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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  October 28, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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have a definitive answer to that for another two to three hours. once we get that two to three hour window, then what we have to do, it's going to be the mayor of each of the each of th declare basically the all clear message. we don't think we'll get to that any earlier than two to three hours. we're telling people don't to return to their homes and wait for that. now that's a different situation than what you have in the water. the water can be perilous for many, many hours beyond the land. and so that's something that's also -- when we had the tsunami from japan, we actually lost somebody who was off the shores of waikiki, which was relatively stable. because of the wash, the person suffered a heart attack and didn't survive it. at least what's wh-- that's wha have been. >> a great point for land and on water. mayor, do you have any idea if the worst of the waves have
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already come or is that still perhaps lurking out? >> we do not know the answer to that. all of the events are capricious such as sandy. you can't tell which wave is going to be packing the most punch. sometimes it's the second, third, or last one. so it's sort of a train wreck coming through slowly but surely. and you have to make sure that you have a very good idea that the worst is by you before you start sending people back into the areas that could be affected. >> so of course as you prepare for the worst, you mentioned the phrase train wreck. i've talked to a number of people live on air. and the good news it seems is though people in hawaii have been through and while concern is high, there's no real panic. >> that's correct. we have a lot of experience with it. the one public was that it was a very short fuse. when it happened in japan, we
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had about six hours. when it happens off the coast of south america we have that much, maybe more. this was 2 1/2 hours. because it's a direct shot at the hawaiian island. slarlt, we h as a result -- as result, we had to make sure everything was done, and happily the experiences of the past have paid dividends. we were satisfied that we had gotten people to a position of safety when they needed to be. >> then again, when you mention the two to three hours, is that when you anticipate potentially getting the all clear? >> no. that's when i anticipate having enough information to know when we are going to be able to give the all clear. i suspect that we will not be doing the all clear for at least an hour or two after that because we're going to have to confirm that there were no damages, do a visual coastal check. then we're going to have to have a two-part message that will
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talk about returning to homes on land and the ocean. >> mayor, we appreciate you hopping on the phone. we know this is a busy, busy nights for you. we appreciate it. >> thank you to you, as well. and my wishes to the first lady who will be facing the hurricane. god bless all of you there and best wishes. >> thank you very much, mayor carlisle. and speaking of sandy, let's take you from the west to the east. as he mentions, a weather news affecting so many of you across the country. let's look at sandy's forecast with bonnie schneider in the weather center. tell me where sandy is now. >> the storm is about 265 miles southeast of cape hatteras, north carolina, the storm is on the move. but this is not a typical hurricane, it's a large one. we have a large tropical
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storm-force windfield. many places have started to feel the effects of sandy even though it's a category 1 storm. it's unusual atmospherically because we're seeing so many dynamics take place where the storm when it makes that turn is going to get a bolt of energy that typically would break it down. not in this case. it's going to move official quickly northeast at 17 miles per hour. and this turn to the northwest and landfall possibly in the vicinities of new jersey, maryland, delaware. landfall, of course, is very important. but the storm surge is also important. we will see that, and i'm going to talk about that in a moment. notice the track of the storm working toward to see well interior of new england. when i see this, it brings back a memory of irene last year. we saw the flooding from a tropical storm near new york
