out east in a very rural area. i want to show you some pictures
5:29 pm
of it. it's called the lead valley range. it's owned by glenn. on june 25th, the suspect, mr. holmes, filled out an online application to join this private gun range. it is the poll tea, then, of the gun range to call back, see what the person's about, actually try to make a sale, don. when he called back, he got this weird voice mail. didn't understand it at first. he called back a second time. even stranger. a third time now he's calling back the same voice mail to remember what he did here and this is what he told us. freakish, maybe drunk, weird, and bizarre, deep gutteral-force voice. just something weird about james holmes' voice mail. he said to all of the employees, if this guy ever comes back, if he ever comes in here, i want to see him. i want to talk to him. because he's not going to come on this range unless i have interaction with him.
5:30 pm
>> sadly we have covered a number of these tragedies and we say victims. but the people we have spoken to have said, hey, we are not victims. we are not victims of this and we want to move on. it's important for them not to feel that they are victims and it's important for them to focus on the future, right? >> absolutely. and we talked to a guy who i would call him a victim. he was shot. >> a survivor. >> yeah. when you hear how he survived. his name is josh nowlan, we now know that this guy's gun, his assault gun, his assault rifle with 100 on him, it's pointing at josh and that's how this man survived. >> it was a straight line shot. just taking everybody out from one i'aisle to the next. >> do you think that if that gun had not jammed that you would be
5:31 pm
here? >> i know if that gun had not jammed, i know for full certain i probably would not have been here. >> how are you feeling today? >> scared. you know, of course i'm glad it's over with and, yes, i am glad i am alive and i get to see my kids. but i also think about, you know, the other people that are not as lucky as i was. i mean, there is kids, mothers and fathers that were there and they are dead. i am still alive. i want to go back to that theater and back into that auditorium and i'm going to look down that same seat and say, i beat you. you did not take this life. >> i talked to another guy who was in that theater thursday night, ran out with his wife, helped other people out. he told me the same thing this morning. in fact, this morning at 9:00 a.m., he went to a theater and
5:32 pm
saw "batman". >> really? >> with a "batman" shirt on. he was not going to let this guy, we're not going to mention his name, ruin it for him. >> once in while you have to say it when you're talking about the investigation. i spoke to a family -- not sure if you heard -- a mom and daughter who were both in the theater and one of her daughters could not make it. she said, we have to be positive and move on about this. we can't let this person steal our happiness. as we look at the lamakeshift memorial, that's what people have been saying, what they have been writing, that's why they have been coming to this place to support one another. that's probably what we're going to see tonight at the bigger memorial. let's take a live look and drew and i will continue to talk here. this is at the aurora municipal center. it's under way now and you can hear the choir singing now. at 8:30 eastern time, this choir should be -- it's living hope baptist church.
5:33 pm
let's listen. ♪ our god is an awesome god ♪ our god is an awesome god ♪ our god is an awesome god, he reigns from heaven above ♪ ♪ our god is an awesome god >> very nice selection there from the living hope baptist church choir. they are at the aurora municipal center. this memorial service happening now. we are being told now that the
5:34 pm
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a native of find mix, alex
5:38 pm
teves wanted to be a counselor. his aunt says he was a wonderful nephew and great example for his two younger teenage brothers. >> i want to tell you, we're back now live in aurora, colorado. we are waiting for the president. we're being told less than two minutes away from speaking at the university of colorado hospital. these are live pictures that you're looking at, courtesy of our affiliate, kusa. you'll see it there at the top of your screen. it's over at the aurora municipal center. hundreds of people have gathered to pay tribute, to memorialize the victims and to support the families and loved ones who have lost their lives and the people who were injured here. this is the accapella selection by the living hope lap tibaptis church.
5:39 pm
lots of american flags, balloons. it's a beautiful event. it turned out to be a nice evening here in aurora. we had some thunderstorms that rolled through at the top of our 6:00 broadcast. it actually knocked us off the air for a moment. it was a blessing and maybe a blessing from heaven because the temperature was so hot here that it was kind of tough people to breathe, it has been so warm and of course it's a high elevation. so it makes it tough any way. but rain came through, cooled the temperatures down. now the people who are at this service, they won't have to suffer in the heat because of that rainstorm. so you're looking at those pictures there. if we have a shot -- i'm not sure if we have a shot of the hospital. we may not be able to take you before the president speaks. but the university of colorado hospital is not far from here.
5:40 pm
it's all very close prompt i am tea. there's a shot of where the president is going to speak at the hospital and we're told again very shortly president barack obama will come out and talk about his experience with meeting with the victims and with the family members and he has promised -- he has promised at least one young man whose sister died in that theater, that he would not mention that alleged shooter's name. so i want to listen to this and then we'll get back and you'll hear from the president just as soon as he comes out. ♪
5:41 pm
♪ ♪ he's worthy to be praised ♪ he's worthy jesus is worthy ♪ hallelujah! thank the lord. >> that is the living hope baptist church. they are giving acapella selections. we're going to go to kyung lah.