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city. shows you the size and scope of storms and how they can affect states far from the coasts. the wind gusts now are strong. kill devil hills, well over tropical storm-force winds. we're seeing them over 40 miles per hour in virginia beach. just the beginning. the winds tonight and tomorrow are going to pick up enormously. gusts will be hurricane force all the way across boston, through new york city through philadelphia. 80 mile-per-hour gusts. these -- these are the type of gusts that will knock down trees and cause major power outages. notice, the wind advisories extend into ohio and pennsylvania, as well. want to mention this time of year, october, this is when weast beautiful -- we have the beautiful changing of the leave colors, trees are heavy with the leaves. when they fall, they will fall hard. this is a heavy puncher. we have rain tuesday, then beyond that, wednesday into thursday with the storm. some of the heaviest rain in the
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mid-atlantic coming in steadily and staying there. that's why we're advising people and government officials are advising people to clear out the leaves in the storm drains. this will create flooding problems. speaking of which, storm surge at the time of high tide, not just your typical flood, can build in especially in the areas in here. we have the inlets. this is where it gets the most dangerous. that water funnels in and piles high. storm surge could be up to eight feet where it hits, new york city. we have to talk about tropical storm sandy and talk about snow. this storm has that interesting dimension where it gets an extra burst of energy coming from this. low pressure from the west is going to trigger cold air, and look at these snowfall totals. it's not winter yet, but it will feel that way in the mountains of west virginia. we could see our computer models predi
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predicting a foot or more of snow. sandy is going to affect millions in so many ways over some of the most populated cities in the united states. you see the snowfall that we're expecting here at the different levels of elevation. a massive storm we're watching. this is just the beginning. keep tuned to cnn. we'll keep you updated. >> bonnie, thank you. you mentioned kill devil hills, that's of course part of the north carolina outer banks. that's where we have george howell at this early hour. i know you're there in anticipation of the hurricane. tell me what you're seeing this morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're trying to get out a live report but are having trouble because of the cloud cover. we're in the northwestern quadrant as the storm churns northward and prepares to make a left hook into the metro areas of new york, philadelphia, and d.c. we are getting the brunts of
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that in the northwestern side, feeling it from wilmington, north carolina, to norfolk, virginia. we know there's a possible storm surge in this area, four to six feet. we know that highway 12, which is the only way in and out here from the outer banks, part of it has washed over south of where we are now. so there were a lot of people who decided to ride the storm out. they are in for the ride now, especially in those areas where they've been cut off. we're watching and monitoring as the storm comes through. >> george, give me some idea as far as how many people are in kill devil hills or in the outer banks area. a great summer destination. i'm curious how many prem-- poum premthe -- how many people are there this weekend. >> yesterday, it was business as usual. a lot of people decided to stay, monitor the situation, ride the storm out.
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fair to say a lot of premon the island. one story -- people are on the island. one story, a party here for a wedding, people dressed to the nines going to an event. you have the tropical system, hurricane coming in. an odd situation there. people here watching and waiting to see what happens. >> we hope you're able to get up and live. we hope to see you and your pictures in north carolina here on this sunday. for now i'll let you go. george howell, thank you for calling in. a and, folks, we have you covered. a busy morning. covering hurricane sandy, the hawaiian stadium tsunami. stay with us at cnn, if you would like more information about sandy's projected paths and how to help, go to senior citizen -- to
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112 minut-- 12 minutes past. president obama has added "the new york times" to his "yes" column. the editorial page listed obama's achievements like saving the auto industry and health care reform as reason for their endorsement. keep in mind the "times" did endorse then-senator obama in 2008 and have not backed a republican since dwight d. eisenhow eisenhower. the president spent saturday focusing on new hampshire. the four electoral votes there. this is his second stop here in the swing state in just about a week, at an event in nashua. the president said mitt romney was trying to take the country back to the george w. bush years. here he was. >> governor romney's been here making last-minute promises lately. said he's all about fighting for the middle class. says he'd cut taxes for everybody. and ask something from nobody.
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but the problem is we've heard those promises before. >> mitt romney meantime has added an important endorsement here in the battleground state of iowa. the "des moines register" as of last night has chosen romney because they say this is all about the economy. keep in mind, they endorsed the president four years ago, then-senator four years ago. this marks the first time in 40 years that the newspaper has backed a republican in the presidential election here. just on friday, i spoke with carol hunter. she is the senior news director of the paper. she very much so agreed with me. iowa up for grabs. >> it's pretty much like ohio in that it's very much a toss-up state. all the polls are showing it pretty much dead even. there's a rasmussen report out that has them both at 48%. the rolling averages are all within the margin of error. it's just going to be close, close, close, right down to the
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wire. and how precious those six electoral votes are just shows how close the entire national campaign is. >> mitt romney spent saturday focusing on florida. he had three, count 'em, three separate events there just yesterday. today romney is in ohio with vice presidential candidate paul ryan. and in florida, romney kept hammering home his message of a failed passed four years. >> he's asked what he's going do to get this economy going. we've had four debates, three presidential, one vice presidential. have you heard him lay out a plan yet as to what he's going to do to get this economy going? >> no! >> he wants four more years, but he's got no agenda. ♪ >> tonight want to let you know we'll bring you a special inside look at both these candidates. mitt romney revealed: family, faith, and the road to power. that's coming your way at 8:00 tonight eastern. and it will be followed by "obama revealed: the man, the
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president." you will get to see both candidates behind the scenes like never before tonight on cnn. quite a scare for the family of florida republican senator marco rubio. while the senator was out campaigning with mitt romney, his daughter was involved in an accident involving a golf cart. she is 12 years old. she's amanda rubio. apparently she was visiting classmates had this accident happened. we're told she suffered a head injury and was airlifted to miami children's hospital's pediatric unit. >> there was an accident with a tennis cart. she was transported to the hospital. many tests were done. she's doing better, she's talking. the whole family is next to her. and we hope that everything is going to be much better tomorrow. hurricane sandy and the campaigns. brian monroe,
3:17 am
editor, joins me for more of the potential political fallout from the storm, joins me live in washington. good to see you. >> good morning. >> we mentioned cancelations for mitt romney. he won't be headed to virginia. it's affecting the president in some of his campaigning this week with bill clinton. do we know if anything else could be changing because of the storm? >> one of the big things you saw, the without -- president obama has decided to stay here in d.c. at the white house to monitor sandy. mitt romney has changed the schedule so he will be back up in ohio with paul ryan. but one of the things that's going to be interesting sellery voting actually started this weekend -- is early voting actually started this weekend. in florida, maryland, there were lines in d.c. there's been encouragement for voters to get out this weekend and too thedo their early votine hurricane sandy comes through and messes up everything. >> i saw pictures over the weekend from joe johns, polling
3:18 am
places in virginia. looked to be very long lines. people trying to get in before the storm hits. let me ask you this -- oftentimes in politics, in october before the big election, people talk about an october surprise. might this be the october surprise, this go round? >> you know, this is certainly surprising. look, i've actually been through three hurricanes, helped the team. we led the team that won the pulitzer for -- for hurricane katrina in biloxi. hurricanes are very unpredictable. when you first have the path coming up hugging the coast, maybe turning eastward out to see, now move that pressure -- to sea, now move that pressure system that will turn it in over our heads in d.c., you know, you don't know what's going to happen. particularly with nine days out to the election, these days are crucial for the campaigns to get out on the road, hit the swing states. those states that are going to be critical in deciding the next president. so this tosses a lot up in the air. >> brian, stand by for me. we created this pictures here. we put together -- we're showing the campaign layers, if you will, impacted by the storm
3:19 am
hitting the east coast. so you know, we're already seeing, as you mentioned, some of the campaign events across the country for romney or boom delayed or canceled. we are expecting huge travel delays in addition to impacting millions of travelers. the campaigns may have to do last-minute maneuvering. also a major storm hitting the most densely populated section of the country could divert local and national media coverage from politics, of course, to weather. and that could mean less visibility for the candidates. but brian, that o that no-- on note, i want to talk about the optics of this. you mentioned the president will stay at the white house as he is here commander in chief wanting to, of course, monitor the situation over the next couple of days with regard to the hurricane. and how may that look, that may not be a bad thing for the president. looking very presidential in the white house. >> you know, we're at a time now where there are so few undecided or uncommitted voters that every little edge and getting your base out is going to make a difference. and as tragic and difficult as