5:42 pm
it will be a more enjoyable evening because of the heat. >> when you look out at the crowd, don, you can certainly get a sense of what the city of aurora is like because it looks like the entire city is here. i mean, it's hard -- >> the president of the united states is speaking now in colorado. >> this crowd goes -- >> i want to begin by just thanking all of the state, local, and federal officials who have responded magnificently to this tragedy. governor hickenlooper who has already been dealing with national disasters here in the state has been an extraordinary example of strength. the mayor, who has only been on
5:43 pm
the job seven months and obviously has responded with great strength and leadership, the police chief who, you know, we had an opportunity to speak over the phone, chief oates has been dealing with as difficult a set of circumstances as any law enforcement officer deals with and he and his officers have done everything right by the book with great courage and great determination. and so we are very proud of them and i think i speak for the entire congressional delegation who is here as well. you know, scripture says, he will wipe away every tear from their eyes and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain
5:44 pm
anymore, for the former things have passed away. and when you have an opportunity to visit with families who have lost their loved ones, as i describe to them, i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. and i think the reasons that stories like this have such an impact on us because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion, what it would be like and how it would impact us. i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memory. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was and the
5:45 pm
lives that they had touched and the dreams that they held for the future. i confessed to them that words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations but that my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day and that the -- that the awareness that not only all of america but much of the world is thinking about them might serve as some comfort. i also tried to assure them that, although the perpetrator of this evil act has received a
5:46 pm
lot of attention over the last couple of days, that attention will fade away and in the end, be after he has felt the full force of our justice system, what will be remembered are the good people who were impacted by this tragedy. and i also had a chance to give folks some hugs and to shed some tears but also to share some laughs as they remembered the wonderful lives that these men and women represented. i also had a chance, fortunately, to visit some folks who were going to be okay, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the staff at this hospital and i just want to thank everybody who's worked tirelessly here to deal with this tragedy. some of the stories are
5:47 pm
remarkable. you know, you see young people who have come in and just two days ago or 36 hours ago or even 24 hours ago, it wasn't certain whether they would make it and now suddenly their eyes are open, they are alert, and they are talking and it reminds you that even in the darkest of days, you know, life continues. and people are strong and people bounce back and people are resilient and particularly given the fact that so many of the victims were young, it is a great blessing to see how rapidly they are able to recover from some pretty devastating injuries. there is one particular story i want to tell because this was the last visit that i had and i think it's representative of everything that i saw and heard
5:48 pm
today. i had a chance just now, about five minutes ago, to visit with alley young. alley is 19 years old. and i also had a chance to visit with alley's best friend, stephanie davies, who is 21. stephanie was actually downstairs with alley as well as alley's parents when i walked into the room. and i don't think this story's been heard, at least i hadn't read it yet. but i wanted to share it with you. when the gunman initially came in and threw the canisters, he threw them only a few feet away from ali and stephanie who were sitting there watching the film. ali stood up seeing that she might need to do something or at
5:49 pm
least warn the other people who were there, and she was immediately shot. and she was shot in the neck and it tongue tured a vein and immediately she started squirting blood and apparently as she dropped down on the floor, stephanie, 21 years old, had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where she -- where ali had been wounded and applied pressure the entire time while the gunman was still shooting. ali told stephanie she needed to run. stephanie refused to go. instead, actually, with her other hand, called 911 on her cell phone. once the s.w.a.t. team came in, they were still trying to clear
5:50 pm
the theater stephanie then with the help of several others carries ali across two parking lots to where the ambulance is waiting and because of stephanie's timely actions, i just had a conversation with ali downstairs and she is going to be fine. i don't know how many people at any age would have the presence of mind that stephanie did or the courage that ali showed. and so as tragic as the circumstances of what we've seen today are, as heartbreaking as it is for the families, it's worth us spending most of our time reflecting on young americans like ali and
5:51 pm
stephanie. because they represent what's best in us and they assure us that out of this darkness a brighter day is going to come. to the entire community of aurora, the country is thinking of you. i know that there's going to be a vigil and an opportunity for everybody to come together and i hope that all those who are in attendance understand that the entire country will be there in prayer and reflection today. so thank you, god bless you, god bless all who helped to respond to this tragedy and i hope that over the next several days, next several weeks and next several months we all reflect on how we can do something about some of the senseless violence that ends
5:52 pm
up marring this country but also reflect on all of the wonderful people who make this the greatest country on earth. thank you very much, everybody. >> and it is the greatest country on earth and the senseless violent, as the president put it, we should be focusing in the next several days and months on how we fix that senseless violence so it doesn't end up happening again. the president giving a very poignant story about ali young, 19, who was shot and her best friend, stephanie davis, 21 years old helping her out, diving on the floor with her and putting her finger, as the president said, over one of her arteries to keep her from dying, her friend saved her life. and as we watch this memorial service, which we're going to go to live in just a moment, the president started with this. and those of you who know the lord, it is from the bible.
5:53 pm
it is revelation 21, verse 4. and he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes and death should be no more. neither should be there no mourning nor crying or pain. >> and we thank them. ♪
5:54 pm
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i want to take you live now to the memorial service that's happening here in aurora. speaking right now is bishop conley. the mayor will speak in moments. let's listen in. >> aurora is and will always remain an all-american city. your presence here tonight is most appreciated and welcome because it helps to start the healing process for all our american city of aurora and for our great state of colorado.
5:58 pm
let the healing process begin. our prayers have been extended to all of those for this tragedy. may we embrace them and be with them during the time of adversity, reflection, and healing. may peace and tranquility per veil among us all as we go forth from this evening. thank you all. [ applause ] now, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce bishop james conley.
5:59 pm
bishop? >> mayor hogan, members of city council of aurora, esteemed clergy, my brothers and sisters, tonight we come together to pray and to be with one another. some of us are survivors, family members, or friends of those who suffered through this senseless and evil act of violence which took place early friday morning. all of us in this local community were affected by what happened here on friday and we will never be the same. this senseless and evil act of violence has left many of us wondering how and why this could happen. these questions arise when the every


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