3:20 am
hurricanes are, you know, this is a chance for both candidates to appear to be leaders, to appear presidential. and to look like they're in control of what's going on. >> and finally here, not only are the campaigns affected by the storm, i understand some of the polling. of course we pars through the polling each and every day. some of the folks who conduct the polls are affected, as well. >> yeah. a lot of folks here in d.c. you know, the other thing is power may be -- remember a few months ago when we had the big storm in d.c., the power was out for weeks in some parts of virginia, maryland, and the district. so without electricity, it's hard to fire up computers and charge the blackberries to get the information through. so they're shifting resources elsewhere that may not be as affected. but you know, even power, even though the storm won't -- should have passed by the time election day comes, you got power outages that could affect voting machines. that are electronic. >> oh. let's not -- let's have our fingers crossed that that does
3:21 am
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we're talking so much about hurricane sandy. take a look at these pictures. obviously these pictures are from space. this gives you perspective as far as how huge this storm is. so this is a picture, this is from the iss, international
3:25 am
space station. this week, sandy's cloud field measured about 1,600 miles across. i know. what exactly does that mean? it's large enough to fill the distance here, the span, all the way from memphis, tennessee, to l.a. to syria where that temporary cease-fire continues to unravel. we're getting new video show explosions in duma. 12 people killed so far including eight in the capital city of damascus and two in aleppo, in the northwestern parts of the country. this is according to opposition groups. this cease-fire was called in response to the start of a muslim holiday on friday. and in indonesia where police arrested 11 people just yesterday in a series of raids on a suspected terrorist cell, those captured were said to be part of a group planning attacks on the u.s. consulate in east java, as well as other targets. an indonesian official said the
3:26 am
raids uncovered bombmaking materials and manuals and ammunition. the al qaeda leader iman al zawahiri has called on muslims to kidnap westerners. this video here of him, posted on islamic web sites. he said future abductions should be used to help free raabdel rahman. and hurricane sandy, we told you how big she is. she could be disastrous. >> folks, this could be bad. >> mandatory evacuations, states of emergency. the east coast braces for what could come next. this is actually starting to feel real now. [ ross ] this is the perfect place to test the ats's advanced aerodynamics.
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good saturday morning to you. i'm brooke baldwin in for randi kaye. are you watching "early start weekend." half past the hour here. a special welcome to our troops
3:31 am
watching on the american forces network. good morning to you. half past the hour here. we have to talk hurricane. right now, hurricane sandy churning off the coast of north carolina. the storm is creating powerful winds, dangerous surf. bonnie schneider in the weather center, she's been tracking sandy. tell me, where is sandy this morning? >> good morning, brooke. we are tracking sandy, and the storm's center is still a couple hundred miles away from north carolina. remember, the windfield is so large that we're already feeling the of the storm. the latest satellite perspective doesn't look organized because sandy's so large. we're seeing the heaviest convection or thunderstorm activity in north carolina now. the movement is quick. gusts up to 90. right now the maximum winds are at 75 miles per hour. let's take a look at this unusual, unprecedented track. we're moving north and turning northwest. sometime on monday into tuesday, the potential of landfall
3:32 am
possibly in new jersey, new york, maybe into the delmarva area. the models have more of a consensus that the turn is going to ache platake place. and the storm is going to be widespread in the effects and in the areas in which it will affect because we're not just talking about landfall in a coastal area and we're done. this is going to impact many areas well inland. kill devil hills, 40 miles sustained winds. gusts getting higher than that. into tomorrow we'll be talking about the wind. we're talking about the wind in heavily populated cities like new york city where we have over eight million people, we're looking at the potential for serious power outages. heavy rain due to storm surge, as well. this is going to be a longlasting rain-making event, brooke. i think we'll see some substantial flooding especially through the mid-atlantic. >> and you make a great point. earlier, here we are, the very end of october, leaves on the
3:33 am
trees. when the leaves begin to fall, power crews will have their work unsettled out for them. thank you, we'll come back in a minute. let me tell you what's happening in connecticut. governor daniel malloy issued a state of emergency there. he says 400 ya hun hu00 nationa troops ready to help. he says one of the biggest concerns about sandy is that the storm could last a day and a half. >> folks, this could be bad, really bad. it could impact us in several ways and for a long period of time. please take this as seriously as we are taking it. we are talking about the potential for a high number of power outages and for an extended period of time. we're talking about severe flooding, perhaps the worst we've seen in more than 70 years, back to 1938. we're talking about extensive travel problems. perhaps most important, unlike other similar events we've
3:34 am
experienced in the recent past, we're talking about a weather event that could last for up to 36 hours. not the 12 hours that connecticut residents are generally used to. >> and as hurricane sandy creeps toward a predicted collision here with the mid-atlantic and the northeast states, millions of people are trying to prepare for an impact that could include up to a foot of rain, heavy, heavy snow here, and gale force sustained winds. april williams has more. >> reporter: conditions continue to deteriorate as sandy slowly swirls up the east coast. by saturday, several states declared states of emergency. and new jersey's governor issued mandatory evacuation orders for atlantic city's casinos and the barrier islands by 4:00 p.m. sunday, warning of sandy's expected magnitude. >> we have to be prepared for the worst here. understand that this storm, unlike some of the others that we've had, is going to be -- is forecast at least to be a slow-moving one. >> reporter: sandy could merge with a cold front morphing into
3:35 am
a superstorm. forecasters say the monster storm will likely unleash heavy flooding from storage surge and heavy rains and produce fierce winds. power outages will likely be extensive. damage from sandy is expected to be in the billions. >> the most stressful thing is to stand in your house, watch the water come up, and there's nothing you can do. it's going keep coming. than you're stuck because you can't get out of the house. >> reporter: sandbagging in anticipation of landfall late monday into tuesday is happening up and down the northeast. >> we want to make sure we're prepared with plenty of sandbags. trying to be proactive here. >> reporter: other residents are stocking up on generators and batteries for flashlights. along with forecasters and local governments following sandy's path are the presidential candidates. both president obama and mitt romney have had to change campaign stops on the east coast. i'm april williams reporting. just heard the homeowner say the best, most stressful thing,
3:36 am
is to stand in your house and watch the water come up and up. sandbagging, boarding up windows, securing loose lawn furniture or anything that can become airborne are just a couple of things you can do right now to prepare for this hurricane. you also made it to check on the people who need it most. the elderly. general russell honore prepared the areas post new york. good to speak to you on this early sunday. as we hear the different governors and states of emergency and were talking winds and rain and possibly snow, for these people up and down the east coast, general, what is priority number one? >> to take care of the people who are most vulnerable, the elderly, disabled, and the poor. many people who have wathe mean -- this is the end of the month. about 1/3 of the population depend on assistance from the government.
3:37 am
the last couple of days a month. not a lot of money. so if somebody tells you to evacuate, which is often the problem after the storms come at the end of the month, people who are strapped financially are going to have a hard time moving. they need to move to local sherm shelters while they can and let the local government know if they need a ride to get to the shelters. that's the number-one priority. they're the most vulnerable. when we went in to do the search and rescue after katrina, most of the people we found who did not survive the storm were elderly, disabled, poor, and they were by themselves in their home. that is the message. >> it's so -- absolutely, great advice for anyone who can help look out for them, general, and people stocking up on water, food. what other basic needs should people head out if they can today to grab? >> well, number one, listen to what the media is telling folks in the government. i think everybody's doing a good job probably getting information
3:38 am
out. this storm is going to be different from any other than you've seen. when you think hurricane, you think warm weather. this storm is going to create a surge of coastal problems between heavy rain and mountainous areas. it's going to call isolated flooding -- cause isolated flooding. on the back side under normally warm where everybody can run around and live with a hole in the roof if you have it at your house, this is going to be tough. you got snow and potential ice without power. so this is a mega storm that's one that people need to be prepared for. and again, the most vulnerable population, the elderly, disabled, and people who live in poor conditions in trailer homes, they will not stand up to over 60 mile-per-hour wind. they need to go to shelters and gets to the -- and get to the shelters early. local governments need to make decisions on what they're going to do tomorrow. schools going to be open or going to close, so people can prepare in the communities. if they open the schools, in many cases, that's going to prevents people from doing that
3:39 am
last-day preparedness. >> think ahead, act, be prepared. great advice from someone who knows very well about this. general russell honore, we appreciate it. have a wonderful sunday. thank you. here talking about the storm, have to talk about the election. nine days out, the race tight new england in several key swing states. we'll tell you how the balance is tipping and what to expect.
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to to see universities. they actually paid for my fees. that's why i also come back and help out here. number three -- a little can go a long way. >> what subjects do you need to learn, math and science and english! >> i feel excited. >> i'm going to be an accountant. >> i'm going to be a lawyer. >> the world that you're bringing here is bringing change. back to politics. nine days out here before the presidential election. i want to share some important numbers here when it comes to the race. let's begin in virginia. you know the deal. this is one of the key swing states we've been watching. so this new "washington post" poll shows president obama with a four-point advantage over mitt romney. it's a -- a change certainly over the 1-point lead romney
3:45 am
enjoyed there last week. heading northward to pennsylvania, the president has a six-point lead in this new poll from the "philadelphia enquirer." ho romney's gained growned since early -- ground since early october. and finally ohio, ohio, ohio, the mother of the battleground states. the four-point advantage to obama. the latest cnn/orc poll. you have the polls and numbers, but we want to hear directly from the voters. we sent the cnn election express on the road to take the polls of voters in some of these key swing states. we're calling it the battleground bus tour. and we have cnn political contributor john avalon joining me bright and early on this sunday. fancy meeting you here, friend. what, ali velshi couldn't -- >> good morning, brooke. >> you couldn't wake alli velsh up to join you? >> this morning i drew the short straw, all good.
3:46 am
early a.m., lexington, virginia. >> team player, appreciate it. tell me what do you at the town hall you hosted with students in lexington. >> it was fascinating, brooke. we sat down with students here at washington lee university. and this is -- this is, i think, a center right campus, no question. their viewers were incredibly nuanced about the economy. there were romney supporters, obama supporters. the number-one issue was the economy with a special focus on deficit and debt. here's some of the folks we spoke to. take a listen. >> right now there are a lot of issue that i care about. for example, i am environmentally conscious. i've been a vegan since i was 9. i care about clean energy, a lot about things like that. looking around at the unemployment rate, it's so scary to me that there are people who can't get jobs. even though there are a lot of other issues i care about, i think that should be the number-one concern. yes, it's a little better, but i don't think it was where it should be at all. >> you're a romney supporter?
3:47 am
>> yes, romney. >> euyou're a romney vegan? >> yes, i am. >> that's awesome. start a romney vegan facebook page. i want to see how many romney vegans there are out. there the romney camp should start this up now. >> the older generation, i think they want reagan back, right? everyone like votes for reagan as the ideal republican candidate. i don't think necessarily -- one way or the other, you know, i never lived under reagan's presidency so i can't speak to that. our generation sees the other social issues that we want -- we want addressed like gay marriage or gay rights and -- >> you're in favor of -- in -- >> i am. >> you're a republican in favor of gay marriage. >> yeah. interesting to reconcile and explain to my gay friends. it's triage. and social issues, if it were -- based on social issues, i think i'd probably vote for president obama. >> reporter: so brooke, rights there you see it's fascinating. these students -- >> that's great.
3:48 am
>> reporter: the two were leaning romney, no doubt. but it shows how the rising generation doesn't fit into the stereotypes of either party. and then while romney's won their vote, they're not single-issue voters. and the republican party needs to reach out going into the future. a fascinating conversation. >> we'll have to follow up to see if she starts the romney vegan facebook page. i want to see more, that was fascinating. since glur -- i love lexington. since you're in virginia, we're talking about hurricane sandy. i know both campaigns have had to cancel or tweak campaign stops because of this hurricane. how much do you think that will impact some of the early voting here? >> well, it's fascinating. virginia has absentee voting. not early voting in the stand-in-line sense. in north carolina where we were on the battleground bus tour, they shut counties in early voting areas. there's concern about the impact. president obama's already been here 19 times on the campaign.
3:49 am
mitt romney, 20. but the real question will be if there is an impact, if there are blackouts, how will that affect get-out-the-vote efforts? that's a giant x factor in the election in the coastal states, especially this must-win swing state of virginia. >> john avalon. thank you very much. tell ali velshi good morning. >> reporter: thanks. >> stick around. in 90 minutes, ali and john will have brand new interviews from the battleground bus tour in lexington, virginia. former prime ministers past finally -- prime minister's past finally catches up to him. he might have been sentenced to prison but says he's not done with politics yet. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
3:50 am
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bunniga, bung a, women, bribery, tax embezzlement, right for a video, but they're putting firmer prime minister berlusconi behind bars for years. he was sentenced for tax fraud involving his media company and swiss bank account. berlusconi has survived, as you know, a series of scandals, and now he's vowing to survive another saying he wants to return to politics. here to give us insight, our editorial producer, nadia bilchik. good morning. >> good morning. yes, as you said, he is not going to go to jail. >> right. that's the thing. he's sentenced to four years. the likelihood of him serving is nil? >> there's so many loopholes. the appeals process, also, in italy, for someone over 70 years old, the judge can have house arrest. and in 2006, there was an italian law that reduces prison sentences. if anything it will be a couple
3:54 am
of months under house arrest. >> what else is going on with him? let's go there. >> yes. berlusconi is still involved in a case where he was supposed to have elicited sex with an underage moroccan exotic dancer known as ruby "the heart stealer," so there was that going on. there used to be bunga parties with ruby. that is still going on. but we apparently must not call his political epitaph just yet. some people are saying right now, with the law as it is, he can't run for president for the next three years or prime minister as it is. so he announced that he's not going to run for prime minister in the next elections. but that doesn't mean that he won't in years to come. >> because he says his reaction to all of this is, well, that's well and great, but i want to return to politics? >> exactly. he thsz is politically motivate -- he says that this is politically motivated and he is
3:55 am
a victim. it's going to be interesting. isn't it like al capone? in the end it's the taxes that have got him, not the bunga, bunga dancers or taxes -- >> we'll be talking about him for years to come. >> berlusconi, bunga, bunga and billionaire -- >> bunga bungled. with a state of emergency declared in nine states and washington, people are scrambling to protect their homes, sandbags, stock up on supplies. you see store shelves empty. hurricane sandy could cause widespread damage. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. time to get you ready for the week ahead beginning with
3:59 am
monday. monday here, final two week campaign. events obviously we've been talking so much about hurricane sandy, events here on the trail changing. but it's the last full week to campaign. both the president and mitt romney finding their way to the crucial battleground states. mitt romney will be in ohio, iowa, and wisconsin on monday. the president will be visiting florida and ohio. fast forward to trick-or-treat, you have wednesday here, halloween, of course. and then to friday. this is so, so key perhaps for some uncommitted, undecided voters. the last jobs report comes out this coming friday. so all sides, of course, get the numbers. we'll try to spin them to their advantage ahead of november 6. finally, the next day here, that controversial bin laden raid movie airs on the national geographic channel. this is two days before the election. critics say the timing of the film is absolutely political. and that is -- there you go. the week ahead here. thank you very mucr


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